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Ray K. White

© Ray K. White 2018. All rights reserved.

NOTE: This story is a work of fiction and is intended for mature audience only! All characters depicted in this work are over eighteen years old.

My Daughter Wants To Be Raped In The Elevator

Sara just showed up when I left the building, we were supposed to go to my brother’s engagement party, that’s why she came to my work place today. When she asked me if I had a hard day, I remembered putting some documents in the drawer, back in my office and forgot to take them with me.

My daughter offered to accompany me to my office and I agreed. It wouldn’t take long, anyway.

Or so I thought.

We were inside the elevator when I felt a tremor.

Oh, fuck! Not now!” I yelled in frustration. Damn! Why did I have to leave those papers in my office? Shit!

We barely went up a few floors, when the elevator stuck.

Well honey, we’re stuck in here for the moment. But don’t worry, someone should come and fix it in minutes.” or so I wished. I knew that some of the guys in maintenance didn’t give a fuck about time. Last week I had to take the stairs. I heard some people were mad because it took them about two hours to fix this shit.

Baby, what’s wrong?” I asked confusedly. My daughter had her back pressed against the metal wall, wearing a frighten look on her face. Was she claustrophobic? But then, why were her eyes fixed on me? I can’t remember doing anything to her to deserve such condemning look.

You’re going to rape me!” she exclaimed, embracing herself.

What?!” I yelled, unable to believe what I was hearing. “What are you talking about? Are you out of your mind? I’m your father for God’s sake!”

But that’s true!” she told me. She seemed to be completely certain in what she was talking. “I've seen it… I've seen it before, Dad! It always happens. Always!”

What? Where did you see, what?” OK, I am totally confused. What the hell is wrong with my girl? What could she… “Honey… Dear, are… are you taking drugs?”

No!” she yelled, her face twisted in fear while tears were flowing from her eyes. “I’ve watched a lot of clips on a porn site, and whenever people got stuck in an elevator, there must be sex. Either with, or without consent.”

Porn? You got all that from watching porn?” I was stunned. How didn’t I realized this before? My little angel was an idiot!

Listen, you moron.” I said in an angered tone, “I am definitely not going to have sex with you.”

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