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Ashleigh's Adventures

Part Six

Ashleigh's Adventures - Part Six

Cherise, Dame Ariel's grandniece, quickly became the talk of the inner circles of European high fashion modeling.

It didn't surprise either Cori or myself. The stunningly beautiful 19 year-old red-head could wear a paper bag and still make it haute couture, though the image of her with just brown paper draped over her sleek figure is something I don't even want to think about.

--Makes me instantly hard.

We traveled with her for six months with frequent returns to Summer House to rest up, but during those week-long breaks we all three indulged in sex more than actual rest.

Cherise still enjoyed being spanked - a lot - but more and more she enjoyed her newfound passion of oral sex, both receiving, but now more often, giving. The receiving part had started during our first times together at the mansion, had been a bit difficult and awkward at first due to her being unaccustomed to being touched down there.

Cori had been instrumental in breaking down that particular barrier but the emphasis remained on the model's enjoyment of anal sex.

--Which was really no problem for either Cori or me, though because of how adorably insistent the girl was, took both of us to keep up with her frequent demands!

Then, one night after a show, coming backstage breathless and excited and filled with a frisky adrenaline rush, Cherise took her next step and gave a feverish, under-the-skirt blowjob to the person standing nearest to her.


Though I couldn't see much except a moving shape beneath Cori's floor-length gown, it was really a sight I'll never forget, I can tell you. It was over in a matter of three minutes - Cori taken completely by surprise and unable to hold back - and when Cherise emerged, her sights are suddenly set on me!

But then everyone else, including the designer and news crew come rushing in to congratulate the girl and do the whole publicity thing, and I go and stand next to my poor ravished Cori who's standing shivering in the corner.

'...I think we created a monster.' she chuckles, while Cherise is being interviewed on camera.

'Yes.' I say. 'You're going to have to spank her or something.'


I get an elbow in the ribs and a laughing '...oh, shut up....'

On the next leg of the tour though, something even more remarkable happens.

I come into the dressing room looking for her. It's two minutes before the show starts and there she is, dressed and ready to go, but with someone kneeling beneath her dress, giving her head!

She sees me standing there and her eyes go really surprised and wide, but then they go even wider as she suddenly comes.

Then she's all blushing, and the person finally gets out from under the dress and stands there looking just as sheepish as Cherise does.

It turns out to be Tina, one of the dressers, a beautiful 19 year old girl with smooth, dark chocolate skin, a happy face and disposition, and a pretty, bobbed afro.

But then it's showtime and we all head quickly out, Tina still wiping her mouth, fluffing her hair and straightening her clothes as we hurry out.

That weekend Tina becomes the newest guest at Dame Ariel's estate, and...we didn't see much of her or Cherise for most of those three days.

Cori and me were proud of Cherise, proud that the girl had jumped several steps and was now in her first relationship.

Well...a one-on-one sort of relationship I mean; I don't know if threesomes count, you know?

But we all - including Madame Ariel - celebrated with a formal dinner one night, and you can just tell how delighted the Lady is, seeing her beautiful grandniece looking even more beautiful because her girlfriend is seated right there beside her at the table.

Tina, by the way, is all female; from the tips of her pretty toes all the way up to the cute curls of her afro; So not only was it a one-on-one for Cherise, but a totally different kind of one-on-one relationship than either Cori or myself could have offered.

Cori and me also celebrate privately - feeling a strange sort of relief that the slinky red-maned terror is now in someone else's capable hands -'s nice being just a couple again, you know?

I does get me wondering though - about Tina and Cherise, I mean - wondering about how Cherise's need for spanking and anal intercourse are going to be dealt with by the new girlfriend. The spanking, maybe, but the other thing?

Then on that Sunday night, which was pleasant and frost free, while Cori and I strolled outside Summer House, just enjoying the stars, we happened to look in through one of the windows and saw our answer.

Tina, with a dildo harnessed to her crotch, was on her knees right up behind Cherise, right there next to the pool, giving the girl what-for with the thing. And she seemed in nowhere close to tiring, plunging the shaft in and out of Cherise's ass like a machine.

We...uh turned away and strolled on down the hill; Cori's brows raised, and me just going wow....

--Because, yah - wow.

Cori and I still have long evening dresses and high heels on, but...with the moon out like it was, with the stars twinkling in the cloudless sky,'s not that long before we stop, turn to each other and start smooching it up a little.

