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Daily Life With Furry Girls

Volume 01

by SciFurz

version 18/09/2017

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All characters engaging in copulation, drinking, substance abuse or other so-called adult behaviour that might appear in this totally made up story are of the magical adult age before anything like that happens according to the laws of your residence.

All characters are also fictional and have no resemblance to any other person, animal or object, living or dead, or even undead, zombie or ectoplasmic form.

No animals were harmed during the making of this story, except for those slaughtered to feed humans or satisfy experiments, feed predators in the wild, and those in unfortunate accidents.


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01 - Knock, Knock. Who's There?

02 - Who Let the Dog in?

03 - Two's Company, Three's Even Better

04 - Caught in a Web of Furries

05 - Making a Better Trap

06 - A Big School Debut

07 - Letters to Home

08 - Visitors in the Night

09 - Guy to the Rescue, with Some Help

10 - Politics in Different Ways

01 - Knock, Knock. Who's There?

Rock music on, something strong to drink, the green cursor waiting inside the text editor for the start of a night of writing. Guy sat back with his laptop on his knees in a stack of cushions on the floor and prepared to write down his thoughts when he heard knocking on his door.

"Blast." he thought. "Always when I'm in the mood for writing."

Another double knock.

'Hai, hai.' he said with a sigh, put his laptop aside and went to the door in his long shorts and shirt, ruffling his short, dark blonde hair.

Before he reached it, it opened and a white feline anthro in dark blue dress suit walked in. Her bushy white tail swayed sharply along with the ponytail of her long, white hair. 'How rude to keep me waiting when I'm expected.' she said, frowning at him. Surprised, he watched her look around, scrutinising his small single room apartment with her sky blue eyes. 'And what is this place? It's so small.'

Guy blinked his blue-grey eyes, wondering if he had fallen asleep behind the laptop and was dreaming now. 'Excuse me?'

'Ah. My luggage is at the door. Be careful with it.' she said and passed him into the room. 'Don't tell me this is all.' Her tail twitched left and right.

He looked at the two light blue suitcases outside the door and turned back towards her. 'Excuse me.'

'Yes, yes.' she said and waved him off. 'You're excused.'

He took a moment to breath. 'Hold it!'

She looked back at him, a little surprised with her ears moving back and forth.

'Who are you?' he asked crossing his arms, annoyed at her haughty attitude. 'And what are you doing here?'

'What silly questions.' she said and sniffed once. 'I'm Feli, the special envoy from IPA, the Interspecies Prospect Administration.'

Guy frowned in confusion. 'Gomen, but, I have no idea what you're talking about.'

'The office that looks into possible cooperation between the different species of the worlds?' she said, raising one eyebrow. 'You had been chosen to host the representative from our people, which is me.'

He pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. 'There must be a misunderstanding.' he said looking back at her. 'I've never heard about this.'

She pulled out a letter and held it out to him. 'This is the official confirmation of the assignment.'

He took it, saw an official logo on top and read it. 'It's all here.' he said after a moment. 'This is the address but the name's not right. Okayado is not my name and it's not even the name of the previous tenant. My name's Guy Thorsson.'

Her eyes grew bigger and her ears turned back. 'What do you mean?'

'The address they have sent you to must be wrong.' he said, giving the letter back.

'Are you sure?' she said, reading the letter herself once more.

'If I had participated in any of this I would surely have remembered it, even if I had been drunk at the time.'

She looked up at him, the stern look in her eyes gone. 'So, I'm not supposed to be here?'

'Looks like it.' he said, unsure of what to do next.

For a moment she looked at the letter again, then pocketed it and bowed. 'Gomen, it was not my intention to disturb you.' she said and went past him to get back outside.

'It's okay.' Guy said, following her. 'I'm sorry you had come to the wrong place.'

She took her luggage. 'Thank you for your patience.' she said, bowing quickly once more and walked down the stairwell back to the street.

'No problem.' he said as he watched her leave.

He closed the door feeling a little bad for her, walked back to the cushions and sat back at his table again. He took his laptop, put his hands on the keyboard, stared at the screen, but couldn't retrieve the earlier ideas he had in mind to write down. After a minute he stood up again and made himself a big sandwich with meat, cheese and lettuce. He put the plate down next to his floor cushion and then realised it was pouring down outside. He had always enjoyed the sound of rain and opened the door to the small balcony and leaned outside to let the raindrops fall on his face.

The streets were quiet but for the sound of rainwater flowing down pipes and the drainage down the street. He took a deep breath of the refreshing air mixed with the scent of wet asphalt and pavement stones through his nose, then heard a sneeze. Leaning out further he searched left and right down the street reflecting shop window lights in its wet surface, and found Feli hiding under a short sun shade from a store. She looked cold with her arms wrapped around her and he could see the shade didn't shield her much from the downpour.

'Maybe I'll get a story out of it.' he told himself, went to the door for his shoes and umbrella, then went out onto the street heading for Feli.

'Hey.' he said as he found her backed up against the wall and peeking up at the night sky. Her ears were flattened, her wet tail tucked between her legs, her clothing and suitcases damp.

She glanced at him, then down. 'Hey.' she said softly.

'You have no place to go?'

