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By Daylight Come

by Tielle St. Clare

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters and events are creations of the author’s imagination.  Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Author note: By Daylight Come was originally published in 2005 as part of the Anthology “Enter the Dragon”. It has not substantially changed and references to technology or culture might have changed a bit. Enjoy!

Chapter One

Tina listened to her nieces giggling as she walked up the stairs to the attic. It was almost time for their parents to come get them after their evening with “Aunt-T”. About once a month, Tina took the girls for the evening so her sister and her husband could be alone. She usually tried to do it on the weekends but a Thursday night worked as well. Only one more day of work before the weekend.

“Hey guys, it’s almost time to go.”

“Wait. Auntie, you’ve got to see this.”

Katrina, the oldest, lifted a heavy leather-bound book from her lap. Tina had never seen it before but the attic held treasures from generations past and no one really knew what was up here.

“What did you find, sweetie?”

“It’s a book of magic,” Elena announced, her eyes wide and filled with wonder.

“Magic? I didn’t know there were any magic books up here.”

Her crazy great-aunt Hilda had owned the cabin/house in the woods for thirty years. Upon her death, she’d willed it to Tina and her sister. Tina loved the isolation, even if it did mean an hour-long commute to work. The forest and the silence were worth it. She’d bought her sister’s half of the cabin a year ago but still hadn’t gone through her aunt’s cluttered attic.

“It’s dragon magic,” Katrina said. She traced her fingertips across the elaborate dragon embossed on the cover. “Isn’t it beautiful?” The awe that filled the child’s voice aroused Tina’s curiosity and she sat down beside her niece and looked over her shoulder.

“It’s a lovely book. I’ve just never seen it before. I didn’t know it was up here.”

Katrina pushed it into her lap. “You should say a spell.”

“Me?” Tina tried to push the book back.

“Yes,” Katrina said. “There’s a spell in here to call your true love. You should say it.”

Tina shook her head. “I don’t think so.”

“But Mom says you need a man,” Elena piped up.

Tina tried not to glare at her six-year-old niece for the words her mother had put in her mouth. Especially since it was true.

“Come on, Auntie. It will be fun.”

Elena jumped up and down. “I wanna see a dragon.”

“A dragon. Right.” Tina looked into the hopeful faces of her nieces and sighed. She was a sucker for cute. “Fine, let’s see this book.” She flipped open the pages. Dragons illuminated every page along with words written in elaborate script. Spells to vanquish your enemies, create a storm and…Tina stopped on the page. Call Your True Loves.

“That’s the one. Come on. Read it.”

Tina ran her finger down the page. It seemed innocuous enough. Entertainment for the girls. Elena jumped up and down until Katrina—older and wiser at age nine—pulled her down beside her.

“Don’t distract her. It’s magic. She has to concentrate.”

It was all Tina could do not to roll her eyes. Concentrate? To read a “magic spell”. Yeah, right.

“Okay, here goes…

By Dragon’s Light and Dragon’s Fire

Bring me now my heart’s desire

Warrior, Maiden, Protector, Three

By daylight come my Loves to me.”

She finished the words and waited. And waited. The girls sat silent, listening intently to every creak the old house made. A heavy weight clogged the air around them.

The doorbell rang, shattering their anticipation.

Three matching gasps filled the tiny space.

“He’s here,” Katrina breathed, her eyes popping open wide. Elena jumped up and started to scream. Waving for her niece to be quiet, Tina leaned over and peeked out the window that looked down on the driveway.

“Sorry to disappoint you. It’s your parents. Come to take you home.”

“But where is he?” Elena asked as Tina gathered the book and followed them down the stairs.

“Maybe it doesn’t work immediately. Maybe you have to wait,” Katrina said, obviously still hopeful.

Tina smiled. “Well, then I’ll keep waiting.” Yeah, right. I’m done waiting for Mister Right. I’m looking for Mister Well-Hung. But my nine year-old niece doesn’t need to hear that.

She set the book on the couch and nagged her nieces to gather their stuff before opening the door and greeting her sister. Pam looked remarkably satisfied and a little rumpled and Tina couldn’t resist saying so. Pam smiled.

