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About the Author

The Billionaires Club


Never before has my pulse raced so much just from being looked at. My first impulse is to avert my eyes. Is this how I'm supposed to act? Is this how the other girls before me acted?

His eyes are that of a predator, dark and smoldering in the dim light of the club. They're fixed on me as he takes confident strides across the room. I am his prey.

Every warning light programmed into my subconscious mind goes off, the ones that protect you from making mistakes. Fight or flight response kicks in, and it takes everything in me to keep my black heels planted on the floor, to not turn around and pretend I don't see him.

Hello, gorgeous,” he says as he reaches me, his hand moving forward to wrap around my waist. It's like he's known me for years. But he hasn't known me for years. This is the first time we've met.

Hi,” I manage to stutter out, knowing that my cheeks are redder than roses. Thankfully, he can't see it in the dim light. Would he care if he could? Guys like him are probably used to having girls blushing at them.

Shall we go upstairs?” His fingers delicately trace my side, sending a strange electricity straight to my nether region. I want him. There's no question about it. But I'm also scared. What have I gotten myself into?

Do you come here a lot?” I ask stupidly, stalling.

His face pulls into the most intoxicating smile I've ever seen, and he laughs. Good God does he have a sexy laugh. “I came here tonight for you. Just you. Let's go.”

He takes my hand and leads me to the door of the club. With each step, my heart thumps harder in my chest. This is what I want, right? This is what I came here for. To spend one night with a man whom I'd never have a chance with in a million years in real life. To feel what it's like to be touched by someone with experience. A man, not a boy. Yes, this is what I'm here for, but if that's the case, then why am I so afraid to give in to desire.

He places his hand on the small of my back as we wait for the elevator, leaning into me. I'm too nervous to look at him, but I can smell him, the scent of expensive cologne and everything that makes him worthy of being part of The Billionaires Club.

I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before,” he whispers into my ear. “And you're going to love every minute of it.”

I don't doubt his words. How can I? My body is wanton for him, so desperately wanton.

In the elevator, he can't keep his hands off of me. He corners me, bearing into me with his intense gaze. In the club, his eyes looked dark, but now I can see that they're a pale shade of blue. Could he have gotten anymore handsome.

I bite my lip, looking up at him nervously. His lips move to meet mine, and the kiss is teasing at best. He brushes his thumb affectionately across my cheek, sending feelings of lust racing through me. His touch is magic, and I can only imagine what the rest of him will feel like.

When the elevator door opens, he leads me out into the hall and pulls a key card from his pocket. This entire floor is his suite. It's almost staggering to think it. Of course, this is a rented room. He doesn't actually live here. It might not even belong exclusively to him. It's just a stage to set a scene, the place that he takes all of his girls. But I don't want to think about that. Tonight, it's all about me.

I stare at the back of his suit as he opens the door for me. Once I step inside that room, there's no going back. Is this really the right thing to do? I've wanted something like this since the first time I picked up a romance novel, but actually experiencing it is completely different. Besides, this isn't really anything like the novels. This is something else. But it's as close to the novels as I'll ever get, so I should take it.

My name is Anders,” he offers to me once he opens the door. “That's what you'll be screaming later.”

Is that your first name or your last name?” I ask, peering into the room like a timid animal fearing a trap. This is not like the novels at all. The heroine never acts this stupid.

It's my first name.”

Mine is Tessa.” I take a deep breath and step forward, crossing the threshold into his expansive suite and a night of sex that I'll likely never forget.

Almost the instant both of my feet land inside the door, he's on me, overpowering me, dominating me. “Tessa.” My name sounds so sweet on his lips. “Tonight you are all mine. Tonight you will think of me and only me. I'm going to make you come again and again, and tomorrow you'll likely not be able to walk straight. I hope you don't have any plans.”

He devours any response I might make with his lips, pushing them hungrily on top of mine as he presses me against the entryway. No response is needed. He knows what I'm here for, that this is the pinnacle of my stay at The Billionaires Club. Everything else is just icing on the cake. If I'm laid up in my room tomorrow, it means he did his job right.

I can feel his arousal beneath his slacks, and though my hands want to go for his cock, I wrap them around his broad muscular shoulders instead. He's every bit as solid as I imagined he'd be. Of course, he is. You don't get to be a host at The Billionaires Club unless your body is custom designed for women. He's almost unrealistically perfect. His face, his lips, his hands. Everything about him was built for pleasure. My pleasure.

A soft moan escapes my lips as I give in to fantasy, tilting my head to feel his mouth brushing over my neck. His warm breath on my skin is pleasant. His hands on my thighs feel even better. He's hiking up my skirt, and all I can do is stand there, leaning against the wall, powerless against him. No woman in her right mind would ever resist him. He's too irresistible.

Are you thinking about it? Writhing beneath my body. I bet you want it right now, for me to take you right here. I'm going to savor you though. Every kiss. Every touch.” His thumb teases softly between my legs, and I respond by opening them a bit wider, feeling embarrassed by my own need for him. He's not the only one who is going to be savoring every moment. But I think he knows that. That's why he moves oh so slowly.

His fingers tug my panties aside, and he delicately thumbs across my folds. “You're so wet for me. I'm not even inside you yet, and I can already feel it.”

He's not lying. I'm practically dripping with want for him. No man has ever made me feel this way this quickly. All I can think about is having him inside of me, of what it will be like to be beneath him.