She's such a great kisser, my Cori is. Her lips, her tongue - everything about her screams to be kissed - and so...who am I to argue, right?

But in the same way Cori's mouth needs smooching, her body is exactly the same. It's only a few moments before I'm reaching behind and pulling her zipper down and then she comes to life and is pulling my zipper down and...well, I get her dress open first, push her bra up and then I'm suddenly smooching other parts of her.

Then, in the middle of deep gasp and the equally uneven moan, Cori spouts off a string of words, shivering all over. I'm not about to stop what I'm doing to ask her to repeat herself - because her nipples are both so beautifully hard and enticing - but it sounds like she says something like, ...oh god let's go back to the main house because we shouldn't bother the girls in Summer House, pleeeease Ash - I need to you to fuck me and suck me and - oh god Ashleigh, I want youuuuu...!

Something like that, or pretty close.

But by this time, still sucking her nipples, I already have my hand down at her crotch; sort of an automatic thing, really. Cori's sexy little bulge is pretty easy to feel through the front of her dress, and so I say, '...okay, let's go....'

But now there's this seething-hot blonde-haired honey standing there, staring at me with this please fuck me look in her wild eyes, and she shakes her head.

'Too late!' Cori gasps, and she starts stripping her dress off right there in front of me.


It's still a little chilly - not bad, but it's not summer either - so at least Cori has the presence of mind to keep something on.

Her high heels.

Her clothes are all piled up on the grass now, and as she takes me by the hand and leads me quickly over to the nearest tree - wiping saliva up her crack at the same time - I'm already missing that nice, soft, comfy bed in the room we'd originally shared when we'd first gotten to the estate.

But then my lover is standing there, bent over at the waist, bracing herself against the tree trunk, her high-heeled feet spread wide apart, waiting for me.


--I'm just glad there's no rush or anything!

I figure maybe I'll just hike my dress up, pull my undies down and poke her gorgeous ass like she so obviously wants me to do, but...we both chose pretty slinky form fitting dresses for dinner and there's not that much wiggle room.

God - not my fault!

So...I get my heels off, take my dress off, get my slip and bra and panties and gaff off and then...I can't help myself. I'm so hard it's stupid, but I can't resist Cori's butt.

Never have been able to, actually.

I'm on my knees in the grass a moment later, kneeling right behind my girl's gorgeous cheeks, and after that I'm lost in her ass, eating her ass-hole out, tonguing her, prodding her and feeling myself getting hotter and harder by the second.

At this point I'm thinking I'm going to spray the grass with my goo because it's so incredibly wonderful to be doing something like this again - without a cute redhead wanting to get in on the action - and Cori's gasping and moaning and shivering, her skin is all bumpy, and I'm just about to get to my feet again and enjoy a nice slow-motion plunge into Cori's seething hot, quivering hole, when I hear someone clear their throat from behind me somewhere.

Not close behind, but...I turn and see the main butler, Clarence, standing there politely at attention as he always does, smiling through the dark at me.

'Sorry to disturb you ladies,' he says, just as emotionless as he looks (he's seen just about everything there was to see during his years at the estate), 'But Madame requests your presence as soon as may be....' Then he bows, I nod back to him, and he goes pacing off up the path to the main house.

I'm wondering if the Lady can wait for another ten minutes or so, long enough to give Cori a quick blowjob or something.

'Oh honey - okay, let's go.' I hear Cori say against the tree trunk, but when she pushes back and turns, her cock is staring me right in the face.

So...there's no way, right?

Anyhow, Cori and me get up to the main house twenty minutes later: ten for sucking Cori's load out of her, and another ten for getting our clothes back on in a hurry and then nearly running back up the hill. I can still taste my girl's essence as we meet Ariel and follow her in to the main sitting room, and...I have this stupid grin on my face.

Sorta matches Cori's content, dreamy-eyed expression.

So...there I am, sitting with my legs crossed, trying to ignore the erection that's trying to rip through the crotch of my gaff - because there'd only been time to get Cori off - while I'm also trying to listen to what Madame is telling us.

Something about...oh yes: Some Duchess or Countess or somebody has told Ariel that her - the Duchess or whatever - has a husband who's almost totally gay.

To which my cute blonde hotty goes, 'Uh...what does that mean, exactly?'

