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One year ago

I clutched the sheet beneath me as if it were a lifeline, silent sobs wracking my body as pain and betrayal lanced through me like a spear. I wouldn’t give Paul the satisfaction of knowing that he was degrading me, that he didn’t even have to touch me to hurt me. But he was touching me right now, like a brutal, hate-filled maniac. Holding me face down on what used to be our bed, fucking me without concern for the physical and emotional damage he was inflicting on me.

Tears leaked out of my eyes, soaking the bed beneath me. My body jarred violently with his every thrust as he fucked me without mercy, like an animal who’d lost control and only cared about causing damage. So full of hate. It might not have been a violation in his eyes, but it was rape to me. It didn’t matter that we’d once been married. We’d been legally divorced for two weeks now, and still he thought he had control over me, over my actions.

Over my life.

“You’re mine, bitch,” he grunted while slamming his cock into my ass. “A divorce means nothing. You’ll always be mine, Daisy. And if I get so much as a hint that you’re fucking someone else I’ll kill you both.”

Threats, always the same threats. And I knew they weren’t hollow. He meant every word that he uttered. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to will myself somewhere else, but the violence of his pounding brought what he was doing to me right back to the moment. God, I hated him. And I hated myself for being weak against him. I bit into my bottom lip to keep from responding to his threats. I already knew that Paul liked inflicting pain, and any verbal comments from me would just fuel the fire.

“What’s wrong, bitch?” The hands clutching my hips dug into me, causing pain. “You want my cock in your mouth again, is that it?” His laugh sounded demonic. “You should never have refused me, you fat cow, you should never have thought a divorce would keep me from you. I’m the only man willing to fuck your fat ass, so you might as well accept it.”

No! No! I swore to myself. I’d never accept it. Never accept him. There were better men out there, men who’d love me for who I was, who would protect me from men like him, someone who only knew how to take and take and maim and ruin while he was doing it. How could I have ever thought that I loved him? In the beginning it had been good, so good. He’d been caring and attentive, all the way up until he’d put the ring on my finger.

Then I’d become a possession. Something he owned, like one of his cars.

I tasted blood and didn’t care. It was minor compared to the beating I’d taken right before Paul had ripped my clothes off of me and forced me to my knees. He’d forced me to do all the things that I’d loved doing in the beginning. But as time had gone on, he’d changed, slowly becoming the monster that was rutting behind me now. And then I’d discovered the drugs he’d been using, and realized why he’d changed. I’d made the mistake of confronting him, and that had been the first time he’d snapped and beaten me unconscious.

A hand in my hair snapped my neck back until I could barely breathe. His grunts turned louder, his breathing heavier, and I knew he was about to come. His sound of release made me sick. I felt his cock swell inside me, and then hot poison was filling up my rectum. As his convulsions died down, he gradually released my hair and pulled out of me.

“Take that, bitch.” He gave me a shove, which sent me flying further up the bed. I collapsed, thankful that it was over. “A divorce means nothing, you got that?” I refused to answer him, letting the tears fall silently. “I’ll be back tomorrow. Try to make yourself presentable by then.” I could feel his gaze moving over me.”

Tomorrow? It would have been our sixth anniversary. I wondered if Paul was aware of that. Well, I had a gift for him. I didn’t plan on being there when he came back. I’d divorced him to get away from him, from his control and unpredictability. I was tired of walking around on eggshells whenever he was near. There was no way I was going to let him continue to be in my life. I was stronger than that. I was better. Today was the last day Paul was going to touch me, the last time I was going to let his toxic presence near me.

He hadn’t broken me.

His movements revealed that he was getting dressed. I just lay there, bruised and trembling, but not defeated. When Paul was gone, I’d pick myself up as I’d done many times before, get a scolding shower to wash away his touch, tend to my cut lip, and pack only what I couldn’t live without. Then I’d leave without a backward glance. The divorce settlement had put a lot of money into my personal account, so I could get whatever I needed once I reached my destination.

Wherever that was.

Chapter 1

Big John

“Oh, my God, Big John, harder! Harder!”

I stared down at the skinny white ass shaking against me as I plowed hard into her pussy. I wasn’t even certain what club whore I had in my bed, and I didn’t give a fuck as long as I got off. If she got off during the process, too, then more power to her. I knew that made me sound like a selfish prick, but life in the club had made me that way. Hell, it had made all the brothers that way.

“I’m going to come!” the girl wailed, and I had to wonder about the veracity of her comment. For all I knew, she was faking it. Her pussy was wet, but I hadn’t taken the time to play with her clit. Then I felt her fingers tickling my balls and realized that she’d probably been playing with herself.

The added stimulation to my balls did the trick, and I slammed into her one last time, grunting out my release in the condom.

“Oh, God! You’re the best, Big John!” she was still playing with her clit.

I rolled my eyes and pulled out of her, ripping off the condom to take care of it. I flushed it down the toilet, always had since one of the other sweetbutts had trapped a brother by using his spunk to get pregnant. I didn’t want to worry about that shit. I never intended to tie myself down to one woman, much less have a kid. That world wasn’t for me. Besides, I was too fucking old to be thinking about forever after.