When he pushes his fingers between my folds, I buck my hips, yearning to feel him. His touch is gentle and sensual, playing back and forth over my heated swollen clit. I worry I might be so hot that I'll burn him, but he doesn't seem affected by it. If anything, he seems more aroused. The look in his eyes is pure lust. And in that moment, it's all for me.

I tremble slightly as he skillfully rubs my pleasure button, already feeling my body racing up the hill to climax. I'm a bit surprised at how quickly my orgasm is building. It's never been like this before. Perhaps it's because I'm so attracted to him. I feel almost unworthy of his touch. But it's a stupid silly thought. Anyone with enough money is worthy.

I can't think about that. Can't think about how this is all just a fantasy made flesh. Can't think about how my best friend spent a portion of her lottery winnings to send me here, to make one of my greatest dreams come true. I'll ruin it by thinking about that stuff. I need to focus. Focus on him.

His heated kiss brings me back into the moment. His scent intoxicates me while his mouth moves sensually on top of mine. I taste his lips and his tongue, wanting to indulge in him forever. He holds my face in one hand and drives me to the height of pleasure with the other. I moan against his mouth as I feel the surge overtake me. He presses his body against mine, and all I need is the feel of his arousal for me to send me plummeting over the edge.

That's it,” he whispers gently against my mouth. “Come for me, Tessa.”

I shutter as my orgasm wrecks me, my eyes closing as I allow the entire experience to make me drunk with sensation. It's the best climax a man has ever given me with his hands. I've never been touched like this before. Not like this.

He draws me the rest of the way into the room and closes the door behind us. There's really no point in closing it. No one will come up to this floor. Still, it makes the fantasy seem more real.

I look around while I catch my breath, unable to hide the wonder on my face. This is exactly the kind of place I'd picture a wealthy man like him living. Expansive rooms, plush furniture, perfectly and richly decorated. He doesn't seem interested in giving me the grand tour though. Instead, he takes my hand and leads me straight back to the bedroom.

Sit.” He gestures to the bed, and I obey, still in complete disbelief that this is actually happening. “If you thought my fingers were good, you're going to be blown away by what I can do with my mouth.” His perfect lips quirk into a smirk, and I don't doubt him for a second.

In that moment, I'm a sponge, soaking in everything he says. Everything he does. Each second alone with him is a gift.

He unbuttons the front of his suit jacket. After he shrugs it off and tosses it onto the floor, he goes for his silk tie. My eyes watch him move, undressing with the confidence of a God. The tie ends up on my lap once he's done pulling it off. A teasing gesture. I giggle like a school girl, my cheeks heating up all over again.

Then he starts unbuttoning his shirt, and I feel mesmerized by the very sight of his skin. He's very muscular and cut. Each open button reveals more and more delicious hard flesh. By the time he reaches the bottom button, my hormones are on overdrive. God how I want him to fuck me.

You should be undressing now,” he says to me with a whisper of a smile, perhaps tired of watching me drool over him.

In all honesty, I would rather him undress me. His hands move with confidence. Mine will be moving with uncertainty; I know it.

I stand awkwardly, practically stumbling. My eyes leave his in fear of judgment, though I doubt I'd ever be able to tell if he was judging me. He's a great actor.

I try to muster up all of my confidence as I grab the bottom hem of my dress, moving to pull it over my head. Just as I start to lift it, his phone rings. The perfect expression he's held onto all night falters, and an annoyed look takes its place as he scrambles for his phone.

Sorry, I have to take this,” he tells me before answering it and taking long strides out of the room.

My hands let go of my dress, and I sit back down on the bed. This wasn't part of the plan. Or was it? Important business men get phone calls. But I don't think this was supposed to happen right before we had sex. Then again, what do I really know. It could be part of the fantasy, a way to postpone the moment even longer, to push me to my limits.

I think about undressing the rest of the way like he told me to. Is that what I'm supposed to do? I'm not sure anymore. Suddenly, I'm just confused.

His voice becomes more distant, and then I hear a door open and shut. I wait for him. And I wait and I wait and I wait. Five minutes pass. A few more minutes later and I hear a door open again. My body instantly tenses, nervous anticipation taking over me. He's back. We're going to continue where we left off. Should I have gotten undressed while he was gone?

There's a knock on the wall, and then an unfamiliar voice. “Miss Murphy?”

Yes?” I reply hesitantly.

Anders had to leave. He apologizes, but he won't be able to spend time with you tonight.”


Deflated. Embarrassed. Humiliated. Those are the best words to describe how I feel. I can't even get my pretend boyfriend to spend the night with me. How pathetic. Maybe Evelyn can get a refund.

So, how is it?” she asks on the other end of the line, her voice almost shrill with excitement.

It's great,” I reply, though I've never been very good at hiding my disappointment.

Tell me all about it.”

There's not much to tell yet.” I lay back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. “I mean, I've only been here for one night.”

Still, I want to know everything.”

Well, I checked in, and they showed me to my room. It's really big and nice. Luxurious. I kind of just chilled out in here until dinner.”

How's the food?”

Awesome, as to be expected. I had Chilean sea bass if that tells you anything.” I enunciate 'Chilean', trying to make it sound haughty.

And then what happened?”

