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Butterflies (B Side)

Shinee and Taeyang

Shinee never felt so free or safe. The way that he looked at her just took her breath away. All the immediate differences that folks were quick to bring up about them being together melt away whenever Taeyang smiled that smile of his at her. The one that he saves for only her. After being caught in the rain for what felt like forever, he gave her never ending rays of sunshine.

As the day ended she found herself on the chaise lounge in his arms staring out at the beach of their little condo. It was officially a habit that she did not ever want to break. Never losing contact, Shinee went to face him to kiss his cheek.

“Thank you.” she said softly.

“Thank you?”

“Yeah. Thank you. For moments like this. And … for loving me the way you do.”

He brought his forehead to hers. “I love you. Always.”

Shinee wanted to mark him as hers and hers alone in that instant. She buried her face in the crook of his neck and he instantly held her tighter.

“I love you. So much.”  

He stared at her so intensely then that she had to look away. Her eyes deceived her first, gazing to the side, but Taeyang stopped her by taking hold of both sides of her face.

“Where are you running to, my butterfly?” Those words left sweetly from his lips. Shinee couldn’t speak, remembering the last time he called her that…

Seeing her gaze start to falter, Taeyang quickly drew her in. His lips found hers. Shinee begin to tremble, drawing her breath in as his tongue parted her lips.

Soft and quick, Taeyang broke the kiss. Shinee wished to have more, but she loved the way his strong body hovered over her, pinning her down. Shinee could not look away has shadows crept into the room. The sun was starting to set and she could hear the waves as they came to the shore. Taeyang drew in again.

“You are mine. My butterfly.” he whispered near her ear. Nodding her head and not taking her eyes off his was the best she could do. Not that he was waiting for a response – there was finality in the way he spoke.

He slowly ran the pads of his fingertips from under her chin, to her smooth neck, and to the first button on her flannel shirt. The longer he stared at her, the quicker her chest rose and fell. After what felt like forever, Shinee made a move to unbutton her shirt. Before she could touch a single button, she felt his hands grab hers and place them quickly over her head. Shock filled her body and goosebumps rose by the sudden sensation of him taking over. Taeyang moved in quickly. His lips were inches from hers, and her desire to kiss him was stronger than ever now.

Mine.” he stated. Shinee’s heart skipped a bit at the sternness in his voice. She could feel his breath on her face once again. It was warmer than the last time, crashing into her senses as if her body was the very shoreline itself.

Finally, he began to undo the buttons on her shirt. As he finished the last one, he confidently trailed his free hand down her soft and full stomach. Stopping at the top of her panty line, he chuckled when Shinee let out a frustrated sigh. He looked her in the eyes again. 

“Always?” he asked knowingly.

“Ye… always.”

Satisfied with her response, he let go of her hands and put his index finger against her slightly parted lips before gently massaging her through her panties.

She could smell her want for him fill the air and hear the groan that he could not hold back. All his movements were made with care as to not hurt her and Shinee wanted nothing more than to have the weight of him crushing her. She saw that Taeyang had other plans, so she willed herself to patient. Lifting her lower half up slightly to signal her surrender to him seemed to go unnoticed.

Did he not see what he was doing to her?

As she looked up to see a way out of her predicament, Shinee saw Taeyang move down until he was face to face with her womanhood. He brought his hands up to her hips, hooked them into the insides her lace boy shorts, while pressing a deep kiss to her lips through her boy shorts. When she arched her back in approval he quickly brought them down. Her eyes were on his when before he spoke again.

“I want to drink from you until I am full.”

That admission alone left her dripping at the core and her mind reeling.

“Tonight, you will fly high in the clouds, my butterfly.”

Without any hesitation, he found her bud and kissed it gently. The sound that came from Shinee’s lips was one that she had never heard before. She felt deliciously lightheaded as her feet were being lifted from the ground from Taeyang taking ahold of them and hooking them securely over his shoulders. This brought him even closer to her core and Shinee’s hands almost automatically went running through his hair.

“You taste as good as I thought you would. How will I ever get enough of you?” he murmured along her right thigh before kissing it soundly.

“Please... I...” she stammered out, “your… butterf…oh!”

