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Breaking Point

Ops Warriors

Book Eight

by Harley McRide

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LORD, thank you for the open air, the feel of wind blowing through my hair;

Just me alone upon my bike, the thrill of freedom's what I like.

To wind through country unexplored, not knowing what I'll see next LORD;

That's what I seek when off I ride,

I'm thankful that you're by my side.

If I should ride 'til morning's light, please keep me safe throughout the night;

And when I've come to journey's end,

It's you I'll thank - protector, FRIEND

-Author Unknown

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Lt. Danielle “Hellcat”’ Murry or just Dani, walked into her office and looked around. She was so fucking done with those assholes, Dani had given them so many chances. Ugh, what the fuck was wrong with them? Seriously, she was confident if she gave them an ultimatum they would make their move, but what had they done? Fucking nothing! They had stood there and let her walk out the fucking door without a peep. Bastards. Well, she was done, fucking done, they could fuck right off, and she would not give a shit. Ugh, she was so frustrated, it was annoying and infuriating all in one. If she could kick their ass she would, but realistically, Dani couldn’t kick their ass, she didn’t think anyone in the Ops could, which meant she was going to have to deal with it.

She slammed her office door and walked around her desk. She was considered support even though her job was so not just support, like everything else in the military, the job description was lacking. Sadly, they couldn’t write out every single thing you were required to do when writing the job description. It wasn’t easy to list it all, she knew. Dani gathered intel, helped plan missions, and set up the extraction of the teams. She was the eyes and ears of the units assigned to her during the missions. She may not be physically involved, but she was on the com with them during the whole thing.

Dani did her job, and she did it well. Her call sign “Boner,”—yes, you heard right “Boner,”—was given to her when she was the Pirates’ operator. Currently, she was the most requested operator in the area, as well as the highest-ranking officer in the section. She had fought her way up to where she was, which was saying a lot considering the talent in her division. Each of the men and women who were assigned as an operator of missions had rigorous training; they held the lives of the soldiers on a mission in their hands. It was stressful, and once someone made it through the training, then they were stationed stateside for a year or more. Dani had moved up quickly because she had proven she could think on her feet. More than one mission had been saved due to what she did. She was proud of her service. She loved what she did, hell, the only downside was missing her sister who was a helicopter pilot.

Dani knew how to separate work from social, not that there were tons of places to go out for a drink in the Middle East, it was the principle, though. She didn’t ask them for the fucking moon, just a fucking shot to make this last. Being overseas and developing a relationship sucked, mostly because this was not the real world, it was stressful, lonely, and could sometimes be scary as shit. The people you worked side by with side could be there one day and gone the next. Dani had seen a few of her fellow workers become casualties of this fucking place. Before even meeting a team called the Warriors, Dani had become hardened to the war, the shit she had seen as an operator, was horrid.

From the moment she saw Captain Jack Jackman, otherwise known as Jack-Jack and Captain Robert Jenson who was known as Slick, she just knew the rumors about the group they called the Warriors had been true. She had found that out when she approached Slick one night when he had been surprisingly on his own. He set her straight and, instead of being put off, Dani had been interested. She knew he expected her to freak out, but she had shrugged and walked away, determined to get them together and ask. Jack-Jack had always been with him, Dani had been attracted to both, which at first scared the shit out of her. However, being around the group she knew they were different, but it didn’t bother her; in fact, it kinda intrigued her, but the assholes didn’t think she was good enough for something more than a ‘tour fuck.’ Or worldly enough to know what it was like on the outside for people who lived a ménage lifestyle Who the fuck knew, but she wasn’t going to wait around for them to sort their shit dammit.

Dani plopped in her chair, she loved her job and hated her job. If things went wrong with a mission, she always blamed herself. Part of her job was communicating and listening to the team’s communications while they were on a mission. Which is when she fell in love with Jack-Jack and Slick. From the first time she heard their voices, she was interested. But it wasn’t until she listened to the way they handled the missions, that she realized it was the loyalty they had for their team. Then when she met them and saw their rough, gorgeous faces, she was lost.

Both had dark hair, though Slick’s was darker, almost jet black. They were the same height, over six foot, and their shoulders were broad, and their waists were small. They looked like a GI Joe doll that she used to love when she was smaller. She was in the desert doing her job, and she was not here for an emotional entanglement, but dammit, she just couldn’t control herself when she was around them, it felt so right. Fuck, she had left herself open for heartache.

Dani had gotten her orders three days ago; she was leaving, going home, her tour was up. She knew what she wanted, the guys were only here for six more months, and Dani wanted to be there waiting for them when they got home. Finally, she had a chance to show them she was ready to take this relationship home, and then they go and blow her off. Like she didn’t mean a damn thing to them. Well, they could fuck right off, she was not going to be that clingy bitch. But she was going to draw the line at being their fuck toy, as JJ so gracefully put it last night when she finally caught up with them. Fuck them, Dani was not going to be their whatever the fuck they wanted to call it.