“It’s amazing what having the house to yourself for five straight hours will do for you.” Her husband, Mike, stepped out of the car and waved. He also had an air of relaxation about him.

“Glad somebody’s gettin’ some,” Tina said with a smile.

Pam laughed. “You could be, too. You just need to get out there.”

“I’ve been ‘out there’. I didn’t care for it. And what’s this business about telling your girls I need a man?”

“You do. It’s got to be lonely living all the way out here by yourself and wouldn’t it be nice to have a man to cuddle up next to on cold nights when your heating goes out.”

“The only man I need when my heating goes out is the plumber.”

Pam shook her head. “You’re missing out. I think you should reconsider some of the men in town. Dane watches you like you’re ice cream on a hot day.”

Tina felt the center of her stomach fall away at the mere mention of his name. Dane Sheridan, sheriff, stud and…ex-husband to one of her best friends. Despite the intense attraction between them, that alone kept her from following through. Still, there had been that one time when they’d almost…

The girls came to the door, their backpacks slung over their shoulders. Tina ignored her the brief, erotic memory and with hugs and kisses, sent them on their way.

The house was quiet when she walked back inside. She missed the girls when they left but also enjoyed the silence of her own space. Strolling into the living room, she stopped at the couch and traced her fingers across the cover of the book. The luminous eyes of the dragon seemed to stare at her—wise, solemn eyes with pale purple sparkles.

“Right,” she said aloud. “I’m looking for a purple-eyed dragon to save me.”

* * * * *

Tina stood in front of her class. They all had their heads down, focused intently on their tests. With only a few minutes left in class and no one having completed the test, she considered the fact that she might have made it too long. Even her best students were struggling—chewing on pencil erasers like they were candy. Yuck.

Deciding how she would curve the test, Tina wandered to the bank of windows at the back of the room. Sun glittered on the grassy alcove down below. She let her eyes wander to the sky. It was a nice spring day and the beginning of a three-day weekend. She would go home after school and spend the long weekend planting—

A speck appeared over the spires of the administration building. She wouldn’t have noticed it but while it looked a like a bird—a huge bird—it didn’t fly quite like a bird. Its wings beat an irregular rhythm. As the speck grew larger, so did her eyes. The thing was flying directly toward campus and was soon close enough for Tina to recognize the shape. That was no bird. It looked like a flying dinosaur.

Or a dragon.

Air exited her lungs in a rush and got caught in her throat, making her choke on her own breath.

“Ms. Branson, are you okay?”

She glanced down at the student seated next to her. “Of course. I got…a bug caught in my throat.”

“Ewww, gross.”

She drew herself to her full five-foot-six height and did her best impression of a schoolmarm. “Just go back to your tests.”

As soon as all the heads were lowered, she spun back to the window. It wasn’t possible. It just wasn’t possible. It couldn’t actually be a dragon. Not one day after she’d said a dragon spell. It just wasn’t possible.

The creature drew closer and Tina felt her eyes widen. This creature wasn’t anything anyone in this world had ever seen before. As it flew by, she caught a clear vision of it. Huge white teeth and rows of greenish-bluish scales. And lavender—like the light in the dragon’s eyes. Lavender flowed from what appeared to be wounds in its side.

Her side ached in sympathy as the dragon flapped its massive wings and flew on, bypassing the school and heading into the forest.

Heading toward her cabin.

She whipped around and stared at the clock. It was almost three. In just seconds class would be over and she could go home and see if there really was a dragon waiting for her at her cabin…or if she needed to investigate some serious therapy.

Maybe both, she decided as the bell rang.

“Turn the tests in now,” she announced.

“But I’m not done.”

“Just a few more minutes.”

“No!” Her voice was harsher than she’d meant so she smiled, something she didn’t often do in her classroom. “I’ll be sure to grade on a curve and take into account that there wasn’t enough time to finish.” None of her students moved. “I’ll give you all ten extra credit points if you’ll just write your names on your tests and turn them in. Now.”

They moved as a unit, scribbling and jumping up to place the papers on her desk. She stood at the door, anxiously hurrying the last student out of her classroom, then grabbing her purse and bolting for the door.

“Hey Tina.” Jessie, the teacher from across the hall stopped her escape. “There’s an emergency staff meeting called for after school.”

