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Take Me Home

By Keely Tate

Copyrights 2017 by Keely Tate

All rights reserved

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This a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


William Stewart didn’t believe in love at first sight, didn’t believe in happy ever after, all he believed in was all work and no play made William a very rich man. But deciding to take a much-needed break changed everything he believed in an instant, actually a glance. One look at the beautiful woman cleaning his house in, what appeared to be, his underwear and everything he believed flew out the window. He didn’t know what her name was but he did know she was his.

Anna Bennet thought it would be alright for her to borrow a tee-shirt and boxers since her clothes got soaked on the way to the house she was supposed to clean. And it would have been if it weren’t for the fact that the home owner came in a day early and caught her. Now all she wanted to do was get out of there and that’s exactly what she did.

William catches up with Anna and sets out to persuade her they were destined for each other. If her pesky family would butt out she would get her happy ever after with the man determined to take her home.

Chapter One

William Stewart rubbed his hand across his face and sighed, he was ready for a much-needed break. As that thought crossed his mind it was chased by the question of why he was still here. And on that thought, he stood and walked around his desk, causing everyone in the room to stop talking and stare at him. As he opened the door, his assistant cleared her throat, he looked back at her.

“Sir, we are in the middle of a meeting?” She said questioningly.

“Yes, Mrs. James, I realize that.” He told her. She looked to the other occupants of the room, they returned her stare, not intending to help at all, she blew out a breath in annoyance.

“Are you going to just leave? Do you want me to reschedule?” She asked. He shrugged his shoulders and turned to walk out.

“Yes.” Was all he said, Mrs. James threw up her hands. William smiled as he walked to the door, time to get this vacation started.

There was a time he would have never thought about walking out of a meeting, for him to do it, showed just how much this time off was needed.

William threw his bags into his car an hour later, ready to head to the house that his grandfather left him. It was outside the city, and it was nestled on the top of a hill, he loved everything about this house. He may own a place in town, but this house on the hill was his castle.

As he drove out of town, William was thinking about his work, and how it seemed like every waking moment of his existence was consumed by it. He joined the business right out of college, it was owned by his family and he stepped right into his father’s shoes.

He was now thirty years old and he was known for being ruthless in and out of the boardroom. Women found him attractive, but he didn’t think they liked him very much. He didn’t tolerate their pettiness or drama, he wasn’t looking to settle down, so he made sure they all knew the score, but they always thought they could change his mind.

William wasn’t supposed to be at the house until tomorrow, but hell, it was his house so he figured he could be there when he wanted. He knew it probably wouldn’t be aired out, but he didn’t care, he needed to be there.

Pulling up to the house a few hours later, it was just starting to get dark, he carried his bags in and could tell as soon he had been right about the house. He figured he would call the next day and see about someone from the cleaning company coming out.

William put his stuff away and changed out of his suit, and walked out to the deck and looked out, he already felt better, like the weight that was pressing down on him was lifted. But he did feel a tingle of excitement, like something was going to happen, something he didn’t know he was waiting for.

Anne Bennett watched her windshield wipers inch across her window, squeaking and barely moving and not taking any water. She growled in frustration, shaking her fist at it.

“How can you squeak across there without taking any water when it’s raining buckets you piece of crap?” She yelled at her car. Anne was driving out to do a job that she normally wouldn’t do, in the pouring rain.

The customer was due to be home later this evening and the job had to be done. Anne’s Uncle Charles, and Aunt Beatrice Bennett, owned a maid service, called ‘Maid to order’. You could hire a maid for a one-time cleaning or once a week, or one that came in daily, they supplied what you needed for any occasion. Anne was their book keeper and office help, she didn’t normally clean the houses, she was only eighteen and her uncle didn’t want her in stranger’s homes.

One; because he was over protective of her, and two; because she was a bit of a klutz, and he was afraid she would break something.

She wouldn’t even be doing this but her aunt sent her here as soon as she walked into the office, because her cousin Dawn was sent to this house yesterday, but on the way got sidetracked and didn’t tell her aunt that she hadn’t done it until this morning.

