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Get Over It

Book One – The Gods Made Me Do It
spin-off from the Cloverleah Pack series)

By Lisa Oliver

Copyright 2017 by Lisa Oliver

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Get Over It (The Gods Made Me Do It #1)
Copyright 2017 Lisa Oliver

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To all my readers: Your support has been so generous over the past month and your excitement at reading about Madison and Sebastian has helped me through some black moments. I do hope I have done these two justice in your eyes. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Phil and Judy – my days would be long, lonely and boring without you. You are both amazing.

Chapter One

Madison Worthington ran his hand over the lapel of his new suit and eyed his reflection critically. The cut was perfect, the dark gray material held a faint sheen under his mirror lights as it emphasized his tight butt and slender waist. Madison patted the trim ends of his golden blond hair where they fell artfully over his face. He kept it short for neatness purposes but he purposefully gave the men in his life something to hold onto on top. He leaned forward and peered at his reflected skin. Eyeliner was expertly applied to bring out a pop in his bright blue eyes. He just needed a spot of lip gloss and he’d be ready to go.

You’re going to knock ‘em dead tonight,” he said with a smile at his reflection, pushing back familiar negative thoughts about never finding the one meant for him. If only Damien…. Madison stamped the floor with his elegantly booted foot, shutting down that line of thinking. His days with Damien were well over and his Alpha was happy with Scott. Mate, I need to find my mate, he thought, but he shoved that idea away as well. I have a good life, he told himself firmly, I have all I need.

San Antonio was the biggest gay pack in the country; hell, one of the biggest packs anywhere. His position as Damien’s Personal Assistant put him closer to the Alpha than anyone else except Scott and Malacai, the pack second. People trusted him with a myriad of problems, and I cope with them all. Madison was proud of his accomplishments and as he gave his reflection one last look, he knew he had every right to be. I’m far more than the worthless skinny runt my father claimed I was.

The noise of people yelling hit Madison’s ears as he opened his apartment door. This was another reason he loved his position. Damien allowed him to live above the club free of charge. The club was busy, but then it usually was. Rumor had it the Alpha was in town this evening, which probably accounted for the higher than usual volume of noise; although Madison wondered what happened to the music that played twenty-four hours a day. Strutting along the short walkway to the stairs, Madison peered over the balcony and his eyes popped. The place looked like it’d hosted a WWE free-for-all. The sound system was in pieces. There wasn’t a solid chair or table left standing and there were even holes in the wall – large, body-sized ones.

“I’m going to be needed in the office,” he muttered as he took in the wreckage. He spotted Scott heading in that direction and quickly followed. There was no sign of Damien anywhere.

Scott was talking on the phone when Madison swept into the office the Alpha shared with his mate. The Alpha Mate held up two fingers and Madison tried to curb his impatience. He wanted to know what caused the mess. “Yes, if you could. An estimate would be nice. I can’t stress how important it is this is fixed immediately. If you can do it in two days, there will be a hefty bonus for you and the workers. I’ll have the manager wait for you. He has my authorization to approve it. Thank you. I’ll tell him to expect you first thing in the morning.”

Madison shifted his feet. “What happened down there?” He asked as soon as Scott disconnected the call. “It looks as if the entire pack went at it. Why do these things always happen when I’m away?”

“Love the new clothes,” Madison preened under Scott’s attention. He couldn’t help himself. No one else seemed to notice his efforts. But Scott was nice like that. “Damien and an old friend got reacquainted.”

“Reacquainted?” Madison’s voice was faint. He’d seen his Alpha in a temper and it wasn’t a pretty sight. He was surprised the club was still standing.

“Yep. Reacquainted. Now I need you to...” There was a knock at the office door. “Come in,” Scott called.

A god stuck his head around the door. There was no other word to describe the height, those muscles, and that face…Madison snapped his mouth shut to stop himself from drooling. “They’re still resting peacefully.” Oh, and that voice, as beautiful and powerful as the rest of him. Madison couldn’t stop staring.

“Good.” Scott snapped. “Have a seat. I’m just getting quotes. Sebastian will be paying half.”

“Only fair.” The gorgeous man turned his attention Madison’s way. An embarrassing squeak came out of his mouth as the man said “Hello.”

Madison couldn’t speak. He could barely get his brain to function. The godlike man smiled and then his right eyebrow quirked in the most delicious fashion. Madison felt light-headed, but for the life of him, he couldn’t get his mouth to work.

