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Mr Dark

Copyright © 2017 Pavan Kaur

This is a work of fiction.

Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Of all the days to be late, it has to be the day that Mr. Dark is already in a bad mood. Why is he in a bad mood? Who knows? He’s always a bit sour, how do I know he is in a foul mood? His assistant has called me five times in the last twenty minutes to tell me that I better have his coffee and bagel on his desk by the time he’s finished with his meeting.

I love New York, best city in the world in my eyes, but then again, I’ve never left New York either. I wouldn’t even know anything about other cities. I have a few I would love to travel to; London, Paris, Rome...but to go there, I need something called money, which I don’t have. In a few years’ time, I hope to be traveling to these cities for work; I just have to work my ass off to get the job I want.

Running around the crowded street isn't easy with the heels I’m wearing today. Yes, the one day I thought to wear my new heels, and I have to run around in them. I know when I take my shoes off there will be a pool of my blood because my feet are killing me.

As I am trying to barrel around the horde of New Yorkers With Mr. Dark’s bagel in one hand and his quad-shot coffee in the other, I glance at my watch. “Shit,” I say to myself.

Standing in front of the Dark Media building, I fish out my intern ID card from my bag. I will admit that Dark Media was not my first choice of media companies to do my internship. I wanted to go to Hot Shot Media. They are a group of young, fun people and a laid-back media company. I thought that I would fit in there with no trouble at all, but I missed the deadline to apply, all because of my useless roommate. The one time I asked her to do something for me, and she messes it up. All I asked of her was to drop the application off at Hot Shot Media on her way out, and she just so happened to forget until it was too late. As you can probably tell, we don’t like each other that much. Thankfully, she spends most of her time at her boyfriend's house. I know what you are thinking. If I don’t like her, why do I live with her? Well, that is a very simple answer; finding an apartment in New York that’s nice is almost impossible. I didn't want to be too picky with who my roommate would be. I just needed somewhere I could sleep and wake up still feeling clean. I’m telling you, there are some places I saw that made me want to throw up.

Anyway, back to my internship. Losing out to my first choice left me with plan B, Dark Media. I mean, Dark Media is one of the best media companies in the States, and I’m lucky to be here and to learn from them. They always get the number one celebrity on the cover and get all the political on point. What’s hot right now? Everything. So why didn’t I want to do my internship here? Mr. Dark. Mr. Kevin Dark. The stories that I’ve heard about him scare the shit out of me. His father just so happens to be the CEO. Mr. Kevin Dark works more in the day-to-day operation, and for that reason, he’s in the office more. And I have been assigned to work with his PA. The rumors are that he is very demanding; what he wants he gets, what he needs he gets, if work is not one-hundred-one percent then don’t bother showing him. I even heard that he fired someone because they wore a tie the wrong color tie and he didn’t like it. Of course, his father put a stop to that, saying you couldn't fire someone just for that reason. I wanted my internship to be fun and enjoyable. Somewhere that I would learn but so far I’ve been here two weeks, and I’ve learned nothing. Mr. Dark hasn’t even noticed me and his PA, Cassie, hates me. Why? I have no idea; I think ‘bitch’ is just her personality.

I have always wanted to start a magazine of my own one day and present it to a media company. Hot Shot Media and Dark Media are both taking new ideas. I have eight months to finish my magazine idea and have it ready to hand in, and I’m working so hard, looking for the right content to put in there, along with advertisementsI always knew I would love this,but never thought I would enjoy it this much. As of right now, I don’t think I will offer my idea to Dark Media, but that can all change.

Swiping my ID card, I run to the elevator and push the button to the top level. “Come on, come on,” I say to myself. As the doors open, I slide through them and run straight to Cassie. “Sorry, there was…”

“I don’t want to hear it, Ava,” she smirks, taking the coffee and bagel from me.

I take a deep breath and hold my words, there is so much I want to say to her, but I choose not to. I sit at my desk, start-up my computer, take-out my fluffy pink notebook and matching pen. Clicking on the Dark Media icon, I open my email to see the never-ending list Cassie has for me today. It will be all the jobs that she should be doing, but no, she is too lazy and gives them all to me. In one way, I don’t mind as I get to see what emails come through and what tasks need to be accomplished. On the other hand, there is nothing that I can learn from these menial tasks.

