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Chapter 1

Fucked Up Holiday

It was a cold December night and Ria found herself thankful that she was wearing her favorite black hoodie -- the first and only gift she had ever received from her dad -- as she walked down the street. The hoodie was special for her. It was probably the only thing she was given by someone willingly. Her father, not her biological one, but her adoptive one, bought it using his earnings from their tattoo shop. When she received it, she had been so surprised that she could not help but gaping at the man that she looked up to as her dad before she remembered to say “Thank you” in a small voice.

Her dad had seemed to be taken aback by her display of timidity. She couldn’t blame her dad then. After all, she was not known for being expressive. She was more like the opposite: cool, bordering the stoic, and had an antisocial demeanor. Most of the time, she kept to herself. This demeanor of hers usually prompted most people to tread around her carefully, like she was a snake that would strike at any moment. It worked in their home, as her adoptive father was not emotionally showy himself. They usually had a quiet breakfast, broken by the typical, overused questions of “What time will you come home?” or “How was school?,” or “How were the kids at the orphanage?” Some people would probably be put off by that brusque interaction, but she was used to it. It was just the way they communicated. She welcomed it, being someone who was not too keen to divulging personal information about herself. It had been that way since she first came to his father’s home when she was twelve.

This countenance was what made her a bit of an outsider everywhere she went. Filipinos were naturally friendly and always had the knack of connecting with almost everyone, so her seemingly cold and withdrawn nature at odds with the majority of people. It was not as if she really was looking for companionship though. In fact, she mostly preferred being left alone. Making new connections with other people was not her favorite activity.

Unfortunately, this preference got in her way of group activities in college. Ever since she was in high school, group activities had been the hardest part. It was during these times that she found herself missing her former best friend. If he were with her, she would not worry about the awkwardness of seeking willing class partners. Most of the time, she ended up in groups so small, it seemed like the group she joined was just forced to accept her. She did not mind though. She did every task that was assigned to her in every group activities. It was not that she could not work with others. In fact, she always took it upon herself to ask the leader of the group about the task that would be assigned to her. Her classmates would be polite, but they also would mostly not really initiate contact.

Generally, she was just seen as cool and quiet, maybe a bit weird. She couldn’t blame anyone for thinking that though. After all, she was known for always wearing a long-sleeved hoodie or cardigan, even during the hottest days of school. She used to be asked about it throughout her high school years (she got a special permission to keep her hoodie on always, in addition to their specified school uniform). When anyone asked, she would just lift her sleeves, and their faces would be overcome with shock. They would then continue asking how she got those, but she would not answer these questions directly, just vaguely, just enough to satisfy their curiosity.

When she entered college and wearing civilian clothes became the norm, she had been relieved. At least, her penchant for hoodies and cardigans would not be as noticeable. She only got asked once by her seatmate Diane about it, but she simply answered that she was used to it. Her hoodie was like her safety blanket from the outside world, her hiding place from people’s judgmental eyes. It kept her life’s quiet and peace...

She just did not expect that this quiet and peace would be broken when she finally reached her and her dad’s small house.

“Dad, are you home?” Usually, her adoptive father would be home from the tattoo shop by now, but she did not hear any fuss as she stood by the door.

“Dad? Dad!” She tested the door knob, and, luckily, it was open. She hurriedly stepped inside and headed to the kitchen. Her dad was not there. “Where could he be at this time?”

She then proceeded to her dad’s room, and she found him, passed out on the floor. Her heart was beating loudly and she was already panicking, though her outside demeanor showed nothing much more than her slight panting.

“Hey, Dad.” She cradled her dad’s head and slightly slapped him to wake him up. She checked her dad’s head; there did not seem to be a concussion, thank god. He dad was still not answering and his skin felt clammy.

With her hands trembling, she gently put her dad’s head back down on the floor and rushed outside, telling the nearest neighbor that she saw that she needed help to bring her dad to the hospital. The neighbors rushed to help her. They even helped her flag down a cab and went with her to the hospital.

“Your dad needs a heart bypass operation as soon as possible. The arteries in his heart are clogged badly and waiting will endanger his life further. We have stabilized his condition for now, but we need to schedule his operation as soon as possible. You were lucky to have rushed to the hospital so quickly. If you had been any later, he would have not made it,” his dad’s doctor told her.

The doctor stood up to resume his rounds to the other patients. She thanked him profusely and he just nodded. Once the doctor was gone from the room, she looked at her dad sleeping soundly, the sound of the heart monitor the only thing that could be heard. A respirator was attached to her dad to further help him in his breathing.

She couldn’t help but sigh. She knew that this disease was not really out of the blue. After all, her dad had a lot of vices during his younger years, indulging in alcohol and cigarette smoking; those were pretty common among the circle of her dad’s other tattoo artist friends. Her dad had quit smoking some years ago, though he still drank occasionally. She did her best to remind her dad about the dangers of his habit, albeit awkwardly, though her dad could control himself anyway.

One thing that she realized was that her dad probably had felt the symptoms for quite some time now. Was that the reason why her dad gifted her with a hoodie out of the blue? The gesture had struck her as weird six months ago.

She now left with a big problem. After all, a bypass operation was really expensive. Even the hospital stay would end up costing a fortune on its own. Luckily, the prescribed medicines would be covered by her dad’s health insurance. But the operation was another story. PhilHealth would only cover the doctor’s fee for the operation. The operation itself would need to be paid separately, as well as the hospital stay. All in all, everything might reach up to more than P300,000. Where would she get that amount of money?

