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School Life

Smashwords Edition | By Zac Moore


Copyright 2017 by Zac Moore

This book is a work of fiction, any reference to real persons living or dead, places, or events past or present is purely coincidental.

Content warning

This book mentions gender reassignment surgery in the first sentence on the first page, it is not a critical plot point but if you think you’ll be offended by this, I suggest skipping the aforementioned sentence, you won’t be missing much don’t worry. It also contains strong language and sexual references and as such the author does not deem this suitable for persons under the age of 15.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Breaking the Fourth Wall

Chapter 2 - Alex V Gotthold

Chapter 3 - The Election

Chapter 4 - Curse you, 7W

Chapter 5 - A Surprising Visitor

Chapter 6 - Where’s Eve?

Chapter 7 - I Love You, Idiot

Chapter 8 - You Must Take a Vacation, You Must Have Fun, You Must Enjoy Life

Chapter 9 - We’re Moving?!

Chapter 10 - Hi, I’m Elizabeth

Chapter 1
Breaking The Fourth Wall

It is the 30th of January 2007, and my life is about to be changed forever… no, I’m not getting a sex change, I’m starting at a new school.

“That’s not really a life-changing thing, Alex” I hear a familiar female voice say, “Everybody starts high school at some point in their lives”.

“Oh! Good morning, Mrs Herriot!” I say, cheerfully.

Mrs Herriot is the mother of one of my sisters’ friends, and also one of the teachers at my new school, she and her family have been looking after me since early January because both my parents are overseas representing Australia at the UN’s International Nursing and Corrections convention, what do those two have to do with each other? Hell if I know, I guess they’re both state-run services? Anyway, I should really get ready for school.

“That you should” says Mrs Herriot

“MRS HERRIOT STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL! You can’t hear the parts that aren’t in quotation Marcuss remember?” I enquire.

“Now you’re breaking the fourth wall, mister!” says Mrs Herriot.

“Oh for the love of- let’s just get going” I say, frustratingly.

Mrs Herriot and I head out to her car and head off for school.

“Now Alex I know I’ve been asking this a lot, but I really need to be sure of it. Are you nervous at all? Don’t forget none of your old classmates will be there” Mrs Herriot enquires.

She has been asking that a lot, I am sort of nervous but I think I’ll be fine once I settle in.

“I’ll be fine, Mrs Herriot, please don’t worry too much about me, it’s not like you’re just dropping me off then heading back” I say,

“Key phrase mister, “will be”, that means you aren’t fine at all currently, what’s up?” she asks.

Gah, I thought she was a Languages teacher not an English teacher!

“Well to be perfectly honest, I’m sort of worried my class won’t like me, I mean I’ll have to LIVE with them for the next year! What if my Asperger’s gets the better of me and I unknowingly say something offensive?” I ask, worryingly.

“You’ll find a way to make things work” she reassures.

“You know what I think will work? Me just staying at your place!” I say, in a sort of panicked tone.

“Alex, you said the exact same thing before the orientation and you turned out fine, just give it a chance” she reassures, this time a little more firmly.

“Yes, miss” I acknowledge.

Hey, wait a minute, wasn’t that the bus station we just passed?

“Mrs Herriot” I call for Mrs Herriot’s attention.

“Yes, Alex?” she enquires.

“Didn’t we just pass the bus station where I’m supposed to join the bus that’ll take me to the school?” I ask, worryingly.

“Alex, look at the clock, what time is it?” she enquires.

I know she knows but I’ll humour her.

“It’s seven” I answer

“And what time is the bus supposed to leave?” she enquires.

“Eight” I answer.

Hey, wait a minute, why’re we so early?

“We’re going in already? What do you have a meeting or something?” I enquire.

“Yep, and you’re coming with me!” she says.

Why am I attending a staff meet- oh never mind.

“You’ll be meeting all your teachers there!” she says, excitingly.

“Really? Yay!” I exclaim, also excitingly.

I feel sort of tired, I think I might rest my eyes until we arrive.

“Mrs Herriot, I’m going have a little nap, could you please wake me up when we arrive?” I request.

“Sure, Alex” she responds.

I close my eyes, and the next thing I hear is Mrs Herriot’s voice.

“On your feet mister, we’re here!” she exclaims.

“Huh? Wha? What’s going on? Where are we?” I question while trying to regain my bearings.

“Just relax, we’re at school, take it easy now” Mrs Herriot says while helping me out of the car.

We walk past a sign saying, “Lisa Hills Community School – Administration district”.

“Get your student ID, ready, Alex, you’re gonna need it soon” she says.

We walk up to a closed gate with a tall looking guy standing guard.

“Garnett, a pleasure to see you, and this must be your charge, Alex Moore, right?” the tall guy says.

I quickly hide behind Mrs Herriot, aside from my shyness around strangers, this guy kind of scares me!

“What’re you so shy for? This guy’s gonna be your PE teacher!” Mrs Herriot says, reassuringly, “Sorry Brad, his kind of shy around strangers, he doesn’t mean to be rude it’s just his Asperger’s”.

“I can relate to that” I hear another feminine voice say, it isn’t Mrs Herriot.

The new woman stoops down to my level, as if I’m some sort of kid, I’m not a kid I’m a preteen, I’m just a little bit short!

“Hi Alex, my name is Sabrina, Sabrina Wine” the new woman says.

I move my head out of my hiding space a little, so I can talk to this person.

“H-Hi, M-Mrs Wine” I say, in my usual shy tone I always use with strangers, “Y-Y-You look very beautiful today!” I quickly say.

God, why did I say that? She probably thinks I’m some sort of creep now!

“Awww, thank you, you’re not looking too bad yourself” Mrs Wine says.

Well, that was unexpected, hey, what’s the deal with this pounding in my chest, I’m not in love, am I?

“By the way, it’s Miss Wine, not Mrs” she says.

That did not help the pounding, quick Alex, say something to kill the mood!

“I’ll try to remember that, Miss Wine” I respond.

Mission “Avoid a romance with a potential teacher”, complete.

“So, are you also going to be one of my teachers?” I ask, curiously.

“Maybe, maybe not, we’re actually supposed to be discussing that this morning” she says, “At the moment it’s a given that Mr King; this tall man here, will be your PE teacher, and that Mrs Herriot will be your Languages teacher. But everything else is uncertain”.

“Oh, I see!” I exclaim, “Hey, when does the meeting start? Soon, right?” I ask.