“Mr. Dark,” Cassie says in a very flirty way. Without looking up from his phone, he walks past her. Cassie is a very attractive girl. She’s probably 5’5” with beautiful blonde hair to match her stunning blue eyes, and a figure I would die for. I hate her.

She follows Mr. Dark into the office and closes the door behind her. He’s wearing another black fitted three-piece suit; I bet they’re all tailor made for him. There is no way he can walk into a store and pick a suit, that fits like that. When he walks into a room, he owns it; you can feel the power radiating off him. He’s a man that knows what he wants and he’s not shy about getting it either.

I write down a note for a maybe article in my magazine. Can everything be done in 24 hours? I underline it, to remind me to choose a day to see if this can be completed. Yesterday I only got half of my to-do list done, so I have no idea how other people do it. Maybe they wake up at four in the morning or something.

“Going to the restroom, mind the phones,” Cassie walks past me like she owns the fucking business.

“Wait, what? I’ve never…” I have never answered the phones; I’ve never been told what the companies greeting is when someone calls the office.

“It’s not that hard Ava, you pick it up and talk. Simple,” before I can ask her about the greeting she walks away. Bitch.

I look at the phone. Please don’t ring, please don’t ring, I silently beg, and then it rings. Crap. Looking around to see if Cassie is on her way back, I quickly grab the phone, “Hello this is Kevin… no Mr. Dark…no Dark Media…” I stop talking before I dig the hole I’m standing in even deeper.

“Who is this?” Shit. Shit. Mr. Dark sounds so angry.

“This… This is…”

“In my office now!” He shouts, and then the phone line goes dead. Staring at the phone, my heart beats at a speed I didn’t think it could. My hands are sweating. I put the phone down with a shaking hand, then take in a deep breath as I walk through his office door.

His back is to me as I slowly walk over to his desk. My heart slowly jumps into my throat, and my mouth goes dry. As he turns around in his chair, I give him a smile, hoping to lighten his bad mood. I rub my hands on my dress to wipe the sweat off them. His eyes slowly move over my body. I see the reason women find him so attractive. His face looks like an angel. Those baby blue’s are fucking beautiful, and his hair looks so soft, too. I tell my brain to shut up before I say something out loud.

“Sit,” his voice comes out a lot more relaxed than I thought it would. Does that make me any more comfortable? No.

I slowly move toward the chair. His eyes watch my every step. He’s making me nervous. Biting my bottom lip, I sit in the chair and look around the office. Anywhere that is not where he is sitting. All white, not one bit of color in the room.

“I wonder if he's an angel, his office is so white.”

“What color would you put in here?”

I look at him in shock, can he read my mind?

“Your thought came out loud, and I’m no angel. Far from it.”

I shiver as he stares at me. Why did that sound more devilish than it should?

“I’m sorry, I think out loud when I’m nervous,” I say in a high-pitched voice. A a nervous laugh escapes me. I look away from Mr. Dark. I need to focus on why he’s not yelling at me for answering the phone the way I did.

“Who are you?”

“Ava Banks, sir. I’m an intern here, started two weeks ago. I was hoping to work under…no not under you… beneath you. God, I mean next to you.” That was horrible. God, someone kill me now, please. He doesn't break eye contact with me but I swear it looks like he's trying very hard not to smile at me. My cheeks burn with embarrassment.

“So Ava, how come I’ve never seen you?”

“I sit out there with Cassie,” I point to the door, “and I’ve not been asked to join any meetings yet, so, I just do my thing.” I can feel myself starting to panic. Why won’t he stop staring at me, “please stop staring at me.”

“I will stop staring at you,” his lips curl into one of the evilest smiles I think I’ve seen. “What is your thing, Ava?”

“Whatever Cassie emails me.”

“So what I tell you to do?” Leaning back in his chair, his eyes move over my body again, making me shift a little in my seat. “Would you do what I tell you to do Ava?”

I stay quiet for a moment, not sure how to answer, or if I even understand the question. “If you send it to Cassie, then I will do it,” good thinking Ava, this way you don’t sound stupid.