I lived in the moment. Never knew when someone like me would meet my maker. As club enforcer, my life was filled with chaos and danger, and though I was the one who usually did the killing, it wasn’t lost on me that I could one day be on the receiving end of a bullet. In fact, I expected it. Couldn’t escape the reaper forever, not the way I lived my life. I protected the club, my brothers, and their families, in that order.

I heard the woman get off in the other room while I was taking a piss, and then turned to catch my reflection in the mirror. Shit, I looked like a fucking hermit. I didn’t mind my hair long, but my beard was bushy and halfway down my chest. With the holidays coming up, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to trim it up a little. A new salon had just opened down the road, right before the town limits of Solon. According to the sign on the road, they were unisex.

“Big John.”

I turned to the woman who’d paused in the bathroom door’s threshold, posing like a centerfold pinup girl. I finally recalled that her name was Lucy, and she was one of the newer club girls. She’d replaced Marnie after Marnie had attacked Allie, Rock’s old lady, and had been killed by a prospect. That was a prime example of why a brother shouldn’t single out any of the girls. Rock had made the mistake of choosing Marnie as his main fuck, and she’d let it go to her head.

I was sure that Lucy thought that she was sexy, but she was too pale, too skinny, and had raccoon eyes that complimented the snarls in her bushy hair. Right then she was twirling a lock of her hair around her finger, biting down on her bottom lip with a gleam in her eyes that said that she’d like to go another round. I let my gaze travel from her large tits--which I had to admit were nice down to her wet snatch, feeling nothing, which was usually the norm for me after I’d come so fucking hard.

I glanced down at my deflated dick. “Not happening.”

She giggled and stepped further into the bathroom. “I bet I could change his mind.” The next thing I knew she was cupping my balls. “I know how you like it. And you know how much I like your big cock.”

I released a deep breath. Yeah, I was big, twelve inches big, and I wasn’t just long. The girth and massive shape of my dick went with the rest of my huge body. It was how I’d gotten my name. I’d just been patched in and was celebrating by making my way through the club girls, and then some. More than one had left my room swearing that they’d never had a cock as big. A few hadn’t been able to take it. Before the end of the night, the name Big John had filtered throughout the clubhouse, and the name had stuck.

“Get the fuck out,” I said, ignoring her pout. I pulled away and went back into my bedroom. “I’m done for the night.” I didn’t have time to coddle her, and besides, club girls knew the score.

As I slipped into my jeans I heard her heavy sigh, and then the door close behind her as she left. Thank fuck. I didn’t like dealing with women when they whined and wanted something that I couldn’t give them. If I’d fucked her again she might have taken that as a sign that I liked her more than the others, it wasn’t uncommon, and I’d learned a long time ago not to play favorites. Women were nothing but vessels for my over-sized dick. I fucked who I wanted, when I wanted, and made sure to spread myself out to the five club whores equally.

I was never going to find a woman to settle down with, because I wouldn’t give one a chance.

I went out to the clubroom to find Hawk and Rock at the bar bullshitting. There was no question that the brothers were close. Hell, the three of us were. I may not have been a patched member for as long as they had been, but I’d proven myself and worked my way through the club like a fucking cyclone. I’d known going in that I wouldn’t be content with a soldier status, I’d wanted a more significant role, and becoming the club enforcer suited me. With my background and skill set I was right where I wanted to be. I liked inflicting pain on the fuckers who deserved it.

I liked pain.

“Hey, brother.”

I gave Rock a chin lift. “What’s up?” I plopped my ass down on the seat next to him.

Hawk was the one who answered. “Too fucking much,” he growled with a smile on his face. “And I like it that way.”

I agreed. Peace was good, but war was what we lived for. Keeping our town safe, keeping our families safe. Shit in the club could go south at any time, and we knew that it was the little shit that kept us on our toes, that kept us primed and ready to protect what was ours. It hadn’t been that long since Rock, his woman, and his son had been threatened, and we’d had to destroy another MC to save them.

“You look like shit, brother.”

I laughed at Rock’s assessment. Since he had an old lady now, he--fuck, he and Hawk both--took the time to keep their hair trimmed and the scruff on their faces short. “Don’t know why, I just blew away one of the sweetbutts’.”

“Yeah, Lucy just came prancing through here practically naked, looking used and mumbling something about your big dick,” Hawk joked.

I shrugged. “Hey, when you have it…” I trailed off, leaving the rest to their imagination. “Beer,” I said, making eye contact with Joanne.

“We need to find you a woman. That will domesticate your ass.”

I glared at Hawk. He was my president, but some topics were off limits, even for him. “I just had a woman,” I snarled, taking the beer Joanne handed out to me and guzzling down half of it. When I was done, I slammed the bottle down onto the bar top. “And I don’t need to be domesticated.” Fuck, no. That was for other brothers who were tired of free pussy and variety. It made me wonder. “Don’t you brothers get tired of going home to the same pussy every night?”

Both men shook their heads in unison. “Hell, no, brother,” Rock admitted without hesitation. “Not when I have the sweetest woman in the whole fucking world waiting for me at home. It’s different when you meet that special someone. She ruins it for all others with her−” He paused, and gave a snort. “Listen to me sounding like a fucking therapist.”

Hawk and I both chuckled.

“Seriously,” Hawk began, rubbing the bottom half of his jaw. “It’s different, good different. It’s like their pussies have magic or something, making you crave only theirs. Trust me, your time will come, and when it does you’d be smart to embrace it. There’s nothing like it.”

