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Crying Fire by Zenina Masters Crying Fire by Feb. 15, 2019 $3.99 16,910 words
Forced into retirement and ordered to take a mate, she had hoped that taking a bite out of life would involve so many teeth.
Lab Rat by Cheryl Headford Lab Rat by Feb. 15, 2019 $4.99 95,060 words
You can run, but sometimes the farther you go the closer you are to where you started.
Sucker4Love by coolgmack Sucker4Love by Feb. 15, 2019 $9.99 14,830 words Sample 15%
chronicles journey through love and heartbreaks and how he handles these different episodes. It also paints beautiful memories of true love and shares hope with enduring in love.
Discoveries by K Swanson Discoveries by Feb. 15, 2019 $3.99 57,080 words Sample 20%
Rescued from an institute that studied and ran tests on people with special abilities, Haylie must find her footing in the outside world with a new foster family. When she makes new friends, staying hidden becomes even more difficult, and all the secrets pile up. Will Haylie’s past put her future, and those of the guys she’s coming to care about, in danger?
Balls for Breakfast by Louise Collins Balls for Breakfast by Feb. 15, 2019 $2.99 15,260 words Sample 10%
The man next door is hot, mysterious, a little bit terrifying, and unbeknownst to him, Travis’s Daddy. Travis lusts for Patrick in his fantasies, and he imagines the older man pinning him down, taking him apart and calling him his boy. In a moment of madness, the word daddy slips from Travis’s lips, and Patrick gives him an odd look. The embarrassment burns hot and fast, and Travis rushes away.
Starship Refugees III: The Alien and the Engineer by Susan Kelley Starship Refugees III: The Alien and the Engineer by Feb. 15, 2019 $4.99 78,390 words Sample 20%
When an alien hijacks her ship, the chief engineer’s decision may cost her a broken heart and her people everything.
The Heart that Bleeds by Tom Grasso The Heart that Bleeds by Feb. 14, 2019 $3.99 15,560 words Sample 5%
A beautiful compilation of poetry that celebrates the love of the soul before and after that soul meets itself in another.
Ask Me Something Easy by Skye Bailey Ask Me Something Easy by Feb. 14, 2019 $0.99 35,330 words Sample 20%
Jake Wilder can't take his eyes off the beautiful auburn haired girl. Stephanie Miller had an abusive childhood and a rough life. Can they open up her heart to love or is she destined to a life of hardship and loneliness?
Elementary, My Dear by Michael Gouda Elementary, My Dear by Feb. 14, 2019 $2.99 17,420 words Sample 20%
The backstory of this novel is the life and relationships of Sergeant (later Inspector) Simon Grant and of his two lovers, first, Mark Woods and later, Paul Howard, who all get on together and are often involved in the solving of crimes, and the protection of both themselves and others in what is rather a dangerous world, whether in rural Gloucestershire, London, England, or Edinburgh, Scotland.
Desperate Enemies by Adam Carpenter Desperate Enemies by Feb. 14, 2019 $5.99 56,950 words Sample 20%
When Rich North and Marc Anderson moved to the idyllic coastal town of Wonderland, they never envisioned they would soon be fighting for their futures.
Two for One by Cassandra Hallman Two for One by Feb. 14, 2019 $2.99 58,220 words Sample 20%
Emmy had a rough start in life which left her with big ugly scars decorating her body. She hides her skin under clothes and her heart behind school work. Too scared to open herself up to romance, she doesn’t think she will ever be able to trust again and let someone close. Then she realizes that she already trusts someone... her two best friends Jake and Luke.
Memoir for You by Amoi Kin Memoir for You by Feb. 14, 2019 Free! 37,730 words Sample 20%
Canisha is pregnant and at a loss of what to do. Changmin is telling her to marry him and Aaron doesn’t want her to struggle on her own. Though Canisha knows she loves Changmin more than anything, she loves Aaron too and can’t bring herself to hurt him. Stuck between the two, Canisha has to make a decision, but will it be the right one?
Harley's Return by Cassandra Parker Harley's Return by Feb. 14, 2019 $1.99 79,160 words Sample 20%
Have you ever had a love so profound it altered your life? Such is the love of Mari and Harley. He was her everything. She was his reason for being. Mari would give almost anything to have Harley with her. To have his arms encircle her and hold her close. Harley is desperate to convince Mari he wasn't a prankster pulling a cruel joke on her. Theirs is a journey of love found, lost and reunion.
