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Daddy & Daughter Secrets Vol: 3

10 Taboo Short Stories


Riley Reid

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Blackmailing Daddy

Daddy’s Dark Obsession

My Daughter the Tease

Daddy’s Fetish for My Pussy

Please Fuck Me…Daddy

Daddy takes My Anal Virginity

How Do I Look, Daddy?

Daddy’s Little Runaway

Touch Me, Daddy

The Taboo Visit

Blackmailing Daddy


It’s one thing to get caught cheating by your wife, but if your daughter catches you, it’s something completely different. To make things worse, she wanted to blackmail me with it.

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing, daddy?”

Lana looked at the laptop then directed her gaze back at me. She was showing me a video depicting my fuck session with a strange woman, and Lana was smiling as if she just struck gold.

“Well?” She inquired for an answer I simply didn’t have.

What could I possibly say?

“Did you really have to videotape it? And how did you even know?” I asked with some remorse.

I sat down at the foot of her bed with my heart beating in my chest, realizing that my marriage was pretty much over. But then Lana said something I didn’t expect.

“It doesn’t matter. All that matters now is that mom doesn’t find out. It’s going to break her heart, which means you have to stop.”

The truth is Lana wasn’t even supposed to be around while I lived out my perverted fantasies. Instead of going to college like we planned, she decided to take a year and get some work experience. I simply couldn’t wait any longer. Plus, I didn’t think I’d get caught in the first place.

“You’re not going to tell her?” I asked with disbelief.

She hesitated a little, as if she was enjoying my misery.

“I was thinking about it, but then I realized it wouldn’t do anybody any good.”

A wave of relief washed over me, because despite my infidelity I loved Rebecca very much. I knew that her lack of sexual ambition wasn’t her fault, even though we were both still in our thirties, and I knew it couldn’t justify me screwing around.

“Besides, if she sees the video she’ll know that you’re attracted to me.”

The wave of relief vanished as quickly as it came.

“What now? Lana, princess, how can you say that?”

She didn’t give me an answer. Instead, she turned up the volume and proved her point. The woman in the video was screaming “daddy” from the top of her lungs over and over.

“Is it just a coincidence that she looks a lot like me, daddy?”

When we adopted Lana she was already thirteen, which really complicated the situation. But Rebecca loved her the moment they met, and she felt it unfair that older orphans didn’t get the same opportunities when it came to finding good homes.

“It’s just some role-playing crap, Lana. I honestly didn’t choose her for the reasons you think.”

I was lying through my teeth and Lana knew it, because over the years Lana kept getting more attractive. Her mahogany hair kept getting thicker, her breasts literally blew up after her sixteenth birthday, and by the time we celebrated her graduation she was the most beautiful creature on two legs.

It’s because of this transformation that I needed an outlet Rebecca couldn’t provide. Jerking off simply didn’t cut it, so I went through a catalogue of call-girls and picked the one that most resembled Lana. Of course the call-girl didn’t come close to Lana’s beauty, but it was much more fulfilling than using my hands.

“It’s okay, daddy. I’m not mad.”

“You don’t understand, princess. It’s got nothing to do with you.”

The more I pleaded the less convincing I came off.

“Whatever you say. But promise me you’ll stop?”

“I promise.”

Seemingly happy with herself, Lana closed the laptop and got up. Just like that everything was forgotten.

“Now, let’s go get that milkshake you promised me.”

Chapter One

The Sweet Scent of Temptation

Of course things were different, especially the way Lana started acting. And I couldn’t shake the feeling that she was up to something. She was more physical than usual - giving me spontaneous hugs and kisses. She was also more daring with the clothes she wore. Shorts that usually covered her thighs were now barely hiding her panties. Her tops got tighter and more revealing as well, showcasing her tiny waist and her firm, perky tits. Little did I know I’d be placed in a very awkward position with Rebecca in the room.

Once a month I had to endure romantic movie night with Rebecca, but on this particular night she wasn’t feeling very well. She had caught a cold from a co-worker, but she insisted we still watch Pretty Woman for the umpteenth time. She settled on the couch right in front of the television with a box of tissues, while I handed her some tea.

“Honey, I don’t get it. If I can’t even sit with you then what’s the point of watching the movie?” I asked, hoping it would get me out of watching altogether.

“We’ll still be watching together, which is the whole point. I’m not letting you off the hook mister, come hell or high water. At least now you won’t have to see me cry up close, so be thankful for that.”

