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Created by Blood

Blood Series Book II

Lauryn L Hill

Created by Blood

Blood Series- Book II

Copyright ©2018 Lauryn L. Hill

Published 2018 by Novel Ideas, LLC

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Table of Contents

The Blood Series Main Characters & Notes

The Phoenix Council (Founders of The Alliance) and their Mates

  • Zander Hanok ~ Ariana

  • Alek Hanok ~ Daryn

  • Dane Lemek ~ Roan

  • Gage Gallegos ~ Sofia

  • Ambrose Kane ~ Melina

The Alliance

  • Zander Hanok: Runs The Alliance, the Phoenix Teams, (the supernatural teams) and the Seattle Special Forces (the human teams)

  • Dustin Marshall: Oversees the Seattle Special Forces under Zander.

The Phoenix Teams

Gage's team Terminators

  • Jando

  • Pedro

  • Callisto

  • Wren

  • Connor, AKA White Boy

  • Zuri

  • Azim

  • Derrick

Ambrose's team Rebellion

  • Jericho

  • Raphael

  • Davis

  • Cameron

  • Nathan

  • AJ

  • Kyle

  • Peyton

Alek's team Stooges

  • Jessup

  • Marco

  • Daniel

  • Kade

  • The remaining four are not mentioned

Dane's team Frankenstein

  • Brody

  • Jasper

  • Sam

  • The remaining five are not mentioned

Nicknames the men call Sofia

Eos (Goddess of the Dawn)- Gage

Bella (Beautiful)- Ambrose

Mia Regina (My Queen)- Raphael

Bel ange (Beautiful angel)- Jericho

Minha Rainha (My Queen)- Jando

Cielo (angel)- Pedro

A leanbh (my child)- Galen

Seattle Special Forces Team Leaders

  • Jake Bender

  • Todd Walsh

  • Tim Talbert- only mentioned in book 1

  • Brian Cooper- only mentioned in book 1

The Breeds

  • A full blood hybrid-vamp is born of one hybrid parent and one vampire. They need blood to survive.

  • A full-blood hybrid is born of two hybrid parents. While they had retractable fangs, they do not need blood to survive, they take it for pleasure only.

  • A made-hybrid started out as a human who was bitten by a vampire, not saved from death and not infused with vampire blood. But the vampire venom changed their body's chemistry making them nearly as strong as a vampire. They, like the full-blood hybrids, have fangs, but do not need blood to sustain them.

  • A made-vamp is a human who was near death and saved by being infused with vampire blood. They need blood to survive.

~ Chapter 1 ~

153 years ago

Kara held a cool rag to Ambrose's forehead as he slept. He had been out for the past six days. Gage kept him knocked out during his transformation into a vampire. While Ambrose's stomach wound healed perfectly, his body was completing the change from human to vampire. Gage told her that he wouldn't be in this kind of pain if he hadn't been injured and so close to death before he injected Ambrose with his venom.

Kara winced every time Ambrose moaned in pain the last week. She hated the thought that he hurt and couldn't say anything. Nor could she do anything to ease his discomfort. That was the part that hurt her the most.

Gage told her it was for the best to keep him unconscious, it was more humane. Besides, Gage wouldn't take the chance of Ambrose hurting Kara.

Today was a good day for Ambrose, he hadn't shown any signs of pain. His sleep restful, peaceful, and his breathing changed. Kara was certain he'd open his eyes today. At least she hoped so.

She made fresh vegetable soup and biscuits, knowing he'd be hungry when he woke. And since he hadn't eaten real food in days, she wanted something that would be easy on his stomach. She left Ambrose to go stir the soup when a pair of arms came around her. Lips touched her neck, kissing a hot path from the base of her throat to her ear.

"Something smells heavenly and it's not whatever the hell you're stirring in the pot." Gage nipped at her ear.

Kara grinned as she stirred. "Well, if you don't want to eat whatever the hell is in this pot, then you'd better go hunting. Besides, this will be best for Ambrose when he wakes up."

Gage turned Kara in his arms, tugging her into his body.

Kara felt his hardness, looking up, she smirked. "So, that's what you're hungry for."

"Always, sweetheart." His lips touched hers. "Always. The time away from you nearly killed me."

"I wish you hadn't fought in the war. We should have just left like Ares did."

Gage's old friend Ares, was a full blood vampire. They had been friends for close to thirty years. But Ares wanted nothing to do with the war. He pleaded with Gage and Kara to go with him, but Gage said he couldn't. He needed to help the humans free slaves. Gage had a moral obligation, he was a vampire, so he could fight longer, heal himself and fight some more.

And that's exactly what he did.

"I know, love, but if I hadn't gone, I never would have met Ambrose. And he'd be dead now if I wasn't there for him." He stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers. "He's a good man, he saved my ass many times. My head was nearly removed if not for him."

Gage arrived home from the Civil War a mere six days ago. He had been gone from Kara for almost a year. In that time, she went to stay with her parents. He didn't want her home alone and unprotected.

Kara tipped her face to kiss his lips. "Then I adore him already for bringing you back to me. I never want to be without you again though, Gage. Promise me, no more wars. Next time we leave, maybe find Ares again."

"No more wars, I promise." Gage reached behind Kara and moved the pot off the wood burning stove. "That can finish cooking later, I need a snack before supper." He picked her up and carried Kara to their bedroom at the end of the hallway.

Kara giggled when he lifted her. As they passed Ambrose's room, she glanced in his room to make sure he still looked comfortable.

"He's fine for now, sweetheart."

"I know."

"But what?"

"I just hate seeing him in pain. He seems better today, though."