I didn’t even hesitate, because I knew that something like that was not for me. “No thank you.” I didn’t need or want a woman that I couldn’t live without.

I didn’t want that.

I did need my beard trimmed, though.

“Either one of you been down to the new salon?”

“Some of the brothers have, said there was a real looker down there who made it obvious that she’d like to take a walk on the wild side.”

I snorted. Translation: she wanted to fuck a biker. Some women who weren’t associated with MC’s had no clue what we were about. All they knew were the rumors they heard, and that they wanted an adventure. All they saw was leather and bikes and they wanted a taste. I wouldn’t have been surprised if her ass hadn’t already been tapped by a brother. It didn’t matter to me, if she was that eager I was willing to bet she’d go with whoever showed interest. I was game. Variety and all that.

“You could use some cleaning up, brother,” Hawk said with a grin. “What with the holiday party coming up and everything.”

Yeah, the club’s old ladies were planning a big party that was going to take over the front of the bar and the restaurant for a whole fucking night.

“Unless you want to play Santa Clause,” Rock joked. “A dirty Santa Clause.”

I snorted.

“You thinkin’ about going for a trim?”

I gave Hawk a knowing grin. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m thinking.” We both knew that if I went down there, a trim was the last thing I’d be going for. New pussy tasted like heaven, especially before it got all used up. And she sounded eager and willing. I’d know the minute I walked through the door who she was, too. My size and cut would draw her gaze like a fucking magnet.

“You look hungry all of a sudden.”

I nodded. “Yeah, getting tired of the same pussy here at the club. It’s not as satisfying as it used to be. The thought of dipping my dick into something not so used up is pulling me toward a shave.”

They both snorted. I finished my beer and got to my feet. “Guess I’ll go check it out now. Got nothing else to do.”

The ride to the salon didn’t take long. The small two-story house was situated a little over halfway toward town. Someone had converted the lower half of the A-frame wooden structure into a salon, while it was rumored that one of the girls who owned the house lived in the upstairs apartment. I’d ridden past there during the night to see lights on upstairs, so I knew that was true.

Three girls looked in my direction when I opened the door, and I knew who the bitch was the second I saw her. She was wearing skin tight black spandex, the material stretched tight over her lower body, revealing a camel toe that looked damned uncomfortable. The tube top was just as outrageous, exposed by the opened half jacket she was wearing over it. Short blond hair was streaked with purple, framing a heavily made-up face that was smiling a welcome. I had to admit that she was beautiful, and she knew it, too.

She immediately began strutting my way, and I couldn’t help but think how uncomfortable her camel toe had to be. Unless that was how she got off. “Can I help you?”

“I,” not “we,” which told me that she wasn’t part of the team. She singled herself out as being more important than the others. Her husky tone was intended to be suggestive, and there was an eagerness in her dark brown eyes that promised she’d make my day if I let her.

I glanced briefly at the other two women. Both non-descript, obviously there to showcase the talents of the blonde bimbo. There was no competition between them and her. They were there to work, and nothing else. Their expressions were slightly fearful as they took me in. I knew they’d seen some of my brothers, but my bulk and six-foot five-inch height overwhelmed most men. Dressed all in black, my blonde hair and beard both out of control, I must have looked menacing to them.

“I don’t know,” I finally said, looking her up and down. “I came here to get a haircut.”

Blondie giggled, halting directly in front of me, and I was engulfed by the strong perfume that she was wearing. I didn’t care for that shit, and I guessed that my dick was of the same mind, because he hadn’t even twitched into awareness.

“I assure you that I can do anything you want done.”

“Jasmine, did you send in the new order?”

I glanced behind Blondie to see a curtain open. The woman who stepped through was a fucking goddess. She had shining, jet black hair piled into a messy, sexy bun. I couldn’t see her face because it was tilted downward, but her curves were fucking hot. The opposite of the skinny sweetbutt I’d just fucked at the club, this woman had full, womanly curves, the kind I could shape with my hands. Her tits were large, the buttons on the white silky blouse she was wearing were straining to hold them in. The material was sheer enough to expose the lacy bra beneath.

She was wearing a black skirt that clung to her hips and tapered down to her knees, leaving the rest of her gorgeous legs bare. Come-fuck-me heels and a few pieces of jewelry completed her outfit. She was glancing down at the tablet in her hands, but the second she glanced up, our gazes clashed. And I mean collided. Hard. Intense. Powerful. In an instant I could tell that this woman had been hurt, the pain was there in the vibrant green of her eyes. She was hiding something, protecting herself. She was on guard. She looked like she was ready to turn and run away.

Even while something else, something stronger, held her frozen with interest.

As I digested my ungrounded thoughts, I took in that her face was as stunning as the rest of her. She was flawless. Little makeup complimented her natural, sun-kissed skin and the rose color of her high cheek bones. There was a slight slant to her eyes that gave her an exotic look that sent heat surging through my blood. I didn’t like it, not one little bit. But my dick did, and I had little control over his awakening. Fuck, right there in front of them all he was stiffening and making his preferences known.

We wanted this woman.

I had half a mind to swing around, leave, and never come back.

“I sent it in this morning,” Jasmine said, turning to address her. “Should be here in about a week.” She turned back to me, putting the seductive smile back onto her face. “I was about to give this big, gorgeous hunk a haircut.”