Tina shook her head. “I can’t make it. Doctor’s appointment. Very important. Can you take notes?” she asked, hearing her voice squeak as she pleaded. The other teacher nodded, her eyes wide. Great, now she’s going to think I’m terminally ill, instead of the truth…that I think I have a dragon waiting for me on my front porch.

What else could it be? she thought as she hurried to her car. Not that this was possible. It wasn’t, but that had definitely been a dragon she’d seen flying by her window.

She’d said the spell last night and then this afternoon—poof, dragon airborne and heading to her remote home. There was nothing else that direction. She lived on the edge of a state park, for goodness sake.

Breaking any number of traffic laws, Tina practically flew home herself. She flicked on her radio, needing the noise to distract her from worrying about what she would find when she arrived. The news came on. She listened through the latest political snafu and a local fire—she’d have to send some food the rescue shelter—, then the newscaster ended with a story about…a flying dinosaur.

“A what?” the cocky afternoon drive announcer asked when the newsman had finished.

“Really. Dozens of people have reported a huge creature flying through the air. They say it looks like flying dinosaur, but alas, people, it’s nothing so exciting. We hunted down the truth and it’s actually an experimental plane. It seems the crews that work on it were playing a joke and painted it to look like a dinosaur.”

Tina stared at her radio, then looked up in time to swerve her car back on the road.

That was no plane.

She floored the gas pedal. She had to get home. Now.

Thirty minutes later, she pulled up the long, winding dirt road that formed her driveway. Relief spiked through her system as she stared at her house. There was no dragon on the porch or on the roof or even on the large lawn. Nothing seemed out of place. Heart pounding and keys clutched firmly in her fist, she gingerly walked across the lawn.

Maybe she’d been mistaken. Maybe it had been a plane.

She stopped. Pale purple streaks formed a dotted line across her grass. It was the same lavender she’d seen pouring from the dragon’s wounds. Purple blood? Wishing she had a weapon—though what kind of weapon would be useful against a dragon she had no idea—she followed the scattered trail into the forest.

Several walking trails broke off from the main path heading in various directions deeper into the woods. The plot of land her aunt had willed her was huge, with the back boundary designated by a slow-moving river. Tina picked the path closest to the purple trail and began a slow jog, feeling an urgency building as she progressed. She had to find this dragon. Or find nothing and prove to herself that she was insane. Trickles of purple—clinging to leaves and pine needles—continued to guide her.

The path went deeper into the woods until she could hear the ripple of water. A clearing opened before her, smooth rocks and boulders lined the river’s bank, and beside the rolling water, lay…a dragon.

As if it had stepped out of the dragon magic book, it was here. Blue and green scales shimmered in the sunlight with each labored breath of the creature. Lavender blood flowed from deep wounds on its side, pouring onto the mossy forest floor. Black tinged the end of one wing. He’d been shot. He’d been coming to her—coming because she’d called him—and now he was wounded, probably dying. Her chest ached as she stared at the wounded creature. What have I done? It was just a silly spell but now this beautiful animal was hurt, possibly dying. Guilt crushed the traces of fear that struggled to escape. She had to help him.

She stepped forward. The creature was huge. Its head alone was bigger than she was and its body would stretch halfway around her house. But this wasn’t the time for caution. When a fairy-tale creature appeared after you wished for it, Tina decided, you had to trust it not to hurt you.

Not knowing if he would understand her if she spoke, Tina knelt down beside his head. His eyes fluttered open and she felt his pain. The purple eyes—just like those of the dragon on the book’s cover—were hazy and fading.

“I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do?”

Maiden? I found you.

The beast seemed to mentally project the greeting to her. Tina instinctively answered.

“You’re hurt. I need to get you some help.” But who was she going to call? She couldn’t exactly call the local vet to help a dying dragon.

No. You can help me. You called me.

“Yes, but I didn’t mean to. Not really.” She looked at the huge body. Even assuming she could save the creature, what was she going to do with it? I really don’t have room for a pet.

Its massive head lifted inches off the ground. She could tell the movements strained the animal’s strength. A long tongue slipped out of its mouth and touched the back of her hand. The delicate caress sent a flurry of hot shivers down her spine.

Do you accept me? he asked.