Gage set her feet on the floor, he spun her back to him. His fingers swiftly unbuttoning her dress. "I promise you, he will be fine. After this, he will never feel that kind of pain ever again." He slipped her dress from her shoulders, landing in a pool at her feet. His hands ran up her silky flesh, cupping her breast, his hot mouth nipped at her bare shoulder. "I need to be inside you."

Kara wiggled against his erection. "Yes, I can feel your need." She turned around and pulled his shirt from his pants, her hands sliding under to feel his heated skin against her palms. His temperature ran much hotter that hers. Gage kept her warmer on a cold night than a fire.

After Gage stripped out of his clothes, he pulled Kara's naked body to his. Searing hot flesh melted as one. "I have a lot of catching up to do, love. I hope you know what you got yourself into when you mated with me." His fangs extended, sinking deep into her neck.


Six months after Gage and Ambrose returned from the war, their lives were nearly perfect.

Ambrose was a vampire. Gage taught him how to hunt animals for blood if he was desperate. But when he wanted a human, he showed him how to wipe the memory of the female, so she'd have no recollection of the event. Gage told him if he ever went too far and killed someone, he'd rip his fucking fangs out. He was certain Ambrose believed him too.

Kara and Ambrose adored each other, and Gage was thankful. Ambrose treated Kara with the utmost respect and looked out for her when Gage was gone. But lately, he became distant. And pulled away from Kara. Gage noticed he stayed outside and away from her most of the day, barely talked to her unless she spoke first. Kara was upset by his sudden change, and that made Gage unhappy.

Ambrose was in the corral, training a horse when Gage stopped. He rested his forearms on the top rail, one boot on the bottom. "She's looking good, brother." The buckskin was a wild, beautiful three-year-old they caught. Ambrose spent all his spare time with the mare he called Glory.

"Yeah, she's coming along just fine. Damn smart, too."

"Or maybe it's the trainer."

Ambrose didn't respond, he kept his back to Gage as he brushed Glory down after her training session.

"You and I need to talk."

"About what?"

"About whatever the hell is wrong with you."

"I'm fine."

"That's a damn lie." Gage saw the signs, he hoped Ambrose would come to him for help, but he didn't. He knew all too well the issues of being a vampire caused: they craved blood and sex. And the two went together. The problem was they lived so far from town, it was hard to find a woman. Even farther for a brothel. Even if he got blood from an animal, he wasn't having sex.

"Put the fucking brush down and come here." Gage snapped at the man he considered his brother. After all, Ambrose had his blood running through his veins.

Ambrose turned to look at Gage, their gazes locked. After a moment of contemplation, Ambrose walked over to the fence. "I said I'm fine. And I don't need a momma."

"Fuck you, brother. You know I'm not stupid, right? I see what's going on. You are staying away from Kara because you crave her, you want her."

Ambrose didn't say a word. His jaw clenched, his lips in a tight line.

Gage shook his head. "Look, I understand how hard it is to find a woman living this far out. And it's a damn long ride to town every time you need to fuck. And if you don't calm that rage inside, I don't want you around Kara. If you snap and hurt her, I will kill you."

"Fuck off, I said I'm fine." Ambrose turned to walk away.

Gage flew over the fence, spun Ambrose around and slammed his fist into Ambrose's face. When Ambrose came at him, Gage threw him to the ground, his knee in the middle of his chest. "Wrong words to say to me."

"Fine, I'll leave. I'll go grab my shit and I'll be outta here in an hour."

"Is that what you want? To leave?"

"If it keeps Kara safe from me, then yes."

Gage rubbed a hand down his face. He stood and held his hand out for Ambrose to help him up. "Just shut up and listen to me. I don't want you to leave. Kara doesn't want you to leave. So, we have come up with a solution."

Ambrose's green eyes narrowed. "What are you talking about? What kind of solution?"

"The kind that keeps Kara safe from you losing control. You can have Kara when you need her, as long as you never hurt her."

"What the fuck does I can have her mean?"

Gage held Ambrose's angry gaze. "Kara and I agreed that when you need blood and sex, you can go to her for it."


"No is not an option, Ambrose. You are family, we don't want you to leave. But you can't stay if you are afraid to be near her." Ambrose's head was shaking. "Look, I know this may seem strange, but vampires have relationships aside from their mate. I have other women when I decide to and Kara understands this even though she is human."

"I can't, Gage. She means too much to me. I would never use her that way."

"You don't get it, brother. This was her idea." Gage turned to walk away. "I'm going into town, I'll be home by supper. Go to her Ambrose."


Ambrose stood there for what seemed like forever. Having sex with him was Kara's idea? Kara was a loving and sweet woman, he fucking adored her. How could he do this to the woman who nursed him back from death?

His head dropped. Glory whinnied behind him, he looked up and saw Gage riding off on his black stallion. "Come on, girl, let's put you in the pasture." He walked Glory to the pasture where the cows and horse commingled. Taking the rope off her, he heard a blood curdling scream from the house.

In a dead run he busted through the door. "Kara!"

"In the kitchen!"

Ambrose ran down the hall to the kitchen that sat at the back of the two-bedroom cabin. He skidded to a stop when he spotted her standing on the kitchen table. "What's wrong? Why the hell are you on the table?"

Her chin tipped to the wall across from her. "A snake."

He turned and nearly laughed; it was a two-foot garden snake. But he knew Kara's fear of bugs and snakes. She could sew up a gaping wound on a half dead man, but a cricket sent her into a whirlwind of terror. Ambrose walked over and picked up the snake, he turned to walk back over to her.

"Stop! Don't you dare come any closer. Kill it. Outside."

"Sweetheart, he won't hurt you. He eats the other things that scare you. Frogs, mice, bugs-"

"Do I look like I care? It has no business being in my house." She pointed to the back door. "Kill it, now."

