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Passion Punched King

Balance Series book 2

By Lisa Oliver

Passion Punched King (Balance Series #2)

Copyright © Lisa Oliver, 2017


Cover Design by Lisa Oliver

Cover model and Image by Paul Henry Serres Photographer

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First Edition December 2017

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Passion Punched King is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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And to everyone who took a chance on this series. I know it’s not what I usually write (no fur involved) but these stories mean something to me and the fact that you’re reading this means more to me than you know

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About the Author


The old temple echoed with the sounds of Lucifer’s boots clacking across the stone tiles. Hoisting himself up on the dusty altar, the Lord of the Underworld let out a sigh.

“Something bothering you, my son?” The deep voice sounded amused and Lucifer shook his head as he managed the glimmer of a smile. He loved to hear his master’s voice.

“As if you didn’t know what was wrong already,” He said. “I had six chances, six of your matings in which to make some ground with Gabriel and now he’s stuck up there,” Lucifer indicated the ceiling with his middle finger, “and they are doing goodness knows what to his brain.”

“Gabriel was close to falling, my son. You know that couldn’t be allowed to happen.”

“I understand that, I do.” Lucifer looked at the ceiling, his long black braids tugging on his neck. “This whole balance concept of yours wouldn’t work if Gabriel became one of mine.”

“Well,” the deep voice said slowly, “it could still work in theory, but then you’d have to take another one of my angels as a mate and Gabriel would have to stay alone.”

“You wouldn’t do that to me or him. Master, please….” Lucifer jumped off the altar in his panic, prepared to beg if necessary.

“Don’t, Lucifer; don’t beg. It doesn’t become you.” The deep voice was gentle now. “Gabriel needs to remember who he is. He needs time to readjust and fully understand the basic principle I imbibed in all my beings. To love one another, regardless of who they are. Surely you can see you’ll have a lot better chance with the stubborn man if he remembers the essence of who he is.”

“I’m not sure that’s going to do me any favors,” Lucifer kicked a stray pebble. “He looks at me and all he sees is my position. He doesn’t stop to see the man under the mask.”

“Then you’ll just have to try harder. It wouldn’t hurt for you to be more of yourself around him, instead of playing on your position all the time.”

Lucifer didn’t want to admit that’s exactly what he had been doing, but trying to get under Gabriel’s starched shirts was a lesson in futility. When he got frustrated, he acted to type, because when it was all said and done, his position was all he had.

“Tell me what plans you have to encourage our next pair,” the deep voice prompted. “Raziel and Botis seem happy with each other and have declared their feelings. I’m very pleased, despite what happened with Uriel and Gabriel. And you know I’m trusting this one to you and you alone since Gabriel is indisposed.”

Indisposed. That’s one way of putting it. “Anael and Zagan are meeting at a dinner with Raziel and Botis tonight. I was not invited. I supposed I could drop in….”

“Why don’t you let them have their first meeting and see what happens from there. If I know Zagan, and I do, then he’s going to seriously underestimate the young Anael. There’ll be time for your interference later.”

“You are right, as always.” Lucifer bowed and then he winked up at the ceiling. “This pairing won’t be easy. Zagan is the consummate fuck-em and leave them type. Anael is sweet and trusting. I don’t want that wee angel hurt by any of this.”

“I knew you had a heart, Lucifer.” Chuckles rang around the empty walls. “My angel has hidden depths, but if you think Zagan needs taking down a peg or two, then feel free to use any means at your disposal.”

The bell sounded and Lucifer knew his audience was over. He couldn’t resist asking one last question. “Is Gabriel all right?”

The empty walls mocked him with their lack of response.

Chapter One

“I thought you told me that sweet little angel was totally gaga over me and couldn’t wait to jump on my cock.” Zagan twirled Botis around and slammed him up against the bathroom wall.

“There is no way I used the word gaga.” Botis shook his head and pushed Zagan away although in the small bathroom, that wasn’t very far. “That word has never passed my lips before and I’m not sure I’m pleased it has now. I never said he wanted to ride your cock either. He’s an angel for fart’s sake.”

“You know what I mean.” Zagan was furious. “You said he was begging to meet me.”

