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It was a real sunny day out on the coast of Velma, The sun shining ever brightly, the trees casting shades on the white sand, the dancing of the waves hitting the shore. There was rumors that if you're quite enough you could hear the low whispers of fairies playing on the trees but as the realist that she is, Annemarie wouldn't believe such nonsense, she wouldn't believe anything she couldn't see. Many people wondered how she thrived at her job as a wildlife photographer. Annemarie 5.4ft and slender, blonde, thin lips and a pair of icy gray eyes that can cut through the coldest of hearts. Growing up in an orphanage was hard enough, but when children are left to take care of themselves is just unimaginable. Struggling through school and work, she was introduced into life too early and the hard way too.

She laid on the sand with her sun tanned body with sun glasses that looked too big on her oblong face. This was her escape from all the fuss and hustle of the city, a nice and quiet holiday. But for some reason a group of people won't let her rest, the sound of music and merry coming from the other side of the beach. She scooped herself up to take a look and sure enough there was a party. Her face cringed with disgust when she saw who led the group. Her longtime rival and sworn enemy, James Hitler. He was a thorn on her flesh, a barrier to her career and a nuisance to the society, though some other ladies would argue that and why won't they? He was 6.3ft tall, blue eyes, round firm lips and a body built like Olympus. His spiky hair and flirty smile gave him a boyish look which was also sexy and gave all the ladies chills. Not that she cared or anything, her only concern was that he cajoled most of her prominent customers and criticized her work as childish and unprofessional. What in Gods' name was he doing here?

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