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The Long Crush

By Elizabeth Reed

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Chapter 1

Billy are you sure that you have thought it all through properly?' Jason spoke to his best friend with concern. Following Billy around their spacious apartment, as he watched him collect the items, he needed in preparation for his impending business trip.

‘Thought through what exactly?’ Billy replied only half listening as he zipped up his small suitcase.

Thought through the idea of your sister Stacy living here while you are away….I mean, won't it be a bit weird for her staying here with me being here too…it will just be the two of us in the apartment each day and night?’ Jason spoke awkwardly.

‘Come on Jason don't you think you are being a little dramatic, it is not as if you are a stranger to my sister, hell she has known you almost as long as I have, having grown up altogether. She is used to you…you're practically part of our family, you even spent the last Christmas with us. Oh, I know what it is…why you are feeling anxious?'

Really?! I am not anxious…why would you say that?’ Jason spoke nervously as Billy’s gaze now fell upon him.

Relax will you…look I am not oblivious you know, neither now or in the past. Don’t think I wasn’t aware when we were teens the massive crush my sister had on you. I thought she was such a little pest following us…or should I say you more correctly everywhere we used to go and making her puppy dog eyes at you. But I was always glad you never mentioned it to me when we were growing up of my sister’s liking of you…I was so embarrassed…but I knew of course that you were not blind, and you did know about it too.'

Jason gave out a prolonged cough before speaking.

Well...I…cannot say that I noticed your sister’s attention on me as you are describing it.’

As I said that is the reason you’re my best mate,' Billy replied back presuming Jason was still trying to spare his feelings. ‘But I must confess when I saw Stacy and you talking for so long on Christmas day I had to say something to her?'

Billy why did you do that for…Nothing really happened?!’ Jason found himself automatically raising his voice in defence as he addressed his friend.

I know…I know... I shouldn’t have, and I did regret later my words, but I had a bit too much to drink…and for a stupid, single moment in time I read things all wrong. It was like I was reliving a scene from the past, but this time I was determined to let Stacy know the truth…to put her out of her misery. I though in my mind I was doing her and you a favour.’

‘What exactly did you say to her?’

Well, nothing really…just that she needed to forget about ever having anything with you, that you didn't see her as a love interest especially when you were out and about living the dream as a happy bachelor…and I may have told her about some of the women you were dating and having lots of fun with.'

‘Billy please tell me you didn't? You went too far! Why would you do that for, and make me sound well like you…some rampant womaniser! You want me to live with your sister for over a week all while she is thinking such negative things about me, you've made the situation even weirder than it already is,' Jason spoke now with frustration.

I did say I made a mistake didn't I. Don't worry Stacy will not hold my ill made comments against you, you know how good-natured she is.'

‘Well, I hope she doesn't.'

Don’t worry she won’t, and it’s not like she cares anyway what you get up to in your spare time. You see what I said to Stacy on Christmas day was all for nothing. She was very quick to assure me that she holds no feelings towards you at all and that any crush she might have had on you was long gone from her teenage years.’

‘She said that to you?’

Yes, and she revealed to me the real reason for her strange behaviour which I mistakenly construed as I mentioned for something entirely different was because she had just broken up with her long-term boyfriend. I had not even known and felt immediately guilty for not paying attention to what was going on in her life…hence my reason for inviting her here for part of her holidays. I thought it would be good for her to get away for a while from our hometown, to spend time in our beachside apartment. Unfortunately, however, I did not intend to be setting off on a last minute business trip, so I apologise to you now for any inconvenience my sister’s stay may cause you.’ Billy spoke more thoughtfully.

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