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Bogus Wife


I was haunted. Being watched. Stalked. I didn't know to whom I turn for help anymore because all the people that helped me were harmed if not dead.

Until I had an accident. 

When I woke up, I was already married to a wealthy beautiful man. But he hated me. He's disgusted with me even if I didn't know why. But he sure wanted me, too. I could see it from the way he looked at me, the scorching touches we shared and that hard thing he hid beneath his pants. It's all for me. It's only a matter of time before he snapped. 

But my stalker found me again. He's back to finally get what he'd long been wanted. He's ready to do just about anything to snatch his princess from a happily ever after. And he succeeded.

Copyright 2017

Claire Aspiras

All rights reserved.

ISBN : 9781370963171

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Publisher’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination. Locales and public names are sometimes used for atmospheric purposes. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or to businesses, companies, events, institutions, or locales is completely coincidental.

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Third shot.

The ember liquid flowed from my throat down to my gut, leaving burning sensation on its wake. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes for a moment before expelling the air from my lungs. No shit, I'm still sober. The next swig, which I knew still wouldn't take me down, somehow eased my pounding heart. I needed to drink. I needed to get drank. I needed something to blame when tomorrow comes. Perhaps then I'd forgive myself.

Again, I closed my eyes and felt myself. Lucy's face danced just beneath my eyelids. Her smile, her luscious curves, the scent she wore and her fucking eyes. My heart went erratic once more. Her eyes have always been calling to me. No, not always. Just recently. My dick would get as hard as a steel beam with just by a mere glance from those baby blues. But even imagining her now seemed to have the same effect. Good! The alcohol was also starting to kick in. Just a little though. Pouring my fifth shot, I took it in a quick swallow, slamming the glass on the counter before pushing myself off of my chair. I didn't plan to be wasted, just enough liquid courage for my mission tonight. Again, just something to blame as I wake up tomorrow. My head, heart and dick were all ready. I'm ready to fuck my wife.

With the alcohol on my breath, I'd blame all this tomorrow on the booze as if I didn't really want it. Craved it. Dying to finally do it. Like, damn, I fucked her because I was drunk, I wasn't thinking clearly. I snorted in disgust. Yeah, right. Fool yourself, Sullivan.

One, two, three. I was counting my steps towards the master bedroom, glancing from this side and that like a stupid stranger in my own home. I'd do anything at this moment not to be logical for once. Because I know if I’d be rational, I'd change my mind. The sober and sane Theodore Sullivan would never as much as touch a hair on his wife's head. But tonight, I'd pretend I'm not being my own self. Because I planned not just to touch Lucy's hair but wrapped them around my fist as I plow her deep in her unfaithful cunt. I'm going to use and abuse her body as punishment of her infidelity and for making me crave and crazy as shit for her.

The usually dull white painted door to our room was mocking me. It suddenly turned into a wicked, red painted fingernails of Lucy, curling into a come-hither wave, luring me in, trapping me into her vicious web. Each step I took made my heart pound faster than ever before. I wouldn't be shocked if I'd get a heart attack once I get inside that goddamn room. She did this to me. I was a fucking slave to her allure right now. And I still didn't know how that even happened. I never craved for her before not even when I was fucking Eloisa in her womb.

What Lucy and I had was a typical one-night stand turned disaster when I accidentally knocked her up with a broken condom. Of course, as a man with honor and the call for responsibility, I owned the child without going into DNA testing. I was there when it happened, I didn't have to fucking test my own blood. When Eloisa was born, I proposed to Lucy so that my daughter would have a complete family as she grows up. Honorable my ass, I wanted to puke on myself!

I wanted to provide for Eloisa, making sure she wouldn't be needing anything in her life. Lucy had been living like a queen as well. Who wouldn't? She just married the most elusive billionaire bachelor in the city. But I wasn't paying attention to her. She could spend my money for all I care, they wouldn't be gone until my third generation and I could always make more with my empire. My sole focus was to my daughter. Eloisa became the center of my life when she was born.

