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Book 11

A Clans of Kalquor Story


Tracy St. John

© copyright July 2017, Tracy St. John

Cover art by Erin Dameron-Hill, © copyright July 2017

This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author’s

imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or

events is merely coincidence.

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Shalia’s Diary is an ongoing serial story. This is Book 11 of that tale, picking up where Book 10 left off. It is highly advised that you read Books 1 - 10 in their entirety before reading this part.

January 1

I opened my eyes. The first thought that came to me was: I’m clanned.

For a second, I forgot to breathe. A moment of panic filled me with ice. But as I gazed at a wall of muscled chest, I made myself take slow, deep breaths. It would be okay. My heart knew that for a fact. It would be more than okay. Sooner or later, my psyche would catch up with how amazing my life was going to be from now on.

I pulled my gaze from that amazing chest, forcing myself to look up, up, past the throat, stubbled chin, delicious mouth, and arrow-straight nose to stare into Seot’s blue-purple eyes. He gazed at me with an expression of love that warmed me from head to toe and chased all my fears away.

“Good morning, Matara Shalia of Clan Seot,” he murmured.

“Good morning, my Dramok,” I said. Saying it out loud made it okay, somehow. I breathed easier.

Warm lips pressed against my ear. “How are you feeling? Besides desperate for coffee?” Cifa whispered in my ear.

I had to laugh, relaxing all the way. “You already know the most important thing about me,” I said, turning my head to regard Clanmate Number Two, who was spooned tightly against me. “Shalia does not function without caffeine.”

Cifa’s open, adorable face split in a sunny grin. “We may have to invest in the coffee bean-growing enterprise. Your consumption alone will make us richer than ever.”

Dark and intense Larten propped himself up to gaze at me over Cifa’s shoulder. As dangerous as he appeared, wearing an aura of primal violence typical of Nobeks, the usual humor danced in his eyes. “How nicely you sidestepped our Imdiko’s main question, my Matara.”

“Now that the initial shock of realization has passed, I’m happy to be here,” I assured them. I was happy. Day by day, I would make progress with the abandonment issues that had cropped up recently, almost derailing my happily-ever-after with the best clan on Kalquor.

Cifa stroked my hair. “When can I schedule a dinner to celebrate our clanning? We should invite everyone.”

Seot crooked a brow. “Won’t we be doing that for the formal ceremony?”

“Yes, but the ceremony will be too elaborate to have anytime soon. I have a lot to plan when it comes to that. We have a lot to plan,” he amended when I gave him a pointed look. “I’m desperate to make a big deal out of this as soon as possible, so I want us to have a dinner too.”

He was so sweet and hopeful. Who could say no to that? “It sounds great to me.”

“I’m fine with it,” Seot said. “It would be a good for the rest of our extended family to meet Shalia and Anrel, if they can make it. We can com them and see who can get out here in the next few days.”

I thought about it. “I’ll com Joelle, Elwa, and my mom. I don’t think Mom will be able to come, but I’ll invite her anyway. I can invite Candy and Katrina when I go to pick up Anrel.”

Cifa had Larten grab his handheld off the bedside table. He tapped on it, making lists of potential guests, what we might prefer to eat, and locales for the celebration. “Don’t forget that we all plan to attend your first therapy appointment in two days. Should I avoid scheduling for then? If it works out for everyone else, we can have dinner arranged at a restaurant or catered by a food service company.”

While our Imdiko did his event planner thing, Seot started kissing me and doing things that made me moan. Larten complained to our caregiver. “If you’re concentrating on dinner plans, at least get out of the way so I can enjoy my mate.” He shoved at Cifa impatiently.

Cifa tossed the handheld aside. “Oh, are you awake enough for that, Shalia? No coffee first? This is a celebration I don’t want to miss.”

My first full day as their Matara definitely started off right.

It was late in the morning before I got to the complex to pick up Anrel. I also had to pack my belongings. I’d commed Katrina after fun time was done, still a bit breathless from wanton, newly-clanned sex. She laughed to hear me making excuses that I still had to shower and dress. The guys were zooming around the room, getting ready for work while I spoke. (Audio only, of course. Katrina was not ogling my naked clanmates no matter how close she and I are.)

“Don’t rush, clanned woman,” she said. “I didn’t expect to see you early anyway. What are those men thinking, working during an occasion like this?”

“So we can have a prolonged honeymoon later,” I laughed. “Though Cifa says he’s going to the office just long enough to attend a meeting.”

“Get here when you get here,” Katrina chuckled. “Anrel is fine, and I’m enjoying being with her. You’ve kept her away from me far too much lately!”

It was in a well-scrubbed and not quite so breathless state that I showed up at the complex a little more than an hour later. I was grateful to have been allowed to make myself presentable. Seot had sent a chauffeured shuttle for my use until I hooked up with Cifa later in the day, though I protested the extravagance.

“Don’t worry,” he assured me over the com as he took a break between meetings of his own. “We’ll buy you a craft of your own to use. That’s on my—what did you call it? The homey-do list?”

“Honey-do,” I corrected him. I hated to calculate of the expense of having my own shuttle, but I knew it was necessary. I need to be able to get around on my own. I resolved to put my foot down about anything too fancy. I don’t care how wealthy my clanmates are; just because it’s there doesn’t mean I have to spend it foolishly.

Back to my visit to the complex. Anrel squealed when I walked in the door of Katrina’s office. I squealed back and claimed my baby. Hugs, hugs, hugs. Kisses, kisses, kisses. You’d think I hadn’t seen her in a week rather than overnight.

“Good, you don’t appear too well rested,” Katrina teased. “I’d be disappointed if you were.”

“Evil woman,” I laughed. Candy chose that moment to walk in. More hugs and kisses for Anrel. We should register our fan club.

