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The conference room emptied except for the three people who wanted to meet their alien DNA matches.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” said Meg, the Earther liaison for Alliance Law Enforcement starship Raptor One. “We will contact the agency and let them know you have consented to a com introduction to your mate. You will be able to see and talk to them before you decide to meet face to face or not.”

“What about language differences?” asked Kelly Richards.

“You have a choice of language in which you will hear the communications,” Meg explained. “However, the information on your match shows that he does have a rudimentary knowledge of English. He is an interstellar trader, so he speaks several languages.”

“As for your matches,” Meg addressed the other two women in the conference room. “Your matches have been Earth residents for some years. They expect to continue living there. Kelly, your match has his primary residence on Narova. Should you accept him as your mate, he expects you to live there.”

“What if I hate it?” Kelly asked.

“I doubt you would hate it, because Narova is very Earth like, although you could find yourself homesick. But your mate will be very sensitive to your needs.” Said Meg. “It’s a big change in your life. No one expects you to go into it lightly. We are taking you all back to Earth so you will have the chance to put your affairs in order before you decide.”

“That sounds good,” said Kelly.

“Make no mistake. Once you bond with your match, there’s no going back. This is a lifetime commitment, and you will both die if you try to separate.” Meg warned. “However, once you have bonded, it’s unlikely you would want to. Everyone I have met who has completed bonding is very much in love with their mate and committed to the relationship.”

Momentarily, a young male feline entered the conference room with three small tablets clasped between his hands. He laid them on the table in front of Meg then turned and left the room.

“Each of you will be given one of these personal tablets with detailed information about feline humanoids and the biology of their mating practices. There is also information on Narova Prime and a language program with the most common language of the Alliance and Narova. If you have any other questions com me. I will let you know when we have contacted your mates for you to speak with them.”

“Thanks, Meg,” Kelly said.


Renan Garr’s still shot didn’t do him justice, Kelly thought as she was introduced to him via large screen com in a private com center off the main crew lounge. “Is good to finally meet you, Kelly Richards,” he said in thickly accented English. He had shoulder length pale blue hair and crystal blue cat’s eyes with a handsome, chiseled features. “I am so very sorry that you were taken by pirates because of your match to me. You were not hurt?”

“No, I’m fine. It was pretty scary though. We had no idea why we’d been imprisoned. We feared we were headed for a slave auction somewhere.”

“I would not have let that happen, sweet one. I was waiting to hear back to pay your ransom when Captain Marrek contacted me,” said Renan. “I have been searching for meomee many years. I am hoping you will consent to bond with me---you are so beautiful…”

“And you are very attractive, too, Mr. Garr.”

“Please, I am called Renan,” he said.

“Renan,” she said. “I was briefed on meomee mating. You have to understand this is a very big step for me. I very much want to find a mate and raise a family---I’m just not so sure about leaving my world.”

“Did you take virtual tour of Narova? s Very beautiful world.” His English was rudimentary, but she could understand what he was saying.

“I did, and it is. It’s just that all my family and friends are on Earth. I’m not sure I can leave that all behind.” She told him.

“They tell you I am trader?”

Kelly nodded.

“I have many ships that go to many systems. Supply Mars star base. I not make you leave forever. We have Earth internet relay too so you can contact your people,” he told her earnestly. “I know this is not like your dating. Meeting in person becomes lifetime commitment once we touch.

“If you agree to be my life mate, you will become the center of my life, Kelly. I will love and protect you. I know is hard decision. You think on it and com me in few days. Okay?”


“We each have very passionate and loving relationships with our feline mates,” Meg Casey told Kelly Richards and the other two women---Sally Carter and Mandy Jones. “Trista and I are not here to convince you of anything. We will answer your questions to the best of our ability.”

“Of course, we may be a little biased because we are both mated to felines,” said Trista. “But all of your matches have been thoroughly checked out. They are all honest men with solid finances and no criminal history. Their psyche profiles indicate they are nice, well-adjusted men.”

“That really doesn’t help much,” said Kelly. “I pretty much picked up on that talking to him. He’s so completely attractive. I think I would like to be with him, but living on an alien world and learning this language is daunting.”

“My understanding is that you would be able to get a language biochip that will feed the language directly into your brain’s language center,” said Meg. “Currently it’s only available there on Narova. They will be available in Mars City soon so that problem should be solved for us shortly.”

“Do you really think you can go back to your old life and work at the neighborhood Sherfine after everything that’s happened?” Trista asked.

Kelly sighed. “I’m not sure, but I think I need to go back and find out.”

“Renan Garr seems pretty determined. He could easily take that decision out of your hands by coming after you no matter what you decide.” Meg told them. “Each of your matches may decide to do that, even the ones that were declined.”

“Our matings were random, but Harlee Wyatt’s was planned and orchestrated by Thanek Zes after he learned of her identity,” said Trista. “They prefer genetic mating to chosen mates because of the failure rate of those relationships. The pheromones draw us to them, and the hormones exchanged during intercourse enhance the emotional alignment.”

“So be it. I’m just not ready to make that commitment, yet,” said Kelly. Both Sally and Mandy agreed.


Kelly had been home a little over three weeks. Alliance Law Enforcement provided documentation to explain her absence from her job as a crime victim. She was trying to resume her old life but she felt out of sync, partly, she thought because she couldn’t tell her friends or her family what really happened to her. Who would believe her? …kidnapped by alien pirates and rescued by alien law enforcers… right, they would be sending her for a psyche evaluation.

