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Married for Now

Jezebel Rose


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Overwhelmed with guilt for cheating on her partner, Jacky finds solace in her husband’s arms… until she can no longer take it. In a problematic marriage, her husband must come to terms what has happened. When another man enters Jacky’s life, she must make the decision to escape her failing marriage or to stick with the man she loves.


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Married for Now

She could not let him go. She wanted to feel him close to her. She tried to touch his muscular chest pressing against the summits of her granite pointed breasts. She knew that this was going to be her last opportunity to let him know how she felt.

"Wait," she called. "Wait for me."

He turned and stood silhouetted against the hot, southern sun. Lifting the hem of her long skirt, Jacky ran towards him. Flinging herself against him, she held him tightly against her perspiring body. She could barely get her arms around his strong manliness. Laying her head against his heaving chest, Jacky felt his sweat coat her cheek.

"Please don't go. Please don't go," she begged. "I love you."

Justin's voice rolled up from deep in his chest. "I love you too my darling. I was afraid that you wouldn't want me after doing what I had to do."

Lifting her face to look at him, Jacky stood on her tiptoes and offered her sweet mouth to him.

"I will always love you," she murmured into his mouth before he crushed her to his body.

Jacky’s breasts heaved in passion as they shared a deep kiss. She felt his colossal maleness rise up and touch her belly. Feeling wanton, she pressed herself against him to let him know that she was not afraid of his power.

Alina carefully inserted her bookmark and closed the book. Rolling over she placed it on the bedside table and glanced at the clock.

"Midnight," she thought. "I wish I could get to sleep earlier. I have to be up and at the school by eight."

After turning off her reading lamp, Alina rolled back over and pressed herself against her husband's side.

"I wonder if he wants to wake up." She asked herself.

She knew she was wet down there. Reading romance novels always did that to her. Inching up her nightgown, she bared her thighs and straddled Harry's leg. She could feel her moisture coating his flesh, and she squeezed his leg between her thighs.

"Umm, what's wrong?" Harry mumbled. "Can't you sleep? I have to get up early."

Disentangling himself from her arms, Harry rolled away from her and started to softly snore.

"Damn it," Alina said under her breath.

She lifted her hips and pulled her nightgown back down over her thighs. Brushing her fingers against herself, she felt the moisture that had dampened her bush. She tentatively rubbed her fingers between her lips and felt a surge of sensation. She wanted to continue, but the feeling of guilt that overwhelmed her made her stop. As if to mock the gods of guilt, she rubbed herself several more times before pulling her hand away and turning over on her stomach.

Her last thought before drifting off to sleep was an image of her fantasy Justin standing with his arms open to her.

Chapter 2

"I hate these early morning conferences," she said to no one in particular. The sun was already hot, and she was sweating against the leather seat of the car. The twins sat silently behind her, their ears plugged up by their CD player headphones.

"Hey, there's a parking place in front," she practically shouted even though she knew the twins could not hear her.

Pleased with her luck, Alina patiently waited for the woman driving the van to maneuver herself out of the space. Pulling in, she turned off the ignition and waited for the twins to close the door before pushing the lock button.

"You go on to your class," she told them. "I'll see you when you get home. Do not miss the bus. Today's my bowling day, and I can't pick up."

"Bye mom," they said in unison and walked towards a group of their friends waiting for the bell to ring.

Alina spotted several cigarettes being held in cupped hands by some of the boys. She tried, but she could not remember if she smoked when she was a freshman.

Steven's teacher was a young woman in her late twenties. She was dressed in a sleeveless blouse and a pair of gray slacks. She greeted Alina and asked her to take a seat while she looked for Steven's folder.

It was not a problematic conference as these things go, Alina thought while walking back towards her car. Steven has to complete his homework and to stop fooling around in class. While she was there, she asked about Steven's sister Sherry.

"I wish Steven could be more like her," the teacher said. "She is polite and wants to learn while Steven clowns around too much and disrupts the rest of the class,"

"She could have told me that over the phone," thought Alina. "I didn't have to drive all of the ways over here for her to tell me that. It's not as if he brought a gun to school or anything."

"Damn it's hot. Why did we have to move to Alabama? There are other places that they could have moved us."

The store was not crowded at this time of the morning, and Alina picked up a few items. Placing her cup of hot coffee that she had bought in the deli section on the roof of the car, Alina put her bags on the back seat and slid behind the wheel.