“Yeah, so, and he was.” Botis shrugged, smoothing his hands down his Hugo Boss jacket. “Clearly, he was infatuated with the stories about you. When he met you in real life….” He waved a hand at Zagan’s more casual attire, “Maybe you didn’t live up to the hype.”

A burst of flame escaped Zagan’s nostrils as he snorted. “I earned every bit of my reputation,” he snarled.

“And how is any part of that reputation going to put you in the good books with an angel?” Botis smirked at Zagan’s glare. Poxy demon was so smug; firmly wrapped around the Archangel Raziel’s little finger.

“It might suit you to be an angel’s pet snake,” Zagan replied, referring to Botis’s shifted form. “I just wanted to sample the goods. It’s not as though demons get the go ahead to so much as look at angels on the street. I was curious, wondering what all the fuss was about. And then the one angel I get a chance to meet can’t be bothered to give me the time of day.”

Botis laughed, something else that was new. Zagan realized there were a lot of changes in his normally surly friend. Happiness sat across Botis’s broad shoulders like a mantle, and Botis wore it well. Yet, Zagan would be a fool if he thought happiness weakened his friend in any way. Botis ruled his sixty legions with a rod of iron; he just didn’t fuck his minions anymore because Raziel didn’t like the idea.

“How can you stand it,” Zagan twitched as he thought about the sexy cute little angel sitting at the dinner table waiting for them. The man spent all evening bestowing sunshine smiles at the waiters, who were captivated with the little minx. “How can you stand fucking the same person night after night? Don’t you get bored?”

“You should try it sometime,” Botis patted his shoulder as he opened the bathroom door. “You might be surprised at how enjoyable it can be, especially when it comes to an angel.” His laughter was thankfully cut off as the door swung closed behind him.

Zagan glowered as he eyed himself in the mirror. His long dark hair was clean; the lack of tangles his one concession to the evening. He’d altered his appearance so as not to frighten the numerous humans in the restaurant, but the fires of hell burned brightly in the reflection of his dark eyes.

Tilting his head this way and that, Zagan couldn’t see any reason why the little angel, who was causing an ache in his chest, would ignore him. His typical garb of black t-shirt and ripped jeans highlighted his musculature, including the size of his cock which hardened the moment he’d spotted Anael. “I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of,” he muttered as he washed his hands and then called on the flames to dry them.

There are other angels, he thought spitefully, ones with far more sex appeal than him. And yet, as the bathroom door opened and an uptight business man scuttled in, looking anywhere but at Zagan’s groin as he hurried to the urinal, Zagan couldn’t bring himself to order the man to drop to his knees. The conquest would be easy enough; the man didn’t take his eyes off him as he fumbled with his zipper. But Zagan’s heart wasn’t in it. He had an angel in his sights and he was determined to catch him.


“For someone who was so eager to meet his idol, you’re doing an excellent job of ignoring him,” Raziel observed as he slowly sipped his whiskey.

“I’m playing hard to get,” Anael could barely sit still. Zagan had pulled Botis into the bathroom just after they finished the entrees and Anael’s ears were burning. “Zagan’s so hot he just has to look in anyone’s direction and they’d be dropping their pants. I want to show I’m different.”

“It’s not as though you’re a virgin,” Raziel kept his voice low. The evening was winding down and theirs was one of the few tables still in use. But Anael appreciated his friend’s discretion. “I thought you would have jumped at the chance to ride the object of your obsession. Not that I approve, but still.”

“Zagan is more than an obsession,” Anael said quickly, his heart racing as he grinned widely. “We have a connection. He’s the one meant for me. I’m part of this mating game too and Head Office paired me with the one man who calls to my heart. Isn’t it exciting?”

Raziel didn’t appear to share his enthusiasm, if the tightened lips and slight furrow between his eyebrows was any indication. Anael wished his friend wasn’t so protective, but when Raziel did speak, it wasn’t to deliver a lecture on staying away from Zagan, which Anael expected. “If you’re connected as you say you are, why in heavens name are you flirting with the waiter?”

“I wasn’t flirting, was I?” It was Anael’s turn to frown. As the angel of love and passion, he felt a kindred connection to all living souls. No one was born to live alone, and Anael’s empathy with lonely people was stronger than most. Unfortunately, sometimes his efforts to help were misconstrued as Raziel knew well. He was the one Anael called to deal with any of his stalker problems. “The poor boy is lonely. I could tell from the lack of light in his heart. I was just trying to make his evening more enjoyable.” Then a horrible thought struck him. “You don’t think Zagan noticed, do you?”