I noted the tear tracks on Candy’s face and sighed, handing off Anrel to her. “Here, you need the joy more than I do,” I said. “How long before Stidmun can visit again?”

“Too long,” my friend pouted. “I thought about stowing away in his travel bin as he packed it this morning. I’ve had it with these separations. I’m going to write a petition about allowing nontraditional clannings.”

“I’ll sign it,” I said with sympathy. “Maybe you can make something happen.”

“Ignore my mood,” Candy said, straightening in her chair and plastering a less-than-genuine smile on her face. “This is a day of celebration. You’re clanned!”

I grinned as she and Katrina cheered. Anrel added her voice to the happiness. “Yes, I am. Cifa is planning a dinner for us all in the next couple of evenings. You’re invited, of course.”

“We’ll be there,” Katrina said. “What about the ceremony?”

“He wants to take his time to plan it all out.” I laughed. “He’s more of a bride than I am, I believe. But I’m glad he’s taking the reins. I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

We yapped for a few more minutes before I took Anrel up to our soon-to-be former quarters. It was the prime hour for her nap, so I was able to work on packing up without having to worry. Not that there weren’t interruptions. Word had gotten around that I was an old clanned lady now, so a lot of my former shipmates stopped by to congratulate me.

There was one awkward moment when Megan stopped by. I hadn’t seen much of her since we’d arrived at Kalquor, so it was nice to reconnect. She hugged me and peeked in on Anrel. Then she knelt on the floor with me as I sorted and put things in bins.

“Shalia, I hope this isn’t too weird, but I contacted the first of my prospective clans. It turns out you were seeing them.”

I started. “Clan Aslada?”

“Yeah. Is that a problem for you?”

I waved her off. “Heavens, no. I’ve got my clan.”

“Why didn’t you choose them? Is there anything I should know?” Her voice was hesitant, as if she was doing something wrong by investigating my background with them.

“They’re impossibly rich, terribly kind, and sexy as hell,” I said. “They are going to do their best to sweep you off your feet.”

Megan relaxed and grinned. “That good? Wow. Clan Seot must be gods to beat out a clan like that. Come on, be honest. What did you not enjoy about Clan Aslada?”

I thought about it. I didn’t want to be critical of the three men who might have been my clanmates if not for the three Mr. Perfects I’d fallen for. “I’m too Plain Jane to be that wealthy. It was too extravagant for little ol’ me.”

She shook her head. “That’s more you than them. Come on, they can’t be perfect.”

“Nobody is,” I agreed. “If there was one thing that kind of got to me, it was how they tended to make decisions on my behalf. Some things I wanted to be consulted on, such as the clothes I would wear, the way I would look when we went out. It’s not that they didn’t care how I felt. They just had a tendency to choose for me.”

“Oh.” Megan sat and considered. “I don’t mind that kind of thing much. The more I interact with these clans, the more I appreciate men who want to take care of me. I guess it sounds weird to someone as independent as you, who goes around beating up Tragooms and fighting off everything that stands in your way.”

I snorted to hear her describe me with such attributes. “Hey, if we all wanted the same thing, life would be boring as hell. It would be outstanding if you were a perfect match for Clan Aslada. They’d be getting a wonderful Matara, and you’d be relaxing in the lap of luxury.”

Megan laughed. “I could get used to that. Thanks, Shalia.”

“Best of luck to you and them. You’d be lucky to have each other, if it works out.”

I hope it does work for them. I think the world of Clan Aslada, and Megan is terrific.

I’d finished filling and locking up my bins when Cifa commed to say he was setting up the big dinner tomorrow night. That was assuming all the people I wanted there could join us. I commed Elwa and Joelle and got the go-ahead from them. Anrel woke as I finished talking to my sort-of moms, so I took care of her needs. Then I tracked down Candy and Katrina and verified their availability.

“It’s a go,” I told Cifa a few minutes later.

“Terrific,” he said. “Want to meet me in the market for lunch? I’m considering Abbub’s. If you discover you’re fond of their food, we can have them cater the dinner. They have a great menu to choose from. Then we can shop around for anything else we need.”

It sounded great to me. I thought it made the most sense to walk from the complex to the market to meet up with him. I notified the pilot of my rental shuttle that I was done with him for the day. Anrel and I set out under a sunlit sky to connect with Cifa.

The walk was a relaxing one, and I even had an adult companion join me. Matara Hina, a Kalquorian woman whom I’d run across from time to time, was heading to the market as well. As I wandered past, she was leaving her lovely upside-down-bowl-shaped home. I stopped to let her catch up when she hailed me.

Hina is beautiful, as magnificent as one would imagine an Amazonian from Earth legend. She’s always dressed well, wearing gowns with an effortlessness I can’t hope to achieve. Her blue-black hair was braided down her back, reaching to her butt. Yet she wears a sadness that I can’t even imagine. The daughter she’d borne had been affected by the genetic damage that is the reason Kalquorian men work so hard to attract Earther mates. Hina’s baby girl did not survive long past the birth. Even with our casual acquaintanceship, I can tell it had affected the woman greatly.

“Hello, Shalia,” Hina said, her gaze lingering as it always did on Anrel. “You look cheerful.”

“Hi, Hina. Yes, I’m in a pretty good mood. I joined a clan yesterday.”

“Congratulations! Who are the lucky men? Maybe I’ve met them.” She fell into step with me, seeming to glide more than walk.

“Clan Seot. Are you acquainted? My Imdiko is one of the owners of the Cifiler line of ocean cruise ships.”

“Oh, I love those cruises. I don’t know the owners, and I’m afraid your clan name isn’t familiar to me, but I have taken three voyages on your Imdiko’s line. I have to say, they get better with each trip.”

I grinned at her. “You’ll have to try the newest ship. It’s small and intimate and goes to ports no other cruise line can access. We’re starting a big promotion for it soon.”