She pulled out her calendar. She had three weeks, then she was gone. Well, until then, she would be working for another team. She had the choice of the missions she took, hell, she assigned the missions to the operators around here. Dani glanced and then sighed, she was going to take the Stripers, they had three missions, and it would take her through the end of her tour. Perfect.

Putting it on the board, she stepped back and nodded. She stared at the last mission she did with the Warriors, it had been particularly rough. All the guys had been involved, and the man they were sent into to take out had not been where the intel said, it had turned into a trap. Dani turned and took one step, and that was the last thing she remembered.

Chapter One

Jack-Jack slammed his hand against the table and said, “I do not give one fuck if she doesn’t want to see us. She is going to.”

Slick nodded, and they looked at the rest of the Ops Warriors who were in the meeting room. JJ and Slick usually didn’t say a damn word in these meetings. Creed and Fork used them in the last case scenario for everything. Why, because JJ and Slick were stone-cold killers and they made no excuses for it. Both men had been trained by the military to go into situations no one else could go in to. The two had thrived in that environment. When they were assigned to the Warriors’ team, Creed had wondered at the time if either of them gave a shit about living. Fortunately, they soon discovered they did.

Slick and JJ were cut from a different cloth than most men, they were cold and calculating, and they were loyal to a fault. No one would ever question them having their back because, in every situation, both men always did. They worked in the background where no one knew they were. For weeks, hell, months on end, the duo would disappear only to reappear with information the Ops needed. Creed never asked how or why, mostly because he didn’t want the answer.

JJ and Slick share a relationship only men who went through some serious shit together could forge. When they had been in training the higher-ups had seen something in them, both had scored high on the sniper range, but then, they had also scored high on hand-to-hand combat and logistics. All of that combined meant they were lethal weapons they could use in unique situations. In other words, jobs they did not want to be publicized and were best done under deep cover. They hadn’t approached the duo until they had been in the Middle East for a little more than six months. The high-ranking officials kept close watch of their teams and noticed what the two did in certain situations. It had impressed them.

Before a particular mission where the Ops was ordered to take out a high ranking official in Al Qaeda, the higher-ups had another target. One they didn’t want on the books. A man who apparently made a habit of helping the insurgents while seemingly playing at helping the NATO contingency wipe out the terrorists. JJ and Slick were ordered to break from their team and take care of the problem. They had done so without blinking. No one was the wiser on who had done it because JJ and Slick were like ghosts when they wanted to be. That was how it began.

The only time any of the Ops saw any emotion from JJ and Slick was when they were with Dani. The first time was overseas, Creed knew the moment his two friends saw Dani she was it. There was no one else. Why they fucked it up, he had no clue. JJ and Slick never talked about Dani, Creed only could see the difference when they were with her. JJ and Slick seemed more grounded, calmer, not like ticking time bombs. When she was injured, Creed had known they loved the operator, yet they let her go. He didn’t ask questions back then, now, he had to because there were a lot more people involved, and none of them wanted JJ or Slick near Dani.

“Guys, listen, I don’t know what happened before, but Dani is finally getting her memory back. She is still not back to normal, she needs time. Since she is under my protection, I think she needs to go with Doc and Fish as they requested,” Creed said, and JJ growled.

“You know she is ours, she has been for a long time. We are not going to sit back and let her leave the compound, we told you we were claiming her,” Slick snapped, and Creed sighed and ran a hand down the back of his neck staring at the two men who had been stubbornly saying the same thing for the last hour. Everything Creed noted, they had shot down and argued about.

Well, then you’re going to need to give me an alternate plan, ‘cause Doc, and the Satan’s Sisters are adamant that Dani needs to be the one who makes the call on what’s going on. They’re asking her to come to the Furies’ compound until she figures out what she wants to do. I’m inclined to agree with them.”

“Yeah well, that doesn’t work for us considering she wants nothing to do with us since she’s focused on what happened just before she left the desert. So, while I get where you are all coming from, that is not acceptable. We need fucking time,” Jack said slowly, and then Slick nodded and growled.

“Jack is being nice. For my part, I don’t give a shit about the Furies and the Satan’s Sisters, they do not affect me. Dani is our priority, and I will be damned if we back off now. Tough shit if they don’t like it.”

Kink shook his head. “Brothers, you gave up that right when you refused to claim her when she asked you to. I sympathize with your situation, but I hate to be the one to point out, it’s your fault to begin with. She’s stuck in that time, and you guys had rejected her. It sucks, but dammit, that is where you’re at with her.”

Slick turned and stepped forward, and Jack grabbed his friend’s arm. They both could be loose cannons when needed, and right now it wasn’t required. This was probably the most they had spoken in a club meeting ever. They followed orders when needed, or else they secluded themselves from everyone. It wasn’t something they intended to do, it just turned out that way. No one was going to stand in their way when they wanted something, not even a brother. Dani was theirs, and nothing was going to change that.

