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Dagger's Heir

Not Your Hero

Ryker's Heir

Locked Up

Biker's Revenge


Blood Thirst

Alien's Passion

Rebel Prince


Dagger's Heir

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Disclaimer: This ebook is a work of fiction. Any resemblance characters in this story may have to real people is coincidental.

No section of this book may be copied or reproduced without the author's permission.


F*ck and forget.

Brunette, busty, and legs for days, Melissa thinks she owns me after only one night.

But nothing can make me stray from my dark path.

Melissa has an ace up her sleeve. She's pregnant with my heir.

Now I'll have to choose between my club or my family.

Chapter One


The sun burned bright on the day of the Sacks County Annual Picnic. The Devil's Hellions MC was out in full force to support the community—it was a tradition for us to donate a sizable contribution and cook the food every year. The Devil's Hellions sometimes got a bad rap for being murderers and thieves and this was the one time of the year we could talk with people face-to-face and change their perceptions.

Big Mike was on the grill cooking burgers, hot dogs, and chicken. He was a fucking giant man and the Sgt-at-Arms in the club. If we ever needed to get out of a sticky situation, Big Mike was ready and willing with no questions asked. He wasn't the smartest tool in the shed but he was extremely effective at his job.

“You're going to burn those patties if you don't flip them,” I told him, patting him on the back.

Big Mike turned towards me and showed off his brand new apron that said: Grillmaster. He pointed the spatula at my face. “Don't fuck with the Grillmaster.”

I put my hands up to surrender and bowed. “By all means, Grillmaster, carry on.”

A light blue Frisbee came spiraling out of nowhere and narrowly missed my head. A bunch of kids came running over and froze in their tracks when they saw my leather cut and menacing Devil's Hellions spider on the back.

I smiled and picked up the Frisbee. “Go long,” I announced, throwing the disc as far as I could.

“Thank you,” the children screamed in unison, running away. The town was afraid of us and we needed to fix that. The Devil's Hellions MC didn't hurt innocents. We kept the streets clean of rapists and pedophiles—we did the dirty work that Sheriff Mendoza couldn't do.

I walked over to Breaker and Natalie sitting on a picnic blanket on the grass. The scene was right out of a movie. “You two look like a lovely couple,” I said.

Breaker grinned and stood up to embrace me. “How's it going, Veep?”

Natalie strained to stand and I stopped her, helping her back to the ground. “No no, lady. You stay off your feet.”

Natalie waved my hand away and stood up, holding her swelling belly. “I don't need your help yet, Dagger. Another few months and you guys might need a crane to carry me to the hospital.”

“Thought of a name yet?” I asked.

Natalie looked at Breaker and smiled. It was clear she loved him dearly. “We were thinking of Isaac.”

My heart warmed at the name and my eyes began to water. Isaac was the MC Treasurer until he was tragically gunned down last year. I watched him die in Breaker's arms. It was a hard time for the MC but things were beginning to look better. “I think that name would be perfect,” I replied, taking Natalie's hands. “Congratulations, and Breaker, don't fuck this up.”

Breaker narrowed his eyes at me and laughed. “You don't have to worry, Natalie will kill me if I mess this up.”

Natalie threw a glance at Breaker and ran her finger across her throat.

I left them laughing and wondered how Breaker could ever be happy in a relationship. Like most of the other MC members, our relationships were limited to one-night stands and prostitution. I fucked a different girl every night. Fuck and Forget—that was the MC motto. Breaker should've remembered that.

I stopped under the shade of trees and rested against the trunk. Big Mike was serving food to a long line of hungry people. Slade was hitting on a set of blonde twins with big fake tits next to the playground. His long dark hair made him look like he was from a 80's Metal band but the chicks loved it.

“Nice day out, eh, Dagger?” I turned around to find Pain approaching me. The gray in his hair was more and more evident as time passed. His horn-rimmed glasses made him look a lot less menacing than he really was. Pain was like a father to us all and I'd follow him to the depths of hell if he asked me to.

I looked over at the same kids throwing the Frisbee around. “Remember those carefree days, Prez?”

Pain leaned against the tree trunk with me and watched the kids scream and run around. “When I was a kid, my father put me to work everyday at the construction site. I don't think I've ever experienced a carefree day. That's actually why I need to talk to you.”

I shifted towards him and tuned out all the other noise. “What's up, Pain?”

The wrinkles on his face showed off his age. Pain had seen a lot as President of the Devil's Hellions MC. As Vice-President, it was my duty to second-guess him and offer alternative solutions. But that didn't happen often with Pain. He always made the right decision.

Pain stared off into the distance. “I've been doing this a long time, Dagger. Way too long. I started the Devil's Hellions MC with my friends to escape my father. Now all those friends are either dead or moved on. I'm the only one left of the originals.”

I didn't like where he was heading. The somber tone of his voice and the sadness in his eyes. He had been thinking about this for a long time.

“It's time I hang up my hat, Dagger. I want to know what a carefree day is like. I can't be the Devil's Hellions President anymore.”

All the blood drained from my face. Everything was going to fall apart without him. The end of an era. How could we go on? “But you can't quit, Pain. Devil's Hellions is in your blood.”

“And it always will be.” Pain grit his teeth and took a deep breath to keep from crying. “I'm recommending you become the new President.”

My jaw dropped to the floor. I never even dreamed of becoming President. I always pictured Pain leading us into battle and us coming home victorious. There was no way I could fill his shoes. “I don't know if I'm ready for that, Pain.”

Pain put both hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. “You're ready. You've been ready for years. The MC needs someone who is smart and strong. Someone who can carry them through the tough times. That someone is you, Dagger. After what happened with Isaac...I can't go through that again.”

