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The ABDL Any Time Reader

Zorro Daddy

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Who Is She?

I don’t know how many times someone has sent me an email asking that question. What they are asking is who the ABDL Girl is in the stories I write.

Some ask for a literal answer. Others want the figurative. Whether I give her the name of Lily, Mia, Gina, Lucy, Penny, Daisy, Rose, Sidney, Violet, Dakota or whomever … she is based on real people. So, at her core, she is more real than fantasy.

But to describe the nature of whom she is:

She is perfect yet flawed. And because she makes mistakes, you can relate to her. No one is perfect, but people like her have perfect intentions all the time. (And there is nothing flawed about having such intentions.)

She is complicated yet simple. There are so many levels to her personality that getting to know her is a lifetime pursuit, and one that you can’t help but love. And she’ll often realize that she is searching for a solution to a problem which doesn’t exist. That’s when she goes “simple” again.

She is fun-loving yet serious. A giggle, a bounce and a smile can not only make her moment and her day, but yours as well. And all those around her benefit from her cheery outlook on everything. It is her personal mission in life to make the world around her as happy of a place as possible. But when the time comes to be serious, she can answer that calling because she realizes that the world is a great, big place and she will have a lot of work ahead of her to change it. Until then, she recognizes when she needs to be serious.

She is affectionate. And she shows how she feels, longing to be touched and held and loved back with the same passion she has given. Touch is very important to her. From the forehead to the neck to the lips to the tummy to the bottom to the legs to her toes. Her skin is a receptor and the closer she can be to a beating heart, the more affectionate she becomes. Sure, she’ll wander off, but that’s only because she wants him to take her by the hand.

She is impulsive and spontaneous. And she does what comes to mind and heart without always weighing the outcome of her actions. It is her nature to listen to her first instinct, believing that it is the best one to follow because it was the first one.

She is adaptable. And she hates the fact that she ever needs to act differently or become someone else for a short time when the situation calls for it, but she does it, just like everyone has to. She has a free spirit and an open heart. And it is because of her innocent nature that she believes everyone should be able to be exactly who they are all the time (which is also part of her mission to increase the happiness of the world.)

She is sweet. And everyone around her sees how pure her heart is. She’s got the nature to be happy and to paint rainbows in the clouds when the rain finally breaks, to see the opportunities that present themselves only by candlelight when a storm knocks the electricity out, to see long lines at a Wal-Mart as a chance to say the things you meant to earlier, to relive a kiss over and over in her mind until she receives the next one, to hug someone with the intention of giving her love to them, to wipe away someone’s tears before they stain the cheeks but not before they served their purpose, to think of what others need while she thinks of what she wants, to ask a question without fear of ridicule or judgment, to listen to the advice of others while also deciding what is best for her and to possess a motherly love in the mind of a BabyGirl.

What intrigues me about the typical ABDL Girl from my stories is that she’s real and that’s why I keep writing about her.

She is a character born from reality, nurtured through the events of storylines, and brought to life through imaginations.

She is a dream, but one that is tangible and unforgettable. And when you meet her, you’ll know who she is.

- Zorro Daddy

The ABDL Any Time Reader

Everything In Its Place

The BabyGirl Who Needed A Good Dream

Clean As A Car Wash

Achy, Breaky Bath Time

Reaching the Center of Her Little Heart

That’s When I Knew

That’s When I Knew For Sure

Late Friday Evening …

Early Saturday Morning

Tender Belong

The Mind Fuck - Part One

The Mind Fuck - Part Two

The ABDL Library

Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. This is not a fictional work about incest nor is it incest-themed. It is adult content and therefore not intended for minors.

Everything in Its Place

“Where are you taking me, Daddy?” she asked with a laugh as he stood behind her and covered her eyes with his hands before leading her down the hallway.

“You’ll see,” he replied. “No peeking, baby.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered with a soft tone.

She loved when he called her Baby. It was exactly how she felt and how she wanted to feel. When she first mentioned ABDL to him, months ago, he had no idea what she was talking about. He had never heard of it, other than having seen some strange episodes about some diaper thing on the TV talk shows.