“Yes, actually we should quickly introduce you to your year advisor and then get going, there’ll be time to meet everybody else later” Mrs Herriot responds.

“Alrighty, a pleasure meeting you Miss Wine and Mr King” I say.

“Wait a minute, Alex, we need to see your ID before the gate will open” Mr King says.

“Oh, sure, no problem, here you go” I say, handing my ID to Mr King.

“Mmhmm, that’s all good, alrighty, you guys can go in” Mr King says.

The gate opens and Mrs Herriot, Miss Wine, and myself go in, I see a familiar face, at least I think I do, my blindness does not help my facial recognition.

“Alright Alex, this is one of your year-” Mrs Herriot says, before I cut her off.

“DAV-MAN!” I exclaim, on this occasion my facial recognition did not fail me!

Chapter 2
Alex V Gotthold

The man I just called “Dav-man” and I join both of our hands, cross our arms over each other twice, I jump around and indicate a low-ten (like a high-five but it’s down-low and uses both hands), he does the same, Mrs Herriot and Miss Wine look on with confused expressions.

“Um, what was that?” Miss Wine enquires.

“Our secret handshake” I respond, cheerfully.

“You and Mr Davin already have a secret handshake?” Mrs Herriot enquires.

“We sure do! Right Mr Davin?” I ask Mr Davin.

“Heck yeah! How have you been Alex, my main man?” he says.

“Pretty darn sweet, brother!” I respond.

“Good to hear! Hey, a couple of members from your class are already here, maybe you should go say hi to them while we adults take care of some boring stuff” Mr Davin suggests.

“Sounds good, which students might these be?” I enquire.

“Eveleen Grace and Elizabeth Gotthold” he responds.

“Gotthold? Aw crap” I respond, disappointingly.

“What, you guys don’t get along?” he asks, in a more serious tone.

“Not exactly, we’re just a tad indifferent about each other” I respond.

“Well, you better learn to deal with each other, you’ll be living together, remember?” he warns.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a way” I say, reassuringly.

“Alright, well, they’re both right over there in that white tent with the number 7 on it” he says.

“Alrighty man, have fun dealing with boring stuff!” I say, cheerfully.

“Boring stuff, WOO!” he says, sarcastically.

I walk over to where my classmates are. Like Davin said, two of them are here, Eve, and a dark-haired girl, Elizabeth Gotthold.

“Eve, a pleasure to see you!” I say to Eve, excitingly.

“Same to you, Al!” responds Eve.

“I’m here too, you blind idiot” says Elizabeth.

“Gotthold” I say to Elizabeth, in a neutral tone.

“Moore” she responds, also in a neutral tone.

“Davin has told us that we should find some way to co-exist, so how about this: keep my name out of your mouth and I’ll do the same” I say.

“Sounds good to me!” she responds.

Elizabeth and I, like I said, don’t exactly get along, why I don’t know, but it’s been like this ever since the orientation, Eve chimes in.

“Hey guys?” Eve says, calling for Elizabeth’s and my own attention.

“Yes Eve?” Elizabeth and I say in chorus.

“Somehow, I don’t think that’ll work! What will you do when you’re forced to work together?” Eve questions.

“Simple, we’ll avoid working together” Elizabeth says.

“That might work for now but I get this feeling you’ll have to work together eventually” Eve rebukes.

Elizabeth and I burst out laughing.

“Not even joking guys” Eve says, in a dead serious tone.

Elizabeth and I cease laughing.

“She makes a point, Moore” Elizabeth says, “Maybe we should start the new year on at least a neutral note”.

“You know, I must agree, Gotthold. Let’s start by reintroducing each other”.

“Good idea. Hi, I’m Elizabeth” Elizabeth says.

“Hi Elizabeth, I’m Alex” I say, cheerfully.

“Yeah you know, this isn’t working, I can’t just work past that one time you threatened me with your sister” Elizabeth says.

“I can’t work past all those times you picked on me” I say, “Maybe for now we should just learn to stay away from each other”.

“Fine by me!” Elizabeth says.

This is going to be an interesting year.

“Hey, Eve?” I call for Eve’s attention.

“Yes, Alex?” Eve responds

“Do we know who else is in this case besides you, me, and Gotthold?” I ask.

“To be honest, I have no idea, Elizabeth might have an idea though” responds Eve.

“Forget it, Moore, you’ll find out over the next half hour or so” says Elizabeth, in that bitchy tone she always addresses me with.

Geez, would it kill her to be civil for once?! You know, I’ma ask that.

“Gotthold, would it kill you to be civil for once? I asked a pretty reasonable question!” I say, angrily.

“Moore, you know, I am a pretty civil person, but you seem to think that you’re better than everybody else! So let me answer your question with a question; would it kill YOU to get off your damn high horse?” she exclaims.

Me? THINK I’m better than everybody else? HA! That’s a laugh, I KNOW I’m better than everybody else.

“Alexander, Elizabeth, what happened to staying away from each other?” asks Eve.

“You know what? Forget I asked anything” I say.

Knowing who’s in the class isn’t worth getting into a fight with Gotthold. At that moment, a short girl approaches our tent.

“LIZZY BABE!” the short girl screams.

Hm, this must be Gotthold’s best friend, hopefully she’s nothing like Gotthold.

“ELLY BABE!” screams Elizabeth.

“Man, it sucks we’re not in the same class, hey?” says “Elly babe”.

“Big time” says Elizabeth.

They’re talking like Eve and myself aren’t here! I gotta say something.

“Hi there, I’m Alex. Nice to meet you” I say to “Elly babe”.

“Oh! Hi! I’m Ellen! Elizabeth’s best friend” says Ellen.

Knew it, they’re best friends, but thankfully she’s nothing like Gotthold.

“I’m not actually in your class, I’m in whatever class is in the Green tent” says Ellen.

“I’m here too, Ellen” says Eve.

“Oh, hi there Eve” says Ellen, “Hey, a few minutes ago I heard yelling, thought I’d come over and check that everything is OK”.

“Don’t worry, myself and Alex don’t really get along, we were just having an argument” says Elizabeth.

“Oh! Well that’s too bad” says Ellen.

Ellen approaches me and motions for me to come closer.

“Hey, listen, Elizabeth may come across as a bitch at first, but she’s alright once you get to know her, so try to put up with her and she’ll eventually come to like you” whispers Ellen.

“Thanks for the advice” I whisper back.

“Well, I best get going, take care everyone, and Alex” she says.

“Yes?” I ask.

“A pleasure meeting you” she says.

