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Jus’ Humour Me

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January was a month of promises and miracles to me and my sister and I were amazing together at this time of the year. We didn’t fight as often and everything that we did we looked perfect, in my opinion we were best of friends. My parents were old when they had us. They had been trying for years and failing each time mum found herself in hospital having lost another baby. My grandparents were desperate and had been trying for years to get my father to marry another woman but he loved my mother. In trying to placate her mother in law, my mother would do anything and everything my grandmother wanted. That was until we were born. My sister and I were born different months different years but we were twins. She came earlier on thirty first of December while I was born about two hours later on first of January.

There were a lot of issues that day. My mother had complications and from previous scans they were actually not expecting me so the doctor were not eager to check. I just think they were tired and probably drunk since it was almost New Year that they forgot me. My mother was waiting for her the placenta to come out when she went into labour again and I was born. By then she was so tired so she fainted almost dying while my grandmother was getting acquainted with my sister. I believe that's when all my problems begun. I was an accident. Since they were not expecting me, I was the bonus child and that defined everything I did. I could be wrong please my grandmother no matter how hard I tried. She loved my sister to a fault and in extension my parents did the same although they tried to say otherwise.

For years, I tried to ignore how I received hand me down toys from my sister. I thought it was normal since she was the first born child. At least that's what my mother said. I worked hard to get my parents to even smile. My sister would draw a stick on paper and she'd be a genius while when I paired a scenery, my parents would just smile and pat my head then go on to find out what my sister was doing next. Since they had not picked a name for me, my parents decided to name is both the same first names. So they called me by nickname while she was the one they called by our first name. It wasn't weird for me to be forgotten in cars or hotels. It had happened frequently and every time I was punished for it. I apparently was the one who always hid. My grandmother never hid her dislike for me and to this day I have no idea why that woman hates me but she always has… I know I complain a lot but just………………....

..................................HUMOUR ME

Us was not a concept I took lightly when it came to my family’s idea of punishments. It's not like my sister was never punished no, that's not exactly true. She was pushing the limits several times a day but if she could be punished for all the wrong doings, she'd do in a day then she'd never get out of the house. So I always ended up taking a fall for her several times. I didn't hate her, she was my best friend even when she didn’t want to be. The only person I wanted to see happy and so I adored her. If she'd even get a scratch I was the first person to rush by her side. She'd curse and I would be in the room in a heartbeat to find out what was wrong. She was half of me so I didn't see her flaws. Because of this, my sister grew up to be stubborn and rude except when she'd pretend to be the sweetest person around my grandmother who ate it up like cake on Christmas night. These sessions became my favourite show. It all begun to change as we grew up. It's not that I loved her less but we had different tastes which begun with a bit weirdly. Clara, our head of the kitchen had a son. His name was Damian and to me he was the most handsome boy I had ever met.

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