“Nereus, this is our PA, Madison,” Scott said although Madison wasn’t paying attention. He was drowning in eyes the color of the sea. “Madison who will be taking my notes. Won’t you, Madison? Madison!”

Shit. He had to answer. But all Madison could manage was another squeak. His cheeks burned but he couldn’t look away from what could only be described as masculine perfection. He yearned to know how that beard would feel against his skin.

“Madison?” Scott said, “Write!”

Madison managed a nod.

Maybe it’s better if I leave?” the gorgeous one known as Nereus said smoothly. “You can fill me in on the costs and stuff on the way to the Pack House.”

Was he going to leave? Before Madison had a chance to…well, Madison wasn’t sure what he’d get a chance to do, but the thought of not seeing this man again was crushing. “You aren’t staying here?” Wow, his mouth worked.

Scott invited us to the Pack House. But of course, we’ll be here a lot.” Oh, that voice, Madison could listen to it all day. His cock was tapping on his buttons and he was worried it would break through.

“Oh good,” he managed to say and then flushed again. “I mean how nice.”

“If you want, Nereus, why don’t you go down to the kitchen and order dinner for us,” Scott interrupted. “Order whatever you like.”

“Sure.” Nereus took Madison’s hand and Madison’s knees went weak. “It was so nice to meet you, pretty wolf.”

Pretty wolf! He likes me. Madison squeaked then cleared his throat. “Yes, I’ll look forward to meeting you again. I mean I look forward to meeting with you again. I mean...”

“I understand.” Damn it, the laugh was deep and sexy. Madison was ready to strip off his clothes and grab his ankles. “I’ll order, Scott. For our rooms?”

Ours. We have a large table in the apartment. I don’t mind replacing it if necessary. The apartment could do with remodeling.”

Nereus laughed and left. When the door shut behind him, Madison dropped in a chair. “Oh, my gods...” He said, fanning himself with his hands.

Scot grinned. “Close. Very close.”

“What? I mean oh, my! He was... he is... I...” Madison needed to get his brain into gear. He didn’t want Scott thinking he was irresponsible but damn, his mind was filled with the god who walked out the door and all the delicious things he wanted to do to him. He could worship that body for hours.

“He’s Nereus, son of Poseidon and a friend of Damien’s,” Scott said with a laugh. “Do not drool on the carpet.”

But he’s... he’s... I...” Madison was still in shock. His cock was pounding. Has it been that long since I’ve been fucked? Madison reckoned it must have been because all he wanted to do was run after Nereus and plead for a long sticky night between the sheets. Or up a wall…damn, he’d settle for a hand on his dick.

Look. Let’s get this finished and then you can plan how to impress him,” Scott said, giving him a pointed look. “We are going to the Pack House but as soon as the contractors are done, we’ll be back to inspect.”

Inspect. Nereus said he’d be back. And he’d smiled, at me and called me pretty. Madison did an internal happy dance and then tried to pull himself together. “Yes! Oh, my gods, yes. I mean of course. We will make sure that everything is finished as fast as possible.”

If he had anything to do with it, Madison would have the club fixed and open again within two days. He’d hound the workmen day and night if he had to. His mind half on what Scott was saying, Madison was already planning what outfit would most appeal to the deliciously hunky man who smelled of the sea.

Chapter Two

Sebastian snapped his mouth shut as Scott glared at him across the table. The Alpha Mate might resemble the man who stole his heart, but his temperament was far too modern for Sebastian’s taste. He preferred the old days; when men were men and there was none of this shit about having a sensitive side or worse, Sebastian shuddered, manscaping.

“I was simply saying,” he said, in defiance of Scott’s glare, keen to continue his argument with Damien. That was a man he wouldn’t mind having in his bed. Unfortunately, Damien was a top through and through so it would never happen. And now his favorite alpha was mated to someone who clearly didn’t have a problem with interrupting what was a perfectly civil conversation.

“Damien knows what you were saying,” Scott snapped back, “and if you two had your way, this apartment would be in the same shape as the club was a week ago. Now shut up, the pair of you. I’m going down to the club to make sure everything is back the way it’s supposed to be and if my mate has any sense, he’ll come too. Personally, after listening to you two bickering like kids for the past week, I don’t care if you don’t,” Scott frowned at Damien who quickly stood, a contrite look on his face. “You two can do what you like.”