I gulped and nodded. I couldn't believe this was happening. My whole life was about to change. Could I really lead the Devil's Hellions?

Pain brushed off my leather cut. “We can make the transition official later. Enjoy the day and I'll see you back at the clubhouse.”

I grabbed his hand and shook it firmly. “Thank you so much.” There was so much more I wanted to tell him. How he was my hero and a father to me. But I couldn't get the words out.

Slade walked up to us. “Sorry to interrupt but we have a small problem.”

Pain winked at me. “Good luck,” he said, putting his hands in his pockets and strolling away, whistling a tune. That son of a bitch.

Slade looked confused. “Where's he going?”

“What's the small problem?” I asked, ignoring his question.

Slade turned my head and pointed off to the far edge of the park at a gaunt man dressed in rags, smoking on a cigarette. A thin wispy beard went down to his chest and the hair on his head was disheveled. He didn't even have to tell me who it was—Lil' Johnny was unforgettable. He was never supposed to set foot back in Sacks County.

“Let's go take care of this,” I said.

Slade smiled and cracked his knuckles.

“But quietly,” I added.

Slade nodded and we walked a wide arc around the park until we came up behind Lil' Johnny.

“What are you doing here?” I asked in a deep voice.

Lil' Johnny spun around and almost swallowed his cigarette when he saw me. “Oh Dagger, I've been looking all over for you.”

Slade came between us and drove his fist into Johnny's stomach. The frail man doubled over and coughed up a lung. We carried him to the men's bathroom and Slade punched him one more time while I checked that all the stalls were clear.

I grabbed Johnny's hair and pulled his head back. “What are you doing here, Johnny? We told you if you ever set foot in Sacks County again, we'd put your head on a pike.”

Lil' Johnny continued to cough, trying to catch his breath.

I pulled my black G20 Glock from behind my waistband and waved it in front of Johnny's face. “I'm not a very patient man, Johnny.” Slade nodded in agreement.

“I have some information for you,” he choked out, whimpering at the sight of the gun.

“What could you possibly know?”

Lil' Johnny's eyes darted left and right. “I heard something about The Death Merchants MC.”

My curiosity was piqued. The Death Merchants MC were the Mexicans who ran the east side of town. The Blacks owned the middle and acted like a barrier to the Mexicans. We rarely had to deal with them. “Tell us what you know or else I'll let Slade loose.”

Slade was slobbering at the mouth. There was a good chance he had rabies. He lifted Johnny to his feet and let him go. “Spill it.”

Johnny held his side and began, “I was minding my own business outside the laundromat when I heard two Mexicans talking about arming up. I followed them and listened in on their conversation. They're arming up to finally take out the Devil's Hellions MC so they can rule the west.”

I kicked Lil' Johnny in the shin and he fell to the ground, groaning and holding his leg. “Why should we believe a bullshit story like that? Especially when it's coming from you.” I put the tip of my pistol against his temple. “Give me one good reason I shouldn't pull the trigger.”

Johnny pissed himself and tears streamed down his face. This happened way too often. At least we were in a bathroom already. “I'm telling the truth, Dagger. I swear it.”

Lil' Johnny was the scum of the earth but he wouldn't be able to come up with a lie like that on his own. I pulled the gun away and holstered it back behind my back. “Slade, try and contact our Black brothers and see if his story checks out.”

Johnny got on his knees, his pants soaking in urine. “Does this mean I can stay in Sacks County?”

“For now. But if we find out you're lying. There's worse things we could do than killing you.”

Lil' Johnny's eyes widened and he bent down and kissed my boots. “Thank you so much, Dagger.”

I kicked him away and left the bathroom with Slade. “You really think he's telling the truth?” Slade asked.

“Probably not but we need to know for sure. If the Mexicans want war, we'll give em' one.”

Chapter Two


The video cameras and a room full of reporters made me nervous as I stood on stage next to Sheriff Mendoza. I'd never done a press conference before and I had a true fear of public speaking. My palms always got sweaty and my hands would shake uncontrollably. The moment I opened my mouth, everyone would laugh me straight out of town.

Sheriff Mendoza continued his speech as the cameras flashed. “It's with a heavy heart that I retire today as Sheriff of Sacks County. I have put in over twenty years trying to make this town safe. I hope I did enough to make a difference.” The crowd clapped and cheered. “I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect replacement and I finally found her. I want to introduce you to your new Sheriff, Melissa White.”

I put on my best fake smile and shook Mendoza's hand. His face twitched for a microsecond as he felt all the sweat on my palm. Keep it together, White. Deep breaths. I took the podium and the crowd silenced. I unfolded a piece of paper that had my speech written on it. “Good afternoon,” I announced to the crowd.

I looked over my writing and realized that nobody wanted to hear about my ten-point agenda for cleaning up the county. That would come later. For now, I needed to keep it short and sweet. “I think Sheriff Mendoza deserves one more round of applause for all his service.” I waited for the clapping to cease. My heart was beating at a mile a minute, my ankles trembling in my boots. I took a deep breath and continued, “I hope I could be half as good as Sheriff Mendoza was. If you can give me a chance, I know it in my heart that I can make this city safe. Thank you and I hope to meet all of you soon.”

The applause was sparse and quiet. I exited the stage and almost felt like I was going to collapse. Hopefully I'd never have to do that again.

“You did great up there, Sheriff White,” Mendoza said.

Sheriff White. I liked the sound of that. “So what now?” I asked him.

Let's get you settled at the station and you can meet everyone. I'd like to get everything squared away as soon as possible. My wife and I have a trip planned to Maui.”