Then again, as depressed as she felt, she was beginning to think it might not be a bad idea. But how could that help if she couldn’t tell the truth about the problem? Before the kidnapping, she never thought her life was lonely. Unable to share this huge secret was making it that way. She’d seen her parents and her friends and had spoken about being kidnapped by human traffickers. It just made them all uncomfortable. They had no idea how to help her deal with it and changed the subject.

Late one afternoon, Kelly found an oddly familiar man waiting for her by her car. As soon as he spoke, she knew he was Renan Garr in human disguise with longish blond hair and blue eyes. “I waited as long as I could, Kelly. If you tell me to go, I will not come back… But I want you to say it face to face before I accept it.”

Renan stood a few feet from her with his hands clasped behind his back. He was wearing a blue polo shirt and jeans and looked every bit a human being. He was big, over six feet to Kelly’s 5’7”. He was fairly muscular though not quite powerfully built. He was at least a few years older than her 27 years, but it was hard to guess with his youthful good looks. His eyes were frankly admiring and hopeful.

Kelly stood looking up at him at a loss for words. For the second time in her life a man had crossed several star systems to find her. She felt torn between climbing into her car and bolting and throwing herself into his arms. It didn’t matter what she did, her life would never be the same.

“How did you get here?” she asked.

“Passenger freighter. My car was waiting when I arrived,” he gestured toward an expensive looking silver limo. “You are in my mind ever since we commed. I hoped you would com again even after they told me you need more time. I could no longer wait. I need meomee. You are meomee.”

Kelly looked up at him, blinking back unexpected tears. “Why me?”

Renan shrugged. “Why not you? We are genetic complements. We will be magnificent together, sweet one.”

“What if we aren’t?”

“How can you doubt it?” he asked. His eyes sparkled a clear invitation.

Her mind was racing. She wanted to take Renan up on the invitation in his shining blue eyes, but she wished she was wearing something better than her work uniform and that her apartment was nicer.

Renan stepped closer, close enough that she could smell his unique scent. He sure smelled good. Then he held out his hand to her. She looked at it and then up at him.

“I-I” Kelly stammered and looked back at his hand. She looked at the Sherfine where she’d worked for the last year while trying to figure out what to do with her life. If she took Renan’s offered hand, he would be part of it whatever else she might decide. There had to be more than a tiny apartment in a seedy neighborhood and working at the Sherfine.

In the end, it was Renan’s inviting smile and the tenderness in his eyes that moved her to put her hand in his. It felt like a static shock sparked between them when their hands touched. “Come to my hotel suite, and we will bond.”

Kelly caught her breath as she felt her female parts flutter. He raised her hand to his lips and kissed the back of it then lowered his head, lightly pressing his lips against hers. “Yes,” she said, a little startled by the by the intensity of her growing desire to mate with him.

He led her to his car and opened the back limo door and gestured for her to enter and climbed in after her. As soon as Renan closed the door, the driver set the car in motion without instruction. Renan pulled her onto his lap and into his arms and claimed her mouth in a heated kiss that frissons of fire through her body. When he parted his lips from hers, he looked down at her like she was the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen.

Kelly knew she was fairly attractive, even pretty with her long, deep brown hair and large, mostly green, hazel eyes with just a hint of gold around the iris. She’d always wanted a pert upturned nose, but it was more aquiline than pert. Her mouth was full and sensual. For Renan, she was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen, because she was meomee.


Renan’s hotel suite turned out to be the honeymoon suite, very likely the best to be had in the next town from where Kelly lived. It was quite nice, but she barely noticed anything but Renan once he had put out the “Do-Not-Disturb” sign and closed the door. Without preamble, he led her through the sitting room to the bedroom dominated by a king sized bed. He went to the night stand and took out a contact lens case and removed the lens from each eye that made them appear human. He put the plastic container in the drawer then pulled off his blond wig and freed his pale blue hair.

Kelly looked up at him and smiled. Though he was thoroughly masculine, he was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. This was the Renan she knew---the one she realized she wanted to be with. Had he been anyone else, she would have been horrified that she was about to have sex with a man she met face to face for the first time only a half hour before. But she’d had weeks to think about it---weeks to think about him. Had he not come when he did, she could have contacted him through the channels set up via the internet. But now he was there and wanting her as much as she wanted him.

He stepped closer and framed her face in his hands and lowered his mouth to hers. His kiss was gentle at first, caressing and teasing. Kelly opened to him, and the kiss deepened as their tongues danced and caressed. His hands left her face and pressed her body to his and groaned as her soft curves molded against him. “Ah, meomee!” he murmured trailing kisses across her cheek to nibble her ear lobe.

Kelly could feel the hardness of his erection against her. Her breasts and her pussy clamored for his touch, yet he seemed in no hurry to get to the main event. Her own desire had been building since she had put her hand in his. Of course, this wasn’t her first encounter, but she had never been this aroused and wanting with a man before him.

She wound her arms around his neck and leaned into him, her body aching for his cock to fill her. “Renan, I need you!” She raised herself on her toes and wantonly ground her pussy against his erection through their clothes. His hands went to her buttocks, and he gripped them, lifting her off her feet as he pressed her against his groin. Their mouths locked together and their tongues tangled and stroked as they groaned in need of each other.

Finally, Renan released her and set her down in front of him. “Take off clothes,” he said and started stripping off his shirt. Kelly flipped open the top two buttons on her uniform smock and pulled it off over her head. She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor with her smock and toed off her sneakers. Then she pushed off the pull on pants that matched her smock and her panties with them. When she straightened she and Renan were facing each other naked.