Then I came back to my room until it was time to go to the dressing rooms.”

Oh, Tess, don't tell me you're going to spend your entire time there in your room,” she groans at me.

I'm not,” my tone twists in offense. “I just got here. I'm getting a feel for the place. Tomorrow I'll venture out to the spa and maybe the pool.”

Good. The whole point of you being there is to get pampered. You deserve to be pampered.”

I really appreciate you doing this for me,” I say, feeling somewhat guilty.

When Evelyn won the lottery, she didn't have to spend any money on me. We've been best friends since Kindergarten. Her friendship is enough of a gift. But she insisted that I deserve something for sticking by her side for all these years, and spending ten grand to send me to The Billionaires Club for a month wasn't a huge hit to her seven million dollar winnings. If I had a choice in the matter, I would have rather had that money go towards a new car, but I didn't have a choice.

Since junior high, I almost always had my nose tucked away in a romance novel. My favorite stories were the ones about wealthy powerful men sweeping ordinary girls off their feet. Evelyn loved to tease me for reading them. She was more into watching television. To each her own.

Neither of us had ever even heard of The Billionaires Club until Evelyn won the lottery and was putting in her two weeks notice at her job. It was then that her boss mentioned it in a joke. Evelyn took the liberty of researching it further. She got the address from her now ex-boss and drove over to the facility. The place was very discrete. No online information. No take-home brochures. They made her go through a consultation, and she decided to enroll me on the spot.

When she first told me about it, I wasn't sure if I was happy or mortified. The way she described it, it sounded like a brothel for gorgeous rich men. All the profits were donated to charity though, so The Billionaires Club managed to slip through some legal loophole that would have otherwise made it a prostitution ring. The wealthy men there, the hosts, pretty much just volunteered their sexual services to women. The whole concept was a bit strange to me.

Tell me about your billionaire,” she says, and I can practically hear her wiggling.

My face sulks into a frown, thinking about how he ditched me. I don't want to tell her that though. I want her to think I had the time of my life. That's what she paid for, after all. “He's gorgeous.”

Of course, he is. They all are. The consultant showed me their pictures. Did you get the dreamy blonde one I was telling you about?”


Oh darn. I was really hoping you'd get that one.”

I can't help but laugh at the sound of disappointment in her voice. “I assure you, the guy they gave me was every bit as gorgeous as any of the others they could have paired me with.”

They were all hot. Too bad they wouldn't let me pick one out for you.”

From what Evelyn told me about the consultation, the billionaires chose clients based on responses to a survey we were forced to fill out about our personal and sexual interests. We were also required to take a photo for the billionaires to look at. Even though it was the clients who paid to be with the billionaires, it was the billionaires who picked which clients they wanted to work with. That meant Anders hand-selected me out of a pool of other women he could have been with instead. The thought was almost romantic, though I was probably over-glamorizing it. Judging by the way that he fled, he likely regrets choosing me. My mouth sank back into a frown at the thought.

Anders is fine,” I say with a sigh.

Anders,” she laughs. “Cute stage name.”

Stage name?”

Yeah. You don't think those guys actually give their real names out, do you? They have to protect their identities.”

Of course, they don't,” I reply, feeling stupid.

So, how was Anders?”

Now is the moment I've been dreading. Do I tell her the truth or do I lie? She'll probably be mad if I tell her what really happened. Still, she's my best friend, and I kind of do want to unload about it.

Anders was busy,” I say finally.

I bet he was,” she quips.

No. I mean that he had to leave on business, so we didn't get to spend the night together.”

Oh.” The chipper tone leaves her voice. This is what I was dreading. “But you said that he's gorgeous.”

He is gorgeous.”

So, you did get to see him?”

Yes. I mean that he kind of left before things even got really started.”

What do you mean he left?”

Like we went up to his suite, and he got a phone call and had to leave.” Even explaining this to her is painful. The memory plays through my mind. The passionate kisses. The tender caresses. His sensual touch. And then it was all gone.

That's lame. So you two didn't do anything at all?”

Well.” I twirl a strand of my hair in my finger. “We kind of made out.”

Kind of? How do you kind of make out with someone?”

We made out, alright. I mean we kissed and stuff and he did a few other things, but there was no sex.”

Details. I'm married, remember? I have to live vicariously through you.” The happiness returns to her voice, and I'm relieved. The last thing I want is for her to be upset about this.

Do I have to say it?” I squirm uncomfortably. For as much as I love reading about sex, talking about it makes me feel off.

Did he eat you out?”

No.” I blush at the mention.

Did you blow him?”

No.” I squeak.

Did he finger you?”

Kinda?” It sounds more like a question than an answer.

He kinda fingered you?”

It wasn't penetrative,” I confess, feeling flustered from the conversation. I can't wait to get off the phone.

Well, at least it's something.” She sounds unimpressed. “You have a whole month to get used to each other. Make the best of it.”

I will. I'm tired. It's bedtime for me.”

Me too. Work tomorrow and all.”

Yeah. Sleep well.”

You too.”

I hang up the phone and stare at the ceiling, wondering what tomorrow will bring. I won't see Anders for three more nights. I get him twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. The rest of the time, he's with other women. The thought makes me sick to my stomach, though I don't know why. This was explained to me already. He's not really mine. I'm just renting him.