She could sell their little house, but one couldn’t find a buyer immediately. She needed the money right away. She considered her options while walking the white halls of the hospital, dazed and lost in her thoughts.


Ria was jolted from her reverie and she looked up to see a very beautiful woman dressed in a little fitted red dress. “I’m really sorry!” She apologized profusely. It was dumb of her to not pay attention while walking. Her hood fell as she bowed repeatedly.

The older woman did not seem mad, thank god. When Ria looked at the woman properly to ask her if she was alright, the eyes of the beautiful woman she bumped into widened a bit. Maybe, she was mad.

“Um… err… Are you alright, Ma’am? It was my fault for not looking where I was going,” Ria said cautiously. She studied the woman’s face as she was still not responding to her question.

“Ma’am?” Ria repeated. That snapped the beautiful woman in red out of her blank stare and she finally looked at her properly.

“Yes, I’m alright.” The woman smiled at Ria, her pearly whites glinting. Ria was struck with how beautiful this creature was. She definitely reminded her of the most beautiful and popular girl in their college: her seatmate, Diane.

“I’m really sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking,” Ria apologized again.

“It’s no big deal so don’t worry about it.,” The woman assumed an inquiring look, “Are you by chance, Ria Villamor, the daughter of Enrico Villamor?”

Ria was surprised though the only expression she had on the outside was slight widened eyes. “Yes, I am. If I may ask, how did you know about my father and I?”

“I am an old friend of your dad. Can I see him?” The beautiful lady asked Ria.

“Yeah, sure. This way.” With that, Ria guided the lady to her dad’s hospital room. How did my dad become friends with such a beautiful and elegant lady like her? The question echoed in Ria’s mind as she walked together with the lady.

“He’s stable for now, but he needs to have a bypass operation soon.” Ria informed the lady as they settled around her dad’s bed, conversing softly. She looked at the lady across her, who just nodded.

She couldn’t stop herself with her brewing curiosity. “How did you find out about my dad’s condition?” Ria thought that the lady might be annoyed with her incessant questions, so she hurriedly explained, “I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve never met you before. I know everyone of my dad’s friends and you don’t seem to be the type to be in their circle.”

The lady had a questioning look in her face so Ria continued., “I mean, most of my dad’s friends are tattoo artists too… you know, those types… But you’re like elegant, rich.,” the lady looked amused., “if you know what I mean,” Ria finished lamely.

The lady laughed softly. “Don’t worry, I get what you mean. Actually, your uncle David called me.” Uncle David was her dad’s best friend since childhood and his business partner in their little tattoo shop. The two operated the shop together.

“I’ve been friends with them for a long time now, but my line of work prevents me from seeing them often. In fact, I only have a few minutes to spare here. I just escaped from my client and I will need to attend to him again soon.” The beautiful lady continued her explanation.

“Is that so? That’s unfortunate. My dad would have appreciated your presence if he were awake. He has always been more energetic than usual in the presence of his friends. Perhaps you could visit him again?” Ria asked their lady visitor.

“Yes, I will definitely try to.” The lady got something from her clutch. “Anyway, this is the real reason why I’m here.” The lady handed Ria a calling card.

Ria read the card. It had the name “Hope” in embossed cursive letters. Under it was a mobile number. It also had a logo of a red lip stain. ‘Diamond Escort Services,’ it said. Ria’s eyes widened. She was an escort? She did not look like it. She looked more like a wife of a millionaire, with the elegance she was radiating. Then again, escorts were expected to look classy, so she supposed she shouldn’t have been surprised.

“David told me that Enrico may not be able to pay the hospital fees, especially for the bypass operation. I had some savings, but I’m afraid they’re not going to be enough to cover all the expenses. My savings were depleted when my own mother was hospitalized a while back.”

Ria looked up at the older lady, her voice slightly quivering. “Thanks a lot. This is such a big help.”

“Don’t thank me yet,” the lady said in a stern voice.

Ria looked up, slightly startled by the change in the lady’s tone. “Huh?”

“I’m afraid that the only way for you to get enough money to pay for the surgery is for you to actually become an escort yourself.”

Chapter 2


Her? An escort? Ria wanted to laugh out loud, but that was not in her nature so she settled for another dumb expression. “Huh?”

The lady – named Hope – walked towards her. “I only have about P150, 000 in my savings account right now. We will need another P150, 000. If you work for a week, and if we add my earnings from the week, we can pool that amount of money, maybe even more. If I do it alone, we won’t be able to reach our target.”

Ria let that explanation sink in. To work as an escort? That was something she never imagined doing. She sucked in a shaky breath and asked, “But how am I going to be an escort? Look at me. I’m probably not qualified.”

“You’re willing to be an escort?” Hope asked with much surprise.

“Yeah, if that is what will save my dad,” she replied.

Wonder was still etched in Hope’s face. “Wow… I thought that you would be very resistant to the idea. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have blamed you if you outright rejected my suggestion.”

“I’m going to admit that this is probably the weirdest thing I ever heard in my life…” Ria paused for a bit, “But I’m willing to do anything for my dad,” she finished with determination in her voice.

Empathy colored the other woman’s face. Hope cradled Ria’s left hand. Ria tensed for a little bit. She wasn’t used to other people touching her. She hoped that Hope did not notice her reaction, but one look at the elegant lady told her that it had not been lost on the other woman.