He grinned at her, stepping outside, he walked the snake close to the barn and let it go free. When he walked back inside, Kara was still on the table. "It's gone."

"It's dead?"

"It's gone."

"Ambrose! Gone and dead are not the same."

He walked over and looked up at her. She hadn't moved from her position in the middle of the table. "Are you going to come down? He won't come back in. I took him to the barn. He'll find a mouse to snack on." He put his hands up to her, "Come on, let's get you down."

She eyed him, then the door. "If he won't come back in, then why did he come in, in the first place? Huh? Gotta an answer for that?"

He couldn't help it, he laughed at her. God how he adored this woman. Her spunk, fire, determination and love set her apart from any other woman he'd ever met. She loved with her whole heart, her whole being. And it would kill him if he ever hurt her, which was why he distanced himself from her lately. He wanted to bury his cock into her sweet body so badly, he couldn't think straight most days. That knowledge made him feel like he was betraying Gage, his brother, his friend.

"Woman," he shook his head, his hands reached for her. This time Kara let him, her hands landed on his shoulders as he lifted her down. Ambrose didn't let go once her feet hit the floor.

"Thank you, Ambrose. But if he comes back in, I'm coming after you."

"Yes, ma'am." He grinned at her.

"I miss you." Her words were a whisper. Kara's small hands slid down to his chest. Golden brown eyes looked up at him, eyes filled with pain.

"Shit, sweetheart." He lowered his forehead to hers. "I'm trying to protect you."

"I don't need to be protected from you."

"Yes, you-"

Kara cut off his words, her face tipped to his, she kissed his lips. A simple, soft kiss, one that broke through his defenses.

His arm banded around her, dragging her up to his primed body. His hand cupped the side of her neck and deepened the kiss. And that was it, he lost the fight. His willpower disappeared. The feel of her in his arms, her body against his body, the taste of her on his lips, brought him to his knees. He needed this woman more than he understood, more than he wanted to admit.

"Take what you need from me, Ambrose. I want you to give you what you need."

His heart cracked wide open for this woman.

But he knew, once he took her, he'd never let go.

~ Chapter 2 ~

After hours of making love with Gage, Sofia woke. Earlier that night, she sat in her bath, after Galen, her almost father-in-law, told her she was not human and was a reincarnated Original Being.

He explained that an Original Being was the first beings to ever walk the earth. The being that all other creatures spawned from; demons, vampires, shapeshifters and so much more. To top it off, she was forced to listen to Melina, Ambrose's mate, explain why she and Gage began having sex many years ago.

And she got it, she did. But it didn't exactly make it any easier for her to swallow. If that wasn't enough, Melina proceeded to ask Sofia to give herself sexually to Ambrose the next time he took her blood. Sure, Sofia knew for a while now that Ambrose wanted her, but Melina asking her to have sex with her mate just seemed wrong and, well, weird.

Sofia couldn't get the whole asinine conversations out of her head, so she got up quietly and went downstairs for some juice, leaving Gage asleep. It was three-thirty in the morning, a time of the night that the entire household was in their bedrooms. Most of them only slept about three hours, and spent the rest of the night fucking their mates.

At the moment, she was thankful for the utter peace and quiet.

She stepped into the kitchen, keeping the lights out, she got a glass and poured half a cup of cranberry juice. And glad Rone wasn't around to see her put the juice back in the refrigerator with the label facing the wrong way.

Sofia took a drink and dropped her head, her hands rested on the counter. The hair on the back of her neck prickled as she got the sensation she wasn't alone. Her head whipped around, she gasped. "Shit. What are you doing up?"

"Sorry, Bella. I didn't mean to startle you." Ambrose sat at the kitchen table with a beer bottle in front of him. "I'm feeling a bit restless, you?"

"The same, I guess." Crap, she needed to leave, fast. A dark, empty room was not a place she needed to be with this man. Not when she knew how much he wanted her. Melina told her last night that Ambrose wanted her from the moment he met her at The Alliance.

That was something she didn't want to know. Just like she didn't want to admit how much she wanted him too. The whole wanting another man while she was in love with Gage still felt horribly wrong.

Before she could make a quick exit, Ambrose stood and walked over to her. He wore low hanging, loose sweat pants and no shirt. The sexy vee dipping into his pants caused her stomach to flip. Shit, she really didn't need this.

Ambrose stopped behind her, trapping her body between his and the counter. "I can hear your heart racing, sweetheart." He braced his hands on the counter, bracketing her in. "Why are you nervous?"

"Ambrose, don't."

His face turned into her hair and he kissed the side of her head. "Don't what?" Ambrose spun her around and lifted her up to sit on the counter. He stepped between her legs, resting his hands beside her bare legs. "Tell me something, Sofia; why have I always made you uneasy?"

Her stomach did a somersault. Why did this man always turn her inside out? The thing was, she didn't really have an answer for him. In fact, she wondered the same thing herself. So, she lied. "You don't make me nervous."

His fingers skimmed her thigh, causing goosebumps. "That's a damn, lie, baby. I have made you nervous from the first day I met you. And every time you find yourself alone with me, your first instinct is to run. The only thing that prevents you from fleeing is your fear that I will chase." He leaned in, his lips touching her cheek. "Tell me the truth, Bella."

"Why don't you tell me why you always have the need to corner me?"

His green eyes held hers in the dark. "What brought you down here tonight?" Ambrose ignored her question to ask his own. "Did you come for this?" He leaned in and kissed her lips softly.

"I had no idea you-"

"There you are, baby. What's the matter, couldn't sleep?" Gage stepped into the kitchen, a shoulder propped against the doorway.

Ambrose didn't budge, he didn't even turn.

"I came down for juice."

