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Chapter 1

Introducing the Keaton Family

All Gina Keaton expected out of life was to be a good homemaker, mother to her two children and an acceptable mate to her husband. She was more than a “good” housekeeper and mother, she was a fabulous one. Her husband, a cross-country truck driver, always came home to an immaculate house and the two well-behaved children who were developing into very likeable youngsters.

There was a dark cloud that overshadowed what looked like a happy family. Mr. Keaton abused the lovely woman that so desperately tried to please him. The marriage that began with a promising future took a major downturn. The stress of his work was not a legitimate excuse for his excessive violence. Gina was close to being hospitalized on several occasions, but she refused to leave her children alone. She stayed home in spite of the bruises and pains of the beatings. The children were in fear of their father, but Gina taught them to respect him and show gestures of affection. He would smile faintly and pat them on their heads as if they were little pets, but never did he apologize to his wife for the verbal and physical abuse. The happiest times for Gina and her children were when Mr. Keaton went on his long cross-country drives. Although he was a jerk as a husband and a parent, he drew an excellent income and was a good provider. He always left enough money for Gina to pay the bills and take care of the needs of the children. To the two children who knew nothing about household economics, this seemed to be a small consolation for the abuse of the mother they loved. They were always glad to see their father back on the road.

As the years passed by, Gina had long accepted that her marriage was a failure, but motherhood and home economics continued successfully. Michael and his sister Lillian, affectionately known as Lilly, were good students in grade school and impressed their teachers as being very well-mannered. Michael was exceptionally good as a halfback in flag football and playing first base in softball, and Lillian proved to be the studious one. Gina’s frugality allowed her extra pocket money to provide entertainment for the children. Although her husband treated her with no respect as a woman, he trusted her money management. She, in turn, took advantage wherever she could. If there were an increase in the utility bill, she would exaggerate it to get a few more dollars; she did the same with her assessment of inflation to get an increase in shopping allowance. Overall, Gina covered all the household expenses and had enough money left over to occasionally take Michael and Lillian to their favorite entertainment spots: the County Fairs of Santa Cruz, Monterey and Santa Clara, the Gilroy Garlic Festival and the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk.

Even as grade school adolescents, Michael and Lillian were well aware of the abuse their mother was suffering and although they were helpless to stop it, they were thankful for all the good times the three of them had together. Gina had tried to convince herself that she loved her husband and that one day it just might work out but in time she accepted that her marriage was a total loss. There were many telephone calls when he was on his long drives. Usually, the person hung up as soon as the call was answered. By looking at the area codes on the caller ID, Gina could easily see that some of the calls were from cities along her husband’s truck route, and she correctly assumed that they were from his women friends. They probably want to know why he’s late, she thought to herself with a shrug. In reality, she did not care how many women friends her husband had; her sex life with him when he came home was miserable. His physical and verbal abuse spilled over into the bedroom. He demanded only oral and anal sex and after he came in her mouth or anus, he would call her a “dirty whore” for doing such things; the very things he demanded of her. Although she found no pleasure in sex, she continued to comply with his demands to avoid additional abuse.

By the time they were in their teens, Michael and Lillian were both feeling that enough was enough of their father’s behavior. At seventeen, one year older than her brother, Lillian spoke to her mother, "I’ve met someone, Mom. His name is Donald and we want to get married, but I need parental consent. I don’t feel comfortable about leaving you but I just can’t take it anymore. I’ve asked you many times to report him to the police, but you refuse and I understand why; you are afraid of him. I’ve spoken to Michael and he wishes me the best and says he can take care of you. My fiancé has a job offer in Los Angeles and I want to live there with him. Please forgive me.”

“There’s nothing to forgive,” Gina said as she was aware that Lillian consistently referred to her father as “him” rather than father or Dad. “Lilly my dear, I want you to be happy, and I will sign your consent to be married. Michael and I will be okay.”

It was be a simple wedding in a small chapel during one of Mr. Keaton’s cross-country drives. Lillian and her husband stayed at the Keaton’s house to celebrate Michael’s sixteenth birthday before leaving to L.A. By the time he was sixteen, Michael stood six feet two and weighed a solid two hundred pounds. He was strong, athletic and his favorite sport was wresting. He was a star and captain of the high school wresting squad. By turning sixteen and getting his driver’s license, he felt that he was a man and could forever protect his mother. The chance to prove his manhood was soon destined to come.

As the birthday part was winding down, Mr. Keaton can come home and it was a day earlier than expected. Upon entering the house, he made a scene about too many people being in his house and also about what he called a “mess.”

Michael stood up to face him. He towered his father by two inches and was not about to address him as “Dad” when he stood face to face and said, “Hold it right there Mr. Keaton!” Michael sent a right fist to his father’s jaw that sent him reeling backwards to land on the floor. Michael then grabbed a handful of his father’s hair as if it were a handle and went after him from behind with a head-lock similar to a Japanese sleeper hold that he learned from one of his wresting instructors.

“I could easily make you unconscious but I don’t want your stinkin’ body lying around here,” Michael said. He then moved his arms from his father’s head to put some painful pressure on his neck. The temporary choke hold was to instill fear and show that he was in no way playing around.

“That’s enough, Michael” Gina said. Out of respect for his mother’s command, Michael released his victim and stood up leaving his father on the floor coughing. As everyone was in awe of Michael’s strength, Lillian was almost laughing. He picked his father up and as he pushed him out the door, he said, “I’m giving you one day to get all your stuff out of this house; that day is tomorrow.”

After closing the door on Mr. Keaton, Michael said to his guests in all sincerity, “Thank you all for coming. It’s been a wonderful party.”

The divorce proceedings began within two weeks after Michael’s sixteenth birthday, and they were basically one-sided. Although there were no police reports of assault and battery, that seemed to make no difference. There were plenty witnesses and character references for Gina but none on the side of Mr. Keaton. He had been humiliated in front of his wife, his daughter and a host of other teen-agers and the stern look on Michael’s face was frightening. He was well aware of his son’s strength and fighting skill and out of fear of another beating, he contested nothing. The fact that he knew he was wrong, in spite of his hard heart, must have been an additional factor in his acquiescence. Gina was awarded the equity in the house with only eight years left on the mortgage, one of the cars and alimony for a year.

Once all the legal ramifications were finalized, Gina was excited to start a new life. While Michael was finishing high school, Gina enrolled in a hair styling program through the community college. It began with a simple desire to enter the work force. After being a homemaker for eighteen years, she was at first nervous but to her surprise, she found it to be very easy. Her instructors were impressed with her progress and after completing her program, she studied more advanced cosmetology while cutting hair part-time. “Wow!” Michael exclaimed after seeing Gina in action at the hair-styling salon, “Mom, you’ve got a knack for this stuff.”

By the time Michael graduated from high school, Gina had almost two years’ experience in hair styling and was already looking forward to going into business for herself. Michael had been bagging groceries in the evenings and on weekends during his senior year and was looking forward to an opening as a grocery checker. It appeared that The Fates were on the side of both Michael and Gina in fulfilling their ambitions. Michael was promoted to checker at the union supermarket and Gina opened her own beauty salon.

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