I wake up feeling refreshed. After breakfast, I go to the spa for a facial, and then I decide to spend the remainder of the day lazying around the pool. There's no reason why I should let one disappointing night ruin my time.

My mind has been made up. I've read enough romance novels to fabricate a few amazingly great sex scenes. The thought of being with a man whom I don't know, albeit a gorgeous man, is a lot less appealing now that I've put so much thought into the fact that I'm just another name on his to-fuck list. Will I ever have a chance to sleep with someone like him again? Probably not. But if I were to have such a chance, I would want it to be because of genuine mutual interest, not because he had been paid-off to sleep with me.

I plan the entire thing out in my head. When I see Anders on Thursday, I'll tell him that his services aren't needed. He can have my month off or pick up another girl, whatever he usually does when clients fall through. No hard feelings.

I slip into my bikini and head downstairs to the pool. A few other women are already sitting out and sunning themselves in the California heat. There's really a diverse mix of women here. Fat, skinny, old, young. Though I'm pretty sure that I'm the youngest.

I take a lounger next to a woman who is easily in her late sixties. She stares intently at a man less than half her age who is scooping leaves out of the pool. The infamous pool boy. The entire staff here is male and all for our pleasure. The cooks, the maintenance, the cleaning crew. They're all readily available for a romp between the sheets with any one of the clients. And they're all gorgeous.

These guys aren't billionaires. They're just blue-collar workers, college guys, and guys who enjoy getting paid to sleep with women. While I'm sure that's not drawn up in their employment contract, you know that's what they were really hired for.

Mister Pool Boy is casting a glance across the pool to Late Sixties. He burns into her with a seductive gaze, and she throws it right back at him. Her confidence makes me a bit jealous. If he was giving me that look, I would be a blushing, blubbering mess.

But then he does notice me, and his gaze shifts. I instantly lower my eyes. Late Sixties huffs in my direction, though I can't tell if it's from anger or amusement. By the time I look back up, a tall shadow is being cast across my body. Mister Pool Boy is standing at the edge of my lounger, and then he kneels beside me, taking my hand into his in a way that makes my heart skip a beat from nervousness.

You look like you need something,” he says, his accent thick and exotic. Spanish perhaps.

I-I'm fine,” I stutter. I just want him to go away. He's hot, but I'm not interested in what he's offering. I just want to sit by the pool and read.

I don't bite, unless you want me to.”

A hard lump forms in my throat, and I quickly lose focus of everything. His voice is so sensual, practically beckoning to me. I won't fall for it though. I can't.

Tessa. There you are,” another man's voice says, this one behind me. My entire body tenses as I recognize it. I feel like I'm being tag-teamed by two predators, though it's quickly apparent which one is the alpha.

Mister Pool Boy pulls himself to his feet and returns to his duties, backing down from the prey. The impending presence behind me stands firm, and I don't understand what he's doing there. We're not supposed to see each other again until Thursday.

Anders.” I turn toward him, but the sun almost instantly blinds me.

I hope you weren't having too much fun with Vernon.”

Vernon. That's not a Spanish name. I can't help but wonder if the accent was fake or if the name is a moniker.

He just asked if I needed anything.”

I'm sure he was willing to take care of all your needs,” his tone sounds almost bitter. He extends a hand to me, and since I'm confused, I take it. “Shall we?”

He pulls me to my feet, and I realize he's leading me inside. I cast a nervous glance back at Late Sixties and Mister Pool Boy, who are already locked into another lecherous staring match. Maybe he'll show her a good time instead. The thought oddly doesn't bother me at all.

I'm sorry about last night,” Anders says as we stand in front of the elevator.

It's no trouble. I thought I wasn't supposed to see you again until Thursday?”

You weren't, but I couldn't be without you for that long.” The look he's giving me makes me feel weak in the knees. It's at that moment I figure out that he's taking me back up to his suite. He presses the elevator button for the twentieth floor, and I force myself to lean across him and press the button for the sixth floor.

What are you doing?” he asks, casting a confused look in my direction. Good God he's beautiful. Am I completely out of my mind for wanting to deny him?

Listen, Anders, if that's even your real name, I appreciate what you're trying to do. I really do. I get it. You feel bad about what happened last night, so you decided to come here early to get me in before your Tuesday night girl.

I'm not upset. You don't owe me a makeup session. In fact, I think I'm going to release you from all future sessions while I'm here. I'm not asking for a refund or anything, so the full amount can still go towards the charity. I think I just want to relax while I'm here. You can pick up another girl and double your money.”

My breath hitches as he unexpectedly corners me in the elevator, putting his hand on my waist. There's an amused twinkle in his eye, though it's tempered with lust.

I don't want another girl,” he tells me. “I want you.”

Why does he have to be so devastatingly handsome? The illogical part of my brain makes me believe him. The wanton part of me doesn't want to let him go. He's giving me one last chance to have him, to get what Evelyn paid for. Why do I have to be so damn weak?

His lips brush against mine, and I barely hear the elevator door open and close for the sixth floor. I'm trapped between hard muscle and the wall, and my body refuses to try to escape. All I can think about are those soft lips and how I've longed to feel them again. I open my mouth to allow him entry, and he takes it, sweeping his tongue across my bottom lip before he sucks it into his mouth to nibble sweetly.