The goddess nodded, pulling her gaze away from mine.

“Right, big guy?” Jasmine questioned, looking up at me.

I never pulled my attention away from the other woman, whose name I still hadn’t learned. “Her.” I lifted my chin in the direction of the goddess, whose gaze cut back to me with something close to fear. “She cuts my hair, no one else.”

Jasmine’s eyes rounded at my demand, obviously surprised at my rejection of her. “But−”

I snapped my eyes to hers. “No. One. Else.” A minute of awkward silence followed. I didn’t give a fuck.

“I-I’m sorry but I’m not here today,” said the black-haired goddess. I raised a brow, because she was definitely there. Guessing my thoughts, she added, “What I mean is that I’m off today. I only came down to check on an order.”

So, she was the one who lived upstairs. Nice to know. “And when are you here again?” I knew that I was being a prick, but I always got what I wanted, and for some reason I wanted this woman.


I saw her swallow hard. I could just imagine the hitch in her breath and the quickening of her heart rate. She was afraid, I could sense it, but I could also sense that she was under the same fucking whatever-the-hell-it-was that I was. She was attracted to me, frightened by it, yet helpless to turn and walk away.

“Not until Friday,” she said in a too soft tone. Christ, we may as well have been alone. She ran the tip of her little tongue over her lip, and my dick punched forward.

I forced myself to relax, not realizing that I was all tensed up until then. I dipped my head. “I’ll be back on Friday. What’s your name?”

“Daisy Mae Flowers.”

I turned and got the hell out of there.

Chapter 2


Ohmygod! What had just happened? What had I just let happen? After the door closed behind the huge, Viking-like-man, I released a sigh of relief and met Jasmine’s slightly amused gaze. I’d acted as if the man had put some kind of spell over me. I hadn’t been able to look away, hadn’t been able to hold a thought like an intelligent woman, much less speak like one. His overwhelming presence had frightened the hell out of me, while at the same time something else had happened. My body had responded rapidly to his maleness, and not in a good way. And by that, I meant that I had responded with arousal.

Something about him had turned me on.

I didn’t want to be aroused, didn’t want to put myself in the position of being controlled and abused again. The man that had just left the salon was controlling. I doubted that anyone dared question him, or that he was ever refused something that he wanted. I just stared at Jasmine and shook my head in disbelief. I’d hired the beautiful ex-call girl for a reason, knowing that I was setting up shop in an area with a local MC. She was there to keep the men happy and away from the rest of us, and I didn’t care how she had to do it.

Okay, maybe “the rest of us” included two dumpy, slightly religious, middle-aged women and me, but I didn’t want to fight off any unwelcome advances. I was there to run a business, and I didn’t have time to waste on men who were more concerned with coming on to me than getting a haircut or a shave. I didn’t need or want a man, and Jasmine was there to run interference for me. She thrived on the attention.

“Well, it’s certainly clear who he wants,” Jasmine teased lightheartedly. “You can’t accuse me of not trying.”

“I don’t understand what just happened,” I admitted, totally confused.

“It’s simple, honey,” Betty said from where she was standing next to her station. “Some men like a challenge.”

“And a little mystery,” added Jackie. “No offense, Jasmine, but you’re pretty obvious.”

Jasmine shrugged with a smile. “It’s why I’m here.”

“And you underestimate yourself,” Betty said, her eyes on me. “Look at yourself. You’re beautiful. Anyone with eyes in their head can see that. You think every horny man wants an easy woman?” She glanced at Jasmine. “No offense.”

Jasmine laughed, we all did. The words ‘no offense’ came out at least several times a day. We were all as different as night and day, and yet we’d become fast friends. No one wanted to hurt Jasmine’s feelings, knowing what she used to be. Betty and Jackie were older women, working part-time shifts a couple of days a week. Both were married, church-going women, and seemed to share the same philosophy in life, one of caring and forgiveness. Neither treated Jasmine any differently for what she’d done in her past. Or future, for that matter, because she still used her body to win men over.

I wasn’t questioning their observations, I knew that I was okay in the looks department. The interested looks I got from men when I was in town, or when Jasmine happened to be off, backed that up. But the look that the bearded giant had given me had been thorough and intense, and words hadn’t been needed to know what he really wanted. I was only worried that I was giving off the same vibe, because looking into his eyes for the first time had thrown me for a loop. I knew it sounded silly, but at the time it had felt as if I were looking into the eyes of my soul mate, and someone I might have known in another life.

That notion frightened me, it had been so strong.

“Well, I can’t wait until Friday to see what happens.”

That reminded me. “Just to give you a heads-up, we have a large group booked here for Friday, so I’ll need everyone here by nine, please.”

“A large group? Who?” Jackie asked, furrowing her brows. “I haven’t heard of anything going on in town.”

“According to the woman who booked it, there’s a big Christmas party somewhere,” I responded.

“That would be the Phantom’s clubhouse and restaurant.” We all looked at Jasmine for further explanation. “Phantom Riders is the name of the MC.” Yeah, I knew that. “The wives of the members are holding a party Saturday night at their bar and connecting restaurant. I’ve been invited.” She stuck out her tongue.

I rolled my eyes. “How old are you?” She shrugged, unaffected. “That explains it then. We have eight coming for sure. All haircuts and styles, nothing fancy. Jasmine, you handle the waxing and nails.”

