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Wendy developed strong feeling for her step father Herb after her parents honeymoon had come to an end. Her stepfather grew fond of her and gave her treats each time her mother, Emily went out of town. It was not long before she started experiencing sexual pleasure with her girl friends.

God! This was her first glimpse of a man's penis, and it set her on fire even more than the sight of Wendy's vagina. Yes, yes, she wanted to be deflowered by his wonderful male rod! Irene reached out and petted it a little. Herb's cock twitched and swelled.

Chapter 1

The summer sun beat heavily on the tiny inlet off the broad river. Large trees, untouched by civilization, surrounded the inlet on three sides. The fourth side was a narrow waterway leading back to the river. Wild birds abounded, and on land, small game lived without fear of being attacked and killed by larger animals. Nor did they fear the worst predator of all: man. It was too early for mosquitoes. Everything was quiet and peaceful.

The little cabin cruiser sat silently in the middle of the inlet, at anchor. It had arrived the previous night and would be gone when daylight started fading. This was the last day of the Rheingold's honeymoon. They had rented the cabin cruiser for two days, and Herb Rheingold had found the inlet quite by accident.

At the moment, Herb, his wife Emily, and Emily's daughter by a previous marriage, Wendy, were relaxing on deck. Emily, tall, slender, with jet-black hair, had an excellent figure, and didn't mind showing it off wearing the briefest of bikinis.

Her bikini was as black as her ebony hair, hiding her dark bush of pubic curls, though the hairs did stick out around the sides of the crotch band. Her tan thighs were long, slender and firm, with no stretch marks. In fact, although the woman was thirty-four, she looked at least ten years younger. Her fingernails and toenails were painted blood red, and her short, midnight hair was in an upsweep.

Cornering Herb Rheingold had been quite a feat for the divorcee. True, the man wasn't rich, but he had a good job as a real estate broker, and considering her condition when he and she had first met, she was ten times better off.

Rehingold, nice-looking, five feet nine inches in height, with graying black hair, was five years older than she. He had never been married, and when she'd come to his agency looking for a job as a part-time secretary, he had been smitten almost instantly with her. Not even her twelve-year-old daughter, Wendy, deterred the man from pursuing her. And Emily, realizing how much the man was attracted to her, let him chase her until she caught him. He was about ten pounds overweight, but it made him look prosperous rather than fat. He had piercing gray eyes that seemed to look through one rather than at one, but Emily soon learned it was an illusion.

Wendy, Emily's daughter, was a tiny little •thing, with long, medium-brown hair.

Her figure was somewhat underdeveloped for her age. Most of her girl friends were wearing bras, whereas Wendy might have qualified for a training bra, but nothing more. Otherwise, her white flesh had nice curves around the rump and hips, and she had nice-looking calves, but otherwise she was still a little girl. Her arms were like sticks, and she had baby fat around her waist. In her one-piece bathing suit, she looked chic. Emily hadn't wanted to take her daughter on her honeymoon, but she'd had no one with whom to leave the girl, and she had no intention of leaving her home alone. So Wendy had come with them, though in a separate room, at night.

A bottle of champagne sat in an ice bucket on a small deck table Evening was already coming on as Emily drank her last glass, emptying the bottle. She was a little high and becoming animated in her actions.

"It's such a beautiful evening," she said. "And this is such a pretty lake."

"We'll call it Lake Emily, after you," her husband smiled, putting down his own champagne glass.

Emily turned to look at her new husband, whom she was certain she was able to control and said, "Thank you, darling. I appreciate that."

Her words were more than slightly slurred, but she didn't care. She felt good, really good. The warm air caressing her body felt like a light, tingly summer shower.

Wendy, seeing the looks passing between her mother and stepfather, decided this was no place for her. Not that she knew what actually took place between men and women. Her mother had been very careful to hide anything having to do with sex from her. In fact, she knew less than any other girl her age. And she wished she knew more. True, she'd already had her period twice, and her mother had carefully explained it as a normal, natural occurrence, telling her it was something she'd have to endure once a month, every month, for the next thirty to thirty-five years. But that was all she knew.

Standing, the young girl decided to go inside the cruiser and lie down on her bunk bed. She kissed her mother good night, dutifully kissed her stepfather, and saw the flush come to his cheek when her lips touched him. For some reason she was unable to understand, the man blushed whenever she kissed him or touched him.

The girl went inside, shutting the small doors behind her.

Herb was hot. He figured this was as good a time to rip off a piece of his new wife as any. Wendy had proven herself discreet enough not to interfere or interrupt whenever he was sexually involved with her mother.

"I think we should get ready for bed," Emily murmured, getting to her feet.

"I'd like to," her husband whispered, coming up behind her and cupping her full breasts with his hands, "but we have to get this boat back in a few hours."

"Oh?" she asked, twisting to face him. Her eyes were half-closed, lips slightly parted, and she shivered with sexual hunger as the man leaned down and kissed her solidly on her lips. Although somewhat straitlaced about sex, Emily felt the champagne working on her. She surprised her husband with an instant response, darting a tongue into his mouth. She even surprised herself, not realizing how wanton she suddenly felt.

He willingly sucked her tongue, tasting her mouth as he tightly tugged her firm form against his own body. She held the kiss for a long moment, the blood pounding in her temples, aware his blood was moving no less swiftly. It was pouring into the many tiny sacs in his penis, hardening it, and she sensed his need for her.

