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About this book:

Kaden Prescott is stunned to discover hundreds of adult spanking photos and stories on Lacey’s computer--not to mention a bit hurt she didn't confide in him with her secret kink. He decides to give her exactly what she’s been craving, and the act of scolding her, turning her over his knee, and spanking her bare bottom sets their passion ablaze.

Lacey knows she should've confessed her obsession with all-things-spanking to Kaden a long time ago. She's thrilled when he finally spanks her, and even more so when he promises a naughty Valentine's Day surprise. But will she be able to handle the stern Lord Prescott who has replaced her fiancé, who waits with an intimidating leather strap in hand?

Publisher’s Note: His Naughty Valentine is a short story that contains spanking, roleplay, sexual scenes, and a laptop that could probably use a virus checkup. If such material offends you, please don’t purchase this book.


“Good girl. Now lift your skirt up and place yourself across my lap.”

Watching the lines of distress appear on her face, in combination with her obvious excitement, gave Kaden a heady sense of power. Anticipation hummed through his senses as she obeyed, lifting her skirt to gather at her waist. Her black thigh highs and matching black thong looked lovely against her pale, flawless skin. God, she was sexy—and all his.

She made to go over his lap, hesitating for only a second before settling into place. Remembering the many pictures in the otk folder on her computer, which he discovered was an acronym for over-the-knee, he wrapped one leg over hers and positioned her bottom high while she rested her head on the couch. He rubbed her flesh, all the way from her upper thighs to her backside, eliciting a shiver and a small gasp from her.

The images on her laptop raced through his thoughts, as well as the many stories he’d read. In most of the stories, the man had scolded the woman before the spanking. Perhaps he should do the same. But first—he traced the line of her thong, down her crevice and lower, where he brushed a finger across the slip of fabric that covered her pussy. She jerked slightly, but he strengthened his hold and slipped a finger underneath the flimsy protection to explore her folds.

She was soaking wet.

Kaden groaned. “Oh, Lacey. You’re turned on right now. Aren’t you?” He shoved a digit inside her tight channel, exploring her further.

“I-I don’t know.”

“Don’t lie to me, young lady. You do know.” He easily moved a second finger into her wet entrance and pumped a few times, demonstrating the level of her arousal. “The evidence speaks for itself, no? You’re all hot and wet down here. I bet you feel an urgent ache and you’re longing for me to touch your clit.”

She whimpered but didn’t respond.

Time for her scolding. Kaden withdrew his delving fingers, teasing her with a brief feather light graze over her engorged clit, and cupped her bottom cheeks. “Now then, you cursed at me twice today, little girl. Do you think that’s appropriate behavior for a lady, especially toward her fiancé?”

“I’m sorry,” she replied in a small breathless voice.

“You deserve a spanking, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

Chapter One

Why am I such a coward?

Lacey stood in her bedroom, staring at the ring on her finger. Sunlight streamed through the window and reflected brilliantly off the surface of the two-carat princess cut diamond.

She was all ready for work, but hadn’t yet summoned the courage to walk downstairs and face her fiancé. Not because he’d done anything wrong, and not because they’d had a recent fight. If anything, they’d been getting along great lately. All was outwardly well between them, but outwardly was the key word.

She swallowed past the sudden burning in her throat.

Why hadn’t she shared her big secret yet?

She’d promised herself she would confess everything over the weekend, but now it was Monday morning and she hadn’t yet breathed a word to Kaden.

Her eventual admission would likely change their relationship, but she wasn’t sure whether that change would be good or bad. She hadn’t done anything serious, like cheat on him, or rack up a huge credit card bill, or hide a criminal record. But the secret she had harbored for months and months was now eating her alive.

She heard Kaden clattering around in the kitchen, and a few seconds later the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted upstairs. Time to go. She’d dallied long enough.

This week. You’ll stop being a fucking coward and tell him this week.

Another promise to herself. Would she break it too, like all the rest?

After taking a deep breath, she plastered a smile on her face and ventured downstairs, all the while trying to will away the knots in her stomach.

* * *

Kaden stumbled into the kitchen, groggy and still in his pajamas. He glanced at the clock and hurried to get the coffee brewing. Although he was working from home today, he had a conference call at eight that couldn’t be missed. In twenty minutes, he had to be webcam-presentable.

As he poured two cups of coffee, his fiancé, Lacey, breezed into the kitchen. Impeccably dressed in a snug black blouse, a form-fitting pink skirt, and a pair of heels, her blue eyes sparkled with energy.

“Aw, look at that sour face.” She reached for a granola bar in the cabinets. “Someone has a case of the Mondays.”

Kaden’s only response was an unintelligible grunt. Before she left though, he summoned up enough personality to give her a goodbye hug and kiss, as well as a rather hard but playful swat to her bottom.

“Drive careful, baby. Love you.”

“I always do. Love you too.”

