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Lost by Bryan Ackerman Lost by Oct. 20, 2017 $4.99 79053 words Sample 20%
Every man’s dream becomes one man’s nightmare. Scott is rescued from a plane crash to find he is marooned with the legendary Stephanie Chase, the actress whose face graces every magazine cover. The pair struggle to return to civilization as calamities abound on unforgiving islands. Each trial teaching them they are more lost within than without as they fight to return to their former lives.
The Three Series Box Set by Kristen Ashley The Three Series Box Set by Oct. 20, 2017 $8.95 510362 words
The Three Series is the collection of three novels that feature vampires, werewolves, hybrids who find their life mates at the same time the they have to fight to save their world…and ours.
The Secret Love (Kingdom of Ryeo, Complete 1 to 4) by Jade Ryre The Secret Love (Kingdom of Ryeo, Complete 1 to 4) by Oct. 20, 2017 $1.99 20587 words Sample 20%
49th year of Ryeo Kingdom. In the far east kingdom, there was an exiled prince, and he was in love with a commoner… When the king, his father, summoned him home and chose a bride, he had no other choice but to choose the impossible instead. He was sure the beautiful Princess Luna would reject his suit. But to his surprise, the Princess accepted his proposal…
Arrington Family Series Box Set (Books 1 to 3) by Candace Shaw Arrington Family Series Box Set (Books 1 to 3) by Oct. 20, 2017 $2.99 161106 words Sample 20%
Cooking up Love: A sexy, suave chef is cooking up different ways to please the appetite of a cute, sassy food critic. The Game of Seduction: After a passionate kiss leaves them desiring more, seducing each other is the only cure. Only One for Me: Cannon's mission is to help people but when his ex re enters his life he has a new mission. Never let her get away again.
Picking the Right Heart by Jade Winters Picking the Right Heart by Oct. 20, 2017 $5.99 61261 words Sample 15%
With the death of her grandmother, wealthy socialite Adriana Darrington is set to inherit a fortune. A fortune that will only be released when she delivers a letter to a mysterious woman named Edwina. Adriana’s search proves fruitless until she tracks down Jessica – the striking granddaughter of the elusive Edwina. The attraction between the two women is instant and Jessica is equally intrigued.
Vampire Slayer by Evelyn Aster Vampire Slayer by Oct. 20, 2017 $0.99 20340 words Sample 20%
Jazz hunts vampires when he's not busy being distracted by beer, babes and bands. His life is the perfect mix of adrenaline and fun. Or it is until a vamp decides to try to be friends with him. Plus he’s hired a woman he’s falling hard for when an ex-girlfriend shows up. But Jazz has to figure out who to trust fast or he’ll end up as a pet to an ancient vampire.
Poetica by Stephanie O'Hanlon Poetica by Oct. 20, 2017 $6.99 135363 words Sample 20%
In the summer of 1739 there is one name on everyone’s lips—Geoffrey Alphonse Moreau. Little do they know that Geoffrey is actually Guiliaine.
Letters and Numbers by New Concepts Publishing Letters and Numbers by Oct. 20, 2017 $0.99 5045 words Sample 20%
A chance encounter--- When two strangers meet on a beach and they determine, in a most unusual way, that they are perfect for one another.
Tentacles Box by Suction Cup Tentacles Box by Oct. 20, 2017 $9.99 22244 words Sample 5%
Contains the 4 short stories: You're a Tentacle Monster, But I Like It! Milky and Tentacles Halloween Tentacles Christmas Tentacles These stories are for adults only.
Alien Highlander. Sci Fi ROM NOVELLA. by Sarah Darcy Alien Highlander. Sci Fi ROM NOVELLA. by Oct. 20, 2017 $2.99 35705 words Sample 20%
Ewan McKenzie an alien highlander, crash lands on Earth to find a fertile human bride. Unfortunately, he falls down a 'time travel' worm hole into the 18th Century. He comes across Jane Wilson from the 21st century. When he saves Jane from being slayed by a dragon, he takes her to his ancestor's castle in Scotland. Both are time travelers desperate to get back home. Will true love conquer all?