“And you’ll handle the big, blonde, Viking sex on a stick?” Jasmine teased with a twinkle in her eye.

“He won’t be back,” I said, brushing the thought of him away. It didn’t matter that I was intensely attracted to him. It couldn’t go anywhere. I forced myself to move on from the subject. “Since no one is here, let’s decorate the shop. I have a small tree and some garland in the back. I’ll run upstairs and change.” Christmas was quickly closing in on us and was only three weeks away.

“It’s your day off, we can decorate. Besides, you look like you were going somewhere.”

I gave Betty an appreciative smile. “Actually, I just got back from the bank.”

“Was the loan approved?” Jasmine asked excitedly. I knew that she was happy for the planned addition of the tanning beds to the salon.

I released a resigned breath. “Still working on it, but it’s looking good.” I had money in the bank, but I didn’t want to spend it and have nothing to fall back on if I needed it. A loan for the two used tanning beds I’d found wasn’t that much. I was lucky that the owner had agreed to hold them for a deposit, but the deadline for final payment was getting close.

“I don’t have anything else to do, so I might as well hang around.”

“You could always go upstairs and masturbate while thinking about that biker,” Jasmine suggested outrageously, receiving horrified, shocked gasps from Betty and Jackie.

“Jasmine!” I scolded for the two older women’s benefit.

“What?” she asked in an innocent, ‘what did I do’ tone. I raised my brow and gave her the look. “Well, that’s what I’d do if he’d given me that smoldering, I-want-to-fuck-you-right-now stare.”

There was no way that I was going to respond to that, though something inside of me warmed my blood unexpectedly. The fierce intensity on the biker’s face had frightened me, because I’d drawn the same conclusion as Jasmine had. But I would never admit it. With his thick hair and beard he’d looked like an angry beast, looking for prey to sink his teeth into. I couldn’t help wondering what the man beneath all that hair looked like. It hadn’t been his looks that had attracted me, it had been something deeper than that. Something deep and brooding in his eyes.

I should have known that Jasmine wouldn’t back down, she rarely did. She was a hardcore bitch, spoken with affection. She couldn’t help herself, she was outspoken and said exactly what was on her mind. Sometimes it may have been for the shock value, but most of the time it just came out in a way that revealed she hadn’t even thought about what she was going to say.

I gave Betty and Jackie an apologetic look. I could tell that they were fighting smiles as they shook their heads and looked elsewhere. They would never willingly encourage Jasmine by openly laughing at her comments. And I had no doubt that when they attended church they prayed heavily for her salvation, or at the very least a smooth entry through the pearly gates.

The three women were an odd mix, but I was growing to love them more and more every day. Jasmine’s friendship had saved me. She’d been the first person to reach out to me when I’d first arrived in Solon. We’d met in a small diner in town and had struck up a conversation that had led to me finding a place to stay and safety. Jasmine hadn’t been in Solon for long either, having decided to leave her old life behind to start another in the small, quiet town. She was the only one who knew about Paul and my reason for being there.

“Is the Christmas box marked?” Jackie asked as she headed toward me. Betty was right behind her.

“Yeah, there’s two of them on the floor next to the restroom.” I stepped aside and they pulled the curtain apart so they could continue to the storage room at the back. The stairs to my apartment were also located there. When Jasmine and I were alone she motioned me over. “What?” I snapped, still a little upset with her over her observation.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist,” she laughed in a low tone. “But you know that I’m right. That Viking biker wanted you.”

“Well he’s not going to have me.” There was no way I was going to let a man, especially one who looked dangerous, into my life. “He was scary.” Jasmine snorted. “Well, he was,” I insisted. “I don’t want any man.”

“Oh, come on! You can’t tell me that you don’t get horny sometimes. We all have needs.”

“I didn’t say I don’t have needs.” I felt heat fill my cheeks at what I was about to confess. She was my best friend, after all. “I have, a, ah, friend.”

She folded her arms and smirked. “Does your dildo have a name?”

A laugh burst from me because she’d guessed the truth. “Not yet.” The biker’s face flashed through my mind. A noise behind us alerted us that Betty and Jackie were returning. “We’ll talk about this later. No need for them to add me to their prayer list.”

Betty was carrying the box with the tree. “Where do we want the tree?”

“How about in the middle of the room?”

“It will look good there,” Jackie said, dropping her box onto the floor.

The door opened and a customer walked in. It was Dorothy Masters, a repeat client who came in once a week for a touch-up. The elderly woman’s hair was on the thin side, so keeping it short made it less noticeable. I don’t know how Jackie managed to curl it, but she did it.

Dorothy didn’t have a license, so her son always brought her in. Niles was a nice enough man, but I tried not to interact with him in any way. In my book, a forty-something bachelor who still lived at home wasn’t normal, especially with the way he ogled Jasmine.

“Hello, ladies,” Dorothy smiled, heading for the closest chair, which was at Jackie’s station.

“Hi Dorothy,” Jackie smiled in return, walking toward her. Niles sank down into one of the waiting chairs by the door.

I glanced at Jasmine, who rolled her eyes at me. “Why don’t you and Betty get started decorating? I’m going upstairs to put on a pot of chili for us later, and to change.”

“Sure, honey.”