That sounds very relaxing.”

It better be. I'm going to lay on the beach and drink for two weeks straight.”

I chuckled and followed Mendoza to a black-and-white police car. We drove down Main Street, passing by rows of family-owned businesses. This town had a lot of charm and was exactly what I needed after working with the LAPD for so long. Some would say that a sheriff of a small town was a demotion but I thought it was much needed after the horrors of Los Angeles.

A serial killer of children was loose on the streets and we hunted him for months without any luck. Finding pieces of these kids was hard to live with. The last kidnapping was the worst. We knew we only had twenty-four hours before the kid was dead. With the help of the FBI we were finally able to track the killer to a shipping container on the docks. We thought we had made it in time. But the kid was already dead, his throat slit just ten minutes before we got there. If only we got there sooner...

The killer got away and he was never found.

Mendoza and I arrived at the station and he introduced me to a lot of the officers. The station was made up entirely of men and they didn't look too keen on a woman becoming their new boss. Tough shit. They'd have to deal with my wrath if they couldn't handle it.

And here's your office,” Mendoza announced, opening the door to what looked like a broom closet. My new office was small and narrow with a tiny window on the far wall overlooking the parking lot. The desk looked like it barely fit and there was only room for one chair. “I know it's not much but you wont be spending much time in here anyways.”

Mendoza was probably right. I set my box of stuff on the desk and began unpacking. Framed pictures of my mom and dad and my lucky pen was all I really brought. And I'm glad I packed light because I wouldn't be able to fit anymore in here.

Can I give you some advice?” Mendoza asked, sitting down in the chair opposite of the desk.

Of course,” I replied, taking my seat. The chair was comfy and I leaned back, enjoying the thought of being in charge of this town.

Mendoza scratched his dark bushy mustache. “I don't know how things were run in Los Angeles but here in Sacks, things are a little different.” I nodded and waited for him to continue. “We like to say that we control this town but in reality it's the MC's.”

You let the motorcycle clubs do whatever they want?”

Mendoza shook his head. “Not exactly. It's just that over the years the one thing I learned was not to fight them and instead, work with them. The less blood on our streets the better. There are rumors flying that the Mexicans are prepping for a war. That could be really bad for Sacks County and the surrounding areas.”

You don't have to worry. I'll set up meetings with the heads of the MC's and get it all sorted out. In LA, I worked alongside gangs all the time. I know how to play the game.”

Mendoza stood up and I copied him. “Then I chose the right woman for the job. Good luck with everything Sheriff White.” I shook his hand. “I left my number for you on the desk. If you ever need help, you can call me night or day.”

I smiled. “I really appreciate it and I won't let you down.” Mendoza closed the door behind him and I sank back into my seat. I looked out the window and watched as the cop cars drove in and out. I pulled my brown hair out of a ponytail and brushed it.

The door to my office opened and an officer with almost no hair left on top came in. “So the rumors are true, Mendoza hired a woman to become sheriff.”

The rage boiled in my veins. Just ignore him, Melissa, he's small-town potatoes. I put my hair back into a ponytail. “I don't believe we've met, I'm Sheriff White.” I outstretched my hand and he ignored it. The name Johnson was engraved on the nameplate on his left breast.

He eyed me up and down like a piece of meat, staring at my breasts for way too long.“You really think you have what it takes to become sheriff here?”

I cocked my head to the side. “Why? You think just because I'm a woman I can't be a leader.” This wasn't new to me. I'd seen plenty of his type back at the LAPD. Men didn't think women were good enough to be cops. I had proved them wrong in Los Angeles and I'd prove them wrong here.

I know a woman can't be sheriff. All your good for is bending over and taking it from a man. I bet you've never been fucked a day in your life.” Johnson licked his lips. “I can show you a really—”

I'm going to stop you right there,” I interrupted. “Give me your badge and gun. You're suspended.”

Johnson's eyes lit up with defiance. “What the fuck! Who the hell do you think you are? You can't suspend me for hitting on you. You should be glad I gave you a compliment.”

I stood up and steeled myself. I wasn't going to let anyone push me around—especially a womanizing prick like Johnson. “Put your badge and gun on the desk now before I fire your ass.”

Johnson stared at me with a fiery expression. If he was hoping that his anger would change my mind, he was about to be sorely disappointed.

Fucking bitch,” he murmured, unholstering his pistol and setting it down along with his badge.

I sighed and sat back down. “You can return to duty when you apologize to me.”

Johnson stormed out of my office, cursing to nobody. I'd do the same to anyone else that crossed me. I had to show the precinct that I didn't play games. If you treated me fairly, I'd return the same. But if you disrespected me, I'd bite back like a king cobra.

First things first—making contact with the two major MC's. I pulled out a folder from my briefcase that detailed the three motorcycle clubs from Sacks County. The Devil's Hellions and Death Merchants were the ones to be worried about. The African-Americans in the Fires of Hell weren't big enough to worry about. I needed to meet the leaders and somehow get them to form a truce. If what Mendoza said was true, a war could devastate this town.

I ducked my head out of my office and pulled in the closest officer. “What's your name?” I asked him.

He shivered in his boots as I sat back down on my desk. The skinny and frail man saluted me, his uniform immaculate and straight. “Moore, sir.” He quickly shook his head, sweat pouring down his forehead. “I mean miss.”

A tiny laugh escaped my lips. “At ease soldier, this isn't the army.”

Moore removed his hand from his head and rested it at his side. He still stood at attention though. Moore was the exact opposite of Johnson. What was he so scared of?