A shadow fell over her, and she looked up to see a vaguely familiar face peering in through the tinted window. The window squeaked as it whirred down and Alina got a better look at him. It was their new neighbor.

"Hi. Remember me?" He said. "We moved into the house just behind you two weeks ago. I'm Allan Dwyer."

"Oh, yes," responded Alina. "I remember you. How are you?"

Reaching up, her neighbor brought her coffee cup down and handed it to her.

"I'm fine, but I don't think that this would have made it all the way to your house," he said with a laugh. "I thought you might want to drink it instead of washing your car with it."

Alina gave an embarrassed laugh in return.

"Thanks. I forgot it was there," she said and took it from his hand.

"I'll see you around," he said and stood up to walk away.

Alina found herself staring at the crotch of his shorts.

"I can see his package," she giggled to herself. "Package! I am talking like someone on TV. I wonder if it is as big as Justin’s."

Still giggling, Alina put the car into gear and drove home.

Chapter 3

Sitting on her bed, Alina pulled her socks and tennis shoes off before crossing her arms and pulling her shirt up over her head on her way to the bathroom. Dropping her socks and shirt into the hamper, she sniffed under her arms and decided to take a shower. Her bra, slacks, and panties followed the socks and shirt into the dirty clothes piled up over the top of the hamper.

"Time for another wash day," she sighed.

The bowling league started at one o'clock, but Alina liked to get there a little early to have time for some warm-up. This was the only time that she got to practice anymore. She and Harry used to bowl in a mixed league, but they had dropped out when she was pregnant with the twins. Picking up her book from the bedside table, Alina went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Opening the book to the page she had marked the night before, Alina continued to read.

Jacky woke up with a start. Her back and her legs hurt from the strenuous activities of the afternoon. The sun was down, and she had no idea what time it was. Justin lay beside her with his long hair covering the side of his face. She detected the scent of her spending on his face as she leaned closer to kiss him.

The instant her lips touched his cheek he awoke with a start causing Jacky to pull back in alarm.

"What's wrong? Are you all right?" She asked.

"I was dreaming about you," he said and pulled her down against him.

Jacky wanted to get up and clean herself, but she allowed him to hold her against his body. She could feel her matted pubic hair stiff against his thigh, and she did not like the feeling. It made her feel dirty.

"I have to get up and wash," she said and pushed against his chest.

"You're not going anywhere," Justin replied and pulled her over the top of his body. He held her against him for a minute and then he continued rolling until he was above her and between her legs.

"Please don't," she begged. "My thighs hurt from being stretched."

"I'll stretch you some more," he said and without warning plunged his throbbing member into her almost dry cavern.

Jacky screamed with the sudden intrusion into her opening, but she knew it was useless. Justin was a rough lover. She had not been prepared for his coarseness when she threw herself at him only a few hours before.

Submitting to his power, Jacky tried to relax as much as possible to protect her body. The good feelings came back as she felt herself getting wetter while Justin pounded into her. Suddenly, with a shout, he forced his loins tightly against hers and emptied himself into her womb. Once again, she was not satisfied, but that was all right. He would learn. She would teach him.

Alina felt a twinge between her legs as she marked her page and placed the book on the stand in front of the toilet. Carefully wiping away the moisture that clung to her lips, she allowed her fingers to linger for a moment.

"I haven't done that in years," she thought. "I'm going to have to stop reading these books."

The hot water felt good as Alina washed her hair. She stood under the spray and allowed it cascade down over her body. Her fingers found their way between her legs once again, and this time she let, they remain for a time.

"I'm not masturbating," she rationalized. "I'm just relieving some of the tension caused by that damn book."

Continuing to gently rub herself with her fingers, she decided to go all out. An image of her fantasy lover, Justin, appeared in her mind as she caressed herself. Holding the hood of her clitoris pinched between her thumb and forefinger she exposed her little pink bud and rubbed it with the flat of the fingers of her other hand. It was a practiced motion that came quickly even though she had not done it in a long time.

Arching her back, she allowed the hot water to sting against her until she felt the wave of her orgasm rolling up her body. Her soft moans reverberated against the walls of the room and she collapsed against the shower wall.

Squatting down in the shower, Alina squeegeed the soap and water off the glass shower door. She could feel her lips, still engorged from her climax, being forced out and hanging down between her thighs. Her fingers again found their way down between her legs, and she softly rubbed herself.

