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Volume 8

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Cover art by: Willsin Rowe


Grace has been taken by a yet-unheard-of shifter group: the First Species. When Grace discovers she possesses rare ancient genetics that are a match for these shifters, she wants to escape—except it might not be possible with her awakening feelings for Conrick, the alpha.

Murphy is determined to acquire #1231, Grace Cline, and hand her over to the proper Turner assigned by the vampire Nobles. As Murphy fights his unique connection to Grace, he hides behind his badge of duty while ignoring his growing feelings of possession and desire for one female.

Can Murphy find Grace before she's claimed by one group, as two more draw nearer? Will the Mutables find her, or has another ancient shifter group's covert reconnaissance to find the perfect female finally caught up to her.

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Chapter 1


“Stay away from me!” I yell at the monster that's taken me and Toby.

My little brother clings to me, and I swing soaking hair strands out of my face. They land with a wet slap against my back and I shiver.


The large male, who is some kind of gorilla, vampire-man, stares solemnly back at me.

Say something!” I yell again and Toby's face tips up to mine, watchful.


Dammit. I inhale deeply, trying to calm my shit down.

I glare at this shifter who's captured me. Dark, longish hair covers his head, severely swept back from a low brow and secured at his nape.

I should be intimidated—I am. But more than that, I'm angry. Resentful of being stolen from the only police there is for my predicament. And Murphy had begun to feel more like something else—and less like a Final Enforcement bounty officer.

I am Conrick,” his deep voice rumbles, and my breath stills. He'd only said a dozen words from the time he kidnapped me from Sioux Falls, to the time that it took for me to nearly freeze to death before we landed here.

I look around at the deep and fragrantly scented pine trees. I assume it's the Hills. The Black Hills. Mount Rushmore. Americana.

A place where I am shaking like a leaf in a nest of Bigfeet.

Rain falls with a gentle hiss, captured neatly within the thick canopy the dense forest provides. Scanning my environment, I recognize the two who'd been with Conrick, their warm, golden gazes latch onto me and Toby.

I fold my arms.

You know who I am, apparently.” I can't keep the sullen out of my voice.

He ignores my dig. “You will come to no harm with the First Species.”


Toby tugs at my sodden t-shirt. “Grace,” he whispers.

I look down, my arm tightly wound around his equally drenched shoulders.

I don't think the ape guys are gonna hurt us.” He pops his thumb in his mouth.

I'm so mad my body heats with my anger.

Anybody that kidnaps a woman with a child is not someone that won't do harm,” I state.

Conrick's brow lowers impossibly more and his eyes become slits of low-banked fire, flashing like citrine jewels within the rugged features of his face.

Listen to me, female. We have saved you from certain capture by Mutables.”

I vehemently shake my head, scattering loose drops of water around like spinning helicopter blades. “No—you took me from the bounty enforcer.” I slim my eyes down on him. “He would have gotten me and Toby to a safehouse. Then you wouldn't have had to ʻsaveʼ me at all.” My lower lip trembles and I capture it between my teeth.

We glare at each other.

And somewhere, deep down, I understand that antagonizing an almost seven feet tall bigfoot dude with fangs is not smart. That I should be thinking of Toby.

But I'm done with the miserable hand I've been dealt. It's made me bold.

Conrick strides to me.

If I'd felt he'd looked at home and fluid in Sioux Falls—I was wrong.

Here, in these woods, he appears positively, as one, with his surroundings. His lithe and thickly muscled body is a locomotive of speed and grace.

Conrick had been standing several yards from me and when he's within a handful of meters, he casually slaps a hand on a low, thick branch, swinging himself to within a meter of where we stand with a light hop as he lands.

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