I looked over the files of the MC's. “Moore, you seem like a trustworthy guy.”

He nodded and grinned. “Yes, ma'am.”

You can just call me, Sheriff.”

Yes, Miss Sheriff.”

It was going to be a lot harder than I thought to get everyone on board for a female sheriff. “Moore, I have a big job for you to do. Do you think you can handle it?”

Moore gulped. “Well Sheriff Mendoza mostly kept me inside the station. Told me I'd do more harm out there than good.”

Well there's a new sheriff in town and I need you to go out and set a meeting with the heads of the Devil's Hellions MC and The Death Merchants MC for tomorrow morning. Do you think you can get that done?”

Moore looked as pale as a ghost. He swayed back and forth, ready to pass out. Maybe I picked the wrong officer? Moore took a deep breath. “It would be my honor, Miss Sheriff.”

Moore saluted me again and I couldn't help but salute him back. “Dismissed, soldier.”

Time to rock the boat in Sacks County.

Chapter Three


The morning air smelled of fresh brewed coffee and booze. My head was pounding and the pressure behind my eyes was building. My whole body felt sore like I ran a marathon during the night. Hangovers were a daily occurrence for me. Nothing that a shot of whiskey couldn't cure.

With my eyes closed, I groaned and shielded my face from the burning sun. I just needed a few more hours of sleep. I rolled over to get more comfortable and pulled the sheet over my head.

A soft voice whispered next to me, “You're one hell of a fuck, Dagger. I can barely move my legs.”

My eyes shot open to find a blonde under the sheets next to me—Sadie. I'd slept with her once before but told myself that it would never happen again. Fuck and forget, Dagger. It's not that hard. Apparently my drunk alter-ego had a mind of its own. Sadie was one of the MC groupies, meaning she'd fuck anyone with a patch and some ink. She gave one hell of a blowjob but she was a pretty lousy fuck. Over the years she had been passed around from member to member like a used bike. Her long fake eyelashes batted at me and I wanted to melt further into the covers.

I jolted out of bed and started putting my clothes on. “I need to go downstairs,” I told her, avoiding eye contact.

Sadie sat up and tucked the sheets around her heaving breasts. “We can go one more time.” She winked, dropping the sheets and exposing her big tits. The thought of coming all over her chest crossed my mind.

In your dreams, slut. I laughed at her as I slipped my leather cut on. I rushed out of the room without another word. She was trash and it was time to throw her out. Luckily the alcohol prevented me from remembering any of the details from last night.

I came downstairs to find Breaker sitting at the bar, nursing a drink. His wedding ring reflected in the sunlight. He was the only member that was married which everyone thought he was crazy. Now he was going to be father which was absolutely insane. Pain came close once with Emily but that was ages ago.

Rough night?” he asked me, taking a sip of liquor.

You don't want to know.” I sat down next to him on the creaky barstool. “Get me one of those will ya?”

Breaker reached behind the bar for an empty glass and poured me a shot of whiskey. I downed it in seconds, embracing the burn, feeling the hangover dissipate slowly. “What are you doing here so early in the morning? Don't you have a wife that needs tending?”

Breaker finished his drink and nodded. “She had an early shift at the hospital. Couldn't fall back asleep after she left.”

She's still working, even with the baby coming?”

Breaker laughed. “Melissa has a mind of her own. No amount of talking could convince her to stay home. She says that if the baby comes then she'll already be in the hospital.”

I poured myself another glass. “Can't argue with that.” I raised my glass and clinked it against Breaker's.

What's on the agenda for today?” Breaker asked.

We have a MC meeting in a couple hours. Or whenever everyone can get there drunk asses over here.”

Know what the meeting is about?”

Should I tell him? Pain giving up the presidency was huge news. He was going to find out anyways in a couple hours. “Don't tell anyone else but Pain is stepping down as President and nominating me.”

Breaker's eyes shot open. “No fucking way! Congratulations!”

I put my finger to my lips. “Shh. Keep it a secret for now. I want everyone to hear it from Pain first.”

Breaker nodded. “Of course. Let's have another drink, shall we?”

There was still more to tell him but that surprise could wait until the meeting.

Pain slammed down the gavel on the wood table with a Devil's Hellions spider engraved on it. All the members surrounded the table except for one empty seat that used to sit Isaac. The finances had become a fucking disaster since his death. We needed a new Treasurer and it would be up to me to find one.

I'd like to just get it out there,” Pain began, “I'm stepping down as President of the Devil's Hellions MC and nominating Dagger to take my place.”

Everyone's jaws dropped except for mine and Breaker's. I gave him a slight nod and turned my attention back to Pain.

Pain rubbed his wrinkly eyes. “I've been the head of this club for way too many years. I think it's time I finally let some new blood control the future. I'll still be around as an active member. But it will be nice to not have to deal with all the stress. Everyone in favor of Dagger as President say aye.”

The table erupted with “Aye's” and fists slammed down on the wood. In one fell swoop, Pain ripped off my Vice-President patch and began stitching my President patch on. “Looks good on you,” Pain said, grinning. He stepped out of the way and gave me the head chair.

The applause roared through the small meeting room. There had only been two presidents of Devil's Hellions before me and now I made the third. A new era. I waved my hands down for everyone to be quiet. After a moment of silence, I cleared my throat. “Thank you all. You don't know how much this patch means to me. First order of business is to nominate a Vice-President.” The club looked at each other, eyeing who could it be. “I nominate Breaker to become Vice-President of Devil's Hellions.” I didn't even get to call for a vote as everyone hammered their hands on the table.

