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Time Travel

Book Three

The Eternal Knot Series

S. Brown

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Samantha/by S. Brown

1st Edition, January 2018

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This book is dedicated to my soulmate, thank you for standing by me. And to Leah, who helped me with the plot, when I needed new ideas.


Special thanks to Melinda at for her fantastic work in bringing my covers to life.

And to Terrie and Jan for finding my errors.



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NOTE: The following is an excerpt from King Roan (Book 1). If you are familiar with this story, please feel free to skip to Chapter One. If you are new to the series, here is a brief history of The Eternal Knot Necklace.

…A long time ago once a year, nine holy men, each from different religious sects, gathered to worship with one another and confirm their friendships. During these visits, they noticed a great need to help others find true love or a soulmate. They decided to bless nine unique rocks, with the power to find a true and unselfish love for the person who possessed it. When the sacred rock was in the presence of the holder's soulmate, the stone would vibrate and emit a low hum that only the couple would notice.

They were cautious about using this new power. However, they saw great possibilities with these stones. As holy men, they provided them for use carefully and sparingly, they were concerned about how they could affect the lives of others. And didn’t want to use the stones to remove the opportunity to choose for those involved.

At another one of these gatherings, they noticed everyone used the same knot as a symbol of their devotion, the Eternal Knot. They all believed this knot held a potent power for good and being continual in its design with no beginning and no end; it represented eternity, wisdom, compassion, and the spiritual path that flowed through life. In other words, all things we should strive for in this life. Over the next year, they each fashioned a metal knot, in the same design, this would be another way to solidify their friendships.

At the next gathering, they laid their stones on the table next to the Eternal Knots. One of the holy men noticed the stones emitted more power when they were placed in the center of the Eternal Knot. So, they attached the stones to the eternal knot necklaces; this also provided an easier way to carry the sacred stones.

They were standing in a circle admiring each other's necklaces when the last holy man placed his necklace around his neck; there was a brilliant purple flash of light and an almost deafening boom. The combined forces of the stones and knots, exploded when joined together. This force was so powerful it transported all of them to the location of their Creator, unharmed, of course. They were warned at that time to separate the stones from the Eternal Knots because mankind was not ready for this type of power. But they thought they could control it.

Unable to control their power they separated the stones from the knot and buried them.

There was a legend told, prophesied by holy men of long ago; ‘One day in the future, nine women, who all value love and life will be given a chance to change not only their lives but the lives of all whom they will come in contact with. These friends will unknowingly combine the Eternal Knots and the sacred stones again, unleashing an unheard-of power that will transport them to the destination of their soulmate or true love. They will be tested, for this is an eternal love. They must be willing to go anywhere and give up everything for this love; it must be a selfless love. These women will change the world in a time not of their own and through their love, and diligence lives will be saved from greed and pain.’

One cool spring day in the 1960’s an archaeologist unearthed a site in Ireland, where nine beautiful Eternal Knots were found. No one had any idea as to why they were buried or when only that they were in perfect condition. The archaeologist could not find anyone interested in his findings, so he sold them cheap to an antique store in San Antonio, Texas where they stayed for the next fifty or so years.

Now, is the time for the Prophecy to be fulfilled! Nine women. Nine Stones. Nine Eternal Knots. Eighteen lives are about to change dramatically.

Join Raven, Samantha, Mackenzie, Gabriella, Camellia, Roseanna, Jessica, Lillian, and Aurora, for their adventures through time in search of true love.

Chapter One

“What do you mean? You want a bigger house located in a better part of the city?” Samantha sighed.

“Just what I said. I want a bigger house in a nicer area?” her client huffed.

“Ma'am, the houses we looked at earlier are in one of the nicest parts of San Antonio. Maybe a different part of the city would be more to your liking? There are several other areas, but some of them are outside of San Antonio city limits. I’ll name several areas, and you let me know if you might be interested in looking for a home in any of these areas. There is Stone Oak, The Dominion, Alamo Heights, Hill Country Village, Monte Vista, Olmos Park, Terrell Hills, China Grove, Garden Ridge, Cibolo, Universal City, Hollywood Park, Fair Oaks Ranch, Helotes, and Shavano Park.” Samantha finished trying not to sound impatient.

Today was the fourth time this week that this client decided something was seriously wrong with a neighborhood. The first one was too close to downtown, the next was too close to the freeway, and the last time it was too close to one of the Amusement parks. “Ma'am, what is wrong with this neighborhood, so I will be able to narrow down the search area?”

“I don’t know if I could live in a gated community? I’m sure it would be awkward to enter and exit through security gates every time I wanted to go anywhere. I am sure that if they need the gates, they are not in a good area,” the client said with an increasingly annoyed sound in her voice.

Samantha slowly inhaled and took a deep breath to calm herself, while she tried not to curse at the woman. Security gates ensured the safety of the neighborhood. All upscale areas in San Antonio had them. Times like this she really hated her job. “Are you interested in any of those areas I named?”