“I imagine that’s why he insisted my mate hold his hand while he went to the bathroom,” Raziel said as he leaned across the table. “If you believe Zagan’s yours, and I’d really wish that he wasn’t but I’m not going against Head Office, wouldn’t you at least talk to him? Let him know you’re interested in some way? Or, now that you’ve met him, did you decide you’d rather be assigned someone else?”

“What are you talking about, someone else?” Anael snapped as he leaned in so close his and Raziel’s foreheads were almost touching across the small table. “Head Office decreed he’s mine and that’s final.”

“For now,” Raziel said patiently, “but when I spoke to Gabriel about Botis, before we had a chance to work things out, Gabriel mentioned that if we didn’t fit, then it might be possible to assign us both to someone else.”

Reaching across the table, Raziel took his hand. Anael appreciated the gesture although he could do without the pity in his friend’s eyes. “Look, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing if you let Zagan go,” Raziel whispered. “He’s a player of the worst kind; his office has a revolving door on it and I imagine his bedroom door is the same. He’s a big shot and not the type to play games. I saw the way he looked at you when you arrived. He wants you as a notch on his belt. He’s not partner material and if you have to be mated, you deserve someone loving and faithful to you, otherwise he’d break your heart.”

“I’m not letting him go,” Anael hissed fiercely. “I know you’re looking out for me, but he’s mine, which means he’ll match me in every way. I don’t want anyone else.”

“Well then you probably should have talked to him,” Raziel said, sitting back and watching as Botis made his way back to the table. “You know Zagan’s not alone in the bathroom right now. I imagine he’s working out his frustrations on which ever hapless person needed a quick pee.”

“Faith,” Anael said quickly, ignoring the stabbing pain in his heart. “Remember that little concept? I have faith.” He waited until Botis joined them and put his napkin on the table before standing. Zagan was still suspiciously absent. “Thank you for the lovely evening, but I have to go. I’m working the late shift. Perhaps you three can come and have a final drink before you head home? I’ll let the doorman know you’re coming.”

“That could be fun,” Botis waggled his eyebrows at Raziel, who simply shook his head fondly. Anael knew Raziel didn’t have to worry about his demon being unfaithful now they’d claimed each other. “I can’t answer for Zagan, but we’ll be there.”

Knowing he couldn’t risk staying a moment longer or he’d be late, Anael beamed at the lonely waiter before running outside. As he raised his arm and yelled for a taxi, he hung onto the faith in his heart. Zagan is mine. I’m doing the right thing, I’m doing the right thing. Quickly giving the driver the address of the strip club where he worked and ignoring his leer, Anael leaned back on his seat and closed his eyes.

Immediately, he was assailed with memories of when Zagan walked through the door of the restaurant. Truth be told, Anael couldn’t have spoken in that moment if he’d tried. The man himself was everything Anael dreamed of; tall, dark and with a chiseled face. Yet, as they shook hands, Anael imagined there was a softness in the demon’s eyes. He knew all about Zagan’s history, of course. The King was a legend in the underworld. Answering only to Lucifer, he commanded legions of the damned; the strongest fighters in the demon world. His affinity was trickery and among his many talents was the ability to turn any metal into coin.

But what had stunned Anael speechless was the immediate connection that flared between them. Oh, there was lust of course, on both sides, but only Anael could see the threads running from his heart to Zagan’s. It was in that moment he decided he had to prove he was more than an easy lay. Which he wasn’t, but there were times others got that opinion about him. He didn’t want Zagan getting the wrong idea.

Please don’t let me have blown this chance. Anael sent his thoughts skyward as he paid the driver and stepped out onto the curb. The night was cold, and he shivered as he hurried past the waiting crowds. Jared, the bouncer, nodded at him as he let him in the door. “Busy crowd tonight,” the menacing hunk muttered. “Watch yourself.”

“Thanks. I have three friends who might be coming tonight. You remember Raz, the taxi driver?”

“I’ll make sure they’re let in.” Jared nodded to where the barman was waving at him frantically. “I think you’re running late.”