Breaker looked stunned as he sat down in my old chair. I'm glad I was able to surprise him. Breaker thanked the room as Pain stitched my old patch on his chest. I'd need Breaker during the dark times to come.

As you all know,” I began, “The Death Merchants are about to wage war. Slade talked to the Blacks and they confirmed it. All of you need to step up and do your duty.” I looked into the eyes of every member. “We won't lose.”

There was a knock at the door and a prospect peeked his head in. “I have a police officer outside.”

What does he want?” I asked.

The sheriff wants to see the President tomorrow morning at ten.”

I looked over at Pain and he nodded to me. Everything fell to me now. “Tell the officer, I'll be there.” The prospect looked confused for a moment as he left. He would find out soon enough. I picked up the gavel that Pain had used so often over the years. The wood was cracked and old. Splinters were spiked out and threatened to pierce me. This job was going to be painful. I brought down the gavel with all my might. “Meeting adjourned.”

Chapter Four


The sun was barely rising as I walked out of the Main Street coffee shop. The owner had moved on and the new management hadn't picked a name yet. I took a sip and the mediocre coffee warmed my throat. I'd die for a Starbucks right about now. The police station was empty as it should be at six in the morning. I turned on the lights to my small office and sat down. I took another long pull of coffee and threw away the rest. I was going to have to learn how to make my own coffee.

Today was going to my first real day as sheriff of Sacks County and I wasn't going to waste it. I opened the folder for the Death Merchants and grabbed Garcia's thick file. His rap sheet was longer than entire gangs I put away in Los Angeles. Kidnapping, rape, murder. This man had done it all and somehow got away with it. I looked over the trial notes and a common theme ran through each one—the star witness for the prosecution was nowhere to be found.

Officers came through and said good morning. Johnson was absent and I was kind of glad. He could stay away forever for all I cared. I didn't need such womanizing men in my station.

Officer Moore walked in and almost tripped over the threshold. I bit my bottom lip to keep from giggling. He was trying so hard to impress me. “Sheriff White, I have a Mr. Garcia here for his appointment.”

Thank you, Officer Moore, you're dismissed.” I closed my eyes and chanted to myself. You got this, White. Don't let him run all over you.

A Mexican biker strolled in wearing all leather. A small mustache hugged his upper lip and a black eye-patch was over his left eye. Tattoos of all kinds covered his arms including a gun pointed at the Virgin Mary. He was only a tiny bit intimidating. “Where's Sheriff Mendoza?” he asked, standing in the doorway.

You didn't see the press release then.” I stood up and put out my hand. “Name's White, I'm the new sheriff in town.” My inner schoolgirl was giggling off to the corner. I'd been waiting my entire life to say that.

Garcia laughed and ignored my hand. “They hired some chica to run this town. I knew Mendoza was an idiot.”

This town was going to need a wake-up call. I disregarded his remark and motioned for him to sit down. Garcia glanced behind and noticed two armed guards at the door. I knew he wouldn't try anything in the middle of a police station but I wanted him to know that I didn't take chances. The biker reluctantly sat down and crossed his arms.

Look Mr. Garcia, I know we're enemies here. But we have one thing in common: a desire to see less blood on the streets. I know about your upcoming war with the Devil's Hellions MC and I want to try and stop it. I didn't come here to try and shut any of of the MC's down. I know I need to work with them to make sure this town runs smoothly. But I can't have innocents dying on my watch.”

Garcia listened intently and leaned forward when my speech was over. His right eye twitched and I wondered what happened to his left. “Listen here, puta, I don't work with the cops. I kill cops. The Devil's Hellions MC is going down and there's nothing you can do to stop it.” Garcia pushed my desk and made me jump out of my seat. The two armed guards rushed into the room but I waved them away. “Better sleep with one eye open, Sheriff.”

That meeting was a disaster. A woman running this town was going to be harder than I thought. So many preconceived notions that women are trash that are only to be used for sex. I'd have a long uphill battle to change everyone's minds.

My watch read 9:30 AM which meant I still had a little time before the president from Devil's Hellions showed up. I pulled out the MC folder and found Pain's file. He was older than Garcia and his rap sheet was almost non-existent—a few speeding tickets, breaking-and entering, and illegal use of firearms. He spent six months in jail but that was it. Either this guy was a saint or knew how to cover his tracks. He'd been president of Devil's Hellions for a long time and probably racked up a lot of bodies.

Moore came in and looked nervous. Sweat was beading on his brow and he kept fiddling with his glasses. “The president of the Devil's Hellions MC is here.”

Well you don't have to be shaking in your boots. He's not going to kill anyone. Man up, Moore.”

Moore kicked his feet together and saluted. “Yes, Sheriff.” He marched out of my office and I couldn't help but laugh a little. He was the only man I could trust in this whole town and he barely had any brains.

I closed the Devil's Hellions MC file when a towering figure entered the office. He wasn't Pain. I expected a tired old man. This guy was younger with shoulder-length blond hair and sleeves of tattoos on his arms. He was built like an ox and wore jeans with the famous motorcycle club leather cut. What was so cool about motorcycles and leather?

I was expecting the president of the Devil's Hellions MC,” I stated.

And I was expecting the sheriff of Sacks County,” he replied, sitting down in the chair. He leaned back and put his boots on my desk, knocking over the few pictures I had. “Where's Mendoza?”

I tried my best to ignore his monstrous display of manners. “Mendoza retired. I'm the new sheriff.”

Well isn't that funny. I thought the man would die before giving up his badge.”

I shifted my legs underneath the desk. “So where's Pain? I need to speak to the Devil's Hellions MC leader.”

