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A Woman's Complaint!


Mario V. Farina

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A Woman's Complaint!

"Yes, Ms. Allen," I said, "We're open, and there's nobody here. You can come right over." She had just called saying she was in the area and asking whether she could come see me.

My name is Tim Bradford. I recently started a dating service called Prime Date Introductions. I recognized the name Sylvia Allen. She was one of our clients. But, to me, she was more than that! I was interested in her as a person!

I knew what Sylvia looked like. I had seen her picture when she had applied for membership with our service. She was blonde, blue-eyed, twenty-three, and very beautiful. I had sent her the pictures and information about the people she could meet. I was hoping I could have included my information as well, but that wouldn't have been ethical.

It was only a few minutes before Sylvia arrived at our office. I noted there was only a slight smile on her face as she approached me. "Hello Ms. Allen," I said extending my hand. She took it lightly in hers then released it. I had secretly enjoyed its warmth. "Let's go into my office," I continued. I had left its door open, so she would not fear entering with me. She and I would be alone there.

As we entered, I gestured to the guest chair, while I set behind the plain wooden desk. "How may I help you," I asked.

"I've come to register a complaint," she announced somberly as she sat. "Honestly, I have three wretched stories to tell you. I should think you would have vetted the people involved better than you did."

"I'm so sorry, Ms. Allen," I exclaimed. "My assistant, Ms. Grace Randolph and I always do our best when selecting people. We know how important it is! She will be leaving her employment with me soon, I'm sorry to say, and I'll have to find another person to help me make these important decisions."

"Good luck with that," she said. "A woman's touch is always beneficial. You can call me Sylvia, and, if you don't mind, I'll call you Tim. We've spoken on the phone, and I believe I've gotten to know you, at least a little. I wish I could have come with happier stories, but I think my complaint will help you improve your service."

I was happy that this person I admired so much was not expressing anger. I smiled and responded, "Please tell me what happened. I promise we will do better!"

She smiled back. I noted how her eyes sparkled, how her smile seemed to flood her entire face. To say I had been smitten would be understating how I felt. Falling head over heels in love, would be trite, but a more accurate expression! Here is the first story she told:

First, there was Bernard Wilderman. He took me to dinner at a nice place. He had not told me his exact age in the paperwork. He had merely said he was youthful. I had expected his maximum age would be something like 30, but he was at least twice that. I don't know where he had gotten the picture he sent. It might've been of his son, or of himself 30 years ago. As we spoke, he admitted he had sent an old picture, but that his status in life would make up for the exaggeration in age. He said he was very wealthy, had lost his wife several years ago and was lonely. If I married him, he said, I would want for nothing for the rest of my life!

"Tim, I knew he meant well, but I'm just starting out in life. I'm a recent college graduate, and have been employed only a year or so. I have no interest in wealth being showered upon me; I want to feel I have earned it myself. I think you can understand. I told Mr. Wilderman what I have just told you. He was unhappy when we parted."

"I see we could have done better, Sylvia," I said. "From now on, we can make sure people are honest in what they tell us when they apply for membership. We would never have recommended him for you, if we had known his age."

"I believe you," she said. "I know you're new with this business. And I appreciate that you are trying to do the best you can. Let me tell you about person number two."

"I can't wait," I murmured.

The second person I met was Jimmy Williams. He was 21. Was still living at home with his parents though they were urging him to get married. Although he had been trying to find a good job since he had graduated from high school, he wasn't able to get much more challenging work than flipping hamburgers. He was not interested in furthering his education. He couldn't do anything for himself. He relied on his parents for choosing his clothing, what he read, even what he should have for dessert after dinner. He fit the classic description of a mommy's boy.

We had coffee at a diner I had needed to choose myself. And, I paid the check. I think males nowadays should remain mommy's boys for only so long as is necessary. Getting a solid education is essential for anyone who wants to forge ahead or get married. I think Jimmy's parents were advising him to marry so they could cease having to take care of him. Well, I think I do want a mommy's boy in my life, but only after I have found a man I love, and we can make one of our own. Only, he would be a mommy's and daddy's boy at that time. Don't you agree what I'm saying makes sense?