“I’m coming,” Nereus pushed back his chair. “I’ve got this feeling tonight is going to be a good night.” He nudged his cock with his hand and grinned. Sebastian couldn’t help but grin back. He and Nereus had been friends for longer than Scott and Damien’s lives combined. Maybe he could find someone who could scratch an itch? Sebastian doubted it. The lines between tops and bottoms were clearly defined in Damien’s pack. Sebastian needed a big man who could be persuaded to try the receiving end of things and a wolf temperament meant that didn’t happen in a pack situation very often. He let Nereus escort Scott out of the apartment and fell in beside Damien.

“You let him talk to you like that all the time?” He hissed at the large alpha. “He’s smaller than you and a beta wolf.”

“He’s my true mate,” Damien hissed back with a worried look in Scott’s direction as they made their way along a short hallway and started down the stairs to the club. The place was packed. “Believe me, a mate can have your cock in a sling faster than you can say jack shit if he wants to.”

“Pff,” Sebastian was always ready to argue with his friend. “If you’d…”

He broke off as Nereus froze midstep and then roared, “MATE!” Sebastian could feel the stairs rumble and the sound of rushing water.

Damien leaped forward and grabbed Nereus by the arm, trying to get him to stop. But the sound built like a wave and when Damien grabbed Scott and yelled, “Go damn it, Sebastian, move,” he was quick to obey. In his anger, Nereus called the waters and Sebastian knew there’d be hell to pay if Poseidon ever found out.

By the time Sebastian’d reached the top step the club was flooded. Nereus dove off the step he was on, presumably to grab hold of the mate he was yelling about. Sebastian hoped the guy could swim at least. It was going to suck having the son of Poseidon as a mate if the man didn’t like water. He watched as big burly Doms grabbed twinks and something to hang onto.

Then his eye caught sight of the last person he expected to see. A bedraggled tiny man, in a mesh top and shorts that barely covered his butt, was fighting the water and losing fast. Sebastian felt the pull immediately, but he resisted.

Don’t you dare let your mate drown, his father’s words boomed in his head.

He won’t, Sebastian was just as capable of arguing with his father as anybody. He’s a shifter. He’ll be fine. But as he watched, Sebastian wasn’t so sure. The little man got swept by a wave and there was a lot of debris in the water. Sebastian was aware of Scott fighting with Damien to get to him, but Damien wasn’t letting him go. Sebastian scanned the area, hoping one of the other men in the pack would see the little guy’s plight. But they were all too busy trying to hang onto anything they could find.

Not even you could be that heartless. Sebastian cursed his father. He wasn’t heartless but his heart belonged to someone else. If the drowned waif thought they’d be sharing a Happily Ever After he had a shock coming to him. But Sebastian couldn’t let the man drown. He dove off the balcony and swam quickly, grabbing the flailing man under his arms.

“You!” The man stopped wiggling the moment they touched. Bright blue eyes filled with hope and wonder.

Sebastian hated to be a bastard, but he’d had years of practice. “Do you have a room here?” He asked harshly.

The little man nodded, the light in his eyes dimming. “I’m Madison Worthington,” he said and then gasped and spluttered as another wave hit him in the face. “I have an apartment upstairs.”

Guess I’ll be leaving as soon as Nereus gets his shit worked out then, Sebastian thought as he towed Madison back to the stairs. The diminutive shifter couldn’t stand and keeping his annoyance to himself, Sebastian swung him up in his arms and strode up the stairs. I’m just going to see him to his room. That’s all, he told himself firmly. Madison felt perfect in his arms and Sebastian could feel his body respond. Not happening!

As soon as Madison opened the door, his room down a long hallway past Damien’s apartment, Sebastian set his feet on the floor and took a step back, intending to leave.

“Please don’t go,” Madison said in a small voice. “I know I look a sight. I’m so sorry. I didn’t plan to meet you like this. If you’ll just give me twenty minutes I can look good again. That damned water wrecked my hair, and my face, oh my god my face.” He ran over to the large mirror that took up most of the wall and gasped, rubbing his hands over streak marks coming from his eyes. “I look a fright; completely bedraggled. All that effort for nothing. My hair and makeup ruined and look at the state of my clothes!” Madison plucked at his top which was translucent thanks to the water. Sebastian forced himself not to notice the slim build and the lightly defined muscles.