Rumors of my beloved wife scattered in news and tabloids about her numerous affairs from my colleagues down to my employees. Still, I didn't give a damn. She could fuck all the male species in her lifetime and I'd still wouldn't bat an eye. She's just that unimportant to me. I only kept her stupid ass because Eloisa was really needy with her. I didn't even know why my daughter would prefer her mother over me when obviously Lucy was as cold to our daughter as much as I was to my wife.

We may've shared a vow in our wedding, lived under the same roof and slept in the same bed, well sometimes, but I never touched her again after that first night we had. I knew then she wouldn't be a good wife and mother after she told me the news of her pregnancy. The weather in Antarctic would be ashamed of how cold she was back then. But I still went out of my comfort zone and married the bitch and suffered every day for her evil ways.

Sometimes I wondered what I did wrong for fate to put me in this situation. Almost four years of failing marriage was enough torture for me. I had enough of this sham and made a decision. I just hoped our daughter wouldn't be devastated more than she already was by the way her parents were living emotionally separated -- and now physically as well.

I've drafted and requested for divorce papers from my lawyers and demanded for Eloisa's custody but Lucy went jet setting. She must've sensed my plan that's why she left in haste. She'd been away for five months, the longest she'd been gone having tryst with her illicit affairs. That made me furious and started looking for her only to find out she's actually missing. Her phone was dead, her car's GPS was untraceable and neither of her friends knew where she'd been gone.

After some thorough investigation, a CCTV footage of her car was caught driving towards north. My people tracked her down and found damaged guardrail just a couple of miles away from the deserted road. There was still an obvious trail of car crashing towards the slope and down the ocean below. Her car was found but her body wasn't. The media showed and aired the accident declaring that Lucy Sullivan, wife of Theodore Sullivan, met an accident and was still missing.

Two days after that, Lucy appeared. No, she didn't appear, she was shown to me in the hospital, on a coma. Her head was severely wrapped in bandage and her body was covered with bruises and scabs. Exactly after five months of being unconscious, she woke up but without a memory. And my nightmare began.

When I returned her home, she'd been different. I've been different. My plan for divorce was put to backseat because the doctors advised to take it easy on her. So instead, I reintroduced her to the people, places and things we knew and shared together. The old Lucy would definitely not give a damn and bitch her way around, demanding her privacy and shit. Perhaps she'd go ballistic and or act crazy shit in hysterics. But alas, none of that happened!

This new Lucy had been nice. Nice? My wife was evil probably since the day she was born. And she was smiling too and even laughed with melodic tone. Fuck! She even cared and played with Eloisa. Lucy was never a mother to our daughter. But since she returned, she was three-sixty degree different. Her aura was radiant. Curious. And the craziest of all, her big blue eyes held my gaze in a very innocent way she didn't know made me hot and hard. God knew, Lucy was never innocent. She's one step away from being a whore. A very expensive whore hidden by the glitters of my money and fame.

Lucy had now been home for two weeks now. Two weeks of smelling her goddamn erotic scent. Two fucking long weeks of getting blue balls just by a whiff of her hair, her smile, the slightest touch of her fingertips and her gaze that burned in my head. She was looking at me with intrigue. I couldn't blame her though. I was practically avoiding her like a plague worse than how I did before the accident. But then I couldn't stop myself from making small and light touches from here and there as well. My hands itched to make contact with her soft delectable skin. And each time I did, a jolt of electricity would pass between us, leaving me dumbfounded and furious. There wasn't like that before. The bitch must've cursed me!

Since she had a general amnesia, Lucy didn't know that we're not physically intimate with each other. Hence my torturous nights spending with her cuddled so close to me, feeling every curve of her voluptuous body. If she ever recovered her memory, she'd freaked out at how her body changed. She'd gained weight. Her usually skinny ass became plumped now, her tits bigger but her waist remained small. And I've been dying to fuck her ever since she woke up from being comatose. My cock was screaming and begging for release. A release I knew would only suffice inside her juicy unprotected cunt.

Tonight, with the help of five shots of brandy, I shall end my own torture. Tonight, I'm ready to reclaim her as my wife or at least before I divorce her ass. I'll fuck her brains out so she'd finally see that her husband could fuck her better than her men. Maybe then this itch I felt would go away.