Anael knew he wasn’t but he pushed his way through the crowd and headed to the back of the stage. Jewel, one of the other dancers was just finishing up which meant he had five minutes to get ready. Oh, what a glamorous life for an angel, he thought wryly as he started taking off his suit.

Chapter Two

“What in hell’s name are we doing here again?” Zagan asked, taking in the strip club Botis insisted they visit after a tedious meal. It was nice enough, as strip clubs went, in that it had carpet on the floor and the bar was expansive. But it really wasn’t Zagan’s type of place. “If I want another drink, I can get free ones in my own club.”

“Botis thought you’d appreciate the entertainment and besides, the seating here is more comfortable than in your establishment.” Zagan wasn’t sure he would ever get a handle on Raziel; or as he was known in the Underworld, Archangel Kickass. Apparently, the angel, complete with glowing wings, totally disbanded an orgy going on among Botis’s legions not long after they claimed each other. Zagan would’ve paid good money to see that. Among humans, the angel was aloof and carried his “fuck off” vibe with class. Zagan could see the attraction even if the angel he was interested in came in a far smaller package.

“Anael works here,” Botis said, after giving their drink order to a slender human wearing nothing but a tiny pair of black shorts and a matching bow tie. “We often come for a drink in the evening, especially if Anael needs a lift home after his shift. But don’t mention his name – he’s known as Troy here.”

“The angel works here?” Zagan swiveled in his seat, trying to catch a glimpse of the perky blond. “He pours drinks for a living?” Not that Zagan’s human life was any better. He owned his club, but realistically he was no more than a glorified bartender.

“Not exactly,” Raziel said and as a strobe light flashed across the angel’s face, Zagan would swear the man was grinning. “Hush. You’ll see.”

Some idiot in a black leather jacket and slicked back hair was on the stage trying to rouse the audience for the next act. It was clear the man liked the sound of his own voice, but he’d lost the audience from the moment he’d opened his mouth. Zagan recognized a kindred spirit; the guy was ripping someone off, but before he could ask Botis if he noticed anything sinister the man backed off the stage and the lights went down.

Picking up his tumbler of whisky, Zagan realized there were worse places he could be. Coming back from the bathroom at the restaurant and finding Anael gone soured his mood more than he thought it would and even the scent of misery pouring from the waiter didn’t help. Usually, that was someone Zagan would jump on. There was nothing more fun than making a human feel worse by fucking him when he was down. But Zagan couldn’t summon the energy to be bothered. Damn angel.

Music blared from the speakers, cutting the crowd’s chatter like a knife. Glancing up at the stage, Zagan spat his mouthful of whiskey across the table. Botis grumbled as he wiped at his suit jacket and Raziel grabbed some napkins and dabbed at the mess on the table. But Zagan zeroed in on the stage.

Sitting under the spotlight, in little more than a tight t-shirt, ripped jeans and biker boots was an angel, and Zagan wasn’t seeing a trick of the light. Anael stood, his motion fluid as he kept his head down; his curls obscuring his face. The movements were sinful, designed to entice. Zagan would know him anywhere even though they’d only just met.

“You let him do stuff like this?” He spluttered, catching Raziel and Botis with matching amused faces. “He’s…he’s….” Zagan couldn’t get the words out. It was bad enough before but then Anael ripped down the center of his shirt and casually tossed it aside; keeping perfect time with the music. Lights caught on the tanned skin decorated with tattoos Zagan wanted to explore. It was intoxicating, enticing and Zagan was pulled in like a fish on a hook.

He wanted more. He wanted to see more, do more; fuck, he could watch the angel dance for hours. His cock throbbed in time to the beat and he could feel his skin heat. With his single-mindedness, Zagan could imagine Anael was dancing just for him and he couldn’t look away.

It wasn’t until Anael popped the button of his jeans and slowly lowered his zipper; his feet and hips moving all the while, that Zagan lost it. Before that, the crowd, the club, everything else was nothing more than an annoying buzz in the back of his brain. But as the crowd roared its approval, Zagan’s awareness returned and he could see the lust and avarice hovering above the audience like a toxic cloud. Leaping to his feet, he roared, “NO,” as he pushed through the crowds. His yell was loud enough to hear over the music and Anael looked up; their connection almost visible in the dim club interior.