Without putting up a fight I covered her with a blanket, gave her a kiss on the forehead, and took my place on the couch further away from the television. Maybe she wouldn’t notice if I fell asleep halfway into the movie.

But my plans for sweet slumber were interrupted when Lana came into the room, wearing her newly bought skimpy pajama shorts and shoestring top. Even though it was relatively dark, the tiny bumps that poked through the thin material told me she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“What are you guys watching?” She asked while looking at the television.

“Pretty Woman.” Rebecca answered through a blocked nose. “Weren’t you supposed to go out with Brian tonight?”

“Yeah, but I’m not really up for beer and football. Mind if I join you instead?” She glanced in my direction while she spoke with Rebecca.

“Of course, sweetie. But you’ll have to share a couch with your dad. I don’t want to make you sick.”

“No problem.”

The discomfort in my pants gained momentum, because just seeing Lana standing there was enough to give me a hard-on. The low lines of her ass cheeks teased me thanks to those damn shorts, and her stiff nipples didn’t help.

“Maybe I should let you girls enjoy the movie while I…”

“Oh no you don’t! Just because Lana’s here doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.” Rebecca shouted without even looking back at me.

A wicked smile formed on Lana’s lips as she sat down beside me, revealing a bottle of blue glitter nail polish. She pulled her knees up to her chin and placed her feet on the edge of the couch, then causally began painting her toenails.

Even her toes were sexy, along with her ankles and her slender legs. I had to force myself not to stare, but I couldn’t help catching glimpses from the corner of my eye. My dick instinctively drained the blood from my brain. It actually started hurting with frustration.

Somehow I managed to bring my attention back to the movie and my sick wife, who laid sniffing just a few feet in front of me, totally enthralled by the prostitute in the film. I did everything I could to bring my boner down and take my thoughts away from the sexual creature beside me.

But then Lana shoved her foot in my face, displaying the freshly painted nails and her sexy ankles. The muscles in her thigh flexed as she held her toes inches from my face.

“Blow, daddy.”

With expectancy she stared at me, waiting for me to quicken the drying process of her nail polish. I couldn’t tell if Lana knew how uncomfortable I was, but if she did she didn’t show it.

Gently I wrapped my fingers around the bridge of her foot and began blowing over her toes. She wriggled them as I blew, painting a perverted picture in my mind that consisted of her toes playing with my dick, then she pulled her foot back.

The hard-on wasn’t going anywhere. Instead, it just kept throbbing in my pants, making me change my sitting position in order to cover up.

A few seconds later she placed the other foot in front of my face, acting as innocent as the day we brought her home. Just like before, I held on to the soft edges of her foot while blowing on her wriggling toes.

After the nail polish dried I loosened my grip and waited for her to retract her foot, but she didn’t. Instead, she allowed it to rest on my thigh. Then she placed the other foot next to it while she got comfortable on the couch, creating friction very close to my groin area. In fact, her toes were digging into my leg just a few inches away from my excited cock.

As if nothing inappropriate was happening, she stretched out on the couch and turned her attention to the movie. She didn’t take her feet away though. Lana kept playfully moving her toes around, grating them against my thigh and flexing her leg muscles.

Nobody said a word as the story played out, and for a second I thought I might just live through the experience with my sanity intact. Then Lana stretched out her legs a little more, resting the balls of her feet directly on my dick. It was still hard, but it was a secret I hoped I could get away with. Unfortunately there was no way in hell Lana could’ve missed the pulsating penis against her sexy feet.

I looked over at Rebecca, blissfully unaware of the situation, then I looked at Lana. She was acting completely indifferent to my erection. Her nipples were still poking through her top and I could also see the outline of her panty underneath the shorts. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, but something had to give. My hormones were racing in my bloodstream and all I could think about was Lana, lying there naked, playing with herself.

“I’m gonna get some ice-cream. Anybody want some?” I said out of desperation.

I had to get up from that couch. Otherwise I’d explode in my pants.

“No! This is one of the good parts, daddy.” Lana said as she dug her feet into my groin, pushing me back into the polyester prison.

Instinctively I grabbed her feet, and as I tried to push them away from the danger area she pushed back. I tried a second time, but she remained persistent to leave them in place, creating more friction.

“Lana.” I whispered, not wanting to draw attention from Rebecca.

“Shhh, daddy, I’m watching.”

My blood turned cold as Rebecca turned her head slightly.

“Don’t even think about sneaking out, Chris. I’ve got my little peeper keeping an eye on you. Right, Lana?”

“I sure do, mom. He’s not going anywhere.” Lana replied with another wicked smile Rebecca couldn’t see.