She shook her head. 'I would only meet the agent working for the human subdivision of the IPA tomorrow. I have no contact info with me. I was just waiting for a taxi to come by.'

'Right then.' he said and picked up her luggage.

Her eyes went wide. 'Wait, what are you doing?'

He gestured up the street with his head. 'You're staying at my place tonight.'

She glanced around. 'But?'

He raised an eyebrow. 'You want to spend the night getting even wetter here?'

She looked down at her feet. 'But, I wasn't really nice to you.'

He smiled gently at her. 'Forget about it.' he said, hooked her arm in his and pulled her along. 'Let's just get you home and dry and tomorrow we can sort things out, find out where you were really supposed to go.'

Back upstairs he gave her a big towel and pointed her to the bathroom with shower. 'Get the cold water out of your fur before you catch a cold.'

'Arigatou.' she whispered as she went into the bathroom while he stashed away her wet luggage.

She undressed and dropped her wet clothes on the floor, turned on the water and adjusted the temperature, slipped into the shower and gladly let the hot water run through her fur until she felt warm again.

Guy knocked once on the shower door. 'Since all your luggage is wet I put your clothes in the dryer and I've left a large sweater of mine out here for you with a couple more towels.'

'Arigatou.' she said rinsing her tail.

While he was looking for something warm to drink he heard her get out of the shower. 'Feel better now?' he asked.

'Much. Thank you.' she said, her voice softer than it had been the first time she came inside.

'Would you like some tea or warm milk or something to-' he said and froze when he turned around. His eyes were fixed on her.

'Something wrong?' she asked and checked herself to make sure she wasn't dripping all over the wooden floor.

He shook his head. 'No, sorry. You look really good.' he said with a little smile, admiring the way she looked in his black wool sweater coming down to halfway her thighs.

She looked back at him with wide eyes and flattened ears and realised what he had said. 'Gomen! I meant you look better now that you're dry again!' He turned back to the kitchen counter to hide his blush. 'So what would you like to drink?' Her stomach rumbled a little and he held back a chuckle. 'Or maybe you'd like something to eat?'

She looked away fiddling with the hem of the sweater. 'I don't want to cause any more trouble.'

'No trouble. I made myself a sandwich just before I saw you outside. Would you like one? I have cheese, beef, lettuce and tomatoes on mine.'

'Yes please.' she said softly with a little nod.

'Have a seat, it'll be right there.' he said, giving her a gentle smile as he gestured at the cushions against the wall.

She sat down in one corner, looking around at the apartment again. This time she felt more appreciation to be here. It was small, but there was the small open kitchen, integrated storage space in one wall, a low table with a decent screen on it in the corner near the window. Basic luxuries, just at a smaller scale than she was used to at home.

He handed her a plate with a thick sandwich. 'Oh yeah, what do you want to drink?'

'Warm milk please, if you have some.' she said smiling gratefully at him.

'Okay.' he said and returned to the counter.

He placed two cups of warm milk on the table a moment later and sat down to start on his own sandwich. 'What's this IPA assignment anyway?' he asked after swallowing down the first bite.

'It's meant for each species to get to know each other better since there's only been high level contact between our species so far.' she said, happy to explain her presence more properly. 'If there's anything that clashes between our cultures it's better to find out first before we start mingling any further.'

He nodded. 'I see. So how did you end up here?'

'I was top of my class and I was curious.' she said, chuckling a little at how true the second reason was.

'But then you unfortunately ended up at my place.'

She sat up straight quickly. 'It's really not bad!' she said. 'They said it was going to be a luxurious place with a wealthy family and..'

He laughed. 'No worries. You belong at a more appropriate place than here. All I've got here are books, movies and my work.'

She relaxed a little and looked around again. 'What do you do?'

'Writing.' he said nodding at his laptop. 'I write short stories for a weekly sci-fi and fantasy magazine while I work on my novels.'

She cocked her head and pricked up her ears. 'You're famous?'

He let out a short laugh. 'If I was I would live in a bigger place than this.'

'Gomen.' she said, flattening her ears a little.

He smiled. 'I make enough to get by and keep having fun. I don't mind because I don't need much to feel satisfied in my life.'

She yawned and he remembered he needed to get her a place to sleep. His apartment wasn't big though and the only free space was in the middle of the room where he always slept. There was no choice, also because he had no spare futon. At least it was big enough for two.

'I only have one large futon, so if you don't mind sharing?' he asked with some embarrassment.

She shook her head. 'I don't want to bother you any further.'

'You're no bother.' he said. 'In fact, I enjoy this opportunity to have met you. Seems not many people get it and it gives me something new to write about.'

'Thank you.' she said softly.

He laid out the futon in the room after putting away the dishes and Feli curled up with an extra pillow while he turned off the light.

'Sleep well Feli.' he said.

'You too.' she said, her eyelids getting heavy. 'Thank you for everything.'


Finding Feli sleeping next to him was the proof to Guy that he hadn't dreamt the whole thing last night. She looked serene in her sleep and he refrained barely from touching her creamy white fur and pet her like a house cat. He stood up and told himself to write something about this for next week's short story.