A male image flashed through her mind, and this time it was not Justin, it was Allan's face that stimulated her.

"No! I can't keep doing this," she said and stepped out of the shower.

Chapter 4

The noise of the bowling center was a blessed relief from her fantasies. Alina concentrated on her bowling style and bowled well at her practice game.

The cold beer tasted good, and she leaned back in the chair and relaxed. The other bowlers had begun to filter into the center, and she greeted them as they passed by her table.

As captain of her team, Alina had to fill out the league sheet and list any substitutes that may be bowling with them that day. There were no subs, and she was completing the sheet when a pair of tan shorts came into view at the edge of her vision.

She recognized them as belonging to Allan Dwyer, and her eyes seemed to be trying to look through the material as they lingered for a moment on the fly of his shorts. His voice shook her out of her reverie, and she looked up at his face smiling down on her.

"How was your coffee?" He asked with a smile.

"It was fine, thanks to you," she replied and smiled back at him.

"Mind if I sit down?" He asked.

"No, go right ahead," she replied.

He was a good-looking person. A little balding but he seemed to be in reasonable shape. Alina could feel her nipples hardening under her bra cups.

"I hope he can't see them," she thought, and she glanced down at her chest to make sure.

The loose material of her shirt hid them from his view.

"Are you bowling in this league?" She asked.

"I'm a sub on the Pacemakers team," he replied. "I hope that name doesn't mean that they are all old people."

"None of us are 'old,' but a lot of us are older," she corrected him with another smile.

"Stop smiling so much," she admonished herself. "He's just another guy. He is not coming on to you. You just imagine things."

"Don't you work?" She asked and immediately regretted the way that she phrased the question.

"Yes, but I work from home," he replied without giving any indication that the question bothered him. "I can make my own hours. Within reason, that is."

"Oh, what do you do?" She was interested.

"I'm a consulting engineer for chemical manufacturers. I do most of my work over the telephone or on the computer, and with FedEx, I don't even have to go to the Post Office."

"Nice work if you can get it," she said lightly.

"My wife is also an engineer, but she has a regular type of job. She travels some too, so I'm alone quite a bit."

"Why did he tell me that? I didn't ask if he had a wife," Alina thought. "Am I sending some kind of signal to him? Maybe he saw me staring at his crotch. I wonder how old he is." She tried to figure out if his comment meant something or if he was just sharing some information about himself.

"I'd better go and find my team," he said and looked around.

"I've got the list right here," she said and pushed it across the table towards him.

Allan's hand came down gently on top of hers as he read the list of teams off the paper. Alina's reflex was to pull her hand away, but she fought the urge and did not move it. His fingers were lightly caressing her wrist as he continued to read the team list.

"Here it is," he exclaimed. "Lanes three and four. I will see you later. Won't I?" His last words were accompanied by a tightening of his grip on her hand and a little squeeze before he released it and pushed his chair back from the table.

"I'll see you later," he repeated and smiled again.

Alina felt sweat break out on her upper lift and she knew that she was blushing. She stared at him, but no words came from her mouth. When he turned and walked away, she realized that her mouth was hanging open. Closing it with a snap, she turned in the plastic chair, and she felt her panties clinging to her.

"I'm wet!" she thought. "I'm wet! This is silly; he makes me feel like a school girl."

Chapter 5

Alina had almost attacked Harry when they went to bed that night. She was naked and waiting for him under the covers when he came in from his shower. He always slept nude, so there was no barrier between them when she straddled his leg and pressed her breasts against his chest.

"What was that for?" He asked when she finally pulled back from a long, sloppy kiss. "Did you do something wrong?" He laughed.

"Of course not," Alina replied with her lips still touching his. "We have no secrets from each other. Do we? I am just horny tonight, that is all. Can't a wife want her husband?"

"Any time before I go to sleep," he laughed and pulled her over on top of him.

Alina could feel his erection pressing into her stomach, and she raised herself up and onto her knees. Reaching down between them, she fed him into her pussy and slid down him until their pubes met.

"Oh, yes. That is good. That's so good," he moaned as she milked him with her muscles. "Slow down, or I'm going to cum already," he exclaimed.

Alina did not slow down. She had been stimulated all day, and she was already feeling the beginnings of an orgasm swelling through her body.