“Ria,” Hope began gently, “I’m sorry that I don’t have any other way to help you.”

Ria shook her head at the woman. “No, don’t worry about it, Miss Hope. I can’t think of any other way either. I mean, where can you get P300, 000 that fast? So I’m very much willing to do this.” Anxiety colored Ria’s voice as she continued, “But I’m afraid I may not be escort material.”

Miss Hope let go of her hand and stepped away, looking her up and down with scrutinizing eyes. Ria, on the other hand, sat rigidly, feeling totally uncomfortable with someone paying her so much attention. She was more used to blending in with the background and deflecting attention away from herself.

“Take off your jacket,” the elegantly dressed woman commanded her.

She took it off right away, leaving her in her white sleeveless tank top, looked up at the other woman, and gestured to her arms. It’s been a long time since she revealed her arms to another person.

Miss Hope’s jaw dropped. She then shook her head slightly and looked at Ria’s dad’s direction, face scrunched up, “That foolish man! He even used his own daughter as his canvass! I can’t believe this. He’s so gonna get it from me once he wakes up.”

Ria was amused at the words that came out from the elegant lady’s mouth. Damn, they must have been really close if she got to talk about her dad like that. However, she needed to clarify it to the older woman.

“Miss Hope, I was actually the one who wanted these tattoos. You see,” Ria gestured at her arms, “they used to be covered by scars. And I was able to beg my dad to cover them with tattoos.”

The elegant lady looked at her pensively. “Is that so?” She looked at Enrico’s direction again and smiled back at Ria., “Then I guess I’ll spare him from my beating.”

A short silence flooded their room, with Miss Hope just observing her from afar.

“So…” Ria broke the silence., “You see, Ms. Hope, I probably will not qualify as an escort. I’m practically a tattooed freak,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“No, you’re wrong.”

That instantly got Ria’s attention, so she listened with rapt interest.

Miss Hope walked towards her again and surreptitiously touched her shoulder-length hair. “You see, I can style you as a classy, but hipster woman. The tattoos add something unique to your aura that potential clients will be sure to at least notice. Will you stand up? Let me see your full height.”

She did as she was told and stood at her full 4”11’ glory. She saw Miss Hope slightly shake her head. Damn, this height of hers was really something that she hated. It might even cause her to botch this escort service application. The other woman continued to observe her, angling her face while mumbling under her breath, “Yeah, she could cut this hair like this” and some things she was not able to catch.

Miss Hope finally finished in her observation and told her to sit back down. Ria looked at the elegant woman hopefully.

“Well?” Ria asked.

“Don’t worry, of course you pass. I would not have offered you the job if I thought you were not qualified. I just observed you better because we need to change some things so that you will stand out nicely from the other girls.”

Ria still did not understand why the other woman thought she was qualified to be a high – class escort like her. “What makes you say I’m qualified, if I may ask?”

“Well, my dear, I think you are being too hard on yourself. You see, you have such milky skin, probably a result of being covered by your jacket all the time, and your tattoos of that long dragon coiled in the length of your arm and that cross inside your elbow looks really cool. They contrast nicely to your pale white skin.”

Ria was surprised. Did her tattoos really look cool like that? She listened as Miss Hope continued her explanation.

“Your height, or lack thereof, is a bit disappointing, I must admit, but it can be easily remedied by high heels anyway. Your petite stature may even serve as a way to catch the clients’ attentions. You see, most escorts are also pin up models, so they are significantly taller. Your height will be a nice contrast there.”

Hearing that explanation made Ria nervous. She probably would look like a child there, not that she was not; she was only 19. “Would that not make me look like a lost child in their midst?” she inquired.

“Not if we style you properly. Make up and clothes can make you younger and older, depending on their use. Another thing, you have small breasts, which is not the usual size in the service. I think your size is 32 A, while most girls have B, C, and even D cups.”

Ria’s jaw dropped. “D cup? Is that humanly possible?”

“Yeah, of course. These girls have breast implants to make their chests even bigger. As for me, look, my size is 34 C, just short of a D-cup.”

Ria looked at Hope’s chest. “Yeah, they really are big,” she answered with chagrin. “Wait, would that mean that I will need a big chest too? What would I do? Stuff my bra?” she wanted to panic.

The older woman just chuckled. “No, don’t worry about it anymore. Your breasts are on the small side because you yourself are petite. I think it would look disproportional to you if you had too big boobs on your small body. So let’s keep everything about you petite.”

Ria nodded, inwardly more relieved than she let on. At least her petite build would not get in the way of her plans. “Is that all?”

“Well, I probably will style you in a little black dress, make you look more like a hipster lady or a rocker chic.” Hope nodded to no one in particular, “Hmm. That will complete the package and make you really a great contrast to all the girls there who embody the femme fatale type. We can certainly make the clients notice you that way.”

Ria suddenly found her resolve weakening, but the sound of her dad’s heart monitor made it all clear again: she would not back out of this. She looked directly at Miss Hope’s eyes, anxiety filling her voice., “Ms. Hope, can we please keep this a secret from my dad? I don’t want him to get mad at me if he learns about what I did.”

Hope’s face fell. “About that, I honestly wish that Enrico will not hate me for even suggesting this to you. But what can I do? I want him to live longer and the only one who can help me is you, his daughter.” The elegant woman paused, “Actually, let’s just forget about all of this. What I said was ridiculous. Enrico will hate me for it.”