Tapping his pen on the table, still staring at me. Why does he keep doing that? “Take notes at the meeting we have in thirty minutes, after we can discuss them.” Licking his lips he says, “Let’s see what you can do, Ava Banks.,” he stands up, and I follow. God, he lets me in a meeting after only sitting in a room with me for ten minutes. I try to stay calm, I mean this is what I’ve wanted for two weeks now, and it’s finally happening.

“I’m wondering the same thing.” I follow him to the door.

“Same thing about yourself, or something else?” Shit, I need to stop thinking out loud. It’s going to get me into trouble.

“Myself” I whisper as I walk past him and straight to my desk.

My body is still stiff as I feel Mr. Dark staring at me. The rumors about him being intimidating are so true. He doesn’t even ask; he tells you what he wants. He has that energy bouncing off him… control, need, want.

How have I never noticed Ava before? Those legs were all it took for me to want her, to own her. Her beauty is one that I would never have missed if I had seen her in the building. Two weeks and I’ve not seen her. Where was she hiding? The only thing I care about now is working out how to make her mine.

I had to bite my tongue not to laugh when she was thinking out loud. First, she thought that I was an angel, that was just so cute. I had to bite my tongue when she spoke about working under me. That’s all I needed for my cock to twitch in my pants. The images that were going through my head about the things I wanted to do with her under me were making me want to bend her over my desk and take her.

Now I need a reason to get her to my house today, so I can just be straightforward with her and tell her what I want. I want her to be mine, and I always get what I want. I know that I should wait and see what type of person she is. Just seeing her, I know that she would be perfect for me. The fact is that just thinking about her right now, has me ready in ways I didn’t even know were possible. I will think of some reason to have her at my home tonight.

I walk out of the office, “Ava,” looking around for her. “Ava,” this time I shout her name.

“Yes, Mr. Dark,” she pops her head over the computer screen. No wonder I've never seen her she's always hidden in a corner behind her computer. I watch her walk over to me, biting the inside on my lip, so I don’t smile. I tower over her, and I like it. No matter how hard I’m trying not to smile it comes to my lips involuntary.

“Let’s go,” I tell her. She hurries back to her desk and bends over to grab a pink notebook with a fluffy pen. That dress she wears goes tight around her ass and my hand twitches in my pocket. How my hand wants to smack that ass, make it red, make her feel so hot. Down boy, I will get her. I tell both my hand and dick. Walking to the meeting room, Ava rushes beside me. She opens her notepad, and as she turns the pages, I look down to see what things she notes down. I see the word cake a few times, which can only mean one thing. Cake is her weakness.

Opening the door for Ava, I walk in behind her placing my hand on her lower back. She tenses at my touch takes a quick look at me, then at the rest of staff sitting at the table. I watch her as she sits down and sets her two pens on the side. The smile on her face is like a child in a toy shop, and they’re allowed to play with the toys.

Just knowing that she is happy about her day will help with what I want to ask her later.

The meeting is for the issue in two months and what we're planning to feature in it. My father regularly comes to these meetings too but today he had to go out for a family meeting with my mother, so I’m alone. Typical. The one time I'm left alone I can’t focus on what everyone is saying, and why is that? Because of the woman sitting next to me, Ava.

She changes pens throughout the meeting, and I lean in closer to her, smelling her soft rose scent. She writes notes that are being said then in a pink color writes her notes about the meeting.

This woman knows what it takes to work in the Media business. She knows what she wants to write and what she wants to read. I hear a few things that are being said, about some diet of the moment, fashion items to have for the summer, but all I can see is how amazing Ava’s legs look.

I look away from her. I need to work. I need to focus on work. Never let women affect your job was what my dad always said. I laughed every time he said that to me because my mother used to be his PA. Yes, it affected his decisions. I told him once to never to say it again, and he never did. What did he say instead? He told me that it affected his work because he would always picture ways to fuck her over his desk. That for me was way too much information.

I never worry about women getting in my way. I have sex with them, I let them know that it will only work on weekends, and when they leave my house, I never see them again, because sex in my home is not your typical fuck in the bed. It’s fun; it will overtake your body for the weekend, you will leave my house still feeling my hand on your body. So, women will never affect my work. But now here is Ava. Someone that will be working with me every day. I have to work on something to make sure she won’t get in the way of work, but who the fuck am I kidding? I’ve already thought about bending her over my desk. God. I bet she could suck me dry. I mean, look at those lips, full and juicy.

