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Accidental Bounty

Inter-Galactic Bounty Hunters Book 4

KD Jones

© 2017 KD Jones

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About the Author


Drake Miller owed his two bosses a debt. To repay them, he agreed to train the newest bounty hunter. He thought a few days out in the field with the newbie would be a piece of cake. That was until he met the trainee: a pretty woman named Jinx with rainbow-colored hair. She was cute but not his type. Jinx was a walking accident waiting to happen. He should hand her off to someone else to deal with, but his pride refused to let a small slip of a woman bring him down. All he had to do was train her, set her out on her own, and walk away. How hard could it be?

Jane Jean “Jinx” Alexander started out as a troublesome teenager on the wrong path in life. Then she met two bounty hunters who helped her change her life for the better. Now she wanted to work for them as a bounty hunter in hopes of maybe helping someone else turn their lives around. The only obstacle in her way was Drake Miller, the well-built bounty hunter who was her trainer. He was gorgeous and sexy, but not her usual type. She was determined to stop him or anyone else from holding her back from her dreams. Jinx knew she could do this; all she had to do was ignore the sexy Drake and keep her eyes on her perps. How hard could that be?

Chapter 1

Jinx knew something was wrong. Seriously wrong. She was sitting in the driver’s seat of the hover van, waiting for her boyfriend Rudy to come out of the store. He said he would be in and out, just a quick stop to get them some sodas and snacks.

Rudy was lying, Jinx always knew when people were lying. She got this sickly feeling inside every time someone did. It also made it really hard for her to lie as well because she would feel nauseous. But this time, she had let it go; she hoped he wouldn’t do whatever it was he didn’t want her to know about.

That hope died the moment she was jerked to attention by flashing lights and blaring alarms coming from the store.

She caught sight of a three-armed Cortemis alien male, falling to his feet and scrambling to get out of the store. Seconds later, she watched in horror as her boyfriend ran out of the store with a brown bag in one hand and a gun in the other. Holy shit! She sat frozen in disbelief. Rudy was robbing the place, and she was going to be an accomplice. Jinx wanted to leave his ass there, but she was too slow to act. Rudy pulled the door to the back open and jumped inside.

“Go Jinx go!”

Putting the hover van in gear, Jinx pressed her foot down on the gas pedal as hard as she could. Unfortunately, it was in the wrong direction. She had gotten bored while waiting and had been moving the gearshift around. She was so scared that she forgot which direction to put the gear to move it forward. Jinx didn’t even have a driver’s license. The hover van shot backwards, hitting the authority’s hover car directly behind her. Rudy and Jinx came to an abrupt stop. It started a chain reaction causing five more authority hover vehicles to crash. A black hover SUV pulled up to the side of the wrecked cars.

“Go! Go!” Rudy yelled at her. He was leaning forward from the back seat, waving the gun in her face.

In a panic, Jinx shoved his hand away from her. The gun went off shattering the passenger window next to him. A big piece of glass, instead of falling out of the van like normal, fell inward and stabbed Rudy’s thigh. He screamed like a girl and dropped his gun on the floor in the front. All she wanted to do was go home to her mother where it was safe.

Jinx opened the door to get as far from Rudy and his gun, but the van was pretty high up and she was pretty short. She hadn’t pressed the button that would lower the van back to the ground. Missing the step down she fell to the ground hard, scraping her palms. A hand gripped her arm and lifted her up. She recognized the man who held her. His horns were showing, which meant he was furious. Jinx gave him a trembling smile.

“Hi Vic.”

The man groaned. “Jinx, what the hell are you doing?” Victor, the huge bounty hunter with the horns on his head, motioned for his cousin Jagger to go get Rudy out of the van.

“I thought I was going for a date.” She shrugged.

The authority officers approached. “Vic, do you know this girl?”

“Yeah, I’ll take her in with us. You can have the other one.”

The officer was reluctant to let Jinx go, but reluctantly he accepted Rudy from Jagger. “I’ll need a statement from her.”

“Our lawyer will send a written statement over tonight. Come on, Jinx.”

She walked between Jagger and Victor who were cousins. Victor was a full Decaros, hence the horns, while Jagger was only half human and half Decaros, no horns; Jinx thought it was a shame. Both men towered over her. No matter how hard she tried to straighten herself up, she barely reached their shoulders.

Jinx knew the cousins very well. She was always getting mixed up in some petty crime or another. Her dates often ended in needing to be bailed out. Jagger and Victor worked for a local galactic bail bondsman. Somewhere along the way, she had developed a crush on the larger one, Vic.