When Ria saw Miss Hope standing up and heading for the door, she could not help but chase her. “Wait, Miss Hope. I want this. I have decided on this. And it’s not because of your encouragement or anyone’s fault. I want to do this myself because I want to repay my dad for taking me out of that hell hole of an orphanage and raising me, even though I was not related to him in any way,” she said, looking directly at the older woman’s eyes. “Please, let me do this,” she said pleadingly.

The older woman closed her eyes tightly and sighed. When she opened her eyes, she had a small smile on her face. “Okay. If that’s what you want, Ria.”

Ria also smiled, albeit tightly. She’s not used to smiling a lot anyway. “Thanks, Miss Hope.”

“Alright, I will need to return to my client now. Call me tomorrow, at 8 am for a few pointers. If you get everything right, you can start the same night. I will also give you the check for P150, 000 so you can get the operation started. You can pay the hospital fee in installments. I would have given you the checkbook right now, but I don’t have my check with me.”

Ria nodded. “Thanks again, Miss Hope.”

“Save your thanks for later, when you have your first pay.” With that, the older woman left the room.

Ria, now left alone, checked on her father. He was still sleeping peacefully. No, she would not regret any of this. If this was how she could repay the kindness her adoptive father showed her, then so be it.

Chapter 3

Virgin Whore

At exactly nine in the morning, Ria found herself in a hair salon. When she called Miss Hope at 8 in that morning, she did not expect that she would be taken to a hair salon. She thought she would go to an office where the escort service operated. Instead, her hair was being cut even shorter.

“We need you to look edgy, to compliment your already edgy demeanor and tattoos,” Hope told her.

And that was why her hair in an asymmetric bob. She had to admit that it really did make her look and feel cool.

It was during the ride to the salon that Hope explained to her some basic things about the escort service itself. She learned that Hope was the manager of the escort service itself. Although Hope also serviced clients, it was only limited to her patrons or the clients who paid for her time exclusively. The owner of the escort service trusted her decisions, so Hope was able to easily take Ria into the service. It was also probably lucky that one escort who had undergone through a breast augmentation operation had been advised to take a week’s rest. Ria was then filling in as a substitute, which was fine with her as she had no interest in making this a full-time profession. She just wanted to save up enough money for her dad’s operation and in time for her enrollment for the coming semester. She would leave this whole week as a dark period that she had to experience and would never revisit again once it was over.

“The company is registered as a modeling one, as a front for the high-class escort service. No matter the fancy name that we have as escorts, we are nothing but glorified whores. We are here to sleep with our clients. Still, we are not like a regular whorehouse. We have standard practices that we follow,” explained Ria’s self-appointed mentor.

“What happens if the authorities discover that the modeling agency is just a front?” Ria wondered.

Hope chuckled slightly. “No, the authorities already know. The owner of the agency pays them off nicely. You know how it is; anyone can be bribed with the right amount.”

“Yeah,” Ria said with a grimace. She hated that kind of corrupt system. She had observed such things many times. “What are the standards anyway? Do I need to jot them down?”

“Nah, no need.” Hope replied. “You just need to listen carefully. First, we ensure the health and safety of our employees, because it is one of the ways we can provide a good service to the clients. So what we will do after your makeover and shopping is to go to a doctor that the company trusts to give you a full body checkup and ensure that you are clean.” The older woman looked back at Ria. “I don’t think you will have much problem with that. I mean, you are a virgin, right?”

Ria could not help the slight heat on her cheeks. “Err… yeah, I am.”

Hope chuckled again. “With that kind of reaction, of course you are. Anyway, being a virgin already ensures your cleanliness, because that eliminates any possibility of a sexually transmitted disease. You’ll pass that test easily.”

Ria wanted gag at the topic. It was not that she was a prude. It was more like she couldn’t still make it sink in that they were having this discussion because she was going to become an escort.

“Because you are a virgin. I will secretly make your rate for the first night higher than usual. After that, you can wish for luck on your side that more customers will choose you and be generous to you. My only warning is that you need to keep it a secret from the client. Clients actually don’t like virgins all that much because they think they are too troublesome,” Hope continued.

“How so?” Ria questioned.

“Virgins usually act nervous and may even cry on their first night. Clients think this is annoying. Also, clients prefer women who know a lot of ways to pleasure a man in the bedroom. None of the escorts in the service are virgins. So you need to hide the fact that you are a virgin from the client. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I understand,” Ria agreed.

“Second, clients sign a waiver where they promise to use a condom. You can turn down the client if they refuse to use one. Again, it’s for safety of both parties, so you don’t have to worry too much. The doctor who we will go to today will give you birth control pills that you are expected to take once daily, to further protect you from pregnancy. We have all employees have this checkup monthly to ensure quality.”

Ria shuddered a bit at the thought of becoming pregnant at such a young age. “Yeah, what else?”

“Of course, to at least operate, we need the employees at a legal age. You are already 19, so we don’t have problem with that. You see, being an escort is not always sex. You are to accompany- the clients and it’s not until they release more money that you can consent for sex. Before that sex happens, you must not forget to negotiate it with me as the manager.” Hope looked at her seriously before she returned her focus to driving the car. “This is very important because it’s the waiver where the things not allowed to be done during sex are listed, like forcing the escorts to use drugs, extreme BDSM acts that might harm the escorts, and of course, not wearing a condom. It’s for your own safety so it’s a crucial step. It’s that kind of care that makes our escort service so prestigious in the underground scene of the high society.”

