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A Change of Plans

A short story spin off from Dancing Around the Cop (Book 2 of the Alpha and Omega series)

By Lisa Oliver

Copyright 2017 by Lisa Oliver

All Rights Reserved

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A Change of Plans (Alpha and Omega # 2.5)
Copyright 2017 Lisa Oliver

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My readers are always such a constant joy to me – the way you reach out through social media, sharing pictures and wonderful stories. Please believe me when I say this book could not have been written without you. Your support means more than you could ever know, so thank you.

And there are those wonderful people behind the scenes who do so much to help keep me on track and get the word out about my books. Phil, Judy, Mary, Torhild, Leah, my wonderful PA Avril, and all my lovely friends in Lisa’s Wolfpack. You bring sunshine into my life.

Thank you.

Chapter One

“Fucking hell, that’s Richard’s brother?” Sully whistled under his breath as he and Zander watched Richard greeting a muscle-mountain with closely cropped blond hair. The airport was crowded but Richard was as tall as him and Zander, standing out from the rest. The brother’s head rose a few inches higher; his harsh military haircut and squared shoulders screamed Marine.

“He’d snap you like a twig,” Zander chuckled. “I thought you were looking for someone smaller to scratch an itch. I’m sure Terry’s friend Charlie would be interested if you smiled in his direction.”

“He’s looking for a relationship,” Sully muttered, watching as Richard and his brother came closer. “I wouldn’t be good for him with my hours. Besides, he’s built like Terry; it’d be me snapping him in half.”

Don’t mess with a marine,” Zander warned as he plastered a professional smile on his face and stepped forward. “Gunnery Sergeant Thorne? A pleasure to meet you. I’m Detective Zander Samuels.” He held out his hand and the bigger man took it. Sully could pick up a weird vibe coming from the two men; the handshake taking longer than necessary. Damn it. Just my luck the marine prefers brunettes, although Terry won’t be pleased.

“You can call me Q.” The marine said roughly giving Zander’s hand a final squeeze before dropping it.

“And this is Sully Roberts,” Richard said, with an edge to his voice. “He’s a detective too. He and Zander used to work together, but he’s currently assigned to the SWAT team.”

No need to remind me, asshole, Sully’s smile was forced as he held out his hand to the marine who seemed reluctant to take it. Feeling decidedly snubbed, Sully went to drop his, but at the last-minute Q took it, the work-hardened fingers sending a tingle of electricity through his arm. My gods, I want this man; Sully’s eyes widened at the thought and he hurriedly dropped Q’s hand. “I’ll go get the car. Were you coming out with us…er…Q, or shall we drop you somewhere first?”

“Oh, I’m coming,” Q’s eyes were darker than Richard’s brilliant blue ones but they looked as though they could see into his very soul. “I’m definitely coming along.”

“Yeah…er…right…I’ll just go….” Sully’s usual confidence deserted him and he fled the airport terminal, eager for some fresh air. There was a definite bite in the air although Sully knew his cheeks were still heated when he reached the car. Checking he was alone, he quickly thumped his cock. “Looking is one thing,” he muttered to the lump in his pants, “but don’t go getting any ideas.”

Yes, Q was a magnificent muscle-bound hunk, but Sully knew the chances of both brothers being gay were slim to none, especially with Q being a marine. Sully worked out at the gym every day and his job kept him in peak condition, but Zander was right, Q could crush him like a bug. But oh, what a way to go, he thought shaking his head as he got into the car. What a way to go.


“What the hell are you doing?” Richard hissed at his brother as they waited for Sully to collect the car. “First you try to crush Zander’s hand to dust and then you’re looking at Sully like you want to eat him. He’s barely out of the closet.”

“Mate,” Q said bluntly his eyes scanning the exits and everyone milling around. “Mine,” he added for emphasis. “And Zander’s hand is fine.”

“You mean you and Sully?” Zander bent over, laughing like a loon, his crushed hand apparently forgotten.

