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by Angel Scott

Weekend Gone Wrong No.1

Published by Lot’s Cave

Weekend Gone Wrong No.1;

Weekend Gone Wrong, © 2017, by Angel Scott

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Cover by Morgaine Wrightman

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Chapter 1

Chad felt been bored one night this past summer and stumbled onto an amateur writer’s website, and clicked around on the website to look for new people to talk to. This certain website only let 18 on up to get into it since photos showed nudity, sexual stories and potty mouth people.

Of course, Chad, got into the site without any trouble since his age sure felt older than 40. He got told he didn’t look his age at times from strangers, but the body told him differently when he got up or sat down with his knees popping or feeling in pain occasionally. He liked looking at the pictures of people and some of the pictures looked very provocative and hot. Chad also liked seeing and reading stories and watching videos on this cool new adult website to pass the time by. This particular website not only let you meet other people, but it also helped other writers to gain insight and advice from other writers through an online forum.

Even though sex sells, some of the writers seemed really rude to the other stories, saying how shitty they sounded or how bad the errors looked. Some people even said that the author shouldn’t even continue to write because they couldn’t write for the life of them! Chad couldn’t believe how mean some people could be when no one seemed perfect all the time. Mistakes happen, no matter what type of product or service.

Things could be re-done when mistakes happen, at least in Chad’s opinion. But sadly, Chad read over a little bit of the story with a ton of rude comments and couldn’t disagree with a few of the comments saying that the person needed more detail, longer sex scenes, and take out some of the fragments. Sex sells all stories, but it won’t sell very well if it’s full of problems or errors either. Whether the story goes online for free, in a plain sight or a porn site, people will notice the mistakes and they will say something.

Chad wrote on the story that he liked it, but that it needed a little bit more information and longer scenes. Chad thought his comment didn’t sound as rude and he liked being honest, but nice at the same time. He didn’t like the rude comments as he continued to read more stories. Even some rude comments landed on this one particular author, which seemed to get Chad’s attention.

Time passed by quickly as Chad looked through all the short stories from this particular author and that’s when he caught a glimpse of one that showed lots of good feelings and some good taboo, and BDSM subjects inside the story. The story sounded real even though it said fiction on the tagline. Chad continued to read on as he enjoyed the good 2k word story.

After he read the story, he looked at the author’s profile. The profile showed the lady as a married, 30 year old woman that loved erotica stories, writing, and meeting new people. He read the author’s name, Elizabeth Harley and thought it sounded cute. There wasn’t a picture of the lady, sadly enough, but it showed lots more stories that Chad somehow missed. He must’ve been so engrossed in the one story that he didn’t even pay any attention to the other stories from Elizabeth Harley. Of course some of the stories contained more erotica than others, but either way, Chad liked all sorts of stories, including erotica.

Everyone seems to write in different writing styles and he liked Elizabeth Harley’s writing style. He seemed to feel drawn to her stories for some odd reason. So with nervous hands, Chad wrote a nice comment on the story, and then read another short story by the same author. That story turned Chad on even more and he ended up unzipping his jeans and taking his semi-hard dick out of his blue boxers. He put his left hand onto his semi-hard cock and started to jack off and with his right hand he continued to look for a picture of a hot brown-haired woman. He found a good looking gal with a sexy revealing red nightie on, revealing her sexy cleavage.

The gal in the picture looked horny with her legs spread apart and revealing her sexy trimmed groin. The stranger even touched herself and it made Chad’s dick grow fully hard now. So Chad stared at the hot picture and continued to move his hand over his erect penis. He moaned as he pictured the hot gal on top of him. He continued to move his hand up and down his shaft and then started to move his hips a little bit at the same time, making himself moan out loudly.

“Hey handsome, you don’t need to do that. I’m here now.” A female voice said loudly behind Chad. Chad jumped at the sound of the familiar female voice.

Before Chad could turn his chair around to face the lady’s voice to see who the fuck got into his locked up two story house, Chad felt fingers sliding down his chest and then to his cock. “What the fuck?”

After Chad spoke up, he felt the female hands remove themselves off him and then turn his chair around swiftly so that he could see the female in his house. Chad couldn’t believe what he saw; as he stared up and down his now slimmed down ex-wife, Claire. After a split second, Chad yelled out loudly. “What the fuck do you want and how the fuck did you get into my house?”