We chatted, as friendly as could be. I don’t believe that I’ve ever spoken to Hina so much. Usually, her attention is all for Anrel. Kiddo was friendly too. We were halfway to the market when Anrel held her chubby arms out to Hina.

“Oh, how sweet,” the Kalquorian woman said, an expression of wistful pain crossing her features.

“Do you want to hold her?” I offered, not sure if it would be more agony than pleasure for Hina.

Hina was delighted, however. She cuddled and hugged and adored Anrel, who was more than happy to have the attention.

We got to the first market square. Cifa was waiting for Anrel and me. It was with obvious reluctance that Hina handed the baby off to her daddy after I made introductions. We exchanged a few more pleasantries, and then Hina went on her way.

“Poor thing,” I sighed when she was out of earshot. “Her daughter died from the DNA damage.”

Cifa took my arm while holding Anrel in the crook of his elbow. “It’s nice of you to give her time with Anrel. She looked as if she enjoyed it.”

“I wish there was something that could be done for women like her.” The subject was starting to bring me down, so I changed topics. “Okay, where is this fantastic food you’re so excited about?”

It was a glorious afternoon from there on, with us planning not just our big dinner, but starting to plan our ceremony as well. Best of all, I didn’t have a single moment of worrying about abandonment. I didn’t act akin to an ass even once. I think Hina’s pain made me grateful for what I have, reminding me to appreciate my wonderful fortune.

January 3

Therapy was interesting. Dr. Cafir seems a capable psychologist. She welcomed us all with warmth. It was as if she were meeting with new friends rather than a gal with abandonment issues and her poor, suffering clanmates. Anrel delighted her to no end as well.

Today was mostly a getting-to-know-you appointment. First, Cafir got the lowdown on the main problem – me – and then took down some history on all of us. I was glad to not be the total focus of her questioning. Though she wanted to know my past relationships with family and others, she also delved into how Seot, Cifa, and Larten had coped with their past bonds, how they had navigated becoming clanmates, and the ways they solved problems with each other.

I was amazed to find out Cifa had suffered a rather bumpy start when he’d joined with Seot and Larten. They’d been in love, but there had still been issues to overcome.

“Cifa was used to ordering his younger siblings around,” Seot remembered with a chuckle. “Especially Erom. Cifa’s brother has a tendency to get into mischief, so my poor Imdiko felt he had to keep a constant eye out and rein him in before trouble could start. He transferred that older brother-type of behavior to his relationship with Larten and me. That didn’t work out so well.”

Cifa and Larten laughed at the memory. “I don’t think I’ve ever yelled at my trainees half as much as Cifa yelled at us that first year,” Larten said.

“Neither of you would put up with it,” Cifa snickered. “Ancestors, it’s a miracle we didn’t strangle each other.”

I looked at them, stupefied. They seemed like they clicked perfectly all the time. I couldn’t imagine them otherwise.

Cafir noticed. “There are always growing pains in a newly-formed relationship, Shalia. It’s hard to live with people one isn’t used to. Even harder to adapt to the compromises that make relationships work, no matter how deeply you love each other.”

Seot winced with a good-natured smile. “I forgot the many bumps in the road that occurred for us back then. Maybe this is a good thing we’re all involved in the initial stages of therapy, even though Shalia came to you for her own problems.”

“I’m glad you think so, Dramok. I want to see Shalia once a week to start. I think it would do your entire clan good if you attend sessions once a month. How do you feel about it?”

“For my clan and Matara, I’m agreeable to whatever needs to be done.”

Cifa and Larten nodded their agreement. My heart filled to know they put that much importance on our union. I’m not sure I deserve those three, but I’m going to do my best to make them not regret clanning me.

“Another weekly assignment I want to give you is to establish a date night or fun day for the adults only, without Anrel.” Cafir smiled at the baby. “She’s rightly the focus for her parents, but you also need to concentrate on each other on a regular basis. Do what you must to get precious alone time that your relationship requires.”

“Good thing there are plenty of people constantly willing to keep her for me,” I chuckled.

“Excellent. I’m glad to hear there will be no problem.” Cafir tapped on her handheld. “Same day and hour, a week from today, Shalia?”

I’m assuming the next appointment is where the hard work begins. I’d better load up on the fun before I have to unwrap the mystery of me.

January 4

The dinner party celebrating our clanship was a huge success. Cifa’s parents were able to come, along with his siblings and their clans, of course. Two of Seot’s parents, who with the rest of their clan live on the other side of Kalquor, couldn’t break away from their work on such short notice. Because of that, none of them came, though they apologized profusely and swore to make it up to us. Larten’s parents live off-world on the moon Lobam. They also couldn’t get away.

Though I’m eager to meet Seot and Larten’s parents, it was nice to concentrate on only one set of in-laws at a time. And what a group my Imdiko’s family is when they all gather together. I’m afraid I’m petty enough to have enjoyed Cifa’s parent clan jumping on his brother’s case whenever Erom started acting like…well, himself.

I adore Erom. I really do. He’s a great person and fun to have around, but his penchant for mischief and smartass remarks can get to be too much. It doesn’t help that his clan has a tendency to egg him on, especially his Imdiko Habo. They’re a wild bunch. I got such a kick out of how his mother, Matara Migeg, can shut him up with a glare.

Cifa’s mom is indeed an imposing specimen. She might be over a hundred years old, but she’s built like a bull. Talk about a solid wall of Kalquorian. Migeg must be one and a half times the weight of Cifa’s Imdiko father Pidoxt. She makes me think of an old-fashioned grand dame, the kind that rules whatever room she’s in simply by sheer force of her personality and size. I felt pixie-ish next to her.