“Listen,” Jack said with a growl. “We all know what happened overseas, we fucked up. We didn’t want to put her in any more danger than what she already was over there. And you and I know she would have been. Hell, we couldn’t even guarantee nothing would happen with us leaving her alone. Plus, if anyone figured she was our weakness, it would have been bad.”

Slick nodded. “You know what we did, and you know how we did it. Fuck, there was no way we were going to start a relationship with that shit swirling around us.”

Creed was silent, he knew what secret missions they went on, but not until after they had been in the unit for a while. And only then because both had come back with injuries on one mission. Finally, Creed had made the higher-ups answer a few questions about them. They were vague, but Creed had gotten the gist of it, because of that he had made sure he watched the two men. He knew both men held dark secrets that made them so detached from everyone. They were also stone-cold killers, and since their time in the military, they had only become more intense. Probably because a piece of them was taken away with each mission. Only someone who had been in the military could understand these men. When Slick and JJ had come to their unit Creed had been briefed on the two men, but they had left a fuck of a lot out of that briefing. He was told they were a sniper team, but they were so much more than that. Creed had seen it in their eyes, and when they disappeared for a few days and then showed back up unexpectedly looking like they had been on a five-day bender, they had all just let them go to their tent and relax. A day later the duo would emerge and act as if nothing happened. Hell, Creed could think of a few times they had seemed almost satisfied when they returned. He knew then the two men were dangerous, but they were still his brothers-in-arms, and he knew they had loyalty to their unit and its members. He also knew they needed a group to ground them, a family, and the Ops Warriors were that family. Now wasn’t different, but it was time for the two to talk about what happened overseas, or they would never be free of it.

“Yeah, we know what you were and what you did. However, that is not who you were before and after. You are not those people anymore,” Creed said firmly.

Maxi leaned over the table and caught both of their eyes, and he said, “I could have done what you did over there. Instead, I dealt with the ones who were captured, not killed. But we are cut from the same cloth; the difference is, I used humor to keep people away, you guys have the whole brooding thing going on.”

JJ rolled his eyes, “Yeah, I get it, the whole thing is in the past.”

Maxi shook his head, “Fuck no, it isn’t in the past, it is right there in front of your face, and until you two decide it’s time to face it head on, you are going to be shit out of luck with Hellcat. She is stubborn, and you know it. So, for right now, I have to agree with the others, Doc and the Sisters probably would be best for her right now.”

Slick growled and snapped, “You don’t know shit.”

JJ leaned close to his friend and said quietly, “We need to explain.”

Slick growled and looked around the room. “I thought that was why we joined this MC, they were accepting, and just let us be us. Now the rules are changing?”

JJ sighed and said, “Not the rules, more like if we want to change with Hellcat, then we need to let the past be put to rest once and for all.”

Slick sighed and ran a hand down the back of his neck. “We had a mission before Dani gave us the ultimatum of either claiming her or never seeing her again. On those missions we didn’t have a handler, if we were caught out in the cold with our pants down, it was our fault. Let’s just say, we got caught with our pants halfway down and afterward, JJ and I had targets on our backs. Until we finished the job, no one around us was going to be safe. Honestly, Dani had shitty timing on calling us out, ‘cause any other time she would not have had to go that far, we would have taken what we knew was ours. The specifics, you seriously don’t want to know about. The missions were intense, and yeah, it fucked us up, but being back here, we have worked through a lot of it alone. We still aren’t allowed to talk about the missions we were on specifically. Which is why we worked through them alone. Trust me, it wasn’t a picnic to go through some of those missions. They left marks on us, not physical ones either. But honest to God, we are ready for this.”

Creed and their other brothers in the club leaned back and waited for them to continue to explain. JJ snapped, “You know us, we would not be doing this now unless we were serious.”

“Or you could be thinking that maybe you can keep her safe if you make your claim,” Fork said slowly. “We know how close you were to her, but we also know what you did ripped something out of you. We want to help you, God, we have tried to help you over and over. But we need to make sure Dani will be taken care of.

JJ frowned and leaned over and braced his hands on the table his president and vice were sitting behind, and he growled. “Are you fucking kidding me? You are questioning us?”

Creed sighed and said, “Brother, shit is about to get real in this fucking club. You know it, and I know it. The storm that is coming is gonna be vicious. We need to be prepared, to do that, we need to be on our toes and not distracted. The Black Hearts are going to be ruthless; those are going to be their orders, we know it, fuck, everyone knows it. Dani is awesome. She will always be the voice in our heads that helped us out. She was part of the Warriors overseas, not here. The Satan’s Sisters and the Furies are the ones who say she is part of their club. We have to respect that. Doc and Fish are going to be here soon to talk to her. They made it clear we are not to intervene, or they will be unhappy. You know right now we need their help. We can’t afford to piss them off right now. We know Fling wouldn’t abandon us, but we don’t want to hurt our relationship with them at this juncture, we haven’t been partners for long.”

JJ snapped, “Why didn’t you warn us, we need to get…”

Creed shook his head. “No, you need to sit down and listen to us. We know how you feel, but shit needs to be done.”