This was more than just a dangerous situation, because I still couldn’t figure out what Lana was up to. What was she trying to do to me? Did she want to get me in trouble? She kept on shifting her feet on my lap, and as much as I tried, I couldn’t get them off without alerting Rebecca.

The angrier I got at Lana, the hornier she made me. Little did I realize she had more dirty intentions up her sleeve. She turned onto her side, showing me her tight ass before she used her toes to dig into the front of my sweatpants. She had no trouble sliding them inside and wrapping them halfway around the head of my erected cock.

I shifted my lower body, but it was no use. When I looked at her with shock and awe, she just pressed a singular finger against her lips and indicated that I stayed quiet.

“I’m sorry, Chris. But if Richard Gere walked through that front door right now I’d run away with him. Would you be mad?” Rebecca asked out of the blue.

Lana giggled, but she didn’t stop teasing my cock, even though Rebecca attempted to look behind her. Luckily she could only turn her head so far before the headache made her turn back.

“Honey, I’ll kill him before he gets the chance to steal you away.”

“Then I’ll be mad at you. Do you really want that?”

“It’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

Words can’t describe how strange it felt talking to my wife while Lana did what she did. And yet, it wasn’t enough for her.

She wriggled her other foot into my pants and slowly began to jerk me off. I grabbed her ankles to make her stop, but then she clearly mouthed the words, “I’ll tell” while discreetly pointing at Rebecca. There was nothing I could do, except let her continue using her toes to work my cock towards a climax.

It didn’t even take her very long to get me there, despite the short strokes. After only a minute or two she had me rattling on the couch, making me cum all over her pretty feet. I felt the warm loads of sperm streaming down my cock and onto the soft flesh that enticed it in the first place.

Only after Lana was certain I couldn’t cum anymore, she pulled out her feet, scraped some of the white liquid off with her finger, and sucked it up with her full red lips.

Chapter Two

The Night Visit

I was at a complete loss, because I still couldn’t figure out what Lana wanted from me. Did she really enjoy getting me off, or did she want to increase the risk of me losing my marriage? It couldn’t have been money, because we made sure she had everything she needed, and more. Her motivation was a complete mystery.

When I confronted her about it later that night, she acted like I was insane.

“What are talking about, daddy? Are you feeling okay? Maybe mom’s cold is getting to you as well.”

As difficult as it was, I let it go and joined Rebecca in the bedroom. She was already passed out from all the meds, so I got undressed, switched off the lights and got into bed.

I was just about to fall asleep when the door creaked open. It was Lana, sneaking into the room. She didn’t say a word as she tip-toed to my side of the bed.

“Lana, is something wrong?” I whispered.

“No, I just thought I’d come and say goodnight properly.”

My eyes adjusted to the darkness, and when Lana reached me I noticed that she was completely naked. Her pussy was shaved clean, accentuating the mound just above her lips, and her tits were even better than I could’ve imagined. This girl had the perfect body and she drove my dick insane.

Confused and dazed, I just stared at her.

“Do you like what you see, daddy?” She asked softly.

This was also the moment when a shit load of fear swept through my mind. I looked over at Rebecca, who had her back turned towards me. If she woke up all hell was going to break loose.

Then I felt the sheets getting pulled off, and before I could figure out what was happening, Lana climbed on top of me, settling her moist pussy on my cock.

I grabbed her shoulders and tried to push her off, but she wasn’t having it.

“You’re going to wake her up, daddy. Just lie still.”

I knew the small wrestling match was already enough to disturb my sleeping wife, leaving me between a rock and a hard place. My cock also started growing beneath the warmth of Lana’s cunt.

“That’s it, daddy. Just let it happen.”

With amusement Lana looked down at my genitals and watched it build with excitement. Then she took my hands and placed them on her tits. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my palms, motivating me to squeeze the soft skin around it.

She held my hands in position while she started rocking back and forth, heaving her pussy up and down my shaft. A warm liquid gathered on her lips, and the more she moved, the more she drenched my cock with her pussy juice.

“You like it? My pussy has been wet all night, daddy.”

My throat dried up almost instantly and my heart was racing. The fear of Rebecca waking up weighed heavily against the pleasure I was feeling, but ultimately it was the pleasure that came out on top. Plus, Lana wasn’t going to let my fear stand in the way of her plans, whatever they may have been.

The grinding of her pussy escalated and she urged me to squeeze her tits harder. Her juices were dripping onto my balls and my cock was rock solid between those pink lips. It’s almost like they sucked onto it, not letting an inch escape. And yes, I clasped onto her tits like they were my life support, pinching her stiff nipples and making them harder than before.