“I’m just not sure. I don’t want to be driving for hours to get to a mall or to go grocery shopping. I know I told you, I don’t want to live in the country. I want to live in the city, with a good clean neighborhood and no crime. I have children that I don’t want to be exposed to drugs or dangerous people, and they need good schools. I am sure that there are areas like that on the list of places you named,” the client said in a tone that made Samantha cringe.

“I need a few days to compile a new list of homes for you to look at. I will give you a call on Thursday after I email you the new list. Perhaps we can find the perfect house for you then. Would that work for you?” Samantha said, hoping to end this call soon.

“I guess it will. This is taking a lot longer than I anticipated it would. Are you sure you are trying to find me a house? I know you come highly recommended, but I am beginning to question that. Why is it taking you a long time to find a suitable house for me? We have been looking for a week already. How much longer do you think it will take to find a house?” she whined.

“Ma'am, I am sorry that you feel a week is taking so long. However, the perfect home isn’t always available right at the start of your hunt. It takes time to find the perfect house, and I promise we will find it for you.” Samantha bit her tongue as she thought, ‘If you weren’t so picky, we would have found it already.’

The client muttered, “Alright, just try to have the list ready by Wednesday so that I have time to look over it before the weekend.”

“Ma'am, I said it would take me until Thursday because today is Tuesday. I don’t have enough time to search and compile a list for you by tomorrow.”

“I don’t see why it would take that long to look for homes on your computer. You could do it tonight couldn’t you?”

“I am sorry Ma'am, there is no way I can get it done tonight. I have plans for this evening, and it is already 6 pm. I need time to search for homes that would interest you, I will have a list of potential properties for you on Thursday. Good evening, Ma'am.” Samantha didn’t give her a chance to say anything else before she hung up.

Letting out a huge sigh, Samantha thought, ‘This client is the worst one ever, she is going to kill me with her demands.’ Samantha still needed to drive home and change clothing before her date arrived at 7:30 pm. She was cutting it close, it was rush hour in San Antonio, and traffic was unpredictable at best.

Samantha pulled into the parking spot next to her apartment building, breathing a sigh of relief. Traffic had been horrible, and she barely escaped an enormous accident caused by someone talking on their phone. Why don’t people follow the hand free law, when they are driving? If she rushed, she might have enough time to freshen up and change clothes before her date arrived.

She had just finished shimmying into her little black dress, as someone knocked on her door. Slipping her shoes on Samantha answered the door.

“Hi Tom, I am almost ready, I just need to grab my purse. Would you like to come in?” she said as her eyes traveled up Tom’s body.

Stunned, she stared at him for a moment. Tom stood there in a ratty t-shirt, gym shorts, flip-flops, holding a case of beer under one arm.

Confused, Samantha furrows her bows and shakes her head slightly, “I am sorry; I thought we had plans to go out for dinner and dancing tonight?”

“We did, but I forgot there’s a college basketball game on tonight and I can’t miss a game. I hope you don’t mind, I brought along some of my friends, they wanted to meet you.” Tom said as he pushed past a shocked Samantha. He yelled out the door, “Hey guys, come on in!”

Samantha shook her head again, this time in denial, this really couldn’t be happening.

“Hey babe, where is your remote for the TV? I need you to call and order three large meat pizzas, this is after you find me the remote!” Tom said as he plopped down on her new sofa, and kicked his feet up to rest them on her antique coffee table.

Samantha glanced around the room, four men were reclining in her living room. Three of the men had their feet resting on the coffee table, and the other one had his leg hanging over the arm of the chair. Opened cans of beer were placed in precarious positions, and it was apparent they didn’t care if they spilled on any of her furniture.

“Excuse me, gentlemen, would you please remove your feet from my antique coffee table,” she politely asked.

“We aren’t hurting anything, its old so our feet won’t hurt anything,” one of the men responded, as he wiggled into a more comfortable position on her couch.

“Sam, where is that remote? And why haven’t you called for the pizza yet? While you’re at it, why don’t you get out of that dress and put on some regular clothes. Oh, and bring us some chips, I want something to snack on while I wait for the pizza.” Tom demanded.

That was it! The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. “No. I will not! I am not your slave, and we had plans to go out tonight. I was not planning on having company,” Samantha stated.

“This will be much better than going out to some dance place with loud music and overpriced food. Nothing is better than a good basketball game and pizza. Sit down and chill out. That is after you order the pizza, I’m hungry,” Tom stated annoyed that she hadn’t done anything he told her to do.

“NO! You don’t understand. I do not want strangers in my apartment. Gentlemen, you all need to leave. There will be no game watched here.”

“What! Tom promised us a game and pizza. I’m not going anywhere,” the man in the chair said, glaring at Samantha.

“This is not Tom’s place, and you are not welcome here! Get… Out… Now!” Samantha’s voice increased in volume.

“Chill babe! I’ll make it up to you later after they leave,” Tom said laughing crudely.

“NO! Leave now, everyone or I will call the police. Tom, we are done! Leave and don’t ever call me again!” Samantha was so angry, she was shaking. She picked up her phone with shaking hands, ready to call the police if they didn’t leave.

“Come on! Why are you acting this way, Sam? If it means that much to you we can go out tomorrow night,” Tom tried a softer approach.

