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The Vault Series, Book One

C Pells

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Chapter One


"What do you want?" she gasped.

"You know what I want!" I snapped.

"I can't…it's not…" she whimpered. It was not her whimpers I sought.

I had grown impatient with Samantha; it wasn't something I was proud of, but I wouldn't let her shame me about it, either. She was ready to go deep, she had admitted it with her clothes on. But, now in my room, she was scared. I had given her the same homework I'd assigned to my other submissives: erotica blogs, magazines, videos. It was the usual work I made them go through, before hosting a scene with them. They needed to know what I expected of them first. No surprises meant no backing down, when they came into my room. I took her arms in my hands and kissed the back of her neck. "You're going to show me that I have earned your trust."

She hoarsely whispered, "Yes."

"You're going to give me what I want," I nibbled her there. "And you're going to love what I do to get it."

Her tiny whine was enough of a 'yes' that I pressed my hand against her lower back to lead her into my room. She trembled as she spoke, "But, good girls don't do this…"

We were still headed down my hallway, though. "Maybe you're not a good girl."

"Good girls don’t come like that…"

"Then, you're definitely not a good girl."

She froze up at the doorway, "I can't!"

"You can and you will," I unzipped my trousers and let them fall, and her ears alerted her mouth, "You've been so good until now. If you want to prove how good you can be, you will get on your knees and suck my cock."

Samantha loved to give head, so she nodded and dropped. Her soft mouth was second only to her sweet pussy. Only problem was, my girl was not a swallower. She needed to work on that, and I was happy to help her out. Sam's long brown hair shone in the candlelight from my room. I wondered if she knew she had inadvertently stepped backwards into it when she knelt. The poor thing had been through so much in her life, it was hard for her to let go and submit, especially to a man. Too many of them had been a disappointment. But, I was determined to prove her wrong about all men. I decided to give her something, "Good Girl."

She moaned around my cock, and the vibration brought me on. I ran my fingers through her hair and said, "Tonight, you swallow." She growled an objection, but I held her there. My voice was tight, "Good Girls swallow, you wanna be a Good Girl, don't you?" Her groans were too much; she was stuck between compliance and disgust. I erupted into the back of her throat, pulled out and finished on her beautiful face. Then, I barked, "On your feet!"

Sam reached up to wipe herself clean, but I ordered, "I honored your face, don't you dare clean yourself. Go." I pointed to the bed.

I had prearranged everything: shackles on the four posts, a standing tray with implements, and dozens of candles everywhere. Her gasp was such a sweet sound. "Remove your clothes, but do not disturb your facial." I stared, while she revealed herself to me. Heavy breasts, flat stomach, and strong legs. Samantha had run track in high school, and it showed. But, her breasts eventually grew to the point of making sports bras useless and crushed her dreams of the Olympics.

She bit her full bottom lip, as I lusted over her body. She was in love with me, and I knew it, but the sex was too good to turn her to someone who might love her back. When the air conditioning kicked on, her nipples let me know all about it. I pulled her by them to me and kissed her hard. I had waited long enough. I held her body tight and became so aggressive in the kiss, she began to struggled in my grasp. She tried to push me away, it was cute. I shoved her onto the bed. "Middle."

Samantha was smart enough to comply, and I shackled her wrists and ankles. Then, I took her nipples into my teeth, and snacked their long enough to make her shake like a leaf in a rain storm. Once I got her to that stage, I knew I could push her further.

The satin blindfold had a liner in the back that prevented any light whatsoever. When darkness crept across her vision, Sam's breath picked up; she realized she was at my absolute mercy. I ran a Wartenburg wheel over her arms and legs. Her little moans were precious things. Then, I did the same with a feather duster. I needed to be inside that quaking, gasping body. I denied myself, too; only fair. The tips of the duster pricked at her nipples and she whimpered without words. "You've earned a treat," I tossed the duster aside and licked my way between her thighs.

"Oh, thank you, Master," her back arched.

She tasted like candy, and I plunged two fingers into her. "You're so wet, Good Girl. I bet you'd like to come on my fingers, wouldn't you?"

"Please, Master," she groaned.

"That's not how you beg."

"God, don't stop!"
I laughed, "You don't get to make demands, Bad Girl." I pulled from her body, unshackled her, and said, "It's time."

"I don't think-

"Good. Don't," I pulled her over my lap the way I liked my slaves. Her ass begged for attention. I rubbed her there first, "I felt how wet you are, Bad Girl. You know you can't hide yourself from me." I smacked her gently to start, and she was fitful. "I love feeling you so close to me, Bad Girl." Her body stilled whenever I used the "L" word for anything. I let her linger on that for a breath, then smacked her ass rapidly with an open hand until the skin warmed. "You love it, too, I know you do." More smacks were chased by her strangled sounds. I reached for her pussy and laughed, "You will be punished for your lies, Bad Girl." I beat her ass hard.

"What lies?!" she cried out.

"You said you can't do this. You said you don't think you can do this. But, your body knows you can." I unleashed a torrent of punishment on her round, upturned ass. Every wriggle, her slick skin slipped around the head of my cock. Tears poured down her beautiful face, and I couldn't stop myself. It was time.

I eased her belly-down onto the bed. I wedged myself between her legs, leaned on her back, and firmly growled, "We are going to finish this tonight, and I'll decide what kind of Girl you really are." I squeezed lube onto my fingers and swirled them around her rear hole. She fidgeted still but said nothing. If it was another refusal, I would have heard, "Cessare."

The only thing out of her was a series a piteous moans; if they'd been made of words, they would have said, "Oh, God, please, I don't like that, ignore what my body is telling you, that's an 'out hole' not an 'in hole', why are you like this, why can't you just love me and want me the way I want you, fuck that feels amazing, don't stop!"

I added a third finger, and her moans became even more desperate. My head swam on her the sea of her sounds. I could have loved her, but we didn't have that thing people needed for love. It wasn't Sam's fault; I had never found that with anyone else, either.

I painted my cock with the lube and raised her hips at the perfect angle I loved. The head graced the edge of her hole and she shuddered hard. Her face was buried in the pillow, but I listened for her to say anything. Not a peep. I pressed the head into her virgin ass and waited for a response. Nothing. Another inch, and all she did was pant. One more-


I chuckled, "I will fuck your ass how I see fit." And then, I went slower, because I wanted to be invited back in. She twitched and writhed beneath me, pierced by my body, bent to my will. Her muscles tried to lock me out, but I am no quitter. I smacked her ass, and they released, as she yipped from it all. Then, I rubbed her reddened ass and she quieted down. I whispered, "Good Girl," and she didn't respond. I laid down on her back and panted into her ear, "I love…" she rolled her hips back to me, "fucking your ass."

She moaned, "I love-

Couldn't let her finish that sentence. I covered her mouth with my hand and pounded into her. She screamed against my palm, I buried myself all the way inside. Then, I bit her shoulder, reached under her small body, and ran my fingertips on her clit. Sam screeched on my hand, as she came with my cock up her ass. I snarled, "You're milking my cock with your ass, Good Girl, you want me to come in there, don't you?"


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