During Herb Rheingold's courtship, Emily had withheld herself from him, allowing a few more liberties each time they got together, never allowing him to enter her until the wedding night.

Even then, it had been missionary fucking all the way? him on top, tier on the bottom. And that was the way it had been during the entire honeymoon. Not once had she considered any kind of variation, and he hadn't wanted to do anything to break the harmony between them. But here, tonight, on deck, he very much wanted to fuck her, and she, thinking of her daughter below, had no intention of allowing it to happen. Had she not had so much champagne, it might not have happened, but their mouths continued caressing each other, tongues licking in cadence against each other, and soon Emily found herself in a funk, unable to fight off his moving fingers.

His lips peeled from hers, then she found herself being turned away from him as his hands pulled on the strings of her bikini halter. The two triangles covering her tan nipples and aureole fell away to the deck of the boat. She wanted to protest—she knew he was half-expecting her protests but was determined to continue no matter what she said or did. Emily sensed his need to undress her completely at that moment, and she was too aroused to fight him.

With her back to him, Emily felt her husband's eyes wandering over her body.

She liked having him look at her, and with Wendy in the cabin below, she saw no reason to deny him the sight of her curvaceous torso. She sensed the anxiety in him as she turned and let him stare at her full, round breasts. They stood up more solidly than those of many girls half her age. God! She had seen younger lads with huge sacks supported by their bras. She, Emily, had exercised every day since her breasts had started budding. She even insisted Wendy do the same exercises.

As a result, her high, round breasts were as firm now as they had been when they'd first been completely formed.

From the look on her husband's face, Emily was almost able to feel the pounding of his heart. His lips were puckered, wanting to kiss her nipples, along with every other inch of her tanned body. She arched, raising her breasts as she thrust her arms behind her, and it was too much for Herb Rheingold. He leaned forward and took one exotic brown bud between his lips. His teeth sank into the eraser-like extension and his tongue whipped across the nipple again and again.

"Ohhhhhh ... Herb ... sweet Herb," she gasped, as the alcohol in her bloodstream made her more aware of every sensation. She was finding it harder and harder to resist him. She stood there on the deck, staring at the reddening sky, thrilling to everything taking place. His kissing of her hardened little nipple made her entire body tremble sensually. Overpowering floods of acute enjoyment poured through her. She was confused. Emily didn't know whether to stick to her original resolve to fight him off, or to surrender to everything. She had to admit, Herb made sex feel good. He wasn't at all like her first husband, a brutish truck driver, who used to rape her every time he had an opportunity. Herb was a man who considered her feelings, and this consideration made her want to yield to his desires. Emily thought her legs had given way beneath her and she was floating into her husband's arms.

True, Herb didn't have the strength of her first husband, but he was strong enough to hold her securely. The demanding urges she was feeling were more intense and overpowering than anything she had ever felt before. It was as if her hotly aroused body was being directed by some external force and Emily lacked the willpower to resist it. His hot, thrill-arousing mouth remained locked on her tingling breast, his lips pulling and sucking the erect, swollen nipple deep. He was lowering her to the deck now, placing her on the rubber padding over the wooden boards.

"Oooooooh ... ahhhh ... " she sighed. "It's so nice here. I wish we never had to leave." Her voice was a seductive whisper.

Emily almost never spoke when Herb made love to her, but the champagne and the warm air were having effects on her, making her forget her inhibitions. She felt different this particular evening, completely different, and the idea of anything being wrong was totally remote and distant in her mind. Rather than tensing up, the woman was capable only, of lying back and enjoying the stream of pleasures running through her. She writhed, feeling sensuousness build to greater heights than ever before.

Herb was unable to believe his wife was so relaxed. She had always appeared so uptight before. He didn't understand what was happening, and he had sense enough to know asking her might break the spell.

Emily sensed him moving very slowly, gently stretching her luscious curves out on deck without taking his lips from the silken extension of her nipple for so much as a fraction of a second. She loved the attention his mouth was giving her breast, and she felt more and more determined to give him back much of the happiness he was constantly trying to give her.

His teeth nipped at the full, blood-bloated nipple, and her other breast felt the warmth of his hand as his palm cupped it.

He stroked it, rubbing the hardened nipple between his thumb and forefinger until it was strained and springy. She moaned softly with each move he made, and gradually his hand ran teasingly down over her flat, smooth belly, delicately tugging at the laces holding her bikini-bottom in place.

Once the bottom was loosened, his hand moved directly for the silkiness of her pubic hair, tickling the intimate beginning of her wet crevice. His middle finger began probing lower, working into the hot, wet folds of her hidden flesh.

The finger continued poking lower and lower until it made contact with the tiny hard extension of her clitoris.

"Ooooooh," she gasped, sucking in her breath as she felt the heated sensation from the pit of her belly streak through her excited body. She was confused by the enjoyment she felt, as if forgetting something very important.

No, no, it was all right.

And she relaxed enough to allow the provocative sensations to take hold of her entire being. She felt as if some kind of hot wire now connected her to her husband, and each time his finger moved through her lips, a lightning bolt of desire streaked through her sensually aroused body. Instinctively, she parted her thighs wider, anxious to give Herb even greater access to her seething cunt. Once again a hidden question tried forcing its way into her mind—what was she doing out in the open, on the deck of a cabin cruiser? But concentrating on the question became harder and harder, as if she were forgetting the lewdness of her actions. His finger, continually massaging her clitoris, incessantly poured heat into her. Hot moisture, already starting to bubble in Emily's seething tunnel, began seeping out and coating her silken pubic hair. The woman knew she was wetter there than she had ever been in her entire life.