Gage walked over to the counter and grabbed an apple from the bowl sitting behind Sofia. "Brother, are you terrorizing my woman?"

His humorous tone made Sofia cringe, leaving her more unsettled.


"Then I'm going back to bed." Gage started to walk out.

"Gage. Yes, he's terrorizing me. Are you leaving me trapped here?" Was he really about to walk away and leave her like this?

Gage stopped and walked back over to them. "Being trapped means you are somewhere you don't want to be, and you're in danger. No baby, you're not trapped." He leaned around Ambrose and kissed her lips, Ambrose still didn't move, not even for Gage.

What the hell? He insinuated that she wanted to be here with Ambrose. Well, he was wrong, she wanted to flee more than anything. No, she needed to flee for fear of what she might let him do to her.

Ambrose watched Sofia as Gage left them alone in the kitchen. He grabbed her hips and tugged her body closer to his. One big hand slid up her thigh, to her waist, then her ribs before stopping under her breast. Ambrose leaned in, his nose touching hers. "I hear your heart again, Bella. Why are you fighting this so hard?" She didn't answer. "You do realize your mate just gave us his blessing to do whatever we want to, right?" His lips touched hers, as his thumb skimmed over her hard nipple.

Sofia's breath caught when his thumb touched her breast and this time her first instinct was to move closer. When her body moved a fraction on its own accord, he took that as an invitation and deepened the kiss. He opened her mouth and ignited a fire that always simmered below the surface. Her hands went to his bare chest, causing her whole body to tingle. Moments later, common sense once again took over and she pulled away. "Stop, please." Her head dropped, resting her forehead against his face.

"Baby, look at me." Ambrose tipped her chin. "A pull this hard can't be wrong. I know you want me Sofia, as much as I want you. But I won't push you. I don't want you like that." He placed a soft kiss on her lips and walked away. "Goodnight, Bella."


Zander called in the warriors of The Alliance for a meeting. Every human, hybrid and vampire warrior were present and accounted for. The Alliance was a supernatural police force, had dealt with vampires and hybrids that went rogue for nearly forty years.

After finding out that Sofia was an Original Being, the first being who walked the earth, they began protecting her around the clock. Over the past few months, a psychopath named Vega had been killing all over Seattle looking for a woman with special blood, like Sofia's.

Her blood could heal, regenerate and make vampires twice as strong. She could could even reincarnate herself if she died. Which she did twenty-four year ago.

In order to keep Sofia safe Zander had to tell all his men who and what she was and by doing so he was putting her at risk. Sure, he trusted the men, but you were the last person to know when you had a traitor in your midst. Up to now he had no reason to ever think he had one. And now wasn't the time to find out that he may have gotten complacent about his warriors.

He walked into the large conference room with Gage and Galen following him. Zander stood at the front while father and son remained off to the side.

Gage placed two fingers in his mouth and whistled, getting everyone's attention. "Shut the fuck up!" He roared when his first attempt didn't work.

The warriors fell silent.

Zander grinned, he could always count on Gage or Ambrose to shut the men up. "Thanks. Keep quiet or the team leaders will hit you in the back of the head." He glanced over at Sofia who sat next to Dane. "Okay, I called all of you in here to discuss some top-secret information. First, let me say, that if anyone breathes a word of what you are about to hear to anyone who is not in this room right now, I will turn Gage and Ambrose loose to beat your ass. Everyone understand?" His eyes scanned the room waiting for them to hold up one finger, stating they agreed to the conditions at hand, which meant Gage and Ambrose's wrath. And no one wanted to be on the other end of their fists, they were the two meanest bastards at The Alliance.

"Okay then. Let's get this started. Let me introduce someone first." He motioned to Galen, "I'd like all of you to meet Galen Gallegos, Gage's father. AKA, the Vampire King."

The room erupted with groans, snorts and laughter of disbelief.

"Fuck, the Vampire King is your father?" Pedro asked his boss. "Shit, I thought he was a myth. And kinda hoped he was."

"Well shit, this can't be good." Davis said in his soft Australian accent, before chuckling.

"Seriously? Around here we call him the Son of Satan." Marco from Alek's team Stooge said. "Or Lucifer, or Hades or the Grim Reaper... well you get it. So, what does that make you?"

"Fuck, we all thought he was brewed up in a cauldron by a coven of witches." Jando, from Gage's team smiled at his leader.

Gage gave him an evil grin. "And now you know I will give you the biggest shit job ever, right?"

Jando simply shrugged.

"Fuck me, there are two of them? Can I quit?" Raphael, from Ambrose's team Rebellion asked as he crossed his arms over his chest. Shaking his head, he chuckled.

Galen raised an eyebrow at Gage. "What can I say? They all love me."

"Okay, okay. Anyway, Galen has been helping us out with this vampire Vega, the motherfucker who is on a killing rampage. He has given us important information on what Vega wants and why he is willing to slaughter innocent people to get it. Let's start by saying there is a new species none of us were aware of. Actually, there are two species new to us. Galen says they are called Original Beings and the New Breed. The Original Beings are the first people who walked this earth. All other creatures came from them, vampires are one of the closest related. But the Originals have some very special powers."

"Like what?" Brody asked.

"We have many abilities. The most impressive is we can reincarnate ourselves when we die. Another is the extraordinary healing abilities of our blood." All heads turned to Galen when he spoke. His voice even sounded similar to Gage, upping the freak factor.

"Wait, so you're one of them?" Jericho, team leader of Ambrose's team Rebellion asked. Then looked at Gage. "And you are too?"

"I am." Galen acknowledged. "Gage is half Original Being and half vampire. While he is not as powerful as I am, it's why he's a mean sonuvabitch. And he has powers none of you are aware of."