Taeyang seemed to be on a mission to leave her complete spent. He took his time, sampling her as though she were a bottle of wine. Each time he lapped at her with his tongue, he stopped to savor the taste of her. Shinee was starting to lose track of time – it all became a blur. When he flattened his full tongue upward through her already warm and slick folds was when she finally flew. The small fluttering of nerves met with the crashing of the waves – leaving her in tears as she arched her back and greeted them.

Shinee could feel his hands make quick work of removing her shirt. Then they were wiping away her tears as Taeyang finally laid against her. All she could think of as she opened her eyes was, Please let this be real. Please. Her cinnamon doe like eyes made contact with his warm and loving ones and Shinee was put at ease. Reaching a trembling hand out to touch his cheek, she spoke.

“Thank you.” Now it was his turn to blush.


Fighting back more tears, Shinee answer to him came straight from her heart. “For letting me fly. And being the safe place that I always want to land back to.”

Smoke and Mirrors

Ji Yong and Nina

Having a fuckboy like Frank break up with her for not 'giving up the goods’ when he thought she should had Nina more than pissed. What indication did she show that made folks assume that she was here for that kind of bullshit? Nina was a go-getter. Anything she ever wanted and, everything she owned, she got by working her ass off for it – not by ‘giving it up’ to every asshat that looked at her more than twice. He actually fixed his mouth to say to her that she should be more grateful that a guy like him would take a chance on a chick like her! Seriously?! She didn't even bother with finishing her drink at the bar or to listening to his, "I could have any woman I want." speech. Like that ever got her to give up the draws anyways.

It was Saturday night and too early for her to call it a night, so Nina decided to go to one of her favorite spots – Vivid Hookah Lounge. It had been awhile since her last visit, so she decided to really treat herself and pulled out her Amex to book her a private room. She requested a soundproof room with Pandora music access, self-service with top shelf booze, and at least 2 Shisha Molasses Selections. As Nina’s attendant lead her to her room, they heard a loud crash in one of the other rooms followed by a few laughs. Nina watched as the attendant slowed down a bit and shook his head. They made it to her room and she tipped the attendant once he brought in her items and took care of her hookah setup.

After fixing herself a whiskey sour and queuing up some Dean on Pandora, Nina stretched out on the suede sofa and took a hit of her hookah.

Just as all the week’s stress started to leave her body some guy staggered into her private oasis coughing and swearing. She closed her eyes before sitting up to go off on him.

Before Nina could get a word out, he spoke, “I am sorry. May I crash here for a moment?”

She was about to send him on his way, until he raised his hands in a surrender stance. Something about him piqued her interested… as if she recognized him but couldn’t remember where from.

“Seems like you already have.” Nina replied sarcastically. “You have until the end of this song to be on your way.” He mumbled something that resemble thank you, but Nina didn’t acknowledge him.

She chose instead to focus on the lyrics to ‘Pour Up’ as she watched her guest in the mirrors on the wall. He seemed harmless enough. A bit skinny, sharp facial features, with blue hair. Nina really liked the blue hair. She could see herself running her hands through it…

No. Damn. WAY! She quickly reached for her hookah and took a long drag. This straggler could not be who she thought he was.

Then he flipped his hair out of his face, and she started choking. He appeared in front of her, concern etched in his face.

“Are you okay? Should I call someone?”

She looked up incredulously at him before answering. “No th-thank you. I’m good. Just… could you tell me your name? Please?”

He then stepped a few feet back and looked towards the door. “Which one would you prefer?” he asked.

Was he trying to be cheeky? Nina couldn’t tell, but she decided to play along.

“I would prefer the real one. Since you interrupted my bit of heaven, I figured it’s the least you can do to make it up to me.” He turned to look at her and she offered what she hoped was a comforting smile.


Hearing him say his name out loud did help. He kept looking between her and the door, as though waiting for someone to show up.

“Thank you.” Nina replied. “I would offer my other mouth piece to you, but you look like you’re about to head out. Have a good night.” She then went back to selecting songs to play on the monitor.

“Is that all? You don’t want anything else?” he asked, shock evident in his voice.

“Nope.” she answered. “Listen” Nina continued, “I’ve had a long week and I’m sure you have somewhere else to be. So if you’d like to stay, then stay. If not, no hard feelings.”

Jiyong started laughing. A full on, grab your sides laugh. “Okay. I will stay for a little longer.”

He went to the sofa and sat down. Nina got up and fixed herself a shot of Fireball.

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