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Best Friend’s Brother’



Summer at the Lake

Surrendered Love

It’s You


Tessa London

These books are a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Summer at the Lake

Surrendered Love

It’s You

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Stories Descriptions –

Additional chapters on all three short stories.

Summer at the Lake:

One summer is all that took for Jane and Matthew to find their love.

After always crushing on each other, they finally admit they always liked each other.

A short story that is hot, funny and sweaty.

Short but sexy, you will surely need a fan to air yourself.

Surrendered Love:

College student, Dinah Lowry, has always had a crush on her best friend’s brother, Mike Everman. The problem is that they don’t get along so well, they are always making rude comments to each other. Of course, Dinah always pretends to hate him but in reality she doesn’t. But when she’s with him, she hides the fact she likes him. Either way, she may not even get a chance with him, she’s just a plus size girl, well compared to the girls Mike ‘hangs out’ with. And he’s the hot, older, best friend’s brother, football quarterback that all the girls swoon over. But what Dinah doesn't know is that Mike had already developed a crush on her a long time ago.

It’s You:

He was always a mystery for her and she hated him. They never got along but when he came back from his first year of college, he started acting differently little by little, and by the time she knew it, she was falling for him. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her, but deep down she always thought he was handsome. Axel and Olivia, they were soon going to get caught up in a passionate love.

Summer at the Lake

A Short Story

Chapter One: Jane


It had been such a stressful year at uni and I couldn’t wait to take my last final and leave for the summer. It was such a hard time for me because I was just about to graduate, but all I wanted right now was to relax and get this last final over with. I had no idea what I was going to do, maybe go back home to my parents, or stay in this city and relax, I still didn’t know yet.

I was on my way to class when I suddenly heard my name being shouted.

“Jane! Wait up! Jane!” I turned around to look for the person who was shouting my name, which I knew perfectly who it was. When I turned, I saw my best friend, Martha, looking very worn out from the running she was doing.

“Oh my God, I’ve been calling your name since yesterday!” She dramatically said.

“Oh, don’t be dramatic.” I laughed. “And sorry, I’m just focused on this last final I have to take.” I said to her.

“Oh, well let me not bother you. I’ll tell you after your final then. I’ll wait, I just had my last final and it feels amazing. So, just finish yours and quickly because I have some exciting news I want to tell you.” I just stared at her. She was always excited about something and I was betting that she was going to tell me we were going to a club tonight, so I didn’t pay much attention to her ‘exciting news’.

“Okay, okay. Calm down. I’ll take my final and see you after. I must get going now. I don’t want to be late.” I said to her and she replied to me but I didn’t hear what she had said.

I finished my final quickly and as I turned it in, I felt as if a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t have to worry about classes anymore. All I really had to worry about was what I was going to do for summer. As soon as I was out the door of the lecture hall, Martha once again shouted my name.

“Jane!” She said and everyone that was out in the hall turned to look at us. “Oh my God! You took an eternity! I was dying out of boredom!” She dramatically said, once again.

“Oh Martha. You are so dramatic.” I said to her. “What am I going to do with you?” I teased.

“Well, it’s a good thing you love me.” She said.

“Yes, a very good thing. I can’t believe I have survived life with you all these years.”

“Well, you have, and you will survive many others. Plus, you can’t get away from me that easily. Especially this summer.” She smirked.

“What? What do you mean?” What is she on about? She was leaving for the summer with Nick, her boyfriend.

“Well, Nick and I have been doing some thinking. We just need one semester until we graduate, so we decide to postpone our trip to South America. We are staying here for the summer!” She squealed.

“Wait? Are you serious?” I asked excitedly. I knew it had to happen sometime, for her to leave, but honestly, I just didn’t want to spend the summer alone and I was happy she was staying.

“Yes. We are leaving once we graduate. But for now, we are staying. Also, that is not the only news I have for you. I asked my father if we could borrow the lake house for the entire summer and he said yes!” She squealed once more.

I guess I knew what I was doing this summer now. “What? Seriously?” I asked, excited once more.

“Yes! And this is me officially asking you if you would like to come?” Now this time, it was me squealing.