“Uh, yes, of course,” she answered, not wanting to upset the creature.

His body seemed to slump and for a moment it appeared that the animal had passed out. Scales began to shimmer and change. His body shrunk and changed, twisted and bent until the beautiful blue-green cast was decidedly pink and his dragon body had collapsed into a human form.

Human? Her mind tried to process that information when it got another jolt. A naked human.

He lay on the ground, flat his stomach. Long blond hair that reached well past his shoulder blades covered his face and arms. Tina took a moment to observe him. The body he’d turned into was well made. Long, muscular legs with just a scattering of pale hair on them led to a nicely rounded backside that made her fingers twitch with the prospect of giving it a squeeze. His back was sleek and powerful.

A low tremor started between her legs and spread warmth into the core of her body. The sensual ache had been distinctly absent from her life for a long time. Something about this man called to her. Well, it could be the fact that he’s naked and I haven’t seen nearly enough naked men in the past two years.

No, it’s something else. Something about him.

She’d said the spell and he’d appeared. Now he was hurt. Purple fluid still flowed from the wounds on his back and side.

“Uh, dragon?”

He pushed himself up on his arms and weakly pushed his hair out of his face. His eyes were glassy and pain-filled—and purple. The lavender streaks that seemed to match his blood captivated her, drawing her closer. She’d never seen a more beautiful color.

“Maiden, I have come to you.”

Feeling like she was in a trance, she placed her hand on his. What was she supposed to say? The words appeared in her mind as if they’d been there forever. “I welcome you, my Protector.”

Her answer seemed to soothe him. He half-smiled but even that seemed to pain him. The action snapped her out of the purple haze that had captured her.

“Who are you? Uh, what’s your name?”

“I’m called Raython.”

“Raython, I’m Tina.”


“Uh, right.” She stood. “Can I ask what happened? How did you get these wounds?”

He shook his head. The motion seemed foreign and stiff. “I do not know. I entered through the void following your call and soon creatures with high-powered arrows were shooting at me. I barely managed to out fly them.”

High-powered arrows? Bullets, she thought. Or missiles. Well, it was clear that someone had seen him.

“Either way, you’ve been hurt and you’re bleeding.” At least she thought that purple liquid was blood. “We need to get you to a hospital.” Lavender dripped from a cut in his side. “Okay, maybe not a hospital but at least we need to get you to my house. Can you walk?”

He nodded and slowly pushed himself upright. When he came to his full height, he was easily six inches taller than Tina’s five-foot-six frame. Her arm fit comfortably around his back. Despite the fact that as a dragon he’d been huge, as a human, he was tall and thin. Muscular but not bulky. Like a swimmer. Long, strong muscles. She groaned softly thinking of how he would feel against her, over her. Driving into her.

She shook her head and tried to concentrate on taking care of him but the etched lines of his muscles distracted her as she helped him toward the path.

His smooth chest blended easily into six-pack abs. Her gaze kept on its downward path. She caught a mere glimpse of his cock before she snapped her head back up. The man-dragon had just arrived and she was ogling him.

Maybe her sister was right and she needed a man.

Of course, that’s what had gotten her into this mess in the first place. A wicked thought entered her head. If he’d come because she called him, did that mean she could use him before sending him home? She didn’t know the cosmic rules on this sort of thing. She couldn’t keep him, she knew that much, but maybe once he’d healed, before he turned back into a dragon, she could…

She mentally slapped herself. What was she thinking? The man—and she had to think of him as a man—was injured and she was already planning to have sex with him. You’ve gone too long without, girl.

Raython swayed in her arms. “Oh boy, I’ve got you.” She tightened her arm around his back and pulled him against her, encouraging him to use her body as a stabilizer. She could only hope that he could make it to her house because there was no way she could carry him if he passed out.

With struggling steps, she managed to help him down the path to her house and in the front door. The climb up the stairs to her bedroom left them both breathing heavy.

“We need to take care of those wounds,” she said through gasping breaths.

“If you have a bathing chamber, I can cleanse myself. That will be enough.”

Somehow she didn’t think cleaning those wounds was going to be enough but he knew his body better than she did.