Shock, concern. Zagan couldn’t read the other emotions flashing across Anael’s face; his view suddenly barred by two steroid filled humans with menace etched on theirs. He almost laughed. What possible harm could two humans do to a King of the Underworld? He flexed his fingers, tightening his fists. Two punches and his path to Anael would be clear.

“Don’t you dare,” Raziel hissed in his ear, his grip firm on Zagan’s biceps as Botis flanked his other side. “We’re going to walk out of here, with no harm to anyone and let Anael finish his shift.”


“No buts, Z,” Botis snarled. “You’ve got the hots for Anael, fine. But you work out your frustrations in private. He works here.”

Not for much longer, Zagan thought as he let his friend and the angel propel him towards the exit. He didn’t know where his possessive thoughts over an angel he’d just met were coming from, but his long life told him one thing. Trust his gut. He hadn’t been imagining things when he’d seen his connection to Anael and he was damned if he was going to let Anael show off his sexy body to anyone but him at least until he’d gotten to the bottom of the thread that joined them.


“What the hell was all that about? I thought Raz was a friend of yours.” Of course, Anael couldn’t be left alone to relish the delicious possessiveness Zagan showed during his act. Jared was blocking his exit and didn’t show any signs of moving. It’d been a long night. Anael had only zapped four people, giving them a push to the connections they were meant for and he was tired. Really tired. It was as if when Raziel and Botis pulled Zagan outside, all Anael’s energy went with them. It was all he could do to keep up with his three subsequent performances.

“Zagan and I have just started seeing each other,” Anael said, trying to duck around Jared’s bulk. “It was nothing. He’d had a few drinks. He won’t do it again.”

“Seeing someone, as in seriously?” Jared’s laugh was laced with scorn. “Does he know the number of men you’ve left this place with?”

No, but I bet you do. Anael always suspected there was something almost stalkerish about the way Jared kept an eye on him. It was as if Jared was just waiting for someone to fuck him up so he could swoop in and save the day. And for what? It’s not as though we have a connection. “It’s been a long day. Can you excuse me?”

Jared stepped aside, but barely and Anael shivered as he brushed against the big man’s chest. There was something definitely twisted in Jared’s psyche and as he hurried out to find a taxi, Anael wondered if it was time for him to seek new employment. Botis would probably let him know if there was something dangerous about Jared, but Anael didn’t like to ask. Maybe he’d have better luck forging love connections between humans if he worked as a waiter.

Even the sight of his pristine apartment did nothing to raise his spirits. As an angel with plenty of money and magic at his disposal, Anael could have afforded a big house with plenty of land, or even his own personal island. But he wanted to be among people; he was fascinated by the resilience and tenacity of the human race. Throwing his keys on the small hall table, he wandered into his bedroom without turning on the lights.

Throwing himself on the bed, Anael shrieked as strong arms held him close. Zagan, he told himself as their connection flared to life. Flailing a bit, Anael managed to get free. Leaning over he flicked on his bedside lamp and then turned to see Zagan smirking at him.

“That’s a first,” Zagan’s smile widened. “I’ve never had an angel throw themselves at me before.”

“How did you find my address?” Anael didn’t bother asking how the demon got into his home. It wasn’t as though his doors or windows were warded.

“Lucifer gave it to me. Tell me, sweet angel, should I be concerned the Prince of Darkness knows where you live?”

“No…he…I…I tried to assist him when Raziel and Botis were in danger. I consider Lucifer a friend.” Anael hated at how easily he blushed.

“A friend?” Zagan quirked his brow and Anael’s cheeks got hotter. “You are indeed unlike any other being of the light I’ve heard of. Most steer clear of our kind.”

Probably because you’re temptation personified, Anael thought, although he couldn’t believe how comfortable it was having Zagan in his space. On his bed. The demon hadn’t bothered to change from dinner although Anael noticed he’d taken the time to remove his boots before sprawling like a buffet over his covers. The darkly tanned skin and jet-black hair contrasted beautifully with Anael’s crisp white sheets. Anael dared to move a little closer, their connection crackling across his body.

“Did you…um…why did you…didn’t you like my performance? You seemed upset at the club.”

