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Hotwife: Friends With Benefits

A Wife Sharing Romance Novel

Hotwife: Adultery And Lust Book 1

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Chapter One: A Quiet Evening

Everything is set out just so for my lovely bride of ten years, Christina Jeanette Montgomery. At thirty-four years old, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever known from the top of her head with shoulder-length blonde hair to her beautiful, soft feet. She deserves so much more than simply a quiet evening at home after a long day at our store, and tonight I hope to spring a surprise on her that will make our anniversary even better than she could have imagined.

“Oh, my,” I hear Christi say just behind me as she walks through the door.

“Honey? I didn’t hear you come in!” I smile at her as I walk toward my wife. “I thought you were supposed to be out with Sarah until eight o’clock or later.”

Christi smiles at me. “It’s our anniversary, Zane. I can’t stay out with a friend while we are supposed to be celebrating, can I?” She walks up to me and tiptoes a little to reach my lips with hers and there is a sudden electricity the moves up my body. My petite wife is only five-two and weighs about a hundred pounds when just out of the shower. Sex for us is amazing as I can pick her up and set her on my erect penis so that I can bounce her around on me. We both love sex and I hope that this evening will culminate into something more than sweet talk about our time as a married couple.

“Happy anniversary, sexy lady,” I say as I pull her close to me after we kiss.

“Well, a very happy anniversary to the little guy too.” Christi pats the hardon I have behind my pants and I blush as I shake my head.

“Please don’t call my dick little guy, honey. That’s not something any husband likes to hear said about his manhood.”

We both laugh for a moment before she replies, “I’m sorry, sweetheart. Should I call him big guy?”

“That’s better, but it’s still a bit uncomfortable to hear you refer to it as a person.” We embrace tightly again as I can’t help but remember all the times Christi has talked as if there are three people in the bedroom whenever she is playing with my cock. It’s not exactly the sort of thing that helps to put me in the mood for sex when she does this, but we have managed to have a great sex life, nonetheless.

“So, what are we doing tonight?” Christi asks with a smile on her face.

“I thought we would have a little wine out on the terrace and just talk.” I am so excited about what I am about to tell her that I can barely contain myself. Ten years is a big milestone in a marriage, and I’m proud of what we have built together. The health food store we own was something we dreamed about shortly after getting married. It took us another five or so years to make the dream reality, but we did it after sacrificing a lot. Since then, we have seen our income grow exponentially and we now can afford the sort of lifestyle that just a few years ago seemed to be impossible.

“Wine, huh? Are you trying to get me drunk, Mr. Montgomery?” she asks playfully.

“Maybe.” I smile widely at her as I take Christi’s hand and lead her outside. There, I have already placed a bottle of wine and two glasses on a small table between two outdoor chairs. After my wife has a seat, I sit down and open the wine before first pouring her a glass.

“Thank you, Zane,” she says as I hand her the glass of wine.

After pouring mine, I ask her, “What if we could take a trip for our anniversary?”

Christi swallows her first sip of the sweet, red alcohol and replies, “A trip? What sort of trip?”

I shrug my shoulders. “Maybe somewhere we haven’t been in a while. A place that you have wanted to go back to for a very long time.”

“Our honeymoon spot?” Christi asks as her face lights up. “Please tell me you aren’t joking around with me, Zane. Are you seriously wanting to go there?”

Reaching under my chair I produce an envelope. I hand it over to my wife as I tell her, “Next week.”

She opens the envelope and puts her hand over her mouth as she looks at the brochures, tickets, and itinerary inside. “I can’t believe that you have done this, Zane. Mustang Island?”

Nodding my head, I reply, “Mustang Island, my love. Near Port Aransas and just south of Corpus Christi where we met.” It has always been a sort of humorous piece of conversation between us and our friends. I met Christi in Corpus Christi not long after we both graduated from college. I was in the city for a training seminar related to my sales job back then and she was attending a family reunion. Her mother and the rest of her family live around Dallas and so it was natural for them to choose the location within their home state where they could have the reunion. Christi and I returned to the area a year later to marry and then had our honeymoon nearby at a resort on Mustang Island, fully paid for by her mother and stepfather. Since then, we have not had enough money to go back. Now, though, I can take my wife back there and we can stay at an even nicer resort in true style.

“Wow. I think I’m going to cry,” Christi mutters as she wipes her eyes. “You are so sweet for doing this for me. Thank you.” She leans toward me and I do the same so that our lips meet for a moment. Then, after taking a quick drink, she smiles nervously and lays the packet down on the stone terrace beneath her chair. “I don’t know that we can do this, though. The store, Zane; we can’t just leave it. We haven’t taken more than two days off in a row since we opened it, and the trip will last six days.”

“Six amazing days,” I reply. “Look, we have some great staff who work for us there, and I have already spoken to three of them. They are completely onboard with the plan, Christi. We can go and we don’t have to worry about anything at the store.”

“I don’t know,” she says as she shakes her head. “We won’t even be in town if something happens. You know how some of our customers can be.” In our business, some customers are very particular about how things are done, especially when it comes to their food and other needs at our health food store.

“They can handle the customers, Christi. Thomas and Sarai are fine to keep things moving and Jerry will be around if they need another hand. It’s all good.”

Christi smiles and I can see that she is still not convinced that our business will be okay during our absence. After all, it was originally her idea to open the store and she was the first employee of the business while I continued to work my sales job in the city. There is an attachment to the place that many cannot understand, and I am one who has difficulty comprehending the way she worries over the store. Still, this trip is important for our ten-year anniversary and I want to see us go together to help strengthen our marriage even more.

“We need this, honey. We deserve this and I trust our employees completely. I know you do too.” I calmly sit back in my seat and continue to sip my wine as I wait for Christi to come to the same conclusion. Though it takes a few minutes and a bit more wine, she eventually does.

“Fine. We can go.” My wife holds her glass up and looks at me. “But we need to talk about who is working produce and who is watching the front, Zane. I don’t want Thomas in the produce if we can help that. Sarai is much better at that job than he is, even though he thinks he’s the produce god or something like that.”

I laugh. “Well, he is a little high on himself when it comes to working around tomatoes and lettuce, Christi.” Nodding my head, I tell her, “I will let them know that Sarai will be handling produce and Thomas can work the front. Surely it won’t be such a big deal anyway.” Thomas is very easy going when we ask something of him, but Sarai can sometimes balk at having her tasks changed. Though she is wonderful at working around produce, she hates it. That is why we rarely ask her to work in the produce section of the store unless we are forced to do so. Right now, it appears that she will need to fill in there because Christi will not be there to do so as usual.

“And we have to pack soon,” my wife adds. “We can’t wait until the last minute.”

“Of course not.” I smile as I pour the two of us more wine. “We can do this, honey. We are going to do this. Everything is already set, and we just have to follow the plan.”

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