It was convenient that he was naked because she could guide him directly into the shower. Still weak, she stayed with him, supposedly to make sure he didn’t fall over but the truth was she couldn’t bring herself to walk away. This was a dragon. She’d seen it with her own eyes and she’d never been prone to hallucinations. With the bulk of blood washed away, he looked at her with blatant question in his eyes. It took her a moment to understand but then she jumped forward. She grabbed the softest washcloth she could find and began to stroke his skin.

“You have delicious hands, Maiden.” His voice was stronger and more seductive alerting latent emotions in Tina. Still, the man was injured. She focused on helping him, ignoring the sex that dripped from his words and focused on what he’d said.

“Why do you call me that?” She wasn’t exactly “maiden” material.

“You are the Maiden. I am your Protector. With our Warrior, we will defend you.” He tilted his head to the side, letting his long blond hair fall over his shoulder. “Is this not the way of your people?”

“Uh, no. I don’t think so.”

“But you called to me. You read the spell.”

“Yes, but that was just a game…for my nieces. I never wanted—”

The light faded from his lavender eyes and she saw the faintest stirrings of panic. Upsetting the dragon is probably a bad idea. She spread her lips into a wide smile. “Let’s talk about it later. First, let’s get you into bed. You need to rest.” She looked at the wounds. They were no longer bleeding. In fact, many of them were closed and scarred like newly healed marks. Fascinated, she stroked her fingers across one of the scars. When she pulled her hand away, the mark was gone—as if he’d never been wounded.

“How is that possible?”

“I am dragon. It is how we heal.”

The concept pressed down on her already overwhelmed brain allowing her to focus only on the practical. Get him dried off, get him some clothes and then they had to talk.

Tina shut off the water and handed Raython a towel. When he stared at it as if it was a foreign tool, she took it back in her hands and began to wipe him down. He turned to face her, baring his body to her. A fat water drop trickled down his chest, across the tight abs like a child riding a roller coaster and it was all she could do not to lean forward and capture the drop before it escaped into the tuft of blond hair springing around his growing cock. Tina swallowed—growing cock? The dragon was getting aroused? Her body responded, heating and melting. Her center felt heavy and empty. The towel fell from her hand and she began to brush away the water with her palms, loving the cool warmth of his skin.

It seemed so natural to touch him. She smoothed her hands across his shoulders, down his hands, swishing away the droplets that clung to him. The heat coming from my body alone should dry him, she thought with a slow smile. A vague worry nagged her mind—you’re caressing a stranger!—but she ignored the warning. All that mattered was touching him. Having him inside her.

The thought sent off more alarm bells—louder this time but not quite enough to convince her to draw back. He moved with her, sliding into her touch. She skimmed her hands down his chest and stomach, retracing the first water drop’s path—across the tight ridges and down.

“Mistress, where is our Warrior?” Raython’s husky voice interrupted her sensual trance.

Warrior? She didn’t know any warriors—except maybe one. “You mean Dane?”

“He is our Warrior?”

Tina thought about it. Yes, Dane was a warrior—strong, powerful, defender of the weak.

“Yes,” she sighed. Her mind quickly created the image of Dane, sword drawn, advancing on a horde of evil attackers. The picture changed—Dane, fresh from battle, naked, above her, his cock filling her. Her knees weakened and she leaned against the bathroom counter. Hard and thick he drove into her, using her body as comfort from the memories of destruction. She wrapped her arms around his back and clutched him, feeling her nails dig into his tight skin, knowing he loved to feel the prick of her claws.

Raython groaned as if he could see the image in her head and shook his hair back. “Oh Maiden, he is an excellent choice. Where is he?”

“He’s not here.”

“The triad joining will take place when he arrives. We should wait but I’m afraid I need the healing power of your cunt.”


“If we fuck, I will heal faster.”

She squinted her eyes in disbelief. More at herself than his words because…she was actually considering it. She should be taking him to a hospital or a lab run by someone from the X-Files, instead, she was thinking about crawling into her bed and letting that long, thick cock ride between her thighs.

“But you’ve healed already.” It was a minor protest but she felt the need to offer a token resistance.

“That is the surface. Deep inside the wounds still fester. If we fuck, my body will produce the material needed to heal me.” He pulled her into his arms. “Will our Warrior permit it?”

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