“Botis blindsided me. I wasn’t aware you took your clothes off for a living,” Zagan said smoothly. The face was bland, but the flames in Zagan’s eyes flickered madly.

“It’s not as though I’m completely naked,” Anael wasn’t sure why he had to justify his work, but the words came tumbling out. “So many people come in groups and they actually have a connection with one of their friends. But so many times they’re too blind to see it. But I do. I can see it and when I do, I nudge them together and it’s beautiful.”

“You can see connections between people?” Zagan sat up, resting his back on the headboard. “Like lines or something?”

“Threads. Yes.” Anael nodded. “It’s my gift as the angel of passion. Not all the connections I see are positive ones of course, but they’re the ones I focus on.”

“How do you know which is which; what I mean is, how can you tell if a person’s connection with another is the right kind or not?”

Wondering if Zagan had an ulterior motive for asking, Anael said brightly, “Colors. The colors of the threads. Silver and gold are true love. You don’t see too many of them in humans. But purple means passion; blues are friendship and family and then there are the darker ones, and I am sure you know what they mean.”

“I probably see more of that kind than you do, my precious angel. What does red and gold mean?”

Anael’s eyes widened. “You saw our connection?” He thought he was the only being with that power and he doubted demons ever considered the connections others shared. But the fact that Zagan had seen their threads…He’s perfect for me.

“I saw something. It could have been a trick of the light.”

Zagan sounded so unsure and Anael rushed to reassure him. “Oh, it’s real. As real as this bed we’re sitting on. I was so excited when we met and I saw it stretching between us. I knew as soon as I heard about you, that you’d be someone special to me. But the threads confirmed it. Isn’t it wonderful? I never dreamed I’d be part of the Head Office mating scheme. You and I are the next angel demon pairing. We’ll be together forever. Aren’t you pleased?”

“That would be a ‘fuck no’.”

Anael reached out, his need to touch and give comfort overriding commonsense. But he fell forward as Zagan suddenly disappeared, leaving his nose squashed in the blankets.

“Well, that was unexpected.” Pushing himself up, Anael searched the room, but Zagan was definitely gone; only his boots resting by the side of the bed giving any indication he’d been there at all. Flopping back on the blankets, still warm from where Zagan had been, Anael let out a long sigh. “Guess love wasn’t meant to be easy, even for an angel.”

Chapter Three

Zagan kicked out with his shiny new boot, as a naked ass fell too close to his knee. On any other day there would be a queue lining up to ride his dick, but today his cock and everything from his neck down was covered. Swigging from a bottle of his underworld-famous rum, Zagan tried to pinpoint the source of his apathy.

The orgy going strong in his throne room was a common enough occurrence. Hell, it kept his demons busy and stopped them fighting other legions. Not that Zagan was averse to fighting. It’s just unprovoked attacks resulted in Lucifer stepping in and Zagan was doing his best to avoid his feisty boss. Unfortunately, his mere presence meant some of his demons considered him fair game. His growl was deep and menacing as one of his many demons dared to lick up his pant leg. Belching a mouthful of flames at the cheeky individual he disappeared to his private quarters.

Now flat on his back on his custom-sized bed, Zagan idly caressed his red satin sheets. He was both old enough and wise enough to realize he had a problem. Sex was used more commonly than gold in demon transactions. He screwed people for information, gossip, punishment, and as a reward for services well executed. Demons, paranormals, humans. It made no difference to him. His cock was in a constant state of readiness and he used it often.

Or he used to. Glaring at his soft package, Zagan quickly opened his pants and pulled out his dick. Thick, red, long, uncut…and limp. It stirred slightly under Zagan’s fingers and resting his head back on his mountain of pillows Zagan tried to recall specific scenes from the orgy in the hall below. Nothing. He brought to mind the burly biker he screwed hard and bareback the week before behind his bar. That was a satisfying fuck; more so because the man fought him at every turn even when his dick was leaking. Stroking his length, Zagan tried to remember how good the man’s ass felt around him. Nothing.

Giving up, Zagan rested his hands behind his head. It’s not as though he got any pleasure out of masturbating anyway. To him it was a waste of energy, especially when he could shove his cock in a willing hole anytime he wanted. Enjoying a brief moment of peace and quiet, Zagan closed his eyes and let his mind wander. He was due at his club later and no doubt there would be a dozen things there to keep him busy.