I have the notion Cifa is her favorite child, or at least the one she doesn’t experience the need to judge too quickly. Her eyes shine when she looks at him, and she takes exception when any of his fathers question anything he does. “Oh, Cifa knows what he’s about. Let him be,” was something I heard her say more than once. That attitude seemed to carry over to me. Since Cifa can do no wrong as far as Migeg is concerned, I had to be the perfect woman for him. Apparently, he wouldn’t have chosen anyone less than amazing. Which makes me wonder how bad it’s going to be when I do make a mistake and she finds out about it. Yikes!

As usual, Anrel was everyone’s favorite person. Migeg lost all her bullish characteristics the instant she held the baby to her enormous bosom. “Oh, beautiful baby!” she gushed. “Let your grandmother give you a kiss. And another. Oh, this sweet face needs to be covered with kisses!”

Anrel, whose eyes had been wide when she first saw the woman mountain bearing down on her, laughed happily as she was adored. Migeg couldn’t have been more besotted with the newest family member.

“It’s been so long since I held a little baby. So precious! So perfect! Shalia, I insist you give me a dozen more grandchildren every bit as remarkable.” Migeg turned tough again long enough to tell Ila and Erom, “It wouldn’t hurt you two to start your families either. Ila, you’ve been clanned in full for five years. Erom, it’s been three for you. What are you waiting for?” Then she returned to gushing over Anrel, her eyes shining with love and delight.

Cifa’s Dramok father Trebix is the male version of Migeg, with a lot less chest. He’s a ton of bluster and orders, with plenty of heart behind it. His laugh fills a room. He enjoys his kloq almost as well as his food. I’ve never seen anyone put away so much.

Their Nobek Dohun is typical of his breed…brooding, dangerous, quiet. His gaze, whomever it falls upon, seems to size people up and find them wanting. He looks mean as hell, but when I locked gazes with him, he dipped a nod and gave me a smile. His version of a smile, at any rate. It seemed as if it hurt him to appear pleasant, more like he was grimacing.

I get the idea it’s how his face is naturally. Each time we spoke, he was courteous and even warm. He was fascinated with the news that I’m committed to physical training. He praised me for doing so. “You never know what trouble can come your way,” he said in his low, deep voice. “A person must be ready to fight, no matter how secure their circumstances may seem.” He and I are in great agreement on that account.

Cifa’s Imdiko father Pidoxt has to be the source of Erom’s penchant for trouble. He’s not as obnoxious as Erom, thank goodness, but he does have a wicked sense of sarcasm and a devious grin. At one point during the dinner, Trebix demanded of the catering attendant how his cup could have become empty. “Did I not say to keep it full?” he bellowed.

Pidoxt leaned back with a smirk and told the attendant, “Oh, just bring him a kestarsh trough that he can wallow in. Who gives a cup to an animal in the first place?” Rather than respond with anger, Trebix responded with a window-shaking laugh. As did we all.

It was a lot of fun to meet Cifa’s parents in person. It was great to see Elwa and Migeg get along. Elwa, it turns out, has a penchant for salacious gossip, a trait she indulged in when it turned out she and Migeg knew some of the same clans. It was amusing to the rest of us to hear some of the stories of high-ranking Kalquorians not behaving their best.

Katrina, with her unapologetic wit and foul mouth, was a hit with the pair. Fortunately, my friend waited until Anrel was in bed before she got all the way wound up. Once young, tender ears were out of hearing, Katrina shared some outrageous stories from our trip on the Pussy ‘Porter, ensuring the Kalquorian women’s devotion. Migeg and Elwa hung on Katrina’s every word with breathless delight. Joelle laughed until her face turned as red as her hair. Candy kept hiding her face in her hands. I’m not sure if she was embarrassed by Katrina’s wild tales or overcome with hilarity.

My clanship was toasted a million times. We must have gone through oceans of kloq, bohut, and leshella. No one was steady on their feet by the end of dinner. Thank goodness Cifa had arranged for shuttle pilot service.

On their way out, Katrina and Candy asked me about my visit to the therapist. As I’d suspected they might, they instantly offered to keep Anrel for my date nights. “We’ll make it overnight stays,” Katrina said. “Because we know how a date night should end…with someone hogtied in a compromising position.”

Given how my night turned out after everyone left, Katrina might be a prophet.

As soon as the door closed behind the last departing guest, Seot swept me up in his arms. Unmindful of the catering staff moving at top speed to clear our dinner, he carried me off to the sleeping room. He already had my clothes flying off by the time Cifa and Larten caught up to us.

“Help!” I called unconvincingly to the other half of our clan.

“Too late. You’re already naked,” Larten said. “But I’ll be glad to do the rest.” He shoved Seot aside and tossed me onto the sleeping mat. Before he could jump on me, Seot grabbed him. The two men wrestled across the floor.

Cifa snickered and stepped past the struggling pair. He climbed on top of me and managed to get in a kiss before the others noticed. They pulled him off and wrestled with him too.

I lay watching the three nutjobs, laughing at them as each man would try to slip away to ravish me, only to be pulled back by the other two. “Me first!” was the battle cry.

They went at it for so long, I began to think it would be a case of ‘me never’. I was tipsy enough to come up with my own ridiculous response to the whole thing. I went to the cache of sex toys, got my favorite vibrator, slipped into bed, and began pleasuring myself.

That got their attention. They forgot about fighting each other and came at me like a pack of wolves. Much better.

“Oh please, don’t stop wrestling each other on my account,” I jibed as the vibe was pulled from me. “I’ve got things covered here.”

“We take care of our Matara,” Larten snarled. “Your pleasure is our duty.”

“If you insist.” I giggled uncontrollably despite their intent expressions. “I just thought that since you were busy, I’d rely on my own resources. I have two able hands, you know.”

