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Dying Spark

Lindsey Owens

This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used factiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

A publication of Lindsey Owens

Copyright 2016 by Lindsey Owens

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Summary: Raelyn’s life is a mess. Well it wasn’t… maybe it had always been? Meet Raelyn Shepherd, a beautiful blond woman with life fully ahead of her at only 22 years old. Yet, she married young. In love with Richard a post high school sweetheart she jumped head first into a marriage which soon turned into loneliness, abuse, and flat out lack of compassion for her.

Soon after the wedding Richard wondered to another woman and began leaving Raelyn to fend for herself every night. Which of course lead to a divorce she hesitantly wanted.

NOW? Raelyn struggles with a life she can’t afford and a life she doesn’t want. She feels her life is now over. What man wants a divorced woman anyway. All she ever wanted in life was a family and a place to call home.

Then comes in Cole. A gorgeous man with a beautiful body of muscle and tattoos. A chance encounter brings him and Raelyn together at a bar, a drunken night spent together binds them together mentally. Running off Raelyn soon realizes he’s not that easy to rid. Then Cole is recruited by Raelyn’s former family friend and home caretaker, he begins to break down the barriers which Raelyn isn’t sure she’s ready for.

Hot nights spent doing those things that lovers should be doing and fighting during the days, Cole can only stand so much of the hurt. He struggles in his life as it is, with painful memories, without complicating it with a woman he can’t have. Soon he leaves but not until one last night which will change them both dearly.

Sad and alone, Alone and devastated, love but torturous, fate has its ways of making things work even after life throws curveballs your way. Can Cole reignite the spark which Raelyn is slowing losing?

[1. New Adult – Fiction 2. Romance ]


Lindsey Owens

Copyright 2016 by Lindsey Owens

All rights reserved.

Smashwords edition

Chapter 1

It had been an awfully dreadful morning for Raelyn McRider, as she stubbed her toe trying to get from the kitchen to the bedroom of her, well… her temporary apartment.

Her divorce proceedings were today. She had struggled to get out of bed this morning and once she had, she couldn’t take a shower because the water had been shut off. The fridge had died, everything had rotted overnight and the toast she was going to have for breakfast, and well… it had burned. Not just to a crisp were it was still edible… NO, it was black as chimney soot. As a matter of fact, it nearly crumbled in her hand!

“Great! Just fucking great!” she cried out. It had been her last piece of bread and there really wasn’t anything left to eat in the house.

“Knock knock!” the chipper voice of Merilee Yantsie, squealed through the house. “Oooo…” Merilee’s face contorted unceremoniously “bad time?”

“Oh no Mer, I just burned the last bit of toast!” Raelyn cried out. “Oh, and the water’s shut off.” She waved her arms about. “AND! LET ME NOT FORGET! And the damned refrigerator decided to die!”

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” Merilee pouted. “Well… let me see what I can find for some clothes…”

Merilee had disappeared into Raelyn’s temporary bedroom, luckily and unluckily her soon to be ex-spouse, Richard McRider; a very big liar, cheater, and let’s not forget drunken pig, wanted her out as soon as possible. So he rented her this temporary piece of dump apartment so he could move his new beau in.

“Well…” Merilee had reappeared in the dining room, “Okay Rae, here’s what you’re going to wear!” She held up a sleek black dress, that one little black dress that every woman had in their closet for emergencies and a pair of red high heeled stilettos.

“OH hell no!” Raelyn screamed. It had been the dress she had bought, hoping, to save her marriage. But… in return she had walked in on Richard with a slut beneath him on HER silky Egyptian cotton sheets.

Chapter 2

It had taken Merilee nearly every last bit of time to get ready to get Raelyn into that itsy bitsy black dress. Raelyn still was unsure about the whole thing, though.

“You look great Rae! Richard’s going to be thinking he made a mistake for sure,” Merilee smiled devilishly.

“I look desperate.” Raelyn moaned.

Merilee laughed and shook her head. “Trust me, babe, you look perfect.”

There was more than their friendship which created a confidence in Raelyn. It was the life Merilee had which built that trust. She lived a life of a top notch designer, she knew everything fashion. What did Merilee get out of their friendship? A life-size doll and model. Raelyn’s look had something to admire for sure.

The two arrived at the courthouse promptly ten minutes early. The perfect timing to say “side with me.”

“Miss McRider,” the judge nodded. “Good morning.”

Raelyn frowned. “Could be so much better.”

He simply nodded in agreement.

The judgment didn’t take long. Richard and his lawyer walked in side by side, approached the bench, and offered up something Raelyn had never expected.

“Mister McRider…? Are you serious?”