The first time she met them, she was twelve years old. Her friends had convinced her to shoplift some clothes from a spaceport mall. While she waited for her angry mother to come and bail her out, Vic and Jagger kept her company. The guys made her laugh, distracting her from being terrified or from crying.

The next time she came across the bounty hunter cousins, she was fourteen and on her first date. The boy had decided to borrow his neighbor’s red sports hover car to impress her. The hover car didn’t have much oil, and it was just their luck that the engine shut down across the street from an authority station.

Jinx was fifteen when she crossed them the third time. She had gone to a rave party in an abandoned warehouse downtown. There was a fire that started in the bathroom stall; luckily she had gotten out before it went up in flames. Since she had been underage, the authority took her in for detainment. The cousins were there handing over a perp and recognized her voice as she called her mother.

Then there was the time…

“Jinx! Are you listening to me?” Vic asked loudly.


Vic opened the backseat door to the black SUV for her. Jinx climbed in and sat down. She hated seeing the disappointed look on his face.

“I asked what you were doing with that scumbag. He’s got three warrants out for his arrest, he jumped his bail, and he’s twenty-six years old. You’re only sixteen.” He pulled out a first aid kit and treated the scrapes on her palms. The spray he used healed it up immediately. He rubbed a finger over the fading cuts tenderly. It always surprised Jinx that someone as large and intimidating as Vic could be so gentle.

She couldn’t help but smile up at him. “You remembered my birthday, you sent me a card.”

Vic rolled his eyes and looked at his cousin. “Say something to her, please.”

Jagger chuckled as he climbed in the back next to her. “Honey, you’ve got to make a change with your life, or you’ll end up a career criminal, locked up for life or worse—dead.”

“I wasn’t trying to find the worst guy to go out with, it just happened. Mom’s going to move us to live with my grandparents on New Earth after this,” she grumbled.

“Good. Maybe your grandfather can keep you in line,” Vic growled out. Then he softened his tone. “I know you’re a good kid. You deserve better than the creeps that you have been hanging around. I think a new place and a fresh start would be good for you. Go to school, go out with good kids your own age that your grandfather approves of, go to college, and get a good legal job. One day you’ll find a good male to mate with and start a family.”

She rolled her eyes at the storybook life he was drawing out for her. Real life wasn’t a fairy tale. “I have a long record, Vic. All minor stuff really, but who would hire me?”

Vic shook his head. “You’re a minor and New Earth has a juvenile protection law. As long as you don’t commit any crimes after you turn seventeen, your juvenile record will remain closed. If not, I’ll hire you myself once Jagger and I open our own bail bonds business.”

She perked up at that. “Really?”

Vic said “yes” at the same time that Jagger said “no.”

Vic growled at his cousin until Jagger changed his answer to a yes.

What would it be like to work alongside Vic? Jinx wondered. She had harbored a crush from the first moment the big horned man entered her life. She knew he was too old for her, but the thought that she could repay him and Jagger for all the times they were kind to her really appealed to her. For the first time in her young life, she felt like she had a purpose. She was determined to make it happen, one way or another.

“What types of things do I need to train for to be a bail bondsman?”

Jagger groaned and ran his hand through his hair, but Vic started telling her about the classes she could take. She memorized everything he said. Jinx thought he left out some of the physical self-defense classes on purpose, but she knew she would have to know how to handle herself and how to handle weapons.

She couldn’t wait to get started.

10 years later

Jinx smiled looking out the window of the space shuttle as it lifted off from New Earth to transport her to Fin Diesku, the party planet of the galaxy. She finally had an opportunity to work with the cousins. She was nervous about seeing Vic and Jagger again. It had been ten years since she saw them last. She and her mother, Jana Alexander, had moved off planet and went to live with her grandparents on New Earth.

New Earth wasn’t nearly as exciting as some of the other places that she and her mother had lived. The planet itself had one sun and the surface was similar to old Earth with mountains and oceans and deserts.

Her father, a nameless jackass, had ran off when Jinx was just a little girl and her mother had to go where ever she could find work, which was hard for someone with a child and didn’t have a degree from a university. She got to live on several different planets and meet all kinds of different alien species. Some aliens had multiple arms and others with no eyes. Her favorite planet was Decaros because that’s where Vic was from.

Moving back to live with her grandparents on New Earth allowed her mother to work part time while taking night classes. Eventually her mother finally got her dream job of working as a nurse. That had come in handy when her grandparents became sick.