The more she came to know Herb, the more aware she was of what he wanted from her sexually. Having been brought up in a very rigid household, Emily had always believed her mother's word to be law. When her mother, who had not enjoyed sex at all, had told her to give as little of herself as possible, that was precisely what Emily had done. She had given nothing of herself to her first husband, and was only learning to give to Herb. From the very first time Herb had entered her, Emily had felt something, and the last time she had been close to orgasming. Had her mother's words not stuck in her mind, there was every possibility she'd have gone over the edge. She ached, at this half-drunk moment, to discover what lay beyond that rising sensation. Perhaps this evening she'd allow herself to find out.

The first thing she had to do was learn to accept things she felt were terrible and obscene, if only to make Herb happy. Her control over him was in her vagina. She was wise enough to know this. Emily wanted this marriage to work. It meant security, but it was coming to mean more.

More than once, when she had licked an ice cream cone, she had caught

Herb staring at the way her tongue worked at the ice cream. Her first husband had attempted to force her to lick his penis in the same manner, and she had retched all over him. She hadn't been ready to accept such an idea, especially the way her first husband had presented it to her. So far, Herb had made no suggestions, but she knew what he wanted. She thought herself able to hear his thoughts, at those times.

Tonight, with all that champagne in her, Emily Rheingold was feeling less uptight than she had ever been in her life. Her mind was totally aware of the pulsing cock swelling in his pants, aching to be free. Herb was wearing a T-shirt and slacks. At this moment, glancing down, Emily was totally aware of the pulsing head of his penis, pushing against the fabric as if ready to tear its way free.

Herb, in spite of the heavy pressure mounting in his nuts, wanted to wait for the right moment. He wanted her screaming for it. Then, perhaps, she might do something other than straight man-on-top fucking. Christ! Wouldn't it be something to fit his hard cock between her lips, feeling her shut her warm sexy mouth around it? The thought made him work faster.

Emily felt wet and squishy as Herb's ardent .finger moved from her palpitating clitoris and worked down through the raw, wet flesh between her hair-surrounded labia until it was poised at the sucking center leading to her innermost feminity.

Miraculously, her hips rose of their own volition in an effort to suck the hungry finger into her.

"Huuuuunnnggghh ... ooonnngg ... " she gasped, wiggling her hips, trying to force her tight tunnel down around his working finger. The finger teased her for less than a moment, then Emily sensed it slowly screwing its way into her taut, moist, rubbery opening. Slowly, very slowly the digit drove into the warm, clutching corridor of her trembling vagina. The finger pushed deeper and deeper until it was totally embedded and the flat of Herb's hand was pressing against the pouting lips of her cunt.

Emily ground her pelvis at his hand in a sensual rhythm of self-indulgent

pleasure. She felt as if she were someone other than herself. Her mind was light and free while her body blazed with simmering delight. She thrilled to the way he continued biting and chewing on her nipple until she believed she was ready to explode.

Feeling guided by the fantastic titillations caused by her husband's long, vibrating finger in her pussy, Emily realized she wanted to be fucked. She wanted the big, fat cock attached to Herb Rheingold to plunge into her. She was unable to recall when her anxiety for Herb's cock had been so strong.

There was something gnawing pruriently, delightfully into the center of her belly, and the shuddering of her thighs made her aware of the pleasures she expected to feel shortly. There was no longer a question in her mind concerning her abilities to enjoy sex. Even if she was behaving like a tart, she intended trying to enjoy it this time. She wanted to come, she wanted to discover the feeling hiding deep down inside her for so long. She was going to taste the forbidden fruit of orgasm. The alcohol had brought this depravity out, and she intended making the most of it before sobriety eventually overtook her.

When Herb lifted his head from Emily's breast, she believed he might be ready to sink his hot, thick cock into her. Cock! Cock! It was a cock! And hers was a cunt. No prissy words like pudendum or vagina. His was a cock, hers was a cunt.

Emily enjoyed the way he teased her body, taunting her with his lips and tongue.

Foreplay was something she always loved. But this evening it was all so different.

Her body was responding, and he had her out in the open, almost totally naked. The setting sun coming through the trees was like a weak lamp. It seemed much more enjoyable, even in this weak light, than under blazing fluorescent bedroom lights.

Christ! She ached to feel the evening breeze across the lips of her cunt.

She writhed as her husband's left hand moved smoothly down her hips.

Emily was being turned onto her side, and then she shuddered, feeling something new. His tongue was at the top of her spine, licking her flesh. Herb had never done that before. Well, she had never allowed him to do that before. He was taking advantage of her mood, and at the moment Emily was more than happy to let him. He licked her neck, then slowly turned her onto her back and began running his tongue along the bare front of her body.

Oooooh! It felt so good! His tongue licked at her nipples, making them stand again. Yes, this she let him do all the time. She liked to have her nipples sucked.

Then Emily felt a new chill shoot through her. For the first time, his tongue was sliding lower, licking her navel. He paused there for an instant, running his lingual digit tauntingly around the dimple of her belly button, before the oral extension continued licking its way down toward her slowly undulating hips and thighs.