Renan’s body was more buff than she had discerned when he was clothes, but less so than a body builder. His muscle definition was more subtle yet still quite evident in his powerful chest and taut abdomen with a hint of a six pack. Then her eyes fell to his long, thick erection and felt the wetness growing at the juncture of her thighs.

Kelly had always wished she could be thinner as her figure had always verged on the voluptuous. Her breasts were full and high on her chest with her nipples tight and hard. The curves of her hips, though greater than she liked, were attractive to Renan. The slight cushion of body fat over her abdomen would feel soft as she cradled him between her thighs. She was everything he had dreamed.

“Please, I need you now,” she whispered, sliding on to the bed and making her way toward the middle. The pheromones and hormones had done their work so that she was single mindedly focused on mating with him.

Renan was more than happy to oblige her; he wanted her just as badly. She lay on the bed on top of a velvety burgundy spread with a pillow under her head. She parted her legs and raised her knees, thighs apart in silent invitation. He could see as he crawled across the bed to join her than he opening was slick and ready to welcome his almost painfully hard cock.

He knelt between her parted thighs and looked down at her. He wanted to kiss and taste every inch of her lovely body, but that would have to wait until they assuaged the urgency for their first mating. He moved over her and put down his hands to support his upper body. Unable to resist, he lowered his head first one breast and then the other to suckle her taut nipples briefly. Kelly moaned and arched her back to encourage him. But he was too close to the limit of his control.

“Kelly, look at me,” he whispered. “I want to see eyes when I take you.”

She looked up at him and smiled, resting her hands on his upper back. “I’m ready, meomee."

“Meomee!” he murmured, never taking his eyes from hers.

Kelly’s eyes widened at the delightful sensation as he filled her and gasped his name, clinging to his shoulders as he reached the hilt. The flesh above his cock pressed exquisitely against her clit, and she was trembling with desire. Holding her gaze, he lowered his weight against his forearms pressing his hard chest against her breasts and began thrusting slowly in and out of her.

“Kelly, beautiful Kelly,” he murmured tenderly. “My whole life I waited to find you. Now you are mine…” Thrust in, pull back, thrust in… “I am yours.”

“You are mine, and I am yours,” she replied and he sealed their pledge with a deep, searing kiss.

“Hard, Renan! Fuck me hard and fast,” she urged him and reached down to press his buttocks with her hands as he thrust into her steadily harder and faster. She loved the feel of him inside her, crooning her pleasure to him as her orgasm was building. She pictured that long thick penis filling her snug tunnel pressing against her g-spot. She could feel her climax coming like lava erupting from a volcano. She had almost reached the summit when Renan slid his hand between them and tweaked her clit and finished it for her.

She cried out a long series of “Oh’s” with each contraction of her inner walls around his throbbing cock as his hot semen squirted against her womb. Finally, he collapsed pressing his whole weight on top of her, thrusting intermittently to draw out her orgasm to her complete satisfaction.

“Oh, my darling, Renan! You are wonderful,” she exclaimed caressing his shoulders and back. “I know already I am going to love you.”

“I will love you always, Kelly,” he replied and kissed her with great tenderness then raised himself on his forearms so she could breathe easier.


“You feel so good inside me,” she said softly and smiled up at him. “You’re still hard, too.”

“Hormones, make hard longer…now make love long… slow.” He shifted his weight to free his hand to caress her face. “I feel just so good inside you, sweet one.” He drew his thumb across her bottom lip then lowered his head to catch it gently between his teeth. Letting it slide free, he slid the tip of his tongue across it and her top lip eliciting a soft sigh.

Twitching his cock inside her brought a moan ending with a sigh of pleasure as she squirmed beneath her. With that, he shifted his body and dragged the head of his shaft up over her clitoris then held it pressed against it. Kelly let out a series of staccato moans, panting as Renan increased and decreased the pressure against her sensitive bud. Just when she thought she’d come again, he stopped purposely to hold her orgasm at bay and slid his cock back into her.

“Renan!” she protested breathlessly. “Please?”

“Please what?” he laced his fingers through hers and pressed her hands on each side of her head, holding her completely helpless beneath him, impaled on his cock. If he meant to dominate her, it didn’t matter to Kelly as she had already surrendered completely. She arched her back, so her taut nipples brushed back and forth against his chest, further arousing her. This was her man, her mate and she felt no threat at all in his dominance. His smile was tender and teasing.

“Make me come,” she whispered and squirmed beneath him, rubbing her clit against the flesh just above the hilt, and she came anyway. “Oh my,” she moaned and “Oh-ed” with each contraction of her inner walls around his hard cock. When they started to wane, he drew back and thrust into her to maximize her pleasure.

“I love watch your face then you come,” Renan murmured. Kelly smiled blissfully up at him, and he kissed her long and slow. They kissed and caressed as Renan thrust into her intermittently, keeping her on the verge of orgasm for what seemed like hours. This was meomee bonding sex, generally done face to face so they could look into each other’s eyes body to body… Soul to soul.

Kelly lost track of how many orgasms he had brought her before he brought them both to climax together. She could hardly believe how smitten she felt with him already; what’s more that he was apparently as smitten with her.

Finally, he pulled out of her and lay beside her nuzzling her neck while he idly tweaked and stroked her nipples shooting jolts of pleasure straight to her swollen clit. Knowingly, he slid his hand down over her belly and into the curls of her pussy and pressed a finger against it. He chucked softly against her neck, pleased with himself as she shuddered with another orgasm.