“What part of, ‘Get Out!’ did you not understand? I can tell right now that this will not work out between us. If you think it is okay to do this on a second date, I can only imagine what you would do a few months down the road,” Samantha tried to explain.

“Hey man, you told us she would be cool with us coming over. I can’t believe that you would do this on a second date. Man, that was an idiotic move,” stated the silent man in the room. He then turned to Samantha, “Sam, I am sorry; we were under the impression you two were a couple, and he had let you know we were coming over. I don’t want any trouble, so I'm out of here.” Calling over his shoulder on the way to the door, “Guy’s, let's hit the road and find somewhere else to hang out tonight. It looks to me, like Sam here, has had a bad day.”

The three men quickly left the apartment, leaving Tom and Samantha behind.

“Tom, would you please leave?” Samantha hated to end things this way; however, she knew she would never be able to survive this type of relationship if she didn’t stop it now.

“But Sam, I don’t understand why you’re so upset? We can always go out another night, this game is only on tonight. My Friends should not have been forced to leave, they didn’t do anything wrong. I’ll make it up to you?” Tom stammered.

“Tom, there is nothing you can do. It is over, there is no us and never will be. I want different things out of life than what you do. I don’t like watching any sports on the TV. I like to dress up, and you like t-shirts and shorts. We are too different, let’s just stop here and remain friends.” Samantha pleaded.

Tom lowered his head, “I’m sorry, Sam. I didn’t think you would get so mad. I’ll go tonight and give you a call next week, then we can talk when you're not so upset. Good night,” Tom leaned forward to give Samantha a kiss; unwilling to lead him on, she pulled away before he could make contact.

“Good night, Tom,” Samantha sighed as she walked toward the door trying to speed up his departure.

After Tom finally departed, Samantha walked into her bedroom removing her favorite dress as she went. ‘What a day!’ she thought, undressing. Rummaging through her drawer, Samantha pulled on a comfy pair of sweatpants and realized she was hungry.

Samantha walked into the kitchen as her cell rang, she knew that ringtone it was one of her best friends. “Hi Gabby,” she answered with a smile.

“Hey Sam, how are you doing?” Gabriella answered excitedly.

“It has been one of those days. Maybe I should have just stayed in bed this morning. I had to deal with a crappy, witch of a client, and a date that wasn’t what I expected. Let’s just say, I won’t be going out with Tom again. Well, that summarizes my less than wonderful day. How was yours? Better I hope?” Samantha really did hope Gabriella had a better day, she was due for one, they all were.

“I am so glad you asked. But first, I want you to know that I am sorry you had such a bad day. I know you were hoping that Tom would be better, than the last jerk you dated. However, what I am going to tell you will make all of that seem unimportant. You know how you’re always teasing me about the money spent at the casino? That I could invest it and earn more money. Well, I haven’t found investments that would pay me what I acquired today. Are you ready? I won! I actually won the progressive jackpot! Sam, did you hear me?” Gabby rambled into the silence.



Startling Samantha out of her thoughts, “I am sorry; you said that you won the jackpot, Gabby. How much did you spend before you won the jackpot? That will reveal the true profit for you.”

Gabriella never understood that if you spend $1,000 and you win $1,100 you only really won $100. Samantha tried to find some happiness for her friend, but it was hard when she could use the money in so many better ways. Oh, well she would soon learn that no one ever gets rich at casinos.

“You don’t understand Sam. I won big this time. The progressive jackpot of $500,000! So, what are you thinking now? If I do some figuring like you taught me. I only spent $200 this time, and overall, I have spent $3000 at the casino, and even I could do the math on this one. I made a good profit this time. What do you think?” Gabriella bubbled.

“What! You won how much!”

“500,000 dollars. I already know what I want to do with the money and don’t tell me to invest it. I will after I go on a tour of England. You know London, Stonehenge, and Derbyshire…” said Gabriella trailing off.

“I am jealous of you, I would love to do that. You know that I plan on going to see Stonehenge someday and I want to go see Norway and all the other country around there.”

“Guess what the best part is?”

“I’m sorry Gabby, I have had a crappy day and I really don’t want to guess anymore.”

“Okay, I won’t make you guess. I am going to take everyone to Europe with me. All nine of us are going on a dream vacation. So, Sam, are you still having a crappy day?”

“Are you serious? You are going to pay for all nine of us to go on the trip?” Samantha stammered.

“Of course, girlfriend. I wouldn’t think of taking the trip without my best friends. I do have two requests though. You need to tell me which days will work the best for you, and soon as I figure out what dates are best for everyone else, I will let you know.

I will coordinate everything; airfare, hotels, transportation, and food. Next, Ari gave me an idea, I want us to make a trip to San Antonio together. They have some cute antique shops there, and I was hoping that we could find something to make matching necklaces out of for our trip. I want it to be a kind of a sister-bonding thing. What do you think?”

“Was Ari the first one you called? And what day, for the trip to the antique shops?”

“How about Saturday for the shops? And of course, her name is at the top of my contact list. Her name does begin with A!” Gabriella laughed.