Claire didn’t speak as she grabbed a hold of her chubbier, bald, good looking forty year old ex-hubby and made him stand up as she pulled him up off the chair. Chad felt surprised that his wife could pull him up and lead him to their old bedroom since Claire used to be a bit weaker in the past, but not now, apparently, as they walked quickly to the bedroom and then Chad felt a hard push and felt himself land on the bed. “What the fuck, C…”

Claire interrupted Chad’s rude question as she hurried onto the bed, sat on top of Chad’s partially naked body and leaned down to kiss him on the lips. She felt Chad try to resistant and move his head away from her, so she grabbed his head and kept it straight so that he would need to look her in her green eyes and stay put so that she could continue to kiss him on the lips. Claire turned the kissing from quick and friendly to passion and kinky, which made Chad forget for a moment and made him kiss her back. Claire took the opportunity to go from Chad’s thin lips to his chubby white cheeks to his ear and then to his neck.

Chad moaned loudly while he felt the trail of kisses down his neck. That made him always feel hard, and make him forget all the things that happened to him for that day, and made him feel horny as fuck. He missed those type of kisses and wanted to enjoy the kissing while he could, so he put his hand on his ex-wife’s brown hair and made her stay there for a few more moments. Thankfully, Claire got the hint and continued to trail the kisses from his neck back up to his ear and then back to his wet, waiting, lips. He kissed her back with passion and they enjoyed making out for what seemed like hours to Chad, but then he felt her hands roam over his body and soon he felt his boxers getting tugged down and he started to wonder if they should really be doing this together. He stopped kissing Claire and slightly pushed her body up and away from him and looked her in the eyes.

“Claire, I don’t think we should be doing this.”

Claire didn’t like that comment so she hurried up over Chad’s body and grabbed his left arm first. She took out her handcuff’s and then put Chad’s wrist in the cup and clamped it shut and tied the other side to the bed post.

“What the fuck are you doing to me, Claire?”

Claire smiled down at her ex and then leaned down and kissed him on the lips again and then trailed her kisses down his neck again, making him forget his anger. After that, Claire hurried to do the same to the right wrist and clamped the other set of handcuffs to the other bed post. Claire smiled at the way her ex looked with his arms clear up over his head and he couldn’t push her out now. He would just get to wait until she could get what she wanted from him.

Chad tried to lift his leg up to his ex, so that he could kick her, but she saw it and pushed his leg back down and hurried to take her trench coat off, reveling her sexy, new, see-through, lingerie. She climbed back up on top of Chad and then leaned down towards his face and smiled sweetly at him. “How do you like my new sexy outfit? I bought it just for this occasion.”

“Wow! Holy Shit! That looks amazing and hot on you.”

“Thank you. Now, let’s get started.” Claire said as she moved her undies off her groin just enough to reveal her pussy and then grabbed the cock and inserted it into her already wet, throbbing pussy. She yelped with pleasure as the cock moved down deep into her wet pussy.

Chad yelped out in pleasure as he felt his cock go inside the pussy he used to love so much. After that, Chad felt the pussy move up and down his shaft, deep, hard and steady. He moaned out in pleasure. Chad hated the fact that he couldn’t touch Claire or do anything about this hot pleasure. He knew he would regret it later, knowing it would make him miss and want Claire again. But this new sexual way, felt amazing and he wanted it to continue.

“Did you miss this pussy and body, baby?”

“Yes.” Chad moaned out loudly as Claire continued to move her hips and body up and down on his body, making his cock still feel the wet pussy on his shaft.

“Do you like this new sexual pleasure?”

“Yes.” Chad moaned again as he felt the pussy continue to go up and down his cock. Fast, deep, hard and steady. In and out.

Claire loved hearing Chad moan and it made her feel even hornier and she could feel her pussy react and become even wetter as she continued to move up and down the hard cock. She loved being on top and she loved being in control. Claire ran her hands up and down Chad’s partially covered hairy chest and then up and down his sides. Now with Claire leaning towards Chad, it gave him a good glimpse of her titties that started to hang out of the tight lingerie. She knew her rack looked good, perky, and big, just like some men liked. Claire also knew that Chad loved her big tits and never could resist them, ever.

“Wish I could enjoy those precious nipples.” Chad said as he licked his lips.

“Sure can, baby.”

Claire leaned down and let her titters dangle down enough for Chad to reach for those barely out nipples. Chad smiled and then started to lick and suck on those nipples, making them hard and erect and making Claire moan out in pleasure, causing her to go faster on his cock.

Within seconds, Chad could feel cum on his cock and the pussy continuing to go steady, hard and now faster on his cock. He loved the feeling of his lady’s juices on his cock. He could hear Claire yell out with no words forming. Chad loved hearing women moan when they fucked him.

Claire continued to rock her hips back and forth, up and down, fast, hard, and steady. The pussy continued to go up and down the hard, wet, shaft making both her and Chad moan out every once in a while. They both breathed heavy as the passion between them continued. Claire leaned down and kissed Chad passionately as she continued to bounce up and down the hard dick.