I don’t know why you’re worried about that stuff,” he said gruffly. “Clothes don’t make the man and neither does makeup. I can’t understand why you wear that rubbish on your face.”

Madison’s eyes widened, which combined with the black marks had the unfortunate effect of making him look like a raccoon. A cute raccoon but Sebastian wasn’t about to be swayed. Nor was he going to take the raccoon into his arms, as much as his body compelled him too.

“I know you think there’s a connection between us,” he continued when Madison stood dripping on the carpet. “But I’ll never take a mate. My heart belongs to someone else and it will stay that way forever.”

Madison seemed to crumple for a moment, but then he tilted his chin and his back straightened. Sebastian was impressed despite his ideas. He did know how important mates were to any kind of shifter. “Are you telling me,” Madison said in a low voice, “even though you know we’re mates, you will never love me? You’ll be with me, but won’t give me your heart, because it belongs to someone else more worthy of it than me?”

“I’m not going to be with you. You know the man who holds my heart as Alexander the Great. He was a proud warrior, a great man. There will be no other partner for me.” Sebastian’s heart didn’t flinch the way it normally did when he mentioned Alex’s name, but he refused to examine why.

“Your heart belongs to a dead man? How the hell am I meant to compete with that?”

Sebastian was more baffled by how Madison was managing to stay upright. The man’s body was shaking and once again he forced his feet to stay where they were in case he did something stupid like comfort the little man. Even half-drowned there was something appealing about him. “There is no competition,” he said more bluntly than he intended. “Alex holds my heart, wherever he might be. That will never change. I plan to leave here as soon as I can find Nereus and you won’t see me again.”

Just like that? You’re not even giving me a chance? You don’t know anything about me.”

“I don’t want to know.” Sebastian allowed his eyes to roam over Madison’s body one last time. It was time to pull on his bastard cape. “Even if I could ever bring myself to find a life partner, it wouldn’t be someone like you.” He curled his lip up in a sneer even as his insides tore. “You look like you’ve never handled a weapon in your life. You’re not a fighting man. You look more like a butterfly than a wolf shifter. I could never be with someone like you.”

Ignoring Madison’s gasp, Sebastian strode from the room, slamming the door behind him. If his heart ached at the sound of Madison’s sobs, he ignored that too. He needed to find Nereus and get the hell out of San Antonio. Before he did something stupid like hug a crying man.

Chapter Three

Lunchtime the next day found Madison still in bed when he heard a knock at the door. For a moment, he thought it might have been the big man from the night before. How sad was it that he didn’t even know his mate’s name? But when he heard Raff’s soft voice he knew he needed to talk to someone and Raff was a sweet man.

“Hang on,” he called out. He quickly dived out of bed and checked his face. He looked like shit, but for the first time since coming to San Antonio, Madison couldn’t bring himself to care. He hurried to the door and opened it, shocked to see Nereus holding Raff like he was someone special.

“We’re true mates,” Raff said quickly and Madison realized his shock was showing. “I hope you don’t mind, but we heard about Sebastian and I wanted to know if there was anything we could do to help.”

That’s the problem with red wolves, Madison thought as he opened the door wider to let them in, they are just too damned sweet and too cute to kick. At least he knew his mate’s name now, which was something.

“I wanted to apologize for Sebastian. He can be harsh at times,” Nereus said softly, as he sat down in a large chair, pulling Raff with him.

“Has he changed his mind about me?”

Nereus quickly dashed that flare of hope with a simple shake of his head. “I haven’t spoken to him yet,” he said. “I met Raff and….”

Madison knew what that smile was about. While he was lying in his bed alone crying his eyes out, Raff was getting sexed up. Lucky bastard. But Madison wasn’t about to be bitter about his friend’s stroke of luck. He wasn’t petty and even through his pain, he recognized Raff needed someone like Nereus in his life.

“Sebastian’s not an easy man to deal with,” Nereus continued. “He fell in love centuries ago and doesn’t seem to be able to let it go. I’m sorry if he came across as mean.”

“Yes, with Alexander the Great of all people. He told me,” Madison didn’t try and hide the bitterness in his voice this time. “Apparently, I don’t stack up.” He waved his hand, indicating his slim frame, pleased he was wearing his pale blue silk pajamas. Well, he wasn’t going to wallow looking like a slob.

“You shouldn’t give up on your mate,” Raff said urgently. “He has to feel the mating pull the same as you do. It was probably a shock meeting you, that’s all.”