I've been dreaming about you ever since last night.” He presses his forehead against mine in a strangely affectionate gesture. Then the elevator stops again, and he takes my hand and leads me to the door of his suite.

I watch the back of his suit as he takes out his key card and opens the door. It looks almost identical to the one he wore last night. Classic black. Except the buttons are different. I realized that when I was sitting crotch level next to him at the pool. He's also traded in his blue silk tie for a striped red and gold one. And his dress shirt today is light blue instead of white.

When he turns back to me, he puts a hand around my shoulder. For a second, I'm confused, but then fear races through me as he effortlessly picks me up and carries me over the threshold into his suite. I've only been picked up like this once before, and the guy who did it dropped me. With that memory in mind, I wrap my arms around Ander's shoulders, leaning into his chest and praying I'm not strangling him with my tight grip.

That body is so delicious, I could barely stand to see you lying there,” he tells me as he sets me down in the bedroom. I forgot that I'm only wearing a bikini.

I went downstairs to relax,” I tell him as I begin to fidget with my fingers.

I'll help you relax.” He slips behind me on the bed, brushing my hair away from my shoulder. When his lips touch my skin, I know I'm lost. His powerful hands come up to massage my shoulders while he kisses my neck, and all I can do is crane my head and moan.

You're so tense. I'll work all the kinks out of you,” his voice is full of promise.

I notice his hands moving further back. He cleverly uses the massage as a way to untie the top of my bikini. The straps fall down, exposing my breasts. My nipples are already hard just from the feel of his hands on my back. It's almost embarrassing.

Your skin is so soft. So perfect.” His hands continue to rub down my back, pulling the strings on the bottom part of my bikini. He slides my top off the rest of the way and tosses it off the bed before leaning forward and taking full advantage of his position. I can feel his stiff manhood pressing against me through his slacks and his warm breath on my shoulder. He reaches around me and rubs my legs, sliding a hand down to caress my inner thighs.

So beautiful.” He places fluttering kisses on the side of my face. There's a ticklish feel to it, but I'm absolutely loving the affection. This man knows what he's doing. Knows exactly what women want. In that moment, I don't care that he's probably slept with hundreds of women to reach this level of seductive perfection. All I care about is that I'm about to get my turn.

His hands grope their way up my body until they reach my breasts. He cups them, kneading gently, allowing my firm peaks to pop through his fingers so that he can squeeze them and send shivers of want racing through my body. I lean back against him, feeling the firmness of his muscle and the smoothness of his suit against my back. He's looking over my shoulder, staring down appreciatively at my breasts as he pleasures them.

I've been waiting for this. To touch you like this. I know you've been thinking about it all night too, the way it would feel to be together,” he says.

Though I had been trying not to think about it, the truth is that it was all I dreamed about last night. Being under him. Feeling his thick cock inside of me. Experiencing being taken by a man fully confident with his body and his abilities. Living it was so much better than imagining it though.

Tell me you want it.” He shifts behind me, moving up onto the bed and patting the spot beside him.

I want it,” I confess, summoning a carnal part of me that's ready to fall head over heels into being with him.

I move up on the bed beside him, and he starts kissing my shoulder again before moving up to trace his tongue across my jawline. I tilt my face to meet his, allowing him to bury me in a deep kiss. His mouth is so sensual, so perfect, so made for kissing. He knows exactly when and where to caress my face, how to manipulate me to his will. Sex is an art to this man, and I'm his canvas. Please paint me.

He repositions himself on the bed, moving further down my body. His hand comes up to lightly stroke one of my breasts, then his face dips to draw my nipple into his mouth. I tilt my head back and moan shamelessly, raking my fingers through his short brown hair. His tongue skillfully flicks across the tip of my nipple, forcing it to harden even more. Each gentle lick sends desire coursing between my legs. I want him to fuck me. Need him to fuck me.

He moves even further down my body, grabbing both of my feet in his hands and giving them a deep massage. As I watch him, I think about how he's being so attentive. It's strange to think that a billionaire would go out of his way to massage a stranger's feet. The massage is brief though, a prelude to him kissing the tops of my toes. I giggle a bit, doing my best not to turn away. I know he's trying to be sexy—is being sexy, but I'm so damn ticklish.

Did you know that being ticklish is a sign of stress?” he tells me.

I did know that,” I laugh.

We'll make you a bit less ticklish then.” He winks at me before pushing my feet up towards my chest. I lean back, my heart racing as I try to put together what he's doing. He holds both of my feet in one hand, and then uses the other to grab the bottoms of my swimsuit. When it becomes clear what he wants, I hold my legs up on my own so that he can pull the bikini bottoms off of me, rendering me naked.

Almost the second they're off, he's grabbing my thighs and pushing my legs back again, exposing my pussy. A blush creeps across my cheeks as he descends, and I feel the first whisper of his breath over my feminine parts. His tongue shortly follows, pressing between my smooth folds to seek my heated core. I practically cry out as he skillfully gets to work making slow circles over my clit with the tip of his tongue, drawing out my pleasure.

You taste so good,” he say. “So moist and ready for me. I could eat you all day.”

I moan as he laps up my juices, then continues his assault on my nub. It doesn't take long before he's driven me up to the height of oblivion. I spill over from his sucking and licking and teasing, feeling absolutely wrecked afterward. For all of my weakness though, I want more of him. I need to feel him inside of me. I want to give pleasure as well as receive it. To suck his cock and fondle his balls and worship his body.