Renan wished he was better at finding words in her language to express how it pleased him she was so responsive to his lovemaking. None of his few consensual relationship had brought him the degree of sexual pleasure she brought him. He decided to try.

“Beautiful Kelly, you make big pleasure to me when we sex. You know my mean?”

Kelly turned on her side to face him and pushed his pale blue hair back from his face and stroked his cheek meeting his gaze with a faint satisfied smile. “I do. You sure gave me big pleasure. More than ever before.”

“And I give more in whole life,” he murmured. He pronounced the words well enough for her to understand, but his usage was off and not always in the right order.

“Oh, I am looking forward to that,” she assured him and kissed him lightly. “In the meantime, you think we could get something to eat? I missed lunch and breakfast was a long time ago.”

“Yes, you order with phone. We eat here, okay?”

“Naked?” she asked suddenly feeling shy. “All I have with me is my uniform.”

“Naked is good. I like you naked.”

Kelly laughed. “I like being naked with you.” She admitted. “But I’d rather not be naked to greet room service.”

“I got clothes to you. Some hang in closet. There is robe. Hope you like.”

“You picked clothes for me. How did you know what size or that I would even come with you?” she raised a dark brow.

“I hoped,” he smiled wryly. “Give beautiful things to beautiful meomee. Size calculated from scan I make. No like, send back. You try?”

“Of course I will try… but how long have you been watching me?” Kelly frowned. “Were you stalking me?”

“I wanted to see you… I waited for you to com… I no wait more,” he told her haltingly. “I need meomee… Make family. Can you know my thinks?”

Kelly laughed. “Your English kind of sucks, but I understand. I couldn’t stop thinking about you either… I might have stalked you a little if I had the chance.” She gave him a quick kiss then started to slide away from him. “But you are mine now.” She winked at him.

“And you are mine…” he returned and watched her head toward the bathroom.

“You got that right.” She shot back and went inside, closing the door behind her. She was back a few minutes later and went to the closet to get the robe Renan had brought for her. It was made of a light blue thin, diaphanous silky material that would leave little to the imagination. But Kelly liked its soft feminine lines. One side overlapped the other and was held together by a belt. The hem fell to the middle of her knees. In the now dim light of the room, the wait staff would not likely see through it.

She put on the robe and picked up the menu on the table in the sitting area. She sat down at the table to peruse it. By then, Renan emerged from the bathroom wearing only a smile. Kelly looked him up and down, her eyes resting briefly on his impressive cock before flicking back to his handsome face. Were she not so hungry, she had some thoughts on what she could do with it.

“I picked the cobb salad with a fresh roll. What do you like?”

“You pick, I try, sweet one,” he told her. He went to the closet and took out his robe, a darker blue silky fabric belted like hers.

“Okay, I will order the same for you with tea.” Then she got up and went to the door to remove the Do-Not-Disturb sign from the door.

Renan took a seat in a padded, armless chair by the small dining table. “Come here, meomee. I ache for you again already.” His erection was peeking through the opening in his robe.

That was all Kelly needed to feel the answering ache. She knew it would be some time before the food arrived, so she decided there was time to attend to his need. She went to stand in front of him and untied his robe and pushed the sides back and did the same to hers. Then she straddled him and lowered her slick opening over his hard cock. They both groaned as they came together.

“Is this better, meomee?” She put her arms around his neck and leaned in to kiss him. It started as a casual peck until Renan pulled her close and slid his tongue between her lips.

“Much better, meomee.” He murmured. His hands went to her waist, and he raised her up and down on his shaft a few times then nuzzled and nibbled her neck. Kelly tilted her head back as she felt his kisses trailing lower toward her breasts. She arched her back offering her taut nipples for him to pleasure them with his mouth. He took up the offer with relish.

“Ah, Ren, I love when you do that,” she crooned and thrust her pelvis against him. With him filling her and pleasuring her nipples, she came spontaneously without additional stimulation. She moved her hips, so she slid back and forth over his shaft with each contraction of her vagina and womb until he came as well.

“And I love when you do that,” groaned Renan as he shot his seed deep inside her. He hugged her to him crushing her breasts exquisitely against his chest as they throbbed together in ecstasy.

Afterward, they sat touching and kissing still joined until a knock came at the door, almost exactly a half hour after Kelly had placed the order.


“Just a minute,” Kelly called.

“No problem,” the waiter called back. “I will leave the cart, and you can get it when you’re ready.”

“Okay, thanks” she replied and turned back to Renan for another long, slow kiss. His warm hands caressing her back beneath her thin wrap felt wonderful. She could feel him growing hard inside her again. The hunger pangs had been forgotten in the heat of passion.

Yet, she felt more than passion or sexual attraction. It was also a joining of hearts and minds. They truly cared about pleasing each other. The kissing and caressing and cuddling was as important in their bonding as the actual joining.

“Ren, being with you is amazing. I feel like I’ve been waiting for you all my life,” she whispered as their lips parted.

“I did wait my life for you Kelly.” Renan steadied her as she finally separated from him. “I get cart then we clean up then food.”

They took a quick shower together and slipped back into their robes to dine. Renan had brought the food cart in beside the small dining table, and they placed the huge bowls of salad on the table with the silverware, rolls. There was also a pitcher of iced tea and two glasses. They sat close together rather than across from each other as they didn’t want to be that far apart.