Slick glared at them. “Yeah, like moving Dani to our house so we can deal with this now. I am sick of waiting, she belongs to us, and you all fucking know it because we told you. Now, we are not letting her leave and go with the Sisters and the Furies. She is an Ops Warriors and will remain here.”

Creed stared at the two intently. JJ knew he was looking to see how dangerous they were. Nothing new there. From the night Dani was brought in, and they claimed her, their mind had been made up. They were done staying away. They had already decided before she had been dumped on their front doorstep to go after her. Unfortunately, they were too late. But they would not be too late again.

They both knew if they let her leave the compound, she would never allow them to see her again. That wasn’t fucking happening, she was theirs, and now they just had to convince her and explain to her why they had let her go in the first place.

Slick and JJ met their gazes and didn’t blink, most men would look away, but Creed and the rest of the club knew the two men. This was their way of telling them they were serious and would do what they had to, to make sure Dani would remain on their side of the fence.

When they did their missions, each one had taken a piece of their soul, not because of what they did, although God knew it took a toll on them to take lives, to be honest, the ones they killed deserved it. They were men and women who preyed on young children, women or men; who bought illegal guns; who murdered the innocent; who were the dregs of society—and it didn’t bother either man. What did bother them were the people they couldn’t bring with them to help them build a new life. The people who were the victims of the men or women. The haunting looks on their faces, or the grateful grips on their hands, it was heartbreaking. And when the victims had that lost look in their eyes like what the fuck were they supposed to do now, both Slick and JJ had been torn. They had been told what to do, kill the person and get the fuck out. Leave no traces of their existence, but there were traces, the people had seen them. On most missions, they had gone into where their target was in the middle of the night. JJ and Slick had discovered, in the most unpleasant of ways, that it was when the pricks and cunts liked to torture their victims or slaves.

JJ and Slick had become immune to the things they saw, they had to, or it would have driven them mad. Instead, they had violated orders, JJ and Slick had made sure if there were victims of these assholes, they were taken care of at least for the first step of their release from hell. Which was why they were gone longer than they should have been and also why they had targets placed on their backs more often than not after a mission. The higher-ups hadn’t been happy about that, but JJ and Slick had ignored their displeasure. There was no way they could leave the people like that, but it still took everything out of them not to make sure they were completely safe because as they found out, even helping them with that first step, didn’t always help get people where they should be safe.

JJ could think of several specific people, but one stood out. A young boy who they had found being raped by a man they had killed. JJ and Slick had enjoyed killing that motherfucker when they had walked in on that scene. The boy had been ten, and the man had been disgustingly perverted. There was no way to explain the shit they saw in that room, or the look on the young man’s face when they had rescued him. They had helped the boy get to a village two days trek from where they had saved him. They left him with the leader of the town, with money and instructions with the man on what to do. Apparently, that leader was just as dirty, although they had not known that. The boy had been resold to another degenerate. When JJ and Slick had found out, they had gone for the boy yet again. Only this time, they had been too late. The boy had been killed before they arrived by the sick fucker who bought him. JJ and Slick had dealt their own kind of justice, which they would never speak about, but it equaled what the boy had been put through in spades. That day they had lost a huge piece of their soul when they had dug up the dead body of the boy, taken it to a temple in the village, and paid for a funeral. The boy had been buried while JJ and Slick had been the only ones in attendance, but at least someone had been there. Before they had left, the men had gone back to the grave often, making sure it was clean and had flowers, and small tokens laid on its site for the boy. By the end of their tour, they had six graves they visited, and six young lives cut short because of mistakes they had made. It tore them up and followed them. When they arrived back to the states, it had been hard living with it, mostly because they couldn’t pay their penance here. They couldn’t go to the graves and say they were sorry.

They knew they were broken, but they also knew that Dani could heal some of what was torn. They knew because of the way they felt when they were with her as if everything they had ever done was enough for anyone. When she talked to them about their missions as if she knew what they were thinking, how they had a hard time forgiving themselves, but she gave them that out. She told them it was not their fault, but the bastards who took the innocent people. Even though the innocent had died, they’d been given a chance they would never have had. Because of JJ and Slick, it was apparently a no-brainer to Dani that they were heroes, not selfish bastards. She saw something in them that they didn’t see, but they needed to see. Their humanity, she held it in her hands. They looked at their leader and their club, they would die for any member in this room, they all knew it, but they had a hard time being around them in this large group. Hell, to be honest, they had a hard time in any large group. The two men kept to themselves, but if the Ops needed anything they would go to the ends of the earth to do it. They were working on trying to be more normal.

Creed sighed loudly and then looked around the room. “Well, guys, we best go intercept Doc and Fish. Pretty sure they intend on just picking Dani up and leaving.”

Slick and JJ moved as one toward the door with a determined look on their faces. Creed looked at Fork and grimaced, they both knew this wasn’t going to go well. This could drive a wedge between the two clubs in a way it may not be able to be repaired. Fuck, they needed to get Shady and the other women, maybe they would be able to help with Doc who was going to be their biggest obstacle.