As it often did when Zagan wasn’t keeping a tight rein on his control, his thoughts drifted to Anael. The feisty little angel who claimed friendship with Lucifer and yet had a pure heart and a powerful desire to see everyone connected. He didn’t even realize his cock hardened until he felt a damp mess on his shirt. Letting out a moan, Zagan grabbed his errant cock and tugged on it, replaying the image of Anael dancing in the forefront of his mind.

Every detail was burned in his brain. The slinky moves; Anael’s pert ass. The way his curls lit up under the lights like a halo. The perfect combination of innocence and sex appeal. In his mind’s eye, Zagan pushed the scene further; Anael lowering his zipper and then slowly nudging the denim down over the swell of his naked ass….

“Argh,” Zagan yelled at the ceiling as his balls throbbed and emptied; his hands sticky with a week’s worth of release. Panting, Zagan glared ruefully at the scorch mark left on his ceiling from his roar. His heart was pounding out of his chest and his legs were heavy on the bed. “Fucking ass,” Zagan cursed once more, peeling himself off the bed and heading for the bathroom. His cock and balls made the situation perfectly clear. They were on strike for anyone but the sweet little angel he’d run out on. He just didn’t know what he was going to do about it.


“Botis and I were at the club last night. I thought you were working and was going to give you a lift home. We haven’t seen you since the dinner with Zagan.” Raziel’s voice over the phone had an edge of concern Anael found hard to ignore.

“I needed some time off,” Anael said forcing cheer into his tone. “You know, I’m not sure I’m cut out for dancing anymore. I thought I’d try my luck at some of the restaurants in town. See if any of them are looking for waiters.”

“Is this Zagan’s doing?” Raziel growled. “He might be your mate but he’s got no right to interfere with….”

“I haven’t seen Zagan.” Just saying the words broke Anael’s heart. “He doesn’t want to be my mate. I told him what we were to each other and he zapped out of my room faster than a bullet. I haven’t seen him since. I guess Head Office gave him someone else, just like you said they would.”

“No, they haven’t. They wouldn’t do that until they’d talked to both sides first. And besides, Lucifer was here this morning claiming the only reason he hadn’t seen Zagan was because he figured the two of you were shacked up together.”

“Well, he’s not here so clearly he’s shacked up with someone else.” Anael’s eyes filled with tears and he struggled to keep his pain from his voice. “Now if you don’t mind I have things to do.”

“Anael. Stop. Hold on a minute. Are you okay?”

“I’m the angel of love and I’ve been rejected by my one true mate. What the hell do you think?” Raziel’s gasp was the last thing he heard as Anael disconnected the call. Sometimes he wished everyone hadn’t adapted to new technologies so quickly. Slamming down the receiver from a landline was so much more satisfying than clicking a red handset button on a screen. He wanted to smash something. He wanted the sound of breaking glass to fill his ears so he couldn’t hear the breaking of his heart.

Throwing his phone on the covers, Anael grabbed his pillow – the same one Zagan’s head had rested on a week before – and clutched it close. If he closed his eyes tight he could almost imagine he could smell Zagan’s scent. He was trying; lord knows he was trying. But sometimes faith just wasn’t enough in the face of bald hard facts.


“This is serious,” Raziel said, slipping his phone back in his pocket. “Head Office has been grumbling about the lack of connections Anael’s been completing and I’ve been putting them off because I thought he and Zagan hadn’t got out of bed yet.”

“Like us you mean,” Botis purred and stretched out his naked body, knowing exactly what the sight did to Raziel. Sure enough, the comets in Raziel’s eyes flickered faster but the angel didn’t take the bait offered.

“You don’t understand how serious this is. No one’s seen Anael for a week. The effects among humans are starting to show. You saw how many fights there were at the club last night.”

“Well, yeah, I noticed, but what has that got to do with Anael?”

“Anael is the angel of love, passion and sexuality,” Raziel explained patiently. “No one in Head Office thought he was needed for centuries upon centuries. Humans could call on Uriel who acted as a muse and Gabriel, the Archangel if they wanted more than mere survival. But during the renaissance period society changed; people changed, and they started thinking about and celebrating love. After a lot of discussion, Anael came into being and Uriel and I were the ones charged with watching over him.”

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