The weather was comfortably warm with a clear sky so he opened the balcony door to let the morning air in. Outside were just a few people out and about at the early hour and he enjoyed the occasional distant sounds of the otherwise quiet street indicating people were waking up and starting their day.

'Nice.' Feli said as she came up next to him a moment later.

He nodded. They watched shopkeepers open their stores and others get ready to go to work when Guy got an idea. 'I've got to buy more things for breakfast, why don't you come with me? I can give you a short tour of this street.' he said.

She turned to him. 'You wouldn't mind?' she asked, pleased with the first opportunity to observe this world, but a little nervous about it as well. 'People here probably never have met someone like me in real life. Only seen us on TV.'

'I don't.' he said and grinned. 'It'll let me have the honour of being the first person to introduce you to life here, and be the envy of others.'

She chuckled. 'Then please.'

A little later they walked down the street while Guy told a little about the shops they passed by like the book shop and one which had all sorts of items for a variety of hobbies. They entered a convenience store, the doorbell chiming pleasantly like a couple of small birds.

It wasn't a big store because the village also had a butcher, a bakery, and a vegetable store in the shopping street to serve the needs for the people living in the neighbourhood. It mostly featured canned goods, all sorts of drinks, household items. Feli looked around at the rows of shelves with cans, boxes, bags and bottles and racks decorated with a few plants and warm lighting. It gave her a bit of a welcoming feeling of coming to someone's home.

'Uncle!' Guy called out as the store was empty, then turned to Feli. 'My uncle and aunt own this store and occasionally I help out when they're short-handed. Everyone here calls them Auntie and Uncle since they treat everyone like family.'

'Guy! You're up early.' the middle aged and slightly greying man said that came out the back and said 'What have you-' until he saw Feli.

Guy gestured at Feli 'Let me introduce you, this is Feli. She's-'

'Honey! Come here!' his uncle called out to the back before Guy could continue. 'Come meet Guy's girlfriend!'

'Wait!' Guy said. 'I didn't say-'

'Oh dear!' his aunt said as she came quickly and saw Feli. Her face wrinkled up with her big smile. 'I would have never expected this, to be honest, but she sure is beautiful.'

'Thank you.' Feli said, embarrassed by the sudden compliment and smiled at the middle aged couple who could be mistaken for anyone's friendly relatives. 'But I'm-'

'Would you like some tea or something else to drink?' Auntie asked, took Feli's hand without waiting for an answer and pulled her along. 'Come sit down with us. This is the first time he's come over with a girl.'

'Auntie, she's not-' Guy started and then his uncle slapped his shoulder.

'Come, tell us how you met her, and how the hell you managed to hook up with her.'

Guy looked helplessly at Feli while they were led to the back and she giggled back at him.

Eventually Guy managed to explain that Feli was not his girlfriend and why she was here.

'Oh dear.' his aunt said, cupping her cheeks. 'I'm so embarrassed.'

'Don't be.' Feli chuckled. 'It was an honest mistake.'

'Yeah, I'm the one who should feel embarrassed here.' Guy said.

'Why would you?' his uncle asked with a little devious grin. 'She's quite the catch.'

'That's not what I meant. I meant for her to end up with me would be embarrassing for her.'

'Don't worry.' his aunt said and pat his cheek. 'Once she gets to know you it'll be fine.'

'No, I-' he started and then decided to give up with a sigh while Feli suppressed her laughter with her hands.

After Guy had collected the things he needed for breakfast he and Feli said goodbye at the door.

'You're thinking of staying here?' Auntie whispered to Feli as she leaned closer.

'Eh? Why? I'm supposed to be at another house.' Feli said, glancing at Guy.

Auntie smiled. 'I see the look in your eyes. It's the same for human girls.'

'Wait, I haven't even thought about anything like that.' Feli said, a little shocked at the possibility she could entertain such thoughts. 'I'm only here to observe your culture.'

'What better way to experience the life here?' Auntie asked and nudged her closer to Guy. 'Enjoy it to the fullest.'

Before Feli could say anything back, Auntie and Uncle waved and went back to work.

'Sorry about that.' Guy said on the way back to his place, grinning a little while still feeling embarrassed.

'It's okay. I like your aunt and uncle.' Feli chuckled. 'They really do feel like they're family.'

'I hope she didn't say any further embarrassing things to you just now.'

Feli looked away. 'No, it was nothing.'


After breakfast Guy called a few information numbers and found the ministry responsible for the IPA.

'They're sending an agent over to fix the situation.' he said after a short conversation on the phone.

Feli nodded.

'It'll be some time, so, what would you like to do in the meantime?'

'I don't know?' she said clutching her hands. 'I don't know anything much about your way of living.'

He pondered while looking outside. 'The weather's good. How about going to the park at the end of the street? On days like these I like to go there and write. I'll leave a note on the door about where to find us.'

Her ears pricked up. 'Okay!' she said, always happy to spend time in nature on a sunny day.

On the way there Guy noticed the looks on the faces of people they passed. 'It really is special to have you here.' he said, feeling a little pride to be with her. 'Apart from watching you on the media, nobody has met anybody from yours, or other species in real life.'

'I guess it would be the same for us when a human walks down our street.' Feli said, noticing she'd have to get used to some amount of staring from now on.