I rake my fingers through his hair as he drinks my wetness, cleaning up the mess he's made of me. He moans as he licks at my pussy, only intensifying my pleasure with the soft vibration of his mouth. Even though I just had an orgasm, I already feel like I could go again. He's that good.

Please fuck me,” I beg.

Mmm, but you taste so good. I don't want to stop.”

Please,” I practically cry out as he touches on my sensitive spot again with his tongue.

But I want to watch you come again,” his voice is almost teasing.

You can watch me come while you're fucking me.”

He straightens himself finally, allowing me a chance to breath. The look on his face is absolutely satisfied, as if he knows he's crushed what little willpower I had left.

Say it one more time.”

Please fuck me.” I look him directly in the eyes when I say it this time, too impassioned to look away. I want it more than I've ever wanted it in my entire life.

How could I deny such a body.”

I watch as he sheds clothing, my heart thundering in my chest with each passing second. The suit jacket comes off first, then the tie, then the dress shirt beneath. Finally, his hands reach his belt buckle. I hold my breath as he unbuttons and unzips his pants. He grabs them at the waist and pulls them down along with his boxers. I stifle a moan when his manhood pops out to greet me. He's every bit as impressive as I imagined he would be.

He only gives me a moment to admire his naked body before he opens up the bedside table drawer and pulls out a condom. I watch him slide it down his length and then crawl back onto the bed beside me. He grabs one of my thighs, pulling it up so that he can take me from the side. His focus is completely on our soon to be joined parts, and while I'm silently anticipating it, I still can't get over how beautiful he is and that this is actually going to happen.

He grabs the base of his cock and gently slaps it against my pussy, causing pulses of pleasure to race through me. I rest my head back and moan, enjoying the sensation, enjoying him.

I bet you can't wait to feel my cock inside of you,” he says confidently.

Can't wait,” I mumble.

Are you sure you can handle it?”

I can handle it.”

Let me know if I get too rough.”

I bite my bottom lip as I feel his helmet pressing against my entryway. It takes everything in me to still my hips from wanting to press up to meet him. My body is so embarrassingly desperate.

He bucks forward, and my breath hitches as I feel him spear into me. The initial intrusion is shocking, but I quickly grow used to it, my body clenching around the intruder to feel his full girth. Anders groans, and it only makes me want him inside of me more. Then he gives me what I want, pushing forward and connecting us completely.

Mmm so tight,” he tells me as he holds onto my leg and begins thrusting. The feel of him between my thighs is exquisite. This is everything I wanted, everything I dreamed it would be. He's absolutely amazing, fucking me and kissing me and fulfilling all my wildest fantasies.

Your body was made for my cock.”

Yes,” I quickly agree. This is how it should have been last night.

Our lips move together, and I drink his breath as he continues to pound into me. After a while, he switches positions, crawling on top of me and between my legs. I gasp when he pushes back inside of me, gazing up at him in a dreamlike state. He's so sinfully handsome. To be beneath a man like this . . .

Fuck me hard,” I tell him, deciding to take full control of my fantasy.

He obliges, bracing himself and grinding into me to the point that I worry we might break the bed. I cry out, loud enough for the entire resort to hear us, and he doesn't bother trying to shush me. I absolutely love it. Love what he's doing to me. Love being here with him. Love fucking him.

The carnal part of me comes out, and I reach around, grabbing his ass and forcing him deep inside of me. The timid girl who walked into his suite is gone. All that's left is some sex-starved monster hellbent on using him to her will.

Fuck,” he breathes, looking down on me with a hint of pleased surprise.

I didn't say you could stop.”

He takes the challenge with a smirk that could melt the panties off any woman, and he completely ravages my pussy with that gorgeous cock of his, pumping so hard that the sheer friction between us causes me to explode into orgasm all over again. I lay below him, breathless, and his body finally gives out. I feel him still inside of me, see him tremble ever so slightly as his balls empty. And then he collapses on top of me, panting like he has just run a marathon.

I hold him to me, staring up at the ceiling, reveling in the feel of his muscular body on top of mine totally spent. I normally hate sweat, but the small sheen that has covered his body feels earned. I like that I worked him hard and put him away wet.

He rolls off of me, and we lay there side by side for a while as he catches his breath. The needy romantic in me wants to cuddle. Now that the fucking is over, the confident side of me recoils into the shadows. I'm proud of myself for being so assertive, but a bit embarrassed at the same time. I've never acted like this before, but it was certainly a fun change.

He sits up and almost immediately starts dressing. It takes everything in me to hide my disappointment. Whether I want to admit it or not, this is my queue that it's time to go. It's still midday, and Anders has another client tonight. That thought leaves a foul taste in my mouth.

So I'll see you again on Thursday,” he says casually.

Thursday,” I hesitate. “No, I think not.”

Why not?” He casts a glance at me over his shoulder while he pulls on one of his loafers.

I told you already. I'm relieving you of your duty to pleasure me,” I say as professionally as possible.

What if I don't want to be relieved?”

I'm the client. I don't really think you have a choice,” I try not to sound rude, but it comes out that way anyway.

Did you not like it? The sex?”

No. It's not that.”