“Yes! I haven’t been to the lake house since senior year of high school. Almost four years ago. I miss it, so yes, I would love to go.” I said happily, then I frowned. “Woah, wait? Am I the third wheel? I don’t want to be in the middle of your romantic summer with Nick.” I said.

“No, you silly willy. Matthew will be going with his girlfriend, Meghan.” She said.

Matthew has a girlfriend? I certainly did not know that. Way to crush my dreams of ever thinking I would end up with him. Yes, I have a huge crush on my best friend’s brother since I was in middle school. And although I am all grown up, I can’t seem to let that crush go. But him having his girlfriend there would be good and make me forget or even think about him in a romantic way. But damn, is he hot. I haven’t since him in two years, but when I did see him, he had my panties wet all just by smiling at me. But I need to forget about that.

“Wait, so I’m going to be the fifth wheel, then?” I asked. This trip was looking less interesting by the second.

We had been walking and I hadn’t noticed we were already at her apartment which was just a walk away from the university. It was also located in the same building as my apartment, but mine was two floors down.

“No. Minnie and Dustin will be going as well. They already finished their classes and are back home. I can’t believe those twins decided to stay in the college close to home. They were very set on leaving home to attend university somewhere else. I don’t know what changed their mind.” She said confused.

I was the only one that knew why they had stayed home. Their mother got cancer senior year and that stopped them from leaving their home. I found out when I found Minnie crying in the girls’ locker room, and she and Dustin made me promise never to say anything because they didn’t want people feeling pity. So, I made them that promise, and it was very hard to keep it from Martha.

“Maybe they just didn’t want to go after all. Who knows what their reason is.” I said to her.

After planning how we were going to leave, I stayed at her apartment until Nick arrived. We planned to leave in two days, so we could have two days of relaxation after finals. Then Nick finally arrived.

“Hey babe.” He said as he kissed Martha. “Hey Jay-Jay. How was your last final?”

Yes, he had a nickname for me. He and I had met first in secondary school. I was already best friends with Martha. I met Nick because I had several classes with him and he was the new kid in school. We became friends due to all the classes we had together, and we just clicked. We now have a sister-brother relationship and we fight like it too. When we entered high school, he started sitting with Martha and I, and I had an idea why. I later found out he had a huge crush on Martha and I made it my mission to get them together. Now they have been dating for almost seven years and I don’t regret it. On the other hand, I was always crushing on Matthew and I had never told Martha, she would not like it one bit.

“It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.” I said.

“It does feel like that, doesn’t it? I’m glad I didn’t have to take any finals, but I did have to present some portfolios. That was all.” He shrugged as if it was nothing.

“Well, I could stay here all night, but I am really tired and I just want the comfort of my bed. So, I am going to leave you two alone now. I’ll see you guys tomorrow, okay?” I said and once they said goodbye, I left to my own apartment.

The two days had finally passed and we were now on our way back to our parents’ homes. It was four hours of a drive, and we had stopped for some lunch, but after that, we had finally arrived at my parent’s house, since Nick and Martha were dropping me off.

“Oh, wait! Will you be needing a ride to the lake house?” Martha asked.

“No, actually. Johnny left his car here. I’ll be taking it up there.” I said to them.

“Okay, well we will be leaving in four days. I don’t know if you want to tailgate or something.”

“Yeah. I’ll text you if something changes. Bye, I’ll see you both soon.” I said and headed towards the main entrance of my parent’s house.

“Hello! I’m home!” I shouted out when I entered the house.

“Janey?” My dad called out. “I didn’t think you were going to get here until another thirty minutes.” He said surprised as he came out of the kitchen.

“Yeah. Well Nick was driving, and I think he was in a hurry to get home. I guess he misses his mom’s cooking or something. Martha is not that much of a good cook.” I laughed.

“Oh, you kids. You have been together since a young age. I’m happy to know all of you are still friends.” My father smiled.

“Well, maybe it has to do with the fact that the parents are also friends.” My mother said, also coming out of the kitchen.

“Well, that does have something to do with it.” I laughed.

“Oh honey, so nice to see you are finally home!” My mom said excitedly as she pulled me into a tight hug. “Are you hungry? I am making some dinner.” She said after pulling away from the hug.