Perhaps it was the fact that the concept of being a Daddy, in the ABDL sense, was complete new to him that endeared her heart to him so. It didn’t have any immediate reward for him, but saw how happy it made her to treat her like a little girl and how much she could relate that pure, innocent love that made him explore the depths of it.

In their short time together, he had become a wonderful, caring Daddy to her and his gentle treatment of her made it seem like it was natural to him all along. That’s how she that it all came directly from his heart.

It was a Monday in the early parts of Autumn. The weather had cooled slightly to show the end of summer. But the days and nights were still comfortable.

Her Daddy had instructed her to leave work at the end of that day and drive directly to his house. She would have the next two days off. It wasn’t a Saturday and Sunday off, but it still felt like a weekend. She was new at the company she worked for and had to climb the ladder a bit to get to a Monday-Friday first shift schedule.

He led her down the hallway and to the stairs, blindfolded with his hands. She took hold of the railing and began making careful steps up the case to the second floor.

She remembered the first time she visited his house. It was an older style house, but one with all the charms that any Home, Sweet Home required.

The rooms were big and the bedrooms were beautifully restored. It was as if the house had been constructed in such as fashion as to catch the sun’s rays in their windows at all the right times.

“Almost there,” her Daddy said, leading her down the upstairs hallway to the room on the left at the end.

Even without seeing, she knew where she was. This was the guest bedroom, the one with the dark cherry wood bed set and dresser which had been handed down through several generations of his family. She loved that room so much and that furniture for how beautiful he had kept it.

Opening the guest bedroom door, he led her inside.

“Keep your eyes closed, baby,” he whispered as he removed his hands from blindfolding her.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered breathlessly, feeling a tingle from his timbre calling her baby again.

The air smelled fresh, a little sweet even. She was getting excited to learn the reason for the blinded masquerade. But she waited patiently, hearing him shuffling through what must’ve been one of the dark cherry wood dresser drawers.

He returned to her, standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Open your eyes, baby,” he said as she did so.

She looked around the room and her eyes grew wide. She almost couldn’t believe it was true. The guest bedroom had been transformed into a nursery. And, looking around the room at all that was in it, she could tell that it had been made for her.

There were details all around that told her he had truly been listening to her answer a month ago when he asked her to describe her dream nursery.

She was now standing in the middle of it. And as she continued looking around the room, her mouth dropped open at how extensive he went into making it as close to her description as he could. When her mouth dropped open, he reached around from behind her and placed her pacifier between her lips.

“It’s all for you, baby. It’s okay. Go look around,” her Daddy said, patting her bottom through her suit skirt.

Her shoulders shrunk up as he removed her business coat. Littleness had already begun to well up inside her.

The magnitude that she had gone to being a baby consisted only of a pacifier, a bottle, a teddy bear, an old nightie which barely fit her anymore and a pack of Depends diapers. It was all she could afford, but she dreamt of so much more.

And now she was standing in the middle of her dream. The wallpaper was an off-white shade and had the design of angels on it – the little baby kinds where they knelt and prayed. There was a wallpaper border at the ceiling and at base of the walls with a lavender shade to their backgrounds. They were also of the little praying angels and had been cut in such a manner as to line up perfectly with the spacing on the angels on the wall.

The dresser was pink and its top came up to the middle of her arms, making it easy for her to place things on it. Currently, there was a small wooden jewelry box with a design of a countryside on its front which looked like it came from a Robert Frost poem. There was also a small lamp with a design of a cascading waterfall which looked like it came from a Thomas Kinkade painting.

On the front of the dresser were three drawers. She knelt down in front of them and opened the bottom drawer. In it, she saw a collection of small soft blankets, wash cloths and towels.

She closed it and opened the second drawer. In it, she saw a collection of onesie, nighties and baby-t shirts – all with a pastel array of colors, ranging from lavender to peach to pink to white to a soft lime.

