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Valentine’s Day is for VD

By Jenna Monroe

Valentine’s Day is for VD

Jenna Monroe

Copyright 2017 Jenna Monroe

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Valentine’s Day is for VD © 2018 Jenna Monroe

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The roar of the Harley engine was loud pulling into her driveway. Josie groaned and rolled her eyes. She was in no mood to deal with him right now. She was wearing no makeup and sweats, even her hair was only in a messy pony. She was not ready for company, not even him. She was really tempted to just not answer the door. If she thought that would work she would definitely give it a try, but it wouldn't.

His knock was a loud boot thumping on the bottom of the door. "You can't even knock like a normal person?" She yelled through the door.

"My hands are full,” he yelled back. “Open the damn door."

Her curiosity was piqued even though she would never admit it. She flipped the deadbolt and opened the door. She braced her hand on the door frame trying to look less than inviting. He had a bouquet of red roses in one hand and a big pink box in the other.

"How in the hell did you carry all that shit on your bike?"

"I've got skills." He grinned and her heart thumped in her chest. She really hated that his smile still affected her so much.

"Go away, Damon. I don't give a shit if it's Valentine's Day, you're not getting laid. We're divorced!"

"I know, I didn't come to get laid. I just don't want you spending your birthday alone."


"Come on Baby, I brought cake and your favorite." He lifted his arm and she saw a bag of Chinese takeout. She'd had PB&J hours earlier but takeout sounded heavenly.

"Fine, you can leave the chow mien and go."

He laughed and just pushed his way in. He was six four and as big as a linebacker she wasn't anywhere close. If he wanted to come in he was coming in, she didn't even bother to try to stop him. She just closed the door and flipped the deadbolt.

"I mean it Dame. No sex."

"I got it. Don't worry, on Valentine's Day there are so many horny depressed women out there, it's like shooting fish in a barrel."

"I'm not horny or depressed."

"Got it," he laughed.

"Where is that limp dick you've been dating, why didn't he take you out for your birthday?"

"I don't go out on Valentine's Day you know that."

"Then why isn't he here?"

"I kicked him to the curb."

Damon looked up, surprise evident on his face while he unpacked the takeout. "When did you do that?"


"Damn," he whistled a low tone. "You're cold."

"Yeah, this is not new." She picked up the roses he'd laid on the counter and moved them to a vase. They were really beautiful and she hated that she liked them. "You know you probably paid three times what these are worth. You should have waited until tomorrow and got them on sale."

"Nah, I bought 'em last week before they jacked up the price."

She knew he was lying but she laughed anyway. "Oh well, that works too."

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