Onion Girl by Mon D Rea Onion Girl by Feb. 14, 2019 $2.99 92,630 words
Twenty-year-old Amelia Miyahara leads a secret double life. Most days she's a cute and demure university exchange student nicknamed Amy, but every time someone tries to kiss her (re: her nerdy and virgin boyfriend Thiago Bondoc), a completely different persona takes over: Agent Mia, a wild and hot-headed undercover agent of the CIA.
Piece of Cake by DS Roi Piece of Cake by Feb. 14, 2019 $3.99 68,250 words Sample 10%
When promises and lies meet the illusion of a family teeters.
Versé Productions Presents: The Space Files by Karen See Versé Productions Presents: The Space Files by Feb. 14, 2019 $8.99 150,790 words Sample 5%
The Space Files is going to revitalize director/writer/producer Poul Versé’s career. How can it not? It’s brilliant, if he doesn’t say so himself. The directing, the cinematography, the writing, the casting. And yet, Poul has hallucinations. Right now, he’s seeing aliens and they may or may not be real.
Goblin Fruit by Celia Lake Goblin Fruit by Feb. 14, 2019 $2.99 68,340 words Sample 20%
Lizzie just wants a simple life. When she's drawn into an investigation of a mysterious and dangerous magical drink, she has to juggle the complexities of Lord Geoffrey Carillon, her sister's health, and a series of increasingly awkward country house parties.
7 Days in Heaven by David Kennedy 7 Days in Heaven by Feb. 14, 2019 $3.99 42,720 words
And through their journey, we will discover why, the three words "I love you" are words that are meant to be shared, experienced, and felt, before it is our time to say our final goodbye.
The Elfin Trilogy by Quinn Loftis The Elfin Trilogy by Feb. 14, 2019 $6.74 257,680 words Sample 20%
The award-winning Elfin Trilogy in a complete Box Set. When teenager, Cassie Tate, inadvertently witnesses a meeting of majestic elves at her father's office, her life immediately becomes forfeit. But she is saved by the most unlikely of heroes, Triktapic, an elfin assassin the service of the dark elf king, sweeping her up into an ages-old conflict.
Art Appreciation by Ande Li Art Appreciation by Feb. 14, 2019 Free! 6,790 words Read a sample
Loves comes in unexpected forms, from unexpected sources. What happens when two restless spirits--from the same world, but different times--find each other? A new short story by Ande Li (writing as Anne deLys), about love that transcends time.
Rock Harder: Chord Brothers, Book 2 by M. J. Roberts Rock Harder: Chord Brothers, Book 2 by Feb. 14, 2019 $5.99 111,680 words Sample 30%
After tragedy shakes his world, Bassist Jase Evanovich puts part of his life on hold. His charm, humor, and rip-roaring music get him through but his rock solid existence is shaken when a stunning beauty shows up surprising him with white-hot attraction and the beautiful face of his dead girlfriend. “A moving, funny, white-hot sexy romp that fans of Nora Roberts and Janet Evanovich will love.”
Then Along Came Roxie by Daniel Chavez Sr. Then Along Came Roxie by Feb. 14, 2019 $5.99 61,320 words Sample 20%
Abbey dreams of meeting and marrying her Prince Charming and having lots of children. What follows is a nightmare of lies and murder.
Vortex Portal by James Matt Cox Vortex Portal by Feb. 14, 2019 $3.01 66,020 words Sample 20%
Mike is a guy with more computer skills than social until he meets the gorgeous Jane, who shares his passion for video games. After a bad day at work she takes him to her favorite club where they discover the Vortex Portal. It's great fun until it sucks them into a world where magic and death are both real. Their feelings grow toward 'happily ever after' IF they can escape the evil game's clutch.
The Forest Bride by O. S. S. Ifere The Forest Bride by Feb. 14, 2019 $4.19 28,660 words Sample 20%
The kingdom of Agbo is dying from the Burning Plague, a mysterious illness that is killing its people in droves. The Crown Prince, Erhinyoja meets the Forest Spirit, Mamerhi in his search for a cure. The two fall in love and together, must race against time and the gods themselves to bring healing to the land before it is too late. This story...
Destined Desire by Regina Morris Destined Desire by Feb. 14, 2019 $2.99 41,400 words Sample 20%
Dionora is enjoying her new job at the Vampire Council Marriage office. The holidays take an exciting turn for her when she discovers the next match she does is for her ex-fiancé. Revenge is sweet with this sensual, romantic comedy.