“Yes, you too, Ellen” I say.

Ellen leaves and goes back to her own tent.

“She seems nice” I say.

“She’s very nice, even to people who don’t deserve it” says Elizabeth, “I’m talking about you by the way”.

“I thought that was obvious” I say.

“Hm, maybe there is some hope for you after all. Anyway, what did she whisper to you?” questions Elizabeth.

“Some nonsense about how you act bitchy around people you don’t know but are actually nice to people who put up with your BS” I say.

“Heh, that is so something Ellen would say” says Elizabeth, “Don’t get any funny ideas, it’ll be a cold day in hell before I actually begin to call you my friend, Moore”.

I sigh as I wonder when more people will get here.

“Hey, I have an idea! Why don’t we all say something interesting about ourselves?” says Eve.

“Eh, might as well” says Elizabeth.

“Sounds fun” I say.

“Alright, Alex, you go first!” says Eve.

“Well, there’s not much to know about me aside from the fact that I have 1 of every kind of medical condition, my physical condition is Cerebral Palsy, my intellectual condition is Asperger’s Syndrome, my neural condition is Epilepsy, and my sensory condition is Ocular Albinism” I say.

“You didn’t cover mental” says Elizabeth.

“Yeah yeah, whatever, it’s still interesting” I say in rebuttal.

“Alright Elizabeth, your turn” says Eve.

“I am fluent in Spanish” says Elizabeth.

“There’s no way that could be possible, I mean how old are you exactly?” I ask.

“I’m 11” says Elizabeth.

“So you learned Spanish in under 11 years?” I question.

“Yes, see my family is Spanish, so of course I had to learn it from a very young age, otherwise how would I communicate with my relatives who only speak Spanish?” says Elizabeth.

“Hm, interesting” I say, “Alright, Eve, you’re up”.

“Well, this is going to pale in comparison to you two, but I’m also vision impaired” says Eve.

“Really? I’d never have guessed, do you wear contacts or something?” I ask Eve.

“Nope, I’m not legally blind like you are, Alex, so I don’t need the same level of corrections as you” says Eve.

“Oh, I see!” I say, “Uh, no pun intended”/

“Oh ha ha, very funny” says Eve.

“So, how does your vision affect you?” asks Elizabeth.

“Well, I need any small text enlarged, and that’s about it” says Eve.

“Hm, alright then. And Moore, you mentioned you had Epilepsy?” asks Elizabeth.

“Oh, finally taking an interest in me, Gotthold?” I ask, sarcastically.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, I just think it’s important that at least one person in the class know about such a condition just in case” says Elizabeth.

She makes a point.

“Good point, so, what would you like to know?” I ask.

“Could you explain your condition in a nutshell? Like, how does it affect you exactly?” asks Elizabeth.

“Basically, it doesn’t affect me at all so as long as I have my medication. But if I don’t have my medication I may suddenly collapse and become unresponsive for a few seconds, but my heart will still be beating and I’ll still be breathing normally, this is known as a drop attack, my last one was a year ago” I respond.

“So, what should we do on the off chance you do have one of these drop attacks” asks Eve.

“I’m not sure, but the last time it happened I was moved to the sick bay, and then I went home with my mother and rested for the rest of the day. I’ve been told if I’m out longer than 2 minutes than an ambulance has to be called” I respond.

“So basically, seek medical attention immediately and if you don’t recover within 2 minutes, call an ambulance” says Elizabeth, “Seems simple enough”.

“Yep! Pretty simple!” I exclaim.

Gotthold is being way too nice for somebody who hates me, what is she up to?

Around half an hour later, the rest of the class arrive. Aside from myself, Eve, and Gotthold, there are 15 other students in my class; Marcus, Stuart, Dillan, Hayley, Ming, two Cal’s (one of which whose brother one of my sisters know), Tracy, Elva, Bailey, Nela, Cydney, Bianca, Tatiana, Jaden, /, and my best friend and worst enemy from the orientation; Deniz!

“HEY ALEX!” screams Deniz.

He really is quite loud.

“Hey there Mister Ear Infection! So, we’re in the same class hey?” I ask, rhetorically.

“Sure looks like it, be prepared for a whole year of non-stop talking!” says Deniz.

We better not end up having to share a room!

“Hey bro, any idea what your living arrangements are?” I ask.

“Oh, yeah, I’m living in the Support Unit’s residences, what about you?” Deniz asks.

Oh, thank goodness!

“Oh, I’m living in the mainstream residences” I respond.

“Oh! Cool!” Deniz says.

At that moment, Elizabeth chimes in, what’s she got to say now?

“Oh great so I’m going to have to deal with you AFTER school as well?! Far out, God give me strength” says Elizabeth, begrudgingly.

Hey, maybe I should try that tip Ellen gave me.

“Sorry Elizabeth, I don’t like this anymore than you do but in my defence, I wasn’t given a choice” I say, in my most sympathetic voice possible.

“Hey Alexander, remember how earlier I said it’d be a cold day in Hell before I called you my friend?” Elizabeth enquires.

Hey, she didn’t refer to me by my surname for once!

“Yes, I do, what about it?” I ask.

“Well, it’s still far off, but it’s starting to feel awfully chilly” she says, while smiling.

“What do you mean? Are you cold?” I ask.

“Oh for the love of, IT’S A FIGURE OF SPEECH, you idiot!” she says, frustratingly.

Well, at least we’re on a legal given name basis.

“Hey! Don’t call me friend an idiot! I’ll bet you’re not exactly a genius yourself!” says Deniz to Elizabeth, angrily.

Oh shit.

“Stay out of this, Deniz, this is none of your business, this is between Alexander and I” says Elizabeth, sternly.

“Like hell it’s none of my business, that’s my best friend you’re picking on there!” says Deniz.

...I’ll just leave ‘em be, let’s see, quick exit, quick exit, oh is that Tracy over there?

“AL!” yells Tracy.

“TRACY!” I yell back, running over to Tracy.

“Thanks for that, I needed an exit, Elizabeth and Deniz are arguing” I say.

“Yeah, I saw that, just stay out of it, come talk with me!” Tracy suggests, enthusiastically.

Chapter 3
Election Time

I met Tracy during the orientation, and we hit it off almost immediately, no, not romantically, though I certainly wouldn’t mind that! Ha ha! Right, where was I? Oh yes, introducing Tracy, so like I said we met during the orientation-

“Alex you already said that” says Tracy.

“Crap, Tracy, now YOU’RE breaking the fourth wall?!” I ask, surprisingly.