--Which is what I was going to ask too. It's just that, through no fault of my own, I'm still thinking about having Cori's prong gliding between my lips; that silky, wet friction, you know? Just in and out and all slippery and hard and her gasping above me as she stands there in her sexy high-heels and nothing else, and--

So anyways, this royal dude-guy likes to you know - do what I'd just done to Cori - but...having handsome stud-guys running around the palace just won't do.


So I'm thinking, So what are we? The cock-whisperers or something?


I mean so far in my life I've been able to avoid sucking a guy's cock. Cori's doesn't count because, well, it's Cori's! It's not really a cock, per se, we expected to suck this guy off or something? A royal blowjob every couple of hours to keep him out of the news?

',' Madame was saying, 'All either of you have to do is to look just as darling and beautiful as you already do, with the young Duchess - the bedroom. Tanner, the duke, is depressed and despondent, and the Duchess, Emily, is at her wit's end as to what to do in the matter.'

Oh, okay.

I glance over at Cori, and she's still semi-dreamy looking, and I have the sudden urge to peel her dress up and lean her over the table to do her, but I...I have class and whatnot, so I just sit there, trembling inside.

Then Cori shrugs and tilts her head, and for a moment I'm wondering what she's doing. She's deferring to me, but...about what again?

Then it hits me. My mind plays back the last bit of conversation and I look over at Lady Ariel, and...nod.

Next morning, after breakfast with Madame, Cori and me go down to Summer House to bid Cherise and Tina farewell. It's not really awkward because at least they were under their blankets by the pool as they smooched and groped each other, but then we told them the news and Cherise's big eyes just totally flooded out. We hugged and kissed her, kissed Tina too, and then left them.

It was so weird and sad and happy to see Cherise like that. She and Tina were just so cute together, so it wasn't the fact that we'd never have her in bed with us again - because they were a couple - was that she'd grown up so fast!

I was proud of her, Cori and me would both miss her a lot, but was off to whatever country it was, to whatever kingdom or duchy place, and we'd never see her again except on high fashion magazines or something!

So...yah I got a little misty too.

But then we're in the limo with Ariel and her attendants, and then at the private airport, then the bigger one and then...duh duh duhhh!

--We're stepping out of the car in this huge white paved turnaround, fronting a palace I can't even see the end of!

When Cori curtsied to the tall blonde Duchess, so did I. And when Cori's eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets when we were introduced to the Duke, mine almost did too.

Talk about a cute couple!


The first formal dinner is...a little tense, at first. Both the royals keep glancing at Cori and then at me and then back at Cori again, all during soup.

Me, I want to say hey, it's my parent's fault I look like this! but my cute Cori takes the class ring because she just smiles politely back at them when we're having coffee after a bunch of courses of the most delicious food I've ever tasted.

We're just chatting, mostly about Lady Ariel and the success Cherise is having on the international fashion circuit, when Cori gives out with this huge yawn, then quickly covers her mouth and apologizes.

'Oh, but we've kept our guests too long, my husband.' the Duchess Emily says to Tanner, her husband.

Then she rings a little bell thing on the table and an older matronly looking lady comes bustling in and stops at the table, bowing.

She makes me think of Kiko, the kindly lady from the sex resort.

'Elsa,' the Duchess says to the uniformed woman, 'These are our honored guests, Ashleigh and Cori. Please show them to their rooms; they have travelled far and are in need of rest....'

With a nod, the woman, Elsa, turns to us, and when we get up from the table and bid the royals good night, Cori and me head on up the curving main stairs to the second floor.

Then, on up to the third.

I knew for sure we wouldn't be needing any exercise machines in this place!

When I heard the mention of rooms by the Duchess, it tweaked me a little. I mean...okay, maybe we shouldn't sleep together while we're here, but...damn it: Cori had worn a really cute outfit on our trip - nothing overly revealing or slutty or anything - but...god, the way it showed off her figure was total torture for me. I figured I'd probably have a wet dream so bad I'd float off the bed or something.

But when we finally get to our rooms, Elsa - who is the head housekeeper, as we learn on the long, long trek up - stops in front of one of the...I don't know - billion doors or something, along the halls - points at the one in front of us, then points at next one down the hall. But instead of opening the first one, showing one of us in and then going on to the next, she opens the door in front of us and waves us both in.

Then she's bustling about again, making sure everything's in order and finally comes to stand before Cori and me.

'I know your ladyships won't be needing both bedrooms, if rumor be true, though there is an interconnecting door right there....'

She turns and points, then turns back.