Ria nodded. “Got it.”

“And Ria, as a virgin, do you know what exactly happens in the bedroom?” Hope inquired. “I want to be sure because it might traumatize you. Enrico would kill me.”

“I watched some porn so I at least have some idea. Our teachers only taught us about the reproductive organs and sexually transmitted diseases in our sex education subject in high school. I also researched some common sexual acts and positions last night,” she replied, trying to reassure her mentor.

“Really? Very good.” Hope looked impressed. “You indeed have made up your mind,” she added quietly.

Ria shrugged. “I knew what I was getting to.”

Hope spoke with a challenge in her voice. “Well, let’s test that. What will you do if the client wants you to perform a blow job?”

“B-blow job?” Ria stuttered.

“What?” Hope looked at her briefly before returning to her driving. “Don’t tell me you did not expect it? You’re a whore. Sometimes clients pay extra for that and as long as the client’s wearing protection, the service allows it.”

Ria thought for a while. “Then…” she released her breath that she did notice she was holding, “I guess I’ll do it. The client’s gonna be wearing a condom anyway.”

“Yes, you can allow that, but never do it without the condom. You can catch STIs that way.”

“Yeah, but… but can the same be performed on me? Do you allow it?” Ria was wondering.

“Yes, actually. Although don’t worry too much about it. Men go down on girls to make them feel pleasure, but we are whores; men only seek pleasure from us, not the other way around. So you’ll not encounter that too much.”

Ria felt relieved. She was not even used to people touching her, how would she feel about some guy licking her down there? A stranger nonetheless. A bald, fat, old stranger who keeps both a wife and mistress, on top of visiting whores like them. Was she really ready for this?

“Ria,” Hope called her attention. “I noticed something about you.”

“What is it?”

“You’re not used to people invading your personal space, are you?”

“Yeah… You’re right, I guess,” Ria admitted.

“Then that is something you will have to work on. It won’t be people merely touching you. It’s people using your body, invading your most private parts… Can you handle that?”

Damn, that was probably the hardest thing about this decision. She was not like the typical conservative Filipina who viewed virginity or intimate relationship like it was the single thing that mattered. No, she had never cared about those things. What she cared about were her dad, her studies, her freedom and her privacy. She needed advice.

“How did you do it anyway? How did you get through your first time?” Ria asked Hope.

“Simple. I dissociated myself from reality. Many escorts do that. They have learned to distance themselves and just focus on the act, feeling pleasure but devoid of any attachments. That’s how we survive,” Hope told her matter-of-factly.

Well, if dissociating one’s self is the answer, then Ria thought that she could do that. “Well, that would be easy for me,” she answered Hope.

Hope seemed taken aback. “How are you so sure?”

“I ‘ve done it before, when my aunt and uncle used to beat me up. Before, I was taken by the social workers. So that I wouldn’t feel pain, I used to imagine good things as I was being hit,” Ria revealed.

Hope’s face was filled with empathy. “I’m really sorry that you had to experience that.”

“Nah. Don’t worry about it. It was a long time ago. My dad made my life much better after he adopted me,” she shrugged.

Hope smiled. “You know, you don’t look it, but you’re very strong. I’ve never seen anyone taking the prospect of entering the escort service as easily as you did.”

“When I think about my dad, everything becomes easier.” She answered simply.

“Then let’s start your makeover. We’re gonna make sure that clients will notice you even if you don’t have the usual model look. Who knows, you might get a loyal patron and your work load will become so much easier. You would only be servicing that patron and potentially no one else depending on the schedule you have agreed to. However, you can only have a maximum of two patrons at the same time for fairness to both clients,” Hope excitedly told her.

Ria went back to the present time, sitting in the salon chair, and made up her mind: she was ready to cross the Rubicon now. Her mind was made up.

Chapter 4

Us Girls

She found herself in 14th floor of a skyscraper somewhere in Bonifacio Global City. The escort service owned the entire floor. She was currently inside Hope’s spacious office, in front of a mirror. She almost couldn’t recognize herself. Was it really her? Was it really the gloomy, antisocial, invisible Ria staring back at her? It was weird; she was not used to wearing a dress. All she owned were jeans and hoodies.

Hope seemed pleased at her masterpiece. “Wow, Ria. You clean up nicely. Just as I thought, the black dress shows off your pale white skin and makes the tattoos stand out more. And that hair just compliments it. It also frames your heart-shaped face nicely.”

Ria looked back at Hope. “Well… I can’t believe it too.”

“Well, you should!” Hope held her shoulders. “You need to have confidence in yourself. You’re going out there, competing with girls who know how to beguile professionally. And why do you believe that you’re not beautiful anyway?!”

Ria gestured at herself. “Because I am really not?”

Hope laughed out loud. “You’re wrong! You’re actually pretty!” She looked at Ria curiously. “I forgot to tell you about this, but you have beautiful eyes. I actually think that they are your most arresting asset. They make you look mysterious. You have a cute nose, and your thin lips are naturally red.”

The older woman walked towards her desk. “Your beauty is not something that easily jumps out, like how most models look, but yours is more mysterious, making one feel the need to look at you far longer. It’s a longer-lasting type of beauty,” Hope observed quietly.

Ria snorted. “I think you’re exaggerating too much, Miss Hope. But if your purpose was a pick-me-up, then you succeeded, I guess. Thanks.”