Lady Charlotte's Christmas Vigil by Caroline Warfield Lady Charlotte's Christmas Vigil by Oct. 20, 2017 $0.99 21447 words
Love is the best medicine and the sweetest things in life are worth the wait, especially at Christmastime in Venice for a stranded English Lady and a handsome physician.
Darkness Singed by Isabo Kelly Darkness Singed by Oct. 20, 2017 $4.99 47682 words Sample 20%
Einar is so feared among elves he’s called by a single name: Darkness. And he has only one weakness—the forbidden weapons master Nuala. But as they journey through the war-torn human city, no royal decree is a match for two hundred years of pent-up desire.
Summoning Saul by Shiloh Saddler Summoning Saul by Oct. 20, 2017 $3.99 17172 words
On All Hallows Eve Gayllen summons a genie to be his mate but will they be a good match or will the genie return to his bottle?
The Amaranth Maze by Hayden Thorne The Amaranth Maze by Oct. 20, 2017 $2.99 72600 words Sample 10%
A legend of a long-dead murderer buried in a mysterious maze. A cruel, childish trick gone wrong. A dangerous vow made in trust by a shy and lonely young boy. And somewhere in the idyllic Swedish countryside, a centuries-old entity is summoned from its thorny grave.
Threads of Silk by Roberta Grieve Threads of Silk by Oct. 19, 2017 $2.99 91613 words
Ellie Tyler’s dreams of going to art college and getting away from life in postwar London’s East End are shattered when she is forced to give up her education and go to work for her father’s boss in a disreputable night club. She has fallen in love with Harry, her foster brother, who is away in the army.
Are you sure we're just friends? by Marie Vergara Are you sure we're just friends? by Oct. 19, 2017 $1.99 2206 words Sample 5%
How do you seduce your brother's best friend? Gabrielle indeed found it hard to accomplished especially since said brother's best friend was set to labeled her as just friend. It was not an easy feat - the seducing. But as she accomplished the same, how would her brother react as he caught them red handed with act literally?
Devil's Choice by Graham Wilson Devil's Choice by Oct. 19, 2017 Free! 62112 words Read a sample
A parents worst nightmare. A small child with an incurable disease and a father who served in Vietnam and blames himself for her illness. The family is torn apart. Finally only one choice remains to save the daughter's life, a Devil's Choice. She must confront three men who raped her mother, now in jai, seek to find out which is her father, then beg this person for help to be a transplant donor
The Fire Maiden's Desire by Steven Sterup, Jr The Fire Maiden's Desire by Oct. 19, 2017 Free! 41564 words Read a sample
The sexy redhead Rachel is cursed to give birth to a demon that will kill her and destroy the world. Her only hope is a mysterious man she can’t find. A new prediction from a strange old woman leads her to believe that her sidekick Jack may be her best hope at finding this man. The only problem is that Jack is the man of her dreams. Perhaps one night with the stunning Jack is worth dying for.
Royal by Tina Martin Royal by Oct. 19, 2017 $4.99 63357 words Sample 15%
Royal St. Claire was drawn to Gemma Jacobsen from the start. It was an instant connection – one he’d never had with another woman. But he has it with her. With Gemma.
The Tortured Wind by Alyce Caswell The Tortured Wind by Oct. 19, 2017 $0.99 95774 words Sample 15%
Sandsa, god of the deserts, abandons his duties to be with Callista, a mortal woman. But soon they discover that following your dreams — and your heart — has consequences. Their love plunges a city into an all-out war and incites the wrath of Sandsa’s brothers and sisters who have decided that the deserts must have their god. At any cost.
Bombshell by Pamela Fagan Hutchins Bombshell by Oct. 19, 2017 $4.99 81172 words
A sassy, sexy, exotic, and lightning-fast romantic mystery.