“I ate about two hours ago, but I can never say no to food.” I laughed.

“Well then, come to the kitchen and help me out. Your dad will take your bag up to your room.” She said and dragged me towards the kitchen.

We relaxed for the rest of the night while catching me up on all the latest gossip going around town.

“So, we heard you are going to the lake house for the summer?” My father asked.

“Yes, Martha invited me over. Will that be okay with the both of you?” I asked them, feeling a little guilty for not spending the summer with them.

“Don’t be silly, sweetheart. Of course, it’s okay. Plus, it will be your last summer before you graduate. One ore semester left to go, right?” My mom said.

“Yes, I just can’t wait to graduate. I hate going to school.” We all laughed and continued enjoying the night.

The next four days went by fast. It was time to head to the lake house, but I decided to spend to more days in town to run some errands. So, I texted Martha to let her know before she texted me, panicking on why I hadn’t arrived at the lake house.

After the days were up, I took my brother’s car and drove about an hour north towards the lake house.

Chapter Two: Matthew


It had been two days in the lake house with only my sister and her boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I loved hanging out with them and I always got along with Nick, but it was starting to get awkward. I just couldn’t wait until Jane got here. I kind of always had a slight crush on her. She was cute. But she is my little sister’s best friend, and Martha would kill me if something happens between Jane and I, so I couldn’t think that was about Jane.

I was sitting in a chair on the terrace of the second floor, when I saw a car pull up on the driveway of the lake house. It must be Jane. I saw that I was right once Jane got out of the car. My breath got stuck in my throat once she got out. It looked like she had gotten fit since the last time I saw her, which was two years ago. You could see it in the toned legs she was rocking with the short shorts she was wearing, and god was I getting hard just by looking at her legs. I was imagining how wide they could open for me or how good they would feel around my waist or over my shoulders. I saw her heading towards the trunk, and her perky little ass swayed from side to side. I was getting harder by the second. Good thing I had just broken up with my girlfriend, because this summer was about to get very interesting. Now I needed to get a cold shower before meeting Jane downstairs.

Chapter Three: Jane


I had finally arrived at the lake house and I was tired even though it was just an hour drive. But other than tired, I was super nervous to see Matthew once again, and I was getting excited by the second.

‘Oh, get yourself together Jane! He has a girlfriend and he brought her with him.’ I said to myself.

I parked the car in the driveway and got out, heading towards the trunk to get my bag. When I did, I headed inside the house without knocking.

“Hello?” I called out.

“Jay-Jay!” Nick said. I turned to my left and saw him sitting down in the living room watching ESPN.

“Hey Nicki.” I smiled. “Where’s Mar?” I asked.

“In the kitchen.” He said and continued watching whatever game was on the TV.

“Mar?” I searched. Their lake house was big, so it wasn’t like I could turn my head to the right and see Martha in the kitchen. I had to make some turns to find her.

“Jane! You are finally here! Thank God! I am making some lunch. If you want to get settled, you have the usual room, the one next to Matthew’s. When you are done, come back down to help me.” She ordered.

“Yes ma’am.” I saluted and headed up the stairs to the third floor.

There were only two rooms in the third floor, meaning that I was sharing an entire floor with Matthew and his girlfriend. What luck, right? So that meant that I might listen to them having sex, and we were also going to share a bathroom, I was just hoping that I didn’t have to listen to them also having shower sex.

As I was heading to my room, I saw Matthew get out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Did he get buffer? Because I swear he had more muscle than the last time I had seen him. And those abs were making me squirm. Just by looking at him I could feel myself getting wet. He smiled and I felt it all the way down my clit.

“Hey Jane. Nice to finally see you. You look very good.” He smirked. Why was he smirking? And why was he looking at me like that? Like a hunter that finally found his prey.

“Hey Matt, nice to see you too, and thank you.” I smiled. I was just hoping I had not walked in to shower sex, that would be awkward. “How are you? How’s your girlfriend?” I asked, hoping she didn’t get out of the bathroom right now.

“I am doing good. And what girlfriend?” He asked, smiling.

“Oh, well Martha told me you were going to bring your girlfriend. Blame her.” I shrugged and smiled.