Gage snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Like what kind of powers?" Jericho, who was also one of Sofia's bodyguards, narrowed his dark blue eyes on Gage.

"Let's finish before you ask any more questions." Zander said. "So, an Original Being is what this fucker Vega is after, more importantly, he is looking for a female."

Galen picked it up from there. "He wants a female because in our race the female's blood is more powerful, potent and works faster than the males when consumed. Our blood can heal the sick and diseased, it can even revive someone who has just died. And we can regrow any limb we lose all except the head, of course."

"What the hell?" Sofia snapped out. He never mentioned that before.

All eyes landed on her with her outburst.

Galen offered her no apology for leaving that out last night at their family meeting last night. "We do not feed like a vampire. This is where the hybrid gets this trait. Blood is merely taken for pleasure. Our blood also changes any other being that takes it on a regular basis. It can make a vampire or hybrid stronger, more powerful, more lethal. Both of these are referred to as the New Breed once the change has occurred. The catch is that they will only have those powers while they continue to feed off our blood. If they get fully changed by our blood, meaning all their blood is replaced with ours, they will remain powerful independently. And if a vampire is changed by our blood, they will lose their need to feed off blood to survive."

"Fuck us." Someone muttered.

"And our blood can make a human, well, not human anymore." Galen looked at Zander, silently telling him he was up next. "They do not need blood for survival, yet have all the powers of a vamp. They too are called the New Breed. Basically, any creature that is transformed by our blood is a New Breed."

"First off men, remember the confidentiality agreement you signed, so you are not to ever mention an Original Being outside these walls." Zander saw the men all nod their heads. "You all know that when our men were targeted with that drug overdose, Dustin was one of them. Well, Doc acted quickly and drained two pints of his blood and gave him clean blood. What we didn't realize was that the blood he was given was from an Original Being."

"Whose?" Connor, better known as White Boy asked, looking at Gage and Galen.

"I'll get to that in a minute. Anyway, Dustin is not human anymore. He will need to undergo a full transfusion for a complete transformation soon or he will always need the blood from an Original Being in order to live. Dustin could literally starve to death without the Original's blood to nourish him. If he were a vamp, he'd be fine, but too much blood for a human causes irreversible changes." He didn't mention that they were doing it tomorrow, they didn't want Sofia stressing over it. She was already upset that her blood changed him.

Gage glanced over at Sofia as she stared at the floor. Eos, he said telepathically. She didn't respond. Eos, baby, look at me.

Sofia's head snapped up and her eyes flew to him. Was he speaking in her head? Where did that come from?

He gave her one slow nod, noticing the terrified expression on her face. If you'd stop closing yourself off, you'd have heard me long before now. Please keep this link open. He waited for her answer, but he was met with silence. Sofie, answer me.

Sofia, had never responded with just her thoughts before, but she gave it shot. Okay, I'll try. His half grin told her that she was successful.

That's my girl. While he wanted to go to her, he couldn't. No one other than his family knew about his and Sofia's relationship yet. It was still their secret. When she started work at The Alliance a few months ago, they didn't want the men knowing about their relationship. Gage wanted the men to get to know her without them worrying about what he'd do if they got too close to Sofia.

"What the hell is a full transformation?" Raphael, another of Sofia's guards, leaned forward, placing his elbows on the conference table.

"All of Dustin's blood will be drained and replenished with an Original Beings blood." Galen provided the answer. "The sooner the better."

"So, you said this Vega is looking for a female. Why does he think there is one here in Seattle?" Wren, from Gage's team, asked.

Zander's eyes met Gage and Galen's. "Because it seems that Gage and Galen have a knack for finding these women. Each has found one female twice after each woman reincarnated herself. Vega has been searching for these two," he motioned to the father and son, "since he assumes one of them will lead him to another female Original Being. He is certain we are harboring one now, but before we go into that I want Galen to explain why we can in no way allow Vega to get his hands on any female."

For the next few minutes, Galen told the story of a girl, Daria Ackland, and the village he decimated. He told them of her four long years of torture, rape and being a blood slave. And that he killed almost all the vampires involved, earning him the name Vampire King because of how he single handedly took down over fifty vampires. Then he told them he killed Daria because she was so psychologically messed up. He knew she would reincarnate herself when she was ready. And he mentioned how their breed can disguise themselves as humans or vampires, making them blend in at will. Or they could disappear off everyone's radar with their natural shielding abilities.

The expressions on the men's faces said it all; they were disgusted and livid that someone could do this to any person, let alone a woman. Heads dropped, others scowled, some pinched the bridge of their noses in disgust. But all were silent.

Zander broke the silence. "So, you see why we can't allow Vega to get his hands on this woman." All the men nodded their agreement with a few grumbled responses.

"So, do you have any leads on this woman this Vega is looking for? And where the hell did Doc get this special blood to transform Dustin?" Jake, Sofia's ex-boyfriend asked, glancing between Zander and Sofia.

Zander nodded yes. "Once again, I will reiterate; this is not to leave this room. If this part of the information gets out, I won't only let Gage and Ambrose loose on you, I will let them do whatever the hell they want with you. That, men, is exactly how top secret this is. If you can't handle the consequences, then leave now." When the men remained motionless, he continued. "Before I go on, let me tell you, as Galen told you, this breed can stay hidden well in the human world. Remember, they can change their scent when they detect a threat. And once they are reborn, they are often born without memory of their previous life. They can regain their memory in time or when they are ready to face their past. That being said, Vega was right; Gage did find one of these women."

Almost eighty sets of eyes landed on Gage. If they expected him to confirm anything, they'd be sitting there until hell froze over. The man they called Lucifer rarely showed no emotion, he remained still waiting for Zander to finish.