Constellation XXI by Edward Hoornaert Constellation XXI by Feb. 14, 2019 $2.99 55,310 words Sample 20%
When her tugship inexplicably loses power while aimed straight at her space station home, Sienna Dukelsky tries frantically to get her ship working in time. But can she cooperate with Crispin Hunt, a former lover she’d once betrayed, to create a way to regain control before the ship kills thousands -- while also helping an alien give birth?
Meet Me at World's End (Superpowers Versus the Apocalypse Chronicles Book 1) by Priden Queen Meet Me at World's End (Superpowers Versus the Apocalypse Chronicles Book 1) by Feb. 14, 2019 $0.99 74,550 words
Follow a billionaire and his supposedly dead wife as they journey through the apocalypse where many people have developed extraordinary abilities.
Courting Calla by Hallee Bridgeman Courting Calla by Feb. 14, 2019 $2.99 27,940 words Sample 20%
Ian knows God has chosen Calla as the woman for him, but Calla is hiding something big. Can Calla trust Ian with her secret, or will she let it destroy any possible hope for a future they may have?
The Royals of Solana: The Complete Series by Susan Sheehey The Royals of Solana: The Complete Series by Feb. 14, 2019 $0.99 257,460 words
Royal life isn’t all luxury, glamour, and celebrity status—it’s a target for relentless attacks from those who lust for power. The last things the royal siblings need are limelight camera flashes, or steamy dalliances with common strangers. Except these strangers are impossible to ignore, and turn into would-be saviors. Includes all four Solana books!
The Desire Wolf by Breukelen Girl The Desire Wolf by Feb. 14, 2019 $6.99 32,460 words Sample 15%
Phelan Cavello is in New York, miles away from his old life in Canada. But a familiar face appears in his life again. One he hasn’t seen since he first fell in love and this time, he won’t be chased away from Peyton so easily. Not when he knows exactly what his heart desires.
When It Doesn't Stay In Vegas by Amy Valentini When It Doesn't Stay In Vegas by Feb. 14, 2019 $2.99 65,000 words Sample 20%
Things that happen in Vegas need to stay in Vegas… Spending the night with the wrong man in Vegas might be the end of her career but when she sees him again at his sister’s wedding, she thinks it might mean heartbreak as well. When it doesn’t stay in Vegas… Mitch Braxton doesn’t want to lose his company but now he fears he’s losing his heart to a woman he only spent one night with in Vegas.
Shifter's Vow by Amy Faye Shifter's Vow by Feb. 14, 2019 $3.99 142,550 words Sample 20%
"Jesus," she growled. "You know how to use that body, don't you?" My thighs press against his head with each overly-sensitive lick... This boxed set has three FULL LENGTH, standalone paranormal romance novels. No cliffhangers, and a sexy HEA for each story. Perfect for anyone who loves shifters, vampires, and a little bit of biting!
Temptation by Amy Faye Temptation by Feb. 14, 2019 $2.99 241,790 words Sample 20%
Her body tingled, every nerve in her body waiting for him to touch her. This book has three FULL LENGTH, standalone alpha bad boy romance. No cliffhangers, and a sexy HEA. Perfect for anyone who loves men that bite and scratch and make it oh so hard to love them!
Gentlemen Prefer Unicorns (Team Unicorn Talia #2) by D.T. Dyllin Gentlemen Prefer Unicorns (Team Unicorn Talia #2) by Feb. 14, 2019 $0.99 60,850 words Sample 15%
Talia White got a happily-ever-after with her favorite broody dragon warrior … Or did she?
All That Sparkles by Diane Bator All That Sparkles by Feb. 14, 2019 $5.99 70,760 words
What do a trunk full of vintage clothes, a handsome land developer, and a fifty year old diamond heist have in common? Laken Miller receives a trunk full of expensive vintage clothing and a stack of newspaper clippings about a fifty-year old diamond heist. Now all she has to do is figure out who murdered Tilly San Vicente before the killer silences her as well.
School Me Season One by Shan R.K School Me Season One by Feb. 14, 2019 $0.99 25,070 words Sample 20%
She's about to learn her first lesson. Once a Delroy's girl, always a Delroy's girl. 'School Me Sabastian'
Heartstrings - A Willow Creek Short Story by Lily Graison Heartstrings - A Willow Creek Short Story by Feb. 14, 2019 $0.99 21,240 words Sample 20%
Life as a mail-order bride has turned out to be everything Grace Samuels thought it would be but after 13 years, her dreams of being a mother are still not fulfilled. When she finds a homeless girl living behind the mercantile in town, her motherly instincts kick into high gear but the girl has a secret that take Grace and Rafe by surprise.
