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Enthralled Love

Season 1


Hamzat Adams

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This is a story of three young ladies separated at birth, related by blood and are drawn together by fate.

Anita desperately in search for a job but she’s always expected to give something in order to get it, Claudia scolding his father not to marry a new wife but can’t avoid his new stepbrother to be. Tina battling with her brain just to come up with a decision that her whole life and future depended solely on while also battling her uncle who is desperate to bed her. Of all these challenges, the ladies have something in common and it’s them becoming an insanely sexual beasts but the secret behind these is yet to be reveal.

Chapter One

The Three Girls


Anita could not understand what was wrong with everyone and everything. She had applied to every available job there was and there was always something she was supposed to give in order to get it.

She did those things and still nothing came out of it. She looked down at her cleavage, she suspected that that was one of her problems, she showed too much skin. Was she so insecure that she had to entice everyone and everything with her curves?

Anita knew that she was a very good looking young woman and she had never failed to use this to her advantage. She knew she turned heads everywhere she went, what was it her father always said?

‘Darling, I pray that you do not become the death of any man’ and then he died.

She rolled her eyes as she remembered how concerned her dad always was as she was growing up. She was still in this reverie when her name was called up.

‘Miss Anita Mac-Laurell?’ said the tired looking receptionist.

Anita jumped up and straightened the fuchsia pink dress she saved for this interview. This was The Metro, a top advertising firm that she had been praying would call her for an interview.

She vowed that she was going to get this one, clean, without taking her clothes off or lying on her back. She recalled the last job interview where she  under 15 minutes, fucked the desk clerk in the visitor’s bathroom just so he could bump her name up to the top of the waiting list. She still did not get that job – little wonder.  

‘Mr. Johnson, Miss Mac-Laurell is here to see you’ the receptionist slurred.

Anita heard a deep clear voice say ‘send her in’.

She answered to the receptionist’s indifferent wave by pushing past her. She walked quickly into the bright, airy office and then came face to face with the most beautiful man she had ever seen….



‘Daddy I am telling you for the last time that I don’t care who or what you marry, mom has only been gone a year. What do you need another wife for? You’ve got me!’

Dr. Wellington sat behind his large oak desk watching his daughter rant again on this topic. How she amazed him, every time she opened her mouth and with everything she did. He looked at her in wonder and admitted one more time that he had spoiled her, but how could he not?

One only had to look at her.

‘Daddy, are you even listening to me?’ Claudia said and nudged him out of his thoughts.

‘Yes my dearest daughter, I understand perfectly, but Daniella makes me happy’ Dr. Wellington replied.

Claudia smiled that sweet as sin smile she reserved for him alone and walked over to her father and sat on his lap.

‘Daddy, I don’t want you to be alone, I know I can make you happy, let’s go back to when it was just the two of us against the world. Think about what you are about to do to me, to yourself, to us’

He nodded solemnly and then she gave him a wet kiss on the lips, jumping up she said,

‘I’m going to Ikoyi club with Catherine, I shan’t be long’ and she sashayed out of the office.

Dr. Wellington put his hand on his crotch area to adjust his trousers. He was ashamed of how his dick reacted every time his daughter did anything innocently intimate.


Downstairs, Claudia sat on the love seat in the living area and thought about her dad, her mum and how it was before her mum died. She missed her mum now more than ever. She could not believe her dad.

She felt like his taste in women died with her mom.

How could he pick that Togolese whore over her, chaii!

She hated the woman so much! She had begun to shake in anger and frustration when she heard the back door open. She wiped her eyes and all but ran to the kitchen, she was just pulling a jug of fresh orange juice out of the fridge when she heard a throaty voice behind her say

‘You weren’t running away from me were you?’ in the thickest and almost incomprehensible French accent.

Claudia grimaced before she turned but you wouldn’t know because she had placed a small grin on her mouth that showcased her dimple. The grin cleared however when she saw who accompanied her soon to be stepmother.

He stood tall, well over 6ft. He had soft looking black and curly hair that he’d tied at the back of his head (she just wanted to deposit her hands in there and just feel). He had honey brown eyes that were welcoming, she immediately got lost in them.

She looked down at his full lips, she would give anything to be able to slide her tongue all over them and just suck on them but then he smiled, a cocky smile as if he could read her mind and she frowned instantly.

‘What do you want Didi?’

Didi glided towards Claudia, ignoring the question, she said instead

‘Have you met my son?’ she gestured a well-manicured hand towards the demigod standing behind her. Claudia narrowed her eyes as the man stepped forward.

‘Pleased to meet you, I’m Michael’ he said extending a hand. Claudia looked down at the hand with disdain before she took it. 

‘Claudia’ she said but she did not return the smile, she quickly removed her hand from the warm grasp.

‘If you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment’ and she flitted away. She walked as fast as her legs could carry her and the minute she was alone in her room, she switched on her vibrator and began to play.



She had run out of ideas, she had to think fast but what was she going to do? Her brain was exhausted from all the scenarios she had been playing in her head over the past couple of days.