I released a sigh after disappearing behind the heavy curtain, feeling as if I’d escaped. Niles barely gave me a second glance with Jasmine around, but he still freaked me out. After what Paul had put me through, I didn’t put a lot of trust in men. But one thing I did know was that I’d never allow another one to hurt me.

Once upstairs I changed into jeans and a tee, and then made up a pan of cornbread and a crock pot of homemade chili. It was the perfect meal for a cold, December day with my friends. Having a husband that had required a home cooked meal to be waiting for him every night when he got home had turned me into a fairly decent cook. The fact that he’d put me on a thirty-day schedule of serving up something different every night had filled my reading nook with a variety of cook books that I could draw inspiration from.

God, I don’t know why I was suddenly thinking about Paul. Except that it had been a year since I’d simply walked, okay ran, away from him. My life was where I finally wanted it to be. I was free and able to breathe, but I didn’t enjoy the peace and quiet as much as I’d hoped I would. I was afraid that it wasn’t going to last. Nothing good did, right? Jasmine kept telling me to stop worrying over something that might never happen, to just live each day and enjoy my life, but every time my phone rang I tensed up, waiting to hear Paul’s voice. Every time the door opened I held my breath, expecting to see his face. I knew that if he ever did find me, he would probably kill me.

I finished up and made my way back downstairs. When I pushed through the curtain I came to a stop, surprised to see Jasmine at her sink washing Niles’ hair. That was a first! She was scrubbing his head vigorously, and I had to wonder if her intent was to make him bald. She was clearly not happy. Something alerted her to my presence and she turned my way, giving me a scowl. I bit my lip to keep from smiling and turned my interest on the tree.

Jasmine liked men, she liked flirting and flaunting herself around them, but it was a particular kind of man that drew her attention. Niles was not her type. He was too old, too nerdy- looking, and it appeared that he didn’t have a muscle on him, unlike the bikers who’d been parading in and out since we’d opened. Unlike one, big biker in particular. My pussy clenched, and I had to remind myself that he may be back on Friday for a haircut. Nothing else.

Certainly, nothing more.

Chapter 3

Big John

I sat back in the booth with a long breath, my gaze darting to the sweetbutt that was grinding her pussy on the stripper pole on stage. Sid was really working her hips, and I smirked, wondering if she was getting off. She looked like she was putting on a private show for the man sitting in front of her, her eyes locked onto his and her expression revealing that she was close to coming. I’d fucked that bitch a few dozen times over the years, and I’d have known if she was faking it or not. I waited, and then watched as she threw back her head and opened her mouth wide. Nothing came out.

I snorted. She wasn’t faking it.

I raised my arm to get Snake’s attention. He acknowledged me with a chin lift. “Beer!” I ordered. As I waited I observed what was going on around me. Some of the Christmas decorations had migrated to the bar area from the restaurant and club room. It didn’t surprise me that Hawk hadn’t put a stop to it, he fucking worshiped the ground Audra walked on and let her do anything that made her happy. Happy wife, happy life. The thought made me grimace.

That shit wasn’t for me, and neither were the festive decorations. The party, however, I was looking forward to. It was mostly for families and friends, but that didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be some new pussy there, and if there was a willing woman I intended to partake. Thinking of fresh pussy had me think about the woman from the salon, Daisy Mae Flowers, and how mouth-watering she’d been in that sheer blouse and pencil skirt. Fucking a woman in a skirt like that would have been impossible but, hell, trying would have been fun.

I remembered how the huskiness of her voice had caressed my dick like the touch of soft hands and made it jerk. I thought about her name, and decided that she must have been the product of some late-bloomer flower child, because who the fuck named their kid Daisy Mae Flowers? It was cute, and not a name that I’d likely to forget.

Neither was she.

Despite her age because she looked to be around twenty-five, and way too fucking young for me there was a tempting innocence about her that made me want to spoil her for other men. I’d sensed that she was afraid of me, but there was something else that she was afraid of more. Someone had hurt her. But I’d also picked up on the fact that she’d been interested in me, and damn, thinking about her smoking curves had sure interested me. I wanted to wrap myself around her and claim every part of her, every hole. For the first fucking time in my life I wanted to leave my mark on a woman.

I was talking bruises, bite marks, and plenty of my seed.

The thought made me angry.

“What’s got you looking so dark, brother?” Snake asked as he slid my beer over to me. My gaze shot up to his beneath my furrowed brows. I snarled at the happy smirk on his face, which only made him laugh. “Must be a woman.”

“Why does it have to be a woman?” I groused, picking up the bottle.

He shrugged. “You have that look.”

I was curious. “What look?”

“The same look I saw in Prez and Rock when their women first came to the club and were causing them grief.”

I snorted, taking a sip. “Screw you, asshole. I don’t have a fucking woman.”

“Well, brother-” I wanted to punch the knowing look off his face, “You’ve got that look,” he insisted. “The kind that says you’ve got some pussy on your mind and it’s messing with you.”

“Fuck off.”

Snake laughed all the way back to the bar. I put the bottle to my lips and chugged the whole fucking thing, and then slammed it down onto the table, drawing eyes my way. I ran the back of my hand across my mouth. It was Friday and I knew how I wanted to end my day. I’d go back to the salon to see if my attraction to Daisy was as strong as it had been a few days before. I would see if she reciprocated, or if the whole fucking thing had been my imagination. My gut told me that it had been real, my dick said he didn’t care, as long as he got inside her pussy.