"I surely do!" I said, and meant every word. Grace Randolph and I should have fully understood the personalities of the persons we referred to our clients. "Sylvia, we made a mistake with Jimmy Williams," I said. "I sincerely apologize!"

"Apology accepted!" she said. "Now, my third story is about Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Grimley!" She paused awaiting my reaction.

"Mr. and Mrs.?" I asked, profoundly perplexed.

"Yes," she said. "When you vetted him, did you ask whether he was married and/or living with his wife?"

"No," I responded. "What would be the point? We assumed he was single or divorced!"

"You know what they say about people who assume," she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Yes, I do," I admitted reluctantly.

"Let me tell you about it," she said.

Mr. Grimley phoned and we chatted. He seemed like a solid citizen. He was a vice-president at Alden & Company, a devout worshipper at Mercy Church, a philanthropist, and much more. I couldn't believe my ears. He offered to meet with me at Stockdale's Steak House for a leisurely dinner while we chatted about us! It turned out that us meant three people. He came to dinner with his wife!

She paused for a few seconds. I was stunned! Then she continued.

I was bewildered, bemused, and befuddled. While in this state, I was introduced to Maggie, Mr. Grimley's wife. The server led us to a table and we sat. Wondering whether I should shout the only vulgar word I knew, or simply get up and walk out, I finally decided to ride out the event feeling this situation was too out of the ordinary to ignore.

"Ms. Allen," he said. "I know the presence of Mrs. Grimley, here with me, must be a surprise to you. I glared at him. Maggie and I have been happily married for several years, but she has been advised she cannot undergo childbirth. We desperately desire a child. Would you agree to be a surrogate mother for her and me. This would be a blessing to us. We are wealthy and can pay you whatever you ask."

I was flustered trying to find words to express how I felt. He kept talking. "I would be willing to take whatever legalities are needed, a temporary marriage with you, a quick divorce, . . ."

That's when I was able to find my resolve and stood. Facing only him, much to my surprise, I said calmly, "I must respond, no, to your request. I understand how important this is to you and your wife. You're asking the wrong person at the wrong time for this undertaking. Let's enjoy dinner while we discuss various ways you can accomplish your objective without involving me." We did exactly that and, I think, we arrived at a plan the couple could use.

"That was very gracious of you," I commented. "You could have castigated them soundly, and no one would have criticized you."

"Yes, I could have done what you say, but when I made my last statement, its tone was lenient because I realized I had deceived you in much the same way."

"You deceived me, Sylvia? How?"

"I applied for membership with Prime Date Introductions under false pretenses. I've been dating casually and have had no trouble getting all the dates I want, but I wanted to get an inside look at your service."

"Why would you want that?"

"I've been working as a freelance writer since I got out of college. Recently, I offered to do an exposé on dating services for the Evening Express and my offer was accepted. Prime Date Introductions was to be my first victim. While speaking to the Grimleys, I suddenly realized I was attempting to deceive you in the same way the couple had deceived me. Suddenly, I realized how wrong this was and regretted what I was doing. I decided I should try to help the couple instead of reproaching them. I'm glad I did, because, what I did for them made me feel better."

"What you've been telling me is astonishing," I said to her.

"There's more!" she said.


"Tim, I've come to like you. I believe you are sincerely trying to provide an honest service," she said. "You told me, you are losing Ms. Randolph. I would like to take her place, and help make a success of your dating service!"

"And the exposé?"

"I'd rather work with you than against you!"

"I can't tell you how much I welcome what you've said, Sylvia, and happily accept your offer. And now, it's my turn to confess. Since I first saw the picture you submitted when you applied for membership, I've been strongly attracted to you. May I take you to that fateful steakhouse where you made so many important decisions?"

She said yes! With her help, the quality of my referrals to clients improved greatly. Prime Date Introductions is currently doing very well! She and I began dating and were married a year later. We're expecting a child, and are hoping it will be a prodigious mommy's and daddy's boy!

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