Slick paused in the hallway and stared at his brothers and said, “Thanks for having our backs in this.”

Creed nodded and said, “We do, but you fuck this shit up, we all may take turns kicking your asses.”

JJ grinned weirdly, but at least he was trying and said, “As long as Maxi doesn’t get out the ‘Boo Box.’

“Just so you know it is a possibility,” Maxi said softly and moved out of the room and down the hall in the opposite direction as Dani’s room.

“Where are you going?” Fork called.

Maxi said over his shoulder, “Going to get the girls because God knows we can’t punch Doc if she gets in our way. But Shay and Harmony would be happy to take that role right about now. They’re still a little pissed about the whole Fish thing.”

Creed muttered under his breath, “Yeah, been bitchin’ for weeks.”

Chapter Two

Doc smiled at Freedom and said, “How is Rebel doing?”

“She’s ready for the surgery, sucks with all this shit going down right now that she has to have the surgery in LA. Shark and Blade are getting help from the Blood Eagles with security. The hospital tries to ignore them as much as possible,” Freedom said and then shook her head sadly. “I hate she’s all alone right now. Shady and the girls have been sending stuff to keep her busy. She has completed her chemo and will be back in a few days for about two weeks before the surgery. If the Black Hearts hit during that time, she will be protected, but she also wants a piece of the action. Bitch thinks she’s invincible.”

“Her dad is the one who’s having the hardest with what’s going on. Rebel said he was driving her nuts with his guilt trip, he wants to take care of the vengeance of her mom. Apparently, this has been an argument with the whole club. The day they hit the Blood Eagles, shit was intense, and right now, all of them want in on the action. I think Creed and Fork are going to have a hard time taming that bunch. She will be happy to get back here and make her dad focus on something else,” Harmony snorted, and they laughed.

“The second set of Eagles are arriving tonight. The rest will be here at around the same time. Once they heard about Rebel, the whole fucking club decided they needed to be here. So be ready for that invasion. Rebel said to make sure the bar was stocked, it was the first time in months they have all been together. I think they will all fit into the five guest houses, but we’ll see.”

“You can send some over to the Furies,” Doc said with a grin. “We have a few more rooms.”

“Hey yeah, especially if they are single,” Marbles said with a grin.

Rain shook her head, “You not getting any from the Furies?”

Marbles sighed, “Nope, none of them trip my trigger if you know what I mean.”

Well, you can come over and be part of the welcome wagon,” Shady said with a chuckle.

Doc leaned forward, nodded, and then said, “Anything you need, just ask.”

Shady nodded, “So we ready for this? She is going to be pissed you know.”

Harmony snorted, “Yeah, look at us all being nice and cooperating with each other and shit. I mean, my men are gonna be shocked we are being so nice. And yeah, she is gonna be pissed, but they forced our hand. Damn, how the fuck long do we need to sit and watch them dance around each other. Dani is using her incident like a fucking shield, and JJ and Slick, they’re being pussies as far as I’m concerned.”

“You have never seen her pissed, she can be a bitch on wheels,” Doc said dryly. “Do you still have my picture up in your house throwing darts at it? Or because we are being so friendly here, you have decided to take it down.”

Harmony laughed out loud and said, “Nah, took that down when we settled our shit. Figured it would be in bad taste if my little brother or sister would come over to the house and play. Besides, Dad was getting pissed about the whole thing. He is so sensitive now, I’m not sure I like that.”

Doc rolled her eyes, and then Marbles stepped forward. “When are we gonna let the guys know that we have finally sorted the shit out? I mean, I would like to be able to come over for a beer, especially since the Blood Eagles are gonna be here.”

Shady chuckled and then waved her hand. “You will be welcome anytime. The other situation has dragged on for long enough. Hell, we’re just waiting for Slick and JJ to pull their heads out of their asses, and apparently, that didn’t work. I swear, it’s like pulling teeth to get those men to fucking do something.”

Doc nodded. “Fish is the same way, hell, I finally had to demand he tell Creed and Fork we were taking Dani. He kept avoiding it, not wanting to make waves for now. But shit, I am sick and tired of watching Dani not move forward and make any more progress. The shrink said Dani needed something to get her back to normal, the stuttering was from the head injury for sure at first, now, it’s all in her head. She needs to snap the fuck out of it. I just hope the idiots actually get pissed about this.”