“Yes your honor,” the lawyer nodded. “Mister McRider doesn’t feel it’s necessary to push Miss McRider to any more heartbreak. He wants her to have the country-side home.”

Raelyn was overjoyed. She hadn’t been there since Richard and she had started dating years before, but it was a beautiful piece of scenery. There had also been a monthly spousal support judgment in there as well. But then the judge read the last piece of that agreement, Raelyn nearly died.

“No male visitors, lovers, or friends to be on the property for five years.”

“What the fuck is that?” Merilee cried out.

Raelyn hushed her but it was no good, she continued. “Richard’s the cheating ass! Rae did nothing wrong!”

“May I have a word with my wife?” Richard rose an eyebrow toward the judge.

“Well… yes I guess, go on…” the judge shrugged.

Richard smiled and nodded then walked over toward Raelyn, “Come mi amore.”

“You can’t call me that…” Raelyn scolded.

Richard smiled, “come.” He grasped her elbow and led her down the aisle of the courtroom and through the old heavy wooden doors.

As they reached the hallway, he grabbed her jaw and kissed her hard as he pressed her back into the wall. Raelyn at first reacted with fire, kissing him back and beginning to feel the need inside her grow. Then a moment of clarity practically slapped her upside the head and she jerked away. “What the hell, Ric!?” She cried out. “You can’t do that! We’re over remember!?”

“I’m sorry Mi Amore.” He didn’t look sorry. He looked very… satisfied with himself. “I just wanted one more before we were finished. One to remember you by.”

“What did you actually want Ric? You know… when you pulled me out of there?” Raelyn’s fiery blue eyes burned through him as she glared.

“Rae…” Richard purred softly. “Don’t do this… Come back to me…”

“Ric, NO.” She replied flatly. “You cheated remember. You said I wasn’t fiery enough? That was it wasn’t it? I didn’t have enough… spunk? Heck Ric, you even moved that bitch in with you!”

He signed. Stepping back toward her and grabbed her around the waist before pressing her back against the wall again. He brought his lips down to her and kissed her hard as he grabbed her rear.

“No. I was wrong and I’m sorry. You are so much more…” He breathed. “We can make it work. Samantha would love to join us… we can have a threesome… even if you would like. She said she’s open to it.”

Raelyn’s’s breath caught as he brushed her tender neck with his teeth. “Please, Mi Amore. One more before we part?”

She pushed away. She couldn’t do it. It would break her further than it had before. More than she was already broken. “No…” she said softly, sounding slightly unsure of herself. “What are you even thinking! I would never…”

“Was that a question?” he grinned.

“No… Richard… No… I…” She breathed hard. His teeth nipped at her neck and she could feel her insides starting to bubble.

Finally, she found her strength and pushed away from him. Letting her go, he slapped her butt as she began to walk away. “You can have the country-side house. I find pleasure in knowing you are safe there… but no lovers, Rae.”

“That is not fair Richard, and you know it. I have the right to have a life after you. Just as much as you will have without me!”

“That’s the deal darling… take it … or leave it…”

He turned and walked back into the courtroom.

Chapter 3

Raelyn cried for what felt like forever before returning to the courtroom. She looked a travesty, but that didn’t bother her. “Oh, my gracious! Rae! What happened to you?” Merilee rushed her and pulled her into her arms.

“Nothing. I’m fine.” Raelyn’s voice “Nothing. I’m fine.” Raelyn’s voice was hoarse from crying, but she managed… slightly.

“Miss McRider? Are you alright?” the judge questioned.

“Yes your honor,” Raelyn mumbled. “I’ll take the deal.”

“I’m not sure if I can accept putting that last bit on the books Mister McRider… especially once the papers are officially signed for Miss McRider’s ownership,” the judge frowned but he proceeded. “Miss McRider, the house is now yours. Spousal support will start today with a check from Mister McRider before you leave. I’m sorry for the circumstances… like always a divorce is hard and never pleasant. Have a nice day.” He smacked his gavel onto the hardwood podium and stood to leave.

That was it. Richard was officially out of her life… well… besides the house and the spousal support.

Merilee grabbed hold of Raelyn’s arm after she accepted the check that Raelyn apparently didn’t even notice, which Richard’s lawyer was waving around. Then she escorted her friend out of the courthouse. “I know what will fix up your blues…” Merilee blurts out cheerfully as she slid into the driver’s seat of her car.

“You need to get out… meet a guy… get laid!”

Raelyn snapped out of her catatonic state and turned to glare at Merilee in shock. “No way. I can’t do that…”

“Oh, but honey… you can.”

Chapter 4

Raelyn was grumbling as she tossed and turned on the couch of Merilee’s apartment, she had opted to stay with her friend since her temporary home was being boxed up. She was moving this weekend into the big and lonely home without anyone but herself.