'I'd better not botch up even the little bit of time together with you, otherwise I could cause an international incident.' Guy said and chuckled.

She grinned a little. 'Yeah, you'd better be on your best behaviour and make sure to keep me satisfied, otherwise I'll have to report you and then you'll get in so much trouble.'

He clamped his head and moaned. 'The pressure! The pressure! I can't take it anymore!'

She laughed as they entered the park and he led her to a spot near the pond. He had brought big towels to sit on and they watched the ducks swim with their brood and the few people who walked by.

'It sure is nice and peaceful here.' she said, squinting while she looked up at the sun and enjoyed its warm rays.

'Yep.' he said, leaning back on his hands, thinking she had a beautiful profile with her ears standing upright. 'Sometimes I spend a whole day here with a good book instead of writing. You probably have places like that too, where you can quickly step out and enjoy a relaxing time in nature.'

'We do, but I hardly took the time. I was always studying.' she sighed.

Guy nodded. 'I see.' he said and spotted something she probably hadn't experienced before. 'In that case, wait here for a moment.'

She watched him with some curiosity as he walked away.

When he came back he handed her an wafer cone with white, red and brown balls on it. 'Not sure which flavour would suit you so I chose vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Those are most popular.'

She looked at the cone with the three scoops of ice cream on it, then at him eating his. 'You can eat this?'

He nodded. 'Very important ingredient on summer days.'

She sniffed it, then licked the ice carefully. 'Cold!'

He chuckled. 'That's the point.'

She tried every flavour and he heard her approve them all from her hums increasing in pitch.

'I can hear you really like it.' he said with a satisfied grin when he had finished his ice cream cone.

'You do?' she said, not expecting a human to understand the expressions of her species.

'Well, I guess that your purring means you're enjoying it.'

She looked down, then realised she was indeed purring. 'I-, you're not supposed to listen to that!' she said, taking the last bite of her cone and pushed him.

He laughed out loud and she pounced him. 'Stop that!' he said, laughing hard.

She playfully punched him until she noticed a little red haired girl looking at her. They looked at her as she fiddled with her pink and blue dress.

'Hi there.' Feli said.

'Hi.' the girl said.

'Are you looking for something?' Feli asked, moving off of Guy's chest.

The girl wiggled a little. 'Can I pet you?'

Feli blinked. 'You want to, pet me?'

The girl nodded, plucking at her dress again.

Feli looked at Guy who shrugged. 'I guess it can be expected of kids who don't yet know any better. If you want to I can handle it.'

She shook her head. 'No, it's okay.' she said and sat down in front of the girl. 'Go ahead then.'

Carefully, the girl touched the top of Feli's head and stroked it.

'Soft.' she said and Feli smiled, leaning a little closer.

A young woman hurried towards them. 'I'm so sorry!' she said and pulled the little girl back. 'I lost sight of her for a moment and she's just really fond of pets.' She held her hand in front of her mouth. 'I mean, not that you're a, I'm so sorry!'

Feli smiled. 'It's no problem. She's a sweet kid and I can imagine what I look like to her.'

'Come.' the mother said to her daughter. 'We have to go home now. Daddy will come home soon and we're going to granny.'

The girl looked up at her mother. 'Okay.' she said, then looked back at Feli. 'Bye kitty.'

'Bye, little one.' Feli said and waved a little as they walked away.

'Cute.' Guy said.

Feli nodded. 'Yeah, cute kid.'

'Well, I was actually talking of you.'

She looked at him with big eyes. 'What? Me?'

'Yep. The way you let her pet you.' he said and smiled. 'Cute kitty indeed.'

'No way!' she said and punched him again while he laughed.

A cough made them both look back at a young woman dressed in a black suit. Her long brunette hair weaved a little in the breeze. 'Excuse me, you must be Feli?'

'Yes?' Feli said as she examined the suit the brunette wore. It looked better than the suits of the officials she had met so far. 'Are you from the IPA?'

The woman nodded. 'We found the note on the door saying we could find you here.' she said and looked at Guy. 'And you must be Guy. I'm miss Tesha, agent assigned to Feli.'

He stood up and helped Feli up. 'Yes. Nice to meet you.' he said, shaking miss Tesha's hand.

'My apologies for the mix-up with the addresses. Someone made a typo on the contact information sheet.'

'No harm done. We had fun, right?' he said, looking at Feli with a smile.

Feli nodded, returning the smile. 'I think it was actually a good start on my stay here.'

Miss Tesha nodded in though. 'In that case, it would make things easier right now.'

'How so?' Guy asked.

'Unfortunately, the family Feli would stay with had an accident last night. A kitchen fire burned their house down.'

'Are they okay?' Feli asked, her ears at attention.

Miss Tesha nodded. 'They are, only the house got damaged and they live with relatives for the moment. But that would also mean needing to find a new address for you to stay at and that would take some time. Going through qualification processes again and all that.'

'I see.' Guy said looking at Feli.

'So,' miss Tesha continued. 'if you don't mind? You will be compensated of course.'

Guy turned to miss Tesha. 'I will what?' he asked, frowned a little, then raised his eyebrows as it dawned on him what she meant. 'You mean you're asking me to let her stay at my place?'

She nodded again. 'For the time being.'