She spent her summers volunteering at shelters and raising money for food banks for the poor. It kept her out of trouble, for the most part. Still, her dream had formed in her mind despite her mother and grandparents disapproval. She wanted to be a bounty hunter. Nothing else would do. It had everything a girl could want. It called for her to use her mind to hunt perps down, it offered excitement and gave her the opportunity to help someone like her find a new life. Jinx was ready to get started. She also couldn’t wait to see Vic again.

Of course, she knew that Vic was mated to someone else. She had heard about it from him and Jagger. They had kept in touch with her over the years. She was still excited to get to see him again. All those years ago, he really left an impression on her. What he and Jagger said made her think about her life, made her straighten up and to be more careful with who she was around. She wanted to do the same, save someone else from the lifestyle that almost ruined her.

“Would you like something to drink?” The shuttle stewardess asked.

She looked up at the woman and shook her head. “No thanks. How long until we reach Fin-Dieskau?”

“Another four hours.”

“I think I’ll take a nap.”

“Let me get you a pillow and blanket,” The stewardess offered, reaching up.

“Thank you, but I can get it.” Jinx stood up to open the storage bin above the seats at the same time that the stewardess did. The latch was stuck. She jerked at the handle just as the shuttle shimmied a little. The thing sprung open unexpectedly. Her suitcase inside fell out, hitting the stewardess on the head. The woman swayed; Jinx had to rush to grab her before she hit the ground.

“Oh my goodness. Are you okay?” Jinx bit her lip, frustrated. She had almost made it the whole flight without an accident happening.

“F...fine.” The other stewardesses came to help their coworker and to put the luggage back up in the storage area.

The pillow and blanket had fallen out too, but luckily landed in her seat. She sat down and leaned her chair back making sure no one was behind her first. Even that embarrassing moment couldn’t keep the happiness from her. Jinx smiled, breathing out. She snuggled up under the blanket and let her thoughts of her future life as a bounty hunter consumed her as she fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 2

Drake pulled on the arm of the perp. He had been hunting this guy for two weeks, chasing him off planet. Finally, he caught the guy trying to hook up with an old girlfriend. He hadn’t slept in nearly two days, hadn’t bathed, and had been living on fast food. All he wanted was eight hours of sleep, a nice hot shower, a hearty meal, and a good fuck—not necessarily in that order.

“Hi Drake, I see you got your guy.” Shy said, leaning back in her chair. She was hot as always, wearing barely there clothing. His perp stumbled over his feet the sight of her.

He gave Shy a flirty wink. “I get what I want when I want it. I can show you later if you want.”

She laughed at his swagger. “I feel sorry for any girl who tries to snag you, Drake.”

Chuckling, he shook his head. “She’ll have to know I’m not a one woman kind of guy. I like my freedom.”

His perp tried to join the conversation. “I like my freedom too!”

Drake jerked the guy’s arm, “Come on.” He took the thug down to their lockup in the basement. Weariness weighed heavily on him. Everything else could wait, he just needed his bed.

His cell rang.

“Drake here.”

“Drake, it’s Vic. I have a major favor to ask of you.”

“Vic man, I just got into town. I’m exhausted and I was headed home.”

“Look, I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t an emergency.”

“What’s going on?”

“Jagger’s mate is in labor. We’re at the hospital with her right now, and I can’t leave Jagger. He’s so stressed out he might hurt a doctor. I need to remain here with him.”

“What do you need me to do?”

“The office manager has everything under control. The problem is, I was supposed to go to the shuttle port to pick up our new trainee, but I can’t go.”

“What about your mate going?”

“She’s in there with Daniela. They kicked Jagger out of the labor room. He’s pacing the waiting room like a tiger ready to pounce on someone. I can’t leave him.”

“Alright alright. What’s the guy’s name?”

“I got to go, something’s happening. It’s Jinx Alexander. Shuttle port on 54th street.”

“What does he look like?” Drake asked, but Vic had already hung up. Damn it! If he didn’t owe Vic and Jagger, he would just pass this off to someone else. He’d go pick up this guy, then he could go home and crash. Shouldn’t take that long.

Shy was leaning over her desk; Drake couldn’t help but admire her fine ass in those tight jeans. She stood up and glanced at him. “Heading home?”

“Not yet, I have to run an errand for Vic first.”

“Well, when you go to bed think of me.”

“Oh, I will sweetheart,” he said winking at her.

“This is my workplace not a pickup bar,” Kalen, another bounty hunter, said as he put something in his briefcase. Kalen looked more like a rich businessman than a bounty hunter.

Shy gave him a sneer. “You’re just jealous I never flirt with you.”

Kalen rolled his eyes and looked away. Drake laughed as he headed out. He flirted, that’s what he did, but he had a rule to never date or fuck anyone he worked with. So far, Drake hadn’t broken that rule, and he had no plans to do so.