She continued to milk him, and he let go with a groan and pushed his hips up off the bed to meet her thrusts as she came down hard against him. Husband and wife both came together in that comfortable way that only long familiarity with each other can produce.

"Oh, wow!" Harry exclaimed as Alina relaxed against his chest.

He caressed her back from her shoulders to her ass and back up.

"I'm sorry, honey," he said and rolled them both on their sides. But you're too heavy."

Alina froze for an instant, but she did not let on how much his comment had hurt her.

"So much for romance," she thought.

"I love you," Harry said and kissed her before turning his back and pulling the covers up over his shoulders.

Alina realized that she was not as slim as she was when they got married but she was 43 years old and had gone through two pregnancies and produced three kids. What did he expect of her?

Alina got up and went into the bathroom. Harry was already asleep, and he did not move when she left the bed. She sat on the toilet and emptied her bladder before cleaning herself with a wet tissue. Her lips were still puffy and sensitive as she wiped the cocktail of their juices off herself. Again, she realized that she was rubbing a little more than was necessary.

"I don't want to get back into that habit," she thought and gave herself one last rub before retrieving her nightgown from the back of the bathroom door and pulling it on over her head.

Alina turned out the bathroom light and opened the door. There was enough light coming in the bedroom window for her to see as she made her way around the room. Glancing out the window, she saw a light on in the Dwyer's house across their backyards. It looked like it was in their bedroom.

"I wonder what he's doing over there. Is his wife home? Is he making love to her?"

Chapter 6

Harry was up and gone before Alina was fully awake. The children were old enough to get themselves up and off to school, and they did not bother her in the morning. She lay in bed and stretched as she planned her day.

Tim, their oldest still had not made up his mind about what he was going to do after graduation in two months. He had been accepted at several colleges, but he had made no effort to decide on one. He had made noises about joining the Marines, and Alina had found some recruiting literature when she cleaned up his room.

"Speaking of cleaning up," she said aloud and rolled out of bed.

She decided to skip a shower until after she finished her housekeeping routine and did the wash. Slipping into her "old lady housecoat," as the kids called it, Alina padded downstairs in her bare feet and made a pot of coffee. She washed her face and brushed her teeth while the coffee was dripping before she started to pick up after the kids.

The twins' rooms were easy enough to clean, so she tackled them first. They did an excellent job of taking care of their clothes. She had the rooms picked up and vacuumed in about ten minutes.

Balancing a plate with a toasted bagel on top of her coffee cup in one hand and holding a Cosmopolitan magazine in the other, Alina slid the patio door open with her elbow. It was a beautiful morning, and the sun was warming the picnic table just outside on the patio.

Setting her breakfast down, Alina swung her legs over the bench and sat down to enjoy a few quiet moments before getting on with her housework. Since no one was around, she sat with one foot up on the bench next to her, and her other leg stretched out under the table. She did not bother to pull her nightgown down or to close the front of her robe.

Idly paging through the magazine, Alina sipped on her coffee and chewed on her bagel. An article in Cosmo called the "The Techniques of Touching" caught her eye, and she started to read it. The article talked about where to touch your man and how to titillate him with your fingers, lips, and tongue. By the time she was a third of the way through it, she was idly rubbing the inside of her thigh and slipping her fingers down over the lips of her pussy.

"I'll have to try some of these on Harry," she thought. "Maybe I can keep him awake longer."

Tilting her head back as she drained the last bit of coffee from her cup, Alina looked around her bowl and locked eyes with Allan Dwyer leaning on the fence separating their backyards. She stopped with the cup held to her lips. Allan smiled at her and waved.

"How long has he been standing there," she thought with panic.

Jerking her hand from underneath her nightgown, Alina put both feet down onto the patio stone and closed her knees. She tried to pull her lingerie down, but she realized that she was still holding her cup. She could not make her body do what she wanted it to. She was frantically trying to appear nonchalant while her mind was racing with the possibility that he had seen her playing with herself.

"Hi," she said weakly and waved back at him. "Beautiful day, isn't it?"

"It's even more beautiful from where I'm standing," he said.

That little muscle in her groin twitched, and Alina felt her nipples hardening against the nylon of her nightgown.

"I-I-I has to get back inside," she said and stood up. "I-I have some work to do. I'll see you around."

"Yes, I'll see you around," he replied and stood there while she gathered up her breakfast dishes and hurried into the house.