Sire Bound: Part 1 by Edith Warner Sire Bound: Part 1 by Oct. 19, 2017 Free! 6400 words
After being abducted by a vampire and forced to drink his blood, Selene Evans is bound by the sire bond to obey his every command. Not only does she have newfound feelings for him, she also craves to explore the fine line between pleasure and pain. He is happy to oblige, but in the midst of it all, she begins to lose her sense of self. Are her feelings for him just a product of the sire bond?
Then I Found You by Rachel Branton Then I Found You by Oct. 19, 2017 $4.99 107976 words
Danger looms as Tawnia tries to unravel the clues both to the past and to a current tragedy. Will she find what she is looking for, or will everything she cares about slip once again from her grasp?
Lost In Lust by Colette Faraway Lost In Lust by Oct. 19, 2017 $1.99 17001 words
She was about to marry the love of her life. Then fate sent her the man of her dreams.
Fairy-Tail Bliss by Keely Tate Fairy-Tail Bliss by Oct. 19, 2017 $3.99 38007 words Sample 20%
Conlan Malachi is a cat shifter and Prime of a Bear clan. Charleston Barnes is a hard-headed spitfire with a temper to match her hair. Conlan decides he needs to mate to strengthen the clan and thinks Charleston is perfect for the job. Charleston is furious, mate for the clan? Could he be any dumber? Just as it looks like these two work it out circumstances beyond their control tear them apart.
How to Heal a Life (The Haven Book 2) by Sloan Parker How to Heal a Life (The Haven Book 2) by Oct. 19, 2017 $5.99 122065 words Sample 20%
Club owner Raymond Vargas has spent the past two years trying to make up for what happened to six young men who were tortured at the hands of a member of his club. He'd do anything to keep them safe, to help them heal and move on, to help them forget they ever set foot inside the Haven. If only he hadn't fallen in love with one of them.
Before the Mellowing Year, Book One, Part I by Jeffrey Anderson Before the Mellowing Year, Book One, Part I by Oct. 19, 2017 Free! 60650 words Read a sample
At age twenty, Zachary Sandstrom leaves his small-town farming community along with his newlywed wife Allison in search of--something. Over the ensuing years and in places as diverse as the Wyoming wilderness, the Boston metropolis, and the North Carolina piedmont, he eventually finds it, though by paths of discovery he neither anticipated nor chose.
The Man Who Found Birds among the Stars, Part Three: Bird of Prey by Lorinda J Taylor The Man Who Found Birds among the Stars, Part Three: Bird of Prey by Oct. 19, 2017 $2.99 168525 words Sample 20%
When the woman of his dreams abruptly re-enters Robbin Nikalishin’s life, he woos and weds her, in sequences filled with both comedy and pathos. The Captain was hoping to find a soul mate to assuage his loneliness. Will this radical alteration in his life really be the answer to his difficulties? Or will the marriage turn out to be a disastrous and even tragic mistake?
Lost In Dreams by Colette Faraway Lost In Dreams by Oct. 19, 2017 Free! 29004 words
She was about to marry the love of her life. Then fate sent her the man of her dreams.
Alpha Outlaws Boxed Set by Jan Springer Alpha Outlaws Boxed Set by Oct. 19, 2017 $2.49 301611 words Sample 2%
A fast-acting virus has killed a majority of the world’s female population. With so few women left alive on Earth, a new law is created. "The Claiming Law" allow groups of men to stake a claim on a female—as their sensual property. BOXED SET INCLUDES FIRST FIVE BOOKS in the Outlaw Lovers series.
Unlikely Love by M.J. Perry Unlikely Love by Oct. 19, 2017 $1.99 52977 words Sample 20%
~Scarlett~ I'm used to bailing my sister Ruby out of trouble, but this time I'm completely out of my depth. One night while out looking for her, I find James instead. He's a bossy, sexy and arrogant man who takes it upon himself to protect me and keep me safe. I've never believed in love at first sight, but I think I've just been proved wrong...