Of course, it's not. You loved the sex. I can tell.” He continues putting on his other shoe. The arrogant sound of his words almost makes me want to laugh. I hate it when men know they're good. I suppose it can't be helped in this case though. I mean, the guy gets paid to have sex. Or rather, he has sex for the sake of charity.

I don't see why it matters.” I tie on my bikini top. “There's no gain in this for you. And besides, if I relieve you, that means you can pick up another client, so it's more money for your charity.”

I already told you, I don't want another client.”

Then you can take the time off.”

He stands and faces me, giving me what appears to be a sincere look. “Tessa, is it so hard to believe that I want you?”

My cheeks flush from his words, but I refuse to buy into his bullshit. “Just take the month off, okay.”

He crosses the distance between us, caressing my cheek and looking down into my eyes. Damn, he's good looking. “I don't want the month off. I don't want another woman. I want more time with you. More sex with you. Please don't deny me that.”

My heart is racing again. My mind is telling me to say no, but all I can manage to say is, “Okay.”


Late Sixties is by the pool again. I take the lounger beside her, thankful that Mister Pool Boy isn't out and about to harass me. Today, Mister Maintenance Man is on duty trimming the hedges around the resort. He seems less interested in sticking his dick in a client and much more focused on his work. While I'm pretty sure that all the men here are meant to pleasure us, some seem more into it than others. Whatever the case, I'm glad for the peace and quiet.

I stretch out on my back beneath the California sun, lather on some suntan lotion, and pick up my ereader. Today is all about relaxing and getting over the sore feeling between my legs. It's amazing how those muscles seem to get worked only during sex.

I'm halfway through a chapter when I hear a scratchy female voice say, “How was he?”

I turn to see Late Sixties looking straight at me. Her lined face doesn't seem very amused.

How was who?” I ask.

Your man. I haven't had that one before.”

For some reason, that makes me feel relieved. “He was awesome. How was yours?”

You mean my billionaire or the pool boy?” Her thin lips quirk into an infectious smirk.

The pool boy.” I can't help but grin as my curiosity becomes piqued. It's a no-brainer that the billionaires are good.

Fabulous, darling. Absolutely fabulous. That pool net isn't the only pole he's good with.” She winks at me.

Oh my God, you're hilarious,” I can't hide my laughter.

What? I'm old, honey; I'm not dead.” She swings her feet over the side of her lounger and extends her hand to me. “I'm Stephanie Beck, real estate mogul extraordinaire,” she says the title in a way that I can't tell if she's being serious or making fun of herself.

I sit up as well, gingerly shaking her hand. “I'm Tessa Murphy, the fabulously unemployed.”

Fabulously unemployed,” she huffs, the same sound I heard yesterday. This time I can definitely tell it's from amusement. “You must have a rich stupid husband.”

No.” I shake my head. “A rich generous friend.”

“Must be nice. If I could have come here at your age, these billionaires would be paying me for sex, not the other way around.” She turns and leans back on her lounger, fanning herself with her hand. I can picture her being a knockout when she was younger. She has high cheek bones and stunning blue eyes. There's nothing not confident about this woman, sitting here in a white one-piece with circle cut outs in the sides. Even at close to seventy, her body is better than a lot of girls my age.

So which one is yours?” I ask timidly, enjoying the conversation.


Is that his name?”

No. That's what I call him though, because his name doesn't matter.”

I like this woman more and more by the second. There's a liveliness about her that's refreshing.

You probably have the one my friend was telling me about. I didn't actually get to go to the consultation, so I didn't see all the men they have to offer. She said there's a blonde one that's really dreamy though.”

They're all dreamy. Young muscled things with big cocks.”

Her words make me blush, and I instantly think about Anders' dick—how it felt inside of me. My legs press together, and I feel the familiar soreness. Part of me can't wait until Thursday. The more logical part of me thinks that sleeping with him again is a bad idea.

Do you come here a lot?” I ask.

Every year for the past five years. And every year, I get a different man.” She smiles, not embarrassed at all by her confession.

It doesn't bother you that they sleep with other women?” my voice is timid, and I know I sound ridiculous.

Heavens no. Everyone that works here has been tested. All the clients are tested. We're all here for the same thing.”

For some reason, I feel comfortable talking to this woman. I want to open up to Evelyn about how the whole experience has made me feel, but I don't want her to think I'm ungrateful. While I did enjoy sleeping with Anders, the knowledge that he'll be in that same bed with another woman tonight greatly bothers me. I don't really think I want to sleep with him again. Once was enough of an adventure for me. He didn't want to take no for an answer, but this is supposed to be all about me. I paid for the experience. Well, Evelyn paid for it. Either way, I'm the client. My wants should trump his desires. And I really don't feel like spending an entire month bedding a man who plays Russian Roulette with his penis.

“It's hot, and I'm bored. Would you fancy going shopping with me?” Stephanie asks, drawing me away from my thoughts.


Yes. That thing were you give people money for stuff you want.”

Oh. Yeah. Shopping. Great,” I reply, feeling like an idiot.

We part ways to go to our rooms and change, then we meet back up downstairs where she has a limo waiting for us. It feels a bit extravagant for a shopping trip, but I try not to say anything, soaking up the experience and thanking her for inviting me along.