'...and since you both will most likely be sleeping in quite late,' she goes on, 'I will make sure you are not disturbed until...until you both ring for us....'

Turning, she indicates a big, thick velvety rope hanging from the ceiling - the pull for the bell.

God she has the cutest knowing look in her eyes right then, that she almost winks. Makes me smile just seeing her. But then she wishes us a good-night and speeds out.

I'm looking at Cori and Cori's looking at me, and then, well, we just didn't want to be disturbed.

Maybe it was the long flight over, or the long car ride, or maybe it was the fact that the housekeeper lady had pretty much given us permission to sleep together, but...since I'd already been undressing Cori with my eyes for most of the day, I didn't feel any bashfulness about undressing her for real.

We made love for over an hour on that oversized bed, mostly smooching and fondling each other to the point of orgasm, before stopping short and catching our breath. I was so hard for her it hurt, but looking over and seeing how erect my poor Cori was, she was in the same condition.

And since we seemed to be having the same level of need, we go right into scissoring with each other, letting our dongs rub and bump together while we play with each other's feet and suck each other's toes and stuff.

But then things get out of control a little - not my fault - and we're grinding ourselves together and finally reach down and hold our things together bottom to bottom. It doesn't take long before we're both squirting into our hands, smearing our goo all over our undulating shafts and just moaning and groaning and twitching until the explosions start to fade.

It should've been enough - at least enough to allow us to cuddle up and get some sleep - but we started to...clean each other up a little with our mouths, and that set off another storm that went on for another hour or so; this time with sixty-nine and foot-rubbing and finally some mutual hand-work under the sheets.

It was sort of a vicious, viscous cycle, if you know what I mean, and by the time we finally did spoon up and pass out, it was nearly one in the morning.

When I wake up it's because someone is kissing my shoulders, and when I open my eyes, round-three starts right up because Cori has that sweet, needy glint in her eyes. Then she leans real, real close and whispers right in my ear, '...wanna be the boy, or...?'



I get up and run for the bathroom to find some hand lotion or something, run into a closet by mistake, open another door and find myself in another closet, curse, and finally find the bathroom - which I thought was the adjoining bedroom because it's so big - and come running back with hand lotion.

At first I didn't know whether to rub the stuff into my own ass or into Cori's, but as it turns out, Cori's more desperate (maybe it was the mountain air?) and grabs the pump bottle, orders me to get on my hands and knees, and then starts massaging the stuff into my hole.

I love it when she goes all boy on me and assertive and shit!

Then Cori's getting a little too much into fingering my bung-hole and taking too long, but suddenly I feel her fingers pull out and her thing's plump head start to push in, and I go blank for a moment.

All I know when I come out of the trance is that I'm being shoved back and forth from how frantically Cori's reaming me, and since we'd started sorta near the headboard and I'm really getting it good, I reach up and grab hold of the bedpost - since we're a little sideways over the pillows too - and brace myself.

Then I'm being shoved further towards the upper corner of the bed, looking at the nightstand, wondering if I'll hit it on the way down (because I'm getting close to the edge), and I go to reposition myself and totally lose my balance.

For a second I'm sure I'm going down, so I reach out and grab the bedpost and a thick soft rope hanging down - conveniently placed, I might add - and Cori finally comes out of her trance and pulls me back before it's too late.

Okay, so Cori really gets into it sometimes, you know? But then she's all apologetic and stuff and pulling me back, and then she wants me on my back, so I turn over and take my place and wait till she gets on me.

I love when we fuck face to face. I love watching how her tits bounce and how hard her nipples get and the way she looks like she's about to sneeze when she's ready to come.

So then we're going at it, and I start feeling like I'm going to come too - just as we'd done so many wonderful, sensuous times before - but I'm getting into it, feeling that incredibly warm build-up inside, hoping we'll orgasm at the same time.

God she's so pretty. I can't get over how gorgeous she is. I was on my back with my legs open around her, and so, because I know we both love it, I brought one foot up and in front of her face, and caressed her cheek with my toes.

We love playing with each other's feet, and I especially love sucking her toes, but since she loves doing the same to mine, I'm offering her mine right then. But then Cori's face is suddenly a portrait in panic.

'Oh! I'm - oh god Ashleigh!'

Having Cori gush in me is's hard to describe. Just knowing that her warm, thick goo is pulsing out inside me is usually enough to bring me off too, but suddenly she's all anxious and frowning and she quickly pulls out right in the middle of her ejaculation.