The stranger pointed at his left breast, tapping on a white patch that said: President. “Ours retired too. I'm the new leader of Devil's Hellions, Dagger Taylor.” He squinted his eyes and read my name tag. “Melissa White, a female sheriff isn't going to last long here.”

I felt like taking out my gun and shooting him in the leg. That would show him who's in charge. The name Dagger sounded familiar. I mentally scrolled through the list of Devil's Hellions members and remembered Dagger as the vice-president. The logical choice to replace the president.

Well since we got that squared away, can we get on with business?” I asked.

Dagger grinned. “By all means, Sheriff.” His dark eyes looked right into mine and then down my neckline.

Every man I'd encountered in Sacks had checked me out. Wasn't much different than LA. Except here, it felt like the men actually believed I'd be that easy. I took down some notes in the Devil's Hellions file. “Dagger, I'm sure you're aware that The Death Merchants are about to start a war.” I waited for him to acknowledge it but he just kept on staring at me. “I want to keep this town safe and I was hoping that we could work together. Maybe stop this war before it starts.”

Dagger's eyes were glazed over. His lips were partly open and breathing heavily. Was this guy even listening to me? I pounded my fist on the desk and Dagger blinked, waking from his daydream. “You're not paying attention.”

Dagger lifted his boots off my desk and set them back on the ground. “Sorry Sheriff, what were you talking about?”

This man was so fucking frustrating. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to remember how to meditate from my karate sensei. “As the President of the Devil's Hellions MC, I was hoping you could prevent the war between the clubs.”

Hey I don't want any collateral damage either. I'll do everything in my power to stop this war from starting.”

This was a lot easier than with Garcia. “That's all I ask,” I replied. I stood up to signal that it was time for him to leave. Dagger sat in his seat, looking me up and down one more time before rising. What a creep.

Nice to meet you, Sheriff.” He winked at me before leaving.

Not going to happen, buddy. Not in a million years.

Chapter Five


I pulled up into the police station on my Harley and parked in between a couple black-and-whites. I'd been here plenty of times before. Mostly for bullshit charges like carrying a concealed weapon and getting in bar fights. I can thank Slade and Breaker for that. Those guys were one second away from blowing up when they had alcohol in their system.

I swaggered into the front office, loving the fact that I didn't have bracelets holding my wrists together. The brunette secretary behind the counter looked up at me from behind her glasses. I recognized her from the bar a few weeks ago. I took her home and fucked her so hard she cried. I didn't remember her telling me she worked for the cops though.

What can I help you with, sir?” she asked, ignoring the elephant in the room.

I leaned over the desk and checked out her cleavage. She blushed instantly. “I'm here to see the sheriff. Tell him it's the President of Devil's Hellions MC.”

She nodded and picked up the phone at her desk. While she was busy talking, I ran through the events of that night. I couldn't remember her name but she liked it rough, like really rough. I still had the bruises and wounds on my back from her nails digging under my skin. I wouldn't mind taking her for a ride one more time.

Fuck and forget.

Officer Moore will take you back to see the sheriff now,” she said, avoiding eye contact.

A skinny guy came around the corner and froze when he saw me. A small chuckle escaped my lips. This guy tried to pull a gun on me before at a bar and pissed himself. I ended up breaking his nose with his own weapon. Fun times.

I walked through the hallways and got crooked looks from other cops as I passed. I'd lived in Sacks long enough to have my fair share of enemies. I was led to a tiny office at the end that looked like a coat closet.

A woman? What the fuck? She sat at her desk with her brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. The Sheriff badge shining brightly on her chest. She seemed surprised to see me too. I asked her about Mendoza and she told me he retired. I filled her in on Pain.

Melissa this was who I had to work with from now on. Pain had it easy dealing with Mendoza. At least he understood how things worked around here. Not only did I have to deal with a new sheriff, but a chick too.

I stared into her blue eyes and down to her chest. Her white button-up shirt was left open at the top to show off the smallest amount of cleavage. My pants tightened and I licked my lips. I'd never fucked a real cop before. Been close a few times. Didn't even know how close until I met the secretary this morning. But the sheriff would make a good lay.

I imagined her bent over the desk, her ass just begging to be fucked. I pulled down those tight brown pants of hers until I revealed a lace black thong. I tugged on her ponytail hard, unzipping my pants and unleashing my throbbing cock. I spanked Melissa's soft ass, making her cry out and beg for more.

Sheriff White slammed her fist on the desk, waking me from my lovely dream. “You aren't paying attention.”

She was right about that. White blabbed on and on about the war with the Mexicans and I couldn't care less. Those tits could use a good fucking—my cock resting in her cleavage as I came all over them. I made some fake promise that I'd help her out and she seemed to buy it. Whatever it took to keep the law off our backs.

The sheriff stood up and I couldn't help admiring her figure. Her hips were wide with a perfectly round ass. She dressed conservatively which turned me on even more. She looked like a librarian that would be crazy in bed.

I'd have to devise a way to get her under my sheets.

I left the station and back to my Harley. The skies were clear and it was a perfect day out. But a storm was coming. The sheriff wasn't wrong about a war coming. The Devil's Hellions needed to prep for whatever the Mexicans threw at us.

Chapter Six


Another long day on the job was finally over. Things had been pretty quiet around here which was amazing but there was so much paperwork to do. I had no idea the sheriff had to deal with so much bullshit and stress.

It had been a few days since my encounter with Dagger Taylor and it must've worked because the war with the Mexicans hadn't materialized. I felt pretty proud of myself. The town thought a woman couldn't get things done around here and I'd already prevented a major catastrophe. A image of the mayor awarding me a medal in front of the entire town invaded my mind. “It was no problem at all, Mr. Mayor,” I imagined myself saying.