“Haha, yep!” Tracy acknowledges.

Alright, so like I was saying, Tracy is that ray of sunshine that everybody could use in their lives, she’s basically the opposite of Elizabeth.

“Hey I heard that!” shouts Elizabeth.

“Can everyone just stop breaking the fourth wall for a few minutes!” I shout.

Mr. Davin then enters the tent.

“What is UP, 7W?” he enquires.

7W? The hell is he talking about?

“Mister Moore you look confused, what’s up?” he asks.

“Oh, it’s nothing, Mr. Davin, just wondering what on Earth 7W is?” I question.

“Oh! That’s just the code for your class, year 7, class W, see?” he explains.

“Alright, but that raises another question-” I say, before being interrupted.

“Alexander, is this really that big a deal to you right now?” Elizabeth questions “Just let Davin finish his talk than you can ask all the meaningless questions you want! Ugh!”.

“Sorry dear” I say to Elizabeth, sarcastically.

All I wanted to know is what the W stood for. Calm your beans, Elizabeth.

“Alex I’ll answer whatever questions you have after this is over with, for now just listen” says Davin “Now, do any of you know what a class leader is?”.

Almost everybody except for me and Tracy look at each with this face that just screams “I dunno, do you?”.

“Nobody?” he asks again.

Somebody really should answer.

“Well I guess nobody read page 12 of the Student Handbook, so I’ll just-” he says before being interrupted.

“I KNOW” Tracy and I scream in chorus, throwing our hands up.

Crap, now who’s going to answer?

“Alright, Tracy, you’ve been at Lisa Hills longer, you answer” he says.

“A class leader is, as the name suggests, the leader of the class, they’re responsible for organising everybody in the class, resolving disputes, liaising between the class and school staff, year advisors and the year leaders, that kind of stuff” Tracy explains.

“Very good, now Alex, I recall you reading the Student Handbook multiple times during the orientation, do you know how class leaders are chosen” he asks.

“Sure do, Dav-man! First at least two students volunteer for the two positions, then if more than two students volunteer two elections happen, one for the male candidate, and another for the female candidate, these elections work similar to how federal House of Representatives elections work, everybody ranks the candidates by order of preference, and a candidate needs at least 51% of the vote to win, if nobody gets 51%, then the candidate with the least votes gets eliminated, and the process continues until the position is filled” I respond,

“Pretty good explanation, but do you know what happens if nobody volunteers, or if only one student volunteers?” he asks.

“Simple, if nobody volunteers then everybody in the class is put up for election, and if only one student volunteers then everybody of the opposite gender is put up for election” I respond.

“Correct! So, does anybody want to be school- err I mean class leader?” he asks.

Being class leader doesn’t seem like a bad way to get closer to my classmates, and it’s not like I don’t have the experience, I mean, I WAS a reserve SRC representative a couple of years ago, alright, let’s do this! I throw my hand up with enthusiasm.

“I’ll be a candidate, Mr Davin!” I say, enthusiastically.

“Awesome, Alexander Hamilton! Anything you want to say to your fellow classmates, maybe a reason they should vote for you rather than anybody else?” He enquires

“Well, uh, I mean I’m not exactly the best public speaker” I reply, shyly.

I’m really not!

“Come on, Al, have some confidence” says Tracy.

I feel a sudden burst of confidence from Tracy’s words, ah screw it, what do I have to lose?

“You know what? I will give a speech!” I say, confidently, “Students of 7W, I know most of you don’t know me, but I promise you this: if you do decide to vote for me, you’ll be voting for experience, as I have a year’s experience as a reserve SRC representative, now pardon my boldness, but I don’t see a single pinhole on the guys’ shirts, but I’m sure they’d be great if you’re only looking for familiarity, but let us remember, our current Prime Minister has been around for years and is doing a terrible job at the moment! Thank you”.

My hypersensitive hearing allows me to clearly hear many murmurs among the class; “Alex is a great public speaker”, “I’d vote for him”, “Sure he’s a total stranger, but that speech…”.

“Any of you other guys want to run for class leader?” enquires Mr Davin.

“I will” says some tall guy with messy hair, I think his name is Cal.

“Cal, maybe you’d like to say something as well?” suggests Mr Davin.

“Gladly, Dav-man!” says Cal, “Guys, sure Alex is a good speaker, but that’s only part of being a good leader, sure he has experience as a reserve SRC representative, but here’s a question we need to ask: What has Alex actually done for the class he represented?”.

Cal’s speech was literally just a smear campaign on me! Wait, is that Elizabeth standing up?.

“Mr Davin, might I get a word in?” asks Elizabeth.

“This is odd, but I’ll allow it” says Mr Davin.

“Cal, what kind of a speech was that? All you did was rag on Alexander for never representing his class! Big deal! He was a RESERVE, you know, somebody who attends meetings when both main representatives are unable to? Students of 7W, I implore you, don’t let Alexander’s lack of experience in representation dissuade you, give him a chance! I rest my case” says Elizabeth.

Thank you, Elizabeth.

“Well, that concludes the time for male candidate speeches! Now it’s time for the ladies. Any of you ladies want to be class leader?” asks Mr Davin.

Elizabeth puts her hand up, I thought maybe Tracy would’ve ran but the fact that she isn’t is honestly surprising.

“Tracy, you’re not running?” I ask Tracy.

“Alex, I’m more an advisor than a leader, and while working alongside you would’ve been fun, I think you and Elizabeth need a reason to sort out your issues” she says.

She’s right, damn why does she have to be so wise!

“Looks like Lizzy G is our only female candidate, so she wins by default” says Mr Davin, “Elizabeth, any words for your students?”.

“Only 6 Mr Davin; Let’s get along, students of 7W” says Elizabeth.

I would point out that 7W isn’t technically a word, but I’d hate to turn our neutral friendship into a fierce rivalry when we could end up leading the class together!

“Alright, now Mr Mackie, Mr Moore, kindly come stand either side of me” says Mr Davin “You have about 30 seconds for final words before your classmates go off and vote”.

Cal and I go up and stand either side of Mr Davin, neither of us have any final words so he just briefs our classmates on how the voting works.

“Alright guys, now here’s what you’re going to do: take one card and envelope, pass the rest to the next person, go to those booths at the back of the room, write the name of the person who you want to win on the card, put in the envelope, close the envelope, and put it in the plastic box, don’t write your name or anything identifying on it”.

The class, except for Cal and I, go off to vote, so what do we do now?