Beneath the Mayan Stars by Angela V. Burke Beneath the Mayan Stars by Feb. 14, 2019 $4.99 78,650 words Sample 20%
Lark Saraphino clings to the hope that her husband is still alive. So when an unexpected clue from his past appears, she must make a risky move. She sets forth on a daring adventure to discover where he is. A cryptic letter. A hidden village. And a mysterious island await.
The Witch of Bergen by Meriam Wilhelm The Witch of Bergen by Feb. 14, 2019 $3.99 75,480 words Sample 15%
With the future of magic in her hands and her witch coven depending on her, travel back through time with Carynn Cinnamon as she embraces romance, witchery, mystery, terror and joy.
Love happens by Inuwa Usman Love happens by Feb. 14, 2019 Free! 3,050 words Read a sample
Does love at first sight still exist? Find out as doctor Beatrice found love in an unexpected way.
A Muse to Live For by Katherine Wyvern A Muse to Live For by Feb. 14, 2019 $3.99 50,910 words Sample 10%
London, 1884 An artist lives to create. When Nathaniel’s urge to paint died, so did his will to live. Until the night he meets Gabrielle. Gabrielle may be just a poor prostitute, but she has the beauty of a Pre-Raphaelite stunner and the otherworldly aura of a fallen angel. She also has a secret. Gabrielle is Gabriel, and Gabriel’s dark past comes knocking.
Mr. Write by Monica James Mr. Write by Feb. 14, 2019 $2.99 99,860 words
This life of depravity is growing old fast. I need a change. And that comes when I meet Carrie Bell—the woman who stirs something in me I thought long dead. From the moment we met, I knew she was different. Could she be the one to end this drought? I suppose there is only one way to find out. Paris. Two strangers in the city of love. What can go wrong?
Throw His Heart Over by Sebastian Nothwell Throw His Heart Over by Feb. 14, 2019 $2.99 53,350 words Sample 20%
Sir Lindsey Althorp, spectacularly wealthy baronet, has sat in the saddle since the day he was breeched. Aubrey Warren, threadbare telegraph boy turned engineer, has never ridden a horse in his life and had no intention of starting—until now. When a portrait-painting holiday in the country provides an opportunity for riding, Lindsey is eager to teach Aubrey the ropes.
The Chocolate Affair by Imogene Nix The Chocolate Affair by Feb. 14, 2019 $1.99 18,550 words Sample 15%
A novella featuring a pleasure demon and a woman who's not looking for love in a chocolate factory but second chances always find a way
Motion by Penny Reid Motion by Feb. 14, 2019 $4.99 70,870 words
One week. Home alone. Girl genius. Unrepentant slacker. What’s the worst that could happen?
The One (The One-Hundred #5) by K. Weikel The One (The One-Hundred #5) by Feb. 14, 2019 $1.99 93,910 words
Great power comes with great temptation... All Ones are evil.
From London with Love by Melissa Kendall From London with Love by Feb. 13, 2019 $2.99 17,550 words Sample 20%
Australian Angela Craven never expected to see Brad Jones again after one amazing night with him in London. Five years later, a chance meeting with Brad at a pub in Sydney offers her a second chance with the man she couldn't forget and maybe, just maybe, a chance to find her one true love.
Game Night by Cassidy Storm Game Night by Feb. 13, 2019 $3.99 36,700 words Sample 15%
Alyssa has crushed on her client, Mia, for months. So, when Mia invites Alyssa over for an all-girls’ “game night,” she’s all-in. But Alyssa quickly finds the stakes are much higher than she anticipated when she learns the name of the game is poker -- strip poker. Alyssa must up her ante when she realizes she faces stiff competition -- and that there's much more to lose than clothing...
Weak Link by C. Shell Weak Link by Feb. 13, 2019 $2.99 42,310 words Sample 20%
Life is hard for those underprivileged. Chloe knows this better than most. After losing her mom to cancer, she is left to pick up the pieces. Forced to move to another city with a father she's never known, Chloe digs her heels in. Ryan sees Chloe as a problem that needs to be dealt with. With his future on the line, she holds the power to ruin it all. With tensions running high sparks will fly.
Mate's Touch )Destined Mates Book Three) by Robbie Cox Mate's Touch )Destined Mates Book Three) by Feb. 13, 2019 $2.99 37,500 words Sample 20%
Lainie Everest left her home in Draven Falls to avoid the mating her parents chose for her. Now, making a new life for herself as a deputy in Bull Creek, she’s quite happy solving crime and hanging out with her friends as she helps her brother, Dimitri, protect the people of Bull Creek.