Emily was reluctant to feel his finger slide from the depths of her hot, creaming cunt.

A moment later she felt him sliding her bikini bottoms from her hips, rolling the thin material down over the lushness of her tanned thighs, revealing her hypnotizingly beautiful, hair-fringed pussy to his greedy eyes. Emily cooperated fully with her husband, lifting her full, rounded buttocks off the deck to make the removal easier.

Nor did she make any sound save for an erotic sigh when his bare hands pressed her thighs apart. She opened them willingly, but was stunned at the pressure of his licking tongue making contact there, touching her tingling flesh. She felt fantastically erotic thrills as Herb ran his taunting tongue slowly along the ultra-sensitive space between her prickling thighs.

My God, Emily thought. What on earth was the man doing?

It felt good, really good, and she became aware he was moving his wetly working lips toward her vagina. For a moment she lay there, wanting it to happen, thinking how deliciously wicked it might feel; his probing tongue, wet, warm and anxious, stroking across, in, and around her flooded nookie. The mere idea of his wanting to love her this way gave her goose pimples. Tingles shivered enchantingly over her satin flesh, and for a brief instant she was willing to let him do it.

Herb's face came closer and closer. Emily felt the searing heat of his breath against the wet pink softness of her vaginal slot. His mouth was mere inches away from the pulsating labia of her naked cunt.

Certain everything was working out at last, working even better than he'd hoped, Herb forced her thighs farther apart, keeping her right knee bent and raised a little.

Her position gave him free and total access to the hot, delicious moistness of her slavering vagina. He fervently worked his tongue up her inner thighs.

Emily raised her head, wanting to watch, and she saw him drawing closer, staring lustfully at the curved lips of her feminine desire, seeing the moist, fleshy flanges covered by the sparse down of silken black hair. The narrow ribbon of delectable pink running through the middle built heat in him, and heat flashed in his eyes, letting Emily know how much he ached to do this. Herb became more daring, reaching out with his hand as his eyes almost moved in time to the throbs of her pink clitoris.

Emily felt Herb's fingers spreading her hot cunt-lips wider and wider, exposing the wet, clutching, tight-elastic opening of her hole to his lusting gaze. The woman felt her warm secretions flowing faster, and when his fingers spread her open, the alcohol in her blood seemed to stop working.

She was jolted back to reality. Emily automatically reacted, suddenly feeling dirty and exposed. It was as if he wanted to treat her like some kind of whore, making her behave cheaply, vilely, shaming her with the way he examined her seething twat with his eyes.

Yes, she was still on fire, but it was no excuse for this terrible behavior. She had to stop this debasing action at once. The mere idea of allowing him to put his mouth on her vagina made her shudder. How dare she think that way? She was behaving like a common trollop instead of a decent wife.

"No! No!" she wailed in a plaintive voice.

The wail sent a covey of birds skyward. Other night birds answered.

Emily struggled to get herself under control. She tugged her loins from her husband's advancing face. When she saw Herb's surprised look, Emily felt both guilty and wanton for having allowed this situation to get so far out of hand. She tried to think of a way to set things right, but she felt horribly depraved and was unable to understand what had allowed her to go so far.

"Please Herb," she gasped, twisting away, unable to look at him. "That's such an awful thing to do. Terrible!"

Herb Rheingold was stunned by the suddenness of his wife's objection. He had been engrossed in her erotic reactions. His ears were unable to hear what she was saying. The man's swollen, aching cock felt ready to, burst from the pressure of his semen stirring deep in his throbbing balls. Christ! He was certain he'd be sucking her cunt, after which her mouth would engulf his cock. Shit! Shit! Shit! Just another few minutes!

Then he realized his wife had become her old self again, rejecting anything not "tried-and-true." God! For a time she seemed to have changed for the better, and her refression reddened his face as he angrily screamed, "What the hell do you mean, it's awful?"

Terrified by her husband's sudden anger, Emily felt like sinking through the deck into the cabin below. God! She had been right in stopping him! She had no choice.

Yet she had to do something, anything. This marriage had to last. Her mind reached out for something to do.

"Herb," she said, shuddering. "I... uhhh... just can't wait any longer. I... uhhh... want it now.

Fuck me, now!"

The woman was desperate, and she thought her use of the word "fuck", a word she had never used before, might make up for her rejection of oral-genital sex. Christ!

She had to do something dynamic, and do it in a hurry!

Staring at him, Emily saw she had shaken him up. Her use of the four-letter word had taken him off guard. Then she saw the determination in his eyes and knew he was going to do just as she asked, and she felt herself starting to breathe all over again. He moved like an enraged bull, tugging off his clothing and scattering it all over the deck. Emily knew he wanted to subjugate her to his cock, and his being totally naked made him more menacing. This was an ordeal she was willing to undergo, as long as he didn't attempt to fill her mouth with it.

In the small cabin below, Wendy lay on her bunk, wondering about all the movement on deck. She had no idea what was taking place, and young and unknowing as she was, she was wise enough to stay where she was. Her relationship with Herb Rheingold was, as yet uncertain. She thought he liked her, and she wanted to like him, yet whenever he looked at her there was a brooding hunger in his eyes the girl was unable to understand. She wondered if her stepfather understood it. At any rate, to go barging up on deck at this point was sheer madness. As a very young girl

Wendy had heard her mother scream when her father had done things with her, yet there were never any bruises on her mother. She surmised her stepfather was doing the same things, but not as badly, because her mother's cries weren't as long or as loud as they had been with her real father.