She closed the second drawer and stood up, opening the first. In it she saw the thickest diapers she had ever seen. She picked the top one up and felts the thickness through the soft plastic outer cover. The front waist band had block designs on it and she ran her tiny fingers over the letter, tracing them with precision before setting the diaper on the top of the dresser.

The outer wall of the room had a beautiful bay window at the center with a small sitting area. There was a wooden basket setting to the side. The basket looked like it came from the Longaberger Collection. In the basket were a collection of small Little Golden books – those books she used to read in her childhood.

“Everything is in its place, baby. Exactly as I recall you describing,” her Daddy said, walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist. “At least, I hope it came out close.”

She nestled back into his arms, too emotional at the moment to say thank you, but vowing that she would not forget to say it. She just needed to wait until she was able to say it without crying.

For the time being, she turned to him and embraced him, wrapping her arms around him and placing the side of her face on his chest. She could feel the warmth rising up off his body and the strong, steady beat of his heart.

“Everything is truly in its place now - except what you’re wearing,” he said as he unfastened the hook and eye at the back of her suit skirt, slowly unzipping. “It’s okay, baby. It’s time to stop dreaming of so much more and to start living it.”

Her skirt slid down her legs and she shifted her hips, allowing it fall to her ankles before she stepped out of it, picking it up with her left instep and tossing it to the side.

“That’s my BabyGirl,” he said, patting her bottom gently. “You don’t need those Big Girls close anymore, do you?”

She timidly shook her head no and then turned around to look back at the bay window again. The light of the early evening shown in it so brilliantly, yet at the same time, so softly.

He reached around from behind her and began unbuttoning her blouse. Her eye drifted over to the rocking chair that sat in the nest corner over. There was a window next to this rocking chair that shown no light through at that time of day, only the refractions from the sky.

She lowered her arms to her side as her Daddy took hold of the collar of her blouse and slid the shirt down off her shoulders. It fell to her wrists before it came off her.

She looked at the rug beneath the rocking chair. It was circular and hand-woven.

She felt him unfastening her bra from behind and sliding the shoulder straps down to her elbows before the bra came off of her.

The rug was woven into a braid which spun around itself from the center, welcoming in new colors of the rainbow along the way.

She felt a slight chill now that she had been undressed. And standing in the middle of a custom-made nursery in nothing but her pink panties.

Next to the rocking chair was a small shelf with a collection of coloring books and on top of this shelf was a small metal watering pot, filled with crayons. Her eyes continued following around the room, seeing how it all matched, but it still remained separate.

Her eyes grew wide again as she caught first sight of the crib. She could hear her Daddy, fumbling through drawers behind her, but her focus and attention stayed on the crib. She walked up to it, seeing that the crib sides were higher than the top of her head when standing.

Wrapping her little fingers around the bars, she pressed her temples to white wood in her hands, trying her best to see all that was inside the crib.

That sweet scent filled the air – no doubt some sort of air freshener that permeated the room.

In the crib, she saw pink bed sheets. Reaching in with her right hand, she touched the strawberry shortcake prints on the bed sheet and comforter. Even the pillow case matched.

Her Daddy was certainly making a lot noise behind her, but she kept her focus on the wonders inside the crib. Along the back wall of the crib was a line of teddy bears in every conceivable color – from dark browns to light browns and all the colors of the rainbow – just like in the circular woven rug.

There was that sweet scent in the air again.

Her eyes traveled up to see the mobile which hung high above the crib. The dangling items were little ceramics praying angels – kneeling and praying as they always did.

Then she heard her Daddy walking back to her and felt his presence behind her as he knelt. Reaching up, he took hold of the tiny waist band of her pink panties and began slowly rolling them down her legs to her ankles.

Still looking up at the angel mobile, she hooked the pink panties on her instep and tossed them across the room.

“That’s a good girl,” her Daddy praised with a syrupy tone. “That’s my baby.”

She felt his hands moving between her ankles and then suddenly she felt the elastic edgings of a diaper being slid up between her legs. He moved the diaper up slowly and she closed her eyes, resting her forehead on the bars of the crib side as she whimpered softly into her pacifier.

It felt so nice and she could tell before the diaper ever got up to knee-level that its thickness would make her waddle and keep her that way.