Feli looked at him.

'It's really up to you.' he said to her. 'I don't know if you can stand staying at that small apartment of mine. Not much room for two.'

Feli smiled softly at him. 'I don't mind if you won't. I already like it here.'

'Room won't be a problem.' miss Tesha said and turned around to make a phone call.

Guy didn't understand what she meant but shrugged it off, there were more important things to take care of now. 'In that case, welcome to my humble home.' he said to Feli. She gave him a light bow. 'Thank you for taking care of me.'

Guy gave her a warm smile and gathered their belongings to go home.

'Everything's settled.' said miss Tesha as she put away her phone. 'Let's go to your place and take care of the formalities.'


When they arrived back at his apartment, Guy found the door open and heard a lot of noise coming from inside. Just as he wanted to enter to see what was going on a construction worker came out.

'All done, boss.' the bulky man said handing a list to miss Tesha.

'Very well, thank you.' miss Tesha said and walked inside.

Guy and Feli followed her and saw the wall to the next apartment had been torn out. They looked at the other side and found the rest of Feli's belongings there.

'Plenty of room now.' miss Tesha said.

'Wow. That was quick.' Guy said, gawking at the suddenly increased space.

'Now, since the prospect of cooperation between species is an important matter, I don't have to remind you that we expect perfect behaviour from you.' miss Tesha said to him with a stern look. 'If you in any way try to take advantage of her I will come down on you like a ton of rocks.'

He held up his hands. 'I won't! She'd probably shred me to pieces if I dared anyway.'

Feli chuckled. 'I trust him.' she said. 'He's been a real gentleman all this time.'

'Those are the worst.' miss Tesha said looking at Guy again. 'Anyway, I'd like you to take care of the program we created and show her the places we listed. These include historical sites, museums, festivals.' She handed Guy a thick folder.

Guy flipped quickly through the pages. 'That's quite a lot.'

'Yes, but you can take your time with them. There are special passes which allow you access any time you want.' she said and turned to Feli. 'Now, do you have what you need?'

'Yes.' Feli said looking at the room and Guy. 'I think I'll manage.'

Miss Tesha nodded. 'Very well then. I'll keep in touch so if there's anything else let me know. Enjoy your stay here.'

Guy walked miss Tesha out and dropped on the newly received couch when he returned. 'Wow. This is quite something.' he said, checking out the new floor mats making it look as if the two apartments have always been one.

Feli looked around the room again. 'You sure you won't regret this?'

He smiled. 'No way. Things have gotten really interesting now. As long as you can stand having me around I think we'll have plenty of fun.' He leaned forward. 'I've been thinking of using this situation as inspiration for my stories, but maybe I should start an online diary of sorts.'

Feli's ears pricked up at the idea. 'Could I write too?'

'Of course. I think plenty of people would like to know how this works out from both our perspectives.'

Feli smiled. 'Okay then. Let's do it.'

Guy created accounts for the both of them on a grid space diary and they took turns to write about their first day.

'Now we'll just have to see how it goes.' Guy said and looked at the list in the folder he had received from miss Tesha. 'I see they included movies. Unfortunately most are pretty dry stuff, but then I think I've got better ones to show you. Movies that are actually fun to watch. I suggest we end the day with that, seeing it's already this late.'

She agreed and he let her search through his collection while he started on making dinner. She ended up with a light comedy and they settled down on the couch with their food while watching it on a new large screen TV. He was glad she enjoyed the movie and liked to see her laughing, getting caught up in it and soon laughing at scenes that were less funny than they should have been.

After the movie and cleaning the dishes he laid down her new futon in the new part of the room. 'Sleep well.' he said across the room as they went in for the night.

'Good night.' she said with a warm smile.

He couldn't fall asleep right away, thinking of how his life changed so much now and stared at the ceiling. They hadn't had the time to paint that anew, but where the wall had been was now a low wooden beam.

'Guy?' Feli whispered.

He turned on his side and saw her on her knees next to his futon. 'Feli? What's wrong?' he asked sitting upright.

She fiddled with her tail. 'I can't get used to a new unfamiliar room just yet. Mind if I sleep next to you?'

He smiled softly at her. 'I understand, come on in if that feels better.' he said and lifted his cover. 'I have to get used to having this much space myself.'

She crawled into his futon and closed her eyes. 'Good night.' she whispered and smiled softly.

'Good night Feli.' he whispered back.

He heard her breath slow down soon and knew she had fallen asleep. After that it didn't take long for him to fall asleep as well.

02 - Who Let the Dog in?

The next morning Guy woke up with a heavy feeling on his chest. He blinked his eyes to get the fuzzy black blur out of his sight but it was still there. And now it growled.

'Wake up human.' it said.

He tried to focus again and this time he recognised the blur as a canine with thick black fur, baring its fangs partially. 'What's going on?' he asked, unsure whether he was still dreaming or not.

'That's my line.' the canine growled.


'What indeed.'

He closed his eyes again and sighed. 'Wait, start anew. Who are you and why are you here?'

'I'm asking the questions here.' it growled leaning closer to his face. 'Who are you and why are you here?'

'I live here!'

'Cani?' he heard Feli say next to him.