"Oh, my god. This is so embarrassing," she said aloud. "I wonder if he could see me. I'll bet he enjoyed himself." Alina had gotten used to talking aloud to herself, and she used the technique as a sort of sanity check when she was upset about something.

Alina practically threw her dishes into the dishwasher and made a dash upstairs. Her mind told her that if she kept busy she would stop thinking about things that she should not be thinking about.

Opening the door to Tim's room, she was not surprised when she was confronted with the usual mess in which he lived. Moving swiftly she picked up his CD's and books and stacked them on his desk. The sheets were clean, so she made his bed and vacuumed the floor. She was moving at twice her average speed to keep her mind off her body and its reactions to Allan Dwyer.

Pushing the vacuum back into the hall closet, she lugged the dirty clothes hamper down to the laundry room with Tim's wastebasket sitting on top of it.

After starting the machine with a load of whites that she had sorted out, Alina emptied Tim's wastebasket into the trash. A shiny piece of foil caught her eye as the crumpled up papers spilled from the wastebasket into the bin. Reaching in her retrieved a wrapper from a lubricated condom.

"What's he doing with this in his room?" she asked herself. "Did he have a girl up there? He couldn't have, he's never alone in the house long enough."

Alina knew that Tim was sexually active. She had once found a pair of panties under his mattress, and she knew he kept condoms in his dresser drawer under his underwear. She and Harry had discussed it and decided that since he was 18 years old that there was nothing that they could do about it and they were grateful that he was using protection.

The next item that caught her eye was even more startling than the first. A used condom slipped out from inside of a crumpled up tissue. She held it up, and the end was filled with liquid.

"He must be masturbating into condoms!" She exclaimed. "That's why I haven't found any stains on his sheet over the last few months.

For some reason, she flushed at the sight of the condom, and that little muscle in her groin twitched again. A mental image of her son's penis wrapped in a condom filled with semen flashed in front of her eyes. Shaking her head to get rid of the picture, Alina made a mental note to see how many condoms were in his drawer and to keep a running count of them. Throwing the condom and the rest of the trash into the container, Alina put the wastebasket down and opened the cabinet door over the clothes washer to get a sheet of fabric softener. She stood on her tiptoes to reach it and her belly pressed against the washing machine.

The machine's vibration thrummed through her front and down into her groin. She retrieved a sheet of fabric softener, but when she set back down on her heels, she did not move away from the soothing motion of the machine.

Sliding sideways a little bit, her thighs straddled the corner of the machine and allowed the humming to penetrate her pussy. Closing her eyes, Alina remained leaning against the warm, smooth metal and let the rising sensations take over her body.

It was not a screaming orgasm as orgasms go but after the quivering stopped Alina was pleased with the results.

"Shit, I just screwed clothes washing machine," she said. "What's going on with me?"

Finding a pair of her soiled panties in the pile of clothes, Alina wiped away the moisture that had oozed down her legs and threw the sheet of softener into the dryer.

Chapter 7

A quick shower during which she carefully avoided touching herself more than was necessary left her feeling better. Immersing herself in her bill paying chores, Alina sat at the computer and balanced her own and the household checkbook in record time.

She composed a letter to the mothers of the cheerleading squad inviting them to a particular party that was being planned. Alina loaded the printer with paper and started it going. She was stacking the paid bills and throwing the envelopes away when the printer suddenly stopped printing.

"Damn it! Now what?" She wondered looking at the two copies that had come out before the printer stopped. The printer refused to cooperate, and she could not get it going again.

"I'll have to go down to the drugstore and get some copies made. I have to get this out today," she thought. "I'd better call Harry and tell him that the printer stopped again."

She decided that her shorts and sweatshirt would be OK for the short trip to the drugstore and picking up her purse and keys, she went into the garage through the kitchen and climbed into her car.

The drugstore copier was broken. A posted sign told her that they expected it to be repaired by late afternoon.

"Damn it!" She said aloud.

"Having a problem?" She recognized the voice behind her as belonging to Allan.

"Is he following me around," she thought.

She felt her face flush as she turned and faced him.

"No, not really," she said. "I need to get some copies made, and my computer printer is broken, and this damn copying machine is broken again."

"Maybe I can help," he smiled at her. "I have a copying machine in my office. You can use it any time that you need it. Why don't you come over now?"

A vision of she and Allan alone in his house flashed through her head. She shook her head as if to clear it and he thought she was rejecting his offer.