Shady shrugged. “Please, these men make such a big deal outta shit. I mean, they took Jas outta the hospital and brought her back here and hired a private doc to make sure she was following orders. We put her over on the Furies compound for now, so she wouldn’t be easy to find. It’s all cool, but Cajun and Slider hover, Jas is ready to shank one of them if they try to make her eat any more broth. The way I figure it if we left this shit up to the guys they would say finding my psycho mother is a priority, not making sure Dani, Slick, and JJ actually get a chance here. Well, they are stupid, my mother is going to do what she wants when she wants, and how she wants. Until then, we are prepared, but I refuse to let her rule my life. Hell, Free, Harm, and I are about to pop in a month. Let’s be real if there is a way my mother can fuck something up she will. But that doesn’t mean we need to stop living. Ugh, I am sick of staying inside all the time. I mean, if we want something we have to ask. And what really pisses me off, they don’t fucking understand when I want a cherry Slurpee I want it like now. But by the time they get it, then I want some nachos. It fucking sucks that I can’t go out and do that by myself. It pisses me off.”

Doc nodded. “Oh yeah, I am with you on that. Is there any word at all on where the cunt is?”

Rain shook her head. “Fuck no, we have been looking everywhere and nothing. We had to shut down our work helping women escape their abusers. So Boony has been searching for the cunt online. So far nothing. She hasn’t made any moves since the last one.”

“I for one am ready,” Treat said and pulled up her leather pant leg and showed them her gun.

“We all are,” Bob growled and then continued, “however, I am about ready to kill Bear who keeps taking Ray Ray with him everywhere he goes. He says he will make sure she is safe. Then before I walk out of the door, he makes sure I have my GPS turned on my phone, my gun, my knife, and a can of mace. Even when I pointed out we would be within a thousand yards of each other, he doesn’t care. I swear, it’s like they don’t think we can protect ourselves.”

Bic laughed loudly and said, “Honey, that is the nature of our beasts, they are big, loud, and protective. Hell, we should feel lucky we don’t have a guard with us here. If Freebryd had his way, we would be locked in a safe room twenty-four seven. I just hope she makes a move soon, this shit is driving me crazy. Did you know I haven’t had sex in like three weeks? The old man is constantly checking on the gates and the security cameras. Then he is exhausted and just comes home and crashes. Mini Bic is getting pissed.”

Shady snorted and shook her head. “Hey, suck it up, I haven’t been laid in so long, I think I have cobwebs down there.”

Harmony nodded. “I think we are all in the same boat. Although I need to point out, Bic, naming your coochie does not need to be shared.”

Bic rolled her eyes and flipped Harmony off before saying, “My man likes Mini Bic just fine.”

Freedom growled, “Well, I for one am not going to just stand by and wait for this shit to be over before I see my guys’ cocks. I told them last night I forgot what they looked like, do you know they said? They would take a picture to look at until this shit is over. Seriously, they are idiots.”

Doc looked at Freedom and laughed, “I’m still in the morning sickness stage, so for now, it’s all good. But I am with you, they need to snap out of it.”

The men were in the large common room of the Ops Warriors’ clubhouse, and the women were alone thank God. They hadn’t been able to talk like this for ages because the men were always around. Because all the men were in a meeting, plotting and planning how they were going to find the invisible cunt, Reyes, who they knew was going to be coming for them. Well, coming for Shady, Jas, and Shady’s unborn child. The woman was obsessed, and nothing was going to deter her.

“You know, they haven’t even asked if we could do anything to help!” Harmony snapped and rubbed her stomach. “Fucking A, they should be allowing us to do something, but noooo, they are all like, ‘Baby, put your feet up,’ or ‘Baby, you need to eat more, they are driving me fucking crazy.”

Marbles grinned, “I need a man, ‘cause then I could show you the way you need to train these bikers.”

“Train them?” Shady laughed loudly. “Right!”

Marbles looked at Shady and shook her head sadly, “Oh, grasshopper, you have much to learn at the hands of a master.”

All the women laughed loudly. “Seriously,” Freedom said. “Kit has been working non-stop to find something. I’m kinda worried about her, she blames herself.”

Harmony nodded, “She does, I think we need to get her alone so we can talk to her.”

Kit Delgado had been an excellent addition to the Lady Riders. Honestly, the woman had no idea about bikes, and she really didn’t give two shits, she was a computer geek like her two men. The three of them had been working non-stop tracking Angela Reyes; so far, they had been close several times, but she was always one step ahead of them. The Lady Riders were worried about her, she seemed to be obsessed with righting a wrong. The women had assured her they didn’t blame her, but she still worked. Rain had tried to talk to her several times, but Kit had just smiled and nodded the entire time.

Shady leaned back in her chair and rubbed her stomach; this kid was active today, she was pretty sure he was going to be a kick-ass biker since he was kicking the shit out of her day and night. She smiled a little, which she knew freaked people out when they saw her looking all sappy and shit. It was entirely out of character for her, but she didn’t give a shit.

“After we straighten out Dani here, we can move onto Kit,’ Shady said. “Oh, and after I set my men straight too, I want some ribs, you know from the place down the street: ribs, and brisket, maybe some hot links.”

“Hey, they have fried okra.” Freedom smiled.

“What the fuck is that shit?” Bob asked and looked around the table. “What, it sounds healthy.”

“I said FRIED!” Freedom said loudly and slowly.