Her Daddy stood to his feet as he slid the diaper up into place at her center. It was then that she smelled the sweet scent the most. It was the powder he had already put inside her diaper.

First, the softness on the inside touched her bottom and then it touched her peach, continuing the glide up with gentle caress until she felt it fitting snugly between her legs.

He pressed her back against his chest, wrapping the diaper around her and opening the tapes.

When she stood in that room in nothing but her pink panties, she felt like a little girl. Being diapered by her Daddy in such a gentle manner made her feel like a baby. It was exactly how she wanted to feel.

Fastening the tapes at her hips, he lowered the side of the crib and she turned to him to see the little pink nightie in his hands. She reached her wiggling fingertips to the sky as he slid the diaper down over her arms and head, allowing it to flounce freely on her frame.

Up into her Daddy’s arms she went as he embraced him again. He patted her diapered bottom before setting her down in the crib, helping her to climb under the strawberry shortcake comforter and onto her tummy.

Tucking the sides of the blanket around her body, down both side and including her feet, he lined all the teddy bears up alongside her and leaned in, kissing her softly on her forehead.

She closed her eyes, nursed on her pacifier and whimpered at his caress of sentiments.

“Nap time for little BabyGirls,” her Daddy said, patting her diapered bottom through the comforter before raising the side of the crib back up.

He walked to the door quietly.

“Daddy?” she asked, having bravely taken the pacifier from her mouth to do so.

“Yes, BabyGirl?” he r Daddy asked, turning back to her.

“Thank you,” she replied in a small, soft whispered little voice.

A tear formed in her Daddy’s eye.

“You’re welcome, BabyGirl,” her Daddy said, blowing her a kiss before exiting the nursery.

That morning, she had awakened as a driven, career-oriented woman of the world. And now, she was a BabyGirl in a diaper in a crib.

She closed her eyes and instantly fell asleep. Everything was in its place.

The BabyGirl Who Needed A Good Dream

Yvonne was not tired and she didn’t need a nap. That’s all there was to it. She couldn’t understand why her Daddy was insistent on her lying down in her crib for a nap.

She was a fuss pot and a half as he carried her back to the nursery and she pouted heavily behind her pacifier, sitting there Indian-leg style in the crib and keeping her arms folded – refusing to help him change her out of her play clothing into a nightie.

At first, he thought her little temper tantrum meant she needed changed, but she was clean and dry when he checked. The only other logical explanation was that she was tired. She often fussed to a high degree of defiance when she was actually tired.

And though she shook her head no when he asked her to lie down, the droop in her eyes was clear. Having dealt with her fussy behavior before, her Daddy knew that it would be silly to contest her, especially since she would get very sleepy, very soon and she would lie down. And then, she would fall asleep.

So, it was only a matter of time before nature took over and closed her eyes for her. In the meantime, however, she was ready to battle to stay awake. In the interim between pout and rest, her Daddy determined that she needed a distraction – something to entertain her until the inevitable sleepiness took hold of her.

“Maybe you’re right, BabyGirl. Maybe you don’t need a nap,” her Daddy said with a sly tone. “But I’m willing to bet that some little diaper girl can’t resist hearing a Disney Princess tale.”

Yvonne perked up her shoulders and lowered her folded arms to her side. She loved the Disney Princess stories, especially the ones with the read-a-long CDs. Oh, how she loved to listen to the CDs.

“Would you like to hear a Princess story?” her Daddy asked sweetly as he laid the groundwork for his plan to put her to sleep.

She nodded vigorously as she pounced up and down in the crib.

Had she known that he was plotting to try to get her to take a nap, she might’ve been upset. But she truly did need to rest and her Daddy was merely concerned for her well-being. By any means, a BabyGirl who was a little upset with her Daddy for making her take a nap was a fair price for him to pay, so long as she got the sleep she needed.

“Which Princess story would you like to hear?” he asked walking over to the collection of read-a-long CDs next to the CD player.

“Booty!” she mumbled emphatically behind her pacifier while clapping her hands together rapidly with excitement.