“Smart aleck! Thank you so much. I think that would be great to go together and look for something. I will make sure that I don’t plan anything for Saturday, text me a time and a place to meet. My stomach is growling, and I need to find some food since my date didn’t take me out to eat like we had planned. I will tell you about it another time. Take care, and I am very happy for you! Not just because you are taking us on the trip with you either,” Samantha volunteered.

“Yeah, yeah you say that now that you are going on the trip. No, seriously, I am grateful you want to go. It won’t be the same if someone is missing. I need to call everyone else. Love ya, and I hope your night continues to improve.” Gabriella said as she disconnected the call.

“Night,” is all Samantha has time to tell her before the call ended.

‘Well, my day just did a one-eighty, time to find some food.’ Samantha thought.

Chapter Two

Samantha worked hard the next day trying to locate properties that might interest her client. She really wanted to please this picky client. If the client could find the house, she dreamed of, then her referrals would boost Samantha's clientele immensely. One disappointed client could cause significant damage to her business, especially one who was very vocal about her opinions.

By the time Thursday morning arrived, Samantha had located a dozen good prospects for her client to look at. She had found a house that was exactly as the client specified; however, there was a small deterrent, the higher than expected price. She would still include it on the list, just not list the price and she would show it to her last. Samantha emailed the list to her client, ate a quick lunch and then dialed her client. She might as well get it over with.

The client answered on the third ring, “Well, it took you long enough to call.”

“Good Afternoon, I wanted to give you a chance to look at the list I sent you without rushing you. Are there any on the list that you would be interested in seeing? I am available the rest of today and all of tomorrow,” Samantha said with confidence.

“Oh, I guess there are a few on here that we could look at. I noticed a couple of them didn’t have a price included with the information. Is there a reason or did you just forget to put it on the list?” She said annoyed.

Trying to stay in a positive mood, Samantha ignored the tone her client was using and focused on the positive. “I didn’t want the price to persuade you to either look at it or not. I want one of them to be the last home we look at, so when are you available to go?”

“Well, I guess I could get my neighbor to watch the kids when they get home from school. Let me call her and see if she can. I’ll call you right back,” she said as she hung up on Samantha.

Well, it appears as if we will be looking at homes today. Samantha collected the items she would need from her office and shut down her desktop computer. She knew she would not be back in today, so she told everyone goodbye for the day and got in her car. She might as well head toward the client's house, she knew she would need to drive her around to see the houses. This would save some time, since it was a 30-minute drive to the client's current residence, from her office.

About halfway there her cell rang, Samantha was glad she had a new car because it was blue tooth compatible.

“Hello, this is Samantha Taylor, how may I help you?”

“Samantha, I was able to get the neighbor to watch the kids. How long do you expect it to take before you arrive? I don’t have a lot of free time, so it needs to be soon.”

“I am on my way, and I believe I should be there within 15 minutes. Is that too soon for you? Or shall I drive around the block a few times?” Samantha said, trying not to sound sarcastic.

“Oh, no, you will not need to drive around the block. I’ll be ready and waiting for you. Goodbye,” she hung up without waiting for a response from Samantha.

‘I really hope we find her a house today. I’m not sure how much more of her I can handle without losing my temper.’ Samantha thought to herself.

Traffic was on her side for a change, and she arrived at the client's house 5 minutes early. This made the client happy, and she was in a better mood to look at the houses.

They had looked at 6 out of the 12 houses on the list. This was the longest 2 hours of Samantha’s day.

“Let me look at that list again,” the client said.

“Here you go. I have two houses that I would like you to look at. The first one is a little smaller than the other houses, but it has everything you asked for. We will talk about the second one after you have seen this one. Depending on what you think of the first one will determine if we take the time to look at the second,” Samantha said, hoping that they would be the last ones they needed to look at.

“How long will it take to get there. I don’t want to leave the kids for too long. They are staying with a neighbor, and I don’t want to inconvenience her.”

“We should be there in less than 20 minutes, 10 if traffic is on our side today.”

As they drove to the house, Samantha noticed her client watching the scenery and neighborhoods closely. Soon they arrived at the 7th home of the day. It was smaller than many of the others, but it was in a quiet area, without gates and the school district was one of the best in San Antonio. Samantha parked the car and proceeded to get out. They walked up to the door and knocked. A quiet older woman answered the door.

“Good afternoon, I am Samantha. I called earlier about showing your house.”

“Yes, please come in. I will be in the backyard if you have any questions,” she said after inviting them in and closing the door after them.

“Let's look around. As you can see the home is well cared for, and it has everything you asked for.”

They toured the home and then went out back to see the huge yard. Her client hardly said a word the whole time.

“Well, what do you think?” Samantha asked.

“How much?”

“It is $175,000 and as you can see it meets all of your requests.”

“Yes, except it is smaller than I was hoping for. But it is nice. I will think about it. Can we see the other one, then we will call it a day and look at the others tomorrow?” she calmly asked.

The tone of her voice has Samantha concerned. Was she giving up and changing her mind about buying a house? She really hoped that wasn’t the case she had spent a lot of hours on this client already, and she needed this sale.

They quietly walked to the car, after Samantha started it, her client asked, “So, how long to the next house?”