We end up at Union Square where Stephanie drags me from store to store, spending money like it's going out of style. She offers to buy me some things, but I refuse, feeling spoiled enough already just from the limo ride. She calls me a 'fuddy-duddy' for refusing her, and I can't help but laugh. I'm having a great time. It's amazing going to all of these stores I could never afford to shop at and watching Stephanie boss around the employees. She walks around like the world is her oyster, and she's not afraid to bitch about the pearl.

We shop until the sun sets, and then we settle in at a little coffee shop. I'm absolutely exhausted, my arms aching from carrying some of Stephanie's bags, since she bought way too much to carry on her own. Maybe that's why she really invited me to go shopping with her, so that she'd have an extra set of arms. I consider teasing her about it, but I'm not sure how she'll react, so I keep my mouth shut.

No Blondie tonight?” I decide to ask her instead.

Tomorrow night. And boy am I ready for him.”

You have more energy than me.”

I doubt that.” She quirks a sculpted eyebrow.

Well, you just seem like it, at least.”

And what about you and yours? When's your next day?”

Thursday, but I think I'm going to pass.” I blow the steam off my coffee.

Good heavens why?”

It kind of bugs me that he sleeps with other people. I mean, I know that's what I came here for. I know that's what The Billionaires Club is all about, but I'm not really into that.”

Then why did you sign up?”

I didn't sign up. My best friend signed me up because she thought it would be something I'd enjoy. I didn't really have any choice in the matter.”

Didn't you enjoy it, when the two of you were together I mean?”

Well, yeah. But it's going to keep bothering me that he's sleeping with other people.”


Because I'm a one-man woman.”

She guffaws, “If you're looking for love, then you've come to the wrong place.”

I know, and I'm not really looking for love. But I don't want the sex either. I think I just want to relax for the rest of the month. Once I get back, I'm going to have to start job hunting. This was kind of my go-between from college and the working world.”

A college kid, huh?” she huffs. “I figured you were young.”

Not as young as you might think. I got a late start.”

Well, you're finished now. That's all that matters, right?”

Exactly.” I nod in agreement.

Listen, Tessa, you seem like a sweet girl, so I'm going to give you a bit of advice.” She stirs her coffee, looking dignified. “We only have a short time on this planet, and only a small percentage of it is actually enjoyable. You're young. You have plenty of time to find a man and fall in love. You also have plenty of time to collect regrets. Don't make wasting your time here one of them.”

What do you mean?” I shift uncomfortably in my seat.

“Coming to The Billionaires Club is probably a once in a lifetime event for you. Maybe you'll never sleep with a stranger again after this. But while you're here, enjoy the experience for what it is.

Being with one of these men, it's not like picking up some random guy off the street. They care about their bodies. They care about their reputations. And they care about pleasing women. That's all they care about. You're in a safe controlled environment where you can have fun and let your inhibitions go free. Take advantage of it.

Put your real life aside for a month. It will be there when you get back. Live in the fantasy now, because soon it will be over, and you'll regret it if you don't make the most of it. You might not believe me now, but trust me when I tell you that I'm right. Don't realize it when it's already too late.”


It's Thursday night, and I'm in Anders' suite on my knees taking everything Stephanie said to heart. I'm also taking Anders' cock into my mouth, sucking it like it's the last dick I'll ever see.

Timid Tessa went away, and carnal Tessa came out to play. Almost the second we stepped into the elevator together, I took the initiative to be the aggressor. I had his dick out of his pants before we even reached the top floor, not caring who saw us on camera or if the elevator stopped before we reached our destination. He seemed blown away by my new-found fervor. Now he's just getting blown.

Holy shit,” he pants as he grabs a fistful of my hair. His back is pressed against the front door of his suite. That's as far as I allowed him to go before I took what I wanted.

I use only my mouth to pleasure him, glancing up into his eyes now and then as I bob back and forth, feeling him swell in my mouth. He mumbles from time to time about how good it is, but he never presses me for more, giving me full control.

I cup his heavy balls in one hand and start stroking him with the other, squeezing and milking him into my mouth. He rewards me with the first drop of pre-seed. He smells and tastes exquisite, just like a man should. I find myself getting lost in sucking him off. Never before have I wanted to please a man so badly, to impress one so badly. I'm sure a thousand women have sucked his dick before, but I want this time to be memorable. I have to make it memorable. I don't want him to forget me.

You look so sexy,” he tells me as he brushes my hair away from my face.

I sit back and flick my tongue across the tip, then ring it around the ridges of his cock head before taking him into my mouth again and moaning. The sound seems to reverberate through him, and he matches it with a groan of his own.

Your cock tastes so good,” I whisper against his sensitive glans before plunging him to the back of my throat.

Fuck.” His hands are in my hair again, and I can tell it's taking everything in him not to force me down on his cock.

Do it,” I beg him. “You know you want to fuck my face.”

It's all the invitation he needs. I sit back and enjoy the ride as he renders my jaw every bit as sore as he made my pussy. His hands are on both sides of my head, forcing his meaty length down my throat. I love it when he takes control like this, when he loses himself completely. In these brief moments, I feel like he truly belongs to me.

My gag reflex goes off, and I silently curse myself for being so inexperienced. Sucking cock has never really been something I've craved. But somehow, with Anders, it's different. Ever since that first night, I've wanted him in every hole I have. The thought of making him come absolutely thrills me.

Yeah baby,” I mumble around his thickness as I feel him painting the back of my throat with more of his pre-seed.

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