“Well, I was but it didn’t work out. We had too many differences and we decided to call it quits. So, I’m a single pringle and very ready to mingle.” He smirked again.

“Oh, well sorry to hear that. I must get going though, or Martha will kill me. I’ll see you downstairs.” I quickly said and headed inside the room quickly. I couldn’t be in his presence alone any longer, or I might do something I regret.

After settling in the room, I headed down the stair and into the kitchen.

We finished cooking faster than she was going, and lunch was ready in no time. Martha called the guys to the table and we all sat down, getting food in our plates. It was quiet for a few minutes, but apparently couldn’t take it anymore and she broke the silence.

“Why is it so quiet? Does nobody know how to talk anymore? Jane, so what did you do for these two day you weren’t here? And why exactly did you decide to skip for two days?” She asked as if we were in school and I just skipped two full days.

But I didn’t know how to answer her. What was I supposed to tell her? That what I actually did during these two days was go and visit Dustin and Minnie? And that I knew why they weren’t here yet and that is the reason I haven’t asked for them? If I told her that she would be mad, and she would ask why I needed to go visit Dustin and Minnie. Then the truth would come out and I would be in deep trouble with both, and with Martha as well. So, I answered her with the most obvious answer.

“Oh, well I just wanted to spend more time with my parents, that’s all.” I shrugged.

After the little interrogation, we started talking normally. There were times when I would turn to look at Matthew and he would have a certain look on his face while staring at me, but I couldn’t figure out what it meant, or why he was staring at me.

After lunch, I decided to lounge by the pool to get a last-minute sun session before it went down, so I headed to my room to change into a bikini. It was one that would definitely impress Matthew. I had gotten toned for the last two years I hadn’t seen him, so I was excited for him to see me in the bikini I was currently wearing. Plus, it made me feel sexy.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and felt satisfied by the way I looked. Getting toned was definitely for me to feel better about myself, but it didn’t hurt to also impress Matthew along the way. I placed one of my brother’s button up jerseys as a cover up and headed down the stairs to be met with Martha who also had the same idea. Then we went out to the pool and sat in one of the lounge chairs, trying to get the last bit of sun that was left.

I was relaxed until I heard screaming next to me, and when I opened my eyes, I saw nick carrying Martha over to the pool. I laughed but a voice interrupted me.

“Oh, trust me, you are not staying behind.” Matthew said to me.

“Oh, no.” I tried running but he caught me before I could even get up from the chair. “Matthew, don’t do this. I beg you.” I squealed.

“Oh baby, begging won’t do anything.” He said as he walked over to the pool. But I wasn’t worrying about that anymore. All I was thinking about was how he had called me ‘baby’ and I had butterflies in my stomach. But when I saw the pool close, it brought me back to reality.

“Please! I’ll do anything.” I said, looking over at the water. I did not want to be thrown over.

“Anything? You say?” He smirked. “Trust me, I’ll take your word for it, but I’m still going to throw you.” He said, then he jumped, taking us both in to the cold water.

When I came up from the water, I couldn’t see Matthew anywhere. All I saw was Nick and Martha making out at the other end of the pool. Then I felt something touch my feet, and when I looked down, I saw Matthew underwater. His hands slowly went up my calves, then to my thighs, then they went around to my ass. What was he doing? Whatever it was, it felt good and I could feel it right in the center of my clit. His hands continued to go up to my torso, and once they were under my breasts, he came out of the water.

“Enjoying yourself?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Very much so.” He winked and swam away.

Martha suddenly screamed and said something about floats and ran into the house. A few minutes later, she came out carrying five boxes. She asked us all to help and inflate them. Matthew was nowhere to be found though. I then saw him come out of the house with a beer in his hand.

“Want some?” He offered me some of his beer.

“No thanks, but here, blow mine. I’m too tired.” I said and handed him the float, but he only giggled.

“Baby, I think it would be easier if you blew mine.” He whispered and winked.

I widened up my eyes and felt myself blush, and all he did was laugh.

“You are so innocent.” He said to me.

‘Oh, trust me, I am not innocent.’ I wanted to say, but didn’t.

