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The Bucket List 2




Timea Tokes

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To all my lovely readers out there. Remember, no matter what your dreams are (naughty or not), you have everything you need to make them come true.


All characters and events in these stories are purely fictional, therefore any resemblance to real people (living or dead) or events is a coincidence.

Caution: Contains descriptive sex scenes and adult contents.

Strictly 18+

Table of Contents

The Bucket List Part 2

A Special Cup Of Coffee

Her First Secret

Her Secret Admirer

His Secret Love

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The Bucket List PART 2


“Okay, now I`m getting scared. Why the hell are we in the middle of nowhere?”

Your tone suggests that you disapprove of my way of handling things. You like to be in control, something that you don`t give up easily. But you were wrong in thinking that it would make me change my mind. You started this game, after all. New Year`s Eve has come and gone, and time is running out once more. Not to mention that we have two lists of things to take care of. I glance towards the two gorgeous horses, unable to hold my smile back any longer.

“Why, we are here to ride, of course.”

I can only hope that you don`t take it the wrong way. But of course you do, which makes me smile even more. During the past month I have realized a lot of things about you, but myself, too. I must admit that I`m surprised, but intrigued none-the-less. And I`m falling head-over-heals for you. You fold your arms in front of your chest, looking at me incredulously, as if I just asked you to jump out of a plane. But your voice is cautious, almost apologetic.

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