He drove his prized hover truck to the shuttle port and headed to the luggage claim section. Drake leaned against the wall with his arms over his chest and looked around at the people arriving trying to pick out this guy named Jinx. What kind of name was that anyway?

A couple of males had caught his attention because of their size, but one was greeted by his boyfriend and another actually looked like one of the perps they might be looking for. He checked his phone for any wanted pics, but didn’t get a match.

Then a crash caught his attention.

Looking up, he saw that a trolley with multitude of bags had been knocked over. Several people were yelling at a teenager, who was apologizing. The teen stood back up and started walking away, in his direction. Her hair was in multicolored pigtails. She wore a baggy t-shirt and jeans and was blowing bubble gum. Cute, but far from his type.

As she got closer, Drake could see that her face was pretty, delicate and innocent looking. She glanced at him with big blue eyes and smiled. She went from cute to gorgeous in two seconds. Damn, she was definitely jailbait. His body responded for some reason, which frustrated him. How long had it been since he had been laid? He glanced away trying to look at anyone but the tempting teenager approaching him.

“Hi! Are you here for me?”

He blinked looking down at the slip of a girl. Her voice didn’t match her looks at all. She had an innocent angelic face but her voice was husky and hinted at sexual promises. “Excuse me?”

She hefted a suitcase way too big for her. “Vic texted me that he was sending one of his men to pick me up since he was at the hospital.”

“Is your dad coming?” He looked behind her.

The girl snorted. “If you see my deadbeat dad, tell him to go to hell.”

“Should you be talking like that?” Drake asked. “Vic said I was picking up a guy named Jinx, but didn’t say he had a kid.”

She tilted her head and sighed. Putting her suitcase down she reached out her hand to him to shake. “I’m Jane Jean Alexander. Call me Jinx. I’m not a kid; I’m twenty-six years old. I get that a lot. Can you take me to my hotel now?”

Drake took her small hand in his and felt an electric current run through his body. He was confused over his response to her. What the hell was she supposed to be doing at the office? Answering the phones? There was someone that already did that; they didn’t need a second receptionist. He wasn’t sure what to say, but he figured he would start with his name. Suddenly he realized he was staring at her silently.

“I’m Drake Miller.”

She smiled at him, “Nice to meet you Drake.”

He had to ask he was just too curious. “Are you a new receptionist?”

“No. Can we leave? This thing is getting heavy.”

He quickly reached for the luggage and plucked it out of her hands. It wasn’t that heavy for him. She looked up at him in frustration. Well good. He was just as frustrated. His long legs made her jog to keep up with him, so Drake consciously made an effort to slow down. Glancing down at her face, a splattering of freckles caught his attention. She was probably shorter than Shy who was maybe five feet three on a good day. This female was simply...adorable. He felt oddly protective of her as teen boys and full-grown men checked her. He growled his displeasure.

“Are you okay?” she asked, looking up at him curiously.

He got lost in her blue eyes and didn’t look at where he was walking—big mistake. He walked into the next set of doors causing him to bounce backwards. He was more stunned than hurt.

“Oh my goodness!”


“Here, let me take my suitcase back.”

“No, I’ve got it. I’m fine. I was just distracted.” Distracted by your beautiful blue eyes, he thought to himself.

“Which hover car is yours?” she asked as she opened the door for him.

“The red truck.”

She looked at him, then the truck. “Of course.”


Jinx wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans. Glancing up at Drake, she licked her lips. Damn, he was a well-built man. He was probably as tall as Vic’s six feet seven inches. She bet he had to duck to fit through most doorways. He was all muscles, and so yummy. Wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes framed a chiseled face to perfection, like a Greek statue sculptured for a woman’s fantasy.

“Are you Decaros?” She had a thing for Decaros men. She fantasized about traveling to Decaros and dating one of their males. Full Decaros had those sexy horns that came out of their head when they were extremely angry, or extremely horny.

“No, I’m half human half Palmedian.”

“Oh.” She couldn’t help but be a little disappointed.

“Are you Avyrian?” he asked.

She laughed, “No, I’m one hundred percent human. All five foot one and one hundred ten pounds of me.”

Shit! He was twice her weight. He could crush her if he had sex with her. Why was he thinking about her and sex at all? He just needed to get laid. Maybe after dropping her off, he could swing by Lexi’s club and pick up a fuck mate for the night. That sounded like a solid plan.

“Where are you staying?” he asked, finally pulling out of the parking lot of the shuttle port.

“Little Bee’s motel.”