He realised only now that Feli had crawled against him in her sleep, holding his arm in her hands. 'You know her?' he asked, turning his head to face her.

'Yeah, she's the daughter of the Hound family. We were in class together. Why are you here?' she asked looking at the canine.

'I heard you entered the same species exchange program as I did.' Cani said, her threatening growling gone, replaced by a concerned tone in her husky voice. 'Then when I heard you went missing I looked for you until I heard you were seen in this area. I searched around, caught your scent and followed it to find you in the clutches of this human.' She looked at Guy and bared her fangs again. 'Did he hurt you?' she asked, the growl back in her voice.

'What? No!' Feli said.

'He didn't abuse you?'


'I figured he must've done something because you never got close to any boy or man.'

Feli noticed now that she had crawled up to Guy in her sleep and was still holding him tight. 'Oh!' she said and looked at Guy, letting go of his arm. 'Gomen.'

He grinned. 'No problem. It's nice to feel your soft warm hands.'

'Hey, don't get all over her.' Cani growled, her muzzle closer to his face.

'How could I, when you're all over me?'

'Ah. Right.' she said, taken aback by his logic.

'Look at you.' Feli said, sitting up. 'You're a mess.'

'Ah.' Cani said again, realising her fur, shirt and jeans were filthy from running all over town.

'Shower's that way.' said Guy and gestured at the bathroom.

Cani looked into that direction. 'Ah.'

When she didn't move from his chest he looked at Feli.

'She has always hated baths. Going into water was never her strong suit.' she said.

'Well, it's a shower, I'd think that should be less of a problem.' he said.

'I still think we need to help her.'

At that moment Cani tried to run off but Feli grabbed onto her waist. 'Quick! Grab her!'

Guy rolled over and grabbed Cani's arms. Cani struggled but together they managed to carry her to the shower. There she tripped him and Guy ended up on the floor with Cani in his arms.

'No! Let go!' Cani whined while struggling.

He reached out, took the shower head and turned on the water on themselves.

'Aaahh!' she screamed as her head became wet.

'Hold her!' Feli said as she undressed Cani.

She still struggled but a lot less now so Feli had little trouble getting her out of her dirty clothes.

'Can you get her ready? I'm going to get the shampoo.' Feli said, shaking herself dry.

'Yeah.' he said as he held Cani with his legs around her waist and washed her head and back.

'You're so mean..' Cani whined.

'Sorry.' Guy said. 'But we can't have you running around like some dirty mongrel. You're much too pretty for that.'

For a moment her ears pricked up, then went flat again. 'Don't make fun of me.'

'I'm serious. You're a pretty colour.'

She sighed and he felt her relax a little more. 'Okay then.'

'I got the shampoo.' Feli said and sat down in front of Cani and looked at her. 'What did you say to her?' she asked Guy.

'Why?' he asked while he continued washing her back without having to keep her trapped in his legs.

'Nothing.' said Cani, looking down. 'Let's just get this over with.'

Feli took the shower head while Guy shampooed Cani's back. 'This isn't so bad right now, is it?'

Cani slowly shook her head but kept her ears flat.

'I'm ready.' Guy said and leaned sideways to look at Feli. 'Woww.' he said when he saw her wet fur body and leaned back.

'What's wrong?' Feli asked.

'Nothing. Nothing at all. But maybe it's better if I left the rest up to you.'

Cani turned back to him. 'Hey, you started this, so you finish it too.'

He saw Cani's soaped shape and quickly looked away. 'It's not that I wouldn't want to, but it's not a custom here for men and women to wash each other when they're not, ehmm, intimately involved.'

'But you did.' Cani said.

'This is an exception. You wouldn't have gotten in here if I didn't help.'

'Why would you have to be intimate?' Feli asked.

'Because for a man beautiful curves are stimulating.'

'Stimulating?' Cani asked.

'Did you both by any chance go to a conservative all girls school?'

'Yes?' Feli said.

'You didn't learn what happens when a man is attracted to a woman? What we refer to as the birds and the bees and flowers?'

Feli pondered about what he meant for a moment, then it dawned on her. 'Oh. Ohhh.' she said, feeling embarrassed.

'Indeed. So it's better that I get out now.'

'No!' said Cani. 'You still have to finish my back. Otherwise I won't forgive you.'


'No buts.' she pouted.

He sighed. 'I guess I have no choice then, but I leave when I'm finished.'


He continued washing her back but took care to look only at that.

'There, finished.' he said as he rinsed her back one last time. 'Now I go.'

She nodded and he got up, careful to not look at the girls.

'Arigatou.' Cani said, just as he got out the doorway.

'You're welcome.'

'Thanks for your help.' Feli said.

'No problem.' he said as he closed the door behind him.

He took off his drenched clothes, dried himself, got dressed and sank down into the new couch feeling exhausted. 'What a way to start the day.'

When the girls came out of the shower dressed in the dry clothes Guy had set out for them, he couldn't help but think of them as young human women, just a little more different in racial looks than most.

'Better now?' Cani asked him.

He smiled. 'Yeah, you're both looking good.'

'We'd better get ready to go shopping.' Feli said quickly and pushed Cani to the other room.

First they stopped at the baker who was surprised at suddenly finding two guests of the state in his shop.

