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1Surviving life after fifty. . .

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And now for your scrutiny and reading pleasure Elby Lisbil presents: A desirable age.


Elby Lisbil Introduction Surviving life after fifty. . .

I am a single woman having just crossed the threshold of fifty, my husband of twenty years had died at the age of forty-eight he employed abroad an executive working in Saudi Arabia affiliated with the American interest aligned with crude oil production.

A group of American oil companies that are joined together in partnership to form a company to aid the Saudis in their efforts to greater produce crude oil for the worlds demand, using American technology to increase their oil production having proved their value to the Saudis increasing their oil production in a short two years to triple what it had previously been.

My husband Jerry was a energetic man with a lot of potential in college graduate in engineering he had climbed the ladder quickly and was now a highly paid executive, beneath the sounds of the hot burning desert in Saudi Arabia lies billions of gallons of untapped oil reserves.

From his tales of Arabia and pictures it is a place where people are living for the most part simple life's their lifestyles and technologies are at least fifty years behind that of people living in the United States, my husband was overseeing a drilling operation when there was a blowout creating a massive explosion killing my husband and the crewmembers working on the drilling rig it was nearly two weeks after his death that I learned of it and like any other wife was devastated.

I had first heard of the accident on the world news, the details were sketchy and the news report gave very little detail as to the drilling accident, it was not until I had inquired with the Corporation my husband works for that being his wife I was given a gruesome details which had not been yet released to the press discovering that my husband was among those who had perished and efforts were underway to recover the bodies from the explosive wreckage.

His body was shipped back to the United States to mangled to be viewed it was necessary to have closed casket funeral, my son Jeremiah and daughter Christina were in attendance at the funeral along with several executives from the oil company and a few friends.

I was grateful that my son and daughter were old enough to understand what had happened to their father Jeremiah my firstborn twenty-five now, his sister Christina twenty-two, they both married and beginning a family Christina is a housewife her husband an attorney making a good enough income that it was not necessary for her to work.

Jeremiah the junior account executive working for a major payroll processing company, his wife Ellie like Christina is a housewife as well both daughter and daughter-in-law like myself as a housewife were dependent upon their husbands for their creature comforts.

The oil company and his life insurance paid off, fortunate for all of us my husband there had left a Will, according to the will as his wife I was to receive sixty percent in each of his children Jeremiah and Christina to receive twenty percent of the assets each upon his death.

After the legalities were settled I used a small amount of the insurance proceeds to pay off the house and to pay off existing credit card debt, several months had passed when I begin looking into a business venture investing a hundred fifty thousand dollars and opening a convenience store affiliated with a major chain with four gas pumps completely stocked and ready for operation.

Those affiliated with the major convenience store chain that operated under the branded name of: Circle T, provided instruction and assistance and employee referral and within a month I was up and going with a full staff convenience store a franchise operation we were open twenty-four hours a day seven days a week as were the more than hundred and fifty franchise stores throughout the state.

As a franchise owner though not directly involved with the store I oversaw its operation and had input into hiring and firing, though not much say so as far as inventory or the suppliers used to stock the store and keep gasoline in the tanks the franchise corporation setting a rate on gas prices which were within a nickel at every affiliated chain store throughout the state.

Elby Lisbil Chapter 1 Surviving life after fifty. . .

As a widow in a suburban neighborhood in Dallas with my house paid for and the owner of a convenience store affiliated with the major chain I was not doing too bad, I had the love of my children Joshua and Christina who came by several times a month to visit their mother.

The main thing lacking in my life now at the age of fifty was the male figure the role that my now departed husband had played in my life, so he was gone for months at a time when he was home he was my backbone he was the love of my life we each having a strong sex drive which we exhibited mutual pleasure in the privacy of our bedroom as husband and wife making love.

Technology was developing quickly and new things seemingly coming into existence every time you turned around, first there were cell phones and smart phones there was the internet and growing new technologies coming out and changing people's lives in some cases dramatically.

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