“Booty it is,” her Daddy confirmed.

Booty was Yvonne’s way of asking for Beauty & the Beast. Belle was her favorite Princess and the story was enchanting to her, no matter how many times she heard it.

The problem was: her Daddy couldn’t find the read-a-long booklet that went with that CD. He found the CD, but the booklet with the words and pictures was nowhere to be found.

Looking back at her, he could see her anticipation and how much she was looking forward to listening to the story. There was no way he could ask her to pick another one.

So … her Daddy did the only thing he could think to do at that point. He decided to act the story out. He put the CD in the player and pressed play, wrapping a blanket around his shoulders as a cloak. He walked over to the crib and lowered the crib side halfway, giving her front row seats to the stage.

Standing before her in the blanket cloak, he bowed classicly, as an actor would, before beginning his performance.

“There once was a Prince named Adam,” the story reader’s voice began from the CD. “He was a proud Prince, but also a selfish and arrogant one.”

Her Daddy held the cloak tightly around his neck and walked around with a strut, pretending to turn his nose up at all the imaginary peasants he was walking by.

Yvonne smiled brightly behind her pacifier, picking up and teddy bear and setting it on her lap for the show.

“One day, an old beggar offered Prince Adam a rose in exchange for shelter in his castle for the night,” the story teller continued.

Her Daddy put the cloak up over his head and hunched over, pretending to be the beggar and quickly scooping up a red crayon from her bucket to be the make-shift rose offered to Prince Adam.

“But Prince Adam was far too arrogant to take the rose for the old woman. He turned her away and in doing so, showed a lack of love for others,” the storyteller said.

Her Daddy returned the blanket cloak to around his neck and he took the red crayon and tossed it across the room, showing he had rejected the beggar’s offering of the rose. Then he made a gesture for the beggar to go away and leave him alone.

Her Daddy stood still with a turned up nose and look of arrogance as the storyteller continued telling the story on the CD.

“What Prince Adam didn’t know was that the old beggar was actually an Enchantress and she punished him for his arrogance,” the story teller’s voice said.

Her Daddy dropped to his knees and cupped his hands together in a pleading action as he pretended to beg the Enchantress to forgive him. Yvonne snorted at his silliness before covering her nose.

“The enchantress turned him into an ugly hairy beast and turned his servants into furniture and other household items. Then she gave him a magic mirror that would enable him to view faraway events,” the storyteller continued.

Her Daddy messed up his hair, trying to clump his locks up into horns as he fetched a plastic cup and spoon from her toy chest. Then he ran over to the mirror by the dresser and looked at himself in it, pretending to admire his image.

Giggling, Yvonne covered her face with her hands again, trying not to laugh so hard that she couldn’t hear the story anymore.

“The Enchantress gave him another rose, explaining that it would bloom and bloom until his 21st birthday at which point it would start losing its petals,” the storyteller’s voice said.

Her Daddy ran back over to the crayon bucket and picked up the red crayon again walking back and pretending to pluck the imaginary petals off of it in a He Loves Me – He Loves Me Not fashion. He stopped doing this as the story teller continued.

“It was Prince Adam charge to love and be loved in return before all the rose's petals had fallen off,” the storyteller said. “Or he would be cursed as the Beast forever.”

Her Daddy faced away from Yvonne and wrapped his arms around himself, pretending his was kissing someone and that his hands were really hers.

Yvonne couldn’t hold her laughter back anymore and collapsed to her side, holding her tummy for how much it hurt to laugh at that point. Her head rested on her pillow as tears of laughter streamed down her face.

“One day, a young beautiful girl named Belle appeared at his castle,” the storyteller said. “She was the daughter of an inventor from the nearby village who accidentally got lost in the woods. The beast imprisoned him for trespassing, but later allowed Belle to take her father’s place.”

Her Daddy turned his wrists upside down and strutted around on his tip toes, pretending to be in high heels as he continued his effeminate traits of movement.

“The beast told Belle she would be imprisoned in his castle, forever,” the storyteller continued.