He glanced at her incredulously, “Are you serious? That place is a dump and in one of the worst neighborhoods.”

Jinx shrugged. “The hotel I booked had a fire while I was traveling here. They called me mid flight. Little Bee’s was the only thing I could book in such a short notice.”

“Why didn’t you put a deposit down on an apartment?”

She felt heat rise to her face at the tone of reprimand from him. “I was planning to get an apartment, but I want to check it out in person first and make sure that it’s close to where I’ll be working.

He didn’t seem happy with her answers—too bad. This was the best she could do for now. She was fine with it, so that was all that mattered.

They were quiet while he drove her to the motel. She took the time to check out her surroundings. Fin-Dieskau was known as a pleasure and vice planet. Many different species came there on vacation to visit. It was what Las Vegas used to be on Old Earth. Green spaces were carved out in the midst of the cities. Hover bikes and hover cars passed by, and the two moons were shining above. Fin-Dieskau was supposedly the liveliest place to live; Jinx’s excitement was renewed.

He pulled into the parking lot but didn’t stop, just pulled right back out. “What are you doing Drake?”

“I can’t let you stay there. Did you see the broken windows and the guy taking a piss on the side of the motel?”

She had seen all that and it did fill her with fear, but she would have sucked it up and stayed there at least one night. “Where will I stay?”

“You can stay the night at my place. I have a pull out couch in my apartment.”

Jinx bit her bottom lip. She wasn’t sure this was a good idea. She had already felt attracted to him, even though Drake thought she was a teenager. Besides, they would be working. It might cause a problem.

“I don’t know.”

“Look, Vic asked me to take care of you, and that’s what I’m going to do. He would never let you stay at a dump like that.”

“Okay, but I’ll look for an apartment first thing tomorrow morning.”

“No problem.”

Jinx felt butterflies in her stomach. She was spending the night with a perfect stranger, but at least he was a sexy as hell half Palmedian. What did she recall about Palmedians? They were extremely strong, very sexual, and had animalistic instincts. What all that meant, she had no idea, but she was about to find out first hand.

Chapter 3

What the hell was he thinking? He had never invited a female to his apartment unless he planned to fuck her all night long. Drake liked his privacy. He just couldn’t let her stay at that shithole. All his protective instincts had taken control, and now he had an unexpected roommate. It was just for one night. A sudden worry crossed his mind. Had he picked up his dirty clothes off the floor before he left earlier?

Glancing over at her while he was driving, Jinx looked so tiny and delicate. She was biting her bottom lip, a very plump lip he noted. His body hardened wondering what her lips would taste like if he kissed her. What the hell was he thinking?

“Mr. Miller—”


“Drake. I don’t want to impose on you and your...girlfriend or wife.”

He couldn’t help but smile at her, digging for information on him. “You won’t be imposing and I’m single.” Single and ready to give you whatever you like. Get your head on straight Drake!

“Oh.” Her cheeks turned a lovely shade of pink. It only made her more adorable.

Tearing his eyes away from her, he concentrated on pulling into his apartment complex. His usual parking space was occupied, which made him growl a little. He had to park further down, closer to where the construction was happening next door. Another apartment complex was going up next to his. Drake had been relieved to find out that he would only have to deal with all the construction noise for another month.

Drake parked and turned the hover truck off. After he got out, he walked around the back and unloaded her suitcase. Jinx went to take it from him, but he shook his head. “I’ve got it. Come on inside.” He led her through the front lobby entrance, waving at the security guard at the front desk.

“Mr. Miller, glad to see you’re back.”

“Glad to be back, Harry.”

The elevator door opened, and his neighbor Veronica with the long legs got out. He smiled at her. “Evening Veronica. Going clubbing tonight?”

She threw her long straight blonde hair over her shoulders smiling at him. “Yes, Cole’s club is having a ‘til dawn’ special. You should come and spend time with me. It’s been forever.”

“I wish I could. I just got back into town and I’m ready to hit the sack.”

Veronica gave his body a once over lingering here and there. “Let me know if you need anything.”

“I will.”

She gave a wanton smile then walked away. Drake always thought Veronica was beautiful, but he’d had her once a few years ago when she had come over and they got drunk. She was great in bed, but there was a coldness to her that made it easy for him to walk away. The older he got, the less time he wanted to spend with women like that.

He punched in the numbers top level and glanced down at Jinx. He had almost forgotten that she was there. She glared at him before turning away from him. Women, he couldn’t figure them out.