"The woman he found was by sheer accident, nevertheless, he found her." Giving Sofia the briefest of glances, he added. "And that woman is Sofia."

~ Chapter 3 ~

Sofia cringed when Zander said her name, wishing she could melt into the background.

She felt every man in the room's eyes on her, she wanted to run away and hide from it all. She saw sincere concern on the faces of the men in the room. But Jake looked at her like she had betrayed him. And she understood that from him.

"Holy shit. Are you kidding? Doc, is one of the New Breed?" Cameron, from team Rebellion, asked with the same shocked look on his face everyone was sporting.

Zander cleared his throat to snap the men out of their trances. "No, she's an Original Being. Sofia used her blood to save Dustin, not knowing what she was, not realizing it would change him." He looked at Sofia and winked. "She is now under the protection of The Alliance. You all have noticed she's had guards here for the past couple weeks." He nodded to Raphael and Jericho from Ambrose's team Rebellion and Jando and Pedro from Gage's team Terminator. "She will have guards twenty-four seven, and we moved her in with us a while back to further our protection of her." He lied about this part, but it wasn't his place to tell the men about Gage and Sofia after they'd done a damn fine job hiding their relationship.

"One more thing; Since Gage is half Original Being and he changed Ambrose over a century ago, this means Ambrose is a New Breed as well as Dustin. So, Sofia, Dustin, Gage and Ambrose are all going to train with Galen. He is going to help them to access their hidden powers and develop them. The training room will be booked daily from eight in the morning until noon. If you need in, Brody will book it for you any time after that."

Peyton, from Ambrose's team, glared at Gage and tipped his chin towards Ambrose. "So, we have you to thank for him and his sunny personality?" Thank goodness for Peyton and the shit that fell out of his mouth, he had everyone laughing, easing the tension.

As the laughter died down Raphael asked Sofia. "You okay, Doc?" Sure, he wanted to wring her neck for ditching him and Jericho, but he had a soft spot for her. He like everyone else adored the shit out of her.

Sofia nodded. "Yeah, thanks." She hadn't expected concern from Raphael, not after the threats he issued to her every time he lost her recently. Yet there it was.

"So, is this how we kept losing her? Shit, we thought we were the worst guards in history, losing her three times a day." Jericho narrowed his eyes at her, then grinned. "Well, damn, Doc. Can you turn that off or do you have control of it?"

"I didn't even know I was doing anything, so I guess I have no control over it, yet." Her quiet voice had all the warriors edgy. They hadn't seen her quiet and subdue before and it concerned them. Sofia was happy, funny and a smart-ass, subdue freaked them all out.

"This is what I'm going to help her learn. And I'm training the four together because Original Beings communicate in a unique way. They can anticipate what another one will do in battle and compensate. If they can work as a team, then they will be a very important weapon in taking down Vega and his army of vamps." Galen looked at Sofia, "And I'm told this woman is a tough little shit, so this should be fun." His hard features softened when he smiled at her.

Sofia stood nervously and looked at the huge group of men in front of her. "Look, guys. I'm sorry if any of you feel betrayed by me in any way. I promise you I had no idea what I was until a few days ago. And I can't, no, I won't ask any of you to put your lives on the line for me. I have grown to like most of you," she gave them an ornery grin, "and the rest of you know who you are." That broke the silence, the men chuckled.

"Pretty sure it's Ambrose she still doesn't like." Peyton smirked at Ambrose and winked at Sofia.

Ambrose raised an eyebrow. "You're two for two now Peyton. Better think before you open your mouth a third time." His words held no heat and if he would man up, he'd admit he enjoyed having the mouthy, goofy warrior on his team.

"Damn sure she doesn't like me either; my balls are proof of that." Pedro grinned, winking at Sofia, though his nuts still remembered the pain of her well-placed kick during her training sessions with Ambrose.

"Doc, if you're trying to discourage us you're wasting your time." Jericho stared hard at her. "We've all seen your concern over every man here, the story we heard with Gage when he was drugged, then Cam and Dustin. We all saw you at your best with at least two of them."

Jando chuckled. "And since you made it out alive treating, Lucifer here, then you must be able to work magic. And yes, I know boss, you're going to kick my ass." He shrugged when Sofia smiled back at him. Jando stood, "So, hell yes, I'm with you."

One by one, every man in the room stood, showing Sofia they all had her back. They were her team. The biggest badasses she could ever hope to have, all gave her their allegiance.

Tears filled her eyes as she nodded to the warriors. "Thank you," she whispered and fled the room before they fell.

Gage watched her go yet managed to remain in place. He and Ambrose glanced at each other before Gage gave up and followed. "I'll check on her."

He caught up to her in the women's bathroom. "Wow, this is nice. No wonder women spend so much time in the restroom." Sofia spun and threw herself into his arms. He held her tight as her tears fell freely. "Are you shocked that our guys all adore you so much that they will go to the ends of the earth for you?" One of his hands funneled through her loose curls as he cupped her head to his chest.

Tilting her face up, she looked at him. "Sort of. I didn't really think they all cared like that about me. I don't deserve it, I don't."

Both of his big hands framed her face and he placed a soft kiss on her salty lips. "Eos, you have captured everyone's hearts here. Those men have just sworn their allegiance to you, they will die for you if need be."

"I know, and I don't want any of them to die for me, ever. They're like an extended family to me. You and your family feel like they belong to me now and I… I can't ask that of any of them."

"You don't have to, baby. They are all happy to do it for you. You earned their respect, you understand that, right? They will fight for and protect anyone who they respect. And that's you, sweetness." His sapphire eyes softened when he spoke to her.