The door leading to the back of the building where the clubhouse was located opened, and Lynn and Janet walked into the bar. Sid was leaving the stage, so I guessed that one of them was there to take her place. Snake ran the bar, and he always made sure that there were a couple of dancers to entertain the clients. Lucy was already doing her routine on the other side of the room. Between that, working behind the bar, and providing relief for the brothers, the women were kept busy.

They reaped the benefits of it, too.

The club offered them protection and bought them whatever they needed. They were there because they wanted to be there. Others had come and gone but most of them, except for Lucy, had been with the club for eight or nine years. They stayed because they had a good thing. And the brothers needed them. Needed what they provided after we’d gone to war or had to deal with club issues that revved us up and made our blood boil.

Fighting and fucking took care of a lot of shit that riding and drinking didn’t.

The back door opened again, and Clay stuck his head in and glanced around the club until his gaze landed on me. He jerked his head for me to come. I wondered what was up, he’d looked serious. I hit the door open in time to see him step outside. Hawk, Rock, Clay, Painter, and Ned were outside by the bikes, smoking and talking. I could tell by the way they held themselves that something was wrong.

“What’s up?”

All eyes turned my way, but it was Hawk who spoke, getting right to the point, as he always did. “Hey, brother. You know anything about the Trouble Makers MC?”

Shit! That was the last fucking thing I’d been expecting him to ask. I hadn’t thought about the Trouble Makers in a long time, not since I’d left their MC, long before I’d become a prospect for Phantom Riders MC. In fact, I was surprised that they were still around. They’d gotten into some serious trouble soon after I’d left, the kind of shit that had sent most of their club to prison. As far as I knew, that was where they still were.

I could tell by Hawk’s expression that it was too late to make up some shit story, not that I would have anyway. My history with the Trouble Makers was just that, history, and it didn’t involve Phantom Riders. I’d come to them a nomad, free and clear. I crossed my arms and expelled a low growl. I had the feeling that I wasn’t going to like what came next.

“I used to ride with them, back when I was in my early twenties. Left them long before I came here. Why?”

“Do you know what happened to them?”

I didn’t like the look of mild suspicion on Rock’s face. “Last I heard, most of them went to prison, wouldn’t be surprised if they were still there. The FBI and ATF picked them up for human trafficking, kidnapping, and the murder of some important government official.”

“Whew!” Clay responded, shaking his head with disbelief. “That kind of shit will send you away for a long time.”

“Were you involved in any of that, brother?”

I set my gaze on my president. I didn’t blame him for the questions. Hell, I’d be doing the same damned thing if the situation were reversed. Hawk looked out for his club and brothers, and I knew that no matter how he felt about me personally, if I’d fucked them over he’d put a bullet in my head himself.

“No.” It had been one of the reasons I’d left the MC. They’d been heading down a dark road, and it wasn’t something I’d wanted to be involved with. Shooter, the president, and once a good friend of mine, had known that. “What’s going on?”

“You’re not very forthcoming, brother,” Rock snarled.

“What are you looking for, brother?” I snarled right back. “I belonged to the MC, I left them. I haven’t seen or spoken to any of them for, hell, fifteen years, at least.”

The low, growly noise Hawk made caused us all to look his way. “Covacks just called me to give us a heads-up. Seems some of the Trouble Makers are out of prison and looking for redemption.” I furrowed my brow, waiting for him to continue, because I knew that he had something more to say. “Your name was mentioned, and not in a good way.”

I thought about it for a minute. “They think I betrayed them?” I would never do that. Hawk confirmed it with a head shake. “Fuck, I had nothing to do with it.”

“Right after you left the club, shit went down. Doesn’t look very good for you,” Painter remarked in a hard tone.

I shrugged. “A coincidence. The club had been heading in the wrong direction for a long time by the time I’d made up my mind to get out and go nomad. Any names mentioned on who’s out?”

Hawk shook his head. “Does it matter? They were asking questions about you at one of the fights in Last Hope. They’re coming here for you, brother. We need to be ready.”

“It’s my problem to take care of,” I snarled firmly. I didn’t need to remind them of my position in the club, and that taking care of a few bad-asses with a grudge would be a piece of cake.

“You’re not a nomad now,” Ned said, entering the discussion.

“We deal with this together.” Not one of us would question the finality in our president’s tone, and we all knew how Hawk felt about brothers having each other’s backs. “If those fuckers show up here, we’ll be prepared. I’ve already got Fox looking into it to see who’s been released from prison.”

I thought back to that time of my life when I’d been with the club, trying to recall what I’d heard about them. I’d only been gone for about three months when I’d received word that there’d been a bust at the clubhouse, and that just about everyone present had been arrested. Not everyone had gone to prison, but most of the officers had, along with some of the soldiers. What had been left of the club had been too insignificant to keep the MC running, that was certain. Prospects didn’t know shit.

“If I remember correctly, about twelve members ended up in prison.”

“The officers?” I nodded in response to Rock’s inquiry. “Which is probably why you haven’t heard anything from them all this time, the members were probably told to lay low until they were released.”

“Makes sense,” Ned said, lighting a cigarette. “Now they’re starting to get out, they want to bring their club back together. Do you remember any of the officers?”