'Morning.' Guy said.

'How?' Mr Glanburry, the baker, asked and almost forgot to close his mouth.

'Circumstances.' Guy said checking out the bread selection at the counter and on the shelves at the back wall. He loved the scent of freshly baked bread the shop was filled with.

The balding man's eyes blinked behind his round glasses sporting an edge of flour. 'Ah. I see.'

His daughters at the counter were already all over Feli and Cani explaining what all the pastries were.

'Sorry about that.' Guy said.

The baker grinned. 'No worries. How about something for tea? It's on the house as a special welcome to them.'

'Thanks, but I couldn't.'

The baker smiled. 'Take it. I've never seen my girls so excited.'

The girls all said goodbye and the next stop was at the butcher with the same effect.

'Would you like a taste?' asked Mr Francis, the butcher, to Cani who was looking at the sample plate and wagging her tail like crazy.

'Can I?' she asked, her ears pricking up.

'Cani!' said Feli. 'Behave yourself.'

Cani looked at Feli with flat ears and sad eyes and Mr Francis laughed. 'That's what they're there for.' he said and handed Cani a slice of sausage. 'This one can be eaten cold and warm.'

'Arigatou!' Cani said and munched on it. 'Good.' he hummed happily.

'Well, guess I'll take a piece of that too.' Guy said while he ordered meat for tonight's dinner.

Guy already knew they would also be a hit at the other stores when they went there. By the time they entered his family's store he knew his aunt and uncle had already heard the news.

'I guess you do go overboard when you start on something.' his uncle said. 'Not just one, but two girls now.'

'It's not like that. Cani is a childhood friend of Feli's.' Guy said.

'If you say so, but it sure is something.' his uncle said as the girls looked back at them while they were busy with his aunt.

'That reminds me, I'd better call miss Tesha.' Guy said.

His uncle raised an eyebrow. 'Another girl?'

Guy rolled his eyes. 'The agent from the Interspecies Prospect Administration. I have to let her know Cani's with us.'

'I already heard.' miss Tesha said from behind him.

Guy turned around to face her. He couldn't remember if he had heard the door chime. 'Ah, miss Tesha. I was going to call you when we got back from shopping.'

'I saw messages on the net about the three of you visiting the shops here.' she said looking at the girls who were checking out hair brushes with Auntie. 'I'm glad she turned up because it made quite the fuss at the office when she went missing.'

The girls walked up to them when they had collected what they needed and miss Tesha looked sternly at Cani who kept herself a little behind Guy.

'You caused us trouble, young lady.' miss Tesha said.

Cani looked down, her ears flattened in shame. 'Gomen.'

'What if something bad had happened to you? You can't just run off in a strange country.' miss Tesha said, then relaxed. 'But I'm glad you're okay. Now we can figure out where you can stay.'

Guy felt a tug at his back and saw her looking at him with big eyes. 'There was no place assigned to her yet?' he asked miss Tesha.

'No, she wasn't supposed to come here in another week.'

Guy looked at miss Tesha again. 'I think she would like to stay with us.'

Miss Tesha looked at Cani who nodded quickly and carefully wagged her tail. 'I guess we can arrange that. You have enough room for now so if you and Feli have no objection?'

He looked back at Cani. 'I think it would be good for both of them to stay together.'

Cani hugged him tightly and wagged her tail. 'Arigatou.'

'Are you sure you can handle them both?' miss Tesha asked.

'Since you liked me to show Feli around, one more won't make much of a difference. And I think it's better when Feli doesn't only have to rely on me.'

The rest of the day they spent shopping for extra furniture and household items and in the evening Feli and Guy introduced Cani on the diary. Guy had purchased a good camera and posted a few pictures of the girls in the newly furnished room.

'That didn't take long.' he said as he looked at the counters on the website.

'What didn't?' Feli asked.

'For this diary to get world famous.' he said and pointed at the statistics showing countries and number of visitors. 'The whole world is watching us.'

'Really?' Feli asked, peering at the numbers on the page.

He nodded. 'You're real celebrities now.'

'Oh dear.'

'Well, what did you expect when you came here? You girls are special.' he said with a grin.

'I just never thought about that. I only thought of learning about humanity.'

'Now you'll also learn about being famous.' he smiled. 'But first, you'll learn about cooking.'

Together they prepared dinner and watched one of the movies from the list while eating it, a drama about a family living in a poor neighbourhood and dealing with the mother dying from the complications of bad health.

'Is everyone here required to watch this?' Cani asked after a while.

'Heh, fortunately not.' Guy said. 'Although I do understand why they put it on the list. It shows us an example of human emotions involved in a family.'

She stretched and yawned. 'At least it helps me fall asleep.' she said and he chuckled.

'True.' he said, feeling the same effects.

The girls went to their room after the movie ended and he laid out the futon for himself. He listened to the sounds of the late evening through the half open balcony door when he heard footsteps coming in.

'Ehmm..' Feli began, with Cani next to her.

He chuckled. 'I think I know what you'd like to ask, make yourself comfortable.'

The girls crawled into the futon next to him.

'Thank you.' Feli whispered.

'No, thank you.' Guy whispered back with a smile. 'It feels comfortable to have you close. Sleep well.'