“You pick good, meomee. Very good food.” Renan said between bites.

“This is very good,” Kelly agreed. “Everything seems so crisp and fresh. But then, I’m not a fussy eater, and I am really hungry.”

They ate for a while in silence, then Kelly said, “They told me you were a trader with your own ships.”

“Is true. I travel to many systems buying and selling. High profits, bought more ships, hired more crews. Now run from Narova with import business growing.” Renan told her. “I think time to sell shipping business and just run imports.”

“And what will I do when we go to Narova---besides being your mate?”

“What you like?” Renan asked.

“I need to learn what is possible. Probably should learn your language first,” she said. “Will we live in the city or the country?”

“Country. Work in the city,” Renan said, “You come, learn while I work---maybe you work with me?”

“We could give it a try,” she smiled at him.

“Have babies, too?” he asked softly.

“Oh, I hope we will,” she assured him. “I’ve always wanted children. It won’t happen right away---not until the birth control implant quits working.”

“Time for us to be lovers, first,” he smiled, his eyes glittering with desire.

“Yes, we need time for that. I feel like I can’t get enough of you.”

“I know. Much mating during bonding period with meomee. We mate again?” He suggested.

Kelly nodded with a shy smile. She was already wet just thinking about it.

Renan got up from his chair and held out his hand to her. She took his hand and stood, letting him draw her into an embrace. “I love you, Kelly,” he told her looking straight into her eyes. Then he kissed her with all the tenderness behind those words.

Kelly made a little mewling sound low in her throat and held him tightly. “I love you, too.” She whispered when he finally finished tantalizing her with his kisses. “And I want you.”

“And I want to make you come,” he whispered, his breath tickling her ear. He took her hand and led her to the side of the bed. He opened her robe and pushed it off her shoulders, so it slid down off her arms and on to the floor. His own robe followed. He filled his hands with her lovely breasts, and Kelly sighed as he squeezed them the pinched her nipples into hard peaks watching her face as he did.

She looked down at his hard cock pointing at her belly. She reached out and gripped it, massaging the head with her thumb, and he groaned. She leaned forward and kissed the middle of his chest with his shaft still in her grasp then knelt before him. She kissed the head and swirled her tongue around the head then caressed the length of it with her cheek. She kissed and gently nipped all around it up and down its length before finally taking the head into her mouth and alternately sucking it and laving with her tongue.

She took him in as far as she could, working more than half with her hand as he thrust gently into her mouth to the top of her throat. He laced his fingers into her dark and caressed her head, humming his satisfaction as he gave himself over to her pleasuring. It was hard not to just fuck her mouth because he didn’t want to choke or gag her with his size. He even tried to pull back as he was about to come, but she held fast and swallowed his hot essence as it shot to the back of her throat. She only released him when his ejaculation was complete.

He bent down and gripped her upper arms and helped her to her feet. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close. “My beautiful meomee! You please me so good.” She looked up at him and smiled.

Renan scooped her up in his arms, laid her on the bed, and climbed on. “Now I please you.” He lay down beside her and stroked her cheek lightly with his fingers. That tender caress was enough to set her whole body on alert in anticipation of his sensual onslaught. Her clit swelled, and her nipples perked up before he even touched her lips with his and stroked her right breast.

He kissed her cheeks, her eyelid, her nose and finally her mouth, slipping his tongue inside to caress and tease hers as he caressed her breasts and her abdomen with his fingers. He teased her with his mouth as his caresses slid low on her belly, barely brushing the top of her mons before moving back up her body.

He nuzzled her neck and nipped her earlobe before trailing butterfly kisses down her neck to where her shoulder met and nibbled that sensitive spot. Kelly murmured her pleasure inarticulately and sighed as need and wetness surged between her thighs. Everything he did, everywhere he touched her only made her want him more. She gave soft cries of delight when his mouth closed over one nipple, and he licked and nipped and sucked it then did the same with the other.

By then her clit and her inner walls ached with desire, but he continued to tease his way slowly down her lovely body. He savored every inch of her soft skin, deliberately avoiding her sweet pussy. Finally, he lay between her open thighs with his face just inches from it. He gently parted the dark curls and her outer lips, exposing her swollen clit. He blew his warm breath on it, and she whimpered bucking her hips as her vaginal walls contracted.

When she settled, he flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth across her clitoris, and she moaned and mewed in delight. He pushed up her knees and gripped her thighs to hold her still while licked her juices from her channel and laved her clit. It was as though her particular flavor was made just for him. He felt like he couldn’t get enough. The exquisite sensations ripped through her body, making her sob in ecstasy as she gripped the burgundy bed cover.

As he sensed her climax building, Renan licked and sucked her clit gently until she screamed and came hard against his mouth. It was all he could do to hold her as she bucked her hips and squirmed while he tongued her clit intermittently until she finally begged him to stop. He released her and crawled up beside her to take her into his arms and hold her.

“Oh, my god, Renan,” Kelly murmured unevenly, “I’ve never in my life felt anything like that.” Her body shuddered against him still in the throes of her orgasm. “That was the best ever.”

“I made you scream,” he grinned wickedly and kissed her nose. “I love please meomee.”

“And you sure did,” she assured him. “I love pleasing you, too.” Kelly sighed. It had been a long day, and she’d had more sex in one day than she’d had in the past year. Now she was very tired and could barely keep her eyes open.

Renan saw this and got up to turn back the covers on the bed. Seeing his intent, Kelly moved and slid under them leaving room for him to slide under them with her. He took her back into his arms and cuddled her close. She quickly fell asleep in his arms and he drifted asleep as well.