Lies Love Tells (Eastcove Lies Book One) by Gina Dickerson Lies Love Tells (Eastcove Lies Book One) by Oct. 19, 2017 $2.99 95372 words Sample 15%
What would you do if your blog attracted the attention of a serial killer? Saze Monnivan uses a blog diary to vent emotions over her abusive partner Mr Him. Unfortunately, Mr Him's not the only person Saze needs to fear. A murderer stalks the streets of Eastcove, preying on young women, earning the moniker of Cut-throat Casanova. Will Saze ever survive the terror which haunts her and find love?
Her Cowboy Wolf by T Lee Garland Her Cowboy Wolf by Oct. 19, 2017 $1.99 28413 words Sample 20%
Cassidy I am excited to get the invite to visit my former college roommate Macy at her family’s ranch in Big Dog, Montana. As a high school science teacher, I can certainly work some lesson plans into the next school year concerning the beautiful mountains of Montana. What I hadn’t been counting on was her brother, Tuck. He was six feet plus of yummy, angry man and I didn’t want to like him...
A través de su objetivo by Chary Ca A través de su objetivo by Oct. 19, 2017 $3.53 99720 words Sample 20%
Descubre qué se siente cuando tu vida detona en un segundo.
Vistaria Has Fallen by Tracy Cooper-Posey Vistaria Has Fallen by Oct. 19, 2017 $2.99 68284 words
Calli is arrested when she arrives in Vistaria. A man known as the Red Leopard, Nicolas Escobedo, helps. Brother to the President, Nick moves behind the scenes, influencing Vistaria’s army. The power of the rebels grows, as Vistaria spins toward revolution. A nudge will send the country to war. Nick’s liaison with Calli is that nudge. If they give in to their desires, a whole country will fall.
Out by Cara Dee Out by Oct. 19, 2017 $3.99 84798 words
I had two things on my list when I arrived in LA. One, track down Henry Bennington, the uncle and guardian of my little brother’s best friend, and tell him to get his ass back to Washington. And two, figure out just how non-straight I was. For the past two years, I’d had these fantasies, and now was the time to explore. Nowhere on the list did it say, "Get Ty’s uncle into bed and fall for him."
Forgetting Jack Cooper: The Starlet Edition by Lizzie Shane Forgetting Jack Cooper: The Starlet Edition by Oct. 19, 2017 $2.99 26780 words
Nothing has gone right for actress Ginny Jones since she was caught on tape snarking about a legend of the silver screen. She's just trying to pick up the pieces of her career when she meets a sexy Brit who makes her feel alive for the first time since the scandal broke - but little does she know he's secretly the tabloid reporter who destroyed her reputation by leaking the tape.
Bubbly by Shea Balik Bubbly by Oct. 19, 2017 $4.99 41954 words Sample 10%
Raise your wine glasses high to toast the men of Dahlonia while they discover the secret to happiness – LOVE. Happily ever after may sound like a dream come true, but no one ever said it didn’t come with pain and heartache. Will Macalister and David walk away from each other, or walk through hell for the chance to pop some Bubbly and celebrate finding their happy ending?
The Nanny and the Playboy by Sam Crescent The Nanny and the Playboy by Oct. 19, 2017 $3.99 42927 words Sample 10%
Wayne Myers is a playboy, and doesn’t have time in his life for children. When a little boy is handed to him with the claim to be his son, Wayne knows without a doubt that he’s not the father. Until he can prove it, though, what the hell is he to do with a damn kid? Temperance Michaels has been a nanny for twelve years, and she’s tired of the constant heartache when she has to walk away.
Attached to You by Lindsay Paige Attached to You by Oct. 19, 2017 $3.99 79445 words Sample 20%
Brayden Hayes is all work and no play. Deanna Mitchell hops from guy to guy because she doesn’t want to settle for just anyone. She has made a lot of mistakes, but deciding to see Brayden is not one of them. She thinks. While Deanna remains unsure, Brayden is going all in and he’s ready to face whatever problems arise.
