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Radar Love

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I really enjoyed your book, Aileen.  I loved the way you put it together and I found it flowed easily while reading.  I can tell that you’ve done your research well – the names of the characters for that era, the songs that were playing in the Club, the flora on Robben Island etc.  I could even smell the Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow tree!  I am sure that there will be many people who will be able to identify with the special place that special friendships have in our lives.  Although I had tears in my eyes at the end, you also managed to put a smile on my face. Well done! Don’t stop writing! May God continue to bless you in all you do and use you to bring blessings to others.” – Kerry Scullard

"I really loved the book it was such a lovely story and so beautifully written and had me in tears more than once - wow my friend you should be so proud of yourself and thank you so much for allowing me to read it. It's a wonderful read I think the characters will stay with me for a while " – Linda Jones

“I have read all of Aileen’s books but this latest one Radar Love blew me away.

You know the feeling when you pick up a book and you instantly feel a connection to the main character in the story?? Well this isn’t a book like that - this book you will feel a connection to ALL FOUR characters. A beautiful war romance set in South Africa in the 1940’s, four university friends that find themselves entwined together by war, by loss and by fate. As they endure the ever escalating dangers around them, they come to form a bond that lasts a lifetime.

First of all I thought maybe this book “gripped me” was because growing up I lived in a country that was fighting a war and our town had several army bases and living with soldiers in town was normal, so I related to the story line - but I soon realized the reason I loved this book wasn’t because of that - it was simply because it is written so brilliantly.
I lived in this book - often even put the book down and actually listened via you-tube to the songs that were playing at the clubs mentioned in the book just to put myself amongst the pages. The book takes you on a roller coaster emotional ride through chapters of love, laughter, loss and ultimately, coming to terms with life and it’s curved balls.

It is so beautifully written I felt as though it enabled me to be a part of that era even though before I picked up the book I had little knowledge of what life in South Africa was like.
I am not going to spoil anything by giving away the story all I can say is just buy it, read it, and make up your own mind. Whatever else it might do, it will definitely touch your soul,” –
Angie Wide

"Radar Love is a beautifully written story of love, trust and commitment. In this timeless treasure Aileen sets the scene with the history of the elite SSS group and incorporates it masterfully into her plot in great detail. Following the adventures, trials, friendship and sisterhood bond of each of the four ladies leads the reader on a remarkable journey to self discovery with the realisation that God's love is immeasurable.  This is truly a very special book. I find myself constantly thinking about the ladies who became my family through all the laughter, tears and conversations I shared with them from beginning to end. A superbly written love story, highly entertaining and well researched. An outstanding read!” - Avy Hattingh

Thank you, Lord Jesus,

for your love and mercy

and for blessing me

with my family whom I love so much.

I am truly blessed.

Phil 4:13 ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’


A Special



Kerry Scullard

Linda Jones

Angie Wide

Avy Hattingh

Susan Warneke

I carry you in my heart, always

and forever. Thank you for your honesty and support

over all these years.

God bless you always

Aileen Friedman










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*Chapter Eleven*

*Chapter Twelve*

*Chapter Thirteen*

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*Chapter Nineteen*

*Chapter Twenty*

*Chapter Twenty One*

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*Chapter Twenty Eight*

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*Chapter Thirty*

*Chapter Thirty One*

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*Chapter Thirty Three*

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*Chapter Thirty Six*

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* Preface *

In 1939 General Smuts, Prime Minister of South Africa and Commander of the military forces signed the declaration of war joining the Allied forces.

At this time, Britain had requested the co-operation of all the countries of the Commonwealth to assist the technical division in the development of instruments to aid the defense of air attacks. The division was classified as a highly guarded secret, only the very top brass and the scientist involved were aware of it. The special division was given the name “Special Signal Services” or “SSS The secret weapon was Radar – “Radio Detection and Ranging.”

In May 1941 when the South African oceans became increased targets for enemy ships, the chief principals approached the Bernard Price Institute to facilitate the introduction and setup of Radar stations along the coastlines. They became a sector of the SA Corps of Signals and also operated under the division of the SSS.

The SSS had a great deal of difficulties recruiting enlisted men to help with the setup of the Radar Stations since the command at the closest Army bases knew nothing of the SSS or Radar. When they did finally get a few men, they were all classified C3 – unfit for active duty. These men had broken limbs or were suffering from illnesses such as bronchitis or pneumonia and, therefore, were of little or no help at all and declared incompetent.

How the system worked; an operator at the Radar Station turned a handle to rotate an aerial while watching for blips or echoes on a screen. When a noticeable blip appeared on the screen, the operator, after first identifying whether the blip was from a ship, fishing boat, aircraft or U-Boat forwarded the information by phone to a Filter room (otherwise known as a Freddie). One Freddie facilitated all the Radar Stations in the region. At Freddie, the information was received by personnel manning the phones, who would then relay the given information to a person who plotted the co-ordinates on a plotting table. Readings from the Radar Stations of the same blip would frequently be received to enable them to monitor and track its course.

Freddie forwarded any information they deemed threatening to the Combined Operations Unit (Army, navy and air force) and if they felt it necessary, they issued the orders for a plane or patrol boats to investigate. Note: Even the Combined Operations Unit had very little knowledge of the SSS.

In 1941, all able men were called up for active duty service, and after the problem they had originally experienced with C3 class men, it was agreed that women with a University degree or higher would be employed as Radar operators while the technicians remained male.

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