My old 95' Honda Accord heaved into the parking structure of my apartment complex, sputtering and letting out steam. She wouldn't be able to make it much longer. Luckily a sheriff's salary could afford me a brand new car. What should I get? I always dreamed of getting a convertible but that was when I lived in a beach city. A SUV would be better suited for this landscape. Something that could survive the desert sand.

I locked the car but knew it wasn't needed. Nobody would try to steal this old piece of shit. I entered my empty apartment and cursed to myself. I still needed to buy some furniture but I'd been so busy recently. Sharp meows echoed through the living room and Belle wrapped around my legs, purring and rubbing against me.

Belle was a red tabby cat that I rescued from a shelter a few years ago. I needed someone to keep me company—now more than ever since I left my friends and family back in LA. Belle was very loving as long as I fed her at her normal times. If not, she'd hiss and try to bat me with her claws until she heard her dry food hitting the porcelain bowl.

I stumbled over the cat until I reached the kitchen and set my purse down. I got really lucky with this apartment. It was pretty close to the police station with great square footage. I thought about buying a house since I was finally making good money but decided against it when I realized how much work it would take. Apartments were nice and easy, not a lot of cleaning or maintenance.

I pulled out a bottle of red wine from the fridge that I opened from the night before. I didn't even bother with a glass and just drank straight from the bottle. So classy. A couple of officers invited me out to drinks tonight but I knew it was an empty invitation. They wanted to blow off steam and they couldn't do that in front of a superior.

Just you and me tonight, Belle.” She whipped her tail back and forth as I opened up her bag of food and scooped some into her bowl. I took another swig of wine and watched her eat. My stomach rumbled and I forgot that I hadn't eaten anything all day. I opened the fridge back up and it was completely empty save for a carton of milk. What was I thinking when I went to the grocery store? I don't even drink milk.

I grabbed my phone and searched for takeout Chinese. After waiting an hour, there was finally a knock at the door and the food was delivered. The aroma of cheap Asian cuisine filled the apartment. Belle sat on the counter and watched me unload the little Chinese boxes from the plastic bag. “Don't judge me, cat. I can save the rest for leftovers.”

My phone started to ring “Can't Buy Me Love” by The Beatles. I checked the caller ID and it was my mom. I wasn't sure I wanted to talk with her yet. My parents got divorced the day after I graduated high school, confirming the fact that they only stayed together for me. My dad barely gave me attention anymore after he got remarried.

My mom on the other hand, focused on me like a hawk. At college she called me multiple times a day to talk about all sorts of boring stuff. At first, I loved all the attention but after awhile I couldn't handle the smothering. I hadn't talked to her since I moved here and her voicemails were getting angry. I stared at the ringing phone and pressed the talk button.

Melissa where have you been? I've been calling you the past couple days and I was starting to get worried.”

Sorry Mom, I've been super busy at the station.” That part was true but I still could've called her when I got home.

Yeah I called the station to see if you were okay and the secretary said you were out on a call. So tell me all about it. How's being sheriff?”

I didn't want my mom to know that this town was a lot like LA. “It's been really great so far. Everyone's been really welcoming and the town is so beautiful. I could see myself staying here for very long time.”

Oh that's great, honey. You know I'm so proud of you. I've been bragging to all my friends at brunch. My daughter's a big shot sheriff now.”

I imagined my mom at Sunday brunch with all her friends wearing their ridiculous hats. She dragged me to it once and I vowed never to go back. Too much prissy behavior for me. “Mom, it really isn't that big of a deal. It's such a small town.”

Nonsense, Melissa. You've done good for yourself. Now all you need is a man to take care of you.” Here we go. The conversation always turned to this eventually. “When I was talking with Janette at brunch, she told me about her son who's a lawyer. I'll send you the picture because he's beyond handsome.”

I tuned out my mom and grunted every once and awhile to let her know I was still on the line. Why was she so obsessed with me dating? The last blind date she set me up with turned out to be unemployed and still living with his parents. It's been years since her divorce and she hadn't been on one date. Why was I such a priority?

I think I've taken up enough of your time, darling. Please call me tomorrow.”

Will do, Mom. Goodnight.” I sighed and set down the phone. Belle yawned and I agreed with her.

I had talked with my mom for so long that the Chinese food had gotten cold. I put some chow mein on a plate along with spicy pork and popped it in the microwave. I crumpled up the coupons that came with the food and threw them across the room. Belle wiggled her butt and bolted towards the front door, batting the paper ball across the carpet. That cat loved the most basic toys.

The microwave dinged and I sat down on the carpet with my food in the middle of the living room. I had no couch, coffee table, or chairs yet. But I had a TV. An old Sony box that didn't work with the remote anymore so you had to get up any time you wanted to change the channel or the volume.

I flicked on the tube and scanned the limited amount of channels I got. My favorite show was on—Friends. I'd seen this episode a hundred times and it never failed to make me laugh. Joey was auditioning for a game show host and Ross and Chandler were playing the fake contestants. The game had the most ridiculous rules but by the end of the episode, they were addicted. Chandler screamed out, “This is the best game...ever!”

Belle lay next to my legs, purring and rubbing her face against my knee. I ate my spicy pork in my empty apartment, giggling at the TV. My mom was wrong, I didn't need a man to enjoy life. I had my dream job and everyone be damned for thinking a woman can't do it.

Chapter Seven


The Devil's Hellions rarely ever made it to the east side of Sacks County. The Mexicans owned the land and would shoot dead any other MC that stepped foot on their territory. We'd do the same to them. But as we rode our Harleys down the alley, past the line of Mexicans on their bikes, I knew the ceasefire had worked.