Renan and Kelly continued to bond sexually and emotionally for five more days at the hotel, barely leaving the room. Kelly called and quit her job then called her parents and told them she had eloped with Renan and they were going to be living “out of the country.” Renan wore his sapien disguise when they stopped by so Kelly’s parents could meet him on their way to the transport rendezvous.

Renan had booked passage for them on the Be’Kal Zephyr to Narova. Kelly was delighted to meet Captain Be’Kal’s meomee Jenna who had lived just a couple hundred miles from where Kelly lived in neighboring Ohio. They found they had much in common aside from Narovian felines as mates. During their journey, they became good friends and got together periodically whenever the Zephyr put into port on Narova. Though he was a competitor in the freight business, Renan was also friendly with Captain Be’Kal. He even offered him a position, but Zeke liked being his own boss too well to work for anyone else.

Meanwhile, Renan used his elaborate com unit to give Kelly a holo tour of the home they would share on Narova, his business located near the world capital of Narov and the city itself. While he kept a luxury apartment in the city, his primary residence was in a rural agricultural complex well outside the city. She learned that there were nearly as many humans as felines on Narova and she would not be considered alien there.

Renan had already started teaching her the Alliance Common language primarily spoken on Narova and most Alliance worlds. He also gave her a com unit like his own with a language tutorial that would also help her learn the language. Helping Kelly, also helped him learn her language as well. When they reached Narova, she would get the bioimplant.

They finished their initial bonding period on the ship and fell more deeply in love during their journey to Narova. Formal marriage ceremonies were not generally performed for meomee matches, so Renan arranged a bonding celebration to introduce Kelly to family friends and associates about a month after their arrival on Narova.

Aside from some unique architecture and foreign language, Kelly found being on Narova was not that different than going to a foreign country on Earth---except that it was in another star system, light years from Earth. Renan had made sure she had clothing of the current style of Narovians, so there was nothing in her appearance that marked her as an off worlder.

They spent the first week in Narov so Renan could give Kelly a tour of his business and attend to issues that needed his attention. Their bonding reception was a pleasant affair that was enhanced for Kelly by a tiny translator worn in her ear before her bioimplant became fully integrated. She quickly became immersed in her new life on her newly adopted home world with her beloved meomee Renan Garr. Within months she wondered why she was ever reluctant to be mated to the alien trader.

The End

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Excerpts from Dream Alien

Chaytok (shay’tok) Larrin ran through all the checks on his starship for a third time while he was waiting for lift off clearance at the Narovian Starport on the outskirts of Narov. It was a busy day at the Starport which was adjacent to the city airport. There were about two dozen starships waiting in the queue. Chaytok’s was number fourteen with about one lift off per hour since dawn.

He’d already waited months, a few more hours would make little difference. All that mattered that he was leaving finally.

Chaytok had returned to Narova after serving in the United Alliance of Planets combined military defense force. Outsiders had tried to take over one of the colonies in the Alliance had been terraforming for a thousand years. Colonists from the Alliance were already in route with a small fleet of settlers.

The terraforming had cost so much and had taken so long, the Alliance was not just going to hand it over to some alien faction. They had taken a barren planet in a yellow dwarf system and made habitable for humans and humanoids of various species. The Alliance had offered to compromise and allow the aliens to settle there as well if they would join the Alliance and abide by their laws.

Instead, the Efargans attacked the landing parties that were comprised of construction crews. Their lightly armed security teams were no match for heavily armed cyborg warriors. Two-thirds of the crews had been slaughtered by the time the Alliance battle cruisers arrived with the special ground forces.

Chaytok was one of that elite regiment, also a trained shuttle pilot. They were not cyborgs but wore state of the art, enhanced armor that put them on better than equal ground with the Efargan cyborgs. They fought hard and won, but the cost in casualties was high. Chaytok had been one of them. If not for his cousin Jecklin Fantis who dragged him back to the escape shuttle, Chaytok Larrin would be dead.

Six months recovery time on his home world Narova was more than enough to make him restless to get back in space. While modern medicine had returned him back to physical fitness to perform his duties, it also gave him the opportunity to opt out of the service, that and the number of combat time he’d accumulated.

He was ready to make a new life for himself, but the six months he’d been back on Narova showed him clearly that it was no place for him. It was way too civilized a man like Chaytok after the things he had seen and done. The most important thing for him to do all day was to entertain himself. The family farm and business were primarily automated.

On Narova, Chaytok Larrin was just was just another wealthy feline heir with a huge trust fund. After his return from service in the Defense Force, he received full control of it and bought a ship with part of the funds. The rest saved to buy land on one of the more recently opened colonial worlds and begin a family of his own.

So far, the Narovian Matchmaking Agency had not found his meomee---his fated mate or true mate. Chaytok was of a feline humanoid race that evolved on Narova before homo sapiens had been seeded there by a far older race. The Narovian Matchmaking Agency find mates for felines by DNA matching for complementary subjects. It is the opposite of familial matching. The service seeks a mate that will produce offspring with the best genes from each parent. Testing is voluntary, though most Narovians participate, because meomee matches with feline guarantee a lifelong monogamous, loving relationship.

The Narovian agency was processing DNA from Earthers under the guise of ancestral evaluation, but again if was voluntary and somewhat costly for ordinary working people. Participation was random, so Chaytok was not surprised that no match was found.