“Now you two would normally get to vote, but there’s a special rule for candidates; you can’t vote for yourself, so officially, you two are just presumed to have voted for each other, basically cancelling each other out” says Mr Davin.

Guess they can’t have anybody looking at the public record getting suspicious, actually, would the results be public knowledge, or even recorded?

“Hey Mr Davin, after the election, are the results recorded in writing anywhere?” I ask.

“Oh, of course, myself, Ms Janson; the other year advisor, the deputy principals, and the principal can view them on any school computer, the class leaders can view them on any class leader computer in your year group, and anybody in your class can ask to view it at the front office” says Mr Davin.

“So, we can access through it our computers, so in theory, could our classmates ask us to view it?” asks Cal.

Isn’t the idea that we DON’T know that they’ve seen it?

“Well, you’re not supposed to know that they’ve seen it, but there’s no actual rule against it, just give either myself or Ms Janson a call and we’ll tell you what to do” says Mr Davin “So, any other questions guys?”

“I have one; I recall you saying before the election that one of our responsibilities is liaising between the class and year leaders, what are year leaders exactly?” I ask.

“They’re basically like class leaders, except they’re only responsible for the 8 class leaders under them, all the class leaders vote for one set of their own to represent their year to the High School Leadership Team” says Davin.

“So, in other words we don’t vote for people we vote for classes?” asks Cal.

“Well, you still vote for people but both of those people have to be from the same class, essentially you can’t elect the male leader from 7W and the female leader from 7R, it has to be either the leaders of 7W or 7R” says Mr Davin.

At that moment, my classmates come out from the voting area, and they all return to their seats, as do myself and Cal.

“Well done, 7W, I’ll take the plastic box with your votes in them and hand them in for counting” says Mr Davin, grabbing the box and leaving the tent.

We spend the next hour or so making small talk, during which I found out that these elections take place every 2 years, so we’ll have to do this again in years 9 and 11. Oh, hey, counting must be finished because I see a woman with red hair coming in with an envelope.

“Thank you for your patience 7W, I have with me the results of the class leader election” she says.

Alright, moment of truth!

“For the males, Calvin Mackie got 9 votes, while Alexander Moore got 11 votes, and obviously only Elizabeth Gotthold volunteered for the other position, so your new class leaders are Alexander Luna Moore and Elizabeth Gotthold! Could they both please come up here” she says.

Applause come from all around the room, even from Cal, and especially from Tracy and Eve, while Elizabeth and I look at each other in disbelief.


Chapter 4
Curse You, 7W

Author’s note: This chapter takes place from Elizabeth’s perspective for plot reasons.

Oh, my, GOD, I can’t believe this, I mean it’s not like I hate him but REALLY, I have to work with somebody who THREATENED ME?!

“Ms Gotthold, Master Moore, will you please come up here?” says Ms Janson.

Oh yeah, that “woman with red hair” that Alexander mentioned in the previous chapter? That’s Ms Janson, she's our other year advisor.

“Ms Janson, may Alexander and I please have a few minutes to get our speeches ready?” I ask, politely.

“Of course, go right ahead” she says.

I drag Alexander out of the tent by the collar, we're not really going to prepare speeches, as if it wasn't obvious enough.

“Now see here Alexander, neither of us clearly want to work with the other so how about this: I forfeit the position and then maybe they'll have another election for the female leader” I suggest.

“Yeah that's not actually going to work, I had a read of the candidate's guide and forfeiture is only permitted after 1 semester in office or under special circumstances, like ill health” says Alexander.

“Blast! Well, I'll give it a try for 1 semester but after that, don't expect me to hang around” I say “Well, time to go face our fellow classmates”.

A whole semester with this guy, Lord, give me strength!

“Are you two ready?” asks Ms Janson.

“As ready as we’ll ever be” says Alexander.

“Alright then, get up there and face your adoring public!” says Ms Janson.

We ascend our podiums and nod at each other approvingly.

“You go first” says Alexander.

“Alright” I respond, “Students of 7W, it is my pleasure to be leading you alongside Alexander here, if there’s anything I can do to better represent you, then please, do not hesitate to say so”.

I turn my head and nod at Alexander as if to say, “Your turn”.

“Students of 7W, I know we don’t really know each other, but I thank you for voting for me, and I hope we get along” says Alexander.

I knew he wouldn’t be able to give more than one speech without making it about himself. Thankfully though the whole class is cheering for us, Ms Janson beckons for us and we descend our podiums.

“Well done Elizabeth and Alex” says Ms Janson “By the way, Alex, I’m Ms Janson, your other year advisor”.

“A pleasure to meet you Ms Janson” says Alexander.

“Same to you, Alex, now follow me you two, there’s an important class leader’s meeting” she says.

“ALREADY?!” exclaim Alexander and I.

She leads us into the residential district and into this giant black building with a sign saying, “Class of 2012 – Leaders Building”.

“Ms Janson, what’s this meeting about?” asks Alexander.

“To introduce all the class leaders and elect the year leaders” says Ms Janson.

We’ve had a big morning can’t this wait until the afternoon? *sigh* Oh God I’m turning into Alexander.

The meeting lasted about 2 hours and like Ms Janson said, we all introduced ourselves and elected the year leaders, 7B is represented by Kana and Michael, 7G by Ellen and David, and 7R by Amber and Robert, Kana and Michael were unanimously elected as year leaders, and yes, Alexander and I actually agreed on who to vote for.

“You didn’t even give me a say in the matter!” exclaims Alexander.

…Alright maybe I took the lead on the vote, but I had a very good reason for doing so!

“I would’ve given you a say if you were even listening to me during the 20 minutes I was trying to explain all the candidates to you!” I exclaim “Besides, who would’ve you voted for?”.

“Well um” says Alexander.

“Exactly, you had no idea” I say.

We spend the rest of the day with our class unpacking our stuff, hey wait, did Alexander just pull out a laptop?

“Hey, Alexander, what's the deal with the laptop?” I ask.

“You remember how I have Cerebral Palsy?” he replies.

“Yes? What about it?” I reply back.

“Well, that affects my writing ability, and since my handwriting is so messy, instead of writing by hand I use a computer to take notes in class and then transfer them to books later when I'm not being rushed” explains Alexander.

“Why not just ask the teacher to slow down so you have time to write? It's not like it's an unreasonable request” I say.

“The teacher might not mind, but unfortunately not every school student is as understanding as you, Eliza. Long story short, I can't ask the teacher to slow down because I'm afraid my classmates would judge me” explains Alexander.