“Hell, I don’t recall their real names, but Shooter was the club president. There was Taco, their VP, Mooch was Enforcer, and Tiger was Road Captain. What they didn’t have in numbers, they made up for in ruthlessness. They were ambitious and reckless.”

“It’s probably good you got out when you did.”

I nodded.

“Who do we have to look out for?”

I knew what Hawk was asking me. Who were they going to send to kill me. If they believed that I’d turned them in, someone would come for me. Spending ten plus years in prison gave you a chance to think about who put you there, and what you were gonna do about it when you got out. It hardened you, made you mean, and filled you with hate. And revenge gave you the reason to keep going.


“Their club prez? He hate you that much?” Clay wanted to know.

“No,” I said. “We were friends before we became brothers.” Eyebrows rose at my admission. “I’ll go in and tell Fox what I know, and then I’ve got some place to be.”

“Do you need backup?” Hawk asked as I turned and began walking back toward the door.

I tossed him a look over my shoulder as I kept walking. “Not for this, brother. I think I can handle her on my own.”

Their crude remarks and snorts followed me inside the club. It didn’t take me long to tell Fox what I knew. Ten minutes later I was racing toward the salon. If they kept normal hours, I knew that there was a chance they’d already be closed for the day, it was almost five o’clock. The thought of missing little Daisy Mae Flowers forced me to pick up speed. I hadn’t been able to get her or the things I wanted to do to her off my mind since the day I’d first seen her. And it all began with her hands on me.

Chapter 4

Big John

As I neared the house I could see there was only one vehicle in the drive. But even before I pulled up, an elderly woman emerged from the salon and headed toward the car. With no others present, that meant that Daisy would be all alone. I pulled up close to the door and cut the engine. I sat there for a minute, staring at the front door. It was glass, with the name of her business, ‘Country Pretty,’ etched into it. I could see movement inside, but it was hard to make out what she was doing.

I dismounted and walked toward the door, willing my dick to behave because it was already stirring at the thought of being close to her. I walked up the three steps and reached to push the door open just as Daisy appeared on the other side. Her hands quickly moved up to the lock, but she didn’t turn it. She looked nervous and undecided as to whether or not she should lock me out. And damn, she looked cute as hell with that bottom lip clamped between her teeth.

We stared at one another as if sizing each other up. I cocked my head, my eyes moving back and forth between her eyes and her hand, which was still poised at the lock. “Don’t do it,” I finally said, realizing that my gruff command might result in the opposite effect.

She opened her pretty mouth as if to say something, then thought better of it, and clamped it shut again. Next, she spun around and walked away from the door. I pushed it in and stepped inside the salon, watching the sexy sway of her full hips as she continued to walk away. She turned to face me before my interest shifted from her shapely ass. My hands itched to get a hold of it.

“I, ah, wasn’t sure that you were coming, and was just about to close up,” she said in a silky rasp. I grinned when she stepped around a chair at one of the stations as if it offered her some protection. Nothing was going to protect her from me. “So, you’re here for a haircut?”

Yeah, that was why I was there. For a fucking haircut, and maybe a taste of her. She looked good enough to eat. The first thing I noticed was her hair. The first time I’d seen her it had been confined, but today it was loose and surrounded her pretty face in sexy waves. My fingers prickled with the need to touch the silky mass. Her face was devoid of makeup, but the fresh, clean appearance of her skin needed no enhancements. I fucking loved the dusting of freckles across her pert little nose. I wanted to run my mouth over them to see if they tasted as fucking sweet as they looked.

“Would you, ah, like a wash first?”

I watched the rise and fall of her large tits, revealed by the open neck of her blouse and barely confined in the tight white tank top she wore beneath it. The glitter of a gold cross hanging from a chain around her neck drew my eyes to her exposed cleavage. My dick jerked, and I clenched my teeth. “Yeah, that sounds good,” I said, walking her way. The closer I got, the more color stained her cheeks. Interesting. And then she was biting down on that bottom lip again, and all I could think of was taking it between my teeth and sucking it inside my mouth.

Fucking hell, this was a mistake. I knew that I’d wanted her the minute I’d first seen her, but the intensity of my reaction to her today scared the living shit out of me. I wasn’t sure that I had the control I’d need to keep from hurting her. When I wanted a woman I just took her, but it was usually a club whore. I couldn’t recall the last ‘good girl’ I’d wanted to pin down and fuck.

I sat down in the chair she indicated, aware I didn’t usually go in for all that wash and blow shit. When I wanted a haircut, I got a haircut and that was it. But I wanted Daisy’s hands on me, and right then I’d take them anyway I could get them.

“Um, I need you to−” She stopped talking as soon as our eyes met. It was obvious she was nervous as shit, and probably afraid. Good, she fucking needed to be. She was tiny compared to me.

“What, baby?” Her eyes dilated. They fucking dilated. “What do you need me to do?” My nostrils flared as I took in her tantalizing scent. Musk, and something flowery, slammed into my senses, and my dick punched forward.

“I need you to scoot down in the chair so I can get your head in the bowl.”

I grinned at the huskiness of her voice, moving my big frame into position. Once I arranged my head into the sink she turned on the water. I’d never much thought about having my hair washed before, and Daisy was fast and efficient, running the hot water through it before lathering it up with shampoo. When her fucking nails began to massage my scalp, I closed my eyes and groaned because it felt that good.

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