At least she would have her Yuna the housekeeper. Richard had said Yuna had been working there for years caring for the property along with two others. She smiled. The dogs. It had been weeks since she had seen her beloved pets. She had to go out jogging with them again. Soon… maybe… once she had unpacked.

Raelyn’s thoughts were interrupted by Merilee when she came bursting into the room, yanking open every curtain she could find. “Oh, darling! It’s so drab in here! Let’s get these windows open!”

“Meri… really?”

“Rae… get up. We are going out. It’s a Saturday. I’m going to get you a man.”

Raelyn grumbled and groaned, but Merilee eventually won. She had dressed her friend in the finest of dresses and tallest ‘get me laid’ boots Merilee could find. What had Raelyn called them… desperate boots? She laughed to herself, her friend was crazy. She didn’t want to look desperate nor did she really want a man at the moment. But Merilee insisted the best way to get back on the horse was to jump the first horse worth riding.

It had been weeks and Raelyn had yet to do much of anything. She hardly ate. She hardly moved. She hadn’t slept with a man in months… Richard hadn’t been interested. Now she knew why. Other than those first days of packing up the temporary apartment. She didn’t have anywhere at the moment. Richard had everything but her things, which she had enlisted the help of a local storage unit. Thankfully he had allowed the staff to pack up her items and bring them out to her. She was taking possession of the country manor this weekend.

“Well… are you ready?” Merilee asked as girls’ limo pulled up to the club, Friday night.

“NO… I’m soo not ready. I don’t know about this.” Raelyn whined.

“Darling… you will do great! Now…” Merilee smiled devilishly. She grasped the bun at the back of Raelyn’s hair and pulled it out. Grasped her makeup bag and began touching up her friend’s makeup, then her eyes gleamed as she popped open the door. “You, my dear, are going to walk out of this limo like you own the world. You are going to walk into that building and up to the first hot guy you see and kiss him.”

“WHAT!” Raelyn screamed.

“Oh come on. Just do it. I bet you can get any man you want to go home with you tonight.” Merilee rolled her eyes. “I know I’m taking a guy home… ooo maybe him.”

She hopped out of the car, leaving Raelyn to wonder over her emotions. Was she really ready for this?


Two hours later and Raelyn was more than bored and ready to go. She had danced with a few random guys… the one’s that had come up to her, but none compared to Richard. She had lost Merilee only twenty minutes into the night and she had given up looking. Digging her phone out of her purse she dialed. Nothing. Hang up. Redial. Repeat.

On the fourth try Merilee’s breathless voice answered. “What is it, babe?”

“I want to go home. I’m done for the night.” Raelyn groaned. “Are you alright?”

“Oh yeah…” Merilee purred. “Just take the limo…”

“What are you doing or…” Raelyn was interrupted by Merilee’s near growl.

“Oh, that’s it, baby, that’s it!”

“Eww!!!!!!!!!!” Raelyn’screamed nearly dropping her phone.

“Hey easy there.” A man’s voice chuckled as he caught her phone.

“Oh…” Raelyn blushed embarrassed.

“What’s so nasty about the phone…?” Then he heard the moaning on the other end and chuckled handing it back to her. “Oh… I see.”

“My friend,” she mumbled. “Kinda abandoned me I think.”

“Such a great friend.” The man half-smiled, seemingly knowing her predicament. “I’m Cole.”

He extended his hand, Raelyn stared at it cautiously. “And… you are…?” he prompted.

“Uh…” she thought for a moment as she checked him out. He was tall and gorgeous. Built with a tight fit shirt clinging over his muscles. She could tell even in the dimness that he had short cut brown hair and chocolate eyes which dragged you into them. He was hot.

“Come on… what’s your name? I don’t bite…” he smiled. “Unless you like it that way,” he laughed.

Even his laugh drew her in. So captivating and so beautiful she knew she would get trapped in the thought of him.

She smiled and looked down, trying to avoid his eyes. “I’m Raelyn.”

“Well, that’s a beautiful name for a beauty of a woman. Care to dance, Raelyn?”

Cole and Raelyn danced for what felt like forever. They danced until her feet hurt and she couldn’t stand any longer.

“Would you like to get out of here?” Cole asked, looking over at Raelyn as she yawned.

She thought about saying no… but then she thought again. The alcohol she had consumed had done its part, and she was more than ever interested in doing such naughty naughty things with this gorgeous hotty.

“Yes.” She breathed.

Cole smiled. “Great. Right, this way…”

Cole led Raelyn out of the building and toward the parking attendant. He dug in his pocket and handed the young man a ticket. “I’ll be back for it in the morning,” he said. “Would you mind calling us a cab?”

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