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Hucow Helen

Kelly Addams


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Chapter 1

It hadn't been planned, not that Helen would ever admit that. A happy accident she had called the news of her unexpected pregnancy, Adrian, her boyfriend of three years looked on the event as maybe the final straw. Clearly he had reached the point where a decision had to be made, a complicated question with a simple, either / or answer.

Stay or go! Submit to what society called his responsibility, or earn the frowns and disapproval of everyone that knew them as a couple.

He should have left her months before, at that point in the relationship where friends would shake their heads in disbelief muttering things like... I would have bet money that they were the couple who would make it. That was the time where her friends would have felt sorry for her for a few days, then moved on because it really wasn't such a big deal, after all, couple parted daily, it was just a fact of life. But to abandon her when her stomach looked set to burst, that was the ultimate complication... the words, I was planning to leave her even before this happened fostered no sympathy, in fact they cast him in an even darker light... if that was possible!

I'm damned if I do, and damned if I don't! Adrian shook his head and waved to the barman as he pushed his empty glass forward. Just a couple of drinks he had warned himself, Adrian knew his short comings, he wasn't a happy drunk, he was the type of man that allowed his stress to flow freely after one too many, sober, his fuse was short, but with a belly full of cheap booze that fuse disappeared completely. And I have plenty to be stressed about he told himself as ice cubes clinked together as they floated in deep amber whisky.

So what the fuck do I do?

His conscience told him that running away wasn't really an option, and how far would I have to run to be free of the scorn and accusations? The next town, next county? Another country? He shook his head, he liked being where he was, both the place where he lived, and the place he had reached in his life. With one small exception he added ruefully, she was the only smudge on a perfectly polished life, and once again he wished that he had acted sooner.

And why didn't I?

Because she's a horny dirty slut!

And Adrian would be the first to admit that he liked his girls served with a large side order of kink. There were definite advantages to keeping her around... the most compelling being that whereas old girlfriends had freaked at the suggestion that they spice up the bedroom with a threesome, Helen practically purred at just the mention of company. Nothing was ever taboo, when a friend from Adrian's work had joined them Helen had practically dived inside the sexy little brunette. And another time Adrian had tested her when he returned home late with a couple of drinking buddies. They had banged the slut hard, every hole, and had she complained? Not Helen, she had taken everything that they had to give her then begged for more.

I suppose it could really be much worse! I mean, if I wanted to fuck another girl my Helen wouldn't complain, so I can't say that settling down with her would exactly cramp my style. And she is pretty, and hot, and damn sexy when she dresses like a whore. And she's obedient!

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