Emily was so unsettled by what had almost happened, when her husband rose to his knees and began tearing off his clothing, she felt instant relief. She watched him tug off his pants and underpants all at once, and stared at the immense, bulging head of his cock. She had always managed to avoid looking at it when they were in bed, even while he looked her over from top to bottom. Staring at the massive penis, she thought it looked bigger than anything she'd ever felt, thrust into her. Just the sight of it had her afraid he would tear her membranes when he slammed it into her.

Herb was still angry, and her only hope of mollifying him was not to anger him any further. When he suddenly tugged at her waist, turning her over onto her belly, she kept her lips clamped tightly shut. He forced her to kneel on the deck, all but cramming the side of her face into the mat. The woman felt her face reddening, but from embarrassment rather than pain. Her buttocks were lewdly waving in the air, open and exposed to Herb's hungry gaze.

It came to Emily all of a sudden: her husband was about to fuck her as if she were some kind of dog. This was degrading and inhuman, but ho nearly as degrading as having his mouth there. Even so, it was only right to air her feelings But before she opened her mouth, another wave of heat, caused the dregs of the champagne in her bloodstream, swept over her, and she clamped her mouth shut. It was impossible to ignore the fiery sensation in the pit of her stomach. Her aroused body had already taken control of her mind once, and she knew it could happen again.

Emily knew Herb was purposely being rough with her. This was his revenge on her because she didn't do as he wished. If she wasn't going to submit to oral sex, then he intended fucking her cunt in the most degrading manner possible. Dog-style seemed the right way to do it.

"Okay!" he said. "You want to be fucked. Fine with me."

He moved behind her, spreading her thighs wide apart. Her knees were forced wider and wider, and now he had total access to her naked quivering loins. Emily realized this was the first time Herb had ever seen her like this, and he was taking his time about it, pausing to examine every detail. She shuddered, thinking of the way he was staring at her tanned, round buttocks.

This was a very salacious position and it irritated her. The slope of her smooth back, from the top of her buttocks to her nape, looked like a ski slope, but with a tiny spinal indentation running down the middle. Because her dark hair was piled high on her head, her face was completely visible, letting him see her blushing with shame.

At that moment Emily felt she deserved punishment for allowing herself to get carried away. She had teased her husband, and if there was one thing she wasn't, it was a tease.

His hands ran down her smooth, silken back, then moved under her ribs to her fully rounded breasts, dangling below. He tweaked both nipples, and she knew he was aching for her.

She writhed as his hands massaged her breasts, and then his hands moved to her oval buttocks, and he placed his thumbs inside the tight sloping curve of her softly yielding crevice, spreading the firm tan mounds wide apart. She

knew he was staring at the rosebud pucker of her anus, tight and crinkly in the failing light, and from the pressure of his hands she was aware of the excitement shuddering through him.

Herb jerked his hips forward and rammed his pulsing penis between her tender inner thighs, feeling he was unable to wait any longer.

"Put it in," she heard him say. Her husband was almost spitting the words at

Emily. She felt more ashamed of herself than ever for having led him on.

Emily was silently crying, wanting to tell him how much she loved him, and to beg him not to treat her like a street whore, but the sound of his voice made her flesh crawl. The mixture of fear, anger and passion made her instinctively obey his demand, in spite of having to compromise herself in such a lascivious manner.

She reached between her dangling breasts, groping momentarily, then finding the solid shaft of his wang as it probed between the soft, sensitive lips of her wet pussy. Her hand found and gripped the solid shaft, and she trembled. She had always attempted to avoid touching his penis—now she did it only because she had no choice.

The touch of it, pulsating and trembling, made her think it had its own heart, pumping blood to the rest of his body. The tip felt wet from his sticky secretions, and it aroused her more to know it was in this state because of her. Emily tried hard to blank the touch of it from her mind and to forget the lewd, degrading position she was humped over in, but the pressure made her shiver with arousal. The jerks and twitches made her hot all over again. She was certain Herb's rigid cock had never been so big before. For a moment she hesitated, fearful it really would tear out her insides. Then she felt her husband's fingers squeeze her buttocks almost to the point

of pain, and she remembered how open she was to his lascivious, intensive stare.

"Now," he told her, an icy calm in his voice. "Put that penis in, now!"

His commanding tone let Emily know his patience was wearing thin. From the twitching in his cock, the woman realized her husband was concentrating on keeping himself from ejaculating all over the tan cheeks of her ass.

Her fingers compressed themselves a bit more tightly around his aching phallus, like pointed probes of sensation, and when she had the penile head centered correctly, Emily felt Herb push his hips forward. The penis was slightly off-target.

It didn't go in, so Emily had to grab it and guide it again.

"Come on, come on," he was gasping, his voice heavy with passion.

His fingers squeezed the pliant flesh of her asscheeks until they left white circles on her. Had he dug them, any deeper, she feared he might cut her.

The woman wanted to cry with fear and moan with passion at the same time. Her frustration was magnified by wanting to strike out at him, and at the same time, having his mighty cock grinding its way into her cunt-tunnel, ramming itself to maximum depth.