Gage held her until she wiped away all her tears. His arms held her tight as he kissed the top of her head. Sofia never felt safer than she did when his arms were around her. He was her sanctuary, the one who calmed her, he was her everything. And while she had no idea what was to come, a part of her was terrified she would lose him. She had a sick feeling in her gut that by the time this was over, she and Gage would have problems, or they wouldn't be together. And her heart ached at the thought.

Eos, you are mine. I love you with all that I am, and I will never let you go. Never.

Did he hear what she was thinking? She had forgotten that he spoke to her telepathically earlier, which she hadn't had time to digest. She'd have to learn how to keep him out of her head during her times of doubt.

I know. And there's no place I'd rather be than in your arms forever. I love you too. I'm in love with the devil.

Gage slapped her ass and barked out a laugh.


Gage watched his father; the training session was about over when Galen planted his hands on his hips and glared at Sofia. Galen pushed all her buttons while he, Ambrose and Dustin stood back and laughed. Galen didn't know what to do with her; the great Vampire King was bested by a small woman who goaded him and tested his limits.

Galen rode Sofia hard for the past two hours, pushing her trying to get her to stop balls in midair that were being thrown at her. He yelled and got in her face more times than the guys could count. But the three decided not to interfere, she'd snap soon and lay into Galen. They also knew that it needed to happen for her to succeed. She had a habit of not tapping into her power until she got mad.

Frustrated, Galen looked at Ambrose. "How the hell did you survive her?"

Ambrose's green eyes smiled and said nothing with his big arms crossed over his chest.

Gage grinned and winked at Sofia.

"If you think you need to survive her, then you won't." Dustin said in a low tone, looking like he wanted to snap Galen's neck.

Galen looked at Dustin, frowned at his cryptic as fuck response. Then to Ambrose he said, "Fine, I'll remember your lack of help." Turning back to Sofia, "You, stop playing around and focus, dammit. This is getting tiresome and it shouldn't be that hard. You are wearing thin on my nerves. And the two of you seem to need more work than Gage and Dustin." Galen pointed to Ambrose and Sofia. "At least Dustin can teleport."

Ambrose ignored Galen's jab.

Sofia mimicked his pose and narrowed her eyes on him. "Look, you are like as old as Moses, so I get it, this seems easy to you. But get this, pops," she stepped up to him and poked him in the chest. "I am new to this shit, we are new to this shit, so back the hell off because bullying me will get you nowhere, just ask Vader. Trust me when I say I can play as dirty as you so if you want proof then keep it up."

The men in the observation room grinned from ear to ear. The room filled up daily to watch Ambrose train Sofia, and were sworn to keep the room a secret from her. Ambrose didn't want her to wonder who was watching while he trained her. And the men loved how Sofia didn't take shit from anyone. This room is what earned Sofia their respect, even if she didn't know it.

Galen looked as though smoke was about to spew from his ears. He stepped into her, growled and grabbed the finger that poked at him. "Pops? What the fuck? Listen little girl, if you-" He didn't get a chance to say one more word. He was too busy looking up at the ceiling when Sofia pulled back, spun and planted a kick in the center of his chest.

And for once, she was thankful for all the tortuous hours of training with Ambrose. He taught her that move.

Keeping her distance from Galen, she snarled. "Don't call me little girl again, got it?"

Gage, Dustin and Ambrose were smiling like damn idiots. Silently cheering her on, if anyone could bring Galen to his knees it would be Sofia with her goofiness, spunk and fire. And fire is what they wanted her to use on him, he needed his ass burnt a few times to show him he was not as almighty as he thought.

Galen picked himself up off the floor and cocked his head at Sofia. "About damn time you stood up for yourself. Don't wait so fucking long next time." He turned to the three men. "And you three, stop babying her, stop making excuses for her and let her do it herself. You," he pointed at Dustin, "have her blood in you and you're behaving like a protective big brother. You," moving on to Ambrose, "are drinking her blood," then to Gage, "and you are drinking her blood and fucking her so you're both-" Galen stopped short when all three men grimaced.

Gage and Ambrose shared a pained glance, Dustin frowned.

"Well, guess the cat is out of the bag now." Ambrose muttered.

"What cat? What do you mean? Everyone in this room already knows about Gage and me, Vader." She called Ambrose Vader because he was the leader of the Rebellion and because it fit. All he was missing was the black helmet. Her confused expression studied the three men before her.

Gage chuckled, looking at Ambrose. "Shit, this is going to be fun. You ready?"

Nodding, Ambrose looked up to the control room and made a circular motion with his finger in the air. "Alek, clear the windows."

Turning to look up, Sofia gasped as she saw what she had always thought to be a dark stripe around the top of the training center, suddenly became crystal clear. The once darkened band revealed an observation room on the one long wall. Sofia saw at least fifty men, with shocked looks on their faces over the news that Ambrose was taking her blood, but more so she and Gage were, well, fucking each other.

She spun back around to face the men. "What the hell? Are you kidding me?" She advanced on Ambrose and whacked him in the chest, "You sonuvamotherfuckingbitch!"

"I suppose she learned her colorful language from you?" Galen looked at his son.

Gage grinned as he watched Sofia rip into Ambrose.

"I can't believe you did this to me!" Sofia smacked him again and with every angry word she hit Ambrose. "You piece of shit!"

Ambrose let her assault him, before he grabbed her and spun her around, plastering her back to his chest and held her arms across her stomach. He leaned down and spoke softly in her ear. "Listen, Bella, I told everyone to keep it quiet for two reasons. One being I didn't want you distracted or self-conscious as to who may or may not be up there watching. And secondly, I wanted them to learn about you by observing your determination, spunk, sassy attitude and your goofiness. And they did. That room up there has earned you the love and respect of the men here." He placed a kiss on her temple. "You through hitting me?"

Her eyes met Gage's, giving him a sweet smile. He took one step back, knowing what was about to happen.