I'll admit I can't argue with that, I've never been in Alexander's shoes, for all I know he might've had a prior experience where he WAS judged by his classmates for asking a teacher to be more accommodating to his needs, I would ask if that actually happened but quite frankly, I don't really care about Alex's history.

Wait, did I just call Alexander his short name?

A few hours later everybody finishes packing and we have a short class meeting where we discuss things like room assignments and emergency procedures, all the guys have their own rooms separate from the girls but Alex and I, being class leaders, are roomed together, there I go again referring to somebody I'm only acquaintances with as if they were my friend! After the meeting Stuart gets up to speak to the whole class.

“Hey guys, remember that arcade we passed on the tour? Let's celebrate our first night together by going there!” says Stuart.

I could use a break, hey wait a minute, didn't Alexander say something about flashing lights and loud noises, something almost every arcade has?

“Hate to be a party pooper guys but Alexander is an epileptic, I'm not sure the arcade would be the best place for him” I say.

“Hmmmm, good point Lizzy, maybe somebody should stay back with him, we did agree as a class he is never to be left alone” says Bianca.

“I will, I have some CL stuff to do anyway” I say.

“Thanks, Lizzy, take care you two” says Tracy.

The class leaves and I turn to Alexander.

“Now see here Alex, I'm only doing this because it's the decent thing to do, in no way is this a sign of friendship between us! We're only acquaintances!” I say, firmly “Ellen will be here soon to discuss some stuff with us, so get ready for another meeting”.

“Elizabeth, you know I would love to join you and Ellen, but I'm not exactly feeling well right now, I have this huge headache and I kind of feel dizzy” says Alex, rocking from side to side.

“You better go lay down then” I say.

I walk him into our room and lay him down on his bed.

“Now you better relax!” I exclaim.

Oh, there's the doorbell! Must be Ellen!

“Ellen is here, don't worry about us, just relax” I say.

I go to answer the door.

“LIZZY BABE!” screams Ellen.

“ELLY BABE” I scream.

“Where's your partner?” she asks.

“Not feeling well” I respond.

“That's a shame” she responds.

Ellen and I head to the lounge room.

“So, what were we going to discuss again?” asks Ellen.

“An alliance between our two classes” I respond

So basically, I had this idea that the W and G classes should form an alliance of some sort, it was sort of a spur-of-the-moment idea so I hadn't had time to figure out the exact terms, but we'll figure something out.

Ellen and I spend about an hour discussing our alliance when I hear a loud noise come from Alex and I's room. What has he done now?

“Pardon me Ellen, I should go check on that” I say, leaving the lounge room.

I wall in to not a mess on the floor, but a freaking ALEX ON THE FLOOR!

“Hey, Alex, you alright there, buddy?” I ask.

No response.

“Alexander?” I ask again, trying to get his attention

Still nothing. His heart is still beating and his breathing seems study, he also appears to be awake. Hey, wait a minute, heart beating like normal, breathing normal, eyes open, no response, slumped over on the floor, HIS HAVING A SEIZURE! I run back to the lounge room.

“Ellen! Could you please go keep an eye on Alex while I call the front office?” I ask, as calmly as I can.

“Oh, uh, sure Lizzy” she says, heading towards where Alex is.

I run to the house phone and call the front office.

“Front Office, Mrs Boyd speaking, how can I help you 7W?” says the office person.

“Yes, this is Elizabeth Gotthold, Alexander Moore is having an epileptic seizure, we need medical assistance immediately!” I scream into the phone.

“Elizabeth, please calm down, we're sending somebody from the Support Unit and also informing Alex’s guardian, now how long has he been out for?” asks Ms Boyd.

“About two minutes” I say.

“In that case, we're also sending an ambulance. Sorry, but he won't be sleeping at home tonight” says Ms Boyd.

His guardian; which turns out to be our languages teacher Mrs Herriot, as well as Mrs Waltz from the Support Unit, arrive within 5 minutes, they storm the door.

“Where is he? Is he with somebody?” asks Mrs Herriot, frantically

“He is in the class leaders’ room, he is with Ellen Carr from 7G” I respond.

They run towards where Alex is, and not 10 minutes later leave with him – still out like a light – in an ambulance.

Please be OK, Al.

The rest of the class return that evening, they have no idea what happened, I should tell them about Alex, but they look so happy, I don’t want to ruin their day.

“Elizabeth, you look upset, is everything OK?” asks Tracy.

I’ve been caught.

“Oh, I’m fine, but Alex on the other hand…” I say.

“What’s up with Alex?” asks Hayley.

“What isn’t up with Alex! He had a seizure while you guys were gone and the last time I saw him he was being driven away in an ambulance!” I say while crying.

“A seizure? How on Earth did that happen?” asks Nela.

“I don’t know! All I know is that he has Epilepsy!” I exclaim, crying even harder.

“Guys stop questioning poor Lizzy, it isn’t her fault that Alex had a seizure! Lizzy, chill, you had no way of knowing that Alex would suddenly have a seizure, none of us could’ve known!” screams Tatiana.

“Tatiana is right guys, all we can do now is wait for news regarding Alex’s condition” says Eve.

“Thank you everyone, I’m going to go lay down for a while, it’s been a long afternoon” I say.

I nap for about an hour, after which we go and have dinner, the whole class was quiet, I didn’t see Ellen after Alex left for the hospital, she’s probably quite traumatized after seeing him on the brink of death. When we get home Mr Davin and Ms Janson gather us for an emergency class meeting.

“Alright, so does everybody know what happened to Alex this afternoon?” asks Mr Davin.

Everybody nods.

“Well we have news from the hospital, Alex is in a stable condition at Sutherland Hospital, and provided he sleeps well tonight, his doctors have ordered that he be transferred to the Princess of York hospital in Randwick” says Mr Davin.

“We’ve been told he’ll be allowed visitors the day after his transfer, so your first opportunity to visit him will be this weekend” says Ms Janson.

I can hear murmurs reacting negatively to the fact we won’t be able to visit Alex until the weekend, “This weekend oh come on!”, “That’s bullshit”, “What a load of crap”.

“Miss! With all due respect, many in this class feel very strongly about Alex, could we please visit him sooner?” I ask.

Chapter 5
A Surprising Visitor

Author’s note: We’re back to Alex’s perspective

It’s the 1st of February, I’ve been out of school for 2 days now and I hate it, stupid Epilepsy *sigh* Oh well, what’s there to do? A nurse pops her head into the room.