'Good night.' they said and fell asleep soon.


This day Feli, Cani, and Guy would visit a couple of sites in the city displaying the history of mankind. miss Tesha had arranged a minivan for the hour long drive to and from the city and they went on their way right after breakfast.

They started at the prehistoric museum where the girls learned about humanity's first use of tools.

'For us this came much later. We had our own equipment for hunting so we didn't need spears and knives.' Feli said, extending her claws with a little grin.

'I can imagine.' Guy said and chuckled. 'I must have a look at your history one day.'

After lunch at a cafe they walked around the last museum displaying more recent history. Guy saw Cani looking around nervously.

'What's wrong?' he asked.

'Bathroom.' she whispered.

'Ah.' he said and pointed to a doorway in the corner of the hall. 'That way. I think it's a bit further down the hall.'

She hurried over and he went back to watching the displays with Feli.

Cani found the bathroom right away and felt very relieved when she came out. She looked outside over the courtyard through an open window when she heard noises coming from the other end of the hallway. Curiously she walked up to the door and saw a sign that said Black Pages. Carefully she opened the door and found the violent history of mankind on display.

Guy looked at the clock. 'She's been away for some time now. I'd better check up on her.'

'I'll come with you.' Feli said and they walked to the bathroom.

When she didn't find Cani inside they decided to check the other side as there was no other way out.

Guy read the sign and his stomach turned. They walked in and found Cani standing in the middle of the hall in front of a display of photos from a recent war.

'Ah shit.' Guy said as he saw tears on her face.

She looked back at him. 'Is this true?'

He nodded and looked at the photos. 'I'm afraid so. Humanity has a dark side and we're not proud of it, but we mustn't hide it either. Hopefully one day we can all be at peace with each other. It will take time and patience though. I'm really sorry you had to see this.'

She fell in his arms and cried while he stroked her head.

'She never could handle dramatic things like wars.' Feli said. 'We too have had our share but this scares even me.'

'I'm sorry. You must think humanity is evil.' he said softly.

'Yeah, but then there are all the good people in your street so it must not be all bad.' Feli said with a little smile.

'True. And if we can focus on that good, simple life, we might achieve real enlightenment one day.'

'Can we go home now?' Cani asked softly, rubbing her eyes.

He nodded. 'Yeah, let's go.'

The museum director hurried up to them as soon as they left the hall.

'I'm so sorry! That exhibit was to be closed off for today.' he said seeing the sadness in everyone's eyes.

'They would have found out about it sooner or later. Might as well get it over with.' Guy said.

'Please don't think all bad about us.' the director said to the girls. 'I hope you've also learned about the wonderful arts and inventions we've created over the years.'

Feli nodded. 'We all have our two sides, I just hope we can all let go of the bad one some day.'

He nodded. 'I hope this exhibition will help with that. It's the least we can do.'

'Thank you for your concern, and for educating people.' Guy said, giving him a reassuring gentle smile.

The director gave him a nod. 'Thank you for visiting. We're honoured to have you here.'

Back at the car an assistant came running up to them holding tickets in his hand.

'The director would like you to have these. He would like for our special guests to experience the fun side to humanity as well.'

Guy took the tickets for a large amusement park. 'Tell him we're very happy to get these, and we'll certainly enjoy our time there and will remember his generosity.'

He showed them to the girls. 'Thanks to him we have plans for tomorrow.'

By the time they returned home Cani felt much better and watching a comedy during dinner made them forget about the experience for a while.

When it was time to sleep Cani took Guy's futon and took it to their side. 'You might as well start sleeping here where we have more room.'

He looked at Feli.

She smiled a little at him. 'Yeah, I feel more comfortable sleeping next to you as well.'

'Guess I can't refuse a majority decision.' he chuckled and crawled under the futon with them.


The next morning Guy woke up from knocking on the door. He stood up feeling groggy and found miss Tesha outside when he opened the door.

'What happened?' she asked, her arms folded across her chest.

He tried to focus on the present. 'Eh?'

She stepped inside and showed him a picture of him holding a crying Cani.

He looked at it and yesterday's events played back at high speed in his mind with a warning bell going off. 'Ah, that.'

'Yes, that.' she huffed. 'You were supposed to shield the girls from that. We can't have them tell about those things to everyone. And now it has spread all over the grid.'

'It's not his fault.' Cani said as she walked up to Guy and miss Tesha. 'I walked into that exhibit on my own.'

'Even so, he should have kept an eye on you.' miss Tesha said glancing at Guy.

'I'm glad he doesn't act as my nanny. That won't make my stay more comfortable.' Cani said taking his arm in her embrace.

The phone rang and Feli picked it up.

'Yes. Yes, we did.' she said after a moment, then listened again. 'Really?' Pause. 'No, we didn't think it would make a real difference.' A smile grew on her face. 'He is? No, tell him we're happy to have helped in this way. Thank you.'

The others looked at her when she put down the phone.

'That was the museum. It seems our post on the exhibition had made a lot of people go there to take a look. There are schools who would like to reserve time there to teach special lessons on what effect war has on society. It'll become a permanent exhibition soon and the director wanted to say thanks for writing about it.'

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