"You don't have to, you know," he smiled. "I won't bite you. Unless you want me to that is," he finished with another smile.

"No, I mean yes, thank you. I know you will not bite me. I mean I will take you up on your offer. I will have to come over later though. I have an appointment to get my nails done. How about in a couple of hours? Will that is OK?"

"Sure," he replied. "Give me the original, and I'll have the copies ready for you when you come over. Here is my card. You can call me when you are ready. Actually, you can come anytime," he smiled again and put the emphasis on the word 'come.' "My wife is out of town."

"I don't believe it, but this guy is really hitting on me. Me! I haven't been hit on in years," she felt herself standing straighter and arching her back so that her breasts were more prominent.

A plan was forming in Alina's mind. It was a fantasy really. Her mind was playing with her, and she was having trouble separating fact from fiction. When she looked at Allan, she saw a ghostly vision of Justin hovering in front of her.

Her flush spread throughout her body and a bead of sweat rolled down her chest between her breasts. Her breathing quickened, and her chest felt tight in her bra.

Handing the envelope with the letter inside of it to Allan, Alina watched as his hand grasped her forearm and pulled her towards him.

"I'd better be going," she said.

"Call me when you want to come," he offered in a low voice. "Anytime."

"There's that 'come' again. What if someone is watching us? Do I imagine things? Stop it, Alina," she admonished herself and turned away to leave the store.

Her mind was whirling as he drove home and into her garage. She sat in the car after the door closed behind her and fought with herself over her decision.

"You can't do this," she argued. "It won't work. You are not even that attracted to him. Harry is a good man. Get your head together before you ruin your life. You're going to make a fool of yourself."

Alina squirmed in the seat of the car. She pushed her pussy down against the leather and felt it squish with her running juices. The timer clicked the overhead light off, and the sudden darkness brought Alina back into the present.

Deciding to take another shower before going to get her manicure, Alina carefully shaved her legs and underarms in the steamy bathroom. After drying her body, she trimmed her pubes using Harry's electric clippers. After cropping the sides of her hair, only a thin strip remained.

Her grooming completed she worried about what she was going to tell Harry. She had never cropped herself this closely before, and he would wonder about it. She would say to him she did it for him.

"Another secret," she said. "Once you keep one, it is easy to add others."

Moving as if in a trance, Alina applied lotion to her body and chose her sexiest bra and panties. Critically examining herself in the mirror, Alina held her slightly bulging tummy in with her hands. This served to make her breasts stand out more. Hefting her breasts in her hands, she lifted them and decided that, even if was hot outside; she would need to wear her pantyhose. Her belly required the control top.

Alina debated with herself for a moment before deciding to not wear her panties under her pantyhose. After removing them, she carefully smoothed the nylon hose up over her feet and legs while she watched herself in the mirror. When she had them up, and over her thighs, she did that little dance that women do to stretch their pantyhose the final few inches up on the bodies.

The realization that she was doing this to make herself look good for Allan Dwyer suddenly hit her. A quick feeling of guilt washed over her, but she continued with her vague plans and finished dressing. The light blue cotton sundress fell smoothly over her nylon-encased thighs and butt.

"I look pretty good for an old gal," she congratulated herself and slipped on her high-heeled sandals.

Her skirt spun and lifted as she did a quick pirouette in front of the mirror. Giving her breasts another lift with her hands; she reached into her bra cups and pulled them up that they sat higher in her bra. Her smile was a satisfied smile as she admired herself in the mirror.

Chapter 8

It was cold in the beauty parlor, and Alina idly thumbed through a magazine while she waited her turn.

"How about a pedicure today?" The manicurist pointed to a sign hanging on the mirror. "Half off of our regular price if we do it along with a manicure."

Alina only hesitated for a minute before succumbing to the tempting deal. No one else was in the shop now, so she stood and reached up under her skirt to remove her pantyhose. They were halfway down her legs before she remembered she was not wearing panties.

"Oh, what the hell!" She thought. "I can get away with it for a little while."

Her feet soaking in a bath of warm water and the droning voice of the manicurist as she shared the latest gossip made Alina sleepy. She tilted her head back onto the headrest and dozed off.

"You have beautiful feet," Justin said. "I could play with them all day."

Jacky allowed Justin to pull her feet up onto his lap. She could feel his manhood beginning to harden under his tunic. It was cool sitting in the shade of a tree while their horse grazed nearby.