“We will be there in 10 minutes. Did you like everything about the last house except for the size?”

“Yes, that seemed like a high price for such a little house. But you are right, it did have everything else I asked for.”

“We will be there shortly. This house went on the market this morning. We are probably the first to look at it. I only know what the paperwork says, but it should have everything you asked for.”

They drove the few minutes it took to get there in silence with the client staring out the window. As they approached the home, her client sat up in her seat. She looked around intensely and paid very close attention to everything. When they stopped in front of the house, her client lets out a sigh and quickly got out of the car.

Samantha knew this was the house the client had been looking for. Now, if she could afford it and was willing to spend the extra for it.

They toured the house, and her client was getting excited. She defiantly wanted the house. The current owners took the time to explain all the little luxuries they had installed. It had an alarm system that was easy to use, and it had a trampoline in the backyard, they would be willing to leave behind since their children were grown and they were downsizing.

Before they left the current owners pulled Samantha aside to mention that they deliberately set the price high. They wanted to pick who they would sell it to. They wanted someone who would love their house like they did, and they were sure her client would. This brought a smile to Samantha's face.

After leaving the house, they sat in Samantha’s car for a few minutes.

“So, what do you think of the house?”

“I love it, so there must be a problem. There are always complications when I want something. Tell me how far it is out of my price range,” she said sounding depressed.

“It is listed at $275,000,” Her client gasped. “But, I know that they will accept a lower bid than that. Why don’t you look at your finances, decide what price you are willing and able to pay? Then we can offer them a bid at that price, who knows they might take it if it is a fair price,” Samantha tried to stay positive.

“I already know the most I can afford. I just didn’t want to spend that much on the house. But as you showed me this week, houses aren’t cheap, especially if you want certain things or locations.”

“How much do you want to offer?”

“The max I can afford is $250,000. I really don’t think they will accept that low of a bid. Not when there are others who will pay that price easily,” she said with a huge sigh.

“Let’s offer them $230,000 and see what they do. If the seller’s say no, they will offer us a counter bid, and we can see what price they are willing to come down to. How about you let me work this out with the seller’s, and I will call you later and tell you If they accepted and what price? Are you willing to pay the $250,000 if that is as low as they will go?”

The client sat there silent for a few minutes thinking. “Yes, I want the house. I know the school district, and there is no gate, yet it is quiet. The house is perfect, and so is the neighborhood. You were right to save this one for last. You helped me realize what I was looking for. Oh, by the way, I am sort of lost. How do I get home from here?”

“That isn’t something to worry about. It is not that hard, and it is 15 minutes from what will be your old house.” Samantha explained each turn she took and soon the client knew exactly where she was. True to her word it took them 15 minutes to return. “I’ll call you as soon as I have things worked out. Do you have financing all worked out or will we need to do that as well?”

“I have that all under control. Thank you, and I am sorry for being so mean at times to you. I know I am difficult or at least everyone tells me I am. I just don’t handle stress very well. Thank you again, and I will talk to you later,” she said as she got out of the car.

‘Perhaps, she isn’t as much of a witch as I thought. Everyone handles stress differently. I hope someone would give me another chance if I acted that way.’ Samantha thought to herself as she drove home. She had everything she would need to make the offer with her, so there was no reason to return to the office, so she headed home.

Samantha wasn’t surprised when they didn’t accept the first bid of $230,000 she had deliberately bid it low. However, they countered with a bid of $240,000, and she agreed to it. Now she needed to call her client, she had a new house, and Samantha would have an excellent commission, along with the weekend off.

The call to her client went as expected. She hoped, hollered and was ecstatic, she couldn’t believe she was able to get it for that price. They agreed to do paperwork the next day at Samantha’s office.

Samantha knew it would take several days for all the paperwork to get done, but she was surprised at how fast her client had the financing. This sale would close faster than any of hers in the past.

Now, she could look forward to a weekend of shopping at antique dealers with her girlfriends. Her month was looking up already. With her commission from this sale, she could take time off for the trip and not worry about making enough for that month's rent. Working as a Realtor you don’t get paid vacations like her friends did, but they don’t get $8,000 commission checks like hers either.

After getting something to eat for dinner, Samantha decided to go home and get some much-needed sleep tonight.

Chapter Three

Saturday morning came bright and early, Samantha was glad she had got the extra rest last night. After getting ready, she drove to meet her friends at Camellia’s house since it was the halfway point for everyone. She also had enough parking for everyone to leave their cars.

Camellia, MacKenzie, and Jessica were the three chosen to drive. All the women climbed into their cars and drove the 20 minutes to the first antique store they planned on visiting.

All nine women walked into the first store and split up. They were looking for anything they could use as necklaces.

Samantha held up a jewelry piece that was unique, but no one liked the design. Everyone continued looking around; nothing in this store came close to what interested all of them. The problem was no one knew exactly what they were looking for.

Their search continued while they searched four other stores, and came up empty-handed.

Gabriella was trying to cheer up everyone, “Come on ladies, I know there is something out there that will work. I can feel it. I have one other place in mind, if we still have no luck, I can continue the search during the week in the neighboring towns. I am planning a trip to the coast next week; I can also check all those little shops while I am there. Smile, this was supposed to be fun,” however, not everyone was feeling that same amount of cheer at the moment.