Jinx couldn’t believe he was flirting with that tall blonde right there in front of her. She wasn’t sure why that bothered her. Oh yeah, the look the blonde gave her made Jinx feel like she was two feet tall and ugly. She shouldn’t let what that woman thought bother her, but it did. It really bothered her that Drake seemed to forget she was even there. Jinx felt jealous and couldn’t understand why.

She barely knew this guy, he was just picking her up for Vic. Besides, she may have to work with him from time to time; she shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. That was a bad idea. She wasn’t exactly looking for a relationship right now. Her mind was completely focused on starting this lifelong dream of hers.

Knowing all this, it still hurt a little that he looked at her as a teenager. It was something that she had dealt with all her life. It wasn’t like she could suddenly grow five to six inches and develop a model’s body. Over the years, she had come to accept herself, finding things she liked about herself and building confidence in those things. If a guy couldn’t see what she had to offer, then he wasn’t the right guy for her.

“Here we are,” Drake said, opening the door to his apartment.

Jinx stepped into the dark room, waiting for her eyes to adjust. Then the lights flashed on as the technology automatically recognized movement in the room. It was so sudden and so bright it almost blinded her.

Her first impression of Drake’s apartment was...a major bachelor pad. She stood still, turning her head left to right to take it all in. White walls and black leather couches, the empty pizza boxes on the coffee table, empty beer cans, and she wasn’t even sure what the dark spot on the carpet was. She would just have to keep her shoes on in this room.

“Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to clean. I’ve been off world tracking a perp. This is the first time I’ve been home in days.”

Jinx was being ungrateful. She had to find something nice to say. “It’s a big apartment, and we’re on the top floor. I bet you have a great view from the window.” She walked over to the window and pulled up the blinds. He didn’t have curtains. Of course it was too dark to really see anything.

“On a good day you can see all the way down to the local park,” Drake commented, bending over to grab the pizza boxes and beer cans. He walked over to the kitchen and dumped everything in the trash. He went to the refrigerator and opened it up. “Are you hungry or thirsty? I’ve got...beer and water, and I can order you a pizza?”

She wasn’t that hungry, “I had something on the shuttle flight. A glass of water would be good though.” Turning around she watched him as he searched for glasses, which he didn’t have.

“Here you go.” He handed her a plastic red cup full of tap water.

Their fingers brushed as she took the cup from him. Her heart was racing at his nearness; the slight touch sent electricity through her whole body. Her nipples tightened and her pussy felt a little slick. She took a step back from him, afraid he would sniff and tell she was aroused.

“Um, so the couch is perfect for me to crash on.”

“No, you can sleep in my bed; I’ll take the couch.”

She shook her head not sure she wanted to sleep in a bed that probably had remnants of his previous sexual encounters. “I’ve imposed enough, I’ll take the couch.” She sat down and was surprised the couch was actually comfortable. It was a big leather piece with a button that let out the leg rests. “Wow, that’s nice.”

He sat down next to her then drank from the bottle of beer. “Yeah, I got a good deal on this and it’s been great for watching sports.”

“Who’s your favorite team?” she asked.

“The Decaros Rangers.”

“Me too. I saved up money to take my grandpa to one of the super play games and it was awesome. It was something that he had on his wish list. He had never been to a live game before and the super play was the ultimate of games for fans.” She smiled thinking silently.

“I’m sure he loved it because he got to go with you.”

She laughed, “It was interesting to say the least. The hot dog vendor got hit by a run away ball and had to be carted off by the paramedics. I did manage to get some of the players to sign a ball for him. When he died, my grandmother insisted I take the ball with me. It’s one of my most treasured items.” Why had she told him all that? He was just easy to talk to.

They spent the next hour talking about her family and how she met Vic and Jagger. He shared that he had been raised by his grandmother so they actually shared something in common. She lost track of time until she yawned.

“You must be tired.”

“I could use a hot shower first. Where’s your bathroom?”

“It’s the first door on the right down the hallway.”

She opened her suitcase and took out her large men's t-shirt, fresh panties, a towel, and her tiny bottle of shampoo. Not sure what to expect when she entered the bathroom, she was a little shocked. It was immaculate; the shower could fit five people in there. What really had her flabbergasted was the amount of hair products lined up. There was shampoo, enhancer, conditioner, leave in conditioner, pre-rinse…her mind was boggled by all of it. It made her cheap dime store bottle of shampoo look ridiculous.

The water turned on as soon as she stepped into the stall; it was even at the perfect temperature. Jinx groaned in pleasure as the water hit her tired body. She didn’t bring her own soap, planning to use the shampoo at the motel. She reached for his body wash. It smelled so good she couldn’t resist using it. Cupping her breasts, she imagined Drake’s large hands molding to her body. The thought of his large strong hands running all over her was so hot. Oh man, she had only just met Drake, but he had become her new sexual fantasy. Well, it wouldn’t hurt anyone, and she needed to relieve the tension.