Wriggling her buttocks involuntarily, shifting her position a little, Emily once again placed the rubbery, purple-headed dong against the soft, hair-lined lips of her vaginal entrance. She pumped it up and down as if holding a lever, parting the tender flaps of her aroused pussy. When she had the swollen point positioned directly against the tight mouth of her sopping vagina, she took a deep breath, thinking his lust-swollen penis might slice her in two when he slammed it in. Hoping to protect herself, her fingers maintained a grip on the throbbing mass of meat. Herb, totally unconcerned with what his new wife was thinking, slammed his hips forward, squeezing the helmet of his cock into her cunt.

"Unnnnggghhh!" Emily gasped as the bloated penile point sank into the wet, sucking depths of her steaming hollow like a mailed fist. Her fingers squeezed more tightly around the base of Herb's phallus, hoping to prevent a deeper entry. For the moment the man did relax, stopping with only the enlarged head of his truncheon in the quicksand grip of her vaginal causeway.

Emily hadn't expected his entry to be so brutal and abrupt. Her body tensed. This only made the feeling worse. It made him more anxious than ever to have the entire solid pulsing length buried as far into his bitchy wife's cunt as possible. He controlled himself for a moment, then moved his hips forward again, pressing further into her tight pussy. The heavy, pulsating knob spread the velvet walls of her aroused cunny like a bulldozer plowing through sand.

"Unnnggghh! Anngh! Ohhhh!" she gasped while Herb drove his pulsing wang all the more deeply into her helplessly widening tunnel. He didn't know what possessed him, but the pressure in his throbbing testicles had become excruciating.

God! he thought. I have to bury all of it in her, right away!

He tried holding back, wanting to inch it in a little at a time, letting her tight pussy adjust to the new angle at which he was spiking into her, but it took more than willpower. Herb's cock throbbed so achingly, he was certain he'd be shooting before he reached bottom. His aching, swelling penis vibrated and shuddered, twitching lustfully from the brain-bending feeling of her tight vaginal flesh.

Emily, feeling it sink deeper and deeper, knew she couldn't keep holding it.

Finally, against her better judgment, she opened her fingers and let go. Now it was free to drive unimpeded into the sucking depths of her broiling snatch.

Herb slammed his hips forward, using all his pent-up strength. He shoved his rocksolid phallus into the searing length of her tight vaginal chamber at flesh-tugging speed. He drove in until his pelvis slammed into her upturned asscheeks. The power of his thrust nearly lifted her off the deck, and she, gasped out her confusion as the point of his phallus hit bottom. The thwack of his pubis hitting against her asscheeks resounded nicely along the little lake. Emily's face pressed into the floor all the more solidly, the impact was jarring. The smooth, rubbery head was rubbing solidly against her cervical opening, and had it been the littlest bit longer, it might have attempted to push its way inside.

Emily panted. Her vaginal tract felt the swollen dingus flexing, expanding and contracting as it remained totally stoppered inside her. His hands roamed the smooth, bare, tan flesh of her asscheeks, and the wife trembled with a mixture of fear and lust.

"Now," he told her, and pressed his cock even deeper, making her groan as the bushiness of his pelvic hair scrubbed its way against her cunt lips and her perineum, even tickling her asshole as he rubbed it against the widespread cheeks of her ass.

And then his sperm-swollen balls swung forward to slap noisily between her widespread, licentious thighs. "Wait... wait... " Emily was begging, aching to feel her vagina once again adjust to her husband's thickness.

Hell! She had to admit, Herb was longer and thicker than her first husband, who was always attempting to prove his masculinity by beating his cock into her. Herb, no longer able to wait, began stroking his length in and out of her hot, sucking, clasping vaginal interior. He moved his powerful pole slowly, not because he wanted to be gentlemanly, but because he enjoyed it more when he started moving slowly and then speeded up. His long, hot, slow strokes widened her vaginal channel. The knob of his thrusting penis pressed relentlessly against her cervix each time he crammed his meat into her. The man stared down at his wife's curvaceousness, feeling more and more aroused with each passing second.

Emily, feeling herself speared so completely on her husband's thrusting length of cock, decided to enjoy it as best she could. She wiggled her buttocks around and around, keeping time with his slow, steady, driving rhythm. She was so utterly aroused she no longer thought in terms of "obscene" or "proper". Now was the time for her to enjoy it all. Now was the time for total physical pleasure.

Below, in the cabin, Wendy felt the boat rocking. She wondered what was going on above. There was only so much restraint a girl was able to maintain, after which she had to know what the hell was making her mother sigh and gasp so loudly. She wished the cabin portholes opened so she'd be able to slide through and peer over the gunwales. The idea of lying down here alone, listening to the movement above, was frustrating as hell.

Emily gasped with each forward thrust, ashamed to admit she was enjoying, herself more than ever because of the position. Staring between her dangling breasts, she saw her husband's balls slap against her hairy pelvis again and again, seeing the sac slowly, slowly starting to tighten and shrink, while the heavy eggshaped testicles within swelled to greater proportions.

Now she wanted to beg him to pound into her cunt more vigorously.

Never having been fucked in this debasing position, Emily was amazed at the depth achieved by her husband. She felt the thrills building more strongly in her as the mighty phallic sword continued sliding in and out of her anxious chamber. She should have been angry, after all, at this point it wasn't a fuck by mutual consent. He was using her, making her a receptacle for his lusting passion. Emily wondered whether her husband had any loving feeling in him at this point. To be fucked without love meant he believed her a common slut. She'd want to die if her husband didn't love her. It meant a rejection of her as a partner, a mate. Emily pressed her face into the rubber mat; hoping, praying he still loved her.