There was that damn flare of hope again. Madison wanted to grab it with both hands, but he remembered the stern way Sebastian spoke to him; the sneer etched on that smug perfect face. “I don’t even see how we can be mates,” he said trying to let Raff down gently. “You know we only get one mate in life, and if the great and wonderful Alexander was Sebastian’s, then my wolf must be mistaken. It could easily happen. I was in shock at the time.”

Alex wasn’t Sebastian’s mate. He was just someone Sebastian thought he loved,” Nereus said. “There’s more, a lot more, but that’s his story to tell, not mine. I would suggest you don’t give up, though. Mates are special.” The smile Nereus had for Raff showed how much he believed that.

Again, with that wretched flare of hope. Madison knew he wasn’t mistaken about Sebastian. He was just trying to save face. As soon as their skin touched, his body burned despite being soaked. “He won’t talk to me,” he said fiddling with the hem of his pajama top. “He said he never planned on seeing me again. He said….” Madison looked over at Nereus. “He said he was going to find you and leave. Why would he need you for that?”

Nereus laughed. “Sebastian can’t drive and he’d never attempt to use public transport. He and I teleport everywhere, but he needs me for that. He doesn’t have that power of his own.”

“So, he’s still here?” This time Madison didn’t squash his sturdy little hope flame.

“He doesn’t have any other way of leaving and I’m not going anywhere.” The look Nereus gave Raff was so soft, so full of happiness Madison would have been envious if he had the time.

“Well, what are we sitting around here for?” Madison said jumping up and clapping his hands. “Come on Raff, you have to help me pick out an outfit. I was such a mess last time he saw me. I’ve got to look my absolute best this time.”

Raff didn’t look enthusiastic, but Madison put that down to nerves. What sexy little wolf wouldn’t be interested in clothes?


An hour later, looking absolutely immaculate, Madison turned the corner towards Damien’s apartment. Damien and Scott were outside their door, talking to Sebastian. Sebastian, oh my stars, the Fates have been good to me. Unwilling to interrupt what seemed to be a heated discussion, Madison hung back, his ears straining to hear what was going on. Scott was getting at Sebastian for not wanting to be with him…oh, no, they’re talking about me. Madison didn’t have to strain his ears to hear Sebastian’s response. The man yelled loud enough for the whole club to hear.

I didn’t ask for a mate. It’s not my fault the Fates fucked up. My true love is dead and has been for centuries. I’m not dishonoring his memory by taking a piddly-assed twink as a mate. My mate will be a warrior; just like my lover was; someone big, capable of looking after himself; instead of worrying about the state of his frigging clothes and water in his hair. The Fates are playing a fucking JOKE on me, and I won’t have it. I won’t take that twink for a mate if he’s the last man on earth.”

Hope didn’t just die in that instant. It was thoroughly annihilated and Madison was sure he’d die with it. In just a few choice words Sebastian robbed him of any chance of love, happiness or having someone special in his life. His eyes filling, Madison couldn’t help a gasp as his heart broke in two. Scott and Sebastian turned. Unwilling to face the humiliation, Madison ran past them, heading down the stairs. Nereus and Raff were in his apartment and Madison needed to be alone. He headed for the main doors. There were bouncers there and the doors were locked. Madison knew that wasn’t right, but he didn’t have time to think about it. He was desperate to get out. Away from the pack who’d witnessed his humiliation; away from his mate who’d taken his hopes and dreams and ground them to dust.

He ran to the side entrance. There was never a guard on that door. The lock was stubborn, and Madison pounded at it, determined to get outside.

“Madison, don’t go,” Scott yelled behind him. “It’s not safe…what?” Madison half turned and Scott fell on him, a dart hanging from his neck. As he tumbled to the ground he felt a prick pierce his arm through his suit and then all he knew was darkness.


“You can’t force me to mate your wolf,” Sebastian struggled out of the wreckage of Damien’s large dining table. The fight with Damien was inevitable. Sebastian would do anything to take away the sight of Madison’s stricken face which seemed etched in his memory and as soon as Damien opened his mouth he threw a punch at it.

No one’s forcing anyone,” Damien was having similar problems. His leg and arm had gone through the plaster wall. He yanked his foot out, pulling a large chunk of plaster with it. “But you didn’t have to be so fucking hurtful. Madison’s a sweet man and your words devastated him. He’ll never get another mate while you’re still breathing and now that his wolf’s scented you, he can’t be with another partner even if it’s just for sex. You’re a fucking asshole. You should have left him alone.”

