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Home Alone With Mark

By Alice B. Handcock

(c) Alice B. Handcock

This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All represented characters are consenting adults eighteen years of age or older – any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters engaging in sexual relations are over the age of consent and are not blood related. This work is the property of Alice B. Handcock – not to be reproduced without consent.


He has such a big, fat, lovely cock – my step-brother.

He tastes so sweet. So tempting. I love taking his cock in my mouth, right to the back of my throat, feeling the pre cum drip down my gullet as he face fucks me.

And that first time. The first, wonderful sensation, when he pushed that big cock into my moist, glistening cunt. My juices enveloping him completely, lubricating the shaft as it slipped deeper and deeper inside my tight virgin pussy. It was heaven! I couldn’t have wished for a better first time!

It had all happened exactly the way I had planned it!


I was sleeping on the bed, reading a book when he came into the bedroom.

I knew that he came in to watch me sleep quite a lot now.

I didn’t mind. The truth is that it turned me on. It was the idea that my older brother, ok my older step-brother, might have feelings for me that were something other than just platonic, it was a real cunt-tickler!

It was ironic, because despite his shy and almost inward looking persona, I happened to know that it was he, rather than I, who was no longer a virgin. I knew this because just a few weeks ago he had fucked my best friend.

She had reported back with glee that he was massive, as well as a tender and considerate lover. Man I was so jealous of her! I longed to feel a man’s cock deep inside me, fucking me raw, breaking my flimsy hymen and thrusting up into me, spurting white hot cum, coating my insides.

So, I lay there, pretending to sleep while we were alone in the house. I heard the floorboards creak, and the door open just slightly (I had left it a little ajar), and the coolness of his shadow pass over my face as he softly entered my room and sat next to me.

I was wearing a robe which I had allowed to fall open slightly, revealing my pert, white little ass cheek a little. Nothing too pornographic, this had to be all about the chase, rather than the conquest. As he sat next to me, his thigh just touching my toes, he reached over and encouraged the silk to fall away from me, revealing more of my ass, and I hoped, my pussy lips, just peeking out between my closed legs.

I heard a slight rustling, a tiny moan, as he discovered my hidden prize. He ground his hips around slightly, and I felt his hand start to move over his crotch.

I started to move, to make a pretense of waking up. I rubbed my eyes in mock sleepiness.

“What? Who’s there” I whispered

He looked away from me, but didn’t remove himself from the edge of my bed.

“Hey Mark” I said, a big smile playing across my lips. “What are you doing here”

“Hey Janey. Nothing just watching you sleep”

I grinned at him, aroused and curious. I knew that really, the curiosity was in how far we might now take this. “Do you like to watch me sleep then, big Brother?”

“Oh yeah. You look so pretty”

“Well that’s nice” I replied. I sat up, allowing the robe to fall open slightly. “Do you think I am more beautiful than Emily (my best friend), who you fucked two weeks ago?”

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