Damn it, Richard should’ve warned me he was bringing another shifter along. Q refused to feel sorry for trying to establish his dominance in a human way. But Zander’s reaction to what was a life-changing decision annoyed him.

“You have one, I can smell him. An omega, if I’m not mistaken.”

“Don’t you touch my m…Terry,” Zander amended quickly although no one was paying attention to them. The joys of being in an airport; everyone always had somewhere else to be.

We don’t fight among ourselves, Q,” Richard warned quietly. “We’re all loners here and have learned to get along. Hold your temper. Zander’s Terry is very good friends with the man I’m seeing and neither one of them deserves any grief from you.”

Q bit his tongue. Seeing Richard friendly with another Alpha who wasn’t pack or mate was his first shock of the evening. Meeting a human mate was the second. Now Q’s wolf, who put up with a lot during his time in the Marines was edgy and anxious. It was night; danger lurked around every corner and their mate was out there alone.

“Sully’s a detective,” Zander said, watching the crowds and doing some fidgeting of his own. “He knows how to handle himself.”

“Does Sully know about us?”

“In a way. He just recently learned about it, but he thinks it’s only me and Terry. He doesn’t know about Richard.”

Damn, that would’ve made things a lot easier. But fuck, what am I thinking? I can’t take a mate. Especially not male. What about my team, my work? I won’t be able to re-enlist. Q thought back to the conversation he’d had with his lieutenant the previous day. He was due for re-enlistment; his second four-year term coming to an end in another month. His CO indicated promotion would be available to him if he chose to sign up for another four years, but something at the time held Q back. That was why he was on a month’s leave; to think about his future at his CO’s suggestion.

Was it only this morning I thought I didn’t have anything to mull over? He had a good platoon, decent sergeants under him and while his wolf pined for the touch of others, the action they’d seen and the comradeship made up for a lot over eight years. He knew they’d be deployed soon and he planned on going. But now…Q looked up to see Richard watching him anxiously.

“I’ll go slow,” he promised, unsure how he’d keep that promise but vowing he would. “I’m on a month’s leave.”

Richard looked as if he wanted to say more; Q knew since his brother-in-law died, Richard was all for mates, mating and spending as much time with mates as possible. But a car pulled up, Sully at the wheel and Q’s lust rendered him speechless; clearly whatever Richard was going to say wasn’t suitable for human ears. He threw his bag in the trunk and squeezed his frame into the seat behind Sully. In the confines of the car, Sully’s scent, a sweet mix of citrus and brandy singed his nostrils and he hid his claws under his legs. It’s going to be a freaking long evening.

Chapter Two

He’s looking at me again. Sully surreptitiously wiped across his chin, worried he might have food stuck to it. Dinner was lovely, or at least he assumed it was. Sully ate on autopilot. He could feel Q’s eyes on him, but every time he looked up the man seemed to be watching the crowds. His cock was screaming at him to make a move; his head and guts were warning him that was a bad idea.

“Your phone’s ringing,” Charlie smiled as he poked Sully in the ribs. Charlie was the only one of Terry’s friends still single; well, apart from Q who looked big enough to terrify anyone and Sully didn’t mind chatting to him, even if he had no plans of taking anything any further. Small, like all of Terry’s friends, Charlie’s hopeful look bordered on desperate a couple of times throughout the meal; something Sully tried to ignore.

Thanks.” Sully didn’t offer any explanation of why he hadn’t heard his phone. What could he say? I can’t tell if the man across from me wants to lick me all over or throttle me and it’s bugging me? Yeah. That wouldn’t go over well. He slid from the booth, answering his phone as he went, heading outside where things were a lot quieter.

“Detective Roberts, what’s up?” He asked, recognizing the number as the dispatch office.

Detective Roberts, we have a domestic situation; firearms on the scene. Backup has been requested by local officers,” the calm voice sounded as though she was talking about the weather, but Sully’s adrenalin surged. “Please proceed to the address I will text you and report to Commander Latham.”