“I couldn’t let him drown. I’m not a complete bastard.” Sebastian brushed off his clothes and looked around for a chair. They were scattered in pieces around the floor. He sat on the kitchen counter instead, resting his head in his hands.

“You could have fooled me,” Damien staggered to the kitchen and pulled out a couple of beers. He handed one to Sebastian. “How long has this lover of yours been dead?”

“Two thousand three hundred and thirty-nine years. It will be two thousand three hundred and forty years next June.”

Damien’s mouth dropped open in shock. “And you haven’t been with another man in all that time?”

“Of course, I have,” Sebastian took a long swig from the bottle. “Alexander and I weren’t mates. But he took my heart with him when he died.”

“I also vowed never to love again,” Damien said. “You’ve heard me say that often enough over the years, and then Scott came along and, bam, I couldn’t be happier.”

Your mate is strong and of the warrior class. I understand why you mated him. I’d consider it if the twink looked like Scott.”

“The twink’s name is Madison,” Damien snarled and Sebastian realized he’d said the wrong thing again. The Alpha was protective of his PA. “He’s older than he looks; has been through a hell of a lot in his life, and then had the misfortune to end up with a mate like you. Now he can’t be with anyone else because you’re too stuck up to see value in a person beyond his size.”

“I’ll get the mating broken; I have connections.” At least Sebastian hoped those connections still worked. He’d have to go through his father and he and dear old Dad weren’t really on speaking terms. “Maybe the Fates will give him another mate.”

“And maybe they won’t and last I heard no mating could be broken no matter who you were.” Damien looked around at the trashed apartment. “Scott is going to have my guts for garters because of this.” He frowned and Sebastian knew instantly something was wrong. His gut churned and he was filled with the sensation of dread. To hide it, he focused on his friend.

“D, you okay?”

“Scott… SCOTT!” Flinging his bottle on the floor, Damien ran from the apartment, tugging his shirt off as he went. By the time Sebastian followed him down the stairs, Damien was in wolf form and growling. He ran around to the club’s side exit and Sebastian’s gut ache worsened as he noticed Madison’s shiny black shoe with a note attached. Damien shifted back and grabbed a piece of paper taped to the shoe, snarling as he read it. “Get me a phone.”

Sebastian realized in that instant that Madison and Scott were gone. The only thing was, he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to feel about it. He didn’t want Madison…so why did he feel his life was over?

Chapter Four

Madison groaned and went to rub his head but the clanging of chains stopped him. Chains? What the fuck? No one’s allowed to…. Madison opened his eyes and they widened as he took in his surroundings. “Where the fuck am I?”

His senses were muted. His wolf was there but seemed to be sleeping; but Madison could still pick up the stench of death and blood. He squinted, trying to see in the dim light. The concrete block walls weren’t inspiring. Neither was the lack of windows. His cage made Madison’s predicament all too real and he spotted torn rags on the floor. His best suit. Madison gulped. He was naked.

Fighting down his terror, Madison hated to be bound in any way, he looked for a way out. His ankles and wrists were shackled, the chains linked to the cage. He could barely straighten his limbs. The cage was set on the floor but the thin blanket covering the bars did little to stop the cold from the concrete seeping through. He whimpered, unable to help himself.

He still wasn’t sure where the horrible smell was coming from. It wasn’t him; Madison sniffed his armpits to make sure. His phobia about smelling bad and being tied up…nope, not letting my memories go there, he thought. I’m in dire straits as it is. A perusal of the room wasn’t helpful, though. There were racks on the wall filled with the type of things Madison stayed away from at the club. Whips, more chains, knives. Madison shuddered. Look away from the walls.

The rest of the view wasn’t any better. There were two large steel doors but Madison couldn’t see any locks or hinges. There was a large chest in one corner and something…Madison leaned forward, straining his eyes to see. It looked like…Madison scuttled back as far as the chains would let him. It was a body and although Madison wasn’t sure, he had a horrible suspicion it was one of the subs from the club. Curling his legs up against his chest, Madison hugged himself, not bothering to hide his fear. He just hoped the fact he couldn’t see Scott meant the Alpha Mate hadn’t been taken too.


Madison had no idea how much time passed when one of the doors clanged open and a harsh light shone in the room. A dark-clothed figure strode into the room, a hood half covering his face.