Decision made, she used one hand to reach down and rub her fingers over her pussy lips. She was aching inside. Inserting a finger, she touched herself just how she liked it. Her other hand squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. She added another finger and lifted her foot up on the shower seat. It opened her up, allowing her to go in deeper.

“Oh yeah,” closing her eyes, she pictured Drake’s cock pushing into her over and over, his lips on her shoulder and his teeth gently scraping her skin. She had a thing about nips on her shoulder blade. It wasn’t going to...take much. “Oh God!” Her hand left her breast to brace herself on the shower wall as she felt her climax hit her.

It took a few seconds for her to calm from the shaking. When was the last time she had a release like that? Sadly, a while. Her boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend Steve, was a pilot and traveled a lot. He was much better than Rudy from when she was sixteen. Steve was a hard worker and had aspirations, legal ones that didn’t involve a gun.

She had been dating Steve for two years, but the past four months had put a strain on their relationship. Especially when she told him that she planned to come to Fin-Dieskau to work for Vic. They had a major fight and she hung up on him. He showed up the day before she left and begged that she stay there so that they could work things out. He even brought a ring, intending to bribe her with a proposal.

She would have said no immediately, but then he kissed her, heating things up and distracting her. Jinx stopped it before she gave into her needs. Steve used sex or emotional blackmail to get her to agree to things he wanted. She wasn’t going to let him do that to her again.

Jinx told him that they needed to take a break from each other so that she could pursue her dream and they both could determine if their relationship had a future. He argued with her, tried to bribe her with a big fancy wedding then turned to threatening her that if she left he wouldn’t wait.

“Fine, go to Fin-Dieskau but know that I won’t wait for you forever! Plenty of women want me I don’t have to take this!” he stormed out.

He had left her emotionally drained and frustrated sexually. She was vulnerable to any kind of attention which was probably why she was responding so quickly to Drake’s presence.

As she stepped out of the shower, the water cut off automatically. She reached for a towel and dried her body off. She put on her panties and her super long t-shirt that reached just above her knees. It wasn’t sexy or anything, but it was comfortable. It belonged to her grandpa when he played football in his early years.

Towel drying her hair, she glanced at all the hair products. She reached for the leave-in conditioner, put a small amount in her hand and ran it through her hair. The colorful streaks in her hair were starting to fade. She would have to do something about that.

Done, she grabbed her dirty clothes and opened the door and almost walked into a wall of flesh and let out an audible uumph.

She glanced up and up at a bare chested Drake. Good gosh he was fine.


Drake paced outside the bathroom. He hadn’t spent that much time talking to a woman he wasn’t going to fuck in a long time. It was strange to discover that he couldn’t take his eyes off her face. The more they sat there talking, the more beautiful she became. Why had he dismissed her as simply cute?

He felt like he could have talked to her for hours more. When she went to take a shower, he felt restless. He checked the doors to make sure they were locked, then he checked his bedroom wondering if he should insist that she sleep in his bed. He pulled off the dirty sheets throwing them to the corner where his laundry basket overflowed. He found two sets of clean sheets, one for the bed and one for the couch. He put the sheets on his bed and pulled out the couch and put sheets on it. The mattress was a bit lumpy for the couch making him frown. He didn’t want her to have to sleep on it. He went to the bathroom door to let her know she could sleep in his bed when the door opened suddenly and he had sweet feminine flesh pressing against him.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” Drake stared down at the short woman. He heard her moan in the bathroom and was worried about her. When she opened the door her arousal filled the room and hit him hard. He took a deep breath and his cock immediately reacted. Her hair was longer than he thought hanging down in a long wet sheen. Water droplets soaked her t-shirt molding her breasts with their tight peaks. He licked his lips.

“I’m fine. I hope I didn’t take too long.” Jinx tried to move around him, but Drake moved closer, making their bodies to rub against one another. That brief touch left him with no doubts that, although she may be short and small, she was all woman.

Drake put his arm up on the doorframe to keep her trapped in the small space. He deepened his voice and used his sexiest smile. The one that always got a female reaction. “You know, we could share the bed.”

Jinx blinked up at him and the expression showed surprise. Then she licked her lips as she looked him up and down. She cleared her throat. “Sorry. I’m not interested.” She ducked under his arm and scooted out of his embrace.

What the hell? He cleared his throat, acting like her response didn’t bother him. “Yeah, you’re probably right.”