“Shit,” Sully looked down at his jeans and shirt. “Affirmative, Dispatch. Will be there in fifteen minutes.”

The dispatch officer clicked off without comment and Sully hurried inside. He was going to need to borrow Zander’s car; the keys were still snug in his pocket. Conscious of Q following his every move, he pulled Zander aside and quickly explained the situation. Zander looked torn, as though wanting to come along, but they didn’t work together anymore and with a slap on his shoulder and a “keep your head down” Zander went back to his friends and Sully ran back to the car. Gunning the motor as he sped past the club, he swore he saw Q standing at the door; ignoring what could only be a flight of fancy, Sully focused on the road and the evening ahead. Richard’s brother wasn’t going to distract him, at least until the domestic situation was resolved.


“Q, for the love of all that’s holy, what’s got into you?” Q wasn’t used to being manhandled into a bathroom, especially in a club, but he could see Richard was pissed and went quietly. Maybe charging out of the club after a work-focused mate was a bit much. But he wasn’t backing down to his brother.

“My mate just went storming off. That damned smug friend of yours simply says ‘work’, like it’s none of my concern. How did you expect me to react?”

“By tipping over the table; upsetting Terry and his friends? Nearly getting us thrown out?”

Upsetting your little drama queen, you mean. He yelled because he smudged his mascara and got a mayonnaise stain on his jeans. I said I’d pay for dry-cleaning.” Q paced, five steps one way, five steps back. His fangs had dropped, his claws digging into his palms. He was in danger of losing his shit; his wolf had never been as pushy before. You’ve never met a mate before.

“One,” Richard got right in his face. “Never insult Roy again. He might not be your type, but he’s fun and my wolf likes him and wants to protect him.”

Q bit back his response. He’d been the one picking up the pieces when Richard’s mate died in a tragic accident. The man was shattered and Q worried for months he’d have to bury his brother. It had been a long road back for Richard and Q wouldn’t demean his brother’s choices now.

“Two,” Richard wasn’t finished. “Sully might be yours, but he’s not wearing your mark; you’ve barely spoken two words to him and he has a job to do. You’re a marine; you understand loyalty, honor and following orders.”

Yes, Q did; hence his conflict. He wanted Sully; every cell in his body wanted to claim the man. But if he did…it seems Richard was following a similar thought.

“How you gonna claim the man, Q? You get sent all over the world. Hell, it can be months before I hear from you. You can’t stash Sully in base housing and then disappear for goodness knows how long.”

“He could stay here; do his job. I can come back when I’m on leave,” but even as the words tumbled out of Q’s mouth, he knew he was lying to himself. Richard knew it too.

“And your animal half is going to accept you being on different continents; him in dangerous situations every day, knowing you are too? You’ll go mad without him.”

“What am I meant to do?” Q spat out. “His scent is clogging my nostrils; all I can see in my head is his ass when he walked out. My wolf is this close,” he held up his hand, thumb and forefinger millimeters apart, claws fully extended, “to tracking him down.”

“First, you breathe,” Richard said, his hands a solid weight on Q’s shoulders. “In and out, with me, just breathe.” Q dutifully inhaled and exhaled, following the rise and fall of Richard’s chest. “That’s better,” Richard said as Q’s claws receded. “Now,” he said gently, “We need to get back to my place. I already told Roy I’ll see him for lunch tomorrow. He knows you’ve just got into town and totally understands the situation. Then we can talk; really talk and see if we can’t work out a solution that will work for you and Sully.”

Q followed, even though his inner self wasn’t happy about it. “How did you meet Zander, anyway?” He asked as he passed their now empty table. Clearly, his temper had caused a swift end to the night.

I was dating Terry, just to piss him off, although we’d seen each other around for years before that little incident,” Richard laughed as he raised his hand for a taxi. “Oh, and here’s another delicious tidbit, if you’re interested. When Sully first saw Zander furry, he pointed a gun at him.”

“Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy,” Q chuckled as he bent to get into the taxi. “But hey, how will I know Sully’s all right? We should go and check on him, right? You know where he lives?” He shuffled over so Richard could get in beside him.

Zander has my number. I think he plans on speaking to Sully in the morning, so if you don’t want ‘this’, you’d better let me know now. Zander thinks a lot of his friend and will be pissed if you go running out of town leaving Sully on his own after he’s laid the groundwork for you.”

Of course, I want ‘this’,” Q mimicked Richard’s air quotes. “I just….” Q trailed off, conscious of the driver listening in on every word. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. The Marine’s motto went around and around in his head. Q knew how to do it; he’d been trained to do it. But when the improvising and adapting meant leaving his life of eight years…he didn’t think that was what the Marines had in mind.

Chapter Three

Hey, Zander, I wasn’t expecting to see you so bright and early. Did Terry kick you out of bed?” Sully stood back hanging onto his towel as he let his longtime friend into the house. “I just got out of the shower. Go and help yourself to coffee and I’ll put some pants on.”

“I wanted to catch you before you went to the gym,” Zander called out as he made his way to the kitchen and Sully ducked into the bedroom.

His house was a small, one-story ranch style with just two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Personally, he preferred Zander’s house; especially since Terry added touches of color and warmth to Zander’s previously austere home. Zander’s had a warm and comfortable feel and Sully shook his head as he took in his spartan room. Maybe I should ask Terry for some advice on soft furnishings.

Yanking on a pair of sweats, wondering where his sudden burst of domesticity came from, Sully went back out into the kitchen. “So, what’s up? It takes a lot to get you out of bed this time of the morning since Terry’s keeping it warm for you. Surely, you’re not here to make sure I got back from the job last night.”

“I’ll thank you not to mention Terry and bed in the same sentence,” Zander showed his teeth and Sully laughed. “Actually, I am here to check on you, which I’ve done. But I also had a question. What did you think of Q?”

“Richard’s brother? What is this, high school?” Sully was stalling. Seemed he couldn’t do anything but think of the man. It was one of the reasons he needed another shower. “He’s very intense. Handsome if you like that sort of thing. But hey, I behaved myself. I didn’t go rubbing off on his leg or anything. I’m not that hard-up.”

Zander looked down at his mug and Sully felt a frisson of unease running down his spine. “I didn’t do anything, did I? Look, I didn’t sit next to him; I talked to Charlie most of the night. Oh, gods, he doesn’t think I’ve got the hots for him, does he? What the hell did I do?” The last thing Sully needed was an angry Marine breathing down his neck. He’d got enough grief from Latham the night before for being distracted.

Zander took a sip of his coffee, looked up at the ceiling and then back at Sully. “You remember my wolf.”

Sully nodded. It’s not like it was something he’d forget. Seeing his best friend turn into a furry four-legged animal didn’t happen every day. He was still embarrassed he’d pulled a gun on his friend; the reason he was still on the SWAT team.

“And you know Terry’s one too.”

“Yeah, you explained you guys were mates, although I haven’t seen Terry furry. I bet he’s cute.”

Zander chuckled. “Don’t let him hear you call him that. But yeah, okay, what I haven’t told you before because it wasn’t my secret to tell is that Richard and Q are wolf shifters too.”

Q and Richard?” Q, Sully could understand. The guy reeked of animal magnetism; Sully could easily imagine him turning into a man-eating animal. But Richard? Sully shrugged. A wolf in a suit. Who knew? But then he had a horrible thought and busied himself looking for a mug, his cheeks flaming. “They could smell me, couldn’t they? How aroused I was when I met Q. Oh my god, I am so sorry, but how the hell was I supposed to know? Look, this must happen to you guys all the time. Don’t tell me Q’s gunning for me now. It was a perfectly honest reaction; I didn’t do anything about it.”

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