Oh, don’t you look lovely, all pale and scared, wondering what’s going to happen to you.” The voice was harsh, but Madison knew he’d heard it before. A pack wolf? He didn’t want to believe it but as the man got closer, his nose told him his captor was definitely a wolf.

“Not got anything to say?” The dark-cloaked man seemed amused. He wandered over to the body and kicked it. “Joel here screamed from the moment he woke up. I thought you’d have more fire, dealing with Damien’s demands.”

Will it do me any good?” Madison looked up and tried to see the man’s eyes, but of course, they were covered. Do I know him?

The man laughed. Not a pleasant sound. “You do have a bit of spirit. I am glad.”

“Why am I here? Do I know you? What have I ever done to you?”

“I didn’t want you at all,” the big man waved his arm at the cage. “I wanted that damn red wolf but he wouldn’t leave the club so I had to go with plan B. Ransom. Damien would do anything to get that little blond he’s called a mate back.”

Scott? Had Scott been taken too? “Where’s the Alpha Mate?” Madison was almost afraid to ask, but he had to know. Unfortunately, his kidnapper wasn’t obliging because he just laughed.

“I can hardly keep Damien’s so-called mate with my toys, now can I? Scott is safe and secure, just like you. I’m hardly going to hurt the man who’s going to help me get that red wolf.”

That meant Scott was unhurt and if he was okay, then surely his mind link with Damien would have them out of this predicament soon enough. Damien would be scouring the city for his mate. Madison could only hope they’d remember to find him too. Shit, knowing Scott, the Alpha Mate would shift and kill this idiot the first chance he got.

The man rapped on the cage bars and Madison jumped. “Thinking about our heroic Alpha Mate shifting and getting you out of here?” Hell, Madison was already starting to hate that laugh. “Can you feel your little wolf, boy? Is he ready to spring out at me and rip my throat out? I don’t think so.” The man patted his pocket. “Drugs, boy. Special drugs made to hide scent and stop a shift. Neither you nor the Alpha Mate is going anywhere until I have that red wolf.”

“Why is Raff so important to you? Do you know him?” Madison knew Damien wouldn’t trade Raff for Scott no matter how much he wanted to.

The man shook his head. “None of your business, boy. Secrets. Alpha secrets. You should be worrying about how you’re going to keep me happy. Joel didn’t do a very good job and he didn’t last long. But then you’ve been letting the Alpha fuck you for years, so I’m guessing you’ll be harder to break.”

“I haven’t….” Madison snapped his mouth shut. If his captor knew Damien hadn’t touched him in over twenty years, then he could become expendable.

Yes, I know all about him getting rid of his rostered subs when he took that blond into his bed. But he didn’t get rid of you, did he? No, I’m thinking you must be something pretty special, spending all that time in the Alpha’s office. I can’t wait to find out.” The man put his hand through the bars, stroking Madison’s leg. Madison gritted his teeth although his skin crawled. “Oh yes, so soft. You’ll mark beautifully. Here, do you want a sandwich, boy?”

Working to keep his face bland, Madison nodded. The man reached into his coat and pulled out four sandwiches covered in plastic wrap. He reached into another pocket and produced a bottle of water. “You eat and drink, while I attend to other matters and then I’ll be back and we’ll discuss what you’re going to do for me. Don’t go away.”

Madison took the offerings. He knew he’d be a fool not to. But he wished his wolf wasn’t suppressed. He unwrapped and sniffed the sandwiches the moment the man left the room, the clang of the door making him jump. Potted meat. He hated potted meat, but his stomach chose that moment to gurgle so he ate them quickly, trying not to grimace at the taste. The water bottle didn’t look tampered with, but the light went out as soon as the door closed. It was darker in the room than before.

“Can’t go without water,” Madison muttered as he unscrewed the lid. Once he was done, his bladder called to him, but Madison wasn’t going to give into those needs unless he had to. The thought of sitting in his own filth was too humiliating for him to handle.

Dizziness hit him and he sank back against the bars. Damn food must have been drugged, after all, he thought as he collapsed.

Chapter Five

Sebastian tilted back his head, letting the whiskey run down his throat. It wasn’t helping. Nothing helped. He was stuck at the Pack House because Nereus refused to leave his mate’s side and what’s worse was when he tried to help in the search for Madison and Scott he got yelled at. So what if he said he wouldn’t take the man as his mate? He had a right to his opinion. Alexander was everything he ever wanted in a mate. He wasn’t going to settle for anyone less.