“Master Moore, you have a visitor” says the nurse.

“It’s not Doctor Bi is it? I can’t stand anymore blood tests!” I say.

“No, Alex, it’s somebody from school, one of your classmates, Elizabeth Gotthold” says the nurse.

What is she doing here? Probably some class leader business.

“Send her in, please” I say.

Here she comes.

“Al! So good to see you!” says Elizabeth

That’s odd, she didn’t call me Alexander.

“Alright, how much money am I transferring from the class budget to your personal account?” I ask.

“Idiot, I don’t need money! I came to see you as a friend!” she says.

Did she say “friend”?

“You consider me a friend now?” I ask.

“Yes, I do. Don’t know why but after your seizure I felt this sudden feeling of concern for your health” she says.

“I thought I’d never say this but, thank you Elizabeth” I say, sincerely, “So how are the rest of the class holding up, and more importantly, how are you Elizabeth?”.

“Please, Alex, call me Lizzy, you’ve earned that right. The class is pretty shaken up but otherwise they’re doing pretty good. I’m still a little upset by what happened that afternoon but I’m slowly working my way past it” says Elizabeth, sincerely.

“So how did you get out of school today? It would’ve taken you at least at least an hour to get here by public transport so no way you would’ve had time to attend many classes” I question.

“Oh, well funny story, I used my class leader entitlement to get a day off to visit you, the rest of the class, officially at least, won’t be allowed to visit you until the weekend, I protested the restriction, put up a fight, and they said, “yeah you know what, just log this as CL business, you have 1 day off a term for that kind of stuff”, Ming gave me evil eyes when she found out what I did” says Lizzy, while laughing.

Lizzy and I spend about 3 hours talking, eating biscuits, and watching Cartoon Network (possibly the best, and really the only good part of being in hospital).

“Well Lizzy, thanks for visiting me, you’ve really made me happy, now you better get going before Ms Wine gets back” I suggest.

“Ms Wine? I thought your guardian was Mrs Herriot?” asks Elizabeth.

“Oh yeah, see the thing with that is that I actually have two guardians, Mrs Herriot takes care of me during the day and basically acts in place of my parents, but because she doesn’t live on campus, Ms Wine looks after me after hours and during the mid-semester break” I explain.

“Oh, I see, well, hope to see you back soon, Al!” says Elizabeth.

She leaves quickly, and about an hour later, Ms Wine returns.

“Hi temporary mum!” I say, excitedly.

“Hello Alex! You seem excited! What’s the occasion?” asks Ms Wine.

“A classmate of mine came to visit today!” I exclaim.

“Oh, so that’s why your class was 1 short, let me guess, Lizzy?” she asks.

“Yes!” I exclaim.

“Y’know, she was supposed to be class leader business today” she says, suspiciously.

“…Oh crap, you aren’t going to report this, are you? Please! Don’t! I beg of you!” I say.

“Oh don’t worry Alex, to be honest I’m one of the teachers that thinks that your class should’ve been allowed to visit you today” she says, reassuringly.

“Phew! Thanks Ms Wine, you’re the best” I say “By the way, you didn’t happen to find out when I’m being discharged did you?” I ask.

Please let it be soon!

“Oh yeah, the doctor said provided your blood comes back fine you’ll be discharged on Saturday” says Ms Wine.

“Wait, SATURDAY?! But that’s the first day my class is allowed to visit me!” I scream.

“Calm down Alex, your class is being informed as we speak, here watch this live stream” she says.

It’s a bit choppy because of the hospital’s crap internet, but I can make out most of it. Ms Janson is addressing the class.

“Good news, guys, provided the doctors deem Alex healthy, he’ll be allowed to come back on Saturday” says Ms Janson.

“Define healthy” says Cal.

“Oh geez, whaddaya THINK it means, Calvin!” says Elva.

“Alex has had a number of blood tests, and provided they all come back clean, he’ll be allowed out” says Ms Janson.

Ms Janson, you saint!

“Alright, now would you all like to say something to Alex? it looks like his watching us through the camera” asks Ms Janson.

“Alright guys, just like we rehearsed, raise your pieces of paper!” says Lizzy.

They raise these sheets of paper to the camera, and it’s a poster that’s half blue (my favourite colour) and half black (what I see when I have a seizure), on the blue half a message spells out “AL MOORE RULES” and on the black half “EPILEPSY DROOLS!”.

“Hey Ms Wine, is there any way I can actually talk to these guys?” I ask.

“Uh, yeah I think so, if I just push this and this” she says while pressing various buttons on the computer, “Alright, you’re live, go ahead”.

“Hey guys” I say to 7W, drearily.

I’m really quite tired.

“AL!” screams the entire class.

“Thank you so much for your undying support, it’s what is keeping me alive at the moment” I say.

“You’re very welcome, Alex, but I’m pretty sure medicine also has something to do with it” says Ms Janson.

“Oh yeah, that too!” I say while giggling, “Well guys, I won’t keep you from dinner, I just wanted to thank you all”.

“You’re very welcome, Al” says Hayley, “Now please, get some rest, and remember…”.

“FUCK EPILEPSY” screams the entire class.

“Can’t say I agree with the words themselves but yeah, Epilepsy can go stuff itself” says Ms Janson.

I close the live connection and a few minutes later, the nurse comes in with my dinner – ugh, MORE potato and pumpkin?! It’s bad enough outside of hospital! Oh well, if I finish this I get jelly and ice cream, and that’s the best!

Friday comes and goes, my blood tests come back clear, and on Saturday morning my brain doctor comes in.

“Good news, Alex, you’re going home this afternoon!” says the doctor “Are you excited to see your family again?” says Doctor Bi.

She does know that I live AT A SCHOOL, right?

“Sure am Doctor Bi but I think you mean school instead of home and classmates instead of family”

“Oh yeah, that’s right, my mistake Alex!” she says.

I spend the morning signing forms, packing my belongings, and buying some souvenirs from the hospital gift shop (What? People don’t normally like to remember their hospital stays? Well neither do I but this serves as a reminder to always have my medicine, which we discovered was the cause of my seizure). That afternoon Mr Davin comes in.

“Alexander Hamilton! You ready to get moving?” he asks.

“Hell yeah Dav-man! Get me out of this dump” I say.

Oh, right, I almost forgot…

“Nurses, thank you so much for assisting me these past few days” I say to the nurses at the nurses’ station.