He shut the bathroom door behind him and wondered why she would refuse him. No female ever had before. Looking into the mirror at himself, he did look a little rough. His hair was a little frizzy because he had run out of conditioner and badly needed a shower. Besides, did he really want to break that rule of his about not having sex with someone he worked with? He was stronger than that.

Chapter 4

The next morning

Drake woke up groaning at the bright sunlight filtering through his bedroom window. Damn, he should have pulled down his blinds. Throwing an arm over his eyes, he just wanted to get a little more sleep. Clanging in the kitchen made him frown. “What the…” Oh yeah, he’d forgotten about his guest.

Getting up reluctantly, he reached for a pair of boxers. Drake liked to sleep naked, but he didn’t think his shy roommate would appreciate that. Still, he wanted to push her buttons a little by making her uncomfortable. So, he walked out of his bedroom with just the boxer shorts on.

What he found had him grind to a stop. His apartment was spotless. His carpet was vacuumed. Did he even own a vacuum? The counters were empty of his earlier mess, dishes washed, and there was a pleasant smell like an air freshener. He didn't even know he had an air freshener. He turned to say something, but he forgot the words as soon as he saw her. Jinx was currently standing on a chair in the kitchen, reaching up to put dishes away in the cabinets. Her long t-shirt rose up her legs, a pair of pink panties were poking out.

“Oh, good morning Drake.”

“Morning,” he said, licking his lips. She had great legs, nice and smooth and toned. Images of those legs wrapped around him had his cock waking up and ready to go. “What are you doing?”

“I thought I would show you my appreciation for your hospitality by cleaning a little.” She turned and was about to jump down but Drake was there his hands to her small waist and picking her up. He slid her down his body and enjoyed the feel of her.

“Thank you.” His voice was husky with desire. He kept her in his arms, her body trapped between his body and the bar.

“Drake…” Hwr voice was a whisper.

He wanted to kiss her. Leaning down toward those soft lips, he was going to put action to thought when the sound of a love song interrupted them. “What is that?”

She shoved against his chest breaking free. “My phone.”

Drake watched as Jinx rushed past him to her backpack and pulled out her phone. “Hello.”

He grabbed a plastic cup and poured him a glass of water trying to pretend that he wasn’t eavesdropping. He sipped the water not leaving from his vantage point where he could watch and hear every word.

“I arrived just fine last night, Steve. I was kind of tired and hit the sack.” She glanced over Drak’s way and he quickly turned to open the refrigerator. She moved to the window as she continued talking. “I can’t think about that right now. My decision hadn’t changed. No, I can’t give you my address; the place I was supposed to move into isn’t available. It may take a few days or weeks to find a new place. I’m staying with a coworker right now, but I’ll be looking for a hotel room to stay at. Just a coworker, it shouldn’t matter. Steve, we’ve talked about this. I don’t have to explain myself. Look, I’ve got to go to work, it’s my first day. I’m going to be busy, but if I have time I’ll try to call you later. Bye.” She hung up and glanced over at him.

Drake jerked his attention back to the refrigerator. Who the hell was Steve? He couldn’t hang out in the fridge any longer. Closing it, he looked her way. “Sorry, there’s no food that’s edible. I could stop on the way to work at a little diner.”

“That’s fine. I’ll be ready in five minutes,” she said, grabbing some clothes out of her suitcase and heading to the bathroom.

Drake snorted. Five minutes his ass. He’d never met any female who could get dressed in that short a time. Going to his bedroom he pulled out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He slid his shoulder holster on and put his gun in it. He had a knife tucked in his boot and hung his cuffs to hang off his belt loop. The last thing he grabbed was his badge off the dresser and put it on his shirt. Walking out of his bedroom he noticed that the bathroom door was open but the light was off.

“Man, you took a long time getting ready. I’ve been waiting forever,” Jinx said, standing by the door.

Jinx had her multi-colored hair up in a ponytail and was wearing a light amount of makeup complimenting her fair delicate features. Her clothes were simple; jeans and a t-shirt with a leather vest over it. Her outfit was more form fitting, and he had to admire the way it emphasized her breasts. They were bigger than he’d thought, much more than a handful. A throat clearing made him realize she had caught him checking her out. He looked up into her sparkling blue eyes.

“Ready to go?” she asked.

“Yeah. I’ll call Vic when we get to the diner to see what’s going on at the hospital and where he wants you to start your training.”

“Sounds good.” She opened the door and went out first.

When they got to the elevator, he noticed that there was a sign on it saying that it was out of order. She frowned and looked at him. “Is there another elevator?”

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