Hope waved her hand. “Nah, I’m just observing what is in front of me. Turn around slowly.”

Ria did what she was told, turning around slowly in her four inch heels. She remembered how Hope made her practice walking while wearing them, which had been by far the most torturous two hours in her entire life. It paid off, at least. Now, she felt more comfortable wearing them. Still, she would trade her sneakers in exchange for them anytime.

The older woman smiled widely. “Yasss!” Hope seemed genuinely proud. “I knew we could not compete with other girls in the chest department, so we needed to direct the attention on your ass, which we really did.”

Ria raised her eyebrow and looked behind her, staring down at her own ass. She directed her questioning gaze back at her mentor. “What about my ass?”

“Well, you definitely got junk on your trunk, my dear. Your fitted little black dressemphasizes it. It looks like a peach and makes you wanna squeeze it.”

Ria smiled awkwardly. “Err, Miss Hope. I’m totally questioning your preference right now.”

Hope’s laugh filled the room. “Nah, no offense to any woman-loving woman out there, but I’m straight. I’m just admiring my creation.”

Hope’s enthusiasm infected Ria and she couldn’t help the little twitch in her lips while she was shaking her head. She went back to observing her own appearance in the mirror. Here was hoping that everything would go on smoothly. She just hoped that her first time would at least not be too much of a nightmare.

At nine in the evening, all 25 girls were lined up in the hallway of the entire 14th floor. Hope was not joking when she described the escorts as femme fatales. Ria had never seen a gathering of goddesses in one place, their breasts almost falling out of their dresses and their long tresses cascading down their shoulders. Hope had warned her that the girls might not be too friendly. After all, she was new and she’d be another competitor for the attention of potential clients. Ria did not worry too much about it though. It was not as if she was the friendliest person on earth and quite frankly, she thought that these girls should not feel threatened by her. Any bravado she might have felt when she stepped out instantly fizzled out when she saw the other girls. Surely, clients would not notice her in this sea of boobs; she might not lose her virginity that night. On one hand, that thought comforted her, but the thought of not earning anything for tonight made her worried too.

It seemed like something big was happening that night. Even Hope seemed busy after directing her to her place for the night. The excitement of the other girls was also palpable. Hope informed her that a VIP group, a very important partner of the owner of the escort service, was coming that night, a quite influential criminal group at that. Ria would admit that she felt some shivers down her spine when she learned of it.

“Remember, do not ever use your real name if the clients ask you. All escorts go by a fake name but clients may not know that. It’s for your own safety,” Hope reminded her just before she sent her to her place in the line.

“What? We use fake names?” She asked, startled.

“ Of course. Even my name, Hope, is actually fake,” her mentor explained. “Now, what should I call you?”

“Uhmm… “ Ria was panicking. What should my name be while here in Diamond? Wait. Diamond. She remembered her favorite artist, Marina and the Diamonds. “Ahhm… How about Marina? You know? Like Marina and the Diamonds? You know, the singer?” She asked Hope, terribly unsure. This was so ridiculous.

“Marina? Yeah, that will do. As long as you’re not using your real name.” With that, Hope sauntered down to her errands as a manager.

That was how she got a name tag taped on her right chest that read “Marina.”

There were two lines in the hallway, each facing the other. The first line was made up of 12 girls while the second line was made up of 13 girls. Ria was placed on the second line, the 11th escort on the line. Her name tag was placed in her right side of her halter styled dress with ruffles on the neckline, drawing to her relatively small chest. In a way, Hope was right that she would indeed stand out, although she felt that it was in a bad way. She was the shortest girl there, with the most petite body too. All the other girls were the tall, voluptuous types.

Ria’s musings abruptly stopped as a hush silence came over the hallway. All the other escorts had fixed their dresses and stood up properly, in ways that would flaunt their assets. Following their examples, she did the same. It seemed like the clients who would choose from them would be arriving anytime now. If there was a god anywhere, Ria suddenly found herself quietly praying. For what, she did not know.

A few minutes passed and numerous footfalls could be heard, nearing the hallway where they were gathered. At last, Hope entered, guiding a group of six men wearing expensive suits. To Ria’s surprise, they weren’t what she was expecting: bald, old, and fat. They were quite the opposite actually. They were well-built, tall, from what she could see, good-looking, and younger than she had thought. Huh? It felt like this only happens in the movies, where the clients of a whorehouse were not married men in midlife crises, but good-looking alpha males.

Ria was still reeling in shock when the last person came in, getting all the attention of the people in the hallway. The guy was tall, about 6’3” in height. His suit was unbuttoned, showing a bit of his muscled chest. He had a bored expression on his face, though he radiated a dangerous aura that everyone in the vicinity couldn’t help but feel. She could see every escort bristle, like peacocks who puff out their colorful feathers to attract a mate. She, however, just stood there, wondering what she should do.

“Sir Jude, here are the women you can choose from,” said one guy who was in a gray suit. He was probably between 25-30 years old. The guy was good-looking too. He had a manly round face, slightly slanted eyes, and a tan complexion.

Judging by the behavior of Hope and all the guys in expensive suits, Ria surmised this “Sir Jude” was probably the boss. In Ria’s mind, if such an important guy chose a girl who did not meet his expectations, that would mean the end of the escort career of the poor girl, so she was absolutely wishing that the boss would not choose her. She couldn’t afford to lose this job before even starting. She didn’t worry too much; this guy would probably not even notice her. There were just too many gorgeous girls in the lineup for her to be chosen.