She frowned as Hannah bit her clit, she had just come back to earth and remembered that her lover of 4 years was eating her pussy. Normally she would have moaned like her life depended on it, but right now she had a dozen and one things on her mind.

Her whole life and future depended solely on her next decision.

‘Babe, am I not fucking you right?’ Hannah said as she licked the fingers she had just removed from her lover’s pussy. Tina opened her eyes and smiled at Hannah, she felt bad that she had just caused Hannah to doubt her skills.

Hannah had been with her for 4 years and those were the best years of her life, she was crazy but her sexual prowess made up for the many times that Tina wanted to throttle her.

Tina turned to face Hannah and kissed her full on her lips.

‘No my love, you were great as usual’. How she wished she had noticed whether that was true or not. Hannah barrowed her eyes as Tina spoke, she knew when her lover was lying – she bit her lip, and she had done it so much now that her lips were red and swelling.

What could she be hiding from me? Hannah thought, whatever it was, she wasn’t about to lose sleep over it.

She loved her girlfriend, she would do anything for her, would even kill for her. Granted that she and Tina had never had the conversation of love or where this was going after 4 years. She believed in patience, she would be patient.

Tina was not going anywhere, she would see to it. She climbed on top of Tina and bent down to suck on a nipple all the while squeezing the fat out of the other large breast.

Chapter Two

Dealing with the Present


Anita crossed and uncrossed her legs as Mr. Johnson the Director spoke. She could not concentrate all she could think about was how good his head would look between her legs, how good it would feel to have his tongue slide up and down her clitoris making her gasp and her legs tremble.

‘Miss, are you paying attention?’ the Director said. Anita straightened up then, ‘yes sir’.

‘Good, when can you start?’ he said.

She could not believe it she had actually gotten the job, though she had no idea what she would be doing as she was too busy imagining this beautiful man bringing her to ecstasy.

‘Errm tomorrow would be fine’ she replied.

‘Very well, I would have Mr. Kennedy to show you to your work station and answer any questions you may have. He pressed a button to summon Mr. Kennedy and then returned his attention to his work.

Anita saw this as a sign that she had to leave and so she got up. How about you fuck me nicely right over there on your plush carpet and watch as I squirt all over it and your face? But she didn’t dare say that out loud but how she wanted to.

After the never ending procedures, she was relieved to be out in fresh air. She immediately dialed her friend Betty’s number.

‘Honey, I got the job!’ she said into the phone. She held it away from her ear in preparation for the scream that would follow and as predicted, Betty let out an ear splitting scream,

‘Woman! Aren’t you ever afraid that you’d lose your voice permanently?’ Anita said laughing. ‘Shut up shut up, Tee we have to celebrate, get Eunice, I’ll get Nathaniel’. Betty responded.

‘Nathaniel? Wow! I haven’t seen him in a long while’ Anita replied frowning.

‘Well, he’s back in town and he’s looking fine as hell’ Eunice said.

Anita rolled her eyes at this. Nathaniel was who everyone thought she would marry, even her parents. She had dated him (and of course 60% of her lecturers – University wasn’t easy you know) for four years while she was in University and she had gotten pregnant.

He of course disappeared when she told him and so she got rid of the baby. He came back into her life just the year before apparently seeing the error of his ways. He seemed not too thrilled about the fact that Anita had aborted the child but she didn’t care. She admitted though that she missed him, she missed that Olympic sized dick and that smart ass brain.

She sighed and texted her friend Eunice, knowing she would be busy at the firm but knowing she would call the minute she got the message.


Betty leaned back in her chair and let out a big sigh

‘I don’t think I can eat anymore she breathed.

‘That’s a shocker’ Eunice said into her cup eyeing Betty with disdain. Eunice loved her second best friend but Betty could get on her last nerve.

How dare she invite Nath to this celebration that should have just been the three of them. Why did Anita let her? She hadn’t seen Nathaniel since the night she went to harass him for abandoning her best friend after he discovered she was pregnant.

They ended up having sex. And boy was it the best night of her life he had probably fucked her with all the frustration of becoming an unexpected father. He left the country that night and she didn’t hear from him again. She had not forgiven him.

She had been eyeing Betty and condemning her since they arrived, but Anita did not seem the least bit perturbed. She wondered why, Nathaniel was always a sensitive topic for her, which is why she never mentioned their time together.



The wedding was a big affair, very unlike her father Claudia thought but she knew whose idea it must have been.

Her father had been low-key ever since her mother’s death, choosing only to go to Ikoyi club and a few home dinners. This would be the first public event he would host since before her mom took ill.

She kicked off her heels and hiked up her skirt. She hadn’t stopped thinking about her stepbrother Michael in the month since they met. They had seen each other a couple of times since then and each time she hurried away like a scared rabbit. He only had to speak and her juices started flowing. She put two fingers between her long legs and began to stroke and feel up her pussy like she was getting to know it.

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