"You don't want to play with my feet," she laughed. "You want them to play with you. Don't you?"

Justin laughed with her, "Yes, my darling. You caught me again."

Jacky captured his throbbing member between the soles of her feet. She could feel his heat coming through the material of his clothes as she rubbed him with her feet."

"Mrs. Fielder, Mrs. Fielder," a voice broke through the haze of her nap. "Wake up! You're splashing water all over the floor!"

The voice was not Justin's it was the manicurist's, and she had a grip on both of Alina's ankles in an attempt to keep them motionless. Alina's eyes opened, and she took in the situation.

"I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed with embarrassment. "I was dreaming. I'm really sorry."

The manicurist turned Alina's chair to the side and spread a towel over the wet spots on the floor. Lifting Alina's foot up out of the basin of water she scooted her little stool closer to the chair and rested Alina's foot on a towel placed in her lap.

"Who's Justin?" The manicurist asked.

"Justin? I do not know any Justin. Why do you ask?" Alina lied.

"You were calling his name in your dream, that's all," she responded.

"I don't know why," Alina said. "I don't remember what I was dreaming about."

Alina did remember her dream, and she knew that when she got up from the chair, her dress was going to have a wet spot in the back. Alina could feel the moisture oozing out of her, but she could not figure out how to stop it from soaking into her dress. Every time she squirmed a little, the pedicurist gave her a look that told her to hold still. Giving up, she relaxed in the chair and decided to worry about it when she was finished.

"There can't be any moisture left in me," she thought. "I've been lubricating almost non-stop for the last week. I cannot be pregnant. I must be having some kind of menstrual cycle thing or something. I'll mention it to Dr. Lane when I go to see her next time."

Alina was aware that with her foot in the lap of the manicurist, her thighs were spread and her short dress was not hiding anything from anyone that cared to look.

What Alina did not know was that the manicurist stole a look up her dress every fifteen seconds or so. It is a wonder that she did not cut one of Alina's toes off while she was staring up her skirt.

"Well, well, look who's here!" A man's voice boomed out in the quiet beauty shop.

"My god is he following me around," Alina thought as she looked up from her magazine and into Allan's eyes.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I came here to get my haircut," he responded. "Actually, it's the first time I've been here, but if you're a regular customer, I will be too."

Alina flushed when she realized that Allan's eyes were fixed on the opening between her thighs as the beautician covered him with an apron and began to run a comb through his hair.

"Don't take too much off, there isn't much left," Allan laughed. "But you know what they say about bald men, don't you?"

"No, what do they say?" The beautician allowed herself to be the straight woman.

"They say that some men use their testosterone to grow hair but that bald men use it in the way that God intended it to be used."

"And how is that?" The beautician continued with the game.

"We use it to grow some of our other organs," he laughed and slapped his knee with his hand.

Everyone laughed, and Allan quieted down when the beautician tilted his chair back and began to wash his hair.

Allan's haircut was complete at about the same time that the manicurist was finished with Alina's nails. Allan chattered on about the weather and asked about some good places to eat since he was new in the area. He never took his eyes off Alina, and she tried to be careful when she got up out of the chair, but she ended up straddling the footrest with her skirt pulled high up on her thighs.

Allan smiled at her attempt to push her to skirt down between her thighs, and she heard him snicker when she retrieved her pantyhose from the cabinet next to the sink.

"Please don't put them back on," the manicurist begged. "You'll ruin your pedicure. Wait a few hours until the polish hardens. OK?"

Alina stuffed the pantyhose into her purse and thanked the girl with a tip. Allan was already at the cashier when she got there, and he gallantly stepped aside for her to go ahead of him. Placing his hand on her back, he ushered her forward with a gentle nudge. Alina felt his fingers moving on her waist, and she knew he was searching for the elastic of her panties. When he did not find any, he hesitated for a moment before sliding his hand to the middle of her back and feeling for some type of waistband under her dress. Not finding anything, he gave her waist a little squeeze just above her hip.

"When are you coming over?" He asked when they exited the salon.

"I-I-I have to go home first," Alina said.

She thought that she had to change or at least put on some panties before she went to his house.

"Don't bother stopping at your house. Come over right now," he suggested. "I'll be waiting. I will leave the garage door open, and you can pull right into it. That way your car won't have to sit in the hot sun."