His parents weren’t meomee so he didn’t consider it necessary to make a family. He was more concerned about building a home to shelter the family before making one.

But first, he had to get off Narova. Finally, his turn to lift off came. His ship was an older model, retrofitted with newer technology. It saved him funds he would need for land and a dwelling on Vesta Three. All systems were in working order according to the ship’s AI and his manual checks. He wasted no time giving the AI the lift off order. Within minutes he was in space and heading toward Vesta Three to make his new home.

This was new territory for Chaytok. He was a good pilot and navigator in familiar sectors, but he was in unfamiliar territory. About two weeks into the trip he discovered he was off course and there was a part failing in his star drive. The glitches weren’t directly related. There had been a power surge to the AI that caused the incorrect course and the part in his star drive had been deemed in good condition during the rebuild. That’s what he for cutting corners. But his reasoning was sound. Now he wished he’s waited for a passenger freighter. That would have saved even more money than buying his own meager little ship.

Chaytok weighed that factor in, too. Getting a direct transport to Vesta Three was a longshot. He could have been stranded somewhere even hard to find transport to an outlying colony. Nor could he have brought the amount of cargo he now carried on his own ship.

When he found his trajectory would take him close to the Earth-Sol system, he was partly relieved because the Alliance had a large base on Mars. He gave up hope of landing there when he found how far Mars orbit was in relationship to Earth’s. He would need to go to Earth, close to his last choice. At least there was an Alliance presence there, and his cloaking tech was working.


What a gorgeous day, Alexa James thought as she led her big red gelding from the barn. The sky was bright blue without a cloud to be seen on that warm September morning. It was perfect weather for a leisurely ride through the woods on her property and into the public forest. Jetson stood patiently in the barnyard while Alexa mounted and seated herself atop the western style saddle. She urged him forward into a canter to the trail that began as two tracks etched in the dirt with a strip of grass down the middle. As she rode deeper into the forest, the trail became solid hard packed dirt.

Alexa needed the diversion to clear her head after she got the notice that Lawrence was released from prison. She had a restraining order against him, but a piece of paper wouldn't stop him from coming after her. He blamed her because she pressed charges after he kidnapped her, beat and terrorized her until she agreed to have sex with him. She finally escaped when he fell asleep. The case pleaded out so he would only serve up to seven years. With time off for good behavior, he got out in four. After what he did, she couldn't believe she ever thought she loved him.

At first, he seemed like a caring lover, but after they had become exclusive, the facade started to crumble. Lawrence became jealous and controlling. He had to know where she was and with whom at all times. The first time he thought a man had been too friendly to her at a restaurant he had raged at her. Another time he slapped her in the parking lot after they'd been to a club dancing. Things escalated from there until Alexa finally admitted to herself that she was in an abusive relationship.

Three months after she'd moved in with him, she packed up and left while he was at work. She sent him a text from three towns away then ditched her cell phone and bought a burner. She used her savings to pay for a studio apartment in the city and got a job as a bank teller. She thought she was safe, but it only took Lawrence two months to find her. He cornered her in the hallway of her apartment building while she was unlocking the door.

As soon as the case was settled, Alexa left the state and went to live with her Grandmother in the mountains of West Virginia hundreds of miles from where she'd lived briefly with Lawrence. Grandma had passed two years ago and left her the ten-acre farmstead. It was hard losing Grandma, but she was glad for the two years they'd had. She'd made a good life here, mostly keeping to herself. But it got lonely sometimes.

Maybe that was why she had the dream about him again... before the letter about Lawrence. She didn't know his name or anything about him. He came to her as a lover in her dreams to a place out of a sci-fi movie. She never saw his face, but she felt her body yearning for his touch. Somehow, she knew he would be the one man she could always trust. He was out there somewhere. Alexa didn't know when or how he would come to her, though.

Those were the things that went through her mind as Jetson cantered down the path. Horse and rider flowed together in harmony enjoying the jaunt through the woods until the sudden flutter of wings startled the horse. A frightened grouse launched itself into the air in front of him. Jetson stopped suddenly, tilting back on his haunches and Alexa's feet slid out of the stirrups, then he reared up. Alexa flew into the air and landed in the dirt rolling to a stop unconscious.

Once Jetson got over his fright, he turned and walked over to where his mistress lay and dropped his head. He nudged her with his nose and nickered, but she didn't move. So. he stood there waiting, not knowing what else to do.

Excerpt from
Asgar Drogon General

T.J. Quinn

Chapter One

Sasha slammed the door behind her and sighed with relief when she realized Eleanor wasn’t home. She had had a terrible day at the office, and all she wanted now was a warm bubble bath and some time for herself. She loved being a lawyer, but every time she came up with situations like the ones she was forced to confront today and wondered why the hell had she chosen to work surrounded by all sorts of scoundrels.

And she wasn’t referring just to the criminals she helped put behind bars, no; she was referring to some of the prosecutors and even lawyers she had to work with. People that only cared for their personal glory and that only worshiped one god: money.

With a deep sigh, she took off her stilettos and walked right to her room, getting rid of her clothes and throwing them on the bed.

A few minutes later she was sunk in her bathtub, allowing the hot water to work a few small miracles, dissolving the knots of stress formed on her neck and back.

She stayed there for a while until the water started to feel too cold. Only then, she got up and changed the bathtub for a quick shower.

She was putting on some clean clothes when she heard some noise outside her room.

“Eleanor, baby, is that you? I thought you had therapy today,” she said as she opened up the door just to close it as fast as she could when she saw the men… creatures… whatever they were, standing in her hallway.