Beatrice panicked and immediately sent Anne out to do the job. All she had to do was basically go in and air out the house, clean and dust, that was it. Dawn could have got this done the day before, but Dawn was always getting distracted by something or someone. Her mother, Aunt Beatrice, was always making excuses for her, then sending Anne out to do the job.

She wouldn’t say she was cinderella but if the glass slipper fit, although she had no nasty step-sisters or horrible step-mother she did have an aunt that couldn’t care less about her and a terrible vain and spoiled cousin. She also had two parents that loved her, but was over protective, that’s why she was living here instead of home with her parents. They would keep her home forever if they could, or at least until she was married to a nice young man they picked out for her, not going to happen. She would find her own happy ever after but she wasn’t waiting for prince charming to come in and sweep her off her feet, she would find figure out what she wanted to do in life and get it for herself.

Anne squinted trying to see out the windshield through the rain, watching the road, she picked the paper up off the seat, reading the information her aunt had given her. The owner was William Stewart, she frowned, there was a list of detailed instructions. Mr. Stewart was a bit picky, and this stuff was supposed to have been done the day before. Anne couldn’t understand why her Aunt Beatrice would send Dawn to do this job, if it was so important.

“Do these people know what street signs are? How is anyone supposed to find a place if there aren’t any freaking signs?” Anne muttered to herself, she was out in the country on some back road.

“Ah Ha! Finally.” She exclaimed as she seen the turnoff. She drove down a long driveway that seemed to go on forever, she kept catching glimpses of a house as she drove. The road opened into a clearing on top of a hill with the most beautiful house Anne had ever seen. She caught her breath and just starred, the house looked like a castle.

“Well Willy, you do have a beautiful home, and big, it will take me all day to clean this.” She said to herself. Sighing, she got out of the car, just sitting there wouldn’t get it done and her aunt said it had to be done as soon as possible. Get in, get it done and get out.

Anne stepped out of the car and was immediately drenched, she scrambled around gathering the things she would need and started for the house. Ducking her head and running, she tried the front door and it wouldn’t open, she frowned, her aunt had said that it would be open.

Maybe she meant the back door so Anne took off around the house. There was a set of French doors, so Anne tried those and they opened, she sighed in relief, she really didn’t want to go back without getting the job done. Anne walked in, frowning at the way her shoes left wet trails, she toed off her shoes, picking them up she walked to the laundry room, by the back door and left them there. She would get them on her way out, that way she wouldn’t be making messes all over the house.

Anne looked around until she found the bathroom, she looked in the mirror and grimaced, she was a mess, her shirt was plastered to her body, soaked along with her jeans. Her hair was hanging down her back in a tangled black mess so she gripped it and balled it up, twisting it on top of her head and securing it.

This was going to be a very uncomfortable few hours. Anne thought for a minute, she would bet she could find a dryer somewhere, and she could throw her clothes into dry while she cleaned. She was the only person in the house, what could it hurt.

William Stewart, stretched his arms over his head, rolling over to his back he looked at the clock, it was eight thirty in the morning, he got in around three so he had about five and half hours’ sleep, more than he usually got. He heard a noise coming from downstairs, it sounded like music. What the hell, he rolled out of bed, throwing on a pair of sweat pants, he walked down stairs and the first thing he seen was a curvy ass, attached to the sexiest legs he had seen in a long time, if ever.

William watched the women stand on the ladder shaking her ass in time with the music, with a duster in her hand cleaning the light fixture and, if he wasn’t mistaken, was wearing his shirt and boxers.

William cleared his throat, then made a grab for the ladder as the women shrieked and jumped in surprise. The ladder wobbled and she tipped off and headed for the floor. William grabbed her in his arms, pulling her against his chest, she filled his arms nicely.

Anne grabbed him around the neck, staring at the gorgeous man holding her, and was lost for words.

“Well looks like it’s my lucky day, a beautiful girl falling in my arms.” He said, an amused look on his face.