Turning the knob, I opened the door of our room and closed it again. As soon as I got inside, I locked it in place. The lamp on my side was still lit, enough light so I could see her figure snuggled peacefully under the covers. I wondered if I should wake her up or just fuck her right there and then? I shed my clothes off of my body and decided to make this a two-way activity. I'd wake her up with my mouth on her pussy.



Slowly, I peeled the duvet off of Lucy's body and crawled on the bed so I was hovering atop her. She was laid on her back, her face was turned to the left, her cheek was pressed on her pillow, making her mouth forming a little O. The opening wouldn't fit my cock but I could widen it if I let her jaw slackened some more. But that's not where I wanted my cock would be. When my eyes slid down her body, I groaned seeing her right knee was bent to the side, the outline of her delectable pussy was visible through her lacy underwear. I practically shivered and salivate at the sight. Soon, I'd destroy that cunt with my cock.

I reached one hand to grab the hem of her nightie before slowly pulling it up her stomach and up still to her neck. Lucy’s breasts were more than a handful. Testing my theory, I cupped one mound into my hand and rightfully so, it spilled from my grasp. Lucy's breathing hitched but she didn't wake up from her deep sleep. Strange. She usually was a light sleeper. I pinched her nipple while watching her face for any reaction. Her spine arched up, her head turned to the other side but she still remained asleep. Hmm.

Reaching for her panties at each side, I roughly pulled it down her knees with the intention of waking her up until the useless material dropped to the floor. Moving a little bit, I came face to face with her sweet smelling cunt. When my eyes flickered up to her face, our gazes met. She looked a little confused but soon her eyes turned hooded and her breathing became pants when she realized what I was about to do.

"Theodore!" Lucy breathed out before reaching for my hair.

"Open your thighs wide, Lucy." I took her hands from my hair, lacing our fingers and kept them to her sides. "Wider, bitch!" I barked when her quivering thighs opened only a fraction.

"Theodore!" Her voice shook as if shocked I used a rough tone on her, but she obeyed anyway.

When her thighs were spread as wide as I wanted them to be, I positioned myself in between the space she provided, pinning her thighs down with my forearms.

"I'm going to eat your pussy as long as I want and you're allowed to scream as loud as you can. After I'm satisfied, I'll fuck you with my cock so hard and deep for the entire night but I don't want to hear any complains for being sore and shit like that. Got it?"

"Yes!" Lucy whimpered, her stomach was trembling while her big eyes gazed at me with uncertainty and a little fear.

"Good." My gaze returned to her open pussy, now glistening with her obvious arousal.

Such an actress she was. She could only fake her innocence for so long but her body still screamed sex like a whore. Lucy's sex addiction still remained even with her amnesia. Guess, her greedy cunt couldn't forget the thrill of it.

With that thought in mind, the lust I felt was stomped for a degree. But not enough to stop my plans though. Leaning closer, I opened my mouth and gave her wet slit a good lick. Her hips instantly jumped in surprise but I pressed a palm over her pelvis down the bed again. When I was about to give her another swipe of my tongue, I looked in confusion on her skin where my hand was. My brain instantly kicked in, sending message to me but the alcohol I consumed was fighting against my sanity. Didn't she have...

"Theodore, please!" Lucy was breathing hard as she writhed beneath my hold while her thighs continued to quiver in anticipation.

My attention was back to my task. This time, I didn't waste a second anymore and dove straight into her juicy cunt. Lucy puffed huge breaths in time with my tongue delving as deep as I could go. Adding my thumb into the rhythm, I massage her clit while lapping off the juices she produced. Her pussy tasted so sweet, I could practically spend a day just eating her out. No, shit. She's that delicious.

Come to think of it, I didn't get down on her that first time we had sex. It was just a hot fast romp in one of the rooms in the gala night we both attended. Lucy came with a date but her interest was stuck to me so she sent me signals across the room where I instantly grabbed and excused myself. She was a known lingerie model before, with beautiful face and alluring body but had been known to hop from one boyfriend to another. Unfortunately for me, I became one of those men she stringed along for her fun fucks.

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