“Shit, that’s like saying fried green beans or some shit like that,” Bob snapped. “It’s just wrong. Fried food is supposed to be decadent, you know, like onion rings, fried cheese curds, throw in some fried mac and cheese and damn, it is like a fucking heart attack on a plate.”

Freedom rolled her eyes, “Whatever, the barbeque place sounds amazing, we should call and order the family feast, there are what, ten of us, we could get like fourteen family feasts, and we should be good.”

Boo looked at them and said, “That should be enough to feed the men too.”

Harmony turned and looked at Boo and shook her head, “Fuck no, that is enough for us, they can get their own.”

Boo’s eyes went wide, and she looked at Shady who was nodding in agreement. “You know, the last…”

“If you remind us one more fucking time about putting on weight I will cut you.” Shady snarled and then took a deep breath and said, “Well someone is going, I don’t give a shit who. Let’s order and tell the guys to decide who’s going to get it.”

“You do realize we are on lockdown?” Doc laughed.

“Fuck that; my cravings are not on lockdown. Boo says I am starting to nest, whatever the fuck that means, I’m not a bird, I don’t know why they insist on naming this shit weird names, call it what it is. I am trying to get the nursery done, and I need my fridge stocked like ASAP,” Shady said, and they all laughed.

Harmony and Freedom threw in their two cents about their men being a pain in the ass, and Shady looked around the room. She never thought she would have this, any of it. Shady honestly hadn’t thought she would live past thirty and having a kid, hell no not after Jas, she didn’t think she deserved a second chance, but apparently, the fates decided differently.

She looked around the room, all the women from Satan’s Sisters, and the Lady Riders, who would have thought they would actually get along. It made them laugh every time they talked about how the guys had been lecturing them about getting along. Seriously, they didn’t get ‘biker’ women; they needed to sort their shit out on their own, men did not need to get involved in female relationships.

It had taken a week, a week of the girls bitching at each other and throwing insults, and then they were done. None of them backed down, so they knew they had to deal with each other. They showed respect to each other after Doc and Harmony had thrown down. Which had been fucking hilarious, but since Harmony was huge and pregnant, Doc had refused to punch her. So, Harmony grabbed a plastic knife and threatened the woman. It had lightened the mood at least, hell it had been the first time in a long time they had all laughed.

There was so much swirling around with this shit it could make someone dizzy just thinking about all of it. Sadly, there was nothing they could do but wait. There wasn’t one person in the club that hadn’t been affected by that bitch, and because of that, the whole club was bloodthirsty. Shady knew her men were leading the charge when it came to killing that bitch. She was feeling pissed about being put on the reserve list with Harmony and Freedom.

Well regardless, something was going to need to give with the Dani situation. Shady had watched Slick and JJ trying to bully their way into Dani’s room; it hadn’t worked. The two men were a puzzle; they didn’t show any emotion like ever. When shit went down, they didn’t get pissed, they just did what they had to do, be it killing or just a little maiming. But for the first time since Shady had known them, they showed emotion, and it was all because of Dani. They were pissed she wouldn’t see them, they were pissed no one would help them, and finally, they were pissed that they had wasted time. She could see it, so could the rest of the Lady Riders, and because of that, they had all decided enough was enough. It was shitty timing, with all that was going on, but damn these guys needed something to ground them. The club did what they could, but these two needed more, so did Dani. Since they were sitting around waiting for the Queen Cunt to make her move, they had time on their hands.

Dani walked into the room quietly and looked around. The atmosphere in the room changed from joking and laughing, to tense and on edge, just like they planned. Shady stared at her intently; the woman had it rough. Her memory was coming back slowly, but it made her very unsure about the Lady Riders as she didn’t know any of them but Harmony and that was because Fish had shown her pictures of his daughter many times. Over the last few weeks, they had all introduced themselves and spent a little time with her, explaining who their men were and shit like that. Never once did she ask about how she ended it up here, it was like she just didn’t care.

Shady cared, it was her mother who had done it, and she knew it. Shady was going to make sure that cunt never hurt one of them again. The Satan’s Sisters had finally warmed upped to the Lady Riders mostly because they saw the effort the Lady Riders were expending to make Dani feel at home. Boo had been particularly helpful in that area, she was the one who translated the Lady Riders attitudes, since yeah, most people thought they were bitches, but Boo softened that.

One by one all the women in the room slowly began to acknowledge Dani entering the room. They all spoke softer, mostly because loud noises and multiple conversations confused Dani due to her head injury. They nodded to Dani who joined them at the table. It was slowly getting better, but Doc had been the one to tell them all how Dani was not like herself yet. Before being kidnapped and beaten, Dani had been strong, intense, independent, and now, well she wasn’t any of that, but they were all trying to help her get back there.

“Hey, honey,” Doc said to her sister, and Shady watched as Dani as she sat down.

“What are you doing?” Dani said slowly, she had seriously gotten better at speaking slowly; every once in a while, she still stuttered a little, but that was more when she got pissed at the guys, which meant at least once a day. Doc just wanted her to get herself back. It is hard to watch this, and she only hoped that this would finally sort itself out.