"Yeah, sure!" Alina thought, "You don't miss a trick, do you? You don't want anyone to see my car parked in front of your house."

Alina hesitated for a moment before deciding to go along with his suggestion. Her mind was way ahead and already thinking about what she would and would not do when she got there.

"OK, but I have to stop at the bank first. I'll be there in a few minutes," she agreed and pressed the button on the remote to open her car doors.

"Great!" He said and walked towards his own car.

Chapter 9

The air conditioner had not even begun to cool off the car before Alina pulled into his garage. The overhead door click-clacked down behind her as she sat in her car wondering what she was doing there. The entrance to the house opened, and Allan's form appeared silhouetted in the doorway of his house.

"Are you going to stay in there," he laughed. "Come on in, it's cool in here."

Alina climbed out of the car and walked past Allan standing in the doorway.

"Welcome," he said and gestured with his arm in a mock bow.

The fresh air hit Alina, and she felt her nipples harden under her sheer bra. She was getting that tight feeling in her chest again, and her bra's underwire cut into her skin below her breasts.

Indicating an envelope, Allan said, "There are the copies. I made some extras in case you needed them. Would you like a cold drink? Beer, soda, iced tea, a mixed drink?"

Alina toyed with the idea of having some liquor to quiet her nerves, but she realized that she would have to explain the odor on her breath to Harry.

"No, just a cold soda will be fine," she said.

"Have a seat. I'll be right back," he said.

Alina watched him walk away. He had changed his clothes, and he was wearing a tee shirt and shorts with no shoes. His bare feet made a slapping sound on the kitchen floor tile.

Alina smoothed her dress down over her ass and across her belly. She could feel her cropped pubic hair under the tips of her fingers and her hand moving against her body reminded her that she was naked under the thin cotton skirt.

Picking up the envelope, Alina looked at the copies and realized that he had not copied both pages on the same sheet of paper. She made an "Oh" sound just as Allan came back with her drink in his hand.

"Something wrong?" He asked and handed her a glass of soda.

"Oh, no. I mean, well yes. I wanted them printed on both sides of the same sheet of paper," she said. "Never mind. It will be OK. No problem."

"Oh, I'm sorry," he offered. "I can reprint them in a jiffy. Come up to the office."

Without bothering to see if she was following him, Allan turned and walked towards the stairs to the second floor. Alina hesitated for a moment but then meekly followed him to the stairs. Allan had only gone up two steps when he stopped and turned.

"I forgot my drink. Go on up. It is at the end of the hall. I'll be there in a jiffy."

Allan put his hand on her hip for balance as he squeezed past her on the stairs. Keeping his hand on her body, he slid it around and across her belly as he descended the steps.

Alina felt another surge of moisture between her legs. Turning and walking up the stairs she glanced back over her shoulder to see Allan standing at the bottom and watching her go up.

"He's looking up my dress," she thought, and another twinge in her groin told her that she liked him looking at her.

The office was tiny. It was not much more than a large closet with a window in it. Glancing around, Alina saw piles of papers all over the place and what looked like textbooks stacked on shelves along the wall. She opened the lid on the desktop copier and lined up the first sheet to be copied.

"No sense in wasting paper," she thought and inserted the copies he had made into the feeder tray and hit the start button.

She felt rather than saw Allan as he entered the room behind her.

"Got it working all right?" He asked.

"Yep. It'll only take a minute," she replied and took a sip of her drink.

Alina watched as the first copy slid out of the copier. She immediately recognized that she had put the sheets in upside down and the new page was being copied over the text already on the sheet.

"Oops!" She said. "How do you stop this thing?"

"Here," Allan said and reaching his arm under hers, he pushed a button to stop the machine.

"Let me straighten this out," he said and pulled the upside down sheets out of the feeder tray with his other hand. Alina realized that the palm of his right hand was now flat against her belly. He pulled her gently back against his chest before releasing her and used both sides to reshuffle the pages.

He reinserted the copies into the feeder tray and punched in the copy number.

"Careful you don't get any toner on your pretty dress," he said and smoothed the front of her dress with both of his hands flat against her belly.

His fingers were only inches away from meeting at her pussy. Alina did not know how to get out of her situation without causing a fuss and besides he was making her feel good. She held still, and she did not pull away from their body-to-body contact.

Working from behind her, Allan restarted the machine, and they watched the light come on for the first copy.

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