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My Tennis Partner has fallen in love

A tennis themed story written with poetry and prose for adults reflecting an affair on the tennis court.

Published by Bobi D Miles at Smashwords

Copyright 2018 Bobi D Miles

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This is the story of two people, Karl and Marina, who were tennis players at a club in Toronto. They were average players with a passion to improve. Originally they met at a round robin that was hosted weekly by the club. Karl liked the way that Marina played tennis and he also really liked mixed doubles because he felt it gave him an advantage: he could play well, and with a good partner, he knew he could win. Marina was totally taken in by tennis. It was the passion in her life. She wanted to play better games than she was getting and decided to form an entry level team for her lady friends. Their team play became all-consuming. They wanted to win, and when they didn't win, the girls on the team went into a blue funk and beat themselves up for losing. Karl saw this because the girls talked about it at the round robin after the match. He decided to write some poetry. He didn't even know he had it in him, but he wrote 4 poems, one for each of the girls.

Each girl loved her special poem. Each poem is listed below, along with a brief description of the woman involved.

A little about Karl first. He was the writer of most of the poetry in this book. His background was an education in Humanities, and somehow ended up in the selling profession. He was athletic, and always had a racquet game in his life. He used to play doubles squash, (a men's game), and when he decided it was time to give it up and play a gentler game, he turned to tennis. Mixed doubles was where he went to learn the game. He found that everything seemed to be in slow motion compared to squash, so it gave him a great advantage over the other players. Some of the men wanted his to play men's doubles, but he found it boring because the men hit hard shots all the time, which were either into the net, out of the court or too good to play. The games were not fun, He found himself standing around a lot and getting cold. The women on the other hand, seemed to want to play to set up a point, playing strategically, with longer rallies, and for him it was akin to the best of the games he played in men's doubles squash, so that was where he decided to put in his effort: mixed doubles.

Tina was an Italian woman of wealthy means. She lived in a huge house with a pool, drove the high end BMW, had a personal trainer several days a week and had a great body. She had to keep working on it, but the results were good and on her best days, she was always stunningly beautiful. And, she made exquisitely detailed ginger bread cookies.


Oh yah. That’s her. The Soccer Mom
Everyman’s fantasy
They used to call her "Abbs" because of her taut abdomen
Which she didn’t mind showing.
Removed her top one hot day to expose them (while wearing an appropriate halter):
“Keep your eye on the ball” didn’t mean anything to the men on the next two courts.

There is no ball this woman can’t run down.
And her options to play it are many.
Kick it, knee it, head it, or whack it with a volley that makes opponents
Wish they had her legs as they try to chase another
Ball that is gone after the score was already 40/30.

She hides her Roman heritage well when passing out ginger bread cookies
But she has that winning attitude that made Roman legions the stalwarts of the ancient world and caused the opposition to pray for a saviour.
A quiet determination is displayed on her face: “I’m going to win,
You’re going to lose.”
Prepare for the worst. You’re playing Tina today.

Fulvia, was another of the women on the ladies team. Not as well off at Tina, she was a teacher working part-time, and had been playing tennis longer than any of the others, Consequently, she had some skills, that the others were still working on. She too was Italian and had strong Roman forehead and a temper to boot.


The first time I saw that toss I thought it was a let
Two feet to the right until she leaned over and whacked it
Over the net in my direction.

The high kick and skid to the left assured me that it was no let at all.
She planned it that way!
I prayed her partner wasn’t so strong.

She seems delicate until she volleys your misfire.
Return it well or it will be yours to hit again, unless she finds that angle
And blasts it by you before your partner can shout: “YOURS!!!!!”

But Fulvia is miscast on the tennis court.
Yes. With her high cheekbones, and long curly hair streaming down her back
And those wide open eyes, she should be a statue in old Pompey
A Goddess, guarding the city from the flames of Vesuvius
Just as she guards her court against the tennis balls that dare to challenge her.

Puja is an Indian woman, short, and powerful. She had just come out of a disastrous marriage. Her husband became successful, and spent all his time at the business, while she looked after the three daughters. The daughters were a handful and may have been a constant source of friction between the two parents, which led to him leaving her for another woman. Tennis was her tension release and her passion. She would play so much that she would injure herself. She was also a very charming and alluring woman, while heavier than all the others, she had this way of looking at you when she talked that seduced you into submission whenever you talked with her.


Puja’s eyes are not the type to stare you down, and that’s the danger.
Rather they are for gazing into deeply and viewing
The sweet mysteries hidden within:
But don’t linger too long, or a topspin drive to your baseline will be no mystery:
Just another point for her.

How can fire be so black?
Those dark, burning eyes, that jet black mane paired with black skirt and top.
A fiery power packed into a compact frame.
You want her on your side!

The Durga deity taught her well -
She does so many things at once
Running, retrieving, encouraging, inspiring, goading, attacking
And yet, she is a woman of contrast:
Gentle yet powerful, friendly but competitive,
Determined but caring, aggressive yet compassionate
Flee while you can. The Hindu warrior has arrived.

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