“You were an excellent patient Alex, see you in a few years for that eye test!” says one of the nurses.

“Oh, don’t remind me!” I say.

Dav-man and I make our way down to the lower ground floor of the hospital, but instead of walking to the parking lot, we go the other way.

“Hey Mr Davin, where are we going? The parking lot is the other way” I say.

“You’ll see” he says.

He leads to one of the school’s buses, he didn’t charter a bus just for me, did he?

I walk into the bus, and what do I see?

“AL-LY MOORE, AL-LY MOORE” chants all of 7W.

“Aw, you guys came to pick me up! You truly are the best class” I say.

“Eliza begged me to use a bus, but I never imagined she would bring the class” says Mr Davin.

We drive off back to the school, and Elizabeth and I have a little talk about what’s been happening in the class.

“I heard there are some new procedures in place to prevent another trip in an ambulance” I say.

“Oh yes, from now on two people will be required to stay home with you, one of which must be able to reach you within 10 seconds, and the other must have the phone in arms reach, we have also installed a PA system and wired a handset in every room in the house to it, in the case of a suspected seizure, the person closest to you times the seizure, goes to where you are, and checks you over, while the person with the phone prepares for the worst, if you are indeed having a seizure, they pick up the PA handset and say “Urgent call for…” and whoever the person with the phone is, this signals the person with the phone to call the Support Unit’s emergency line, which was also established because of what happened, after that, we follow their instructions” explains Lizzy.

“What if more than two people are at home” I ask.

“We figured the only time that would happen is if everybody’s home, since the class is mostly required to travel together, so in that case, I’m with the phone and Eve is the person closest to you” says Lizzy.

Man, they really have this all planned out.

“Nice planning, Lizzy, but I’m thinking we should have a drill just to practice” I suggest.

“Yeah, we were planning on doing one tomorrow” says Lizzy.

When we get back, Lizzy and I have a quick meeting with Mrs Waltz (the second-in-charge of the Support Unit, though I call her Evil Overlord and Queen of the Unit) and Mrs Brush (an aide in the Support Unit, I like to call her “School Mum” even though she isn’t one of my guardians) discussing the drill.

“OK, so here’s how it’s all going to work: Alex, at 12:07 PM you fake a drop attack, Eve will respond and follow through with her part of the procedure and page Elizabeth over the PA system, Elizabeth, our emergency staff will be expecting you and will dispatch Mrs Brush, Alex, when you hear Mrs Brush ask, “where is he?” you wake up” says Mrs Waltz.

“Understood” both Lizzy and I say.

So tomorrow comes, and like Mrs Waltz said, I fake a drop attack. I see Eve running in.

“Alex, Alex, are you OK? Alex can you hear me?” asks Eve, who then heads to the PA phone.

“Urgent call for Elizabeth” says Eve.

I can sort of make out what Elizabeth is saying.

“This is Elizabeth Gotthold of class 7W, Alexander Moore is having an epileptic seizure” I hear Elizabeth say.

About a minute later I hear Mrs Brush entering.

“Where is he?” I hear Mrs Brush ask.

There’s my cue to wake up! Eve stops the timer.

“Right through here, miss” I hear Cal say.

Cal escorts Mrs Brush to Eve’s bedroom, where I faked my seizure, Elizabeth follows. Eve hands the timer to Mrs Brush.

“1 minute, 45 seconds. Well done 7W, in a real scenario Alex wouldn’t be out this long, but if this were real we wouldn’t need to call an ambulance, just remember to stay on the phone with our emergency staff until somebody from the Support Unit arrives and if the timer exceeds two minutes before then, tell them so they can call an ambulance” says Mrs Brush.

“Good job everyone, you can all go back to whatever you were doing before the PA announcement” says Elizabeth.

“Actually Elizabeth, might I suggest lunch” I say.

“Yes, actually, let’s go and have some lunch!” says Elizabeth.

We all jump in the class bus (yeah, we have one of those, it can also drive itself within the school) and drive to the canteen for lunch

Chapter 6
Where’s Eve?

Author’s note: The rest of the book will take place from Elizabeth’s perspective.

It’s about 6am on the 17th of July, we agreed during the initial class meeting that this would be our regular wakeup time on school days, this was also reaffirmed at our start-of-semester meeting yesterday. As usual, Alex is a very heavy sleeper, so I have to wake him up.

Al, it’s 6am” I say to him.

Ugh, why so early?” questions Alex

Geez, such a high maintenance little boy.

Alex, you yourself suggested this time because it takes you at least an hour to get ready in the morning. Now get your butt out of bed and go wake the boys” I say.

Alright” says Alex, tiredly.

He goes to wake up the guys, and I head the other way to wake up the girls. I’m slightly less forgiving when it comes to waking people up other than Alex.

“Everybody up!” I exclaim, opening the blinds.

Geez Lizzy, that’s quite blinding you know!” says Nela.

Oh, cry me a river.

Is everybody ready for another fantastic semester?” says Tracy, excitedly.

Hell yeah!” says Bianca.

Let’s be extra productive this semester, and maybe consider a later wakeup time!” says Elva, excitedly.

Hey, guys, shot in the dark but isn’t somebody missing?” asks Bailey.

Yeah, Eve has moved to the Hunter Valley so she left with her family last night, Alex is really upset about it” I say.

I can imagine he would be, he loved her” says Cydney.

Oh well, he’ll always have you, Lizzy” says Hayley.

Hols! Alex and I aren’t involved in that way, we’re just friends!” I exclaim.

I’ll admit though, Alex sure is sweet enough to be boyfriend material. No, Elizabeth, put the thought from your mind, you and Alex are both in year 7 and far too young to be dating!

“Well I’ll leave you ladies to get dressed” I say, quickly leaving the room to escape their oh-so-suggestive comments!

I get dressed myself and Alex and I gather everyone in the lounge room for morning class announcements.

I am happy to announce effective from today our alliance with 7G is in effect, we’ll be permitted access to their house, and they’ll be permitted access to our house, we’ll also share study sessions and break periods, and occasionally we’ll also merge classes. Any questions regarding this?” says Alex “Yes Marcus, what is your question”.

Will we also be able to bang the chicks in 7G?” asks Marcus.

Alex sighs and murmurs “I knew he’d ask that”.

After you both turn 16 and can legally give consent, yes” says Alex, with his face in his palm “Just remember school policy forbids such inappropriate conduct anywhere on campus!”.

Alex, you are a legend. Hey, I wonder if he’s going to announce Eve’s departure.

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