'Quick honey,' she moans out, and then she's on her hands and knees waiting for me to enter her. I'm so close to gushing I'm all nervous and agitated so I grab the lotion, lube her up and sink myself all the way into her on the first try because she's all quivery and warmed up down there.

It's happened before, where one of us will spurt before the other one does, and this quick change around sort of makes up for missing the simultaneous orgasm by at least giving the second one a chance to come while the first one is still in the midst of ejaculation.

And that was pretty much how it went this time because I was so...on the verge, that before I pull back and push in the second time, I was spurting.

A shudder went right up through my body that froze everything. I was twitching, feeling the tight sleeve of Cori's hot insides squeezing around me. I gasped, held my breath, then simply enjoyed the sensation of relief filling me as my jiz spurt out the end of my prong and filled her.

--And then I heard the bedroom door open and glanced over.

Elsa, the head housekeeper is standing there with her mouth hanging open, staring, while beside her is a smaller, uniformed guy holding a tray with coffee and croissants and stuff, staring in just the same way. They're like two statues standing there, agog, and suddenly, before I can even blink, another pulse of pleasure is gushing out of me and into Cori's trembling body.

Then Cori goes, 'Oh....'

And I go, 'Umm....' and then we're both grabbing sheets and blanket corners and trying to yank them up over ourselves.

'...I'm so sorry, your ladyships!' the housekeeper says after she finally blinks, and the attendant guy simply bows and walks backward out of the room.

I mean,'s way too late to be embarrassed really, so I ease my leaking prong out of Cori, catch my breath a little, and let Cori get settled beside me before I pull the blankets up over us both.

'Um, it's...quite okay.' Cori finally says, and I nod, and the woman finally breathes out and steps into the room. She waves her hand at the attendant and he quickly comes in with our breakfast; head bowed and eyes averted. After he places the tray on the cart near the window and pushes it over, he finally looks up.

He's like the complete opposite of the Duke: small-framed with delicate features, shorter than me (maybe 5'4") and...pretty, rather than handsome. He has big nervous looking eyes, dark hair and...and then he bows and disappears like some weird vapor or something.

Elsa, the housekeeper, turns from watching him leave, and though she still looks embarrassed for having barged in on us, she smiles pleasantly.

'Enjoy your breakfast,' she says. 'We heard the call bell ring downstairs. I...don't know how it happened, but I will certainly look into it.'

The call bell. The thick rope I'd grabbed for balance.

Oh gods.

'Totally my fault ma'am.' I say, and she looks up, a little puzzled now.

'Please just call me Elsa.' she says, smiling a little bashfully now.

I'm not up on royal titles and all that; Cori's way better. But anyhow, I go on to explain to the woman about how the bell pull might've got pulled by total accident, and then Elsa's shoulders finally relax and she's smiling and backing out and finally leaves the room. Cori and me just look at each other for a second, then start to laugh.

'...some people should wear socks when they go to bed.' she says as we throw the covers back and head for the bathroom. We both have each other's internal essence on our organs so we go for a quick cleanup in the shower.

'What do you mean?' I ask, and she only grins.

'I was doing fine until you put those stupid sexy feet of yours in my face.' she tells me, 'And then...boom!'

'Well, yours too.'

'Yours first though!'

We leave it at that, wanting to get to the coffee and goodies, but...I wind up checking how well Cori has rinsed the soap off her cock - with my mouth - and after she inspects my own washup technique in the same way, we wind up smooching under the shower, hugging our wet bodies together and making our things rub together.

This time, though, we simply wrap our hands down over our stacked dongs, pour some hair conditioner over all, and thrust gently against each other until we're both spurting together.

We're still steamy and feeling fresh when we finally make our way back to bed, and then spend a nice half hour on the private little deck outside the main windows, looking out over the huge rolling grounds that go way off into the bordering forest of cedar a quarter mile away.

' how does this work?' Cori whispers over the brim of her cup. 'Do we...just seduce him or....'

'It was easier at the resort,' I say. 'I just stood in a line and dropped my robe.'

'Oh my god, I remember seeing you that first time.' Cori says, and her eyes get a faraway look for a second. I remember that moment too, and...even after what we'd been doing all morning, I feel my thing lifting up a little.

Plus, minx-girl has her feet up on the railing as she leans back in her chair, and since they were so freshly washed and pale and gorgeous, I start having thoughts, you know?