Then she leaned forward until her lips were close to mine.

“Open your mouth, daddy.”

Without question I did as she asked, which was when she dropped a little bit of spit onto my tongue. She smiled as I swallowed, then she stuck her tongue in my mouth. Her lower body kept swaying back and forth, mimicking a fuck motion while she passionately licked my tongue.

I slid my hands over her ass cheeks and pinched the skin that had me in a frenzy earlier that night. She moaned into my throat and pressed her tits against my chest. For a moment I actually forgot about Rebecca right next to us. In fact, I was surprised that the commotion hadn’t woken her up yet.

I felt Lana’s hand slide down past my stomach as she lifted her pelvis. She grabbed onto my throbbing rod, stroked it two or three times, then wedged the head between her pussy lips. The tender flesh of her pink enclosure swallowed it with difficulty, but she was determined on stuffing her cunt with my cock. No man would’ve been able to resist the feeling of his dick pulsating against her tight muscles. Just as the tip separated the first few inches, Rebecca became restless and turned around.

Frozen with fear, Lana and I silently looked at her, paying close attention to her eyes. But she wasn’t waking up. I was baffled beyond reason, because Rebecca always was a light sleeper. And yet she didn’t even blink while she settled down and slept further.

Still watching Rebecca like a hawk, Lana continued to swallow my cock. Her body was hot against mine, but it couldn’t compare to the heat inside her tight cunt. It was like I was fucking a virgin, although I knew Lana had some experience. She may not have been a virgin, but she could’ve passed for one if she wanted to.

With my dick throbbing halfway inside her, she turned her attention back to me.

“Do you really want to know why I’m doing this, daddy?” She whispered while plunging my cock deeper.

It was extremely difficult to have a conversation, because we were both breathing heavily. Keeping the volume of our panting under control while experiencing the best feeling a person could possibly experience was no easy feat.

“Yes, princess.” I whispered. “Tell me.”

Lana sunk down more before she answered, lodging my cock in the deepest part of her pussy.

“Because I’m jealous. I’ve always been jealous.”

She lifted her pelvis, making her pussy suck on the curves of my cock as she clenched her pink muscles.

“I don’t like it when you have sex with other women, not even mom.”

Then she plunged down again, only with more intent and lust. My cock stabbed inside her, and I reacted by digging deeper between her ass cheeks and teasing the outlines of her tiny asshole.

“I want to be your little slut, daddy.”

Every time she spoke she rose and fell, smearing my dick with her warm juices, and clenching her muscles tighter around my throbbing shaft.

“I want to be the one who cums on your dick, like I’m doing right now.”

She tactically rubbed her swollen clit against my pelvis, exploring every angle her pussy allowed. And for the next few minutes there was no talking, only fucking. Lana leaned on my chest while she buckled her hips, first teasing the tip of my cock with quick successive thrusts, followed by deep and deliberate penetrations.

She knew exactly what she was doing, and somehow her pussy kept getting tighter. Despite all the natural lubrication, every time she plunged down it felt as if I was going inside her all over again.

Our fuck session started to gain dangerous momentum. I didn’t know how much longer we could keep going before Rebecca woke up. Still, we pushed the limits. I sucked on her puffy nipples and she grabbed onto my hair. When she clenched her ass cheeks while thrusting forward I felt it against my thighs, making my cock expand and contract inside her cunt.

Harder and faster was the only route this scenario could go, because how do you maintain any self-control with such a sexy girl riding your cock?

“Tell me you want me to cum, daddy.” The pitch of her voice got higher with excitement.

“I want you to cum, princess. Cum on daddy’s dick.”

She started kissing me again. Her tongue raged inside my mouth while her body shuddered on top of me. Her pussy began to leak all over me and I couldn’t stop myself from shoving the tip of my finger into her asshole.

Lana whimpered as she shook, trying to control the intensity of her orgasm.

“Cum with me, daddy. Shoot your sperm inside your princess.”

She didn’t even need to ask, because I was already on the verge of filling her pussy. At that point neither of us cared if Rebecca woke up, because we were too caught up in the moment. All that mattered was finding relief for our grinding genitals.

My cock began to burst inside Lana’s pussy like it never burst before. Every load of sperm made me jerk underneath her, and the pressure from her clenching muscles had me thinking my cock could possibly implode.

Those few short seconds felt like hours, and I didn’t want to contemplate the thought of pulling my dick out. I wanted to leave it there forever.