If he really knew what dirty things I have done, he would not believe it. He thought I was innocent just because he made me feel all mushy inside and always made me blush.

He only took my float and inflated it for me, while I took a long sip of his beer.

Chapter Four: Matthew


I wanted to do more than touch her. She looked absolutely delicious wearing that bikini, and it left little to the imagination. We when were in the pool, all I wanted to do was tear up her panties and eat her up, but I was underwater. It was better to wait and hear her scream my name some other time. Now I couldn’t help but remember how innocent she looked when I told her it would be better to blow me. She looked so cute with the blush on her cheeks. She was probably a virgin, and that made me even more excited to bed her. I would be the first and hopefully only guy to make her feel good and scream until her voice ran out.

When I finished inflating the float, I turned back to get my beer but I found that it was almost empty.

“What the hell?” I said. Then I turned to look at Jane and saw that she had a guilty smile on her face. “did you drink all my beer?” I asked her.

“You offered me some.” She shrugged.

“Yeah, some not all. And you said you didn’t want any.” I said to her.

“Oh, don’t be a baby. I’ll go get you another one.” She said and headed inside to get me another beer. I looked around the backyard and saw that both Nick and Martha were already entertained with the floats, so I followed Jane inside the house.

I smirked when I saw her bend down to grab a beer that was at the bottom of the fridge. Her perky little ass looked so inviting, so without realizing, I went to touch it. She squealed and quickly stood back straight up.

“You know what happens to girls that steal?” I said seductively to her, backing her up against the closed door of the fridge. “They need to be punished.” I smirked. “What should it be? A little spanking?” I said as I squeezed one of her ass cheeks. She gasped and she blushed once more. Oh, how I loved making her bushed. She was so innocent, and when I’m done with her, she would not be as innocent as she is now.

“Matthew.” Her voice was raspy and I loved the sound of my name coming from her pretty mouth. “What are you doing?” I could see her swallow, and I was imagining her swallowing my cum, every last drop. Could this girl make me anymore harder?

“What I should have done a long time ago. Now, you never told me what your punishment should be. Maybe teasing you until you beg me to fuck you should do the trick.” I smirked. I wasn’t holding back, I had been wanting to fuck her for a long time, and maybe this was the summer that my dreams would come true.

“Oh my god.” She said, getting redder by the second. She was so cute. “I – uh.” Before she said anything, we heard Martha laughing, and Jane quickly pulled away from me.

Chapter Five: Jane


I couldn’t believe what was happening, my dreams of Matthew wanting me were becoming a reality, but he made me feel so mushy inside that I was acting like I had never been touched. But his words, oh how they turned me on. If he had touched me where I had wanted him to, he would feel how wet I was for him.

When I heard Martha’s laughing, I quickly backed away from him. I couldn’t risk Martha seeing us like that, then she would lose it and never talk to the both of us.

“There you two are.” She said, coming in to the kitchen with Nick behind her. Then Matthew quickly whispered to me.

“I am not done with you.” He said and turned to Martha. “Yeah, we came to grab some beers. Want some?” He asked both Martha and Nick and they both nodded.

“We were thinking of taking the boat out for a ride. It’s almost getting dark and I would love to see the sunset in the lake. You guys want to come?” Martha asked.

“Nah, I think I’ll just lounge by the pool again. You guys go ahead.” I said to them.

“Well, if Jane is not going, I certainly do not want to be the third wheel, so you both go ahead. I’ll stay here with Jane.” Matthew said and I was already getting nervous.

“Alright, well I’m gonna go and change, I’ll be right down.” She said and left the room.

“Jay-Jay, can you help me make some sandwiches?” Nick asked.

“You guys are going to eat down there?” I asked.

“Well, if the both of you are not going, might as well turn this into a romantic night, right? We might be out there for a long time, so don’t wait up.” He winked.

“Oh man, gross. That’s my sister you are talking about, please don’t make those type of comments in front of me.” Matthew said, looking grossed out.

“Sorry.” Nick shrugged.

Matthew only rolled his eyes. “I’ll just go get you a basket and a bottle of wine.” He said and left the room.

“So, you and Matt?” Nick said suddenly.

I choked on my saliva and quickly looked at Nick. “What?” I said.

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