Her Daddy wrapped himself up in the blanket and pretended he was tied up and trying to hop away to freedom.

“At first, Belle thought the beast was just a monster,” the storyteller kept reading. “The beast thought Belle was difficult and they didn’t get along.”

As her Daddy kept Mimicking the story, Yvonne began to yawn and her posture began to slump. Soon her eyes were at half-mast and her tushy was sticking straight up in the air.

Her Daddy slowly lowered the volume of the CD before tip-toeing to her side at the crib. He picked up the second pink sock – the one her fussiness refused to allow him to put on her left foot earlier. After covering her piddies and draping the blanket over her, he leaned in towards her ear to finish the story.

“And Belle showed the beast how to love with all his heart,” he whispered softly. “And they lived happily ever after.”

He kissed her forehead gently.

“Sweet dreams, little Princess,” her Daddy said as he raised the side of her crib up.

He head for the door and turned back one last time to glance at the BabyGirl who didn’t need a nap, but did need a good dream.

Clean As A Car Wash

Gabi grabbed both of her feet and stuck them behind her head, throwing her arms out afterwards and smiling behind her pacifier in a very Ta-Da fashion.

Her Daddy applauded her talent and then turned right at the red light. Gabi hadn’t been feeling well all weekend and she really didn’t have much animation until that Sunday afternoon when the fever finally broke and she returned to life with energy.

All day Saturday, she slept, was awakened to eat applesauce and swallow pills, went back to sleep, pooped and wet her diaper frequently, was put into the tub and bathed before being returned to her crib.

In other words, Saturday wasn’t a whole lot of fun for her. But Sunday morning she awoke in a sweat and her recovery began. Throughout the day, she steadily became healthier, getting color back to her skin and animation back to her personality.

The current ride was to help them both break the cabin fever. So her Daddy put her in the car seat and they went for a drive, taking in the fresh air and the sunshine. It did them both some good.

Pulling into the car wash, her Daddy decided to kill two birds with one stone on this outing. But no sooner did he pay the money for the automatic car wash, then Gabi made a declaration she was quite proud of.

Unlocking her legs and taking her feet down from behind her head, she fidgeted a bit as she finished soiling herself once again. Normally, this wouldn’t be something she was proud of or something that she wanted to announce, but she could feel that it was the first firm pooping of the weekend and that made her very happy.

“Daddy, I’m poopy,” Gabi said with a little voice so dear that his heart melt at the sound of her.

“Well getcha changed on the other side of the car wash, okay?” her Daddy asked, gently.

“Okay,” she said, sitting up in the car seat, contented to wait.

He pulled up to the entrance following the computer sign’s directions to put all four tires onto the industrial conveyor belt, put the car in park, pull the emergency break and turn off the engine.

When he had done all of this, the door closed behind them and the many electronic sprayers began pre-soaking the vehicle.

“On second thought,” her daddy said, turning and reaching back to unbuckle her from the car seat. “No BabyGirl should have to sit in a poopy diaper, not even for a 3-minute car wash.”

He lifted her up and helped her into the front seat. She instantly straddled his lap with her bent knees and rested on his chest, taking her pacifier in her mouth at his offering of it. Reaching behind her, he lifted up the back of her shirt and pulled the waist band of the back of her diaper out.

She whimpered softly behind the pacifier. A poopy diaper didn’t feel very good for long.

“Shh, shh, shh,” her Daddy gently shushed her as the pre-soakers turned off and the foam brushes began. “Be a good little girl for Daddy.”

He shifted his hips and turned his left shoulder inward, making it easy for her to lie down on the front seat.

He reached into the back seat to get her diaper bag and she instinctively curled her legs up, parting them and thinking about what he said about the length of this car wash.

Setting the diaper bag to the front passenger’s floor, he reached inside and took out a new diaper, unfolding it and rocking her hips back so he could slide it underneath her and line up the waist bands before he ever unfastened her poopy diaper.

Then he took to the tapes, folding down the front and inspecting the situation. Though no one was there to see her, she now felt a little embarrassed to be exposed and poopy. She tilted her head up and looked at the soap-filled brush bristles scrubbing the windows.