I guess Lana felt the same, because she let it throb inside her cunt long after we came. She almost fell asleep on top of me, but unfortunately my senses returned.

“Princess, you have to get up. What if your mom wakes up?”

She smiled a happy smile as she looked at me.

“I spiked her with three sleeping pills, daddy. You can fuck me all over this bed and she won’t know a thing.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? And why were you so careful?”

“Because it was more fun this way. Besides, I wasn’t sure if the pills were going to work as well as I wanted. So, are you ready to fuck me again?”

Daddy’s Dark Obsession

Part One

She Taunts Me

“Why is she doing this to me?” I think as I watch her in that small bikini.

We don’t even have a fucking swimming pool, and yet she pounces from one room to the next, doing nothing in particular. I can see the contours of her pussy lips as the bikini bottom tightly pulls between them, not to mention the way it stretches over her mound. From the looks of it there’s probably not one pubic hair to be found near that sweet entrance.

The fuel on the fire is her tiny waist, toned and tanned to perfection, like the rest of her body. She may not have big breasts, but they are just big enough to fill my hands. I can already see myself sucking on those tiny nipples poking through her top.

But chances are you’ll notice her eyes first. She has something inside those two oceans that bring out a different beast in a man. Put this together with her dark brown locks, her naturally pouty lips and a slender neck to connect it with the rest of her unforgettable body…

Let’s say it’s like a minefield filled with different explosions - just waiting to trigger my end.

I’m so fucking jealous of that bikini I want to rip it off and burn it. I’m also jealous of her boyfriend, who gets to touch her in ways I’m not even allowed to think about.

What the fuck did I do to deserve this torture? I’m a decent guy, for the most part, and the fact that Kelly is adopted has never been an issue. I show up for special events, I make sure she is taken care of, and I keep my problems to myself. So why on earth should I be the one stuck in this position?

But my torture won’t last for very long, because Kelly just graduated. She’s bound to move out soon, I hope. Then I’ll be rid of this lustful vision that’s constantly hanging around. She’s there even when she’s not, you know what I mean? And if it’s not a miniscule bikini, it’s a tight little skirt. If it’s not a tight little skirt, it’s a pair of shorts that hug her ass so lovingly she may as well walk around naked.

“Here you go. I thought you might like something to drink.”

She hands me a beer, snapping me out of my perverted daze.


I can’t help but scan her small frame a last time before taking the beer, and acting as if I’m heavily invested in my work.

“What’s up with you lately? You’ve been so distant. Are you mad at me or something?”

I’m sitting at my desk in my home office, trying hard to shut myself out. But everywhere I go, she’s there. It’s been this way ever since my wife left, leaving Kelly and me to fend for ourselves. Yesterday I got the five-year-single-parent badge, because my ex had some wild oats to sow. I guess I can’t blame her. We were high school sweethearts, we got married before finishing college, and we adopted Kelly when she was six years old.

When I think back now, there are so many things I wish I did. And some things I didn’t. Now I’m thirty four, divorced, and harboring a sexual obsession towards the last person on this earth I want to hurt.

“Why would I be mad? I’m just a little tired, that’s all.”

“You’ve been working a lot lately. Why don’t we do something fun? It’s been a while since we went to the movies. Or we could just take a drive?”

Kelly leans on my desk and studies the stack of papers with her fingertips, inadvertently pushing her perfect petite tits together, distracting me in ways I can’t come to grips with.

“Well, you’ve been spending a lot of time with Jason. I’m surprised you even noticed I still exist.”

I know what they’ve been doing and it pisses me off. Just seeing them together puts a rage inside me I don’t know how to control. It’s not my intention to get irritated or nasty, because it’s natural for an eighteen year old girl to spend most of her time among friends and boys. But like I said, I have several regrets I’m dealing with, which has turned me into somewhat of a tyrant.

“Are we really going to have that discussion again?” She asks without making eye-contact.

Yes, we’ve been there several times. I accuse her of being a spoilt brat and she retaliates by ignoring me flat for days. It’s a vicious cycle I can’t seem to break, but today I’m going to try my best. It’s not her job to make me feel better, and it’s certainly not her responsibility to take care of my sexual needs, even if she is the focus point of my recent fantasies.

“No, we’re not. Sorry. The stress is just getting to me.” I force out the words with a fake smile.

“It’s a shame I can’t sit on your lap anymore. It used to make you feel a lot better.” Kelly says as she trots around my office, looking at my bookshelves as if she hasn’t seen them a hundred times before.

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