I tried to demonstrate, which didn’t win me any points. Instead, the guys found some silky cords in our naughty collection. In short order, my wrists were bound and tethered to a hook on the headboard. Then my ankles were fixed to a metal spreader bar. That was also attached to the headboard, leaving my toes pointed in that direction. In other words, I was made incredibly vulnerable, with my pussy open and ass curled up off the mat’s surface. I wasn’t sure whether to cheer my flexibility or bemoan it at that point.

“So you like playing with this pussy?” Seot asked as he turned on the vibrator they’d taken from me. “My pussy? The pussy you should have requested permission to enjoy?”

He didn’t give me a chance to answer. The vibrator pressed against my clit, sending raw, grasping need through me. I howled in miserable ecstasy, knowing the torment had only begun.

Seot held the thrumming instrument to my sensitive bud. Heat and sensation built as Larten came to the bed—I hadn’t even noticed he’d gone until he returned. He held a heavy, black rubber paddle. The sight of my coming punishment brought extra excitement surging to my clit.

“One moment, my Nobek,” Cifa said, crawling up beside me. Damn, had he gone off to the toy bin too? The long, silver chain and nipple clamps in his hand verified that suspicion. I couldn’t figure out why he’d also brought a square of cloth, but I knew I’d find out what he was up to soon enough. His angelic, cutie-pie face was completely at odds with the pain he was about to deal to me, as was the delighted smile he wore.

Seot paused playing with my clit to slide the vibrator into my pussy. He fucked me with slow, leisurely strokes while Cifa plucked a nipple to make it stiffen and swell. I shook all over as anticipation swamped me, adding to the incredible sensations rampaging from their attentions.

Cifa attached what I thought of as an alligator clamp to the first nipple. I hissed as deliciously sharp pain stabbed into my breast. The clamp had a clip, which would allow him to hook weights on it if he wished. I eyed the slender metal chain he held, thinking it would play a part in his breast torture…though due to the position I was in, I couldn’t imagine what he planned to use such a long length for.

Seot pushed the vibrator deep inside and altered the angle so that it rubbed against my interior hotspot. I cried out to feel pleasure roiling, forgetting the hurt of my clamped nipple.

I remembered when Cifa pinched the other nipple, twisting it a little to gift me a jolt of pain. Seot pulled the vibrator out of my pussy and pressed it to my clit once more. My poor brain was verging on overload, hardly able to discern pain from pleasure.

Cifa placed the second clamp. I cried out at the jagged shards that erupted within my breast. I cried out again as Seot rubbed the humming vibe against my clit and shoved two fingers in my cunt. Agony was merging with ecstasy, the lines between them growing blurrier by the second.

I was barely aware of Cifa attaching each end of the chain to the clamps. I regained sense in time to wonder what he was up to as he draped the looped middle over the spreader bar between my ankles, which was directly over my head. The silvery links swung about a couple of inches above my face.

Cifa wrapped the square of cloth around the middle links. “Open your mouth.” I did so and immediately yelped as he pulled the cloth-wrapped chain down. He placed it between my teeth, stretching my breasts to taut points. “Bite down. Your job is to keep this tight.”

Great. I was to be the instrument of my own misery. I did as I was told, for my Imdiko’s pleasure. I whimpered at the painful pull.

But Seot was still finger-fucking me, still playing the vibrator around my throbbing clit, helping to distract me from the torture. At least it distracted me until Cifa plucked at the chain like he played a harp. Agony thrummed through my breasts, but Seot kept playing with me. Once more, hurt and arousal began to unite. The two began to concentrate into a single powerful feeling. Yet was it torment or passion? I swayed between them, unable to settle on either. Sometimes I felt sure I was in too much pain to bear another second. The next second, I was swept up in lust so fervid that I thought I must explode at any second from the power of it.

I’d gotten so lost in the raging storm of what Seot and Cifa did to me that I’d completely forgotten Larten and his rubber paddle. I remembered in a hurry when Seot slid his fingers out of my pussy. He continued to rub the vibe against my clit, but as he licked my juices from his fingers, he moved back to allow the avid-eyed Nobek access to my upraised ass.

Larten didn’t give me a moment to think anything beyond oh shit before he flicked the paddle. A hearty smack filled the air. Pain bloomed white-hot on one cheek. I yelped and almost let go of the chain tormenting my boobs.

“Careful,” Cifa warned me with that sweet-as-sugar smile. “You won’t enjoy what happens if you let go. The punishment for not holding onto the chain is a cunt spanking. Larten’s paddle on your poor, sensitive pussy will not feel good at all.”

He was right about that. I bit down harder than ever an instant before my other ass cheek received its first swat. I kept my jaw clenched, but managed to utter a pretty intelligible curse word.

Larten chuckled. His amusement didn’t grant me any relief from the spanking, however. He set about making sure the whole of my rear was roasting.

Pain should have taken center stage, and for several moments, it did. However, I have that streak in me that enjoys being put in vulnerable positions from which there is no escape. It wasn’t too terribly long before the paddling began to warp into something besides punishment. The heat of Larten’s attentions joined the erotic fire of Seot’s clit play. Even the ache of Cifa’s tugs on the links excited me. Though I knew it wouldn’t be delightful in any way, the fantasy of letting go of the chain, leading to Larten using the paddle on my helpless cunt as I screamed and writhed helplessly, fed my passion until I was on the brink of orgasm.

“Pretty pussy wants to come,” Seot said, his grin knowing. “I see it trembling and twitching.”

I moaned. I was close to climax, all right. It wouldn’t take much to send me over.

Seot said something to Larten in Kalquorian. Between the steady smacks on my ass and him speaking faster than I could interpret, I missed whatever it was. However, Larten responded by spanking me faster than before, the rubber rat-a-tatting in a blurry storm against my flesh. At the same time, Seot increased the vibrator’s speed and pressed it hard against my clit.