They arrived at the last store they planned on visiting today, and soon settled into their routine of searching for something useful. Samantha wasn’t far from where Raven was looking at a cabinet in the far back corner of the store. After searching for a couple of minutes, an older gentleman approached Raven. Samantha paused and listened to the exchange.

“Good morning, Ma'am. Is there something special you are looking for? I am the owner, Martin, and I know every item in my store. What are you looking for and I will help you find it?” Martin said in a soft, gentle voice.

“Good Morning, Martin. We would like to make nine necklaces; however, we haven’t found anything that would work, yet. We would like them to be unique, but similar so that we can match each other. I hope that makes sense,” Raven responded.

“Oh, my yes! I have the perfect items for you; if you don’t mind, they are almost identical and old. In fact, I might have a way to make them individual for you. Please gather your friends and meet me at the front desk; I’ll get them and bring them to the counter,” Martin said as he hurried off to the back room.

Samantha joined Raven as they located their friends; they all walked to the front of the store and found Martin already waiting for them.

“Hello, Ladies. I am Martin, the owner, and I have some beautiful necklaces that might interest you. They are very old; in fact, I have no idea how old they are. I bought them in 1963, from an archaeologist who had found them in one of his excavations in Ireland. No one was interested in them, and he was a family friend. So, I bought them from him at a good price, and they have sat in my store for the past 50 years. I had forgotten all about them until your friend said nine matching necklaces. I bought some beautiful, unique stones from a strange, quirky old monk last month. If I remember correctly, I bought them because they brought the necklaces back to my mind for a few minutes. I am sorry for rattling on, I guess you would like to look at them,” Martin finished looking a little embarrassed.

Martin opened a neatly folded cloth and revealed nine beautifully made necklaces. Each one was similar to the others but unique in its own way. It was easy to tell they were old and handmade. But they were in perfect condition; without any tarnish on them, as if, they had been polished that morning. They were made of metal in the shape of what could be referred to as an Eternal Knot. It was a symbol representing the trinity with a circle intertwined in it; however, in this case, the circle was shaped into a heart and red in color.

Next, Martin opened another cloth holding nine beautiful and definitely unique stones, all different colors.

Each stone appeared to be the right size to fit perfectly in the center of the necklace. When the stones were brought closer to the necklaces, this caused them to change suddenly; they brightened in color as if something was affecting the metal. Almost as if, they were alive.

Jessica was the first to decide on a stone that interested her, and then all the other women chose their favorite stone.

Samantha quickly grabbed a beautiful gray stone that seemed to call to her. She held it close and noticed as the light hit it that is turned several different colors, like a rainbow.

Raven reached for a stone with varied colored bands. The first band started with purple, then to blue, then to yellow, and finally to white, before the pattern repeated itself.

“Oh, that is a “Derbyshire Blue John” Fluorite it’s found in Derbyshire, England,” Martin informed Raven.

Raven appeared surprised, and she was holding her stone the same way everyone else was, almost as if she was afraid to let go of it.

“Do you know the name of each of these stones and where they are found?” Roseanna asked.

“Actually, I do, for some reason; the quirky old man who sold them to me told me it would help me sell them if I knew the information. So, if it helps you, then it was worth learning about them. Would you do me the honor of telling me your name when you hand me your stone?” Martin replied.

“We would be pleased to Martin, my name is Raven, but my friends call me Rave,” Raven said as she moved to the side.

“Thank you, Raven.”

One by one, each of the women approached Martin and held out the stone she had chosen.

Samantha decided to approach first, “I am Samantha, but I go by Sam,” she said as she handed him her stone to examine.

“Samantha, the stone you have chosen is called a Labradorite it can be found in Norway, Viking country.”

This surprised Samantha since she had always dreamed of one day going to Norway. What a coincidence.

When MacKenzie spoke it startled Samantha out of her thoughts.

“My name is MacKenzie or Mac for short.” Her stone was a transparent bluish-green.

“MacKenzie, yours is a Beryl var Aquamarine, and it is native to Ireland,” Martin said with a smile.

“Hi, everyone calls me Gabby even though my name is Gabriella.” Her stone was a dark purple or violet in color.

“Well, Gabriella, your stone is an Amethyst, and this one was found in Greece. It is considered a healing stone!”

“This is Cami…” Gabriella started to tell Martin.

“Excuse me, but I would prefer each of the stones’ new owners to tell me their name,” Martin said glaring at Gabriella.

“I am sorry, I was just trying to help,” Gabriella had a hurt look come across her face.

“It's okay Gabby; I am sure he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, did you, Martin? Oh, my name is Camellia,” Camellia said, putting her arm around Gabby to comfort her. Before she handed him her stone, it was a pink and white color.

“Camellia, The Rhodochrosite is found not far from here, in Colorado. Who do we have next?” Martin ignored her comment about Gabby's feelings.

Ari quietly handed him her rose-colored stone. She felt a little guilty. Usually, they let Rose; have anything this color, because of her name. “My name is Aurora; my friends call me Ari.”