“Sir Jude, please do the honor of being the first to choose a lady to be your escort. Your men told me that they would choose after you picked yours,” Miss Hope explained.

“Tch,” was the only reply of the tall guy, with such an arrogant expression on his face. Ria felt a bit annoyed. Arrogant people pissed her off and she just holding herself from rolling her eyes at the guy.

The Jude guy sauntered like a predator hunting for a prey, observing each girl he passed by for just about two seconds before moving on to the next. What? Did nothing satisfy this guy? He really did seem to be full of himself. But that was a good thing. That meant that this arrogant man would probably not even look at her. He already dismissed some of the most beautiful ladies she had seen in her entire life. Just to make sure though, she did what she always did when she wanted people to forget her existence; she lowered her head just enough to obscure her face.

She could see the man’s feet coming near her. He had already finished inspecting the girl before her. The man stopped for a second in front of her. She still had her head a bit lowered, but she still could catch a glimpse of the chiseled chest in front of her. The guy was so tall that she could only see up to the middle part of his chest. She was holding her breath right then. Move on! Fuck! Get right to the next one! She was screaming in her head.

And then the man moved on.

Yes! Saved! That gave Ria the confidence to finally raise her head.

Right then, the unexpected happened.


Ria felt someone cupping her chin and she suddenly found herself staring right at a pair of such intense hazel eyes. She audibly caught her breath and her eyes widened to a degree. What the fuck was happening here? Hadn’t t this Jude guy already moved on to the next girl?

The Jude guy was smirking widely, looking a lot like a predator who victoriously caught his prey.

Ria was definitely fucked.

Chapter 5


When Jude decided to visit the escort service, he was not actively looking for a fuck. Maybe if he found someone interesting enough; he had, to keep appearances in front of his men. He just needed to treat his men for a deal that succeeded through their hard work. One can keep their followers loyal by rewarding them for a job well done, or so his old man had been teaching him since he was a boy. Now that the old man had retired, he was now the Don of their Mafia group operating internationally. He was visiting the Philippines, his dead mother’s hometown, for a major deal to bring party drugs to upper crust junkies.

His Russian dad also assigned him to also negotiate their investment in the escort service that their Chinese family friend was running before the old man took a vacation in Monaco with some new mistress. He had tried their service before, since it was the premier escort provider of the country. He thought it earned its reputation. Their women were all like living Barbie dolls, just the Asian version. They were big breasted, tall, and long haired. He thought that this underground escort service could compete with other escort services internationally – a business prospect that he kept in mind.

He tried one of their offered services, just to test it. He remembered fucking one C-cup girl whose name and face he forgot. It was a good way to pass the time. But this night, he was not in the mood. All of his fucks had been boring lately: same shit, different bitch.

That was why when his men told him to pick his choice of a bitch, he was disinterested. From what he could see, they were all the same Barbie dolls that always ended up in his bed. Just to humor his men though, he did try to find one he liked. Maybe he could find someone who sparked his interest.

In his first few tries, none of the girls looked interesting enough for him. Sure, they were gorgeous. They’d probably be even willing to suck his dick without the condom on. The manager told him that he quite made his mark on the girls on his first visit. But they were all the same kind of women that he always fucked at night. He was getting bored of it. He moved on after observing each one for a mere two seconds each. It was not until he neared the end of the first line that he finally found someone who caught his eye.

He did not remember this one from his first visit. She was probably new. The first thing that got his attention was the tattoos adorning the exposed arms of the short girl. He himself had a tattoo of a wolf encompassing his broad back and shoulders, and many more. He thought that her skin art was skillfully done. The tattoo enthusiast in him was definitely awakened. Then he noticed the overall appearance of the girl. It was hard not to as she was a direct contrast to every girl in the lineup: petite, short-haired– even almost flat-chested from what he could see. He could not deny that those tattoos contrast nicely to her pale skin and she had smooth, shapely legs for someone so short, as he could see from what was exposed by the figure hugging, black halter mini-dress that she wore.

As he neared the girl though, he could see her discreetly lowering her head, obscuring the face that he was actually curious to see. He thought that the girl would reveal her face to him once he finally reaches her like what all the other bitches who tried to impress him when he reached them. But the new girl did not. Her hair was still hiding her face from him. It was as if the girl was even trying to make him ignore her and merely pass her by. Hmmm… That was a new reaction.

Standing in front of her gave Jude an exact idea of how short the girl was. She only reached his chest, and she was already wearing heels. He could imagine engulfing this bitch’s body as he fucked her hard. Everything about this bitch was small and as far as he remembered, he had never fucked such a petite girl before, she almost seemed a mere child with her body type. I wonder how the sex would be?

Seeing that the girl was still not lifting her head as he stood in front of her, Jude made a move towards the next one. If his theory was right, this bitch was probably trying to make him ignore her. If she thought that he was not interested, she might lower down her guard, relax, and finally lift her head. So he did just that, pretending to examine the bitch after the tattooed girl.

Sure enough, his hypothesis was proven right and the girl lifted her face to him. He was not ready for what he saw: the most mysterious eyes he had encountered, so dark, they looked like they can swallow galaxies. And that was when Jude made his decision: he wanted this girl in his bed that night.