"Yes, I'm through." She said as she struggled to get out of his iron grip. When he released her, once again, she struck. Taking a couple steps away from Ambrose she spun and kicked him in the side of the face. Then, before anyone anticipated her frame of mind, she advanced on Gage and Dustin, kicking Gage solidly in the stomach and Dustin in the chest.

All three men had shocked looks on their faces before they all grinned at her.

Dustin winked at her. "Guess we deserved that, huh?"

"Feel better, baby?" Gage asked as he rubbed his stomach, walking over to her he pulled her in his arms. He tilted her face to his and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

Sofia had no delusions what statement he made by pulling her into his arms or with that simple kiss. Yep, he just claimed her in front of a room full of warriors. She belonged to him. And really, she was surprised he showed so much restraint up to now. While he may not be possessive with his brothers where she was concerned, Sofia was certain that Gage would be with other warriors.

"A little, yeah."

Galen walked over to her smiling. He gave her a high five. "That's my girl. Well done, A leanbh, well done." He pulled her into a hug he said quietly in her ear, "Think you can pull that move off every day for my enjoyment?"

Chuckling, Sofia replied, "I'll do my best. But, just so you know, you may end up on the floor next to them some days."

~ Chapter 4 ~

Sofia spent time with Gage in their bedroom snuggling before she had to leave for the Blood & Sex room for Ambrose to take her blood for the third time. Listening to the steady thud of his heartbeat calmed her soul while his warmth relaxed her whole body. She held onto Gage for as long as she could, not wanting to leave him. Sofia knew what would happen when she did.

She'd have sex with Ambrose.

It wasn't because Melina had asked her to, either. She experienced a pull to Ambrose from the beginning, like Ambrose called her out on. She still didn't understand it and it scared her. And well, Gage and Melina both said that both times after Ambrose took her blood it basically sent him over the edge. For reasons that made no sense, that knowledge hurt her. She didn't want Ambrose in pain because of her.

Turning her face into his chest, she breathed in his scent. He always smelled like the outdoors, a hint of a woodsy, fresh cut pine. It comforted her, and she burrowed into him deeper. Her day had been so stressful. Starting out with Zander telling the warriors she was who they thought she was. Then she had to train with Galen which ended up with the warriors now finding out that she and Gage were together. A part of her was terrified when their secret got out, now that everyone knew, a part of her felt doomed. Like watchful eyes would examine every part of their life now, waiting to see if they'd fail. And frankly, that fear had her on edge many days. With her track record of bad relationships, she didn't need to be under anyone's microscope.

His hand roamed down her back, resting on her butt, giving it a light squeeze. "Eos, it's okay, really it is. I love you and you love me, this won't change that." He always gave her a pep talk before she left to go to Ambrose, even though up to now, Ambrose had only taken her blood. Zander asked Sofia to let Ambrose take her blood a secondary layer of protection. All their brothers took another mates blood. And while this was just the third time, he felt her apprehension and did his best to ease it. Gage understood her fears, and he knew tonight she'd give in and have sex with Ambrose.

Rising on one elbow, she looked down into his handsome face. His black wavy hair fell away from his face. His elegant, sharp nose, his sensual lips made her mouth water. Crystal blue eyes always watching her, continuously learning, that seemed to know what went through her mind. Thin black stubble forming a goatee gave him a dangerous, yet sexy look. The whole package made her realize that he was nicknamed Lucifer not just because of his temper and attitude but because of his looks too. If she gave the devil a face, it would look just like Gage; handsome, sexy, a body to die for as lethal as they came.

Leaning down, she kissed his lips. She shifted on top of him as she deepened the kiss, their tongues gently mating. Gage's hands traveled down her back, one stopping to hold her waist and the other cupping her bottom dragging her closer to his erection.

He ground his hips into hers. "See what you do to me? I can't stop wanting to bury myself deep inside of you. To feel you all around me, to hear the soft sexy sounds that escape your lips while I'm fucking you. You drive me mad, baby, fucking mad." Moving one hand, he buried it in her long silky curls. "When you come back, you're mine for the rest of the night. Mine. All. Night." He kissed her with each word.

Sofia rested her forehead against his. "Sounds like heaven." She gave him one last kiss and climbed off his hard, hot body feeling the emptiness seep quickly into her soul. "Keep the bed warm for me, stud muffin."

Gage let out a laugh as she shut the door behind her.

Sofia climbed the stairs to the Blood & Sex room, her chest tightened. After the day with Galen and the guys, she was mentally tired. She just wanted to curl up in Gage's arms, make love to him and fall asleep against that hot, hard body of his. But first, she had to go to Ambrose and give him her blood while he gave her an earth-shattering orgasm. A painful orgasm when he wasn't having sex with her. The pain was nearly unbearable.

Sofia wanted to cry.

She got to the room early; for once she wanted to arrive before Ambrose. She needed a moment to compose herself before Lord Vader showed up with his scrutinizing eyes. Both times when she'd open the door to find him there waiting on her, his eyes always traveled the length of her body, making her stomach quiver. His inspections unnerved her, his eyes took in every inch of her at a snail's pace. Both times, she saw the lust in his green eyes.

Not this time, this time she'd turn the table on him. Make him uneasy, sure it wouldn't be easy, but she could do it, she had ways. Or at least she hoped she did.

Sofia learned that no matter what a bad-ass Ambrose was, he had a soft spot for her. And over time she discovered that soft spot turned into a hard spot. But she'd bring this man to his knees if he wanted her. If she was going to give him her body, then it would be on her terms. Sofia wanted him to squirm, to make him want her so badly he couldn't handle it anymore and break. He needed to know she was in control, not him. And for a man like Ambrose that would be damn hard.

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