Doc grinned and said, “Well, Boo decided to do everyone’s exams today, so we’re all waiting our turn to get checked up.”

Just then Tiny came out with a grimace and said, “You know, I’m pretty sure I had cobwebs up there since I haven’t had sex in like ages. It kinda sucks to have my annual when nothing else is going up there but that fucking torture device.”

Mace shook her head, “You know, we have been so fucking busy all of us are working a dry spell.”

“Puddin’, you are up next,” Boo said.

“Aww, come on, I just got this drink, I need it before having metal shoved up my coochie,” Puddin’ whined.

Jugs and Gypsy stood on either side of her and pulled her up until she was in between them. “Come on,” Gypsy said. “I’ll make sure your drink is still here when you get back.”

Puddin’ glared at her and then pointed to Jugs. “Bitch, if you touch my whiskey you are gonna bleed.”

Jugs rolled her eyes, “Yeah, yeah, come on.”

They all laughed as they watched the woman stomp behind Boo into the medical room.

Dani said, “Boo said I got a reprieve since I had been checked out for everything under the sun last month.”

Her sister smiled and said, “Well, at least I don’t have to go through that, it is one bonus for being pregnant.”

“Add in; you can eat all you want without the guys saying it will go to your ass and the bonuses just keep coming,” Harmony said and lifted a chip full of processed cheese to her mouth and ate it with a groan.

Dani sat down and looked hesitantly around the room. She still didn’t feel like she belonged anywhere, they all knew it because she had said it many times in the last month. Doc looked at Shady who nodded; they had a plan. Doc was so not letting her sister feel like this anymore. Telling her she was a Satan’s Sister was just words Dani said. She didn’t own a bike, and she certainly didn’t belong with the Lady Riders.

The women knew what the guys were going to do because they were men who thought they could order them around and the women would do their bidding. So not going to happen. Dani deserved to have a choice in her life, she also deserved to know that the two men she pined for were dumbasses who thought they were being noble and shit, and instead fucked everything up. So, they had played the guys just right knowing they would finally take it to JJ and Slick for them. Because of the women had approached the two men, they would have shut them down.

They all kinda decided that Shady should be the one to start this shit, because shockingly, Dani seemed to respond to her more than the others. When she was around Shady it was almost like she was back to being herself, but without Shady, Dani seemed timid, which was entirely out of character for her. Boo said it was because, for some reason or another, Dani saw a lot of herself in Shady. They had all been shocked, but it was Harmony who said, ‘Fuck a Duck, we do not need two of them.’

Well, Dani, are you all packed up?” Shady asked with a grin, and Dani frowned and looked around the room.

“Packed?” Dani asked slowly. “Wh-where am I go-going?”

Doc leaned forward and put a hand on her sister’s knee. “Honey, we talked about this, you need to come with us, we have a room all ready for you over at the Furies and Satan’s Sister's compound. They broke ground on our apartment building, but we still have time for that to be done. Don’t worry, when it’s done, you will have a nice apartment all to yourself. We have it all arranged, Fish is coming with a few of the other guys, and they are grabbing everything you have from here, and they will take it over.”

“B-but….” Dani sputtered.

“Hey,” Shady said with a laugh. “You are only going to be across the fence; it will be just like you were here.”

Dani shook her head. They could all see the tears gathering, but Dani refused to let them fall. She held it in and breathed a few times deeply and then said, “Wh-why am I le-leaving?”

Doc frowned and looked at the other Sisters in the room who were trying to keep a straight face. They all knew Dani didn’t want to leave here, they all knew she belonged here. Hell, Slick and Jack-Jack were being forced right now to make their move. Creed and Fork had both argued, and then Slider and Cajun argued, Easy and Poke did too, and the Lady Riders had gotten serious. They only needed to give the guys a little push, but according to Fork who said they were not ‘fucking cupid’ or anything, they were just gonna tell the guys Dani was leaving. And then Kink had thrown in they didn’t sit around and talk about their feelings and shit at church, fuck according to Maxi they didn’t talk about their feelings at all.

The girls had been frustrated and finally after much argument they guys said they would only do one thing, and it wouldn’t include actual speaking about feelings and shit. So Shady had come up with this, she knew the guys were going to be pissed when they heard Dani was leaving. Shady and Doc didn’t feel that Dani was fragile and shit, but the guys were treating her like she was made of glass, and soon Dani was going to get fed up with it, but it wasn’t fast enough for them, they needed this shit to happen now.

Well, you passed your last physical, so there is really no reason for you to stay here. I mean, we would love to have you here to visit, but you know you belong to the Furies and Sisters now,” Shady said with a big grin. Yeah it was kinda scary she knew it especially when she saw Freedom grimace when she looked at her face, fuck, she was not going to be able to play this shit out, she wasn’t an actor. Shady was not fake, and she believed in telling the truth even if it hurt.

Dani looked around and then said firmly, “Rebel is having her su-surgery.”

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