Shit, shit, shit. That was what was going on in Ria’s mind as she stared right into the Jude guy’s eyes. She was ready to be fucked, even ready about the possible pain associated with losing a girl’s virginity. She knew that for some girls, the first time could be painful. None of this scared Ria a bit. She was no stranger to pain, having been physically abused as a child. But this? Being fucked by a VIP mob boss at her very first night? She was not ready at all for this.

How could she be ready? She might as well lose her job at the very first night she entered the service. The thought of fucking up everything, pissing off the mob boss so bad that she gets axed right away, was scaring her more than anything tonight. Hope gave her some tips on how to act around the clients. The foremost of those tips was that she must appear confident. But this guy holding her chin, staring down at her with his feral grin: he made her, usually a chill and stoic person, really nervous. Something about the guy activated the fight or flight response in her instincts.

But all of this is for your dad, who desperately needs your money for his bypass operation. They won’t do it without a down payment at least. That little voice reminded her of the reason why she was here in the first place, giving her the much-needed bravado to face the dangerous being staring down at her.

Ria slowly smirked. She was not used to smiling so she was worried that if she attempted it, she might end up grimacing. So a smirk was safe and familiar. Her eyes took on a challenging and playful stance. Hope would be proud of her acting skills. She definitely internalized everything that the older woman taught her that afternoon.

The guy seemed stunned by her actions. His grin fell and he looked thoughtful, as his eyes were roamed her face. Then he suddenly let go of her chin and turned to his lackey.

“I want this one. Do what is necessary. I’ll be waiting in the VIP room,” the Jude guy said to his lackey before walking away from them.

“That was an interesting choice, Sir Jude,” Miss Hope intoned, but the guy was already out of the hallway.

Okay, so what’s next? Ria was left wondering. She was left standing there until she felt Miss Hope tap her shoulders.

“Come on, we are going to sign your waiver. Sir Matt here will be the one to process your paper and payment,” her mentor told her.

She nodded and followed Miss Hope and the lackey, Matt, to the reception. As she was walking behind the two conversing employees, she was stopped by a hand gripping her elbow.

“Don’t be too confident, Miss Newbie. Sir Jude is known to be strict. Good luck!” A girl with long auburn hair told her in a curiously saccharine voice.

She put away the hand gripping her elbow and replied in her usual cold, deadpan tone, “Thanks for the concern.” She went on her way confidently, ignoring the gasps and small whispers that she could hear. She wished she could say the same about the way she felt inside though. She was definitely cursing her luck in her head.

This girl is definitely interesting. Jude thought as he held those dark eyes that stared straight at his own ones. Lots of men couldn’t even look at him properly, wouldn’t even dare to glance his way, for fear of incurring his wrath. But this girl, she looked at him fearlessly. Jude gave the girl a benefit of the doubt though. Seeing as this girl was probably new in the escort service, she most likely did not know of his reputation. Still, she was able to look at him with no hesitation at all. Jude knew that he was arrogant, but he was not blindly arrogant. He knew exactly what he was capable of, and he knew that he radiated a dangerous aura, a kind of swag, people might say. That kind of predatory swag was something necessary to exert his authority as the Don of the criminal Mafia he led.

That was why he was intrigued when he saw that rather than cower, the tattooed bitch tried to match him. It wasn’t that the bitch was not afraid. He definitely felt the shudder that went through her body, when he captured her chin in a surprise. But that shudder was short-lived and was replaced by a defiance that he couldn’t discern the reality of. For that, Jude was definitely impressed. It was not every day that Jude encountered a person who did not bow down to him right away. Jude couldn’t help the small smirk that spread into his face. He’d enjoy putting the bitch into her rightful place tonight.

It did not take long for him to hear the knocks on the bedroom door. He opened the door which revealed his right-hand man Matt and the girl he had chosen for the night. He nodded to his right-hand man and gestured the bitch to come in. He tried to read her as she entered his private room, trying to find any signs of fear, but he couldn’t. Weird. He usually could guess what a person he encountered must be feeling or thinking. Perception was an important skill he had to learn as he facilitated business deals with other illicit businessmen in the black market.

He closed the door with a resounding thud and turned into his prey standing in the middle of the room rather awkwardly, still maintaining the poker face she had when entered the room.

Chapter 6

Nothing Scares Me

So what now?

Ria was left standing in the middle of the room, trying not to appear nervous, but she was busy trying to remember the things that Hope told her to do in the bedroom but she couldn’t. Fuck. It seemed that she had suddenly forgotten everything that she learned that afternoon.

When she saw the Jude guy approaching, she stood to her full height. He stood in front of her, casually observing her. She opened her mouth to say something but the guy suddenly walked away from her to the direction of the little table beside the bed and picked up the little glass containing ice. She recognized that the guy meant to pour scotch, and since she was an escort, she was expected to serve her clients.

“Let me pour the scotch for you, Sir,” she said in her usual deadpan voice.


“Huh?” She was momentarily stunned by his reply.

The man just stared at her and shrugged. “Just call me Jude. I wouldn’t want you screaming “Sir” while we fuck.”

What? Whatever. Ria would just follow this man’s whims since he was her boss for the night. “If that’s what you want, Jude.”

Jude seemed to be pleased when she uttered his name. He smirked widely and gestured her to the bed. “Sit down.”

She followed suit. Meanwhile, the man leaned on the table, he observing her as he sipped from his glass of scotch. When he put down the glass, Ria decided to ask him her question.

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