“Aurora, that is a beautiful name, and you have no reason to feel guilty about the stone you have chosen. This stone is a Rose Quartz found right here in Texas.” Martin said, surprising everyone.

Jessi stepped forward, and he pointed to Rose instead, so Jessi waited, confused and a little annoyed.

“My name is Roseanna or Rose. I don’t know why, but this stone called out to me,” she handed him a royal-blue stone.

“This is a Radiant Zircon; it is the oldest known gemstone, some crystals date back 4 billion years. This color is very rare Roseanna, just like you are.”


“I am Lily or Lillian,” she said, as she handed him a stone that was a green almost like Jessi’s stone.

“Your stone Lillian is a unique gem called Alexandre, it is green in the daylight, and it turns red at night. It is the third-hardest gemstone and the third-hardest mineral that is even occasionally found at Earth's surface.”

Turning to Jessica, he motioned her forward.

“My name is Jessica or Jessi,” she handed him a beautiful rich green stone.

“Your stone Jessica is an extraordinary stone, called a Moonstone. It was said to have come from the moon sometime in the past, but it is also said that a Moonstone will allow its owner to see into the future. Be careful with it. The man who gave it to me said that this actual stone was created out of the chest of a king, in approximately 3,000 BC,” he finished facing all the women.

“I have been told to tell you one more thing. I know I could never remember it, so I wrote it down as he told it to me. Here is a copy of what I wrote so you can make copies and study it. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but I was instructed to give a copy to whoever bought the stones. Here are the necklaces and I will let you choose who gets which one. They are slightly different, but they all are made in the same style. How would you like to pay for these?” Martin asked.

Mackenzie asked, “Before you ring the necklaces up, you might want to tell us how much they cost?”

Feeling a little sheepish, Martin looked at the women. “Would you be willing to pay $100 for each of the necklaces, and I will include the stones in that price?”

The women all look at each other, slightly shocked. The prices on everything they had looked at were all in the $200 to $300 range, per necklace.

“Are you sure you want to sell them for that price?” Gabriella questioned.

“If it is too much, I may consider reducing the cost a little bit,” Martin said hopefully not wanting to lose a sale.

“I’ll pay for all of the necklaces as my gift, and I have the money right now,” Jessica said with a grin on her face.

“We will settle this when we’re together later,” Raven said with a determined look on her face.

“Why don’t you give me $800, since you bought them all and we will call it even,” Martin offered.

Jessica pulled out a small stack of hundred-dollar bills, earning a gasp from everyone. She quickly thumbed through them and handed Martin several, “This is the amount I believe they are worth. Please do not argue with me on this Martin.”

Martin turned to put the money in his register, counting it in the process. He froze before he placed the money in the till and looked back at Jessica, who had a huge smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.

“Miss Jessica, this is more money than I asked for. Why more money?” Martin questioned her amount.

“Martin, I know that you need the money to help with your grandchildren and to help care for your wife, please take it,” Jessica said softly before she turned toward her girlfriends.

Martin stared at her dumbfounded. How did she know any of this? He hadn’t even told his wife they needed the money. He only figured it out this morning, while balancing the budget.

“I have some decorative wire in the back room, why don’t you let me get it, so we can affix the stones to the necklaces, so you don’t lose them. It is the least I can do, for the extra money you gave me. Hold on while I get it,” Martin offered walking toward the back room.

“Hey, after he attaches the stones for us, why don’t we all get some lunch, before some of us have to leave and get ready for work. I know just the place to eat, but someone else gets to pick up the tab for my food,” Jessica laughed as she took her necklace and stone to examine it again.

Samantha picked up the necklace and stone when she noticed that as soon as her stone touched the necklace, there was a slight tremor or a sense of power coming from the combination. She adjusted the stone right over the center of the necklace design, and the tremor increased.

Raven calmly asked, “Ladies, are your necklaces and stone reacting strangely?”

“Yes,” everyone responded, holding their items.

“I think we need to be careful with these necklaces,” said Samantha.

At that moment, Martin walked out of the back room with a small roll of silver wire. “Sorry it took so long, I had trouble getting to it. I have way too many things back there. Does anyone have experience with wire wrapping jewelry? I could do it, but it might not be too pretty.”

“Actually, I would love to do it. This should only take me a couple of minutes to attach everyone's stone to their necklace,” Aurora offered.

And true to her word, she had them all done in less than 20 minutes. “Ta-DA! See, I told you,” Aurora said when the last one was completed.

“Thank you, Martin, for the beautiful necklaces and thank you, Ari, for attaching the stones and especially you, Jessi, for paying for mine,” Raven started to tear up.

“Don’t you start crying, girl! Or you will make all of us cry,” Gabriella stated. “Let’s go eat; I’m starving!”

Laughing, they all walked out of the store. As they were getting in the car, Martin ran out and handed a paper to Jessica. “Take this and study it well. It will guide you in your future endeavors."

Chapter Four

Jessica handed the paper to Roseanna, since she was driving, “Rose, will you read over this then you can tell us what it’s all about when we get to the restaurant. Thanks.”

