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The Guy Next Door

A Short Story


Tessa London

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

The Guy Next Door

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Story Description:

Serena Tanner was surprised to find her dog in the backyard of her next-door neighbor's house. She had been searching for him for hours, after she found that he was missing when she had come back from the grocery store. When she had given up on searching for him around the neighborhood, she suddenly heard his barks and howls in the house next door. She was surprised when she barged into the house and saw her neighbor half-naked. He was wearing sweat pants that hung dangerously low on his waist. She could hardly move from her position near the door because his figure caused her to have thoughts she shouldn't have. Little did she know that he already had his eye on her for the past week and he was ready get to know her better.

Chapter One


Moving into a new home wasn’t easy. It was always such a hassle moving furniture and personal belongings into a new home. I always wished I could snap my fingers and have everything magically fixed, but that wasn't possible. I had brought all of my things from my apartment in the city, and I was ready to live a simple live without the hectic life in New York City. This town in New Jersey wasn’t far from the city though, and I was able to come and go if I ever got a job in the city again, but right now I was focusing on my writing, having a contract with a publishing company. Now I decided to get into a quiet town and start on my writing.

A day had gone by and I had already moved completely into my new home. I had my office set and I was ready to start working right away, but I needed to walk my dog, Olly, first. I went out with my dog and walked around the neighborhood to try and get to know it better. Surprisingly it was such a friendly neighborhood, every turn I took, the inhabitants waved to me, or even stopped to talk to me, knowing I was new to the neighborhood.

After about thirty minutes of walking, my dog started to get tired since he was chubby and was the breed that didn’t exercise too much, so I decided to head back home. When I was walking through my driveway, I noticed that the next-door neighbor had just arrived. When I finally saw what they looked like, I was surprised to see he looked fairly young, but I bet he was recently married. There was way a single male was living in a neighborhood like this all by himself. I was the exception because I wanted peace and quiet.

I tried waving hello to him, but he looked extremely serious and mad that I didn’t even bother. He did turn to look at me, but he didn’t smile or anything, he just walked into his house without saying hello.

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