“Mr. Dark” I look at Dean as he finishes his presentation. “Do you have any questions?” He looks at me, and I shake my head.

“I will talk things through with my father, and we will get back to you all,” Standing up I leave the meeting before someone asks me anything else. I cannot believe that I missed Dean’s whole presentation. Ava better have some brilliant notes. Otherwise, I’m fucked.

I watch Ava from the corner of my eye as she’s looking through her notes, “Cassie, set up a meeting with my father,” I call as I’m walking past her desk on the way to my office, “So, Ava” I turn around to see she’s not there. Where the fuck has she gone? “Ava!” I shout her name. I hear her heels clicking on the floor. She stops short by the doorframe, “Why weren’t you behind me?”

“You didn’t tell me to come into your office,” She says, looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes. I hold a smile as she looks at me. If I work her the right way, she will do anything I ask.

“Get my lunch, get your lunch, let’s work through the meeting,” Ava nods, then leaves.

Opening my jacket, I walk over to my desk tapping my knuckles on the top as I pass it and look out the window. How am I going to work with Ava? Just tell her what you want, be up-front about it. That seems the best way to go, but that can also scare her.

“I want your notes,” I say holding out my hand to her the minute she sits down with her lunch.

“I haven’t had a chance to write them up, Mr. Dark. If you can give me thirty minutes…”

“No, I want the notes from your notepad,” She gives me a second look then places it in my hand. Opening the pad, I look through her notes. She's made a lot of notes, and I mean a lot. She has written almost every word from the meeting, then used another color to write her own notes about it. How did she have time to write all this in that same amount of time? Her own notes were about if we have already done this article or if she thought it was a waste of time and about the ideas she liked.

After finishing her lunch, I watch her tidy up the desk and walk around my office to pick the bag off the floor. She bends over, and I have to clench my hand not to spank her ass then and there .

“Do you have plans this evening?” I need to get started on getting her. I’m hoping to have her in my bed by the weekend. Is that wishful thinking? Yes, but I only have so much willpower, and at the moment it is holding on by a very short thread.

“Nothing special. Going for a run and cleaning a few things around my apartment,” she says.

“I need to talk to you about something. Dinner,, , straight from work. We can go back to my house,” I say

“Your...your house?” There is panic in her tone already, and I’ve not even asked her yet. “Can’t we just stay here?” she asks.

“No. I would like to have this conversation in private.” I answer, and she looks at me in shock. “I will order dinner.” Standing up I walk around the desk. “Don’t worry. I don’t bite unless you want me to.” I say leaning on the desk with a smile.

She takes a step away, her eyes are on me. Right now I would love to know what is happening in that head of hers. She’s quiet. She stays there for a moment, and I can only guess that she is fighting with herself about what to do. Nodding she takes her notepad from me and leaves the office. She must be thinking a thousand things right now. Me, I have one thing on my mind. How to get her to say yes.

I live in the city and walking to work is so much easier than getting a taxi or even driving. Living only four blocks away from the office is nice. Ava told me that she takes the train to work. I suggested walking together to my home. She wasn't very pleased about it and looked a little scared but agreed. Not that I was taking no for an answer.

As we leave Dark Media, she looks down at her phone and types away. I want to ask if it’s her boyfriend but stop myself. I can’t have this conversation with her out in public. I need it to be behind closed doors. Looking up a little to see if her path is clear she stops and looks at the bakery. I’ve never seen a smile so beautiful in my life.

“Can I just pop in here?” She looks at me with her beautiful big brown eyes.I mean, how can anyone say no to her?

“Let’s see what they have,” I say opening the door for her. Again I place my hand on her lower back, and she again stiffens up, but I leave it there. I want her to get used to my touch, I need my touch to be the only touch she needs.

She leans closer to the glass to have a look at what they have. I watch her body trying to read it. I need to be able to read it. “Can I get a box of macaroons, the red velvet cake and…” she looks over at me.

“Coffee cake, please,” I say looking at the sales assistant. Looking back over at Ava I see she’s pulling things out of her bag. I quickly take out my wallet and pay for the cakes.

“How much…” She stops and looks at me. “I could have paid,” I smile as her thought leaves her. Why do I think she is cute when she does that?

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