Time to hurry. He downed his coffee and showered in record time. As he dressed, he paired the top half of a suit with a pair of workout pants. He only bothered to wear the matching dress pants on days he went into the office, a quirk Lacey found endearing. Nothing made her happier than to return home to a man wearing half a suit. Of course, that was probably because she enjoyed ripping his mismatched clothes off.

While he waited in his office for the web conference to go live, he sipped at a second cup of coffee with his mind on his beautiful fiancé. In six months, they would be married. He couldn’t fucking wait, and his heart filled with warmth at the thought of spending the rest of his life with Lacey. Caring and beautiful, as well as intelligent and successful, he considered her the most perfect woman on the face of the Earth. He also considered himself beyond lucky to have found her.

“Dammit!” Kaden hissed as he evacuated his desk area. Hot coffee soaked through his pants, covering his nether region. Sonofabitch. He eyed his watch. No time to change.

With a frustrated sigh, he stripped off the wet clothing, including his boxers. His thighs were red, but at least his manhood had escaped intact and no coffee had splashed onto his half-a-suit. But his relief was short-lived.

A sizzling noise drew his attention back to his laptop. Fuck fuck motherfuck. Half of the coffee had spilled directly on his keyboard. He cursed again and gave his computer a shake, but the screen morphed into an array of colors before going black.

He ran a hand through his hair and shot out of his office in search of Lacey’s laptop.

Through the house he hurried, nude from the waist down and pissed as hell.

The grandfather clock in the living room, an early wedding present from Lacey’s parents, chimed eight times as he ransacked the house, trying to remember the last place she’d used her computer. It was bright pink. How hard could it be to find?

Finally, he located her laptop on her bedside table. He booted it up as he rushed to his office. The web meeting had already begun.

But Kaden got an eyeful when the desktop blinked to life. Several pictures were open, the screens positioned in a rectangle, as if placed precisely in location so all of them could be viewed simultaneously. Of course it was the subject matter of those pictures that caused Kaden’s eyes to grow wide—and his pulse to race.


Lacey had porn on her computer. He squinted as he examined each picture. Okay, maybe it wasn’t technically porn. All the images portrayed a man spanking a woman. None of the people were completely naked or depicted in a sex act. And only one of the pictures showed a hint of pussy lips. The men were all fully clothed. Unlike Kaden, who was having a pants-optional day.

Holy shit. His pulse raced faster. Was Lacey into spanking? He gawked, open mouthed, at one picture of a nervous looking woman bent over a desk with her skirt raised. Her bottom was red and a man stood to her side, with a long wooden paddle in hand.

Kaden’s palm tingled as he imagined turning Lacey’s backside pink, or even bright red. He wasn’t opposed to the idea; it had just honestly never occurred to him. Their sex life was exceedingly satisfying. Or so he thought. But maybe she longed for more.

He minimized the pictures, replaced the coffee-logged laptop on his desk with Lacey’s, then joined the meeting five minutes late.

His company distributed medical supply equipment to hospitals and doctors’ offices, and today’s meeting was an important one. Their rival medical supply company was currently under investigation for knowingly distributing faulty products, and now was the perfect time to seal partnerships with new clients. He stared at the men and women seated at an oval table in an office in a high rise building in New York City, and hoped he didn’t babble like an idiot. Normally he was calm and confident during a meeting or a presentation, but the images he’d discovered on his fiancé’s laptop had shaken him in more ways than one.

Lacey liked spanking and he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Somehow, despite seeing a bright red spanked bottom every time he blinked, he managed to get through the meeting and secured a new deal for his company. Without pants, no less. After the meeting concluded, feeling victorious, he found a fresh pair of workout pants and settled back down at Lacey’s laptop, intent to explore.

He paused for a brief moment. Guilt nagged at him. He should respect her privacy, close up her laptop, and walk away. But what if she wasn’t satisfied with their relationship? He had to know.

A quick search of her hard drive produced thousands of pictures. In fact, the spanking pictures were organized in a hidden folder. The folders within had names like hairbrush, paddle, otk, caning, belt, and corner time. Another hidden folder contained stories about spanking. Kaden scanned some of the stories, his mind open and his cock painfully engorged. Many of the stories were historical and it seemed Lacey had a penchant for the Regency and Victorian eras.

His thoughts traveled to the playful slaps he often gave Lacey. Now that he considered it, a strange look entered her eyes on occasion. Not to mention a beautiful flushing of her face.

He ran a hand through his hair. God, he was an idiot. How had he not seen it before?

Lacey had a little secret.

A naughty secret.

Why hadn’t she told him? Almost seventy-five percent of her hard drive was taken up by spanking pictures and stories. This was no passing fancy. It hurt that she hadn’t shared her kink with him. What was holding her back?

He released a long breath, realization dawning. Maybe she was too embarrassed to confess her naughty secret, and maybe she worried he wouldn’t accept her kink. Whatever her reasons for remaining quiet, he was determined to show her how accepting he could be.

He perused the pictures one last time, a plan forming in his mind.

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