After several more minutes, Claire moved as fast as she could and finally felt a big orgasm rise up inside her body and she felt herself squirt out and all over the cock and herself. She looked down at Chad and then spoke up.

“Lick it up, fucker.” Claire demanded as she put her pussy up to her ex’s face and waited for him to lick her groin. Finally, she felt his tongue and it started to lick all around her soaked pussy. She loved feeling the tongue on her clit, pussy and pussy lips. Chad even moved onto the sides of her legs a little bit, causing Claire to moan out as she felt her juices come out again and she looked down to see Chad lick it up and then swallow it with pride.

After a few minutes of getting cleaned up, Claire felt satisfied and moved off of Chad. She moved over to the bed and removed the hand cuffs and then smiled at Chad. “Thanks for the fun time. I will come back again sometime and we can do this again. I’m tired now, so I will head out. Night Chad.” Claire blew a kiss to him and left the room before Chad would even speak. He thought about their hot sex and then thought about his past for several minutes before he decided to clean up and then go to bed for the night.

Claire showered when she got home and then got dressed into a cute long sleeve purple nightie. She felt pleased with her new sex life and she felt happy that she lived alone for now. She headed to her big, comfy bed and dreamed about hot sex with her, some strangers and her ex-hubby. She slept all night without waking up or needing the restroom.

Chapter 2

So, one night with shaky fingers, Chad got back onto the adult website and decided to leave a message for that Elizabeth Harley. He looked at all the comments and didn’t see Elizabeth Harley respond to the negative or positive post, so Chad wasn’t sure if she seen his post or all the rest or not. Not everyone responds to the comments on their stories. Off and on, Chad would check up on the site to see if Elizabeth Harley wrote back or not, but nothing ever came up. So Chad kept busy for the rest of the day doing some house chores, eating, watching TV and then checking the site right before bed again. Chad felt disappointed knowing nothing still showed up so he headed to bed and slept soundly.

As the week started, Chad stayed busy with work and chores and actually managed to forget about that message he left. He also figured he wouldn’t hear back since thousands of authors and different people visited the site every day. Chad assumed that Elizabeth Harley would get lots of emails and would not get the time to read them all even if she read them every day and she would never get to his note.

But, as luck would go, after supper Chad decided to log into the site and felt excited to find a note back from Elizabeth Harley. He quickly opened up the note and started to read the note to himself. The note basically said thanks for being so kind and sweet. Elizabeth Harley also wrote that she would love to talk more about stories and story lines and would like to get to know Chad a lot better. She sent a friend request and Chad hurried to accept it. They talked back and forth on the site for an hour or so before both of them headed to bed for the night.

So from that day forward, Chad would get online and get to chat with Elizabeth Harley and they would talk about different story lines, techniques and even talked about their everyday lives. They would ask each other questions and get more acquainted with each other. They knew each other’s favorite colors, movies, music, and their favorite memories in life. Chad loved talking with Elizabeth Harley since he felt lonely lately. He actually didn’t get to see his ex-wife lately or any other woman for that matter. No one seemed to want to be around him which made Chad very upset and felt ugly as hell. He kept busy though with the site, work, and seeing his kids on the weekends.

Soon after getting to know Elizabeth Harley a little bit, Chad felt excited to learn that Elizabeth Harley would be willing to talk on the phone with him. He couldn’t wait to hear her voice. He felt a connection to her now and he couldn’t wait to actually meet her someday. The talking helped even more and Chad loved the Elizabeth Harley’s soft voice. He finally found out that the real name of the author was Elizabeth. Now with the phone calls, Elizabeth felt more comfortable to tell Chad her deep secrets and stressful problems she faced every day. So Chad got to know about the medical issues, the wandering eye that Elizabeth got every once in a while, her scars, liking women more than men, her medical issue called MRKH, her depression and not being able to get the miracle of kids.

It made Chad feel special that he could know all these things about Elizabeth. It brought them closer as friends. He told her about his goals, sadness, and loneliness and wanting a long term relationship with someone. Sadly for Chad, Elizabeth told him that she married her best friend and sounded happy about it, at least for most of the time. Still, Chad loved talking with Elizabeth and he didn’t feel quite so lonely anymore. On the phone, Chad told Elizabeth his divorce situation and about his kids. He told Elizabeth about his job and about his dreams of becoming his own boss.

Elizabeth told Chad about her marriage, how controlling her hubby could be, how she sometimes felt trapped, her annoying job and wanting to be an author someday. She really wanted to get her stories published from that writer site. So Chad told Elizabeth that he would help her to do that by looking around for publishers and suggested writing a story with her. Elizabeth loved the idea and they began to write together every day.

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