When they arrived at the small mom and pop Mexican food place they all love, they asked for a table in the back room. They wanted to be away from everyone else that way they could talk without disturbing other customers in the restaurant.

After they all ordered their food, Raven asked, “Did anyone else notice how the necklace and stone vibrated the closer they got together? However, they are not vibrating now that they are attached to each other?”

“I think I remember reading something about that on the paper Martin gave us,” Roseanna read more of the paper quietly to herself.

“Well, are you going to tell us or make us guess?” Lilian insisted.

“Do you want me to read the whole thing or just tell you the summary?” Roseanna asked.

“I, for one, would like to hear the whole thing if no one objects?” Raven contributed.

“Okay, here it is; ‘There was a legend told, prophesied by holy men of long ago. One day in the future, nine women, who all valued love and life will be given a chance to change not only their lives but the lives of all whom they will come in contact with. These friends will unknowingly combine the Eternal Knots and the sacred stones again, unleashing an unheard-of power that will transport them to the destination of their soulmate or true love. They will be tested, for this is an eternal love. They must be willing to go anywhere and give up everything for this love; it must be a selfless love. These women will change the world in a time not of their own and through their love, and diligence lives will be saved from greed and pain.’” Roseanna finished, then she took a deep breath and slowly let it out.

No one knew how to respond at first, so everyone stayed quiet for a little while. Roseanna was the first to comment, “Since I have had more time than the rest of you to think about this, I believe that we should examine it line by line. It will be easier to digest each line that way. I suggest we stop on the way home at a store and make a copy of it for each of us.”

“Why make a copy the old-fashioned way? Here, give it to me,” Raven replied.

Roseanna grumbled as she gave Raven the paper. Raven sets it down on the table; pulled out her phone, and took a picture of it. She tapped the keys on her phone, and 30 seconds later, everyone else’s phone beeped with a message. Grinning Raven handed the paper back to Roseanna. “Technology can be useful at times.”

Everyone laughed, surprised no one else thought of taking a picture and sending it to each other. They began to read the prophecy on their phones.

“From what I can tell, we just opened a big can of worms, by combining these stones and necklaces. What is everyone else's take on this?” Samantha urged.

Gabriella exclaimed with a huge grin, “So, I guess we will be meeting some guys, who will become our soulmates. That doesn’t sound so bad?”

“How about the part, 'They will be tested, for this is an eternal love. They must be willing to go anywhere and give up everything for this love; it must be a selfless love’ part. I for one don’t want to be tested, or give up everything I have worked for,” Raven grumbled.

“But we get to, ‘change the world and save lives from greed and pain,’ that kind of sounds like superhero stuff, so I am all for that,” Mackenzie cheerfully added.

“I think everyone is missing an essential part of this, prophecy, ‘…unleashing an unheard-of power that will transport them to the destination of their soulmate or true love, and will change the world in a time, not of their own…’ It sounds like we will be traveling a long distance away. But even though I don’t believe it is possible, it sounds like time travel to me. And that terrifies me right to the core,” Aurora stammered.

All the ladies stared at Aurora in surprise. Ari was level-headed and practical, but to have something terrify her was news to them.

“Why didn’t we know this about you, Ari?” Raven consoled.

“It’s not something that just comes up in a daily conversation. I am afraid that if time travel can happen, it means that we are not in control of our own lives anymore. It is terrifying to think things can be changed if someone doesn’t like the outcome. What if we go and can never come back? I don’t know how to explain all of my fears. I am sorry; I am putting a damper on the excitement. Can we just forget I opened my mouth?” Ari mumbled shrugging her shoulders, then stared at the floor.

“Ari, if this bothers you, it’s important to us. And you haven’t ruined anything.” Raven consoled Aurora by placing an arm around her, “You brought important things to our attention. I do agree that we cannot ignore what it says related to, ‘not being in our time’ and ‘the power to transport.’ Those are significant things to think about. Has anyone else considered, we don’t know if we are going to do this alone or in a group?” Raven hinted to the others.

“I do agree with you, this is important, but here comes our food. Let’s think about this while we eat; then we can talk more after about the different points everyone has brought up when we are done,” Samantha suggested, eying the food being placed on the table.

As everyone ate, and at the end of the meal, Gabriella began the conversation. “Well, I for one am interested in several points made. I am going to list them, and then, we can talk about the ones that bother each of us. First, Soulmates, and giving everything up for them. The second is being tested! Third, possibly time travel. The fourth is, oh yeah, saving and changing the world and people’s lives. Did I miss any essential points?” Gabriella sighed.

“One, that has me concerned, ‘unleashing an unheard-of power.' What does that mean? Will we harm or destroy something if we are not careful? And is this power, actually something we will need to contain physically?” Lillian added.

Mackenzie shook her head. “I think Martin should have told us all of this before we decided to buy the necklaces. This is not just a little myth or story about where some jewelry came from. I really hope this will not tear us apart from each other. Finding a soulmate is a big thing! Let’s all make a promise right now; the men we meet will never take priority over our friendships. If they make us chose; we will be strong and walk away from them,” she encouraged with a sadness entering her eyes.

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