I nearly opened my mouth to yell as sensation reached a heady peak. I remembered not to do so a bare half-second before orgasm crested and crashed down on me.

As soon as the first spasm walloped me, Larten stopped spanking and moved out of the way for our Dramok. Seot knelt between my legs, burrowing his cocks into me as climax rolled through. Feeling him shove in brought me harder than before. A thin scream trailed between my clenched teeth. One wave after another shuddered through me as Seot took me hard and fast.

“Yes. Yes!” he shouted, thrusting and increasing the vibe’s speed another notch. “Come for me. Come around my cock. Oh ancestors, yes.”

I sobbed as the friction inside and out forced a series of tremors from my body. Seot was not kind, but he was thorough. He forced me to climax until I thought my pussy would turn itself inside out. I begged him through clamped teeth to come too, so that I could stop. I don’t know if he could understand any of what I said, but it was obvious he was intent on torturing me with my own lust. I almost cried with relief when his primary cock at last jolted inside me, pouring his pleasure and stopping the assault.

“Brutal,” was Cifa’s grinning opinion. He tugged at the chain between my teeth. “You can let go now.”

I did so, gasping. My breasts were definitely achy. My poor pussy continued to shudder with little seizures, as if it had forgotten how to not orgasm. Seot remained buried inside me, moaning as I trembled around his cock. At last he sighed, his eyelids fluttering. “That was spectacular.”

I whimpered as Cifa readied to take off the nipple clamps. “Easy,” he whispered, and released the first one. If I hadn’t been trussed to the headboard, I’d have flown right off the mat. Cifa crooned nonsense noises and kissed the searing pain away.

“Wait a second,” I begged as his attention turned to the other breast. “Please, please, aaahhh!”

“Better to get it done quickly,” he said in his happy, bright tone, as if I wasn’t writhing in agony. “You don’t want to make it worse by prolonged anticipation.”

“Oh! You horrible—why did I clan with you, you miserable sadist?” I yelled.

He laughed and gave me a kiss that made my sex throb with renewed interest. Oh yeah, good point. He’d won that argument fair and square.

He let me loose of my bonds. Larten had a cup of water and a stim tab waiting for me when Cifa finished convincing me I’d done well in my choice of Imdikos. As if there’d been any real question on the matter.

“Getting me ready for round two?” I asked Larten as the stim tab did its work, reviving my depleted energy stores.

His grin was dangerous. “Right after I warm your pretty ass up again,” he said. He sat on the edge of the bed and waved me over. “Finished with that water? Then bring yourself over, my little lovely.”

With equal parts delight and dread, I crawled to him and draped myself over his thighs. My ass was plenty sore already. Apparently, it would be sorer still within the next few seconds. Such is the price of being loved by a Kalquorian man…a most exciting price to pay.

I couldn’t help but kick after the first couple of open-handed smacks Larten gave my poor ass. As I began to thrash in earnest, he was forced to hold me down with a calloused hand planted in the middle of my back. Pain and fiery heat built until I was sure he’d ignited an inferno on my butt. Yet his thigh, right beneath my pussy, was slippery and slick as I responded to the erotic discipline…a response he shared, if the two cocks stabbing against my ribcage were any indication.

“On the floor,” Larten gasped as he gave my cheeks one final, meaty whack. “All fours, woman.”

I didn’t so much as climb off his legs as spill to the ground. Fortunately, my Nobek is far too protective to let me injure myself. He caught me on the way down, setting me carefully on the thick fur rug at the side of the sleeping mat.

There is plenty to be said for a man who doesn’t always overly care for finesse. As a member of the warrior breed, Larten has a definite animal side that I enjoy. A kind of beastly caveman aspect, if you will. Though he retained enough civilization to be sure I didn’t crash hard to the floor, gentle lovemaking was not on the menu as far as he was concerned. No sooner was I on my hands and knees then he was right behind me, gripping my hips and yanking me towards him. He laid hold of his cocks, shoving them at my pussy and ass, grinding the larger primary into the tighter hole with a demand that made me feel weak with need. The tip of him speared me. An instant later, the secondary prick started to burrow into my sex.

Larten grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling so that my head reared. The dominance was so incredible, my pussy spasmed in a kind of mini-orgasm before he shoved all the way in. I shrieked with ecstasy as our bodies smacked together. He mounted me with force that spoke clearly of who was in charge. All I could do was take it.

Gripping my hair and hip, he yanked me on himself at a pace that left me almost unable to breathe. Dear prophets, how that man fucked me. The wet, harsh sounds of our eager sexes pounding were thunderous. I didn’t require any warm up at all. Within seconds, the first orgasm ripped through me with ravenous brutality. My pussy clenched so hard on Larten’s smaller prick, it’s a wonder he’s not down to one cock.

Despite my cunt’s best efforts to rip his manly part off, that Nobek didn’t slow for a split second. He kept riding me, thrusting hard to meet me as he pulled me back. My ragged cries rose in piercing alarms as climax followed climax. Or was it all one orgasm, with each convulsion as strong as the last? I couldn’t tell. I didn’t care. All that mattered were the incredible surges of pleasure that swept through me again and again.

Damn, I’m twitching just writing about it. I’m going to have to ask for another identical ride soon.

It wasn’t over quickly either. Oh, by no means was Larten there for a hurried wham, bam, thank you ma’am. As soon as he felt himself nearing his own end, he dived deep into me and halted. Gasping as if he’d performed a triathlon, he held us still. His cocks jerked within me, as if to protest the postponement of eruption. My pussy twitched, asking for another round, the greedy thing. I lay with my face in the rug, groaning from the onslaught and yet eager for more.