But she wasn’t quick enough, and soon the creatures were pushing her along with her door. She fell to the floor, and one of the creatures approached her.

She got up as fast as she could, barely managing to escape him, putting the bed between them. He pointed her with some sort of weapon, and she threw herself over the bed, but before she could do much more, the other creature had grabbed one of her foot and was pulling her towards him.

She kicked him hard in his face with her other foot, throwing him to the floor. Taking advantage of his surprise, she jumped out of bed and made a run for the door. But the other creature grabbed her from behind, forcing her to struggle harder.

At that moment, she heard the front door being opened and she almost died with despair realizing Eleanor was back earlier. She wouldn’t stand a chance against those guys.

“Sasha, are you here? The therapist didn’t show up today,” she heard her friend shouting from the front door.

Desperate to keep her away from these guys, she struggled harder as she yelled at her. “Eleanor… I have company, would you mind going away for a couple of hours?”

“Sure, I’ll see you later,” her friend replied, but before she could say anything else, the creature grabbing her, clamped his hand over her mouth, as the other one smashed the door against the wall and went after Eleanor.

“Sasha,” her friend yelled.

Sasha fought harder, scratching and kicking as much as she could, and biting his hand with all her strength, forcing him to release her mouth.

“Get the hell out of here,” she shouted to Eleanor, but she knew it was too late when she felt a stab in her belly and saw the creature grabbing her, injecting something into her, turning out the lights for her.

That was the beginning of their nightmare.

The Slythonians had kidnapped them, and now they planned to sell them to the highest bidder in an auction, that would take place somewhere in a far galaxy.

God, she had never believed in aliens, and now she not only had been confronted with their existence, but she had also been abducted by a couple of ones that looked like huge lizards that walked on two legs and had technology the guys on NASA had no idea it was even possible.

Though she had tried to save Eleanor, she had had no idea what they had done to her until she heard her moaning on the cell next to her. Opposite feelings had filled her heart since she couldn’t help feeling happy she was there and alive but also dreaded the fact she was still facing an unknown fate, along with all the female creatures these guys had abducted all over the universe.

That morning, the captain of the vessel had informed them the auction would take place the following day, and she feared she was going to be separated from Eleanor.

She couldn’t bear the possibility of leaving her friend behind, in the hands of the sadist slave master. Eskol had been torturing her as much as he could, and she was sure he would torture her to death if the captain weren't able to sell her with the rest of the women.

She had to find a way to protect her, no matter what.

When Eskol came looking for them for the auction she tried to resist but he simply pressed one button, and the pain that rushed through her body reminded her there wasn’t much she could do.

Like animals to the slaughter, they were taken to a room and lined up. They all knew the drill since they had been trained for it, but Sasha knew she would have a lot of trouble to accept being groped by the customers attending the auction. But she also knew she didn’t have any other option. Resisting would only bring her and the other women pain, and though she wouldn’t mind, she couldn’t put the others through that. It wasn’t fair.

So, she came up with a plan. She would try to convince whoever showed real interest in her that they had to buy her friend as well, by the threat of turning their lives into living hells. Perhaps, one of them would be curious enough to ask for the human female the lizards hadn’t brought to the auction.

When it was her time to walk the small runway to the center of the stage, she took a deep breath and walked out, as proudly as she could, trying not to look at anyone in particular. But when she was standing in the middle of the stage, exposing her naked body to all sorts of disgusting creatures, she felt the hairs on her nape stand in attention.

Her eyes were drawn immediately to an alien sitting in the back of the room. He looked taller than the regular man, there were some protuberances adorning his forehead and temples, but other than that, he looked pretty much as a human male.

But that wasn’t what called her attention. The male sitting next to him was of the same species, and she barely noticed his existence.

No, this one was different. How? She didn’t know, she just felt it in her guts. Her whole body had reacted to him, to the way he was looking at her, in ways she didn’t remember feeling before, at least, not this powerfully, not so intensely. With one look, he had her heaving, her heart drumming in her chest and her nipples hard as rocks.

When she heard the captain announcing the examination period, she made an effort to look away and take her place on stage, along with the other women.

Instinct told her to put her plan in action with the two of them. She had the feeling they were very interested in her, and that could be the way to save Eleanor.

But, despite the way the man had been looking at her, he didn’t approach her. Fortunately, his friend did, and she took the opportunity to talk to him, as discreetly as possible.

“If you buy me, without buying my friend, I’ll make sure your life is a living hell,” she threatened him.

He looked at her puzzled but didn’t make any comment. Instead, he walked to where the other man was standing and talked to him.

She prayed she hadn’t made a huge mistake, trusting these guys, especially when she saw the other one approaching her.

Her heart missed a beat when he finally stood in front of her, just before it started racing at a frantic speed.

“If you buy me, without buying my friend, I’ll make sure your life is a living hell,” she repeated the same words to him.

“What friend?” he murmured back.

“They’re not exhibiting her,” she warned him.

At that moment, the captain announced the beginning of the auction and all of the men returned to their seats.

One by one, Sasha saw the women being sold and she started to feel nervous. So far, the men she had talked to hadn’t bought anyone.

But the moment the first human was called up, they started buying and one by one, they bought all of the human women, including Sasha. They were set apart, in the corner of the room and when all the sales’ procedures were done, the first guy she had talked to started to guide them out of the room.

“No… no… I’m not going anyway without my friend,” she cried out, charging against the man.

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