I had called The Death Merchants the day before notifying them that I was the new head of the Devil's Hellions MC. I suggested a meet up with Garcia to see if we could come to some kind of an agreement. I knew that going into the lion's den meant a possible ambush but it was worth the risk.

The Death Merchants agreed for the next afternoon at a junkyard on their turf. The smart move would be negotiating on neutral ground but I wanted them to feel comfortable—like they held all the cards. The rest of the MC tried to get me to change my mind but I told them it was essential for moving forward. Breaker backed me up and here we are.

I rode in front, leading the charge into the junkyard. Breaker was right behind me while Slade, Dylan, and a couple prospects held the rear. Old burnt-out cars were piled high on top of each other and the crusher in the back was destroying a car into little bits. We came to a blockade of Mexicans and motorcycles. One of them told us to leave the bikes and the guns. I nodded that it was all right and left my Glock at my Harley.

A group of Mexicans frisked each one of us before letting us through to an open area. We were completely surrounded by the enemy. Guns were trained on us from every angle. It wasn't going to be easy to get out of here alive.

Garcia came through the crowd and approached me. He rubbed his tiny black mustache and his black eye patch was as scary as ever. “What happened to Pain? He get too much dick in his ass and can't walk anymore?” The Death Merchants all chuckled.

I grasped Garcia's hand as hard as I could. “Pain is at home pounding your mama. He's retiring because her pussy is just too good to resist.” Silence befell the crowd. I stared Garcia in the eye as his upper lip twitched. A small smile formed on his face and I knew I had him.

You're a son of a bitch, you know that, Dagger.” He gripped my hand hard and let go. Everyone collectively relaxed. I knew how to deal with Garcia by watching Pain over the years. You needed to push back—but not too much.

Can we talk business now, Garcia? I know you saw the new sheriff the other day and so did I.”

Garcia nodded. “Never thought I'd see the day that a chica would become sheriff of Sacks. We should tie her up and take turns.”

I tried to ignore his statement. Who cares who the sheriff was anyways? The cops couldn't touch us and at least she was easier on the eyes than Mendoza. But imagining Melissa on her knees, my thick cock slipping past her lips. I wanted her to swallow every drop of my warm cum.

How are we going to squash this war, Garcia?”

Garcia looked around at his buddies, grinning. “I'm not sure I know what you're talking about?”

I glanced at the other Death Merchants. They could shoot me at any moment. I didn't have much time left. “Let's not play games here. We know your gunning for our territory. What can we do to stop this before too much blood is spilled?”

Garcia scratched his mustache. “How about half your territory?”

Breaker couldn't help but laugh behind me. I turned around and narrowed my eyes at him. He shut up instantly. Breaker knew better than to mouth off.

Now come on. You know that's not fair. Isn't there something else that you desire. Drugs or money?” I made sure to scan the other Mexicans, looking for any quick movements.

We want your territory, Dagger. It's that simple. Give us some and we'll be happy.” Garcia grinned like he was my friend. I smiled back knowing his grin wasn't going to last much longer.

I knew that negotiating wasn't going to get us anywhere. The only way to negotiate with Mexicans was with blood. I scratched the back of my head and stepped aside, giving Big Mike a clear view of Garcia. A shot rang out from far away. Not even a second later, Garcia was on his knees, clutching his neck as blood rained out in spurts. Big Mike not only cooked great burgers,he was a good shot too.

The Mexicans were confused but we still didn't have any weapons. I had to speak out before they realized that it was us that did it. “I have snipers crawling all over this place and if you even lift your gun, my guys will take you out.” The Mexicans looked around, trying to spot any of the shooters. I actually only had Big Mike out there but they didn't need to know that. “Everyone put your guns down and get on your knees with your hands behind your head.”

Garcia fell over dead. His blood poured out and mixed with the dirt making a dark mud. The Mexicans did as they were told and dropped their guns. I closed my eyes and let out a sigh of relief. That situation could have gone a totally different way.

I spoke to the unarmed Death Merchants. “Your leader is dead now. I'm sure your veins are boiling with rage. Revenge will be your only savior. But let me tell you this. If you come after us, only more Mexican blood will be spilled. I hope your next leader is smarter and decides to work with us rather than against.”

I nodded to the other Devil's Hellions members and we walked past the furious expressions. It was a miracle we made it out of there and back to our bikes. The Mexicans didn't dare move. “You think they're going to let this go?” Breaker whispered, putting on his motorcycle helmet.

Not a chance in hell. But at least they'll be disorganized with their leadership gone. We better prepare because they're going to be hungry for blood.”

We rode back to our side of Sacks County, congratulating each other on a huge success. Big Mike was the star of the show and we got him a few whores to share the night with. He deserved it. Being President was so scary but I had the experience to turn the ship in the right direction. If I ever needed guidance, Pain would be there to help me. I was going to need a lot of it soon enough when the Death Merchants came looking for vengeance. I hoped I made the right decision.

I sat in the meeting room in the dark, my elbows resting on the wood table. The clubhouse was silent after the partying died down and everyone passed out. My brain was on fire and kept me wide awake.

The Mexicans would be gunning for us now. But now we might actually have a chance to win the war.

Chapter Eight


My phone buzzed on the floor next to the sleeping bag, the Beatles song blaring into the quiet night. It was four in the morning and I was still awake. A new place and sleeping on the floor equaled a terrible night's rest.

I squeezed my arms out of the sleeping bag and grabbed the phone. It was the police station. Must be an emergency for them to be calling at this hour.

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