Cori sees where I'm looking. 'What?' she says, and I blink.

'Nothing; just're right about some people needing to wear socks and all. But...anyhow, I have no idea how it's supposed to work; maybe it'll come down to him liking blondes.'

'Or brunettes.' Cori says.

'Pixie-haired elf-girl, right?' I say. 'Europe, right? I fit right in.'

'God don't say that; gives me chills thinking how well you fit in, you know? Hussy!'



'Nympho!' I say, and I start wondering if anyone would see if I went over and went down on Cori right where she sat; maybe starting with her toes.

We didn't get around to the whole nympho-lesbian-shemale foot-fetish thing because there's suddenly a soft tapping at the bedroom door. Cori's closest to the open deck-doors, hears it and gets up, and then we're both going back inside, making sure our bathrobes are all nicely closed up before I open the door.

'Your ladyships' presence is requested,' Elsa says, smiling at us. 'Dress can be casual. The Duke and Duchess will be at lunch and would enjoy your company....' She dipped her head in a quick bow, turned and left.

'' I ask, Cori shrugs, and we both go to pick out some things to wear before heading downstairs to eat.


Twelve minutes later we're sitting, having tuna melts and coffee with the royals. Every time I glance over, the Duke is just then averting his eyes from me. It's flattering, really, but then I'm thinking about...certain sexual things as they pertain to males, and...I put it out of my mind for a second.

The guy is unquestionably a total doll, a real hunky sort of heart-throb dude, doll is sitting right next to me and I...I'm not so sure about coming all the way over here to this particular spot, in this particular country to wind up going to bed with him.

--Because, it looks like he's got eyes for me more than Cori.

So anyhow, just to make sure, and to maybe get things going, the next time he looks away, I take a bite of food and then just sit there, smiling at him, waiting till he looks over again.

And then our eyes finally meet.

I know he wants to look away, but now that I've caught him, I'm hoping he gets the idea that it's okay. He finally starts smiling back, his shoulders seem to sag just a little - because he looks just so damned tense sitting there - and so we're making eye contact for the rest of the meal.

Afterwards, when he comes up and asks if I'd like to have a stroll, I catch Cori's eye to let her know, then turn my full attention to him.

He's a huge guy, six-six or something, broad shoulders, strong chin, great eyes. A real catch if you know what I mean. But as I'm strolling along beside him, I'm thinking about Cori, wishing she were there, wanting to be with her.

Plus, I'm not sure if I can do it with a guy. I mean, actual sex and not just peeing on them or watching Cori doing them with her hands or feet or something.

But then the Duke stops at the far end of the long veranda overlooking another part of the estate, and turns to me.

I glance around casually, trying to find a place over the railing that would hide my barf if the nervous knot in my stomach decides to take over, but then I look up and he has this incredibly tender, hesitant expression on his face.

'You...and your partner are so very...beautiful.' he whispers, and inside I'm going Aww...god that's so sweet! but I'm keeping my face steady and open and pretty much blank. 'It's just a little hard for me to...uh....'

'--Believe that we're not girls?' I ask, and he nods, grateful that I said it for him.


He's so...nervous! Almost like he's asking me out on a first date or something. But it's not like that at all. I'm just wondering if anyone's actually told him that he doesn't have to win either Cori or me over. We're not exactly call-girls or consorts or whores, but we are sex-workers basically, and we're here to, do sex stuff, right?

I take a breath to steady myself and look up into his eyes.

'I...I could give you all the proof you need.' I whisper to him and his face finally relaxes. He starts smiling and then he's smiling even more - beaming in fact. We turn and start strolling slowly back, and when we get to the dining room, the Duchess and Cori are still sitting, talking.

When Cori looks up, she has this so...? look in her face. I nod to her, and then, just for a split second, I see this look of...I dunno: her smile just fades a little.

I know she knew what might happen - what was actually going to happen - but like back at Madame Ariel's place, where I had that sinking feeling, thinking about Cherise and Cori going off into the sunset together without me.

I knew that's what Cori must've been thinking and feeling right then.

--And I'm feeling the same way actually. I mean, the Duke-guy has chosen me - for whatever reason, maybe just because my hair's so boyish - so...what now? Am I supposed to go to bed with him so he can work out all his gay things on me?

And for how long? Am I going to be the Duke's permanent consort now?

Will I still be able to snuggle up with Cori every night afterwards?