The long, throbbing, sweeping cock was moving through her body faster and faster, plunging in and out of her seething cunt. Herb wasn't thinking of love at that point.

His mind dwelt on one thing, their mutual satisfaction.

Emily understood there had to be love or the driving force she was first beginning to feel would not be there. In fact, the stolid manner in which his hard cock was slamming into her cunt made her realize he wanted her to enjoy this. He wanted her to ache and scream for his cock; to beg for more of this. His powering drive told her he wanted her to beg to feel his spurting sperm. The pressure of her husband's hands on her resilient tan buttocks let

Emily know how determined he was to make her enjoy this. Her mind was already wavering, realizing a good fuck in this position was no less proper than with her facing him.

The cock was driving deeper and deeper into the woman's seething box. Herb's hands gripped her buttocks more solidly as he pounded his pulsing meat all the way into her tender pussy. The ragged, flesh-rimmed pink mouth was tight as it sucked around his blood-swollen cock. Each time it slammed into her belly, her labial flesh rolled inward. Staring between her thighs,

Emily watched his sperm-filled nuts slam forward, still swelling in their sac, still making loud smacks between her widespread cunt-lips as they thwacked against her clitoris, between the widespread folds of her cuntal flesh. Then, when he retreated, the aching thrill eased out of her cunt until all that remained inside the opening was his swollen cock-head. Once more, he held it there before Emily felt the full length of its power into her. The hot slick moisture-coated wails of her tight twat gripped and sucked on the fleshy baton as it filled her. Her buttocks awaited the smack of his thighs each time, and her full breasts bounced wildly back and forth.

"Ohhhhhh!" Emily gasped in spite of her desire to remain quiet. She was a lady, and good breeding demanded she keep her mouth shut no matter how much she enjoyed being fucked.

The huge, swollen cock burrowed deeper into her clasping chamber, as if it might move through her belly, up into her throat, but she was unable to deny the wildly erotic thrills still building in her.

Each movement of his cock, whether in or out, brought new pleasure to the woman.

By now, she knew the champagne had much to do with it, but knowing didn't soften the pressure of the moving cock. Her swollen breasts slid back and forth, the nipples grazing the mat beneath her, adding to Emily's delight. The sensations drove her wilder and wilder with lust. She kept telling herself that a lady wasn't supposed to enjoy these things. The thoughts she'd had earlier, about wanting her own orgasm, were wrong, but all the thoughts in the world didn't stop the ball of flame in her belly from continuing to expand. Nor did they keep her from panting with physical enjoyment, even if her mind didn't want to accept it. Her womb pulsated with lust. There was a burning demon in her cunt in need of feeding. It fed on sperm.

Herb's bloated balls walloped her clitoris again and again, enraging the demon within her, making it roar out its lust. Tremors racked her body, shooting through every nerve-ending, weaving through the walls of her shuddering vagina. Emily felt more, vibrantly alive at this moment, being fucked dog-style out in the open on the deck of the cabin cruiser, than she had ever felt in a bed. The huge, swelling cock nailing into her cunt repeatedly no longer felt as if it were an extension of her husband, but rather some overwhelming monster satisfied only with her vaginal juices. It was a living fiend feeding on her sexuality. It was terrifying—and exhilarating.

Staring between her breasts, watching her nipples sweep along the mat, fire raged through her each time the lusting pole violated the tender interior of her heated well, driving in repeatedly, with a mind of its own. Her eyes locked on his shaft each time the pulsing member withdrew until only the corona lay locked behind her tight, squeezing cunt-lips. Each time, it hesitated, then drove right back into her depths, moving down the length of her slick, clutching channel. Her vaginal lips seemed to have the strength and agility of her oral lips as they sucked and pulled and nibbled hungrily at the heavy pole until it totally filled her tight interior. The crispness of his pelvic bush pushed into the crevice between her full asscheeks with every lancing thrust of his phallus. Emily felt salacious thrills continually shatter their way through her, building heavier lust, inspiring her to respond by punching her hips back to meet Herb's forward attack. The long, hard, deep thrusts of her husband's lancing cock made her feel overpowering joy grind deeper and deeper into her churning loins.

Feeling his wife's response, sensing her gradual motion around the shaft of his phallus, Herb Rheingold knew he was finally getting through to her physically. This time it wasn't the liquor. This time it was his cock taking effect. He concentrated on keeping his seed from spilling into her depths before he finally made her come.

Her lovely white asscheeks continued rotating, picking up speed, animated by the pumping pressures of Herb's pounding dick, and each time the man withheld his penis an instant before plunging in, the woman feared he might pull it out and never put it back. At this point, that was worse than being raped.

Her rounded buttocks leaped back and excited Herb Rheingold, letting him know he'd finally gotten through to his wife. The man was excited. His cock began ruthlessly pumping into her tight twat, thrilled to know she was actually fucking back.

He watched the muscles in her breath-taking asscheeks tighten each time he slid out.