“You mean you scaring her into your arms.” Anne interrupted, finding her voice. She started scowling at him, he smiled as she wiggled wanting to be put down. He slowly lowered her to her feet, sliding her down his body, she flushed as she felt every hard inch of him.

Anne couldn’t believe this man, he really had some nerve.

“Sir, I don’t know who you are, but this is inappropriate!” She told him, still standing in the circle of his arms. He smirked at her.

“As inappropriate as standing on a ladder, in my home, wearing my shirt and boxers?’ he asked. And smiled at her gasp. She had forgotten what she was wearing.

“I-I got c-caught in the rain, m-my clothes are in the d-dryer.” She stammered, trying to ease away from him.

“It’s ok, I think you look rather good in my clothes, matter of fact I think the only way you could look better was out of my clothes.” he said seductively.

Anne stopped moving and looked at him, she couldn’t believe he had just said that to her. He had a devil may care look on that handsome face, his hair, it looked like he had just crawled out of bed, on any other man, the red of his hair might look odd or off putting, on him, it was devastating.

And his body, oh my god, his body. He held her up like she weighed no more than a pillow and Anne knew, she was no little slip of a girl. She had curves, with long black hair, and creamy skin, she was pretty, but the way this man was looking at her, she felt beautiful.

“I’m pretty sure my clothes are dry now, if you would excuse me I will go get them and put them on.” She told him, pulling away and walking towards the door.

“Good, after you are dressed, you can meet me in the kitchen, so we can have a little talk.” He told her. She turned back to him and seen the serious look on his face, Anne dipped her head in acknowledgement. Her aunt was going to kill her, this was one of their best customers and she had just blown it.

Anne walked into the laundry room and shut the door, she leaned back against it and looked around, she guessed she could always go back home, her mom and dad didn’t want her here anyway. But then she was sure if it was left to her dad, she would never leave home, much less the town she grew up in.

Anne sighed and went to the dryer. Pulling her clothes out she didn’t bother to change out of his clothes before she pulled her jeans on and her hoodie, she grabbed her socks and shoes and sat on the floor and pulled them on.

Anne noticed that there was an outside door, she looked back at the door to the house and bit her lip. She had two choices, she could go out there and try to talk to the man waiting on her, even though the thought had her biting her lip. Everything about this man brought her senses alive. She couldn’t explain it or understand it, didn’t know if she even wanted to. Or she could go out this door and make a run for her car and get to her aunt and try to explain what happened. It took all of five seconds to decide.

Anne opened the door and slipped outside, running for her car, yes, she had chosen the cowards way. Anne opened her door and slung herself in, starting it up and took off like the hounds of hell was chasing her. But it was more like she was afraid he would come barreling outside after her.

William heard her car start up and went to the door and opened it, watching her car pull away in surprise, he didn’t even think about her running off, but he smiled just the same.

“Go ahead and run little cat, I will enjoy the chase.” William said to himself, smiling. He turned from the door shutting it, he walked to the stairs. Time to get dressed and head into town. He needed to find his little cat and bring her home, because whether she knew it or not, she was his.

Chapter Two

“What do you mean you think Mr. Stewart is angry? Anne, what did you do?” Anne’s Aunt Beatrice asked with concern, Anne squirmed and looked away, she didn’t want to tell her aunt what had happened, but she would rather her hear it from her then from him.

“As you know it was raining this morning and I was soaked when I got to his house, well I didn’t want to get water everywhere so I kinda took my clothes off and was drying them. I didn’t know he was there!” Anne said when she seen her aunt’s eyes widen in horror.

“You were in his house naked!?” She asked.

Anne shook her head. “No! No I wasn’t naked, I um…well I actually had on one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers.” Anne said lamely, she knew it didn’t sound much better, but it was better than naked. Beatrice rolled her eyes.

“Anne what did the man say to you, when he found you?” Beatrice asked.

“He said we were going to have a talk.” Anne mumbled. Beatrice rolled her hands, letting her know she wanted to know what else was said. Anne shrugged at her.

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