He tried to conjure up the image of Alexander’s face; those proud lines and the curly blond hair that hung to his shoulders. But his mind was filled with a finer face, softer features, full pink lips and a high brow. Bright blue eyes that shone…Sebastian took another swig from the bottle.

“It’s not my fault,” he yelled at the empty room. The answering silence mocked him. Nereus was staying with Raff; no one wanted to speak to him. He couldn’t face Damien; not with the man dying by inches every hour Scott was gone. Sebastian had forgotten about that element of shifter physiology until Nereus bluntly told him to lay off Damien completely.

Unfortunately, deep in his heart of hearts, the one place he was truly honest with himself, Sebastian knew it was his fault. He’d got angry when Scott snarled at him about Madison because he felt guilty. All his father’s lectures about mates and their importance had kept him awake all night. He’d managed to block his father eventually, but the words lingered, tormenting him. His only thought, when he’d finally decided to face the world was to leave San Antonio.

If only…a sharp knock at the door stopped that train of thought and Sebastian looked up, his anger surging at the sight of Nereus. The man was so smugly mated it made his teeth clench and he didn’t need to deal with his best friend right now.

“I’ve just about had enough of you,” Nereus snarled. Sebastian took a swig from his bottle again, eying his friend silently. “Everyone knows you didn’t want Madison as a mate; yet now he’s missing you’re acting like a love-sick goat whose harem’s run off.”

“I didn’t want to mate him; doesn’t mean I wanted anything to happen to him.” If Nereus hadn’t been so angry, Sebastian might have shared how he felt he’d made a dreadful mistake. But he met anger with like, because that’s who he was.

“Well something has happened to him and what are you doing about it? Sitting there getting drunk and acting like an ass.”

Goat. Ass. You are full of colorful terminology today,” Sebastian sneered, quaffing more booze. “What’s the matter? Why are you even here? Your twink’s ass boring you already?” Gods, I should learn to keep my mouth shut.

“You’ve got no right to talk about my mate,” Nereus clenched his fists. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you ignore him every time he’s in the room. You’re fucking upsetting him and you’ve got no right. He’s kind and sweet and he was willing to sacrifice himself just so Madison and Scott had a chance of coming home. What have you done?”

Of course, I ignore him. He’s reminding me of who I’m missing, you ass. Why can’t you see that? Sebastian lurched to his feet, his bottle fisted in his hand. “You stopped him from going. This whole mess could’ve been over by now, but no, your little twink was far too precious to be used as bait.”

“You didn’t even want your mate. Damien told me; told all of us. You wouldn’t mate with Madison if ‘he was the last man on earth’, so you said. Your poor mate heard you say those very words. I can’t imagine how much that must have devastated him. At least I had the guts to accept the decision the Fates made for me.”

“Guts. It doesn’t take guts to fuck a twink,” Sebastian said harshly, his anger putting words into his mouth that should never be spoken between friends. “You’ve been saddled with a mate; saddled with a worthless twink who’ll hang like a leech around your neck for the rest of your existence. Now a warrior on the other hand,” Sebastian swung the arm with the bottle attached. “It takes guts to mate a warrior. A real man.”

“How would you know?” Nereus seethed. “So you fucked a few thousand of warriors. Whoop-di-do. So have I. And you know what I got out of it? Fucking nothing. Same as you. An itch scratched. That’s it.”

“Like your twink’s any better. I’m surprised you can even get you cock up his ass without him crying.”

Nereus closed his eyes and blew out a long breath. “I get love from Raff,” he said slowly. “He might not have said the words but I sense it every time he touches me; I feel it every time he welcomes me into his body. That feeling stays with me well after my cock’s gone down. He cares about me; cherishes me. Something you know nothing about. He completes me, damn it and I will worship him for the rest of my days.”

Sebastian stepped closer, drawn to Nereus’s words like a moth to a flame. Gods, how he wanted that in his life. He didn’t realize it until Nereus laid it all out, as plain as day, but now he craved it. But Nereus hadn’t finished. “I’d rather spend a lifetime of boredom as you call it, being loved by a strong, sweet and wonderful man like my mate than spend five minutes with a toxic mess like you. If you want us to stay friends, then you will treat my mate with the respect he deserves; the same respect I’d give yours if you’d manned up and claimed him.”

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