Emily gasped when his hands gripped her asscheeks and his thumbs sank into the pliant crevice. Her oval asscheeks spread, and Emily felt Herb's burning gaze center on the pucker of her rosebud-like brownie. She felt her hole puckering, then opening with every forward and backward stroke. His cock plundered her inflamed cunt. Without breaking his rhythm, Herb's body shifted. Emily squealed as his finger worked into the smooth, hairless crevice, pressing against the tiny pucker of her tight asshole. Slowly the finger began probing and working its way into her anus.

"Unnngh! God! Herb! What are you doing? Anggh! Owww! Ahhh!"

Emily was confused by the strong pleasure and strange discomfort she felt. She gasped in masochistic helplessness. She lifted her undulating asscheeks higher, pressing against her husband's worming finger, wanting the worming digit to sink deeper. A new wave of licentious lust swept through her. Her tight sphincter yielded to the pressure of his finger.

Her husband was violating a part of her body he had never previously touched. Not even her first husband had attempted touching her there. She knew it was obscene, wicked, but she also knew she dared not open her mouth and complain for fear of losing this man. If it pleased him to rummage through her rectum, then let him do so.

By now, Emily had enough sense to keep her mouth shut, save for the lewd grunts and groans she was unable to stop.

The deeper his finger sank, the more wonderful were the feeling running through her.

Perhaps it was unnatural and wrong, but it sure as hell was fun. She felt his finger, in up to the second knuckle now, moving and wiggling back and forth inside her anal passage. She churned and screwed her lust-fired buttocks-around the finger as she writhed and corkscrewed her pussy around the driving cock. Emily gasped wantonly. It was more than merely adjusting to the digital invasion of her anus. She wanted the finger thrust even deeper.

There was a new pleasure searing through her body.

"unnnggghh, aaagh, oooohhh, eeeyaagh. " she grunted again and again as the worming, turning, churning finger sank to the hilt into her rectum. All the while she lewdly shoved back against it while at the same time trying to absorb more hot, throbbing cock in her screaming, anxious cunt.

What the hell's going on up there? the little twelve-year-old girl wondered, writhing uncomfortably in her bunk. Whatever her new stepfather was doing to her mother, the woman was enjoying it. Emily felt her husband's finger wiggling inside, tantalizing her rectum, plunging into her colon. The finger was inside her to its full length, and moving in tandem with the cock pushing into her seething cunt. Emily decided it was almost like having a second penis inside her. The two probes were keys unlocking the ecstasy stored inside her.

Maybe men went to whores because whores treated them well. Well, why not

behave like a whore and see if Herb really liked it? If not, he had no one to blame but himself.

Lewdly raising her buttocks, she rotated her hips maddeningly, slamming her two holes against the dual assaults pushing into her, taking the finger ever deeper into her anus while her cunt continued swallowing his hard cock.

Emily felt the cock and finger rub against one another with only a thin wall of membrane separating them. His finger wormed deeper and deeper, reaching for her large intestine, her rectal walls clutching and squeezing the digit the entire time.

Each twist made Emily gasp with more pleasure. She writhed with wanton abandon, driving and grinding her buttocks back against the two impaling extensions. Her ass, like her cunt, was an inferno of thrills and enjoyment.

Emily was suddenly aware of the orgasm building in her. More, she was aware it was building in two places at once. It never occurred to her she was capable of an anal orgasm as well as a vaginal climax. Now that she sensed them emerging, she ached to feel both. Sheer ecstasy built the thrills ever higher in her tormented body.

Words started spilling out of her, and to her ears it was as if someone else was doing the rapturous shouting.

"Ohhhh... yesss... yesss... " her voice echoed through the quiet lake and into the surrounding trees. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..."

It was more than Herb Rheingold could stand. The licentious words coming from his proud wife's mouth whipped him with sexual stimuli, making his desire run rampantly out of control. He had never seen such raw sensuality in her before, and in spite of all his efforts to restrain himself, he was insane with raw, animal passion.

Emily saw his wrinkled scrotum tighten it squeezed his bloated balls. The wild pulsations running through the tube in the underside of his penis let her know he was ready to blast off. There was no controlling him. The head of his huge penis continued pulsing inside the seething, searing depths of her tight, wet passage as he drove his anxious cock to maximum depth.

His hot, flaming sperm burst like an explosion from the tip of his cock. Herb was lost in the fantastic sensations of his climax as the white, bubbling froth fired repeatedly into the depths of his wife's belly.

"Unnnggh..." Emily gasped. The pressure hose unleashed in her cunt built her climactic sensations higher and higher.

The fiery liquid heat pumped into her seething pussy in a series of hot, continuing explosions. The hot jism pushed her toward her own climax. Emily was unable to contain herself. The dual orgasm rippled through her vagina and rectum together.

This was her first climax of any kind, and the woman let the world hear it.

"HAAAYYYAAOOOH! EEEUUUNNGH!" she shrieked through the darkening sky. Immediately the loud shrieks of night birds imitated her cry.

Emily fell flat on her belly, tugging her husband down with her. His arms locked around her, holding her full breasts, and when she twisted her head his mouth was there, pressing on hers, kissing her.

"You're a stupid bitch," he whispered between kisses.

"I know," she murmured back. "I know. I can't help myself. It's my upbringing."

"Well, then, we'll simply have to change your upbringing, won't we?"

"Yes," she gasped. "It'll take time. Have patience, Herb. Don't rush things. Tonight was a breakthrough, but there are some things for which I'm not quite ready."

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