I mean, if it becomes a permanent thing, I'm losing Cori just as much as she'd be losing me.

'...So, my husband,' the Duchess whispers as he and I stop beside her chair. ''ve decided then?'

She's still sipping coffee. Her hand's shaking a little bit and she's radiating tenseness that seems to fill the room.

Here's a woman who's married to this guy, finds out he's gay (mostly, because neither me or Cori look like stud-boys) or already knows he's gay, and then invites Cori and myself over - at Ariel's suggestion - to give him what he desires in bed, and...what?

She's giving him up - to me? The guy's not going to marry me; at best I'm just a bedtime toy for him.

And then I'm thinking about what Cori and me had been briefed on; that Tanner had had a couple of real guys as lovers, and that the Duchess had not only not minded, but had freely allowed it - just because she wants him to be happy.


As I'm running all these things through my mind, she finally looks up from her cup and right at me. She's reading me totally, her eyes just beaming straight through my mind, like with that elf queen in that movie.

I suddenly have to shut my thoughts off. I try thinking about the beach, the trees on that island resort, anything - because just as her eyes start searching me I can't help thinking Oh my god, what a babe you actually are, Duchess!

Totally not my fault!

But that's not any way to think of royalty, right?

So anyhow the mind-meld thing fades, and her eyes turn away and it feels like I've been released from her eye-powers and take a breath.

'Yes I have, my love,' the guy finally says to her.

'This one then?' she asks the obvious, since I'm standing right there. I look up at him and he's nodding, gazing right at this beautiful fairy-princess lady, but then he goes around to where Cori's sitting and places his hands on her shoulders.

'...And this one.' he says, and Cori's dejected looking face suddenly turns into a surprised, delighted, totally panicked face. The Duke pulls her chair out for her as she stands, and takes Cori's hand and guides her back to where I'm standing there, stunned.

But then the guy goes up before his wife and reaches down and gently touches her face.

'...and, this one,' he whispers to her, and now her hopeless, tolerant, resigned expression changes suddenly. She's looking up at him and a smile starts showing, surprised like we all are.

Then, just all of a sudden, she pushes back her chair, stands and leans over and kisses him gently on the cheek.

'I am to be the Duke's plaything as well?' she asks.

I gulp.

God, she's going to slap him or something, but when he nods, her face finally lights all the way up.


I guess I'm not so special after all, which at this point is just fine with me!

So with all the tension broken down into small manageable chunks now, it's agreed that the event would take place that night. Basically a four-way thing and...I have no clue, really. I mean, okay, it's probably the sweetest thing I've seen for awhile - that whole Duke-Duchess love story - because it's so...cute and tender and filled with, you know, affection. That part's obvious, but still - how is it supposed to work?

I figure I'll just have to wait to find out, so in the meantime, still thinking all this stuff over, Cori and me get ready to go out and lay on the lawn and try to get tans. I know it's not going to work because milk doesn't turn brown, it just burns if you leave it on the stove too long, but it's a hobby we both share.

So there we are, and the day is nice and warm and bright and sunny. It's the mountains in some part of Germany or near the boarder or whatever, and there's a nice coolness to the wind, but hey, we're going to give it another try, right?

Bikini-girls on the grassy hills where there's no sound of music; just a nice, peaceful silence.

'...we do what, then?' Cori asks after I finally feel my skin getting hot. I turn, lift my sunglasses and look over at her.

Okay, side-note: Cori's belly-button is the kind of cute that makes you want to just stick your tongue into it, you know? Needs filling 'cause it's just so damned sexy. And she's laying all stretched out flat on her towel and her belly's taut like always and....

--But, no. I have to have class and not just jump her bones every other minute. I mean there's nobody around that could possibly see us because we'd walked for twenty minutes north of the castle-thing, down ancient stone stairs passed manicured lawns and little grassy areas and terraces and scenic hang-out spots with umbrella tables and chairs - all to wind up at this remote, out of the way lawn. We're waaay off in the distance from anybody so I could've just ravished Cori's belly-button right then and there, but...she's asked me a question.

'Well, it'd make it easier if the Duchess were actually like us.' I say.

I'm up on one elbow now, turning towards Cori and...I forget what I'm thinking about for a moment or two. See, I just happened to notice how completely smooth and feminine Cori's crotch is beneath the cloth of her bikini bottoms. There's nothing male about her showing at all - and this is in the brilliant edgy sunlight and not some dark, shadowy bedroom. So sleek and pretty; can't even see the edge of her gaff or anything.