The Complete Kindred Series Bundle (Books 1-5) by Erica Stevens The Complete Kindred Series Bundle (Books 1-5) by Oct. 19, 2017 $0.99 343349 words Sample 20%
The complete Kindred Series bundled together in one set. Kindred (Book 1) Ashes (Book 2) Kindled (Book 3) Inferno (Book 4) Phoenix Rising (Book 5) ***The Kindred Series is a young adult fictional story that includes some language, violence, and mild sexual situations. Recommended for ages fifteen and up.***
The Christmas of a Countess by Linda Rae Sande The Christmas of a Countess by Oct. 18, 2017 $3.99 106217 words
When Grandby takes his bride to Northumberland for their first Christmas together, he’s hoping to spend the cold nights working on an heir for his earldom. Adele is looking forward to warm fires and a cozy library. When their valet and lady's maid are stuck at a coaching inn, the newlyweds must fend for themselves while the servants discover how much they have misjudged one another.
The Circus Infinitus - Victoria 7 by Ethan Somerville The Circus Infinitus - Victoria 7 by Oct. 18, 2017 $2.99 62096 words Sample 20%
The mysterious Lady with the Seven Faces tells her own story of how she came to be, beginning with her youth in the south of England as an ordinary daughter to a wealthy country matron dying from a strange, debilitating illness.
Mistakes of the Past by Patricia Josephine Mistakes of the Past by Oct. 18, 2017 $0.99 35249 words Sample 20%
Luc seeks atonement for the actions that banished him from his home. Rose is haunted by guilt over destroying her family. Both are running from their pasts, but the past is not easily forgotten. When Luc's past finds him, Rose is caught in the middle. Luc must decide: give up his chance at redemption or lose Rose. And will she be able to reconcile the man she knows with the devil he used to be?
One Wrong Step by Lee Oliver One Wrong Step by Oct. 18, 2017 $3.49 29682 words Sample 15%
Robert simply wants to summon a demon so he can get his friend Jack back from the dead. That shouldn't be difficult for a warlock. But when Syron appears he shares secrets that will cut Robert to the core and make him question everything he's ever known about his life, love and family. It doesn't help that Syron is so attractive. An MM Halloween standalone short story. HEA. Demon and Warlock.
Finding One To Call Her Own by Kat Von Wild Finding One To Call Her Own by Oct. 18, 2017 $2.99 83336 words Sample 33%
Allie’s life was putting her in one testing predicament after another. First her boyfriend cheats on her, then her car breaks down, and all the while her business is going belly up. In better days, she could handle it, but as of right now, she felt like she had just lived the worse year of her entire life. Is this the time for finding the perfect man and quite possibly a new business.
Ezra and Gus by Darryl Hurly Ezra and Gus by Oct. 18, 2017 You set the price! 58725 words Sample 15%
In this prequel to Rage! I invite you to buy a first-class ticket to a world gone by. Climb aboard and relive the danger-filled life and times of the stalwart railroaders who manned the mountain divisions in the Montana Rockies. Relive a time when youngsters stood next to a hissing, panting locomotive, and stared up in awe at the engineer – the airline pilot and astronaut of yesteryear.
Shattered by Claire Lalique Shattered by Oct. 18, 2017 Free! 43837 words
When Krystal McKenzie was rescued from the Rattler King MC, she was broken. She’d lost her voice, her memories, and her innocence in a brutal three days which would have repercussions for the rest of her life. After meeting Samuel Donahue, her knight in shining armor, they embark on a sensual, powerful relationship to give Krystal back her life.
Backstage Pass by Shiloh Love Backstage Pass by Oct. 18, 2017 $1.99 18798 words Sample 5%
Previously published under my former pen name Storm Savage. This edition has been completely reedited, revised and softened with an additional 2000 words of story added. A sweet story of loss and love. Sax and Mia—two parts of a song like words and music—love finds them in the least likely place.
Kingdom of Ryeo: Over a Kingdom by Jade Ryre Kingdom of Ryeo: Over a Kingdom by Oct. 18, 2017 $0.99 7481 words Sample 20%
49th year of Ryeo Kingdom. There were two women in his life… One for love… One for power… Prince Ryu had never wanted the throne. It was the girl, he wanted. But she was the way of power. And claiming her was claiming the kingdom… ** Part 4 of 4