I got more. Larten came at me again, taking what he wanted, all that he wanted. Moments after his cocks started slamming me again, I returned to screaming in ecstasy. Damn, I loved being fucked like an animal. It was hot and pure and demanding.

Yep, I’m horny as hell remembering it. I hope I can finish this entry before having to do something about this.

Larten had to stop again, much sooner than he had the first time. Breathless growls sounded behind me. His body trembled violently. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d have taken a bite out of me…and not a lover’s bite. I’m thinking an actual chunk of Shalia meat. What an amazing beast he is.

I knew when he started up once more that it would be the last round. I came harder than before when he howled, filling me with his passion. I felt more than a little pride that I’d been able to handle my primitive Nobek’s needs as he fell over me, the wild scream he’d uttered settling into moaning gasps.

Whew. Good times.

I had to laugh when an eager Cifa started to untangle Larten and me. “Move, Larten!” he begged when the Nobek proved difficult to budge. “I’m dying here.”

“But I’m comfortable,” Larten mumbled against my ear. “Why should I have to get up?”

“Because if you don’t, I’ll cry.” Cifa’s voice took on a distinctively grieved tone.

Apparently, Larten has an aversion to his Imdiko being in tears. Cifa was convincing enough to have him believe weeping was a possibility. The Nobek’s weight lifted from me with due haste, and Cifa chortled to have me for himself.

He put me back on the sleeping mat, hugging me close. I murmured, “That’s an interesting bit of information to have about Larten.”

Cifa snickered and whispered, “He can’t tolerate the suggestion of tears, even when he knows I’m lying my head off to get what I want. By the way, it never works with Seot.”

“What does?”

“Nothing. The man is iron, completely impervious to head games. Believe me, I’ve tried.”

Cifa’s cute when he’s being conniving. Too cute to call him to task for it.

He couldn’t have been more opposite of Larten when it came to lovemaking. “I apologize if I don’t last long,” he said as he sank into me from above. “After watching you with the other two, I think I could lose it pretty quick.”

I smiled up at him, content after the rougher sex to be quiet with my Imdiko. “Just being together is special to me,” I said, meaning every word of it. “Feeling you inside me, sharing myself with you…how can this not be perfection?”

He groaned and kissed me with amazing tenderness. “I love you, my Matara. I love you so much it hurts my heart.”

“I love you too.” It was wonderful to say it and mean it with all my being. To experience no fear when I uttered the words.

I’m not sure what Larten and Seot were doing while Cifa and I lay there, touching and kissing and whispering to each other. My attention was all on the man I was making love to. Despite his fears he’d not be able to perform for long, Cifa took his time with me. Our movements, when we made them, were slow and relaxed. Often we were still, murmuring how wonderful the other felt to us. Cifa described how warm and wet I was. How incredible it was to feel his cocks held so tightly in my body.

I told him that he felt made for me alone. How he fit within my ass and pussy with a perfection that could only be divine grace. How strong his body felt against me, how he was hard where I was soft, how powerful I knew him to be even when he was being gentle as he was at that moment. How I felt safe in the cradle of his arms, how my body lit in lightning flashes when he moved inside me.

We slid slowly against each other, deliberately, noticing each mote of pleasure that our joining offered, climbing bit by bit to the peak of enjoyment. I’ve never been so aware of anyone as I was with Cifa. When orgasm came, it did so with tender convulsions, steadily drawing on Cifa until he joined me in my ecstasy, groaning as he came within me.

Only after we fell quiet did Seot and Larten join us, wanting to be a part of our calm union now that all passion had been fulfilled. They were welcomed with joy, as they completed Cifa and I.

I may have my issues, but I know I have the perfect life now. Never have I been so happy.

January 8

I’m a working woman once more. I am now employed by Cifiler Ocean Cruises as its senior vid producer. Impressive? Not really, if I’m to be honest. I’m the only person in the newly formed vid production department at this moment, hahaha. So much for glamour.

But I am supposed to hire staff as Cifa and his siblings have agreed to move all vid and promotional production in-house. I report to the elderly but savvy director of the marketing department, who in turn reports directly to my Imdiko, Ila, and Erom. Look at me, being all upper-middle management. I’m moving up in the world.

It was rather overwhelming today, my first official day on the job. Cifa was glowing with (hopefully not misplaced) pride as he ushered me into the production department’s space, located in the company offices. Cifiler is located in a different section of cliffs from the ones near the Matara Complex and market, about twenty miles down the coast from home. It’s a section that’s in the middle of the tourist-trap part of the capital of Kalquor, where most locals don’t come. That I get to enjoy the commute each day with Cifa is a plus, in my book. And as a department head who is clanned to one of the owners, I can bring Anrel with me to work. Extra points for that.

Anyway, back to the vid production department. It’s big enough to accommodate a staff of about a dozen, along with edit suites, wall-sized monitors, computer graphics suites, and a virtual reality sound stage. None of which have been installed, by the way. Or even selected and purchased. That will be up to me. I had to keep reminding myself of my department’s potential as I looked at that wide, empty swath of room. Nothing but a couple of window vids, blank walls, and beige-colored floor was there to greet me. Good night, I have a lot of work to get my department up and running.

“Your office,” Cifa said, opening a door on the far side of the major area with a flourish. “This is the space from which you will rule your subjects.”

Another empty, though smaller room. I was pleased to see it was large enough for me to install my own edit suite. I had no intention of just ordering people around. I wanted to get my hands dirty with actual production when I could. “Where’s my throne, knave?” I joked.

He grinned. “You have to order it, as well as everything else you need. I thought about putting the basics in place, but I want this to be yours. Build your kingdom as you see fit, my Matara. You’re in command.”

Have there ever been more exciting or terrifying words? Besides, ‘Yes, I’ll join your clan’, that is. Ha!

