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Mara’s Mom

By Cindy Larie

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“Hi, Mrs. H, is Mara around?”

“Sorry, she’s not—but I thought I told you to call me Susan.”

“Yeah, you did.” I ducked my head, hiding my smile, “I forgot. It won’t happen again.”

“See that it doesn’t.” She shook a spatula at me. “I might have to spank you. All that Mrs. H this and Mrs. H that makes me feel old. Do you think I’m old, David?”

I looked her over from her feet to her head. “No, ma’am, Mr—er, Susan. You’re definitely a MILF if ever there was one.”

“A MILF?” She raised a perfectly groomed brow.

“You could be a cougar if you went to the right clubs, wore the right clothes.”

“I don’t know these terms, David. You’re going to have to clue me in.”

“What terms?” I asked, a bit naive.

“What was it you said? MILF? Cougar? I’ve seen cougars at the zoo, but I get the impression that that wasn’t what you meant.” She bit her finger, studying me. “Tell me what they mean to you.”

“Ah…um…” I felt my face heat up. “I should go.”

“Did I make you uncomfortable?” Her face dropped. She looked so sad. “I’m sorry. I won’t bring it up again.”

“Mara could—never mind.” My face blanched and I probably turned a bit green. “She’d want to know where you heard it, and she’d be so pissed if you told her it was me. I’d never hear the end of it.”

“Now you have to tell me.” She gave me a look I’ve seen on Mara’s face a few times—the you better talk or else look.

I sighed. “I’m so dead. Fine. Fine, I opened my mouth, didn’t I? Now it’s time to pay the piper and hope you don’t banish me from your home.” I took a few deep breaths. “A cougar is a hot older woman that dates younger men and MILF is slang for mom I’d like to fuck.”

“Mom I’d like to…are you saying you find me attractive, David?” Her cheeks reddened.

“You’re gorgeous, Mrs.—er, Susan. A bunch of the guys in my class, and even some of the juniors, have commented on it. You’re like Mrs.—well, have you ever seen American Pie?”

“No, but I remember hearing Mara and her friends mentioning it in passing. I figured it was dirty, since they wouldn’t say anything in my presence, but she’s eighteen, so—“ She shrugged.

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