The need for distraction became great as she felt him take the poopy diaper off her, using the front of it to wipe her bottom a bit more. There was nothing more intensely littling than getting one’s diaper changed.

She blinked her eyes, trying harder to distract herself as the emotions of littleness became a bit overwhelming. Her bottom was still raised in the air and her ankles were held up by his hand when the foam brushes stopped and the rinsers began.

The car slowly rolled forward as she watched the soap being washed off the windows. That was when she started to feel the coolness of the wipe to her bottom and front.

The car was being cleaned and so was she.

The scent of the soap being rinsed off came in through the vents. It was sweet and permeated the air around her just as much as that powder he was caressing onto her skin. She closed her eyes and whimpered at the silky soothing feel of it. Her skin had, no doubtedly become a bit irritated with the sickness that had just passed through her in the past 24 hours.

The car pulled forward again into the jet fan drying area at the end of the conveyor belt. They were gently rocked back and forth by the force of the hot air that dried the car. Her Daddy lowered her bottom into the softness of the inside of her diaper. He drew the front of her diaper up and into place, fastening the tapes at her hips as the computer sign at the exit illuminated, telling him to turn his engine on and proceed out of the car wash bay.

Gabi’s senses were flushed, just as her heart had been both touched and made to beat faster. But the sweetest moment of all was when her Daddy pulled up to the attendant at the exit, rolled down the driver’s side window and paid him for the car wash.

The attendant looked in the car, seeing Gabi lying on her back with her bent knees drawn up to her shoulders and her thighs parted. Her Daddy handed the attendant her poopy diaper, rolled up into a ball, wrapped and taped neatly for disposal.

“Can you throw that away for me?” her Daddy asked.

As he pulled away, Gabi looked at the attendant, smiled brightly behind her pacifier and wiggled her fingers goodbye.

She felt so much better … Clean As A Car Wash.

Achy, Breaky Bath Time

Ivy reached up to touch the side of her Daddy’s face, tracing his strong jaw line with her tiny fingertips. She felt so relaxed, so loved and so wonderful inside. And she had him to thank for it. Words escaped her at the moment, so she simply remained still, swaddled in a bath towel and cradled comfortably on his lap and in his arms.

Nursing gently from her night time bottle of warm milk, she gazed up at him, becoming lost in his eyes and remembering all he had done to get her into the state of ecstasy she currently enjoyed.


Ivy and her Daddy walked in through the front door at 9pm. Both plopped down on the sofa. What an exhausting day it had been. Her younger sister had broken up with her ten cent boyfriend and needed to get her possession out of his apartment quickly before he got home from work.

So, all showed up at 3 pm, just after her younger sister’s ten cent boyfriend left for work and they hauled all her possessions out, down two flights of fire escape stairs and into a half dozen vehicles.

The caravan of friends drove to the other side of town and unloaded all of Ivy’s younger sister’s possession into an apartment of a friend she would be staying with until her reality stopped spinning out of control.

Needless to say, Ivy was an exhausted little girl at this point and to top it off, her lower back was in a lot of pain.

Her Daddy lifted her up into the cradle of his arms, not even asking her if she needed to be tended, but knowing that his instinct to react when she needed was usually not that far off from the truth.

Sitting her on the edge of the bed in the master bedroom, he untied her sneakers and slid them off her feet, followed by her ankle socks. She barely was able to lift her arms up so he could get her t-shirt off.

Easing her down onto the bed, he unbuttoned her jeans, unzipped the fly and slid them off her legs before turning her 90 degrees and helping her to flip over onto her tummy.

Unfastening her bra, he slipped the shoulder straps down before placing his fingers on the muscles at the back of her neck and lightly pressing in. He worked he way down either side of her spine, pressing and smoothing the muscles outward with his palms. But in the corner of his eye was her lower right back. That’s where the true pain was and she would jump if he pressed in to hard when he got there.

Trying to distract her away from the pain by focusing on the rest of her back first, he slowly inched his way down, getting ever-closer to her lumbar region.

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