It turned out I won’t get to bury myself in setting up my department right away, though. Cifa has bought air time for my first promotion for the company, the introduction of the small liner whose maiden voyage I went on – and bailed out of early.

No matter. We’d recorded plenty of great footage. There was even a small portable edit suite Cifa had brought so we could assemble a rough cut. I set it up in his office next to his desk for the time being since my real workspace isn’t furnished with even a chair right now. Our two stations formed an ‘L’, letting us work side by side, which was nice.

I brought up the digital recordings I’d made and mused over the footage. I was assembling a rough version to help me think through the project. If I choose and get my pro edit suite in time, the finished, polished product will be finalized at Cifiler. If not, I’ll have to farm it out to the production company the cruise line has been using up to this point. Either way, after this promotion, everything will move in-house.

I’d finally settled on the perfect hook for the campaign, a tagline I was sure Cifa would like. “Best of both worlds,” I said. “It was a popular saying on Earth when two different things were combined. I think it applies to your wish to appeal to family and adventure seekers.”

“Brilliant,” he agreed. “Let’s get to work on it.”

I’d had the idea he might micro-manage the project, had even readied myself to deal with it in a patient manner (his company, his rules), but that wasn’t the case. If anything, he seemed more interested in distracting me with naughty whispers and nuzzling my ear while I made notes on the vid we wanted made. Now that I had gotten my head into the direction he’d wanted the promotion to go, Cifa was content to let me run with it. The only time he offered any real input was when I asked for his opinion.

Cifa had his own work to do. When he wasn’t letting himself get sidetracked by trying to snuggle with me or playing with Anrel on her activity mat on the floor nearby, he took coms, ran reports, sent out missives to his employees, and generally acted like a CEO. I could have been easily distracted by watching him operate. It was fascinating to see an Imdiko running the show of a big company. I said so.

“That’s a big misconception about my breed, even among fellow Kalquorians.” he said. “The truth is, when we find our niche and achieve mastery over it, we’re as dominant as any Dramok. In all honesty, if Erom and I didn’t have Ila to arbitrate and occasionally punch us for being jerks, we would probably be running competing companies. When our views are different, he and I don’t play nice.”

“I guess that’s why you usually concentrate on different departments?”

“It saves a lot of arguments,” he laughed.

Even with Cifa occasionally diverting me, I enjoyed having him nearby. Working side by side was so good, I wished we could keep it like that. But I can’t very well operate an entire division from Cifa’s office, and I worry Anrel and I sidetracked him far too often.

For the good of the company, I’ll have to go along with the separate workspace. It’s nice that things are going so incredibly well. Maybe I won’t have to do the therapy thing for long, not if more and more of these contented moments continue to show up. When I let myself, I’m the happiest Matara on Kalquor.

January 12

Date night! Time for a little adult happy play. Not that I don’t enjoy having Anrel around, but we four grownups do tend to focus on her at our own expense. Besides, I’ve been running myself ragged with setting up the vid production department and hiring warm bodies at work. I can’t even turn it off when I get home at night. I spend my evenings going over equipment specs and applications.

It’s gotten to the point where Seot asked me, “Are you really that busy, or are you trying to avoid us?”

“You mean am I rejecting you before you reject me?” I thought about it. “I don’t think so, but Dr. Cafir did tell me to watch out for that behavior.”

“Shalia is that busy,” Cifa sighed. “Don’t make her feel bad on top of putting together a department from scratch, okay? It’s a big job, and I haven’t been able to help her much.”

“I’ll do better,” I promised Seot. “I agree I’ve been too remote lately. I get a little obsessed when it comes to new vid technology.”

He wasn’t put out with me at all, only worried. This date night is all about reconnecting and putting my priorities back in order. I have to say, I’m excited to have alone time with my guys. I’m due a few hours of being neither Shalia-the-worker-bee nor Shalia-the-mom. Shalia-the-clanned-woman needs her fun.

We dropped Anrel off with Candy, who was thrilled to no end to have her. While we were there, more business came up. “Cifa, you don’t have an administrative-type opening on one of your ships, do you? Or even waitressing or maid service? I don’t mind serving food or cleaning cabins.”

We all looked at her in surprise. “Is your allowance not enough?” Cifa asked. “I thought the government was doing well by the women in the lottery.”

“I want to leave the lottery,” Candy said. “That means I have to be employed, or I can’t stay on Kalquor. I also can’t live on Rel with Stidmun, because it’s a military-only station.”

“The military supplies so much to its people, they don’t have a lot of discretionary income to work with,” Larten agreed. “I’m not surprised you want to find work rather than have Stidmun pay your bills.”

Candy grimaced. “The expense of paying for my own living quarters, even at the most basic level, would make it a major financial hardship on my Nobek. I have no intention of being a kept woman anyway.”

Seot whistled. “You are that serious about being with just one man.”

She grinned at him. “One specific man.”

Cifa, bless him, didn’t hesitate for an instant. “I’ll check with personnel and see what they’ve got open, along with the qualifications required. I’ll tell them that if any department will train a motivated applicant, it will make me extremely happy.” He winked conspiratorially.

Candy beamed at him with genuine gratitude. “I’ll be sure you don’t regret it, Cifa. Thanks heaps.”

She’s made her final decision. I hope it goes well for her and the Stud Man.

“You’re the best,” I told Cifa as we walked from the Matara Complex to the market area. “I think you deserve an extra special reward.”

His adorable face lit up. “Oh, I’ll take that.”

“I’m a pretty good guy too,” Larten said in a hopeful voice, earning laughter from the rest of us.

We kept laughing for the rest of the night. I won’t say I didn’t have a few twinges when I thought things were going far too well, that it couldn’t possibly last, that I’d put my neck out with this relationship and it would soon be chopped off. But those instances were fleeting, and I was able to dismiss them fairly quickly.

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