'I mean,' I go on, blinking and trying not to think about what lays hidden between my girl's creamy thighs. 'Okay it's obvious she's not so equipped, otherwise why would we be here? We...uh, have what he wants, but...I mean I wouldn't mind living here forever, but....'

'--I know.' Cori says, 'Are we going to be here forever - that's the question.' But now she sees where my eyes are, and she starts grinning that Evil Cori grin at me. 'At least I have what you want, so that'll make things easier....'


And so now, Cori, grinning, sneaks her hand down and starts inching the front of her bikini panties down. Real slow. Her pussy-hair starts coming into view - just the top verge - then a little more and a little more.


'I'm not just tempting you.' she says, and then I pounce over on top of her and we're kissing and smearing our boobs together right straight through our bikini tops. It's such an incredible feeling to rub myself against her that it doesn't even matter that we're still clothed, you know?

And then I'm kissing my way quickly down her front, kissing her nipples through the cups of her top, then down to her belly button.

Arrival time confirmed. I'm tonguing her belly dimple and she's writhing, her legs are spreading along the grass, and I know that by the time I get to kissing her pubic bulge, I'm going to probably squirt into my panties.

I mean, its possible to have a gusher and not be totally erect, you know? It's happened to me more than once.

But then this soft voice goes, '' and I look up and it's...that guy. The small servant guy in his uniform.

Cori sits up, I sit back, and the mood is totally broken.

Well at least we weren't totally naked like that first time!

'Apologies.' he says, and his face looks more sunburnt than either Cori or me. Looks like he's going to faint too. 'Uh...the Lady wishes to meet with you...both - about tonight?'

He gulps, wipes sweat from his brow.

'Sure...' I tell him, and the petrified looking guy turns - Morgan I think I heard him being called - and me and Cori take a breath to calm ourselves from yet another suckus interuptus, grab our stuff and follow him back to the castle.

'Come, join me,' Duchess Total Babe says as Cori and I walk into the main bathing chamber and stop, bowing slightly at the waist. The royal is at the other end of a huge sunken pool of water, wisps of steam curling up from the glassy surface. There's windows all around the ancient stone walls, which makes me think of Summer House.

The water is crystal clear, the pool's bottom is made of black tile, and I don't see any hint of cloth interrupting the pale white blur of the woman's body.

Cori's always more game for anything so she's already left her slippers on the stone deck and is stepping down into water. Me? I'm still standing there staring, then notice, out of the corner of my eye, the small servant guy still standing by the door he'd just opened for us.

'That will be all, Morgan,' the Duchess says. 'Danke....'

Since there's nothing else for it, I shrug to myself, take off my slippers and get down into the water too.

The heat is dreamy. We're still miles away from the Duchess, the tub-pool being so huge - but I'm content. I don't know about how close an American tomboy-girl like me should get to actual European royalty. I mean, their personal space has to be a quarter mile, maybe? Cori must be feeling the same kind of thing because she's half floating right next me. Then the Duchess is smiling and waving to us.

'Hey - hey - you two!' she's calling, 'Cori and Ashleigh! I will not bite so much. Come closer; we... can talk, woman to woman?' I glance at Cori, she glances at me, and then we start floating and swimming over to the other end of the heated pool.

Cori turns and settles onto the submerged bench maybe a foot away from the royal, and I'm right next to Cori. I'm thinking maybe I can use Cori as a shield in case anything happens. She, like me, still has the safety of her bikini on, so nothing'll weird will happen.

Because...yah, Duchess Emily is sitting there, up to her chin in hot water, totally naked. It's plain to see up close, and the more clothes the better when it comes to accidental brushes of the hand or leg against certain areas of the body, you know? Getting naked with someone who's already naked gives the impression of a sort of granting of permission, and I don't know if stripping down would be an insult or not.

Like calling someone by their first name before they say it's okay to. And I feel better because you're not supposed to make physical contact with actual royals. We're still safe because of all these rules and stuff from centuries and centuries and--

--Cori strips her top off and sloshes it over onto the floor above us, then, grinning right at Lady Emily, squiggles out of her bottoms and tosses them on the deck too.

At least Cori still has her gaff on though - but suddenly - she doesn't! My mouth falls open, knowing what's now freely floating in the water, just below my girl's neatly trimmed pubic-V.

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